Trump Loses Face On Late-Night TV For His Apparent Mount Rushmore Aspirations

Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon roasted the president for his reported desire to get his face on the monument.

The comedians of late-night television spent Monday night mocking President Donald Trump’s reported aspirations to get his face on Mount Rushmore.

Trevor NoahSeth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon roasted the president after The New York Times reported over the weekend that a White House aide had reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) and inquired about the process to add presidents to the national monument. The story also noted that in 2018, then-congresswoman Noem told the Argus Leader that Trump said it was his dream to have his face on Mount Rushmore.

Trump tweeted Sunday that the Times article was “fake news” but then declared it “sounds like a good idea to me.”

Noah agreed that it was a good idea, but only if someone quite literally puts Trump there (without his phone or internet).

Watch his bit on “The Daily Show” below:

Meyers said adding your face on the monument was “not a thing.”

“That’s like going up to a priest after a mass and asking him, ‘So what’s the process for adding someone to the Trinity?’”

See more on “Late Night” below:

And Fallon suggested the Grand Canyon might offer a more suitable hue for the president’s face.

Watch his roast on “The Tonight Show”: