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it means to wait in a line, yeah!

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When you Save something on Netflix instead of adding it what does that mean?

"Save" is what you do with movies that are not available yet on Netflix. Since the movie is not available yet, you can't put it in your Queue. Instead, you put it in your "Saved" section (which is right below your Queue; just scroll down). If and when the movie becomes available, it will automatically be moved from your Saved section to your Queue.

How do you remove movies in the Netflix queue?

Once you are in your Netflix account then click on the netflix queue, then select the query(ies) you want to remove. Then click on( submit) update queue.

What does the add botton do on Netflix?

it adds the movie to the bottom of the netflix queue(the queue is the list of movies you would like to receive from netflix)

On Netflix what does adding a movie to your Queue mean?

"Queue" is another word for a line or a list. Adding a movie to your Queue means you are adding it to the list of movies you want to watch. Your Queue is stored with your account information, so you can access it every time you sign onto the Netflix website.

How many movies does the Netflix queue hold?

The netflix queue is what is used to hold the movies customers are interested in watching. As of 2011 there was no limit on the number of movies that could be placed in the queue.

Is angus thongs and perfect snogging on Netflix?

Its on Netflix but you have to add it to your queue.

How do you watch a movie on Netflix that only has the option to Save?

You mean the green "Save" button? The green Save button is for movies that are not available on Netflix yet. Clicking the green Save button puts them into a separate Queue which is displayed below your regular Queue. If and when they become available, they will be moved up to the bottom place in your regular Queue (and probably your Instant Queue as well).

How can one manage their Netflix queue?

You can manage your Netflix Movie Queue by arranging them in any order that you prefer. You can arrange them by alphabetical order or by movie release date.

Is there a limit to the amount of movies allowed in the Netflix queue?

There is a limitation of five hundred movies allowed in your Netflix instant queue. Adding more than 50 to 75 movies to your instant queue is not recommended because it makes it hard to find movies that you are looking for.

What does Invisible queue means?

what does invisable queue mean

Which blu ray DVD players allow you to search Netflix in addition to viewing your queue?

Any WiFi enabled player that supports Netflix

How does one add movies and TV shows to the Netflix queue?

Two ways to add movies and TV shows to the Netflix queue is directly from the Roku. Another way is to go to the Netflix web site and look for any that has a red Add/Play button, mouse over the button and click add.

Where do you stream The Hunger Games?

You can stream the Hunger Games on Netflix, but if you want it on your queue, you have to click SAVE.

Can you watch Resident Evil Damnation on Netflix?

Resident Evil Damnation is currently not available on Netflix, though in the next coming month or two, Netflix is planning on adding it to the instant queue section of their program.

What is the use of insertion queue in 8086?

Maybe you mean the prefetch queue?

What does un queue mean in french?

un queue means 'a tail'

What does the British English word queue mean?

Queue = line (of people)

How do you watch saved movies on Netflix?

save them to instant que

What Nicholas sparks movies are on Netflix?

they are all available but only for DVD rental only. None on instant queue

How do you watch a movie from queue Netflix?

I really dont think yo can until its reccomende by the owner!Thats just My OPINION

What is instant queue for Netflix?

It is when you mark a movie so you can come back to it later. Or if you want to watch the movie several times.

What does la queue mean in French?

la queue is either an animal's tail, or the file of people queuing up.

When will movies listed as SAVE on Netflix be available?

This button means Netflix does not have the movie in question. New releases and some other older movies aren't on there but you can save them by pressing this button. When they finally have the movie they will put it in your queue.

What is Netflix about?

It is a monthly subscription that you go online and pick out whatever movies you want and add it to your queue and they send them to you in the mail, then you return them to get more. It is excellent.

What does une queue mean in English?

Une queue (fem.) is either a file of people queueing up, or the tail of an animal.

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