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Not a bad movie at all, but mostly for the kids.
TxMike27 February 2020
My wife and I (separately) watched this on Amazon streaming movies. I don't believe she finished it. In fact it isn't a very good movie, maybe girls and moms will enjoy it.

I watched it mostly because much of it was filmed in the little town of Luling, just west of New Orleans along the Mississippi River. I used to live and work nearby in the 1970s and it was fun to see the movie using that as a filming location. However it is set in Georgia.

Cute young actress, Mckenna Grace (about 11 during filming) and her actor dad live in this rural area. The year is 1977 and one thing the US government was seeking were voices to go on the gold records that would get launched on the two Voyager missions to deep space. So, if aliens ever captured the record they would (in theory) be able to figure out how to play it.

The core story involves winning a contest at a scout outing but the outcast kids did not belong, they had to start their own scout troop and "Zero" was the only number available, so they became troop zero.

One thing I absolutely can't stand in a movie is a food fight, and there is a big one among the girls of two different troops about midway through the movie. So I skipped a bit, thank goodness for the fast-forward button. But aside from that it is just mostly a lot of cuteness and silliness with non-southerners putting on a fabricated southern accent. Yet the ending scenes are very good, the script finds a novel way to get the kids a part of the ultimate goal.
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a wonderful movie
ops-525352 May 2020
In all respects, a heartwarming cuddle of hope anbd sincereness, and a heartful teardripping salute to life, dead or alive.

to be hypercritical there are some overacting among a few of the kids, that may lower the credibility of it all, so as the grumpy old man i'm ive to tell you that. but also say ''dont miss this one'' because its so full of effort on a pretty low budget so its a high recommended family , old cubs or birdies jamboree seekers comedy drama.
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Glowing array of wonderful
UniqueParticle21 July 2020
Troop Zero is so colorful and delightful all around! Packed with a great soundtrack, inspirational story, endearing characters, and dialogue that is well written throughout. I don't know why I didn't see sooner it's just my type of charm in cinema. Jim Gaffigan, Viola Davis and McKenna Grace are excellent! Lovely indie about camp, space, and other feel-good vibes mixed with only a little bit of drama would recommend to anyone.
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troop zero
marmar-6978018 January 2020
Troop zero is cute little family film that will kids and their parents enjoy and spend their time on it,the best part of film is its cuteness of kids actors and kind sense of timing and comedy situations which also mixed great with some life worthing advices and acceptance for others nomather how different they are or weird since that kind of people will show their gradittude in a big way,film also has a very nice cast that worked with each other great expecely mckenna grace who is one of my favourite young actress today,only their accents and stereotypes took me out of a film in moments,no mathering that troop zero is a film that children will love and they could learn some staff from it
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Front and center are the young actors of TROOP ZERO. And what a talented bunch!
robfollower18 January 2020
"Troop Zero," which is based on Writer Lucy Alibar's play, "Christmas and Jubilee Behold the Meteor Shower." Alibar has an appreciation for free-range upbringings, and aims for a sweeter understanding of personal challenges with her latest effort. "Troop Zero" doesn't stray far from underdog cinema formula, but Alibar keeps her material sentimental and empowering, trying to speak to the heart of pre-teen characters as they battle adults, bullying and 1970s. And at its heart, the film never loses sight of the focus of the scouts working together as friends to achieve something good and positive.

Front and center are the young actors of TROOP ZERO. And what a talented bunch! Charlie Shotwell, is a real charmer as Joseph, the lone male Birdie Scout but the one with a flair for fashion and hair. Johanna Colon is one to watch given her spin on Smash. And a wonderful touch is that Smash has an engineering skillset! Similarly, Milan Ray as Hell-No Price is feisty and fun. Bella Higginbotham is also a break-out with her one-eyed holy roller embodiment of Anne-Claire. Put all of them on your radar. But this is Mckenna Grace's film and as Christmas, she carries it with a stubborn and defiant, yet insecure voice that touches the heart. There is a positivity, optimism, and earnestness one rarely sees in an actor of this age and you are drawn to it. I also got a real kick from the sarcasm of Oscar winners Davis & Janney ;-)

Rob Lord's score which is tonally light and refreshing. Can't go wrong with Bowie, Aretha and other 60's/early 70's gems. Period perfect, story perfect, and fun!

