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Connecting true geography and detailed unfolding of wide variety of crimes perpetrated by German/Ukrainian Nazis and jewish bolsheviks of Soviet Union on the Polish nation.

Polish Rescue of Jews: Never Enough.

Endless Jewish Complaining

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Germans Hardly Ever Killed Captured Danish Rescuers or Captured Danish Jews. Paldiel

The Righteous Among the Nations, by Mordecai Paldiel. 2007. Harper, New York

The Few Captured Danish Fishermen, and Captured Danish Jews, Were Just Imprisoned This large book contains few-page testimonies each of over a hundred rescuers of Jews of assorted nationalities. The rescuers’ accounts are listed alphabetically by name. There… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: German Leniency. “So Few Polish Jews Saved”: Much Needed Context. Planned Extermination of Poles. Robinson

And the Crooked Shall Be Made Straight: a New Look at the Eichmann Trial, by Jacob Robinson. 1965

“So Few Polish Jews Saved” Irony. Advantages of Dutch, Bulgarian, and Danish Rescuers. Impending Polokaust Acknowledged Robinson believes that the Madagascar plan had been a real plan. It was not merely a… Read more

Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Not Greedy. Holocaust Industry Publicity. Nazis Push Promiscuity. Petropoulos

Gray Zones: Ambiguity and Compromise in the Holocaust and Its Aftermath (War and Genocide), by Jonathan Petropoulos (Ed). 2006

Holocaust Supremacism and the Holocaust Industry Feed Each Other. Paid Polish Rescuers of Jews Had Acted Properly Because this anthology has many topics, I focus on a few that are particularly… Read more

Auschwitz Sonderkommando Revolt: Polish Aid Impossible. Gassing Poles and Not Only Jews at Auschwitz. A. K. Weapon Shortage. Garlinski

Fighting Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement In The Concentration Camp, by Józef Garliński. 1975

Refutes Complaints that the Polish Underground Willfully Failed to Support the Jewish SONDERKOMMANDO Revolt Jozef (Joseph) Garlinski, a member of the Polish Underground, former inmate of Auschwitz, and subsequently a historian, has written an invaluable account about… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Holocaust Survivor Testimony Unreliable. Gassing Poles and Not Only Jews at Sobibor. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Jewish Kapos Cruel. Bem

Sobibor, by Marek Bem. 2010

Poles Cheering Jewish Deaths Myth. JEWS IGNORED POLISH WARNINGS. Jew Killings By Unclear Perpetrators or Motives (Do Not Rush to Judgement!). Hiding Jewish Deaths Myth This work provides exhaustive detail on Sobibor. It includes testimonies, archival information, maps and sketches, biographies, and photographs.… Read more

AntiSemitism Silenced Polish Jew-Rescuers a Myth. Jewish Survivorship Poland Can Be Over 100,000. Gassing Poles and Not Only Jews at Treblinka. Poray

Those Who Risked Their Lives, by Anna Poray (Contributor). 2007

Silenced Polish Rescuers: Why Occasional Polish Rescuer Fear of Disclosing This Fact. A Name-by-Name Catalog of the (Then-Current) 5,400 Poles Honored at Yad Vashem and 706 Very-Strongly-Verified Poles Killed for Helping Jews The Yad Vashem list, containing personal names, locality… Read more

So Few Jews Saved Because Intense German Occupation of Poland. Poles and Not Only Jews Were Killed For Who They Were. German Militarism Admitted. Westermann

Hitler’s Police Battalions: Enforcing Racial War in the East, by Edward B. Westermann. 2005

Intense German Occupation of Poland: Why So Few Jews Saved. The Nazi German Racial War Against Slavs as Well as Jews Most books on WWII in Europe typically dwell on the Holocaust, and any mention… Read more

Jews and Poles Equal Victims: Poles Feared German Death Just as Much as Jews Did. Polish Sangfroid Not Rashness in 1939. Lando

