The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

Release Date:
February 16, 2015

115 minutes

Action Drama Crime
– Action
– Drama
– Crime

– StudioCanal
– Silver Pictures
– TF1 Films Production
– Canal+
– Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA)
– Nostromo Pictures
– Anton Capital Entertainment (ACE)
– Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC)
– Prone Gunman
– Amazon Prime Instant Video
– Prone Gunman A.I.E.

– English

US $40000000

– France
– Spain
– United Kingdom
– United States of America

5.6 / 263

Movie Synopsis:
Eight years after fleeing the Congo following his assassination of that country’s minister of mining, former assassin Jim Terrier is back, suffering from PTSD and digging wells to atone for his violent past. After an attempt is made on his life, Terrier flies to London to find out who wants him dead — and why. Terrier’s search leads him to a reunion with Annie, a woman he once loved, who is now married to an oily businessman with dealings in Africa.

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  • The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream
  • The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream
  • The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

The Gunman (2015) Full Movie
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The Gunman (2015) trailer

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The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

Watch The Gunman (2015) full movie online free hd


Reviewer 1:
This is my first review. I have finally gotten tired of fake reviewers and haters rating films poorly because they don’t like the actor and likely never saw the film. Reviewers are offended because he was working outside without a shirt on or because his shirt sleeves were short? Give me a break. I’ve seen plenty of 1 and 2 star movies, but, this was not one of them.

The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

What I want to know from a review is whether or not a movie is worth watching. I do like action films and I don’t dislike Sean Penn. This review comes from that angle.

You’re not going to find cars jumping between sky scrapers, people falling 100s of feet and walking away or phony cliffhangers in this film. What you will find is an attempt to show necessary action in a mostly realistic way.

Sean Penn’s role is more like Rambo than Superman. The action was original, clever and well executed. The dialogue was realistic and the acting was believable.

The only reason I didn’t give it an 8 or 9 is because I felt it tried to do too much in too little time. That having been said making the movie longer wouldn’t have worked because it would have taken 5 hours to do it right. The first 20 minutes could have been its own 2 hour film.

That having been said it all made sense. I didn’t leave the theater wondering why or how anything happened. I would have cut several of the longer scenes short in order to tell more of the back story.

If you are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon you won’t go wrong by seeing this film.

Reviewer 2:

The Gunman (2015) movie online free stream

There’s nothing much to say about ‘The Gunman’, but I’ll keep going until I’ve said too much for an action flick that deserves an assessment no more than a “disaster”.

It will be a real wonder to be able to find something that is of any interest through the movie’s entire two hours. The film itself strikes as a mere guessing game that pushes the audience to asking themselves which asset (if there’s any) it actually aims to present: the bad-ass hit-man story the writers seem to claim the film has, or Sean Penn’s overexposed shirtless bulging physique. Unfortunately, two hours isn’t enough to achieve a sensible answer, as both eventually grow to become extremely irritating toward the end of the film. A handful of overqualified actors and aesthetic settings may come across as efforts to salvage the wreckage, but none of this attempts seems to have manifested an evident result. The plot is plagued with predictability and clichés, but bears no real shocker twists to shake its overly familiar course.

‘The Gunman’ feels like just another attempt to make another Liam Neeson out of another over-50 star. Unfortunately, with its utterly thin and convolutedly-written material, the result is neither near ‘convincing’, nor far from ‘misfire’. OK, I’ve said more than too much already.

Reviewer 3:
I’m not a huge Sean Penn fan. To my way of thinking, his best performance up until this movie was as Bradford Whitewood, Jr. in “At Close Range,” but right now, after just having watched The Gunman, I’ve got to say, “Wow…” I never thought of Sean Penn as any sort of “action” star and I certainly never imagined him doing a film like this. But he can sure pick them. And picking this one was a stroke of genius. Some folks might see it as formulaic or routine, but I guarantee you that whoever wrote the screenplay either did more research than he should have or knows more about it than he should. It was almost perfect.

