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Folks, it's July 5, 2018. If you are someone who purchased Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Indonesian Rupiah or Zimbabwe Dollars, SELL IT NOW, you have been conned.

When I started my goal was to post about what I was hearing, then I did my own research and woke up. I was even threatened by dinar companies in the process and went to the FBI.

You will NOT get rich off these worthless currencies UNLESS you already have a bunch of Zimbabwe, if you do, sell them on Ebay to the other suckers who think they will get rich.

You will only get rich off the other currencies if you are a guru selling it like BGG or if you are paying gurus to pump it for you.

Read my article on financial derivatives -

Zimbabwe Dollars were demonetized in 2015, stop being ignorant, some of you need mental help, you are crazy for spending hours and hours listening to conference calls, wasting away, thinking that these people are trying to help you, read this:

Zimbabwe Dollar Article -…/

There has NEVER been a currency that was demonetized which later became reintroduced, making the old notes valuable.

For collectors, yes, perhaps old notes, like old Italian Lira are worth some money, but you can't go to the bank and exchange it right?

You can NEVER take old 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Notes and try to spend them in Zimbabwe or anywhere else on the planet. If you think I'm wrong, please message me with proof, and not guru nonsense, I don't have time to pick apart these liars with their useless conference calls and seminars, I'm tired of people being played, but too many of you have no common sense to see what's happening.

I had someone telling me the Vietnamese Dong was supposed to be 46 cents per Dong, I actually wrote about this years ago because I was so tired of false information being passed around.

If you don't like the truth, leave, I am getting fed up with the lies that people keep passing along to me as truth. If it's not from an official government source, I don't trust it. If it's from a government source, READ IT CAREFULLY then come to your own conclusion as governments do lie, but make sure you don't ever let a guru tell you the truth, research yourself, and stop the conference calls and seminars, it's just a waste of time, money and sanity.

Personally, I love gold and silver and recommend you watch the gold to silver ratio, silver is a steal right now in my opinion and I love buying it, here is something I wrote on it:

Looking forward to hearing from you guys in the comments.

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