Saved by My Face: A True Story of Courage and Escape in War-Torn Poland, by Jerzy Lando. 2002

Limited Pre-WWII Polish Anti-Semitism. Germans Paint Themselves as Protectors of Jews From Poles! [Meme Repeated Today] This testimony includes fascinating facts. I discuss a few of them. ADDENDUM: Since writing the above… Read more

Recent Open Disrespect to, and Falsifications of, Polish Rescuers of Jews: Examples. Gontarczyk

Dalej Jest Tylko Noc, by Piotr Gontarczyk. 2020

DALEJ JEST NOC Debunked: How Anti-Polish Holocaust Scholars Manipulate Sources THE NIGHT ONLY CONTINUES is the title of this comeback article by historian Piotr Gontarczyk of the IPN. It was published in SIECI 19/2020 (386) 4: 69-71.The article title seems to be… Read more

Unequal Risk-Taking in Verboten Activities: Aiding Jews vs. Black Market: Wyka. Polish Intelligentsia Protected. Letter P: Poles as Animals. “Slavic Fatalism” Wrong. Wedel

The Unplanned Society: Poland During and After Communism, by Janine R. Wadel (ed). 1992. Columbia University Press, New York

Incurring the German-Imposed Death Penalty: No Valid Comparison of Hiding Jews and Engaging in the Black Market This book is primarily about Poland under Communism, but also includes the essay by… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah Ignored: Confronting Jews’ Rejection of Karski. Holocaust Self-Importance Did Not Begin Until Decades After WWII. USHMM Significance. Katyn Genocide. Power

“A Problem From Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide, by Samantha Power. 2013. Basic Books, New York

Award-Winning Book Examines Definitions of Genocide, the Belated American Recognition of the Unfolding Holocaust, and the Eventual Appearance of Holocaust Supremacy This book has won countless awards: The Pulitzer Prize, Robert F.… Read more

Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Ugly Accusations. Polish Antisemitism: Frivolous Accusations. Recycled Communist Propaganda. Grabowski

Rescue for Money: Paid Helpers in Poland, 1939-1945, by Jan Grabowski. 2008

“Greed and (What Else?) Anti-Semitism” For Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. (Were the Usually-Paid Endlessly-Glorified Danish Rescuers of Jews Also Animated by Greed and Anti-Semitism?) This book repeats one of the accusations of neo-Stalinist Jan T. Gross, and suffers… Read more

Do Not Minimize Zegota: A Polish Underground Organization. Irena Sendler Analyzed, But With Uncorrected Anti-Polonism. Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride. Mayer

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project: A Novel, by Jack Mayer. 2010. Long Trail Press, Middlebury, Vermont

Irena Sendler, Zegota, and Her Rescue of 2,500 Jewish Children. Polish AND Jewish Collaborators As a long-term student of Polish-Jewish relations and of the Holocaust, I found this book to be… Read more

Irena Sendler Interviewed. Unequal Risk-Taking in Verboten Activities: Hiding Jews vs. “A Box of Ammunition Does Not Have to Eat”. Skinner

Irena Sendler: In the Name of Their Mothers (DVD), by Mary Skinner (Director). 2011

Re-Enacts the Heroism of Irena Sendler in the Rescue of Thousands of Jewish Children This documentary film shows, once again, that Hollywood-level productions are not necessary to produce quality films. By using simple scenery, and non-famous… Read more

So Few Jews Saved Talmudic Irony. Medical-School Cadaver Affair. Antigoyism. Are GOYIM Human? Barilan

Jewish Bioethics, by Michael Barilan. 2013

“Poles Rescued Too Few Jews” Hypocrisy. Cadaver Affair in 1920s Poland–Driven By Recalcitrant Rabbis And Racist Jewish Theology Yechiel Michael Barilan is professor of medical education at the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Nowadays, the once-militant Polish opposition to 1920s… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah: Jan Karski is Belittled! Chutzpah on Display. Engel

