Is Cameron Diaz pregnant? She hasn't formally announced her pregnancy, but insiders are saying that she and her husband, Benji Madden, have been trying to have a baby for a while now. The same insiders say that Cameron and Benji are thrilled because IVF finally worked and Cameron Diaz is now expecting a baby at age 45.

Cameron has changed a lot since she got married to Benji Madden in January of 2015. She says that she knew as soon as they met that he was "the one". When they did get married, Nicole Richie became her sister-in-law. After tying the knot, Cameron began to slow down on work and focus on just being happy with her new husband. Her life wasn't just about the Hollywood scene anymore. She had a different kind of happiness beyond her career.

Now that a baby is probably on the way, she'll be able to experience motherhood from the vantage point of being a mature woman with plenty of success and life experience.

When she was younger, she wasn't dreaming of marriage and babies. Finding true love with Benji, whom she says she is really proud of, has definitely changed her. She's so content that she's written a book called, "The Longevity Book", which is about maintaining a healthy body as a woman ages. She wants to stay in peak condition so she can enjoy life to the fullest, no matter how old she is.

This gossip roundup will give you the inside scoop on Cameron's married life and her possible pregnancy. If she is pregnant, she's going to start to show soon and she won't be able to hide it any longer. Some recent pics do seem to show a growing baby bump. This must be such an exciting time in her life.

15 She Had Trouble

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Cameron has played being pregnant on-screen before. Is this her chance to play the part in real life? According to the Newidea, Cameron is indeed pregnant and she and her husband are really happy that they're going to be parents! This same website reported that the couple consider the baby a "miracle child", perhaps because Cameron is past typical childbearing years.

Cameron and her hubby, Good Charlotte lead guitarist, Benji Madden, already seem to have a great life. The new baby will be the icing on the cake.

Since Cameron has an estimated net worth of $140 million, due to her long and successful film career,

and Benji Madden is supposedly worth $16 million, this couple will have no trouble giving their child the best of everything, from fancy private schools to organic food to designer clothes and beyond.

Cameron will also enjoy showing off her baby to her celeb friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore. I wonder if Gwyneth has been trying for a baby, too? It's possible that she wants a baby with her new man, Brad Falchuk, whom she's engaged to. Benji's brother, Joel, who is his identical twin, is married to Nicole Richie and he and Nicole have two children named Sparrow and Harlow.

14 Acting Was More Important

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Cameron always seemed very career-focused and independent. She was never the type to dream of a white wedding, a picket fence and 2 kids. She wanted to explore life and she never seemed to mind not being a mother. When she met Benji, her life changed. She knew immediately that he was the right guy for her and suddenly became interested in being a wife. She probably starting thinking about having children as well.

It's nice that Cameron had a long run as a single woman before moving onto marriage. She went into marriage with a lot of maturity.

She wasn't a 21 year old who ran away and got married in Las Vegas.

She waited until the situation was perfect and then went for it. She was very established in her career when she wed Madden in January 2015.

According to Cameron's official Instagram page, she loves the fact that she can be so proud of her husband, from his music to his loyalty and beyond. She thinks her pride in her hubby is one of the best things about marriage. If she's pregnant, she's probably looking forward to seeing a lot of her husband in the baby.

13 Treatments Finally Worked For Her

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IVF is a great option for older women who want to conceive. Did you know that the wombs of women remain healthy until the latter decades in life? Healthy eggs are the issue, which is why some women opt for IVF.

According to The American Pregnancy Association, IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a form of ART (assisted reproductive technology) which involves egg extraction. Once eggs are extracted, eggs and sperm samples are combined in a lab dish. After fertilization, the embryo is transferred to a woman's womb.

This procedure offers hope to women who suffer from damaged or blocked Fallopian tubes. It's also a good option when men have problems with sperm motility or sperm count. There are a lot of fertility issues which may be resolved by IVF.

However, IVF is a process that tends to take an emotional toll on couples. It doesn't always work and it costs a lot. While the cost of IVF isn't a problem for mega-rich Cameron and Benji, they might have had to do several rounds of IVF before it worked.

Experts think that couples who can only afford a single round of IVF should probably skip it, as it usually takes more than one attempt to get the desired result. With IVF, women may use their own eggs or eggs from other women.

