The Rock's New Reality Show 'Wake Up Call' Has An Instagram Trailer

The Rock’s New Reality Show Is Just Him Going To Peoples’ Houses And Putting Boots To Asses

The Rock posted an Instagram trailer — yes, that’s a thing now — for his new reality TV seriesWake Up Call,’ which you can see below. Here’s the description:

Here’s the exclusive Instagram trailer for my new transformation show #WakeUpCall No cash prize at the end and no one gets voted off. Just good people who are down on their luck and need a helping hand. Wanted to create a TV show where real change can happen – if you’re willing to put in the work. #StartsWithOurTwoHands #WakeUpCall

So, someone finally realized that if Dwayne Johnson was on a reality show they should skip the goofy stuff and just have him go to peoples’ houses and charm-pressure them into being better people by being The Rock in their faces. Works for me. I want to figure out how to get on this show so The Rock can make me do 2,000 situps, and also so I can grill him on pro wrestling storytelling minutiae. Assumedly while gasping for air and drowning in my own fat-sweat.