The Western Allies and the Holocaust: Jan Karski’s Mission to the West, 1942-1944, HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE STUDIES 5(4)363-380, by David Engel. 1990

A Belittling of the Pole Jan Karski’s Herculean Efforts to Warn the World About the Unfolding German-Made Holocaust. Ingratitude or What? Silence on Jewish Leaders’ Ignoring of Karski’s…Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah Buried By Allies and Scholars DEFINITIVE WORK. Plesch

Human Rights After Hitler, by Dan Plesch. 2017

DEFINITIVE WORK: Polish Warnings About Holocaust Suppressed in Holocaust Scholarship. “Polish Authorities Wouldn’t Specify Jewish Deaths” a Myth. “The Allies Did Not Know of the Holocaust Until Near the End” Also a Myth The standard Holocaust narrative posits that the Polish…Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Jews Also Reluctant to Return PostJewish Properties. German Manipulations Drive Polish Collaboration. Soifer

Between Life & Death: History of Jewish Life in Wartime Poland, 1939-1945, by Ben A. Soifer. 1995

Zbaszyn 1938. Cardinal Hlond (1936) Right on Jews and Atheism. Just Like Poles: Post-Jewish Property Acquisition–By Jews Themselves! Polish Collaboration Induced. Polish Warnings Ignored This book is not an easy… Read more

AntiSemitism Silenced Polish Jew-Rescuers a Myth. Unequal Risk-Taking in Verboten Activities: Aiding Jews vs. Underground Activity. All Guerrillas Were Bandits a Myth. Ozarowski

Wolyn Aflame, by Filip Ozarowski. 1997 [translated from the Polish by Jan Peczkis]

“All Guerrilla Groups Were Bandits” Myth. No Double Standard in Secrecy in Rescuing Jews and Engaging in Underground Activities. The OUN-UPA Genocide of Poles and Polish Guerrilla Defensive Measures This work clarifies some matters related to Polish-guerrilla… Read more

German Death Penalty Decisive: Unequal Risk-Taking in Verboten Activities: Aiding Jews vs. Black Market. Home Army: Kedyw. Likiernik

By Devil’s Luck: A Tale of Heroic Resistance in Wartime Warsaw, by Stanislaw Likiernik. 2001

No Valid Dichotomies: The German-Imposed Death Penalty Was Decisive in the Rescue of Fugitive Jews, AND for Radio Possession, AND for Black Market Involvement Stanislaw Likiernik, a Jewish member of the the A.K. (ARMIA KRAJOWA,… Read more

Jewish Ingratitude to the Proffered Help of Irena Sendler. Harrison

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler (DVD), by John Kent Harrison (Director). 2010

The Heroism of the Pole Irena Sendler Shown With Good Historical Accuracy Based on my long-term studies of the Holocaust, I conclude that this movie depiction of Irena Sendler is close to the actual historical events. WARNING:… Read more

Zegota. Irena Sendler Distorted–In a Book for Children. Rubin

Irena Sendler and the Children of the Warsaw Ghetto, by Susan Goldman Rubin. 2011. Holiday House, New York

A Beautiful Book Marred By Distortions and Canned Polonophobic Memes As a professional educator, I at first found this book to be uplifting. Designed for children aged 9-12, it provides a generally… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Railroads Could (Should) be Destroyed Myth Promulgated. Arad

Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps, by Yitzhak Arad. 1999

Jews, Both Local and International, Ignored Polish Warnings on the Unfolding Holocaust. And–Surprise–Now Its All the Poles’ Fault! 70% Treblinka Fugitive Jewish Survival RateYitzhak Arad provides a great deal of information relative to the extermination of… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED By Local Jews and Influential International Jews. Lacquer

The Terrible Secret, by Walter Lacqueur. 1998

Polish Warnings of the Unfolding Holocaust Were Ignored by Local Jews and Were Ignored by Jews in the West. Yet–Surprise–Poland is the One That Gets Blamed This encyclopedic work, by a French Jew, covers many details about the emergence of news about what… Read more

