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This subject of this article goes by multiple names that apply to other articles as well. See Optimus Prime (disambiguation), Nemesis Prime (disambiguation).

Optimus Prime is the Autobot leader from the live-action film continuity family.
Hello, pretty bird. GIVE ME YOUR FACE.

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. Long ago, he was the humble leader of Cybertron's science division, which studied the AllSpark, and were protected by Lord High Protector Megatron's military. When Megatron was corrupted by The Fallen, Optimus discovered that he was the last of the Dynasty of Primes, hidden away when The Fallen destroyed their lineage. In response to Megatron's attempts to seize the AllSpark and conquer other worlds, Optimus assumed his proper title and rallied the Autobots to stand against the Decepticons.

As obsessively as Megatron strives to achieve his objective, Optimus is equally as dedicated to stopping him, even at the cost of his life, his world, and—if necessary—his own people. It was on his order that the AllSpark was jettisoned into space, dooming Cybertron to a slow death and his people to a nomadic life. The sacrifices he has made weigh heavily on his spark, but they must be done, for there is no other choice. He knows the ambitions that lurk in Megatron's spark, and they must never see the light of day. Lives must be kept free from the threat of Megatron's tyranny, no matter the cost. This obsession with the defeat of Megatron has robbed Optimus of some of his early idealism. This has created a certain ruthlessness beneath his otherwise honest and caring personality. Prime is not one for second chances and is willing to consider any action that might lead to victory, short of directly sacrificing those he cares about.

You just wanna die for the guy! That's leadership... or brainwashin', or somethin'.
No... that's Optimus Prime.

Crosshairs and Drift on their leader, Age of Extinction




The six movies are the primary component of the live-action movie continuity family. Their events should be taken as canon for all other pieces of fiction listed below, unless otherwise specified.

Transformers film

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Andrei Yaroslavtsev (Russian), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Reiner Schöne (German), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jung Goo Lee (Korean), Blas Garcia (Latin-American Spanish), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain-Spanish), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Shailendra Pandey (Hindi), Tibor Kristóf (Hungarian), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ayhan Kahya (Turkish, theatrical and home media), Payidar Tüfekçioğlu (Turkish, VOD)
"I will peer into your spark..." Wait wait wrong line.
"I will peer into your aplahds" sorry sorry.
CUT, read the script, you're supposed to say "I am Optimus Prime"
"Okay okay I got it"...

Optimus Prime and his Autobots were forced to depart their homeworld of Cybertron thousands of years ago, after the life-giving AllSpark was lost to the far reaches of space. In the year 2007, having received word from Bumblebee that the AllSpark was on the planet Earth, Optimus brought his troops to the small, blue world. After descending through Earth's atmosphere in his transition form, Optimus scanned a passing truck, then quickly learned the planet's languages via the internet. Meeting up with Bumblebee, Prime and his men were introduced to Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, with whom Prime shared their history and their reason for being on Earth.

Like a Boss.

Prime and the Autobots returned with Sam to his house, so that he could obtain for them a family heirloom: a pair of glasses belonging to his ancestor Archibald Witwicky, which contained the location of the AllSpark encoded across its lenses. Prime had his troops wait outside while Sam and Mikaela searched for the glasses, but the Autobot leader's thunderous footsteps, clumsy attempts to hide, and general impatience made the whole experience quite a trial. Nevertheless, the Autobots managed to keep themselves hidden from Sam's parents long enough for Sam to find the glasses—at which point, the forces of Sector Seven arrived to take Sam and Mikaela into custody. Prime intercepted the S7 convoy, tearing the roof off the SUV containing the two kids and demanding that the organization's director Seymour Simmons release them. Sector Seven back-up soon arrived, however, forcing Prime to hide beneath a bridge, carrying Sam and Mikaela on his shoulders. When the humans slipped, Bumblebee was forced to break cover to rescue them, which resulted in all three of them being captured by S7. Now in possession of the glasses which could tell him the location of the AllSpark, Optimus remorsefully left Bumblebee in Sector Seven's hands despite protestations from Jazz and Ironhide; Prime was unwilling to employ the deadly force he knew would be required to save their teammate, as he knew humanity held the potential to be something great.

