Omiya is the best destination for bonsai lovers! There's an entire neighborhood dedicated to bonsai there! 🌳
To learn more about bonsai as art, take a peek into the displays at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum:

Watch how powdered matcha tea is made and prepared!

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Ever wondered how powdered green tea is made? Here's how they make in Uji, Kyoto's famous town of tea!

Moji Port is a Kyushu destination packed with natural scenery and historic buildings, including the beautiful Mojiko Station. Here are some of the best places to stay in the area!

Given that Japan is 73% mountainous, you may be surprised to learn that there are also sand dunes. 🤯🏜

Check out our complete guide to visiting the sand dunes in Tottori prefecture.

Is Sapporo on your list of places to visit?
With great food, art, and nature, this city in Hokkaido is definitely worth a visit. Check out our FREE two-day itinerary!

Cherry blossom season brings real treats for all the senses! Every Hoshino Resorts facility introduces special menus and activities for guests to enjoy this season to the fullest. Even if you can't visit now, it's definitely worth keeping this in mind for next year.😉

If you're worried about finding Halal food in Tokyo, fear not! Here we introduce four fantastic Halal restaurants in the heart of Tokyo.

Receive premium green tea by supporting Chashin, a tea-themed vacation rental in Miyazaki. Chashin is making efforts to support local tea farms and bring the flavorful Miyazaki tea to the world.

One of the most beautiful gardens in Japan! The Adachi Museum of Art is the ideal place to enjoy an impressive art collection and an exquisite Japanese garden:

Everyone in Japan is looking forward to spring... even at Starbucks! Check out these new cherry blossom themed drinks for 2021!

One of the most distinctive features of Japanese festivals are "dashi" floats, covered with gilding and lanterns. Seeing locals work together to parade with these works of art is always a thrill!