German Death Penalty Decisive: Inhibiting Polish Jew-Rescue Efforts. Chodakiewicz

Between Nazis and Soviets: Occupation Politics in Poland, 1939-1947, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. 2004. Lexington Books, Maryland

33% of Local Fugitive Jews Survived! Polish Denunciations and Jew-Killings Driven by Banditry. German-Imposed Death Penalty: No Polish Double Standard on Black Market and Rescuing JewsHolocaust education in western… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Goodbye Jews! a Lie. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Zawadzka

Living in Fear on the Aryan Side, by Halina Zawadzka. 2009

Jews Ignored–Even Despised–Polish Warnings About the German Gassing and Cremation of Jews. Why A.K. Sometimes Killed Fugitive Jews Halina Zawadzka described her pre-WWII life as one in which her parents were atheists, hostile to religion, including Judaism. (p.122). She… Read more

Warnings By Local Poles of Shoah Example. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration. Jewish Ghetto Police. Lodz Ghetto. Dobroszycki

The Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944, by Lucjan Dobroszycki (Editor), Richard Lourie (Translator), Joachim Neugroschel (Translator). 1987

Polish Warnings to Jews. Polish-Jewish Relations Generally Positive. Jewish Ghetto Police in Action. Polish Mischlinge Murdered After the German-Soviet conquest of Poland in September-October 1939, the area around Lodz was directly… Read more

German Death Penalty Decisive. Catholic Church Silence Baloney. All Guerrillas Were Bandits a Myth. Nazis Could Release Poles AND Jews. Kulski

Legacy of the White Eagle (Book & DVD), by Julian Kulski.

A Polish Guerrilla on: Poles Not Cheering Jewish Deaths, the Church’s “Silence” on the Holocaust, the ARMIA KRAJOWA (Home Army) Not Bandits In this book, author Julian E. Kulski discusses his youthful experiences during the 1939 German-Soviet conquest of… Read more

Auschwitz Uprising Impossible. A. K. Weapon Shortage: Polish Guerrillas Too Distant to Aid By Allied Airdrops Debunked. Witold Pilecki Featured. The Great Escape. Lewis

The Mammoth Book of True War Stories, by Jon E. Lewis. 1999

An Insurrection in Auschwitz Was Impossible. Potential Outside Guerilla Support Was Also Too Weak Some of the most fascinating chapters, in my opinion, include the ones on the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, the dam busting of German dams,… Read more

All Jews Die a Myth: Jews From Neutral Countries Exempt. Poles Fought in Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Landau

Caged, by David J. Landau. 2000

German-Imposed Death Penalty: Black Market Risk Jew Rescue Risk False Equivalence. Not All Jews Targeted by Nazis for Death. Poles and Jews Looted Each Other David Landau’s family engaged in leather manufacture before the war. Despite their wealth, they were Communists. (p. 8).… Read more

Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust: Germanophilia Drives Jewish Blindness. Germans Forgiven Poles Not. Zydokomuna Glorified. Rynecki

Surviving Hitler in Poland: One Jew’s Story, by George J. Rynecki. 2006

Zydokomuna. Primal Polonophobia. Jewish Germanophilia and Its Consequences This awkwardly-titled memoir consists of a rather unorganized set of notes written down, often decades after the events, by an emigre Polish Jew. The notes were located and published… Read more

Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Jewish Separatism Maintained. Goodbye Jews! a Lie. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Dembowski

Christians in the Warsaw Ghetto: An Epitaph for the Unremembered, by Peter F. Dembowski. 2005

Jewish Anti-Assimilation, Paid Rescuers’ Mortal Risk, and the Rationality of Prewar Polish Antagonisms to Jews According to the German-developed Nuremberg Laws, Jewish Christians were considered Jews, and treated accordingly by the Nazis in German-occupied Poland.… Read more

Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? DEFINITIVE WORK. Poles and Not Only Jews Lost Property! Jewish Star-Wearing Not All Humiliation. Rosen

The Wonder of Their Voices: The 1946 Holocaust Interviews of David Boder, by Alan Rosen. 2010

No “Greed” and “Anti-Semitism”: Poles Requiring Payment for Hiding and Housing Fugitive Jews Were Acting Entirely Properly. Payment was Logically Expected. Demystifying the Star of David David Boder (Aron Mendel) was a Latvian-born American… Read more

Stinking Jewish Ingratitude Example. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Height of Chutzpah. Gutman

Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, by Israel Gutman. 1998

ZOB-Centered Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Narrative. This Eminent Holocaust Scholar Shows a Frankly Disgusting Ingratitude to Poles Who Died in Behalf of the Jews This book is of variable quality. Let us examine a few salient issues: A FUNCTIONALIST APPROACH TO THE… Read more

Early Nazi Jewish Autonomy. Blue Police a Mixed Bag, NSZ Welcomed Jews: Jewish Member Pisarewski Parry

Orly i Reszki, by Pisarewski-Parry, Feliks. 1984

A Jewish Member of the “anti-Semitic” NSZ. Rescue of Fugitive Jews Was Very Difficult EAGLES AND TAILS–a Polish-language book. The NSZ has frequently been accused, in Communist and Jewish writings, of being systematically anti-Semitic, and out to kill fugitive Jews. This work goes… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah Karski Was IGNORED. American Jews Long Disbelieved the Holocaust. Wood

Karski: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust, by E. Thomas Wood, Stanislaw M. Jankowski, Elie Wiesel (Foreword). 1994

Americans (Jewish and Non-Jewish) Generally Disbelieved Karski’s Warnings. No Evidence That Endeks Summarily Opposed Polish Aid to Jews The book includes interesting details about Polish underground action against the… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah British Gag Imposed. Fleming

Auschwitz, the Allies, and Censorship of the Holocaust, by Michael Fleming. 2014

Great Britain, and Not Poles, Gagged Incoming Information About the Unfolding German-Made Shoah. This Polonophobic-Lite Work is An Improvement Over Previous Hard-Core Polonophobic Books In this work, historian Michael Fleming contradicts, or at least introduces some nuance into,… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. No Polish Quisling Because Poles Refused. President Roosevelt Lied to Poles. Karski

Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World, by Jan Karski, Madeleine K. Albright (Foreword), Zbigniew Brzeziński (Afterword), Timothy Snyder (Contributor). 1943, 2013

Karski’s Historic Trip: A Polish Underground Operation (Not the Deeds of a Lone Idealist). Roosevelt Lied to Polish Leaders Jan Karski’s trip to England and… Read more

Endeks Opposed Aid to Jews a Myth: DEFINITIVE WORK. Railroads to Death Camps Could (Should) be Destroyed a Myth. Antisemitism Silenced Polish Rescuers a Myth. IPN

Polacy i Zydzi Pod Okupacja Niemiecka 1939-1945, by Instytut Pamieci Narodowej (IPN). 2006

The Myth of the Endeks Opposing Polish Aid to Fugitive Jews. Jewish Attitudes and Conduct Provoke Polish anti-Semitism. Polish Rescuers Long Keeping It Secret–the Real Reasons POLES AND JEWS UNDER THE GERMAN OCCUPATION 1939-1945 is the… Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah IGNORED. Poland’s Heroic Narrative: Accusations Debunked. Blue Police Choiceless Choices. Korbonski

Fighting Warsaw: The Story of the Polish Underground State, 1939-1945, by Stefan Korbonski. 1956

Poles Didn’t Fail the Jews: The British and Local Jews Failed to Heed Polish Warnings! The “Polish Nationalists Won’t Admit Polish Wrongdoing” Canard Debunked Stefan Korbonski, one of the last surviving leaders of the Polish Underground… Read more

