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Unitary Government Vs Federal Government

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Essay 1 The American federal system, as stated in the book, “is a system of government in which the nation government shares power with the lower levels of government, such as state.” In the American federal system there are different branches of government that oversee each other. There is a system that we have implanted that is called Check and Balances. It is the separation of powers between the legislative branch, the judicial branch and the executive branch. The way checks and balances work is that the congress are able to pass laws but the president has the power to veto. The president can nominate Supreme Court justices, but they have to approved by the senate. The Supreme Court can void laws that have been passed by the congress by …show more content…
The differences between federal and a unitary government is that a federal government has multiple levels of hierarchy where both the state and central government are sovereign and a unitary government has no hierarchy of sovereign powers. In a federal government they give more power to local territories and provinces to make their laws and in a unitary government the central government overrules everything and can order the states to do anything. There are other countries that have adopted the federal system such as Canada, Australia, Germany and …show more content…
The fight between this is that some believe that it is a “discrimination” against the Christian faith by not having prayer in school but others see it as a violation of the establishment clause, where the government is forcing public institutions to have morning prayers that obviously pertain to one or very few similar religions. Many people believe that there should not be prayer is school because not everyone in America is a apart of Christianity or the many different types of denominations that it has. There are many more religions that are being practiced in America that don’t believe in the Christian god. On the other hand another argument can be made by saying that those different religions don’t need to participate in the prayer or believe in it. It is simply allowing those who are Christians/Catholics to be able to practice their religion freely in school. According to the U.S Supreme Court, school officials cannot promote the exercises of religion in public schools, but there are no rules that prohibit students from praying as long as there are no disruptions or if they disrespect the right of others. There are many questions to this topic that the Supreme Court has yet to be more specific on because if the government protects one side more than the other than it could also be a

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