An endearingly-gifted young leading lady, sparkling supporting performances, and a devilishly irreverent take on the underdog story make this period movie funny, surprising, and notably current. Filled with heart, joy, inspiration, and fun !

It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on February 1, 2019. This was the first feature film from Amazon Studios to be released as streaming-only, on the Amazon Prime Video service, on January 17, 2020.

Directed by Bert & Bertie Written by Lucy Alibar

Cast: Mckenna Grace, Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Jim Gaffigan, Mike Epps, Charlie Shotwell, Johanna Colon, Milan Ray, Bella Higginbotham 9/10
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This is not a comedy film! Barely laughable! Full of boring conversation and overuse scene! Avoid at all cost!
kwenchow19 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This film start with a girl "Christmas" playing with the light, and she having conversation with her father at the caravan scene! As turnout, this film is about Christmas forming a group "Troop Zero" to become scout, contend at the Jamboree and eventually record her voice in the so called NASA's Golden Record! Entire film full of super boring overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the playing with the light scene, overuse of the tripping scene, and overuse of the annoying song playing at the background scene! Barely intense scene is, Troop Zero fighting with their rival with eggs and color powder! At the end, Troop Five won at the Jamboree! Troop Zero making wish to the meteor rain at the sky! Still have a post credit scene! The real footage of the NASA's Golden Record send to the outer space! That's it! Another disappointed film!
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No boundaries
ks-6050026 March 2020
The kids basically out of controls in troop zero. It's quite funny when watch on screen but in reality be horrifying. Back to the story, it aims to express the end goal is important but not as important as the process. Kinda make audience feel live happily and lots of things more important in life rather than win something. Quite enjoyable to watch even with those annoying kids behaviors.
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Terrific Combination of Comedy, Drama, Diversity with a Great Cast
rannynm13 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I like this movie because it is a combination of comedy, drama, diversity and great casting, especially the children actors. This film is an Amazon Prime original and has a duration of 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Troop Zero timeline is the late 70's and the storyline is about a young girl named Christmas (McKenna Grace) who's obsessed with outer space, aliens and planets. She finds out there is a competition that offers her to be recorded on NASA's Golden Record, but in order to compete she needs to belong to a Girl's Scout troop. She recruits four challenging kids and asks her father's (Jim Gaffigan) co-worker, Mrs. Rayleen (Viola Davis), to be her Troop Mom. The five children go through tough and exciting experiences in order to earn their badges to enter the NASA's competition. During their journey, all five children create a strong bond and friendship.

My favorite part is when Christmas starts recruiting kids to belong to her troop. Troop Zero has amazing actors such as Award Winner Viola Davis, Jim Gaffigan, Allison Janney and McKenna Grace from The Haunting of Hill House. Charlie Shotwell, who portrays Joseph, Christmas' best friend, pulls off an amazing performance as a feminine boy. I am happy to see Johanna Colon (internet dancing sensation) play Smash, in this movie. She's great! The scenery and costumes are typical 70s style, including the hairstyles. The story line is bit slow in the beginning, but later it gets interesting. You will experience laughter, sadness and tears of joy with this movie.

