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  • brailsford2 January 2010
    This movie is to be avoided if you like the other Ace Ventura Movies, heck avoid it if you liked the cartoon. This movie is almost painful to watch. The kid is a terrible choice for the role being as how he did not look anything like Jim Carrey. The humor also is not on par with the other 2 movies and this movie misleads consumers to capabilities of iPods. This movie should be titled as "Ace Ventura wouldn't come anywhere near this script with a 100 foot pole cause it just stinks that much". I couldn't even make it through the whole thing since Knight Rider was on opposite of it when I was watching it and I chose that show to watch instead.
  • Newsense2 March 2009
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why was this even attempted? Why did someone think this was a good idea? Why did Art Lafleur waste his time by being in this fluffy kiddie dross? Why is it that the same director that gave us the fantastic The Sandlot couldn't give us a better movie than this? Why is it that the screenwriters for this unfunny cornball dreck think that humor that wouldn't appeal to kids that have heard those same jokes 100 times before would appeal to them now? Why is the main star of the movie(Josh Flitter) only goal is to ape Jim Carrey's character of the original Ace Ventura movies? Why are all of Josh Flitter's screen-mugging antics in vain? Why did they think that him being the son of Ace Ventura was supposed to make us care about his character? Why couldn't the writers of this movie come up with better plot than one that involves the title star trying to free his mom from jail from a case involving a missing panda? Why does all the slapstick and lame gags(farting animals and stupid pratfalls) fall flatter than Suge Knight after one punch? Why is it that the only people that would find this stale movie funny and good are the same deranged people that though that Superbabies, Ed, Master Of Disguise and Baby Geniuses were good movies? Why cant a movie of this type appeal to all ages(like better family movies in the past have done)instead of just kids? Why cant money be spent on better movie ideas than laugh-free bile like this? Why ask why?

    You get the drift. Canned acting by all and corny brain-rotting jokes and gags written by morons that assume that all kids must be morons. Here's a joke: What do you get when you cross a rhesus monkey with Reese's Pieces? A Rhesus Pieces monkey! That stupid and cheesy joke best describes the humor in this movie. So if you found that joke funny you'll love this film. If not then stay far away. Do not let these greedy Follywood executives have the last laugh or the jokes on you... literally. HEE HEE HEE, HAW HAW HAW, HARDY HAR HAR!!!
  • What the f*ck! Seriously, i am probably the biggest Ace Ventura fan and when i heard the news about a 3rd movie some years ago i was very excited. And from following the updates of this film from beginning to end, my expectations slowly started to decrease...and when the trailer hit the internet i was speechless... literally.

    And that was just the beginning, the film came out on DVD and as curious as i am, i went and got it... and that was most likely the biggest mistake of my life.

    From beginning to end, i felt like i was being tortured yet i couldn't look away... i couldn't believe my eyes... i couldn't believe what the f*ck they just did to Ace Ventura!
  • Somewhere in Hollywood lives an evil genius and his grand plan is to make sequels to every Jim Carrey movie...WITHOUT Jim Carrey. If that wasn't bad enough this film replaces Jim with some fat, irritating child AND suggests Ace died. The best thing would have been to make this a prequel with Ace as a child. Not give him a stupid ugly kid."Respectful" is not a word in this film's vocabulary. It also has some old guy, playing Ace's dad, whom repeats all of Carrey's signature lines in a fashion akin to your own grandfather, embarrassing you at your birthday party. This is really horrible, verging on disgusting. I'm not the biggest Ace Ventura fan, but this is just ghastly. I hope all involved have a suicide pact.
  • ((((Violently tries to yank the rating button into a minus))) GRRR

    OMG! How could they? How dare they? Is it a crime to want to viciously murder a youth?

    This has to be THE SINGLE WORST movie ever made, how do you turn a classic thing like Ace Ventura into this monstrosity of a film? The kid ((Blood boils just thinking about him)) Who in their right minds thought the kid could act? He needs putting down, who thought this eye gougingly terrible script held even one bit of mirth? Who even thought that this film was a good idea to start with?

