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"It reminds me of where I came from" - Carmelo Anthony on his love for the TV series 'The Wire'

Melo discussed his special connection to 'The Wire.'

During a 2023 interview on ‘First We Feast,’ Carmelo Anthony shared that he used to see 'The Wire' being filmed on his way to school in Baltimore. This early exposure ultimately contributed to the acclaimed HBO series becoming one of his “favorite shows.”

Every time I watch that show, it reminds me of where I came from. People are always telling me I watch that show too much…I watch it every time it is on,” Anthony said, per

Melo grew up in B'more

Anthony originally hails from New York City. The former NBA superstar was born there in 1984, and in 2011, he returned to the Big Apple to play for the Knicks until 2017. Melo also had a successful college career at Syracuse, just a few hours' drive from NYC.

However, long before his storied basketball career began, the now 40-year-old moved to Maryland at the age of eight and spent his formative years there. Growing up in the state's largest city proved to be challenging for a young but resilient Melo.

“Growing up in Baltimore, I have seen a lot, and it has really helped me mentally. That is why I just go hard every time out. I try to leave it out there on the court,” the 10-time All-Star recounted.

A special bond with the show

One of HBO's early flagship shows, 'The Wire,' premiered in 2002. It focused on the same period and related issues that Anthony alluded to, namely that B'more faced significant challenges such as poverty, crime, and drugs.

The show's five seasons, which concluded in 2008, have received critical acclaim, especially for its authenticity. Furthermore, ‘The Wire’ has won several awards and received two Primetime Emmy nominations.

One specific memory that many viewers of the show may have is the iconic orange couch. Not only did the young drug dealers depicted in the show often gather there, but a young Melo also walked past it countless times off-set, as the 2013 scoring champ mentioned.

Melo, who has ventured into acting himself, expressed his love for a few other TV shows in a 2021 interview. Apart from'The Wire', the retired forward mentioned ‘The Sopranos’, ‘Oz’, and ‘Game of Thrones’ as his all-time favorites, which surely makes for a great watchlist.

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