The moral of this film is to have a child's heart when it comes to choosing your friends or recruiting a team. Christmas does not discriminate against skin color, gender identity, religion or personalities when it comes to recruiting her troop and becomes friends with all four of them because she sees their hearts, not what society considers flaws.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars because the beginning is rather slow. I recommend it for ages 8 to 18. Older adults might enjoy this movie as well. Reviewed by Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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A predictable-yet-enjoyable film about kids, crafted for all ages! [+63%]
arungeorge1331 May 2020
Troop Zero doesn't offer much novelty in its storytelling department but it comes loaded with a whole lotta CUTE. Leading the pack is nine-year-old Christmas (a spunky McKenna Grace), who has a thing for outer space and wants to form her own troop of Birdie Scouts. The scenes where she and her friend Joseph (Charlie Shotwell) go about recruiting the members of the troop set the tone for a familiar underdog story. As you'd expect, they're a bunch of misfits rightfully given the name 'Troop Zero'.

It's the addition of Rayleen (Viola Davis) as the Troop Zero's mama and her uneasy equation with Mrs. Massey (Allison Janney) that gives the story an extra layer. The screenplay, written by Lucy Alibar, is loaded with sufficient crowdpleaser moments but where I give it an extra point is its triumph is making us buy into Christmas' unique obsessions and traits, alongside the adorable relationship she shares with her dad Ramsey (Jim Gaffigan).

The misfits' gang is written in such a way that they all have specific qualities that end up becoming useful in the Troop's mission of participating in a talent show. They're all assigned a defining weakness that often gets them shunned by other kids. For instance, Christmas is known to wet herself, Smash is known to break (or make) things, Anne-Claire is one-eyed, Joseph is girly, and Hell-No Price is a small-time extortionist. I liked how Bert & Bertie (the director-duo) integrated 'Space Oddity', the David Bowie song, into the film.

The climax is reminiscent of many an inspirational film tailor-made for family viewing. It all comes down to predictable bullet-points like solidarity, friendship, and family, at the end of the day. All else aside, I'll remember the movie mostly for two things: the shades of vibrant yellow and a slight Wes Anderson vibe.
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Kids movie for motivational...
kamalbeeee20 July 2020
5 group of kids trying to participate a play which is select voice for NASA project. all kids have unique talent and funny character... The movie can watch with family especially for kids..
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Fun, adorably cute movie that everyone can enjoy.
reddiemurf8129 March 2020
Where do I start? The cast is spot on perfect. Viola Davis,, well,, has she ever had a bad performance? Same goes for Allison Janney. Jim Gaffigan rounds out the main adult cast in his humorous, offbeat best. The kids, oh my. McKenna Grace is just too good. Can't help but fall in love with her character. Add to that a rag tag bunch of misfits, and they light up the screen together. Get the fam and/or friends in the living room and watch it!!
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Snootz11 July 2020
I really like underdog movies. There were parts of this movie I enjoyed. I am sure that a lot of the 9 & 10 star reviews are genuine. People's tastes differ and some will find this movie charming and moving. But as much as I wanted to like this it was in many places poorly written and poorly directed. Although I understood the point being made, the stage scene was both badly conceived and repulsive, anticlimax at its worst.

And really, what point did it really get across? It was so busy being cliche and cute it missed the target message by a mile. Never give up? Family and friends are important? If there was a deeper message it was lost in the mess of non-endearing moments throughout. On the other hand, it sends a wonderful message to younger ones that it's okay to drink, smoke, cuss and steal.