    I need to go see a shrink as watching this film has completely destroyed my faith in humanity, it has taken my will to live. Please heed my warning, if you see this film in the bargain bins at your local video store, buy every copy you can, take them outside, stamp them into tiny pieces and then burn the crumbs, it really is THAT bad :0(
  • michaeljb19 January 2013
    OK, so I am a big Ace Ventura fan. Even so, I was unaware that this film even existed until a couple of weeks ago. I read most of the reviews here at IMDb and thought to myself "Surely this film can't be THAT bad?". I managed to see this "movie" a couple of days ago. I'd like to apologise to all the reviewers here for my obvious folly! This has just about ruined the Ace Ventura franchise for me forever. Until I saw this, I was convinced that Grease 2 was probably the worst sequel that ever had the audacity to call itself a movie, but I was wrong again.

    This film doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel. It lifts it up and digs right underneath it. To say this film was an abomination would be like saying Hitler's Final Solution was a small error of judgement.

    If you're the type of person that likes nipple clamps, thumb-screws and being beaten by a leather clad sadist, then this film might be for you, but then again, maybe there is a pain threshold that's too much even for you? Stay away. You have been warned.
  • This is how good brand could turn into rubbish...

    This movie is bad. The director used the well-known brand and adapted it to a kiddy audience. The main actor is trying to imitate Jim Carrey but it is just boring and flat (definetely untalented).

    In addition, this film does not introduce anything new. Everything has been enriched by the typical patterns (family problems ble ble ble). It is highly ridiculous, almost at all. Unfortunately, I do not recommend it to anyone.If you saw the previous parts, then stay with them. Ace's son adventures are completely colorless, unfunny. This is one of the most unnecessary sequels ever.

    I'll give it 1/10, because I watched earlier "Zack and Miri make a porno" which is awesome.
  • I don't normally write reviews for movies but after seeing this movie, I took the time to create an account and voice my disgust / deter other people from wasting their time watching this film.

    Watching the first Ace Ventura films, it's easy to say they were at least decent films and hence entitled to the mid-ratings they received. Watching the third installment makes it easy to say it was worth of not only less then what it has (2/10) but the negatives if only it were possible.

    The storyline is a watery carbon copy of the other two films (i.e missing animal needs to be found) with nothing new added to it besides a goofy child actor who's performance was abysmal and mindless, childish jokes. The writers seem to have directed the movie only at toddlers. It uses potty humor very heavily and no-one (not even toddlers) would find it appealing. A big mistake by the producers and executives who even approved this waste of money. It's a big disappointment to the Ace Ventura franchise.
  • jackrod89320 December 2012
    starting off i was a huge fan of the first 2.

    me and my friends watch bad movies for fun. we've seen it all birdemic,the room,manos the hands of fate,spy kids 3 and 4 etc. never have i been so annoyed so disgusted so.....lets put it this way i wanted to stop seeing movies after this good bad i was done with movies after this. from reed Alexander's annoying small role as the "villain" to josh flitter's horrendous role as the "hero" honestly every single thing about this movie is dreadful and unwatchable. bad joke after bad joke(this is Sparta!)a tired bland story etc. annoying is the best word to describe this movie so do yourself a favor and don't watch it it's to late for me but you can still live your life without seeing this. this movie ruined the first 2 for me and for those saying this is a kids movie i ask you why did they make a kids movie out of a movie that wasn't a kids movie? and also kids movies don't have to be stupid and insult their intelligence this film was like a college course in how to be stupid and treat kids like they are stupid. i hope i never see another movie like this again and i hope none of you do either.
  • they have ruined the Ace Ventura movies with the horrible crap. the actors and actresses in the movie probably lost half their fans by making of this movie, i mean why would they do this to Jim Carrey. look this is the first movie the has made me mad cause i love the original Ventura movies and i am glad they are still popular. no thanks to David M. Evans Morgan Creek Productions created this crap so don't blame the creators of the REAL ACE VENTURA MOVIES. the warner brothers are good people for not suing them for this crap just let them lose there money all on there own. but really Evans Morgan creek productions shut down after the creation of this Jim Carrey demon hating movie. but one can only hope... by the way did i mention the movie sucked!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh yes nothing like taking a classic and making a huge dump on it. Now I will never rate anything a zero. You just can't because in some strange magical way, they got money and a camera to put it together. Maybe they have a fund raiser or sold their soul, I don't know. But nothing about this movie was good. You get to see Ace Ventura's son and his father. Played by two horrible actors. There is even a story about why Jim Carrey was not in this one. Get ready for a spoiler. He dies; in a plane crash; helping birds; over the Bermuda Triangle. Oh man! I bet the writers really thought hard on that one. Josh Flitter would probably be a good actor in another movie, but not this one. He tried to act like the original Ace Ventura, but it just didn't work. This movie was more of a made for TV special than an amazing film. Sorry this movie just did not do it for me. Please PLEASE stop ruining classics. It isn't nice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I knew this film would suck not having Jim Carrey but this is the worst film I have ever seen and it shouldn't even exist! What kind of evil person would want to start making sequels without Jim Carrey even being attached to it in anyway. This film has nothing new to add to the character of Ace Ventura except attach a son to him. Why in the world would any audience care about his son in the first place? I think I would much rather see Dumb and Dumber 2 again, which is a horrible movie that had Jim Carrey in it. This film also just mocks the character of Ace Ventura. Oh my just please never make another sequel about Ace Ventura.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw this movie on TV yesterday, a couple days before it'll be released on DVD. From what I understand it was a straight to DVD release.

