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Gold Continues to Rise in India

  The most important aspect to understand about BULL MARKETS is the proper definition – for a bull market to occur, the item must rise in terms of ALL currencies otherwise it is merely adjusting for local conditions. Illustrated above is gold expressed in a basket of currencies and dollars. While everyone was so bullish […] read more

Gold $5,000+ – Why

QUESTION: You have been really hard on the “gold promoters”, yet you are long-term bullish on gold. Why would gold rise if not for all the reasons put forth by the gold promoters? ANSWER: I was a gold market-maker. Personally, I prefer gold. I prefer to handle it. But whatever my personal feeling about gold, that […] read more

CONFIDENCE = Everything

It maybe corny, but it is true. Confidence is not about merely being outwardly proud, it is all about believing in your own ability. The same is true with regard to the economy. Even Keynes realized it is WHAT you believe that counts, not even if it is actually true. Indeed, a false GOOD rumor […] read more

Metals Bull or Bear?

QUESTION: Dear sir I have read your articles extensively and i have a few questions… You have repeatedly said that the tree must be shaken (for gold) but as far as i know gold and silver are in a BEAR market. This is not a correction in a bull market any more but a bear […] read more

Goldman Sachs v Armstrong

 Dancing with the 800 Pound Gorilla The strangest part of my own case was the fact that anyone who has ever attempted to go after Goldman Sachs & crew of Investment Bankers, has strangely encountered the heavy hand of government that is used to protect them resulting in the New Your Investment Bankers being called […] read more

Maastricht Treaty TITLE II (Part I)

  TITLE II (Part I) PROVISIONS AMENDING THE TREATY ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY WITH A VIEW TO ESTABLISHING THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY ARTICLE G The Treaty establishing the European Economic Community shall be amended in accordance with the provisions of this Article, in order to establish a European Community. A. Throughout the Treaty: 1) The […] read more

Its Global – Even The Brady Commission Revealed that in 1987

I have told the story how after objecting to the formation of G5 in 1985 warning that they would increase volatility, create a crash within 2 years (2.15 years), and destabilize the global economy, the White House responded that no one agreed with use about volatility would rise or this would lead to a crash. […] read more

Spiral Panic

QUESTION: “I would be interested in your answers to the following: 1. Why do diamonds not have a futures market? 2. What do you think would happen to the price of gold if there was no gold futures market? 3. Who do you think bought all the gold contracts that were recently sold?“ ANSWER: The […] read more

Bloomberg – More Dictatorship – When Will It End?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is hell-bent on dictating to people what they can and cannot do. He has the guts to stand before an American flag and utter nonsense. He is banning large sugary drinks that takes effect on March 12th, 2013. This insanity demonstrates how bad things have become. The pizza deliverymen will […] read more

Gold – Reality Check

The chaos in gold is typical. Already, the hate mail has begun. “Stop the Bullshit” one said because demand in Shanghai is at record highs.It takes far more than one country to make a bull market. Others just blame me for the decline because they just listen to those who always say buy. The New […] read more