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Jewish Ingratitude: Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Stroop

The Stroop Report, by Jürgen Stroop. 1979

Nazi German Jew-Killer and Warsaw-Uprising-Butcher Juergen Stroop Gives More Credit to Polish Assistance to the Uprising Than Do Many Jewish Authors Today. For Shame This chilling day-by-day diary recounts the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. The descriptions are methodical. POLES FOUGHT ALONGSIDE, AND… Read more

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Top Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Moczarski

Conversations with an Executioner, by Kazimierz Moczarski. 1982 [Translation of Rozmowy z Katem. 1977]. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey

Nazi Jew-Killer Juergen Stroop Gave More Credit to Poles, for Overall Jew-Rescue and Substantial Aid to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), Than Do Far Too Many Jews Today. Go Figure! This fascinating… Read more

No Suicidal Pro-Jewish Polish Uprising: Silly Complaint Voiced. Bartal

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 12: Focusing on Galicia: Jews, Poles and Ukrainians 1772-1918 (Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry #12), by Israel Bartal (Editor), Antony Polonsky (Editor). 1999

Poles Would Not Have Committed Collective Suicide on Behalf of a Few Million Murdered Poles, But Now We Hear That They…Read more

Warnings By Poles of Shoah: Goebbels Gives More Credit Than Do Many Jews. Semmler

Goebbels, the Man Next to Hitler, by Rudolf Semmler. 1947. AMS Press, New York

Leading Nazi Goebbels Gives More Credit to Polish Warnings, About the Doomed Jews, Then Do Many Jews Today (For Shame). Wartime German Looting, and Not Just Poles From Jews. The Proposed Nazi/Soviet Separate Peace Anticipated…Read more

Polish Indifference to Holocaust a Myth. Poles and Not Only Jews Had No Choice But to Die. Hitler Didn’t Start WWII in Order to Kill the Jews. Mayer

Why Did The Heavens Not Darken?: The “Final Solution” In History, by Arno J. Mayer. 1990

Poles’ Trauma Under Nazi Germany, and Not Polish Anti-Semitism, Bred Polish “Indifference” to Jews Author Arno J. Mayer perceptively writes: “The local populations became indifferent to the torments of the Jews less because of… Read more

German Death Penalty Appreciated and Internalized. Jewish Gestapo Agents. Yitzhak Arad in NKVD. Crass Polonophobia. Margolis

A Partisan from Vilna, by Rachel Margolis. 2010

Pro-Russian Jewish Orientation, Especially after the Defeated Insurrections (1830, 1863). WWII German Death Penalty Appreciated For Polish Aid to Fugitive Jews Anthony Polonsky writes: “The Poles effectively lost power in the region after the Uprising of 1830 and after 1863 the Tsarist… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm. Complicity in Holocaust By Danes Indicated. Bjerregaard

Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS: Freikorps Danmark 1941-43, by Jens Pank Bjerregaard, Lars Larsen. 2017

Danish-Nazi Collaboration (and Danish Complicity in the Holocaust): What You Are Unlikely to Hear From the Mainstream Media of From Holocaust Museums This is primarily a photo-packed album of photos of the Danish Waffen SS… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Danish Involvement Greatly Exaggerated. No Food Shortage in German-Occupied Denmark (Unlike German-Occupied Poland). Loeffler

Boats in the Night: Knud Dyby’s Involvement in the Rescue of the Danish Jews and the Danish Resistance, by Martha Loeffler. 1999. Lur Publications, Copenhagen

German Leniency. No Jewish Star-Wearing Ever. Paid Danish Rescuers. Danish Collaboration With the Nazis When interviewed about his experiences, Knud Dyby [once Dyring-Olsen], a… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Yad Vashem Double Standards. Werner

A Conspiracy Of Decency: The Rescue Of The Danish Jews During World War II, by Emmy E. Werner, Steve Catalano. 2004

