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Monday, May 10, 2021

Sunset 5-10-21

Practice what you Preach

If Biden-Harris oppose court packing in El Salvador, why don’t they oppose it here?

“Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed their deep concerns about the state of ‘El Salvador’s democracy on Sunday after President Nayib Bukele and his supporters in the legislature voted to fire all five of the Justices on the El Salvador Supreme Court in retaliation for their striking down some of Bukele’s policies as unconstitutional."

"We have deep concerns about El Salvador's democracy, in light of the National Assembly's vote to remove constitutional court judges," U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris wrote on Sunday on Twitter. "An independent judiciary is critical to a healthy democracy – and to a strong economy."

“Has there ever been a less self-aware administration in American history than the Biden-Harris group?

Read about it...

Fess Up, China!

Top science writer: Evidence points to Wuhan lab leak

'Political agendas of governments and scientists have generated thick clouds of obfuscation'

Amid calls by Republicans to investigate the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, a prominent science journalist who worked for the journal Nature and the New York Times has published an in-depth report concluding the evidence points to a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

In March, former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield, declaring he is now free to express his opinion, said he believes the novel coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

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Ted Cruz will no longer accept PAC money from"woke" communist corporations

Ted Cruz Drops the Hammer on Woke Communist Corporatism

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has thrown down a gauntlet against the woke communists who are suddenly running most of the multinational corporations in the US that operate with the blessing of the taxpayers: Save your corporate PAC money for Democrats, because Republicans in Congress won’t be taking any more of your cash to destroy America.

Cruz penned an op-ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal this week. In that op-ed, he told Coca-Cola and the other woke communist multinationals that he will no longer accept any corporate PAC donations from these companies. And he challenged all of his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate to do the same.

His message to the communists was simple: You hate America, you hate our voters, you try to strongarm us into taking positions that hurt our voters, and it is finally time for you to go pound sand.


Cyber attack on U.S. Gas Pipeline

Cyber-Attack Shuts Down Biggest Gasoline Pipeline in US–Colonial Pipeline

Top U.S. fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline has shut its entire network, the source of nearly half of the U.S. East Coast’s fuel supply, after a cyber attack that the company said was caused by ransomware.

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities have become a systemic issue,” said Algirde Pipikaite, cyber strategy lead at the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity.

“Unless cybersecurity measures are embedded in a technology’s development phase, we are likely to see more frequent attacks on industrial systems like oil and gas pipelines or water treatment plants,” Pipikaite added.

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We are spending trillions of dollars, a lot on pork, but we can't combat cyber attacks? This one is a national threat.

Michigan Governor has an Opponent

Detroit Police Chief Readying GOP Bid For Michigan Governor Against Whitmer

James Craig, who is Black and a Republican, is expected to announce his retirement from the Detroit Police Department today!

Last month, Craig blasted progressive Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) after she said policing in the U.S. is “inherently & intentionally racist” and called for “no more policing” since the institution “can’t be reformed.”


The reason why so many want to come to America

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunset 5-9-21

Lake Worth Playhouse

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill

is a play with music by Lanie Robertson, recounting some events in the latter life of Billie Holiday who, in 1947 was arrested for possession of narcotics and arrested again in 1949. She had a terrible life full of drugs, alcohol and abuse and died at age 44, on July 17, 1959, of pulmonary edema and heart failure caused by cirrhosis of the liver

Not enough votes at FEC to Convict Trump

FEC Closes Case on Alleged Trump Hush Money Payments

The Federal Election Commission has closed its inquiry into possible campaign violations related to payments made to an adult film star who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump, meaning the former president and his campaign won't face any penalties.

Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress, tax evasion and other charges related to the payment.

Stormy Daniels back in 2018 denied she had an affair with Trump--said "it never happened."

Read about it... and Stormy Daniels incident.

Democrats now trying to make FCC political

Dems Want FCC to Block Conservative Co.’s Radio Station Deal after Firing of Clinton Fundraiser

Democrats in Congress want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block the sale of a tiny south Florida radio station because the new owner fired a Hillary Clinton fundraiser who once served as mayor of a local city.

The politician turned radio host, Raul Martinez, was the Spanish-language station’s top host before a conservative media conglomerate bought it and changed the liberal-leaning programming.

