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Amazon Prime Video Audio Described Titles

Jump to Titles. The following programs are AUDIO DESCRIBED IN ENGLISH on USA Amazon Prime Video (streaming or purchase).  This listing is generated by the Audio Description Project based on input directly from Amazon.  Additions to this list are generally posted on Twitter and Facebook.  Amazon accepts feedback at

LAST TITLE UPDATE:  Jan 22, 2021; count = 2195 titles, 14 of which are also available FREE on IMDb TV.  The New date is the date added here during the past week, which may be slightly after Prime Video added it.  In 2020, Prime Video added a net of 25 new titles each month.

  • If nothing or "Theatrical" appears after a movie title, the movie is identical to the one shown in theaters (as opposed to having "Bonus Features" for example.)
  • For series, not all seasons are necessarily described.
  • The rating 13+ (which is what Amazon sends us) can either translate to PG-13 or TV-14; 16 or 16+ generally translate to R or TV-MA.
  • Activating Description and Device Support:  visit our page, Amazon Prime Video Audio Description Options.
  • Fee vs. Free:  Original Amazon-produced series and some movies are free for Prime members (denoted as Included with Prime here and online).  See our Free-With-Prime listing at the bottom of this page.  Other titles can generally be rented or purchased, though some are purchase-only.
  • IMDb TVSome titles are free to watch (with ads) on Amazon-owned IMDb TV.  They are designated Free with IMDb TV and can be watched this way within Prime Video or via the separate IMDb TV App or online web page.  See our IMDb TV free title listing at the bottom of this page.
  • Caution:  In a few cases, due to licensing issues, movies on this list that are denoted "Included with Prime" online will not have AD in the free streaming version, but will have AD if you rent or purchase them.  Also, viewing movies via pass-through options such as "Watch with Cinemax," HBO, Showtime, or Starz will likely not have AD.

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Alphabetized List of Prime Video Titles With AD

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Recent Additions

The following titles were added HERE on Jan 22.   Other recent additions may be noted in the listing.

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SUMMARY:  2195 titles: 288 are Included with Prime; 14 are Free with IMDb TV.

Breakdown by Genre:

550 Drama
540 Action & Adventure
503 Comedy
178 Kids & Family
124 Horror
 77 Animated
 74 Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 65 Thriller
 53 Documentary
  7 Special Interest*
  7 Musicals*
  5 Art House*
  4 Unscripted*
  2 Western*
  2 Historical*
  1 Reality-TV*
  1 Music Concert Footage*
  1 LGBTQ*
  1 International*

Genres suffixed with * are summarized in the 'Other' Genre.

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NOTE: These free titles can come and go quickly, so you may not find them marked as "Watch Now Free With Ads."

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