All of that said, Mckenna (Christmas) did a fine job of acting all the way through. The saving grace (pun intended) of the movie.
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Excellent Entertainment
bshaef25 January 2020
Not the best show I've ever seen but very entertaining nevertheless. The little blond haired girl was perfect. She made the movie. Great story Prime and awesome characters.
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Troop Zero anything but
TheTruthofItIs18 January 2020
Troop Zero is your classic underdog beatdown-redemption story, so though it doesn't break new ground in storytelling/plot originality, it's still a good implementation of a classic archetype. We particularly loved young Mckenna Grace's portrayal of underprivileged yet persistently delightful "Christmas Flint". She's a special little actress and looks to be on the same trajectory that Jodie Foster was as a famous child actress. Allison Janney portrays the villainous Miss Massey, not too unlike her "Bonnie" character in the long-running series, "Mom". Bert & Bertie are relatively new to directing films but they've done a fine yeoman's job here, requiring us to reach for tissues at the end, nice. It's a fine, well-built family film that young families will especially be drawn to.
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Zero appeal for adults
jordan224024 January 2020
If you are a girl between the ages of 7 and 12, you might like this movie; otherwise, it's horrible. While I did chuckle at a line or two, I found it generally boring and nonsensical. It seems the writers tried to combine 'bring it on' and 'little miss sunshine,' and completely whiffed on both counts. And the 'message' was far more stupid than inspiring. How some decent performers allowed themselves to be associated with this thing is beyond me. Must have been paid well. I'm thinking this film might have been written by someone in that 7-12 age range. Certainly, judging by it's current rating of 7.1, it's another example of folks associated with the film giving fake ratings, unless there are a lot of 7-year-old girls writing reviews .
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ground control to major cheese
donaldricco20 January 2020
Overall, I didn't really enjoy this movie, by which I mean the overall plot and most of the acting. Viola Davis, however, was excellent. And the scene of Troop 0 at the jamboree, well, that just stole my heart, and is the reason for the three stars. I dang near cried during that part. And honestly, that may be the reason to see this movie. Starting to get weepy just thinking about it...
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Real Heartwarming Story, Wonderfully Laid Out
docm-3230431 October 2020
Loved this movie. It was a pleasant surprise. The film has plenty of messages in it for all of us and it is such a heartwarming story with just the right amount of humor and pathos. Quirky characters, great acting and I wanted to stand up and applaud them all at the end. Well done.
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A Great Lesson about acceptance that seems to be lost more with each narcissistic generation sadly. :(
midnitepantera25 July 2021
Really cute movie, about being the outcast and fighting for your dreams despite what all the uppity, rude snobs say and do to derail you. Loved Viola Davis, Allison Janney, and Jim Gaffagan. All wonderful, colorful characters. McKenna Grace is just EVERYWHERE and I think she will be around for a long, long time. Really versatile little actress and this movie transported me back to the 70's and my childhood. Nice to see kids playing outside instead of glued to an Xbox and juvenile diabetes, posting horrible things about other kids online for the world to see. There were always mean and cruel kids, that made your life miserable at times, but at least you could move on after a few days or weeks. I don't envy the tech generation of kids that spawned from the mid 90's and forward. They should be jealous of the real childhoods of the past, and if they knew the feeling of TRUE FRIENDSHIP we got to have, they would mourn their lost childhoods. Worth a watch ;D.
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Really good
svader18 January 2020
Good acting

Good plot and storyline

Ticks all the boxes

Don't understand the 1 rating as grammatically it doesn't make any sense. . . .
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I don't recommend. Sets a poor example.
deexsocalygal25 December 2020
I didn't care for this. McKenna who played Christmas whispered her lines & I couldn't make out half of what she said. The child actors were bad. The story was boring, about a group of poor country girls joining a girl scout troop & trying to win a singing contest to get their voices recorded to go up in space or something. The girls didn't plan or practice & so when it came time to perform on stage Christmas froze up & peed herself in front of everyone. All the other girls stood next to her & peed themselves too. Everyone in the audience didn't know what to do. Having a bunch of girls pee themselves on stage doesn't prove you gave it your all & tried to win. It isn't anything but stupid & embarrassing. Also, after that Christmas says they didn't win but so what my Dad stole the Girl Scout Troops trophies. Having the father steal the troops trophies is setting a horrible example. I didn't agree with that.
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Sweet, heartwarming and impressively dramatic
themadmovieman20 January 2020
A quirky tale of kids aiming high in their scouts' troop, Troop Zero isn't the world's most original film, but that doesn't mean it can't be a delightful watch. Sweet and heartwarming with a dash of inspiring drama throughout, this is a really lovely movie that blends engaging characters with upbeat and pleasant emotion.

