An alert for poor air quality caused by wildfire smoke from the U.S. remains in effect Thursday.

Here's your daily update with everything you need to know on the novel coronavirus situation in B.C. for Sept. 17, 2020.

One person was killed and another injured in 2017 shooting in Langley.

Vancouver police have confirmed they are investigating a homicide.

'This is a scandal that's reverberated far beyond the corridors of the House of Commons or the corporate offices of WE'

The owner of a limited edition Aston Martin has been ordered to pay more than $300,000 to a body shop she claimed had ripped her off

Sometimes dubbed Canada's Warren Buffett, 91-year-old Jimmy Pattison has a view of the pandemic's impact that few can match.

Daily horoscope for Thursday, September 17, 2020

QB Russell Wilson earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week honours after guiding the Seahawks to a 38-25 win at Atlanta.

ICYMI: Don't let the government decide what happens to your stuff — or your pet.

ICYMI: Opinion: Well-being research offers hints on how best to rebuild and support well-being during our COVID-19 times.

When Mira Lutsky embarked on a journey to create an upscale Pilates studio in Vancouver, she wanted it to remind her Los Angeles.

Mungall the fourth NDP cabinet minister to announce they will drop out of provincial politics.

ICYMI: Contemporary home design: from a hip East Van city home to a bucolic Morgan Creek estate

This week's events around Metro Vancouver include Word Vancouver, VIFF Festival, Transform Cabaret Festival, and Arts Club Theatre: No Child.

LONDON — Nearly two thirds of people in leading Western European countries would consider augmenting the human body with technology to improve their lives,…

On his third solo outing, Hey Ocean! member David Vertesi accepts that things might not work out.

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