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Veronica Stigeler Bio: Early Life, Career, Husband & COVID

Among thousands of well-celebrated people, there are many men, women who caught the attention of thousands of people because of their personal life like their family, parents, partners, and friends. And among those people, one of the well-known names is Veronica Stigeler. She also gained a huge number of fans and followers because of her spouse.

Although Veronica is already a singer and musical artist by profession, she is mostly known for being the famous NFL player Bill Cowher who is also popular as a coach.

Bill, aka William Cowher, is one of the very famous names on American football. After completing his career as a player, he started the next phase of his career as a coach. Moreover, he played as a linebacker and was the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers from 1992-2006.

Veronica Singing With her Band
Veronica Singing With her Band

Likewise, Veronica is an outstanding musician whose singing capabilities are god gifted, she met Bill, and many things positively changed in her life. However, Veronica’s career is not as interesting as her husband’s, but it will surely surprise you to know about her career and how her life was in her early days.

Quick Facts

Let us know a few quick facts about the singer and celebrity wife Veronica.

Full Name Veronica Stigeler
Birth Date  February 23, 1974
Birth Place  New York City, New York, U.S.
Nick Name Queen V
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth Sign  Pisces
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age 46
Height 5 feet 6 Inches
Weight Kilograms: 55 Kg. Pounds: 121 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Body Measurements 36-29-35
Build Slim
Married Yes
Spouse Bill Cowher
Step-Children 3 (Meagan, Lauren & Lindsay Cowher)
Divorce 1
Profession Singer
Net Worth $500,000
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

Let’s star and know about Veronica Stigeler Bill Cowher’s wife’s career, relationships, personal life, and lifestyle. I hope you guys will stick to the end and get a clear view of Veronica and her life at the end of this article.

Veronica Stigeler Wiki-Bio | Early Life & Ethnicity

Veronica was born in the year 1974 on the 23rd of February in New York City, New York, United States. Despite being one of the famous personalities from the entertainment industry, it has not forced her to disclose her information, including details about her parents or siblings.

Veronica with her Late Father
Veronica with her Late Father

On her social media sites, she has shared her father’s photo, where she wished her late father. Similarly, she also shares photos with her other family members, including old photos of her siblings.

From her birth country, she obviously holds American citizenship. And Veronica is Caucasian who belongs to European Ancestry. Furthermore, for her studies, Stigeler went to a local high school located in her city.

Talking about Veronica’s childhood, she was interested in singing and music from a very young age. From which we can guess that she surely was part of her high school band. And she eventually followed her passion for singing and being nearer to music in her college (if she attended any college).

Veronica Performing with her Guitar
Veronica Performing with her Guitar

Looking at her skills of playing the guitar and her singing ability, one thing obviously hits our mind that she must have taken professional training from some professionals from the or outside the industry.

Who knew that holding a guitar in her early days would lead her to know about her singing abilities and be a well-celebrated solo artist in the industry?

Veronica Stigeler | Age, Height, & Body Measurements

According to her birth year, Veronica is 46 years old as of 2020. Veronica is on the verge of reaching 50 years old soon, an age where many artists from the industry seek to live a peaceful life far from the media and public, but she does not seem to bother even a little bit due to her age.

Moreover, Veronica has an average height looking from her appearance, and she measures between 5 feet 6 inches. And her weight is 55kg in kilograms and 121 lbs in pounds. Whereas her husband Bill measures 6 feet 4 inches (1.93m) in height and 225 lb (102 Kg) in weight.

From her Instagram, we can obviously know that 46 years sold Veronica has a slim body. Likewise, talking about her appearance, she carries black hair, which is of medium length, which looks great on her fair complexion. Veronica’s green-colored eye is one of the most loved features of her body by many people.

Many of her fans and well-wishers are inspired by how she has maintained a very fit and fine body.

Veronica Stigeler | Career: Musician

Veronica is a singer and musician by profession who has been singing and composing music for decades. Whereas the native of New York City has released many singles and albums with band in her career, having a huge fan base.

Best of Me, Slip Away, Good Girls, and Cry Your Eyes Out are some of her songs that gained a huge amount of love from fans. These are her few most played songs.