Reviewer 4:
‘The Gunman’ opens with the BBC footage that civil war has erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo between rebel militia and governmental forces locked in a bloody civil war for the control of the country’s prized natural resources. Enter Jim Terrier (Sean Penn), a NGO worker providing security while an airstrip is being built. In the middle of chaotic Congo, Jim has fallen in love with Annie (Jasmine Trinca), a Doctors Without Borders volunteer. Annie has attracted the heart of not only Jim but also co worker Felix (Javier Bardem). Felix’s jealousy is readily apparent and can only spell disaster for Jim and Annie’s relationship. Only a few minutes into the film we discover that both Jim and Feliz are living dual lives. Jim is a hired assassin for a multinational mining company, which is set on protecting their interests in the war torn Congo. Felix is the civil liaison for the foreign mining companies and Sean Penn’s assassin team. When the Minister of Mining in the Congo nullifies all mining contracts with foreign companies, Jim is activated by his employer who wants the politician assassinated. The team of four assassins is lead by Cox (Mark Rylance) who announces to his sharp shooters that Felix will decide which of the assassins will take the fatal shot and then said assassin will have to flee the continent immediately after. No surprise Felix chooses Jim to take the shot and having accomplished the mission, Jim is forced to leave Africa and Annie without so much as a goodbye. 8 years later Jim has reunited with the African continent as a UNICEF employee drilling wells when suddenly his past assassination comes back to haunt him. For the next hour and a half, Jim must circumvent Europe to track down who has knowledge of his past deeds and understand why he is wanted dead. Without giving any spoilers, the reason ‘The Gunman’never gets off the ground is because the film is unable to sustain any intrigue. Jim is a glorified henchman for a multinational corporation, he is hardly the hero that you want to root for. Jim’s character is drawn so thin you know very little about him to care enough whether he lives or dies. Additionally his relationship with Annie earns so little screen time before being abruptly halted that you invest almost nothing in the possibilities of Jim and Annie rekindling at some later date. The questions that Jim seeks answer to could have easily been solved with a couple phone calls, but instead his contacts send him on a treasure hunt around Europe. Apparently the information Jim needs is only accessible with a change of location at each turn. Each new venue invites its share of killers and combat. While Jim is on his mission for answers, we catch wind that Interpol, headed by Idris Elba, has Jim on their surveillance. Interpol seems one step ahead of Jim in terms of solving the puzzle, however they are convinced Jim is the linchpin to cracking the case. The final act of the movie is very predictable not to mention familiar and even a bit silly. Sean Penn’s physique in the film is impressive and we are constantly reminded how much the actor got in shape for the role considering how much screen time his giant biceps earn. There are hardly any production credits that are distinguishable and worth mentioning here. Ultimately, the film underwhelms and feels like it wants to cash in on the fan base of the retired Bourne franchise.

Reviewer 6:
Sean Penn is too old to play these roles and very unsuitable. The love interest was only used to show her skin, not much of an actress, how she got cast in the movie is baffling. They both looked terrible and the plot was barely able to hold the movie. Two men fighting over a woman, lots of sex and clothes coming off. Sean Penn thought making another 80s cliché movie would make comeback, he was clearly wrong. All in all an awful movie, awful cast, awful acting. Very deserving of the Razzie award. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. How it ever hit the screens is perplexing. The only good acting was by Javier Bardem which shows that only he was able to bring some flavour to it but then his role is minimal.

Reviewer 7:
Boring, predictable and not much to see. Penn, comes across as an old guy who would be very unlikely to pull off 1/2 of the movies plot. Very disappointed. If you nothing else to do and feel like throwing your money away, you might consider seeing it. Just another rehashed shoot um up bang bang special effects looser. How many times are they going to take the same plot, add different names and characters and call it a new movie? The same plot has been done to death. No creativity here folks, move on to something else. The cast ties their best, but there isn’t much to work with here. I would have preferred to stay home and get some rest.

Reviewer 8:
When you hear a movie titled the Gunman what do you think of? For me I think of a few scenarios that come to mind: an action pack shoot em up movie, something on the lines of James Bond, or following down the rogue agent Bourne pathway. So I can’t help but say I was excited for this movie this weekend, especially with Sean Penn leading the cast. With few trailers to give me insight, I eagerly headed to my local theater to give this film a try.

Unfortunately the movie did not go down the expected path, and even worse it took the wrong direction for this reviewer. For those uncertain of the plot, Gunman is about a sniper named Terrier who is targeted for assassination by an unknown group. In order to save himself and his loved ones, he must dig deep into a convoluted scheme that may related back to an incident. I know sounds awesome right, if old hat, but Gunman held some promise of action mixed in with good old fashioned spying.

Not the case my friends. Gunman is actually a snooze fest, being one of the first movies to make me nap in almost half a year. It starts with the pace of the movie, not necessarily too slow, but just enough that you start to lose interest. For me, it wasn’t that the plot was boring, but the details they tried to lay out for us were very convoluted, many details ambiguous and confusing in their presentation. May of the scenes involved him obsessing over his former love, which after a few arguments and an unnecessary sex scene, started to grow staler than month old bread. Now don’t get me wrong, convoluted plots can be a good thing, but they require a good presentation that keeps one engaged in the movie. And this film did not do it for me.

Perhaps I could have been entertained more if the action had lived up to my, I’ll admit, high expectations. The opening shot scene was nothing special, but the following skirmish held some promise for excitement down the line. And in truth, two or three battles brought the flash in the pot, bang in your ear entertainment that I so crave. Despite being an elite shooter, Terrier didn’t have perfect accuracy, and had to pull some creative stunts to take down his killers, who by the way could actually hit him. Taking away our hero’s invincibility was a smart move, but some battles get led down the wrong path, or are a repeat of an earlier fight. Kills are graphic, the camera not shying away from someone’s head getting a new hole, as torrents of red litter the ground. If you are up for this kind of stuff, then by all means stop reading this review and head down to the theater. Looking back over the movie though, I can’t say the action was as on point or exciting as I had hoped, nor as fast as these scenes sometime need to be.

