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Movie Review: Troop Zero

Have you ever had a dream to go up in space? To be an astronaut? To see the Earth from a different angle? To travel into the depths of our solar system? If so (and even if not), this movie is for you.


When Christmas Flint learns that the prize for the Birdie Scout Jamboree is the ability to broadcast one’s voice to aliens, she new she had to try it. This was the kind of opportunity she’d been waiting for. Her late mother had always told her to not give up and keep working toward her dream: communicating with whatever was out there beyond the planet we call home.

Soon after deciding to enter the Jamboree, she puts together a troop of five and sets out to sign them up. After talking to the mean Birdie Scout manager, she gets their troop number (Troop “0” because it’s the “only number left”), and they’re then faced with a problem: each of them must earn at least one badge in order to enter to competition.

After the near-impossible journey of securing their badges, the troop puts together an act for the Jamboree and sets off to preform it. At the Jamboree, they come face to face with their biggest rivals: a snotty troop from their own town. The “Snotty Girls” have the best act in the Jamboree seen yet, but Troop Zero is up next. Can they pull it off?

Why I Liked It:

First off, the movie was great because it shares many important life lessons. One example is the power friendship: It doesn’t matter the shape or size, but what’s on the inside. Friends will care about you and believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Another example is grit, or determination: When faced with problems, Christmas doesn’t give up and forges through them on her journey to her goal.

Second, the movie shows inclusion of everybody. Christmas’ troop is made of many different types of kids, not all of which are girls. Some are short, while others are tall. Some are black, and some are white. Some are strong while others aren’t as strong. Some think things through, while others just go for it. By being so different, they make a great team. Wow, a real life situation to prove the strength and importance of diversity.

Things I Recommend Before Watching:

  1. Being age seven or above – In order to understand the values and depth of this movie
  2. Maybe have a box of tissues nearby – This is just a possibility, but if you’re someone who gets sad easily, maybe this is a good idea for you.

I think that’s pretty much all for today’s post. Please come back next week for more, and as always: work hard, play fair, be kind, and reach out!

Until Next Time! -Willow

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  1. Hey there, Willow — that movie caught my eye too (you can guess why) and I have yet to watch it. Thanks for your thoughts on it .. I really need to block my schedule for more fun things like watching your movie recommendations!! 😉

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