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I'm not finished yet. This isn't nearly enough to fix 12 years of being a lazy good for nothing. I ran and ran. Ran and ran. I'm not going anywhere! I got a damn good reason not to, the Tokyo Manji Gang. Kiyomasa, if you wanna win, you got no choice but to kill me and I am not gonna lose.
— Takemitchi to Kiyomasa, during their "king vs. slave" fight, [1]

Takemichi Hanagaki (花垣 (はながき) 武道 (タケミチ) , Hanagaki Takemichi?) or Takemitchy (タケミっち, Takemitchi?) is a young man who can travel back in time or a Time Leaper. In order to save his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and over time, everyone he cares about, he decides to become a top member in Toman and save them.


As an adult, Takemichi is a man of average height with tousled, wavy black hair. He wears plain, ordinary clothes. He usually has a tired expression due to the stress of life.

As a teenager, his hair is bleached and kept in a "faux hawk" style. When his hair is undone it appears more similar to his adult hairstyle. He wears Mizo Middle School's uniform, which consists of a dress shirt, black slacks, and loafers when he is at school. During his times with Toman, he wears the gang's attire, a custom black Toppoku with Toman's logo. His eyes are also noticeably larger and more filled with hope, possibly due to having not yet experienced the hardships of adult life.


Takemichi cries.

Takemichi is an individual who has lost his sense of direction. Thus, he has low self esteem, always apologizing for even the smallest things and easily cries - easily affected by his emotions. As noted by those around him and even himself, all he is good for is apologizing. He also holds a grudge towards wealthy people because he himself is not very financially stable. [3]

However, going back in time again and again gradually molds Takemichi into a completely different person. Slowly, he turns from a coward into a man with unshakeable conviction. Even facing insurmountable odds, he refuses to back down. He becomes the one who holds Toman together through their hardships and turns into its unofficial leader, guiding even Mikey and Draken onto the right paths. During Toman's nadirs, it is Takemichi's unyielding spirit that pushes on his fellow companions.

Takemichi's unwavering spirit to protect his friends.

Takemichi is completely loyal to those he considers his friends and fiercely protective of them. He is willing to risk his very life to ensure that they are safe and sound. This loyalty spurs on his determination to create a better future for the ones he cares about. This is shown through his countless leaps back in time to change the future.

In a fight, Takemichi has never backed down. He is more willing to be beaten within an inch of his life than to admit defeat. This has become a huge source of inspiration for Toman's members and has proven instrumental even against all odds.

Skills and Abilities


As a captain in Toman, Takemichi has power over his squadron and can lead them as he wishes. His outstanding leadership has been instrumental in strengthening Toman as a whole.


Takemichi is nowhere near the strongest fighter, but he is noted to be one of the, if not the most, resilient fighter thus far. He has been shown to take blows that would have knocked cold anyone else and still stand up and even retaliate. He has taken a bullet to the foot and was still able to run in pursuit of his enemy. Thus, his willpower and ability to take hits is his forte.

Fighting Prowess

As for his attack power, Takemichi is quite lacking. Rarely has he won by himself, but his resilience has stalled enemies enough to allow more powerful allies time to rush to the scene countless times.

Time Travel

Takemichi possesses a supernatural skill that allows him to time travel. However, he is only able to travel back exactly 12 years. Also, whenever he is in the past, the present timeline does not stop, but keeps going for however long Takemichi is in the past. To trigger this ability, he must shake hands with Naoto in the present to go back to the past and shake hands with him in the past to go back to the present. Whatever Takemichi does has an impact on the present, which allows him to change the events of time.


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  • (to Naoto Tachibana) "Listen, when you're dealing with punks like them, you gotta have guts. Get ready to be punched! But don't wuss out. Be prepared to fight back like it's life or death. If they're not totally serious about it, that should scare them off." [4]


  • The name Takemichi means "military, martial" (武) (take) and "road, way, street" (道) (michi).
  • Takemichi's surname Hanagaki means "flower, blossom" (花) (hana) and "fence" (垣) (kaki/gaki).


  • According to the official character book:[2]
    • His favorite food are potatoes.
    • He hates ghosts.
    • His special skill are puzzles.
    • The people he respect are Mikey and Draken.
    • The people he dislike or fear are Peh-yan and Kazutora.
    • His dream: "I don't know what it was... I can't remember."


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