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  2. @xecutable hi sir i'm currently seeding 300 files with 200mbps/20mbps internet speed. may maximum upload seeding is 20mb/s. portforward opened. my settings Global connection: 500 Max connected peers per torrent: 50 Number of upload slots: 5 Past hour earnings sometimes says "No Data Available". do i have to reconfigure my settings? my advanced settings is on default.
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  4. Wonderful topic by @xecutable. . . waiting to see the "official" "remedy" response back ! And i am still here , clueless of what these errors are meaning and how they are affecting me and "My" poor performance for the past nearly 3 weeks... 0 tokens transferred from in-app to on-chain... all the small amount of "bidded" tokens were consumed while downloading files and having the SPEED FEATURE turned OFF 24/7.
  5. Without working features and no actual clarity , this project is going back to the bottom by the end of the year.
  6. @techster Its been 6 days since "The Remedy" is happening... I dont see any improvements in my User side... my tokens keep getting consumed when i download , although the Speed is turned OFF... My gains are still absurdly low , compared to week 1... If fixations dont happen really soon , i am out of this and selling the several thousand tokens i hold at the moment..
  7. <- using the standalone version 3.5.5 with no crashes... ever.. What would be the advantage of using the web version over it ?
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  9. Thank you for the report. The case when Speed refuses to connect to the remote applications is very rare and intermittent. The problem is related to the way how Windows initiates and assigns port numbers to applications. For unknown reasons sometimes Windows tries to allocated an already taken port to Speed thus Speed cannot use it. We cannot change those native Windows mechanisms but we are working on improving user experience in our applications to avoid having this issue in the future. The patch should be released later this quarter.
  10. Hello there, after first transfer of BTT in-app to BTT on-chain i have a problem - i can't even check the wallet cause BittorrentSpeed says that, how can i solve this problem?
  11. Click Start / Documents, choose View, click "Hidden Items" checkbox (otherwise 'AppData' won't appear). Click Start / Settings / Update and Security / Windows Security / Virus & Threat Protection / Manage Settings / Add or Remove exclusions Click "add an exclusion" select "folder", in the page that appears browse to: C:/Users/name of pc/AppData/Roaming highlight utorrent folder, click select folder That's it.
  12. thanks, i excluded the utorrent folder and that worked.
  13. Unfortunately this is happening sometimes. It depends on particular operating system's settings. We only may recommend to erase the Speed installation and start over: Windows users: Stop your torrent clients that use Speed from running Check and stop uTorrent/BitTorrent processes from Task Manager Open File Explorer and type in %AppData% You may need to go one level up until you get to AppData > Local Find BitTorrent Helper folder and delete it Launch your torrent client Mac users: Stop your torrent clients that use Speed from running Launch Finder Push combination: CMD + Shift + “.” You should start seeing hidden files Navigate to Users > “your user name” > Library > Application Support > BitTorrent OR BitTorrent Web Find BitTorrent Helper folder and delete it Launch your torrent client
  14. The protocol and its extensions are open source. Googling may help.
  15. The same thing. The tokens will get back in some time if are not spent on downloads.
  16. Please read about the economy's architecture, and you'll find all the necessary answers:
  17. Could someone please check in the Reliability History whether there are silent uTorrent Web crashes?
  18. Since there are a lot of threads around here asking the same thing over and over, I've decided to shed some light to what is and what isn't. Over the last month and a half I've made around 278,000 BTTs seeding. Via trial and error and/or reading the white paper I've found out a bit of info. First and foremost nevermind the Total Earnings number since it's just a projection. Your in-app balance is what counts. Second some of the transactions can take up to 24hours so it's not uncommon to see crazy upload speeds and suspect someone is spending BTT but to NOT see anything. Third amount of seeded GBs TBs makes no difference, you are being paid BTT when someone bids on a part of a torrent you are offering, so nvm those stats as well. As a tip, keep your upload slots low. With that being said here's a picture of part of my wallet transactions: For anyone who wants to further verify I'm not making stuff up : set the IN transfers. These are all from seeding. Now according to @techster the demand for BTT went up at current price 0.007 and that's why the average earning are down. However this make no sense as you can see the picture above 54k , 9.7k 2.5k etc etc are around 21st of April. Look at the volume and price and from the graphs identify an uprising demand? And btw the Asian market is fine. Seedboxes towards the asian market still have decent earnings the EU/US are down to almost 0. I guess that's how averages work eh? To be honest, I'm not angry or annoyed at this, but I dislike not being told things the way they are. Tell us something that makes sense, tell us YES WE REDUCED THE INITIAL BID to 10 times less of what it was, tell us that everyone's option of SPEND BTT is now OFF, anything that actually makes sense. But don't tell us yes this is normal, cause of demand you went from roughly 9k BTT a day to 1K a week cause that's how average works. With the On/Off switch coming 'soon' but it's been now 10 days, these types of nonsense anomalies and the speed of which we get a reply, I highly doubt this project will ever take off the way it was meant to be. I mean the white paper talked about setting bid amounts after the 'initial phase'. Two years later we are still in initial phase I guess , as these options haven't hit us. Next time when you want the community to participate in your projects at least be opened up. And stop acting as an audience and keep telling us you are not the middle man. Yes it's a free market, yes it's a p2p, but in the same time your app caused many to burn BTTs with the option OFF and the same APP can cause tons of other issues like small to none-existing earnings. Update: May 11th 2021: A colleague and I ran a few experiments. One file around 40 MB hosted on an Asian seedbox, me the leecher with around 700 BTT in my wallet. According to the white paper the bid formula is: bid = (spending rate × remaining balance in BTT)/(remaining download in kilobytes). The first 2 tests were consistent both time I've got charged ~ 5 BTT. The next 2 tests were done on an EU seedbox, once through an Asian VPN and once with just like that. Keep in mind same file, nearly the same BTT in my wallet. I've got charged 75 BTT while downloading from the Seedbox through the Asian VPN, and 0.3 BTT for EU to EU. Somehow an EU bid is worth 250 times less for the same identical file with an identical amount of BTT in it. Ran it twice more the same results. What are we missing ? Why is there such a huge difference over the spawn of 3-4 minutes, on the same file, from the same seeder/leecher, with the same amount of BTT in wallet, with the only difference geographic locations changed through VPN?
  19. joshace

