Thank You Cards

If the list of Thank You ecards below is somewhat daunting, that’s because online Thank You cards are, for obvious reasons, one of our most popular types of card, so we’ve included “Thank you” as an optional caption on a large number of cards.

Whether the person you want thank is a friend, colleague, or loved one, this means that from the long list below, you’re sure to find the perfect digital thank you card!

Always find the right choice.

Our flexible captioning system means that most of our ecards can be sent as online thank you cards. So you can say “thank you” with a beautiful flower arrangement, with canine shenanigans or feline frolics, or a delicious recipe, or with any of our other popular themes for digital thank you cards. Simply choose whichever ecard you like, and make sure you select “Thank You” from the list of possible captions.

Say thank you, there and then!

With Jacquie Lawson thank you ecards, there’s no need to rush out and buy a card and a stamp, so you can show your appreciation by sending your digital thank you card without any unnecessary delay. And of course there’s no limit on the number of thank you ecards you can send, so you can send a beautiful thank you ecard spontaneously, to show your gratitude for even the slightest favour.

Send thank you ecards by text, or Facebook or other social media.

With you’re not limited to email thank you cards! You can post thank you ecards directly on Facebook, or copy a link to the thank you card of your choice and paste it into any social media page or website, using our Share Link feature.

Make their day with a thank you e-gift.

You can even attach a gift to your Jacquie Lawson online thank you card. Show your appreciation by sending them Gift Membership of, or any of the items in our Gift Shop, simply by selecting the required option when you send your thank you ecard. And maybe you’ll get another online thank you card in return!