12 They Thought About Adoption


Cameron is reportedly pregnant now, but the couple were definitely open to adopting if Cameron couldn't conceive. Adoption is a beautiful thing. According to a story from February of 2018, Cameron and Benji did struggle with infertility and had "tough times" as a result.

Cameron has said in the past that she could see herself adopting a bunch of kids. When she was 36, she told a reporter that she might end up as "the new Octomom". She was clearly open to having kids, but it wasn't a driving force in her life.

Time passes and people change. Cameron found a good guy who seems extremely devoted to her. She and Benji are always "papped" doing fun and normal couple things, such as shopping for furniture (imagine how good the stuff they buy is) and getting coffee.

They don't dress up for the paparazzi and seem very down to earth. They seem to just enjoy doing everyday things. They probably could have arranged an adoption if Cameron's IVF treatments weren't successful.

Adoption agencies are careful about whom they give babies to, but Cameron and Benji seem to tick all of the boxes in terms of having financial stability and emotional stability. Who knows - maybe they'll adopt in the future, even if they are preparing for a baby of their own right now.

11 They Considered Surrogacy

According to a Us Magazine story from January of this year, Cameron and Benji were exploring a lot of different options when they decided to try and make a baby. One of them was surrogacy. Both Cameron and Benji were very motivated to become parents just months ago, if this report is accurate, so it's great news that Cameron may now be pregnant.

Apparently, a surrogate wasn't their first option and they went with IVF first. Now, Cameron will have the chance to experience pregnancy, with all of its ups and downs, from morning sickness to the joy of watching a baby bump grow and imaging what the baby will be like and beyond. Pregnancy is definitely quite an experience.

It's also reported that Cameron tried out acupuncture in order to boost her fertility. There is some scientific evidence that this helps.

Kim Kardashian did decide to get help from a surrogate. A surrogate carried and gave birth to Kim and Kanye's third child, Chicago West, who is a girl. Chicago seems to resemble Kim quite strongly. Will Cameron's baby be her mini-me? If so, that'll be really cute. Imagine a baby with Cameron's big and beautiful smile and gorgeous pale blue eyes!

10 They May Be Expecting A Boy

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Is a baby boy part of Cameron and Benji's future? There are rumors that Cameron is pregnant and expecting a boy, so it's more than possible. Of course, the rumor mill works overtime online and it's hard to separate fact and fiction. According to Press Reader, the couple have been purchasing home items which might be appropriate for boys. Of course, that's just gossip and lots of baby-themed home items work for baby boys and baby girls.

If they are expecting a Boy, Benji Madden is probably excited about being a better father than his own father was.

According to a big Rolling Stone profile of Benji's band, Good Charlotte, his own Dad took off without saying goodbye when he was a teenager. Benji and his brother were then raised by their Mom, who is very special to them. Benji, Joel and their Mom were evicted from their home in the suburbs after their father cruelly flew the coop. For a while, the family were homeless. What a horrible thing to do to your own wife and kids.

Benji had to grow up early. He and his brother did tons of jobs to help pay the bills, especially when their mom was hospitalized with lupus.

I didn't know this stuff about Benji until I started researching this article. I now understand why Cameron thinks he's so special. He clearly overcame an enormous amount and probably is extremely grateful for what he has. The beauty and silver lining of hardship is that it can make you an amazing person.

I hope he and Cameron do have a baby soon, whether it's a boy or a girl.

9 Benji Has Been Decorating the Nursery

Benji Madden had a very rough childhood. He's rumored to be psyching up for his first child by decorating the nursery. This makes perfect sense. He''ll want to give his own baby the ultimate in peace, stability and security. It's a safe bet than any baby of his is going to grow up with plenty of love and comfort.

Benji's life was shattered when his dad left the family and he was forced to grow up too fast. Now, Benji's reportedly preparing for the baby by making sure that the nursery is just right. According to Life and Style Mag,

Benji is buying Baltimore Orioles sports gear and adorning the nursery with it. Is this a sign that he's preparing a nest for a son?

We live in a society that is more gender-neutral then ever before, so baseball decorations could be for a boy or girl. Society has come a long way and we're not all trapped in gender roles the way that we were in the past. However, a lot of people do believe that the baby is a boy, based on the baseball stuff that Benji is reportedly adding to the baby's room.

