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Westminster School, Dubai

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The Westminster School
Ghusais, Dubai

United Arab Emirates
Coordinates25°16′58″N 55°22′15″E / 25.28278°N 55.37083°E / 25.28278; 55.37083Coordinates: 25°16′58″N 55°22′15″E / 25.28278°N 55.37083°E / 25.28278; 55.37083
School typePrivate Primary/Secondary
Motto"Empowering Learners, Creating the Future"
PrincipalCarl Roberts
MascotWilfred Wolf

The Westminster School is an international school and is located in Ghusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, amassing over 5,000+ attending pupils with admissions increasing annually. It is affiliated with the International Educational Company GEMS international schools and follows the National Curriculum for England (IGCSE, AS and A' Level).[1]

It comprises years FS1 (Foundation Stage) to Grade 13 (thirteenth grade), and by the time students reach Grade 9 (ninth grade), they are eligible for taking part in the IGCSE Programme, in which the International General Certificate of Secondary Education is a requirement in order to graduate from Grade 11 (eleventh grade).

In 2018, former headteacher, Carl Roberts, was appointed Executive Principal and CEO[2] upon departure from British Secondary Malling School.[3]


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