    Basically it's another one of the many and probably more to come Jim Carrey-less Jim Carrey movie sequels.

    This movie wouldn't of been bad if it was it's own title. Like 'Larry Wilkins, Animal Investigator!', but titling this Ace Ventura Jr is gonna bug any Ace Ventura fan. And like most of these movies coming out anymore, Jim Carrey isn't even in this movie. Ace Ventura isn't even in it played by a 3rd rate actor. Instead they fix that by having Ace killed off in a plane accident years before the movie takes place.

    Now in this movie, you have Josh Flitter playing Ace Ventura Jr. He's a kid who likes helping animals, like Ace Ventura did. His mother gets onto him constantly through-out the movie for doing this, which she doesn't like and just wants him to be normal. Eventually a panda from the zoo as which his mom works, gets stolen, and his mom get's imprisoned, while Ace Jr tries to solve the mystery and the local authorities not believing anything he says because he's a kid.

    Like I said earlier, this would of been an excellent movie for everyone if this wasn't part of the Ace Ventura franchise. Unfortunitly, it is. Through-out the movie, we get Ace Jr spewing forth the original Ace's common caught phrases like 'All Righty then!' all the times this is done, it seems extremely forced. The movie would of been better without any of this. Kid aren't gonna catch the references. Not to mention that anytime someone gets chased or caught by a security guard, they yell out 'DON'T TASE ME BRO!' Kid's won't understand the reference, but the adults who are angry that this movie is part of the Ace Ventura franchise will.

    The acting is pretty good, but some of the props and such are terrible. Anyone can tell that the pandas in the movie are fake, especially when someone picks one up and easily carry them away. They look like something right out of a horror film, and could give kids nightmares. Then, in one scene, Laura goes into this lab to copy all the data off a scientist's hard drive, and the animals in the cages are all fake. Matter of fact, you can easily see that these animals are all stuffed and are right out of a hunter's trophy room.

    Also the movie is extremely anti-climatic(major spoilers in this section). The movie probably contains only 30 minutes of the main plot. Any other time it's going on about a false lead or bullies at school. At the end you find out that the rich kid's father was behind the famous animal disappearances and the son was behind the student's. Doesn't even end in a semi-decent chase scene. Could of expected a horse chase or bike chase at the end for kids. All that happens is Ace Jr finds these shoes that prove the father is behind everything, Ace Jr calls the cops, cops don't believe him again, then he goes to the stables and frees all the animals, father's arrested, and Ace Jr chases the kid inside to find all the kid's animals and has to pull a koi fish out of an alligator's stomache.

    Maybe someday Jim Carrey will make a real Ace Ventura 3, but until then, this isn't a substitute for adults. This is an good movie for kids, but for adults, avoid it cause it'll just make you angry. Maybe in the future they'll stop tacking movies like this onto well established titles (Son of the Mask for example...). This would of been an excellent movie for families if it would of been it's own thing and left the Ace Ventura catch phrases and entire concept out, but no.

    4/10 -1 Anti-climatic ending -5 part of the Ace Ventura saga +4 good movie for kids.
  • All-righty then, first things first, I want to assure everyone who reads this user comment to know that I did NOT pay to see this movie. Not that I could have, anyway - not only did this sequel bypass theaters, NONE of the video stores in my city got the DVD! I saw it on free TV... not long after it was released on DVD, which should give you your first clue as to how truly bad this movie is.