Boy or girl, it looks like this baby is going to get so much love. Benji is 39, so he's probably more than ready for fatherhood. While he's younger than his wife, he may have been dreaming up becoming a dad for a long time now.

8 They’ve Been Married Since 2015

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Cameron and Benji married at Cameron's house. By "house", I mean, huge and luxurious mansion. The wedding was quite private and I couldn't find pics of the bride and groom online. Lots of celebs attended the ceremony.

There are pics of the wedding being set up at her house. There was a huge tent outside and it looked fabulous. According to Hello Magazine, Cameron didn't want a wedding that was a costly extravaganza. She is more spontaneous and low-key.

"We got married in our living room in front of our friends," Cameron said. "Had a little party in our backyard on the tennis court and yeah. Otherwise it would have been something else."

Cameron seemed more into actually being married than having a big wedding, which is a good sign, I think. She definitely didn't seem to go the Bridezilla route.

Cam met her future hubby through her friend, Nicole Richie. Nicole must have realized that Cameron would be ideal match for the identical twin brother of her own husband, Joel Madden. Now, Cameron and Nicole are sisters. Nicole may soon be stepping into the role of loving auntie to Cameron and Benji's baby.  If Cameron really is pregnant, I'm sure Nicole Richie is very excited.

7 Cameron is So Excited About Being Pregnant

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Gossip reports from insider sources indicate that it was very hard for Cameron to conceive and that's she super-excited about being pregnant. Getting pregnant at 45 isn't always easy. IVF was likely the way that Cameron made it happen.

According to, Cameron conceived after three years of marriage to Benji and she's looking forward to being a mother.

Cameron discovered that her love of junk food was triggering her skin problems. Now, she opts for a clean diet and her skin looks amazing.

Cameron has already experienced so much in her life. For example, she's had romances with a host of famous guys, including hunky actor, Matt Dillon, and A-Rod, who is now in love with J.Lo.

Cameron has said that finding true love with Benji had made her forget about everyone else in her romantic past. She's said that all of that stuff just melts away because she's found the person that she's supposed to be with. She sounds romantic and that is sweet.

Cam's buddy, Gwyneth Paltrow, once described Diaz as "the glowiest person I ever met". Now that Cameron is reported pregnant, she'll probably be even more radiant. Cameron hasn't had perfect luck all her life. When she was younger, her beautiful features were marred by severe acne. Diaz had to deal with the pressures of a serious acne condition while doing modeling and acting work.

6 She Is Now 45 Years Old

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Is 45 the new 35? It might be. Women today know so much about skin care, nutrition and exercise. They know about anti-aging supplements and treatments. Cameron is very up on these things. According to In Style, she actually wrote a book, "The Longevity Book", which is all about understanding the aging process and maximizing vitality.

So, although Cameron is on the older side to be a mom, she's brimming with good health. She may not look like a 20-year old anymore, but she is a beautiful woman who's comfortable with herself. She's in love and possibly pregnant. This is a special time in her life.

The best thing about getting older is that women learn to love themselves more. When women are young, they are often stunningly gorgeous, but don't realize it because of insecurities.

As they mature, they learn to accept themselves and love themselves, because they've weathered so many problems and had so many experiences. Aging can be great. It doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Cameron takes good care of herself, so she'll probably live for a long time (I hope she does). She'll have plenty of time to be with baby and watch him or her grow up.

5 She Was Already Pregnant At Gwyneth’s Engagement Party

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When I saw pics of Gwyneth Paltrow's engagement party, I thought that Cameron Diaz was actually the belle of the ball. She glowed in a scarlet dress embellished with sequins. She wore red lipstick, but kept the rest of her face clean and fresh. She looked amazing. In fact, I thought she looked better than she has looked in a long time. Is this because she knew that she was pregnant?

If she's not pregnant, it may be her dietary choices which are making her look amazing. According to,

She favors a Mediterranean diet, which is all about whole grains, healthy fats, fresh produce and proteins. This diet isn't about processed food or sweets. Cameron also avoids eating late in the evening.

The Mediterranean diet is believed to reduce colon cancer and heart disease risk. It also lowers the risk of stroke and Alzheimer's Disease.

