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Amber gulped and squirmed a little, although she couldn't really move with how she was pinned to the ground. With her brown hair splayed behind her and her tight white pajama t-shirt pulled up to expose her stomach, she was wide-eyed and pale enough that her freckles stood out on her skin. She was restrained by three other young women, all of whom had expressions of delight and mischief on their faces.

Grace, a tall girl with tanned skin and curly black hair, was gripping both of Amber's wrists and had them pinned to the floor above Amber's head. Hannah, a petite blonde-haired beauty with bright blue eyes, was straddling Amber's waist and had her hands pressed to Amber's bare sides. Behind Hannah was Zoey, a short, thin girl with long, light brown hair, and she had her hands clasped around Amber's ankles, holding them tight.

"Ready?" Hannah asked Amber with a wicked gleam in her eye.

It all started when the four of them decided to have a slumber party at Hannah's apartment in celebration of finishing their first year of college. Despite some saying that nineteen might be too old for a sleepover, the friends were having a wonderful time. Opting out of drinking in order to avoid hangovers the next day, they were instead playing a variety of fun games. The only catch - whoever lost each game had to follow a "punishment" determined by the other three.

After Zoey lost a game of Twister and was punished by stripping down to her bra and panties and sprinting down the street outside Hannah's apartment (while it was dark she did dart part a surprised old man walking his dog and a coed group of high schoolers who appeared equal parts delighted and scandalized) the four decided to turn off all the lights in the apartment and play a game of hide and seek in the dark.

Zoey, being the loser of the previous game, was declared it, while Hannah, Amber, and Grace all hid. After lots of giggling, quiet moving around, and surprised screeching, all three girls had been found, with Grace being found last and being declared the winner. As Amber was the first one for Zoey to found, she was declared to have lost the game.

"Alright, fine, what's my punishment?" she asked.

Hannah, Grace, and Zoey all drew their heads together and tried to come up with some ideas while Amber waited, growing increasingly nervous the longer it took. Hannah kept glancing back at Amber, her gaze drifting first to the other girl's bare feet, and then to the strip of her tummy that was exposed by her pajama top riding up a bit.

"I have just the thing" Hannah declared with a smirk. "Your punishment will be to get tickled.. for three minutes."

Amber's breath caught at the mention of the word tickling, but she relaxed when she heard the amount of time she would be tickled for. Three minutes was no big deal.

"But there's a catch" Hannah continued, with her smirk getting even wider. "We're going to take turns asking you questions. For each question you answer right - no penalty. For each question you answer wrong, you'll get tickled for thirty more seconds."

That was how Amber ended up on the ground a few minutes later, pinned down with her bare armpits, belly, and feet on display as she squirmed and looked nervously up at her friends. "Ready?" Hannah asked Grace, who nodded and set a timer down close enough that the three ticklers could see it. "Go!"

Hannah's hands, which had been resting gently on Amber's soft, pudgy bare sides were suddenly wiggling ferociously across her belly, forcing Amber to let out a loud burst of giggles. At the same time Zoey began wriggling her fingers under Amber's toes and Grace, with one hand still holding back Amber's wrists, used her free hand to tickle Amber's armpit.

"Hahahaha, ahahahaha, nohohohoh! Thahahahat tihihihickles!" Amber protested, squirming and giggling.

"Begging already?" Hannah teased. "We haven't even asked any questions yet. Question number one: what's six times eight?"

"W-Whahahat!?" Amber exclaimed, wracking her brain to come up with the answer. "Ahahaha, um.. forty-two?"

Hannah made a loud buzzing noise. "Wrong, it's forty-eight. Next question."

"What's the capital of Wyoming?" Grace asked, spidering her fingers under each of Amber's armpits.

"Hahahahaha, I- I dohohohon't know!"

"Tsk tsk" Hannah said disapprovingly as she pressed her fingers into Amber's soft tummy, tickling the sensitive skin with the tips of her nails. "That's an extra minute you've added to your tickling. Next question?"

"What's the diameter of the Earth?" Zoey asked. She wriggled her fingers under Amber's toes before stroking down her arch, making her laugh harder.

"H-H-Hohohohow would I knohohohow thahahat!?" Amber exclaimed, writhing helplessly under all the tickling. "Thehehehere's nohohho way fohohohr me tohohoh know thehehehe answer tohohoho any ohohohof these quehehehestions!"

"What a shame" Hannah smirked. "Guess we'll just have to keep tickling you until the time's up.. and who knows when that will be if you keep adding more time. Now: what's the world's largest ocean?"

"Ahahahaha, hahahahaha, uhuhuhuhm.. the Ahahahatlantic?!" Amber guessed wildly through her uncontrollable laughter.

"Wrong, it's the Pacific" Hannah answered smugly, squeezing at Amber's sides.

"What's twelve times eight?" Grace asked. Amber desperately tried to do the math in her head but after a few seconds Grace made a loud buzzing noise. "Whoops, too slow. That's another thirty seconds!" She moved away from Amber's armpits and began gently tickling her neck, which caused Amber to shriek and giggle wildly.

"You're right, these are way too hard" Hannah said with mock sympathy. While she was talking her finger wormed its way into Amber's deep innie navel, and Amber let out a loud scream of laughter as Hannah's finger poked and wiggled around inside her belly button. "Let's try an easy one. What's two plus three?"

"Ahahahaha, hahahahaha, ihihihiht, hahahahaha haahaahahahahahahaah, fahahahahahaaha, fihihihihhi" Amber gasped, trying to say five but laughing way too hard to get the word out. She squealed loudly as Hannah's finger poked the bottom of her belly button and then when Hannah's finger started swirling slowly around inside her navel Amber just collapsed into a fit of helpless giggles.