Swiss army Prime.
Using the glasses to trace the AllSpark to the Hoover Dam, Prime led his men there, but while they were en route, the Decepticons who were also in hiding on the planet launched an attack on the facility. Sam, Mikaela, Bumblebee and the forces of Sector Seven met up with Prime and his team on the road, and they all headed for nearby Mission City to hide the AllSpark. On the way, Prime was attacked by Bonecrusher; a brief but brutal struggle followed, concluding when Prime succeeded in decapitating the hate-filled Decepticon. Joining his men in the streets of Mission City, Prime was met in battle by his ancient enemy Megatron, who quickly proved to be superior both in physical strength and in terms of firepower.
"You, Kakarot. I choose you to be the first of my victims."
Realizing that there was only one way to end the fighting, Optimus instructed Sam to push the AllSpark into his chest if all hope seemed lost, which would merge the cube with his own spark, destroying both it and himself. As it turned out, Sam did just the opposite, instead thrusting it into Megatron's chest, killing the Decepticon leader and destroying the AllSpark. Prime regretted the necessity of the action, but knew there had been no other choice.

Though the Decepticons were defeated and their bodies dumped in the Laurentian Abyss by the military, the loss of the AllSpark meant the Autobots were unable to use its power to restore their homeworld. Electing to remain on Earth, Prime sent a message into deep space to any surviving Autobots in the galaxy to come to join them there. Transformers

Optimus Prime's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the novels "Transformers," "Transformers: The Junior Novel" and "The Quest for the AllSpark"; the "Transformers: Movie Adaptation" and "Movie Trilogy" comics; the activity book "Look and Find Transformers"; and the storybooks "Optimus Prime Versus Megatron," "Sam's New Car," "Transformers Play-a-Sound," "Transformers Mix & Match," "Meet the Autobots," "Meet the Decepticons," and "Transformers: The Movie Storybook." In the comic book and novel adaptations of the film, Prime also kills Barricade after his altercation with Bonecrusher.

Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Reiner Schöne (German), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jung Goo Lee (Korean), Andrei Yaroslavtsev (Russian), Blas Garcia (Latin-American Spanish), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain-Spanish), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Shailendra Pandey (Hindi), Imre Szélyes (Hungarian), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ayhan Kahya (Turkish, theatrical and home media), Volkan Ateş Akyılmaz (Turkish, VOD)
My OptiPrime don't want none
Unless he's got GUNS

In the two years which followed the events in Mission City, Optimus Prime and the Autobots—including a group of new arrivals who had responded to Prime's message—became part of a Transformer/human military group called NEST. Together, they hunted down the remaining Decepticons in hiding across Earth. After a destructive clash with Demolishor in Shanghai went awry, Optimus was air-dropped onto a highway and crippled the Decepticon. Demolishor taunted Optimus about the mysterious force known as "The Fallen", who would rise again. Prime ensured that Demolishor would not be around to see it, as he unceremoniously executed him.

Optimus' rampage through the Hundred Acre Wood left no survivors.

When the Decepticon Ravage stole the remaining shard of the AllSpark from NEST's Diego Garcia base, Optimus Prime arranged a meeting with Sam Witwicky, who had since left home to go to college, hoping for the boy's help. Sam, unfortunately, was presently focused on having some semblance of a normal life, and was not receptive Optimus's pleas, but Optimus feared that the choice to be involved would soon be taken out of Sam's hands. This soon proved true when Megatron—resurrected by the AllSpark shard—abducted Sam to draw out the wisdom of the AllSpark that was hidden within the human's mind. Optimus and Bumblebee ambushed the Decepticons in the abandoned industrial complex where Sam was being held and managed to whisk the boy away, but Megatron, Starscream and Grindor gave chase, resulting in a ferocious three-on-one battle between Prime and the Decepticons in the depths of the nearby forest. Prime held his own, even managing to kill Grindor, but the underhanded Megatron was able to impale him on his pincer-blade and blast him open with point-blank shot. Although the rest of the Autobots soon arrived and drove off Megatron and Starscream, Optimus Prime was dead.

This is what happens when you get close to Nui Harime.
Prime's body was brought back to Diego Garcia, but was soon covertly transported to Egypt by William Lennox and Robert Epps when they got word from Sam that he had discovered a possible means of restoring the Autobot leader to life: the Matrix of Leadership. In the midst of a battle between the Autobots and The Fallen's Decepticons in the Egyptian desert, Sam plunged the Matrix into Optimus's chest, and his gamble proved successful, as Optimus Prime lived again. To help Prime defeat The Fallen and destroy his sun-harvesting weapon hidden within the Great Pyramid of Giza, the turncoat Decepticon Jetfire sacrificed his life, entreating Prime to use his parts to gain "a power he had never known".
I'm bringing sexy back.
Ratchet and Jolt transplanted Jetfire's remains onto Prime's body, upgrading him into a heavily-armed, flight-capable powerhouse. Prime immediately took flight and disabled the harvester, after which he engaged The Fallen in battle. Megatron attempted to intervene, but Optimus overpowered his old enemy and used his own fusion cannon to shoot half his face off. Resuming his fight with The Fallen, Optimus tore the ancient Decepticon's face off, and when the villain attempted to flee, Prime punched through his abdomen and crushed his spark, finally killing him.