What we choose to put into our bodies shows on the outside. It impacts our skin quality and how we feel. How we feel tends to show on the outside, too. It's nice to see Cameron looking so fresh, rested and happy, no matter why she's looking so good. She seems like a woman who chooses to be happy. Happiness is a choice.

4 She’s Looking Radiant Right Now

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Cameron has lit up the silver screen in so many movies, from Charlie's Angels to The Mask to My Best Friend's Wedding and beyond. She is known for her bubbly personality, long legs and beautiful smile. She's actually a really great comedienne. I've seen her in dramatic roles and she's good in these types of parts, but I think that everyone loves her best when she's playing comedic roles. She's just born to make people smile.

Right now, Cameron appears to be unusually radiant. She's smiling so much as she does errands, hangs out with friends and goes to events. Does Cameron have a happy secret which makes her smile?

According to Businessghana, Cameron wasn't sitting around in her younger years, fretting about when she's get hitched and have a baby. This makes sense, as she was very busy making films. She's been involved in the film industry for such a long time. The Mask was the film that catapulted her into fame and that film was released in 1994.

Now, Cameron has time to think about building a family. She's doesn't work as much as she used to. Instead, she takes time to smell the roses. This doesn't mean that she doesn't act. She also writes books. She's just more selective about the work that she takes.

3 She And Benji Have 24-Hour Security

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Famous people like Cameron aren't the only people who have to deal with creeps who bother them. However, beautiful actresses are often targets for these types of mentally ill people. Cameron does have someone who bothers her and this is why she and Benji have 24-hour security at their home. Benji probably worries about his wife's safety a lot. It would be so strange to have someone trying to close to your partner against her wishes. If Cameron is pregnant, security concerns will be even greater

Right now, Cameron and Benji are paying someone to watch over their home every minute of the night and day. Cameron is reported terrified that the mentally ill person will break in. Cameron is also reported to have asked her husband to be home with her whenever he's not working. I'm sure he's happy to be there for her.

According to the New Idea, Cameron's big problem in life is the creep who tries to get to her. She's reported living in "a fortress of fear". It's so unfortunate that mentally ill people who pester others lack empathy. They don't seem to understand the feelings that they evoke in their victims. They have some hole inside of them. Something is missing. Otherwise, they wouldn't be emotionally able to do what they do.

2 They May Call A Baby Boy Emilio

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Cameron was very close to her late father, Emilio, and she seems to resemble him, too. Emilio was quite handsome and he was someone who was dear to Cameron. This is why gossip reports indicate that she may call her son Emilio if she has a boy. It's a nice name and it'll be so meaningful for her. It will be a way for her to honor the memory of her beloved father.

If Cameron has a son named Emilio, her son will be named for a good man who was always there for his children.

According to, Emilio sadly passed away in 2008. Cameron reportedly appreciated her dad's sense of humor, as well as his honesty. It seems like these were traits which were passed down. Her father passed away when he was only 58, after a battle with an aggressive and nasty form of pneumonia. The family must have been shocked and devastated when they lost Emilio.

Cameron's father was apparently all about family. Benji Madden's father left the family without so much as a goodbye.

Emilio's spirit will live on in the baby. It'll be fun if Cameron and Benji confirm the pregnancy rumors soon. I do hope that they're true. If it's a girl, perhaps they will call her Emilia?

1 Rumors About Why She Got Pregnant

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There are always tabloid reports that focus on the alleged problems of celebrities, rather than what's good in the lives of famous people.

There are reports out there that Cameron wanted a baby because she believed that having a child would save her marriage to Benji.

I'm not really buying it. I see this couple out together constantly and they're always holding hands, smiling and laughing. They seem perfectly content. While they may know that they're being papped, they don't seem like the types of fake a happy relationship.

According to, it may actually be the pressure of struggling to have a baby that has put a strain on this couple. I think these two are strong enough to overcome the stress of infertility problems and stay together. If Cameron is pregnant, they've achieved their goal and they can put the stress of IVF treatments and other fertility treatments behind them.

Fertility treatments can be hard on a woman. They tend to wreak havoc with mood and general wellness. This is why I hope Cameron really is pregnant. I am sure she'll be an amazing mother and I feel that Benji will be a great dad, too.

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