    Part of me feels I shouldn't blast child actors, seeing how inexperienced they often are, but THIS child performer just filled me with disgust. He's not very photogenic - he's kind of dumpy, for one thing. And he's very inconsistent with his performance - sometimes he's channelling Jim Carrey, sometimes he's not. He's not very convincing either way, whether he's spouting lines like, "This is certainly an ironic situation!" or trying to act more down to earth.

    But there's a lot of blame to be placed on the writing and direction. There's fart humor and kicks to the crotch, but it's at its worst when trying to imitate Jim Carrey - which is most of the movie. The direction is frequently shoddy, probably due to the low budget. See if you can figure out the panda kidnap sequence, and check out one scene where it's raining in some shots, but NOT raining in other shots.

    The lowest of the Ace Ventura movies - and I hated the first two movies.
  • djelvis226 December 2010
    I'm an MST3K fan, so my perspective might be a bit skewed. But you remember Eddie Murphy's stand-up routine about what his stand-up was like when he was a kid? Trying to be raunchy before he could say cuss words or talk about sex?

    That's what "Ace Jr" felt like to me, like an unsophisticated Max Fischer stage play about his favorite Jim Carrey creation. It's a very derivative film that can't decide if it's for kids or not. The writing has the quality of a typical Disney channel sitcom, and brings back all the lines and bits from the original in the most awkward and cringe-inducing ways. I'm not sure if anyone that ends up liking "Ace Jr" would even like the original films; certainly, original fans would grit their teeth through a screening of this.

    Nobody watches any "Ace Ventura" for the plot; these movies live and die by the lead. The kid playing "Ace Jr" reminded me more of Jack Black than Jim Carrey, better when he wasn't trying to do Ace Ventura imitations. There's a better movie in him somewhere...

    In the "Ace" franchise, it's about as good as an average episode of that Saturday morning cartoon, but weak sauce compared to the Jim Carrey films. If you thought the Ernest films were funny, you'll probably enjoy this. Actually, if you thought Turkish Superman was funny, you might enjoy this, too...
  • I have absolutely no idea why this movie was made at all. Not a single reason this movie should exist but here we are. Everything about this film is weaker to any of the other ventura films and the tv show at that and honestly takes any charm from the originals away. If you were a kid when you saw this I could understand looking at it and going meh but this film is nowhere near anything of quality.
  • essendon-8492029 December 2018
    This movie is below zero in the rating scale! Avoid at all cost
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before i get into judging the movie i think i should expand a little on the story.

    So Ace Jr. lives with his mom (Melissa from 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) in Orlando, Florida. Melissa works in Gatorland Zoo where Ace Jr. helps out sometimes, often trying to find runaway critters, Ace begins acting more and more like his father, who, according to Melissa, went missing (SPOILERS AHEAD) on a case flying geese back to Miami but flew into the Bermuda triangle and was never to be seen again.

    After Melissa is wrongly arrested for stealing a baby panda, Ace Jr's grandfather takes care of him while Melissa is on her way to jail. Grandpa tells Ace who he really is...a PET DETECTIVE! And this actually takes half the film for his to work it out... Of course it all ends happily ever after when Ace finds the real animal-napper.

    Now, i am a huge Ace Ventura fan and when watching the movie i had to keep in mind that this is a kids flick. And being that, this movie squeezed everything it could possibly get out of the concept of a kid pet detective (which isn't a lot).

    But the awful panda puppets and Ace Ventura impressions let it down a lot... why not just make an Ace Ventura 3 with Ace Ventura? Josh Flitter did do a decent job and his take on Ace wasn't exactly a copy of Jim Carrey (it was no where near in fact) but thats what he was going for i hear.

    Overall, i can see why it didn't make it to theaters because it was poorly made, for $7,000,000 i could have made a better film but still it was a kids film and hardcore Ace fans will most likely not like this (if you didn't like Son of The Mask or Dumb and Dumberer the you wont), but i think this tops Son of The Mask by the slightest bit.

