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Trevor Noah on Trump's Mount Rushmore request: 'Look at that a**'

Trevor Noah responds to claims Trump wants to be added to Mount Rushmore: ‘Who says it has to be his face?’

‘I think we should actually put him on Mount Rushmore,’ Noah joked, ‘No phone, no internet, problem solved’

Isobel Lewis
Tuesday 11 August 2020 08:33

Trevor Noah said that the US could be brought together by carving “Trump’s tennis a**” into Mount Rushmore.

Appearing on The Daily Show on Monday (10 August), the comedian addressed reports that the White House had reached out to South Dakota’s governor to see whether it was possible to add new presidents to the monument.

The sculpture, which was completed in 1941, currently features the heads of former presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Noah began by ripping apart promises made by Donald Trump that he claims the president will be unable to fulfil and on which he will have to backtrack later.

He described Trump’s executive orders as “those coupons that you get where it says the good news in big letters, ‘Free value meal’, then on the bottom in small print, it says, ‘Offer only valid in Alaska between two and four in the morning and if Jerry is working, then you have to share your fries with him’.

“But if you’re wondering whether he thinks he’s doing a good job, well here’s one indication,” Noah said. “Trump thinks that he deserves to be on Mount Rushmore. And honestly, I agree with him.

“I think we should put Trump on Mount Rushmore. But not a carving. I think we should actually put him on Mount Rushmore. No phone, no internet, problem solved.”

He also said that he “wouldn’t even mind” Trump’s likeness being carved into Mount Rushmore, just as long as “they choose the right picture”.

Noah suggested images like “‘trying to catch a baseball’ Trump” and “‘hair blowing in the wind’ Trump”.

He continued: “And who says it has to be a face, you know? Let’s just throw Trump’s tennis a** up there, huh? The point is, this could be the monument that finally brings all of America together. Because liberals will look up at Mount Rushmore and be like, ‘Look at that a**.’ And conservatives will look up and be like, ‘Ooh, look at that a**.’”

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