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After leading the Transportation Department during the Johnson administration, he oversaw Amtrak and chaired Airbus’s North American wing.

His career was interrupted by a neurological condition that robbed him of his distinctive, vibrato-heavy voice for years.

He chaired Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign and led Washington organizations, including the Kennedy Center and Brookings Institution, as well as the Fannie Mae mortgage company.

At the Jonathan Cape publishing firm, he helped launch the careers of dozens of acclaimed literary artists.

After his ALS diagnosis in the 1990s, he led an annual wheelchair ride that raised millions of dollars.

  • Michael R. Sisak
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She excelled as a sensual villain in several film noirs, including the desert-set “Inferno.”

She had a long career as a character actor onstage and in movies, including “Mystic Pizza” (1988) and “Network” (1976).

  • Lynn Elber
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He was also known for his collaboration with Charles Aznavour, the French balladeer for whom he provided the English lyrics of such hits as “Yesterday, When I Was Young” and “She.”

Mr. Gibson wrote music for solo instruments, electronics, dance, music theater and opera, and he was a member of the Philip Glass Ensemble from its first concert in 1968 until 2019.

  • Tim Page
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He was only seven years out of law school in 1967 when he argued the Supreme Court case that would reverberate for decades in that chamber and beyond.

As Army chief of staff, he instituted changes in training and weapon systems to modernize the U.S. military.

He was an author whose books included in-depth looks at New Orleans, the Coors family and gun owners.

“Still Alive,” an unsparing account of her coming-of-age in Nazi Europe, was praised as an essential entry in the canon of books by Holocaust survivors.

He won the 1975 and ’76 World Series with Cincinnati and was named NL MVP in both seasons.

She took to the presidential campaign trail at 96 on behalf of her son, Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

He was banned from performing in the country after siding with protesters after a disputed presidential election in 2009.

  • Phil Davison
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He orchestration of state dinners, weddings and receptions made her, the first lady said, the “greatest showman since P.T. Barnum.”

The lawyer and college professor was only two generations removed from his grandfather, who was born in 1790.

As assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs from 1985 to 1992, he was credited with prodding leaders in Moscow to ease emigration restrictions for Soviet Jews.

  • Louie Estrada
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The Hall of Famer was the winningest pitcher on the winningest baseball team of his generation.

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The beloved actor died Aug. 28 at his home near Los Angeles. He was 43.
  • Aug 29
Rogers, pop-country singer of ?The Gambler? who dominated 1970s music charts, dies at 81.
  • Mar 21, 2020
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