    Personally, i think kids will love it but adults not so much especially Ace Ventura fans like me.
  • anthonyf9423 August 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Sequel of Carrey's "Ace Ventura", this film hasn't anything to do with it. No Carrey, no relevant fun sketch, just a mediocre plot kept up by an eccentric interpretation of the main actor (a small, unique, positive note). Horrible.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. OK? I watched it out of a morbid curiosity having noticed it in IMDb's bottom 100 list. I expected something as bad as "Son of the Mask" or even.... (Dear God, please no...) something as offensive in every way as "Cat in the Hat" (not a Carey movie, i know, but still an example of a badly misfiring KIDS FILM!), and what i got was a perfectly passable 90 minutes. The direction shows the occasional touch of style, there are actually some pretty neat gags (aswell as some poor ones, admittedly) and all involved give fine performances, with Josh Flitter giving a commendable performance as Ace JR. Im not saying the kids' Daniel Day-Lewis, but he throws himself into it, totally unselfconsciously (as the role demands) and, in my honest opinion, pulls it off.

    I can only assume that all the sniffy reviews have come from people that treat the originals as if they're the first two Godfather films or something. I find it odd that people can be so precious over.... ANY film, really, but particularly Ace Ventura.

    I gather this went pretty much straight to DVD and was being shown on the cartoon network within a few months of release. Thats pretty much where it belongs - its for KIDS! in the same way that the Ghostbusters cartoons were for kids.

    I gave this movie '5' out of ten. I came in expecting an absolute atrocity, expecting (wanting) to witness a real car crash of a film and in that respect i was disappointed. "Dumb and Dumberer" or "Son Of Mask" this is not. And it certainly doesn't deserve a lower rating than Mike Myers "Cat in the Hat".

    This is really no worse than "When Nature Calls". And it's primarily for Kids, id say 8-11. Bare this in mind.
  • tiskec8 May 2019
    This movie was soooo bad I thought I was going to have to stab myself in the eyeballs afterward? Who brainstormed this gem? First of all, what's Ace Ventura without Jim Carey? Apparently Ace died in this film and left behind a mildly obese child who dresses like him. It really started pissing me off when this old man started to use Jim Carey's lines in this almost annoying fashion. I can't begin to even begin to describe how bad this movie is. I rarely rate a movie 1\10, but this is just one of those movies.
  • Now I went into this thinking the exact same thing as all of you. That this movie is going to suck, that its going to be the worst movie out there. But to be completely honest with you, it was cute and funny. It was a cheesy movie, but if you take it for that, just being a cheesy movie, than you'll like it. Its not a master piece and not nearly as good as the originals. But it is certainly a lot better than other sequels. The main character is actually pretty funny and makes good use of the old Ace Ventura lines, while throwing in a bit of his own style in there. So if your looking for a good laugh from a movie than I would honestly recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was flipping around on my TV today when I came across this movie. I didn't have anything pressing to do so I figured, hey, why not? It was on Cartoon Network in the middle of the day, so I didn't have high expectations to begin with. But, I watched with an open mind and found a movie that was slightly enjoyable.

    Noted, I had a vague idea of the Ace Ventura series when I came into the movie. So some of the lines he imitated I found funny. The one when he *Spoiler* gets the rich guy arrested he fakes rolling dice in a cup and then yells "Yatzee!". That cracked a chuckle out of me. Also, the scene where he walks over to the "love interest's" house and when she showed up, he yelled "Oh my go you're so pretty!" wasn't to bad too. This movie is slightly geared toward those animal loving kids out there, and heavily geared towards the "potty humor" crowd of 2nd-4th grade boys.

    Plot: Basically none. The kids mom is a zoo keeper and is accused of stealing a Panda (which is clearly automated throughout), so Ace decides to save her by finding the culprit, supported by his friends. There is a bunch of running around and doing nothing for a while, and it feels like the climax comes, but then more stuff happens. For instance *Spoiler*, when Ace is running around destroying everything, you think its about to be over. But then, he has to save the kid's pets too, so it never ends. 2/10

    Characters: Stereotyped. You've got the pretty girl, the nerd, the weird scientist, the rich kid etc. They play these roles well, but they are still stereotypes. Ace himself isn't bad in some parts, but is abysmal in others, mostly with his imitations of his "dad". His sidekicks aren't bad though. The girl in particular did a fine job, just being the supportive helper throughout. The nerd is a little unessential, with the lead already being a dork, but I can see why they put it in here. The scientist is the standard person you think is an antagonist but turns out to help the protagonist later character, and that's all he does. The Mom and the Officer are both decent, played by good actors doing the best they can with the stupid roles they have. 6/10