The deal received sparse local media coverage but earned national attention when lawmakers in Washington D.C. asked a federal agency to reject the sale for what appears to be political reasons.

Read about it... and how Democrats continue to try and suppress conservatives.

Project Veritas ad

As New York City is quickly removing lockdown restrictions, foot traffic at Times Square is increasing. Hundreds of thousands are expected to see this latest Insider advertisement.

The ad is located on the corner of 1500 Broadway Avenue and 43rd Street. New York Times’ headquarters is also located just a few blocks away from the ad.

Project Veritas seeks to inspire whistleblowers working within corrupt public and private institutions to come forward and inform the public of the wrongdoing they are witnessing.

DeSantis improves Florida's Election Law Process

On Thursday morning, our great governor, Ron DeSantis, signed SB 90 into law. This is a huge victory, improving Florida's election process by making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. This new law will:
  • Protect absentee ballots by prohibiting political operatives from harvesting ballots.
  • Remove the corrupting influence of private money from government election operations, by prohibiting the government from accepting private money to conduct elections.
  • Strengthen voter ID on vote-by-mail ballots.
  • Increase transparency by giving election observers from all parties full access to monitor the process.

Mysterious Death in Iran

Swiss diplomat who was preparing to testify against the Bidens found dead

She was to testify against the Biden family concerning bribes and sanctions towards Iran while pocketing money, "fell" from a 17th floor balcony while in Tehran.

(Republican Party News) – "The Biden crime family is one of the most corrupt families on planet earth. They flew under the radar for so many years because of the left’s control of the establishment and also because Joe Biden was Obama’s Vice President and Obama could do no wrong."

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sunset 5-8-21

Excess Burden of Biden's Spending - True Cost

'$17 trillion': Economist finds Biden plans 3 times costlier than advertised

The $6 trillion price tag on President Biden's spending plans in just his first 100 days has turned heads, but it's only a fraction of the real cost, warns a Johns Hopkins economist.

Steve Hanke, a professor of applied economics director of the Troubled Currencies Project at the Cato Institute contended in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the true cost is closer to $17.1 trillion.

Read about this SPEND, SPEND, AND SPEND some more and the hidden costs of Biden's plan.

Lake Worth just can't get enough development!

Lake Worth Beach approves 230-unit multifamily development

City commissioners also amended a program that awards “bonus” levels of building height and density

This is a program that has been abused...abused by developers and the City of Lake Worth.

We have zoning codes for a reason and it's not to hustle developers for cash and more density. We have told the city for decades that we do not want more density. No commission ever listens.

"Advantis, is a cluster of four residential buildings that will range from three stories to five stories on a 6.39-acre development site at the northwest corner of 10th Avenue North and Boutwell Road. This area is one of the most congested areas in this city without development."

William Waters, Sustainability Director, suggested that commissioners adopt the zoning-in-progress option because “it would not send as negative of a message as a moratorium might.” They went along with that.

Read about it...

Maricopa County audit

Election Ballot Audit Update Reveals DAMNING Proof of Foul Play

Dr. Kelli Ward, who is the Republican Chairwoman, said that the Maricopa County Director of Election Day and Emergency Voting, Scott Jarrett reported that external drives that were loaded with vote totals, were taken offsite to an undisclosed location nightly! And get this, it’s reported that even a Dominion contractor may have been one of the people to have done this.

Time will tell with this audit--

Read about it...and see one of the machines.

Maricopa County is refusing to turn over routers or router images to election auditors, defying a judge’s ruling.

Illegal/Criminals roaming around our country

Biden and DHS Revised Guidelines on Deportations!

Ice Deportations Fall To All Time Low Amid Border Crisis

According to the New York Post, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), handicapped by the Biden administration’s new policies, “carried out the lowest number of monthly deportations on record in April” despite the fact that we are seeing record numbers of illegal border crossings.

This drastic drop is the direct consequence of a new policy that was set in place by the Biden administration. The new policy greatly restricts who can be deported from any illegal immigrant convicted of a crime to only those who are considered a “national security risk.”


Texas GOP Chair Lt Col Allen West Challenges Reporter at Press

Texas GOP chair @AllenWest challenged a reporter who was late to his press conference to do 30 pushups. The reporter “respectfully” declined; Allen West did them instead.

Try this link to see pushups