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The Wedding Singer Soundtrack

The Wedding Singer Soundtrack

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Songs and music featured in The Wedding Singer Soundtrack

opening credits, first wedding
Boy George impersonator sings this at the first wedding
Julia is listening to this song just as Glenn comes into the room
Played on the TV after Robbie gets left at the altar.
playing in background as robbie sulks in bed heartbroken over linda
Played after the Bar Mitzvah is over.
Robbie and Julia talking and having icecream
Julia and Holly sing it at the club 
When they first enter the club and there's a guy spinning on his head.
End credits
Linda shows up at Robbie's
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Plane to vegas
Robbie singing to Julia at the band auditions
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Robbie at bar talking with Sammy about Julia and admits he's in love with her
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Robbie sings this during the Bar Mitzvah scene.
When Robbie walks Julia to Glenn's Deloreon and she asks if her hair smells like vomit and then again when Robbies at bar telling Sammy he's in love with Julia
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Sammy drives Robbie home and they notice Julia left her jacket behind
The song that plays in the car.
after jon lovitz's audition for wedding singer
Rosie sings this song just before Robbie leaves for Vegas.
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Robbie and Julia's wedding
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Robbie arrives home to see Julia holding a gift for him.
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Robbie sings it at one of the weddings
robbie helps julia with wedding stuff during cliche 80's montage to this song
Robbie sings this at the wedding after he got dumped by Linda. His version is way more melancholy than Madonna's version.
wedding preperation montage with robbie, julia, and their two friends
Holly cooks a hungover Julia breakfast and tells her that Robbie doesn't think much of Glenn; Julia then goes out to find Robbie.
All the scenes with the character impersonated by Jon Lovitz. The song is find also in the Little Nicky movie, also with Jon Lovitz, singed by Lovitz himself in the intro scene.
What song was the older woman singing to her husband for their anniversary?
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what was the song julia was singing to and listening on her headphones and stopped after she was surprised by someone.
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what song is playing when Robby Hart and Glen Gulia talk outside the club while waiting for Julia to come out?
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