Danish Rescuers, German Connivance (Permission?), and Yad Vashem Double Standards. The Usually-Unmentioned Anti-Semitism in Denmark Author Emmy Werner describes the rescue of the Jews as a Hans Christian Andersen… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Jews Effectively Released by the Nazis! Stauber

Collaboration with the Nazis: Public Discourse After the Holocaust, by Roni Stauber. 2010

A Planned Nazi German Expulsion of Danish Jews to Sweden, Less a Danish Rescue of Jews. Deflective Negationism Deconstructed I focus on two salient issues, the fabled Danish rescue, and the concept of deflective negationism: NAZI…Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Germans Give Danes Weeks of Time. Germans Give Jews Medical Treatment! Flender

Rescue in Denmark, by Harold Flender. 1963

Danish Rescuers of Jews Had Advantages Not Even Imagined by Polish Rescuers of Jews In the media, Polish rescue of Jews is often unfavorably compared with the Danish rescue of Jews. Author Harold Flender does the same. (p. 26). For this reason,… Read more

German Death Penalty Constrains Polish Rescue Efforts–Appreciated. Germans Drive Anti-Jewish Acts By Some Poles. Gurdus

The Death Train: A Personal Account of a Holocaust Survivor, by Luba Krugman Gurdus. 1978. Holocaust Library, New York

Polish Would-Be Rescuers of Jews Were Demonstrably Traumatized by the Onerous German Death Penalty for Such Acts By way of introduction, Jan T. Gross, who never went through the Holocaust, has… Read more

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Hostile Witness Credits Poles. Mark

Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, by Ber Mark, Gershon Freidlin (Translator). 1975

Hostile Witness (Jewish Communist and Rabid Polonophobe) Gives Backhanded Credit to the Poles in the Jews’ Warsaw Ghetto Uprising This book is revealing in a number of ways, in that it shows how scurrilous Communist propaganda has now… Read more

SCHINDLER’S LIST Incorrect. Paid Greedy Rescuer Myth. Why Jews Antiassimilationist. Jewish-Nazi Collaboration Malevolence. German Death Penalty Appreciated. Kornbluth

Sentenced to Remember, by William Kornbluth. 1994

Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer Myth. Jews Prefered Separatism to Full Equality and Civil Rights. German-Imposed Death Penalty Appreciated The author discusses his experiences in Tarnow. He elaborates on the 1939 war, and the local VOLKSDEUTSCHEN serving as a fifth column. Days before the… Read more

Aid To Jews By Even Avowed antiSemites. No Polish Quisling. Friedman

Their Brothers Keepers, by Philip Friedman. 1957

An Early Holocaust-Survivor Jewish Tribute to Polish Rescuers of Jews. Notably Anti-Semitic Poles (Partly Listed) Rescued Jews Friedman discusses the rescue of Jews during WWII throughout German-occupied Europe, but especially Poland. Unlike most Holocaust materials written today, Friedman usually puts Jewish suffering within… Read more

German Death Penalty Decisive. Jew Readily Admits: Poles Were Victims Too! Polish Gratitude to Hitler: Slur Debunked. Golfard

The Diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia, by Samuel Golfard, Wendy Lower. 2011

No Dualism Between the Sufferings of Jews and Poles. “Too Few Jews” Rescued By Poles Rejected. German-Imposed Death Penalty Was Decisive. “Greed” For Property Contextualized Editor Wendy Lower provides the background for the… Read more

German Death Penalty Decisive. Zydokomuna in Action. Kessler

The Wartime Diary of Edmund Kessler, by Edmund Kessler, Renata Kessler (Editor), Antony Polansky (Contribution by). 2010

Zydokomuna Direct Harm to Poles. The Decisive Relevance of the German-Imposed Death Penalty in Inhibiting the Polish Rescue of Fugitive Jews This book consists of two parts: The diary and poetry of Edmund… Read more