    3.5.x Beta

    Thanks for your always rapid and useful responses Rafi! Although I am now using that "other" torrent client almost exclusively, I am still maintaining Utorrent because of your efforts and eternal hope that the problems in Utorrent will eventually be solved. If not for your efforts, I would have given up entirely on Utorrent.
  20. Define "loosing" ? How long after download ?The physical files are missing or the torrent from the main view? Version/build? how long after the download is complete? Screenshow with the sidebar (F7) ? Is your AV * Defender disabled/excluding the download path?
  21. Avel22

    Flags|RU|FR|US Wish I new it...
  22. Download from TVChaos problem started a few months ago, still happening
  23. Good day! I have ordered a transfer of funds from BTT in-app to BTT on-chain, it's been 59 hours. The transaction has not yet been processed. Tell me what to do? Support is silent ...
  24. You'd just need to exclude it in Defender
  25. What demand, there's no demand. BTT has been going down steadily for the past month. Down by -0.1% in the last hour, down by -0.5% in the last 24 hrs, Down by -22.5% in the last 30d. This is why it took 2 years for the On/Off bug to be found, because every feedback was met with "it's normal, it's fine".
  26. rafi

    3.5.x Beta

    How to exclude uTorrent.exe path in Windows Defender:
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    I sometimes have similar issues - clicking on a magnet link won't work as Windows reports a PUA. Going to security settings reveals no issues, no scan results, and no quarantine items. Windows being a PITA. Can normally get around this by marking the app as not a PUA or other threat, and ensuring Defender and firewall are configured to allow uTorrent. The magnet download is proving unresolvable at present, but I can download torrent files and add them to uTorrent manually.
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