Thir13en Ghosts! Quiz | 15 Questions

topic Thir13en Ghosts!

15 question trivia quiz, authored by NeonGore

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Thir13en Ghosts quiz
Fun Trivia
A family is stuck in a glass house, more of a powerful machine! And there just might be ghosts in there....
Average score for this quiz is 9 / 15. Difficulty: Tough. Played 678 times. As of Jan 13 21.
1. Arthur has a routine "speech" with Kathy every morning, whenever she tells Bobby to get a new hobby.
What does Arthur always say?

"Why can't you just leave your brother alone?"
"Kathy, keeping a record of death is healthy."
"Kathy, I don't pay you to bother him."
"He's younger than you, you should know better!"

2. "They found a man without a head behind Starbucks!"
Is this line correct?


3. What is Dennis Rafkin's only reason for being at the Kriticos' house?

He wants to set all of the ghosts free.
He gets trapped in the house.
He wants to help the family escape.
He wants the money Cyrus owed him.

4. What does Dennis suggest when he realizes that the Jackal has been released?

That Maggie should stay close
To forget Bobby and leave
That him and Maggie should leave the family
To let themselves die

5. Which ghost is the "Borderline of Evil"?

The First Born Son
The Great Child
The Bound Woman
The Dire Mother

6. What does Dennis do when near dead things?

He gets possessed by them.
Their lives flash before his eyes.
He goes into seizures.
He dies for a moment.

7. Which ghost does NOT attack Dennis Rafkin?

The Jackal
The Juggernaut
The Hammer
The Torn Prince

8. How does Kalina die in this film?

She doesn't die.
The Juggernaut beats her to death.
She gets crushed between two walls.
She falls down a shaft.

9. Which two ghosts are with Bobby when he's alone in the halls?

The Withered Lover and The Bound Woman
The Great Child and The Jackal
The Bound Woman and The Torn Prince
The Pilgrimess and The Hammer

10. There are two ghosts that are ALWAYS together. Which two ghosts are they?

The Bound Woman and The Hammer
The Torn Prince and The First Born Son
The Great Child and The Dire Mother
The Jackal and The Juggernaut

11. How does The First Born Son die?

He gets an arrow through the head.
He was left to die in a fire.
He burns to death in a car.
He was beaten to death.

12. Which ghost is the first to be seen in the house?

The Angry Princess
The Torn Prince
The Hammer
The Pilgrimess

13. Why does The Angry Princess kill herself?

She doesn't, she dies in a house fire.
She hates her life.
She wants perfection.
She is terribly ugly.

14. Which of these does lawyer Ben Moss do?

He splits.
All of these
He tries to steal the Kriticos' fortune.
He taunts some of the ghosts.

15. Who really saves the day?