Along with being a trendy singer, Veronica is also equally good at composing and songwriting. Veronica’s ability and skills are always praised by many people from the industry and outside the industry.

Veronica is mostly known with her stage name Queen V in the music industry. Queen V performs in concerts and also do many live shows all around New York City. A few of the places are Ulysses’ Folk House, The Cutting Room, etc.

Moreover, Queen V also does many shows for raising funds with which she supports the LGBT community. To increases her participation in the LGBT community, she is associated with foundations like NHL, and You Can Play.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, she has reached where she is today. And she also encourages many people to work hard to make their dream come true.

In her career, Veronica collaborated with many other artists from the industry. Whereas her latest release, ‘Strong,’ which was released on October 20, 2020, has gained over 13 thousand views on YouTube as of now. This song is gaining popularity each passing day.

Veronica Stigeler: Bill Cowher’s Wife | Kids

We all know that Veronica has been ruling the heart of Bill Cowher since 2014, which means they got married to one another in 2014. Her husband played for various teams as a player in his career and has also worked for different clubs.

Though Veronica and her husband Bill were initially married to different people, they eventually managed to find one another.

Veronica Posing with her Husband
Veronica Posing with her Husband

Veronica was married to a basketball whose name is still under investigation to elaborate a little more about Veronica’s and her husband’s previous relationship. But due to some problems with her ex-husband, they got divorced. And her husband Bill was previously married to Kaye Cowher, who was a basketball player. But sadly, Kaye died at the age of 54 on July 23, 2010, because of skin cancer.

The couple found each other while both of them were going through hardship; that is, both were in the hat stage of their life where they were not ready to open to love.

However, both of them managed to embrace their feeling for one another. Bill’s daughters and his family knew that only love would heal him. And as fated, the couple recognized love for each other and got married to each other. The couple tied the knot with one another in 2014 and ever since living a happy and prosperous life.

Veronica and Her Step-Daughters

Bill is a father to three daughters from his previous wife, Kaye. His daughter Meagan, Lauren, and Lindsay accepted Veronica wholeheartedly as part of their family. After being part of the family, Veronica also became a mother to Bill’s daughter. Talking about her stepdaughter Megan, Lindsay, and Lauren played basketball.  Now she lives a delighted life with her family.

Veronica’s step-daughters Megan and Lindsay are both married. Megan married Kevin Westgarth, who is a former NHL player. Similarly, Lindsay married former basketball player Ryan Kelly.

Veronica and her Step-Daughters
Veronica clicked with her Step-Daughters.

In 2020 both Veronica and Bill tested positive for CO-VID.

Veronica Stigeler | Net Worth

Working as a musician for nearly two decades, Veronica’s net worth is impressive. Veronica’s estimated net worth is nearly around $500 thousand. It is a pretty decent amount.  Even though she is a low-profile singer, she has managed to earn quite a good amount of money.

As per some sources, singers from Cry your Eyes Out salary ranges from $46 thousand to $65 thousand annually. Apart from this, she also earns from online as her songs are available online and have gained many views.

Whereas moving on to her husband Bill, a popular NFL linebacker and coach, his net worth must be huge. Bill earning a massive amount of money even at the of 62 as well. Her husband’s and her earning in total is huge.

Previous NFL legend and current coach of Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher earns $2 million annually as the team’s coach. Whereas he also receives a $4 million bonus every year.

Veronica's Husband Bill's Property
Veronica’s Partner Bill’s Property

The NFL legend and singer Veronica lives at a condo which is located in Central Park, which they bought for $2.65 million. Bill is not just only the owner of this property, but he also owns another property which he bought for $2.39 million. He sold the property at the price of $1.8 million.

Social Media Presence

Veronica is on all of the mainstream social media platforms as a singer and social media personality, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And also on another music-sharing site Spotify.

From Spotify and YouTube, she shares her music and songs, whereas, from other platforms, she hares her daily life and thoughts and views.

On her social media, she shares a lot about her musical journey as a singer. These are social sites from where she connects to her lovely & supportive audiences.

YouTube: 445 Subscribers

Twitter: 2087 followers

Instagram: 2067 followers

Facebook: 22,446 follows

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