"What's that? I couldn't hear you" Hannah teased. "Let's try another easy one. There's no way you won't be able to answer this. What's one plus one?"

"Hahahahaha, ahahahahahahahahaha, hhahahahaha, nohohohoho! Hahahahaha plehehehehehease" Amber begged, squirming desperately and laughing so hard she could barely breathe. Between Hannah tickling her belly button, Grace tickling her armpits and neck, and Zoey mercilessly tickling her feet, it was all too much to handle.

Hannah shook her head. "No, the answer was "two", not "please." I guess you really are awful at this. Let's make a new deal.. I'm going to blow a raspberry right on top of your cute ticklish widdle belly button. If you don't laugh then we'll all stop tickling you. But if you do laugh then we get to tickle you for twenty more minutes."

Amber's eyes bulged at the proposition but she was laughing too hard to turn down the bet. Besides, what other choices did she have? She desperately bit her lip and held her breath as Hannah pressed her lips to Amber's belly button and blew a long, loud, wet raspberry that immediately had Amber screaming with laughter despite how hard she tried to hold it in.

Zoey snickered. "I'll set the timer for twenty more minutes."

"Nohohohohoh! Plehehehehease!" Amber begged desperately. Her belly was shaking and aching from laughing so hard and her cheeks were bright red, and she didn't know how much more she could take.

Instead of listening to her, Hannah, Grace, and Zoey began tickling even faster. Their fingers all scribbled around across Amber's sensitive bare skin, forcing her to howl with laughter. "Nahahahahaha, hahahaha aahahahahaha, plehehehehease!" she begged, squirming helplessly as all of her vulnerable tickle spots were attacked. "Nhohohohohot twehehehehenty mihihihinutes!"

"But that was our deal" Hannah teased. She dipped a finger back inside Amber's innie belly button and poked at the bottom. "You couldn't even manage not to laugh for a few seconds."

"Hahahaha, buhuhhut my behehehelly button is tohohohhoho tihihihicklish!" Amber protested. She squealed with laughter and tears began to run down her cheeks when Hannah's fingernail started poking at the bottom of her belly button. "Nohohohohohoho!"

Zoey settled herself into a kneeling position next to Amber's bare feet and bent forward, slurping Amber's toes up into her mouth and sucking on them. Amber screamed and writhed desperately, trying to escape as Zoey's tongue swirled around her sensitive toes.

While Zoey sucked on her toes Grace quickly tickled Amber's ribs before going back to tickling her armpits, wiggling her fingers quickly so that it tickled even more.

Hannah gave Amber's belly button a quick break and started wiggling her fingers and nails over the soft, pudgy skin right underneath Amber's navel. "This is fun" she said thoughtfully while Amber laughed uncontrollably "but it would be even more fun with tools. I don't suppose anyone brought a feather with them?"

Amber shook her head frantically at the word feather but then she saw Hannah's eyes lock on Grace's overnight bag. Still laughing, Amber looked over to see that in the pocket of Grace's bag was an electric toothbrush.

"May I?" Hannah asked Grace. With a smirk Grace nodded and reached over to hand Hannah the toothbrush, which she turned on with the flick of a button. It whirred to life and she said "This has got to be even better than a feather."

Hannah dragged the toothbrush over Amber's bare tummy, forcing her to laugh and squirm away as it touched her sensitive skin. Then Hannah turned the toothbrush off and stuck in deep inside Amber's belly button where the bristles rested on the bottom of her deep innie.

"Ready?" Hannah asked with a smirk. She turned the toothbrush back on and Amber screamed out a laugh, jumping as if she'd been hit with an electric shock. She scream-laughed desperately, laughing way too hard to talk, and writhed around on the floor while the toothbrush swirled around inside her navel. It brushed over every fold and crevice, over the button at the bottom of her navel, up across the sides of her belly button, and then it swirled in circles around the rim of her navel before plunging back in for more merciless tickling.

By the time the twenty minutes was up Amber was gasping helplessly with her stomach heaving, looking like she was going to pass out any second. "T-T-Thahahat wasn't f-f-fair" she gasped, gently rubbing her shaking tummy. "N-N-N-No one else's punishment was as b-bad as that!"

Hannah, Grace, and Zoey all looked sheepish although Hannah defended them by saying "Well, yours wasn't going to be that bad until you couldn't answer any of our questions. I didn't know you were so sensitive that when you got tickled you couldn't think! The math ones were supposed to be easy."

"Why don't we make it up to you?" Zoey suggested. She moved forward and began massaging Amber's feet, being careful not to make her touches too ticklish. Hannah started rubbing Amber's belly and Grace stroked her hair.

"But I'll definitely take advantage of this in the future, now that I know how ticklish you are" Zoey added with a smirk.

"Agreed" Hannah said, smirking as well.

Amber groaned. "Don't even say that!" she exclaimed, causing the other three girls to break out into giggles.
umm so this is another story i wrote, as you can see i kind of wrote myself into it as one of the main characters (because i really wish something like this could happen to me!!) but you could also view it as a story about ocs. anyway i hope someone out there likes it, let me know what you think!!
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*DEFINITELY* looking forward to more in the future. **strokes her belly with his claw gently** X}
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I really wish you'd make more stories this was amazing and perfect did it really happen Amber your work is amazing
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This was great, really enjoyed it and your right sounds like fun!
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This is one of my favorite tickle stories!
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Very cute story.
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And you thought on one would like it~ Its absolutely adorable~
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ahahaha thanks!! :blush:
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