While it's never quite on the offbeat or surprisingly touching level of the likes of Moonrise Kingdom, Troop Zero is an impressively likable watch that's appropriate for younger viewers, and just as captivating for adults.

It's not an ode to the nostalgia of childhood as you may expect, but it's a film that really engrosses you in the lives of its characters, from its ambitious young misfits to a handful of surprisingly complex adult characters, particularly in the form of Viola Davis.

In that, Troop Zero isn't just a throwaway, Disney-esque kids' movie, but a genuinely engaging comedy-drama, brought to life with both sobering drama and wonderfully heartwarming emotion, not to mention a collection of great performances.

Viola Davis stars in the lead adult role as the woman who seeks to help a group of children achieve their dreams, but is troubled by failures in her own past. Throughout, Davis does a great job of blending a warm, almost motherly quality with genuine gravitas, and while the film's main focus is squarely on the fates of the children, she proves an enthralling supporting lead throughout.

But the real standout here is young Mckenna Grace, who is an absolute joy as Christmas Flint, the young misfit with dreams of speaking to aliens and travelling to outer space. Not only is she utterly adorable throughout, but also holds her own against legendary actors like Viola Davis in the film's more dramatic moments, impressing with engrossing emotional resonance alongside her boundless lovability.

Add all that together, and Troop Zero is an effortlessly likable film, with pleasant humour and engaging drama across the board. It's not a purely easy-going watch, and impresses with engaging and complex emotion at times throughout.

However, it's a wonderfully sweet, kind-hearted and uplifting tale of big dreams and doing what you love. It may not be the touchingly nostalgic tale to childhood it perhaps could have been, but with charisma, laughs and a big heart all the way through, it's a film that will easily put a big smile on your face.
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The_Boxing_Cat24 January 2020
Too bad Viola Davis and Allison Janie wasted their time on this completely awful movie.

Couldn't they have gotten a better wig for Christmas? That's a clue for y'all!

For most of the 10 star ratings here, this movie is the only one they have rated.
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Pretty Good!
amgee-8955117 January 2020
6/10 Funny and sweet Movie! I really Enjoyed it! Great Acting by all the cast!
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Mix of "School of Rock" and "Stand By Me" but Southern
Hallelujah28921 June 2020
I enjoyed this so much. There's a lot of deeper messages that actually hit home. I loved the unique characters and the setting and time period and all. Soundtrack was pretty great. Epic David Bowie tribute moment. I cried when the play was performed and the kids show solidarity together. You'll know what I mean. This is a kid's film with a lot of imagination and hope, but also an unsentimentally which is refreshing. Perhaps there were some moments I doubted. But all in all I think it ended in a meaningful way that wasn't perfect or happily ever after. I appreciated that. I think there is a great deal of good morals here that will be enriching for the young and the older people who see it. I think I would place it as most similar to "The School of Rock" and it's band of misfits with a good dose of "Stand By Me" and some of the moral intensity it has, and then set in the South where people say "funna."
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What could have been Warning: Spoilers
A great flick culminated with a complete disaster for an ending.

Mike Epps talent was wasted, as well as oddly sudden character direction changes for Allison Janney.

The talent show was somewhat predictable with the exception of the behavior by all other troops and leaders present; being in GS around this same time I can 100% assure you that, had a single person behaved the way entire troops/leaders did, there would have been some pretty serious consequences.

Coupled with every single member of the troop urinating on stage, a sudden change of heart by Janneys character but couldn't be troubled to discipline her troop of girls who behaved so horrendously, yet somehow manage to win, despite displaying qualities that directly conflict with supposed 'Birdies' rules, and it's a mess.

The movie as a whole had so many plot holes and by the end, it was impossible to tell who you're supposed to root for.

Skip this and spend your time on something more enjoyable. Like dental work. Or a colonoscopy.
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