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Democracy Dies in Darkness
This is the first time the agency has recommended “universal” mask use.
CVS and Walgreens are the linchpins in a plan to vaccinate millions of nursing home residents in 50,000 settings across the country.
The Manchester Flames under-16 team practices on Nov. 24. (Adam Glanzman for The Post)
Scientists are studying hockey-related outbreaks hoping to find clues about the ideal conditions in which the coronavirus thrives — and how to stop it. Experts worry that ice rinks may trap the virus in an area that, by design, restricts airflow, temperature and humidity.
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Some warn that Republicans risk finding themselves out of step with their own voters, who are increasingly embracing the loosening of marijuana restrictions.
(Illustration by Eliana Rodgers for The Post)
Sincerely, MichellePerspective
White people gawking at or complimenting Black people for doing ordinary things is literally harming their health, research shows.
Allie Caren/The Washington Post
How TV shows are integrating covid-19 into their storylines
Medical dramas and sitcoms are looking to the coronavirus pandemic for material for their 2020 plots. Here is how covid-19 is shaping TV.
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The package leaves out some priorities among liberals such as another round of $1,200 stimulus payments.
The FixAnalysis
President Trump has implied there's no good way to vote in the state and that some former allies are now foes.
Presidential candidate and former Alabama governor George Wallace arrives in Boston for a rally in June 1968. (AP)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
In 1969, Congress almost approved a constitutional amendment to get rid of the electoral college. Instead the body will meet Dec. 14 to ratify Joe Biden’s election, despite President Trump’s refusal to concede.
Even with a U.N. pact, desperately needed humanitarian aid has yet to enter the embattled Tigray region.
At the Armenia Hotel in Nagorno-Karabakh, a group of fathers wait for any scrap of news or rumor.
Indian farmers wait for the outcome of a meeting with the government at the protest site on a highway at the Delhi-Haryana state border in India. (Manish Swarup/AP)
Farmers have blocked roads into Delhi to protest moves to deregulate the agricultural sector.
Carole Baskin of Netflix's “Tiger King” poses at the animal sanctuary she founded in Tampa, on Aug. 6. (Zack Wittman for The Washington Post)
The tiger attacked Candy Couser, who has volunteered at Big Cat Rescue for five years, when she reached into the cage to unclip a gate.
"My mother left her guard down for one moment — one moment. And in that swift moment, my entire family was affected," the nurse told CNN.
Courtney Farr did not hide his frustration when he penned the obituary describing the days his father spent struggling with the virus without the comfort of familiar faces.
Hundreds of people waited last month at a testing site at D.C. Fire Station 31 on Connecticut Avenue. (Ann Marimow/The Post)
D.C., Maryland and Virginia reported by far the highest single-day total for new coronavirus cases Friday, with 6,985 new infections.
The reform work group’s 104-page report comes amid nationwide anger over police violence and the killing of George Floyd.
Arlington Public Schools is seeing steep drops in literacy for English-learner children.
A protest outside a bar on Staten Island that was ordered closed. (Reuters)
Several problematic sites, for example, support financial transactions through Apple Pay, use Apple’s affiliate links or enable compatibility with Apple devices such as the iPhone, the Oxford researchers said.
The jobs report showed a continued slowing in the recovery as new closures and shutdowns in many states have begun to weigh on parts of the labor market and the larger economy.
As with the disease that spurred the recession, there's a long-haul problem with employment.
The CEO gave cash bribes to a Chinese drug regulatory official for nine years, aiding the company’s climb to the top of the country’s vaccine industry, court records show.
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"That’s one thing I miss," Buffalo Bills' Jake Fromm says, "is being around people.” (AP)
More NFL teams are employing quarantine quarterbacks to guard against possible coronavirus outbreaks. The job is not as easy as it sounds.
Smith has already defied every expectation by coming back from a gruesome leg injury in 2018. Now that he is Washington's starting quarterback again, a key question is how well he handles what he calls “the unchoreographed things.”
A year after finishing No. 19 in the country in total offense, the struggles under center have led to an offense ranked 117th nationally with just 310 yards per game.
Whatever business there is to tackle will take place virtually, though there will not be any sort of official Virtual Winter Meetings.
The Players Alliance is touring the country to make sure momentum from this summer's discussions about race in America doesn't end.
(Skip Bolen/Showtime)
TV Review
In Showtime’s limited series, a New Orleans judge tries to cover up his son’s deadly crime.
Critic’s Notebook
A book critic’s introduction to contemporary poets was a trial by fire. 
The real-life inspiration for Steve McQueen’s “Red, White and Blue” documents his career in law enforcement in “Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop.”
Book Review
What drove artists Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe to risk everything?
Creations expose artwork to nature’s processes and the effects of time.