    Humor: What brings this down. You HAVE to be a kid to enjoy this. I'm late middle school, and squeezed out a little enjoyment of the humor, but there isn't much. There's the standard fart jokes, BM jokes etc. It contains lots of "Kid Logic" in this, which means it has stuff only kids would believe. Examples: 12 Guards vs. Two kids=Two kids get away and all the guards are left injured, right? If I'm hiding stolen goods, I will have a party AT the place I'm hiding the stuff! And then I'm gonna invite everyone I've stolen stuff from! Also, Ace has got a keeper in that girl, who not only put up with his long string of puns for "poop", but joined in! 1/10

    Overall: This is a kids movie. Go into watching this with that in mind, and you'll be fine. Noted, I had been sick for a week before when I watched this, so that might have something to do with this. 4/10

    Recommended for: Kids 8-12, Animal Lovers under age 15, Parents that need a break to laugh out their insanity from a day.

    Not Recommended for: Ace Ventura Fans, Anyone high school and older without kids in the age group.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so I'm a big Ace Ventura man, I grew up with them and I've watched them both probably about 30 times. So, when I heard about a third one coming out a few years back, naturally, I got excited, but didn't really follow any updates of it. Then, today I stumbled upon a copy - and man, oh man, did I not like the front. I watched it and, okay - I get why you hard core Ace Ventura fans are writing crap after crap about it, rating it with 1 star, but the 1.9 is not what it deserves - far from it. The main character, the chubby son of Ace Ventura is one of the best kid actors I've ever seen ( born in '94, making him 15, about 14 when the movie was filmed ) He could've skipped all the phrases his "dad" used and just stuck with the ones he / the writers came up with, some of them were actually pretty decent. And there are scenes where I broke out laughing...


    Like in the beginning when he first goes to his crush's house, and she opens the doors with a big smile "hi Ace!" and he immediately screams "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO PRETTY" I thought that was hilarious... And another one, of the top of my head - when he goes into the house of the rich kid, right after they sneak past the servants - they cut into a long shot of a hallway with a bunch of expensive sh*t - and he manages to wreck all of it, I laughed so hard when he first enters from the right - breaking an expensive vase of some kind.

    The only thing that really bothered my was THE RICH KID. That is the lamest excuse for a cool kid any movie has ever made... His voice will haunt my dreams for the next month, along with his attitude, smile and appearance! Is that a man or a woman!?

    A feminine man or a mannish woman!?

    Not bad acting, but the character makes me wanna grab a fork and scrape the skin off my skeleton.

    It gets 4 out of 10 from me - If it wouldn't have had any reference to Ace Ventura, I'd give it 6, but because it does, it drops down to 4.
  • Tween Ace (Justin Flitter) loves animals as much as his now absent dad (Jim Carrey does not appear in the movie!). His mother (Ann Cusack) even took a job at the zoo, so her son could be near animals quite often. Unfortunately, though, she does NOT want Jr. Ace to become a pet detective, for she has seen how danger lurks even in such a mild-seeming endeavor. But, he can't resist! He keeps doing a bit of the stuff on the sly. One day, things start coming in fast and furious, First, many classmates are missing their pets, from koi fish to cats to you name it. Huh, what's afoot? Jr. Ace vows to find out. Then, the zoo's precious panda, Ting Tang, gets bear-napped and, unbelievably, officials blame Mrs. Ventura and throw her in jail! Wow-eeeee! There is no one to care for Ace but his long missing grandfather (Ralph Waite). He shows up with a trio of pets, one of which appears to be a comatose dog, and tells Ace about the family's long tradition of creature love. Why, didn't the clan have Charles Darwin Ventura and Jacques Cousteau Venture showing the way? Therefore, he encourages Jr. Ace to continue looking for the missing animals. But, gosh, there are few leads. Our Ace may need the help of a lovely female classmate and another science oriented student named A Plus. Could there be a trail of money to follow? You bet! This is really a cute new addition to a funny series, without objectionable material. No, Flitter really doesn't look or act much like Carrey, although he tries. But, he is funny in his own way and so are the rest of the cast. Sets, costumes, hairdos (there is the Ace pompadour, you know), script and direction are all working to make one great little watch. Ace your family's weekend by grabbing the junior version!
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