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: Nazi Credits Poles More Than Do Many Jews. Poles and Not Only Jews Singled Out for Murder. (POWs). German Repentance Insincere. Blood

Hitler’s Bandit Hunters: The SS and the Nazi Occupation of Europe, by Philip W. Blood. 2006

On Lebensraum and anti-Slavic German Racism. Dutch SS Man Confirms: Poles Fought Alongside Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto UprisingHitler discussed Lebensraum in his MEIN KAMPF. (p. 97). However, the concept long… Read more

Zydokomuna Exculpation Fails. Antisemitism Phony Indignation: Communist Crimes Against Jews Get a Pass. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Why Poles Not More Helpful. Kazik

Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter, by Kazik (Simha Rotem), Barbara Harshav (Editor). 2001

Implied Candor on the Reasons Behind Poles’ Scaled-Down Support for the Jews’ Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Double Standards on Robbery of Jews (By Poles or By Soviets) While describing the events that led up to and…Read more

Anti-Jewish Riots German-Driven. Late Jewish Awareness of the Holocaust. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Clarifications. Edelman

The Ghetto Fights, by Marek Edelman, John Rose (contributor). 1945

Early-WWII Anti-Jewish Riots German-Made. Jews Long in Denial About Unfolding Holocaust. As per Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), Poles Couldn’t Arm Jews More This book was written in 1945 in Poland. [Review based on 1990 English-language reprint.] Owing to the… Read more

AntiSemitism Silenced Polish Jew-Rescuers a Myth. Schindler Raped Jews. Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Not Antisemitic. Gammon

The Unwritten Diary of Israel Unger, by Carolyn Gammon, Israel Unger. 2013

Oskar Schindler Demythologized. Debunks “Polish Rescuers Silent Owing to Anti-Semitism” Myth. Paid Polish Rescuers of Jews Were Not Greedy. They Were Justified Israel (nicknamed Srulik) Unger was a young child during the Holocaust. He and part of… Read more

AntiSemitism Silenced Polish Jew-Rescuers a Myth. Poles Rescue Jews to Convert Them a Canard. Bartoszewski

The Samaritans: Heroes of the Holocaust, by Władysław Bartoszewski, Zofia Lewinówna. 1970

This Book Itself is a Refutation of the “Polish Rescuers Were Afraid to Become Known” Canard We sometimes hear the bizarre accusation that Polish rescuers were afraid to identify themselves as such owing to (what else?) the “pervasive… Read more

Danish Jew-Rescue Iconoclasm: Hefty-Paid Danish Jew-Rescuers. Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Unreturned Jewish Property by Danes. Yahil

The Rescue of Danish Jewry, by Leni Yahil. 1984

Poles and Danes: Selective Indignation About Anti-Semitism, Paid Rescuers, Dangerous Informers, Nazi Collaborators, Underground Priorities, Refusals to Return Jewish Property This fascinating book is packed with information. Because Poland is often compared unfavorably with Denmark in terms of the rescue… Read more

Paid Polish Jew-Rescuers: Why? Rescue Payments Well Deserved! How Many Polish Jews Survived the German-Made Holocaust? Dobroszycki

Survivors of the Holocaust in Poland: A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-47: A Portrait Based on Jewish Community Records, 1944-47, by Lucjan Dobroszycki. 1994

The Paid Greedy Polish Rescuer Notion Soundly Repudiated. Holocaust Survivorship in Poland: Facts and Figures If you enjoy figures and tables, this book is… Read more

Railroads to Death Camps Could (Should) be Destroyed a Myth. Bruhl

Firestorm: Allied Airpower and the Destruction of Dresden, by Marshall De Bruhl. 2010

Rebutting the Silly Complaint That the Polish Underground Did Not Destroy the Railroad Tracks To the Nazi German Death Camps. The Dresden Firestorm in Broader Context This book summarizes the history of Dresden and recounts its role… Read more


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