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What the… ? Jeb stands on tiptoes in photo shoot


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  1. Is there an outside chance, possibly, maybe that this photo was taken half spontaneously and that it was like an outtake shot where you have your eyes closed?

    I can’t imagine; this is SO PATHETIC that a swan is embarrased to sing a swan song for !Cheb!..

  2. This chump reminds me of kids that I just could not stand to be around when I was a kid. Their parents and other parents of similar creepy kids described them as precocious I saw them as creepy.

  3. That stunt always worked in the frat house elections. Jeb must be confused at the negative response, since he’s pretty much confused all of the time now, since mummy and dada said he had to run for President to keep getting his allowance. Taking the trash out just isn’t good enough anymore.

  4. Jeb, a word of advice: It took us years to get the current WH resident to stop bowing for the camera. Then he started waving at it. So we notice this sort of weirdness more than we used to. If you’re not careful, SNL will notice, too.

  5. I remember that character from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, with Boris and Natasha.
    Little man, casting an oversized shadow. Could it be. . . . . ?

  6. Didn’t watch so maybe I’m way off base, but . . .
    JEB is 6’5″ and still way overweight, though he’s lost some lately. I don’t see any chairs on the stage and I wonder if 2½ hours standing in place was a little difficult for him. Did they get a smoke break during commercials or anything?

  7. And where did he buy that hipster-dork pegged leg pants suit at? Good God man, grow up. Dressing like a Seattle hipster isn’t going to get you anything but laughed at. I suppose he is going to show up next w/hoops the size of snooze cans in his ear lobes.

  8. If Jeb can’t be high energy. Jeb can at least be taller than those next to him.

    The smoke break comment was funny given Jeb’s confession of MJ use. Perhaps there was a smoke break planned but Boenher took full control of the smoking room.

  9. Tippy tippy toe … tippy toe …
    Tippy tippy toe … tippy toe …
    Tippy tippy toe … tippy toe …

    I should be preznit … I should! … I should … I shhhhhhooouuulld

  10. Fun! Sorry, the dumb jokes just write THEMSELVES!

    ….apparently, being born w/ a silver spoon, and certifiably “well-heeled” not enough for an insecure Yeb!

    ….Poor Yeb just cannot grasp that it’s not about his fam connections, OR his height–no amount of Spanish-speaking can give him real “sole”.

    ….obviously unhappy with his “standing” in the polls, once again, Yeb feebly displays his true priorities, & love for “toeing the party line”.

    ….this is how all but Trump TIPPY-TOE about what to do w/ over 15 million illegals!

    What makes this all the funnier is that the Repub “Kiddie Table” Debaters–all four of ’em–looked to be arranged by height. They looked like the Von Trapp Family Singers, LOL!

    As far as I’m concerned, they can ALL sing a rousing rendition of “So Long, Farewell”.

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