Helping save this movie from complete failure was the acting. Sean Penn as Terrier was good. The actor was able to transition across the emotional spectrum, being a relief worker with a little troublemaker streak to an angry killer on the loose. Penn has always had a talent for playing well developed characters, and while annoying as this role is, he still plays it well. Jasmine Trica as Annie was a decent addition to the cast, though I must say her character could have been much stronger than they made her. Trica’s main talent involved huffing, puffing, and crying as people died. Her dialog was too shallow for me and they threw her as nothing but an object for Terrier to protect. Javier Barden brings his Hispanic background back to the screen, but his role was very short and unfortunately very sad as a love obsessed, drunk who loses his min. Not my favorite role, but again he does okay. As for Idris Elba, he is hardly in the film for fifteen minutes, really only to bring some “coded” advice and a means to end the movie. No offense Elba, but had you been tailing Penn for the whole movie, I might have boosted your score.

Special effects wise the editing worked for me in this movie. Stable camera angles and detailed fighting helped bring the action to life. The battlefields that became the stage for our fights were also beautiful, crafted or located in a variety of settings. Some were cool like a mansion, and others were ridiculous, like at a matador arena. Nevertheless we had an epic soundtrack to add some slight touches of excitement to the mix, as well as high definition pings, twacks, and booms to nearly deafen your ears. Unfortunately the team’s cuts of the footage were nowhere near perfect for me, even though they were under the 2 hour mark. I don’t know why they kept half of the dialog heavy scenes in, especially when they kept us going in circles. Oh what a waste of good film..

The Gunman is not the movie I expected it to be, and despite the assembled cast of actors, the potential is lost to fast production. With an overly ambiguous plot, and a pace that moves like a snail, the execution of this movie was below par. Those who are fans of extreme violence and profanity, as well as shots of poverty Africa are at home in this film, but otherwise skip this film for something better. A trip to the theater is not recommended from me, but we all know enough desire can make you see anything. Overall my scores for Gunman are:

Action/Crime/Drama: 6.5 Movie Overall: 5.5

Reviewer 9:
Greetings again from the darkness. Sean Penn becomes the latest addition to the AARP action hero club … a very crowded club these days. Unfortunately for Mr. Penn, he lacks the smirky charm of Bruce Wills, the uber-cool of Denzel Washington, and he fails to generate the empathy of Liam Neeson. He simply doesn’t come across as a very likable guy, and certainly not someone we can root for.

Based on the novel of Jean-Patrick Manchette, the movie starts out in the Democratic Republic of Congo where Penn is a mercenary disguised as part of a mining security detail. The first 20 minutes are convoluted and introduce numerous characters and sub-plots that leave us wondering if there are any good guys here … other than Penn’s idealistic doctor girlfriend played by Jasmine Trinca. A sure sign of a weak script is a film that is bookended by “newscasts” to explain both what is going to happen as well as what just happened.

Pierre Morel directed the first Taken movie, and his cast is stellar: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, and Mark Rylance. Somehow that combination delivers a hokey, over-acted, cheesy dialogue mess featuring absurd shoot-outs and action sequences that try to convince us Penn is some kind of quasi-superhero. His transformation from geopolitical hit-man to humanitarian is tough to buy, and it’s downright chuckle-inducing to see the times he manages to show off his sculpted torso. We can only assume his personal trainer received a bonus for each shirtless scene.

The story bounces from Africa to London to Barcelona to Gibraltar and back to Barcelona. It does include the best use of a live bull so far this year, though the actual bullfighting is somehow one of the least gruesome segments of the entire film. The film isn’t as sneaky as it thinks it is in making a statement about multinational corporations raiding Third World resources. Evidently, the message is that former assassins can be forgiven if they are re-born as committed to humanitarian causes, but capitalistic companies cannot possibly justify their work in impoverished areas.

All of the above could be shrugged off if so many wasted opportunities didn’t consistently frustrate. Penn has scenes with all of the other actors mentioned above, but there is almost no interaction between the others. Why no confrontations between Idris and Javier? How about one sequence with Penn, Javier and Winstone squaring off? So many fun actors, but so little cross-over. Frustration may be the best overall description for this one, and it encompasses everything from script to dialogue to camera work.

Reviewer 10:
Good plot – took you to Congo, Spain and London. Something to think about what may or does go in Africa with the corruption of their natural resources.

Well thought out, no silly stupid explosions, villains held their guns right and for a change there were no Chuck Norris’s or Bruce Lee’s in the fighting.

And that is the biggest gripe of mine when it comes to action film – most films are too far fetched. Need more films like this and such as the ‘Heat ‘ Leon’. Why cant they make real films anymore? The only bit that spoil it for me was an illness – didn’t need it in the script

Reviewer 11:
From start to finish, this movie was out of sorts. It couldn’t build up a head of steam and thus in the process failed to deliver any sort of impact. Javier Bardem was on point in his brief cameo, and even Sean Penn managed to pull off the traditionally burly action hero enigma, but everything else was frail and flavorless. I usually watch my movies with concentration, but this one was hard to pay attention to, thus I allowed myself some shut eye in between. The protagonist’s motive to fight was not strong, and things were happening too conveniently for my liking. The action sequences were somewhat realistic, and the cinematography was nice. But that’s almost it. Pretty disappointing.


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