On the return voyage home, Optimus thanked Sam for saving his life, as the boy thanked the Autobot leader for believing in him. Following this, Optimus Prime sent another transmission into space, detailing recent events so that the pasts of both races would be remembered, and also declaring that Humanity and the Autobots would face the future together. Revenge of the Fallen

Optimus Prime's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the novels "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," "Revenge of the Fallen: The Junior Novel" and "The Last Prime"; the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Official Movie Adaptation" and "Movie Trilogy" comics; and the storybooks "I Am Optimus Prime," "Operation Autobot," "Rise of the Decepticons," "When Robots Attack!," "Ratchet to the Rescue," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Electronic Voice Changer" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Mix & Match." The publications targeted at younger readers tending to downplay Optimus's ferocity—in several, he defeats The Fallen not by killing him, but by hurling him into space. In the novelization of the film, Prime is not killed by Megatron's attack, but rather sent into stasis lock, and would have stayed that way for years if not for Sam's intervention.

Dark of the Moon film

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Reiner Schöne (German), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Andrei Yaroslavtsev (Russian), Blas Garcia (Latin American-Spanish), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain-Spanish), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Akshay Kumar (Hindi), Imre Szélyes (Hungarian), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ayhan Kahya (Turkish, theatrical and home media), Volkan Ateş Akyılmaz (Turkish, VOD)
Chevron seven locked.

Three years after the defeat of The Fallen, the Autobots and NEST took to dealing with human conflicts in the absence of the Decepticons. Optimus's vehicle mode was now complemented by a large transformable trailer, containing an armory of various weapons and flight equipment. While investigating a tip that a piece of Cybertronian technology could be found in the ruins of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Optimus and his NEST allies were attacked by Shockwave and his pet Driller, who attempted to steal the component. Optimus drove off Shockwave and his monstrous "pet", but was perturbed to discover that the recovered Cybertronian tech was a piece of the ancient Autobot spacecraft known as the Ark—flagship of his mentor and predecessor, Sentinel Prime, and believed destroyed during the war on Cybertron millennia beforehand.

"Callin' all trucks, this here's the duck. We're about to go a-huntin' bear."

Demanding an explanation from National Intelligence Director Charlotte Mearing, Prime learned from both her and astronaut Buzz Aldrin that humanity had discovered the ruins of the Ark on Earth's moon in the 1960s. Travelling to the moon with Ratchet aboard the Xantium, Prime discovered the comatose form of Sentinel within the Ark's crash vault, along with a small fraction of the special cargo the Ark had been carrying—five pillars capable of opening a space bridge. Optimus brought his old mentor back to Earth and used the Matrix of Leadership to reactivate him; showing him the peace and beauty of Earth, Optimus expressed his willingness to cede leadership back to Sentinel once more, but Sentinel refused.

Sentinel, can you put that sword somewhere else so we can talk?

Unfortunately, it would soon transpire that Sentinel was in league with Megatron, when he murdered Ironhide and brought the pillars to Washington, D.C.. A shocked Optimus confronted his mentor at the National Mall reflecting pool, pleading with him to stop, but Sentinel was unmoved, and opened a space bridge through which at 200 Decepticon troops launched a vicious assault on the city. In the chaos that followed, Optimus tried to fight Sentinel; Sentinel defeated him, but spared his life in the belief he would come around to his side eventually. Naturally, Optimus refused, which led to Sentinel publicly denouncing him and his Autobots as rebels, falsely leading humanity to believe that their planet would be spared if they exiled Optimus's team into space aboard the Xantium. Appearing to willingly comply, Optimus suspected Decepticon treachery—and he was right, as Starscream fired upon the Xantium soon after launch, destroying it. To all watching, it appeared Optimus and the Autobots had been destroyed, but in actuality, Prime had had his men hide within one of the ship's booster rockets, which had detached before the vessel's destruction.

"That's my secret, Captain. I always want faces."

Optimus's team headed for Chicago, which had been conquered by the Decepticons in their absence, and arrived just in time to rescue Sam, Epps and a team of former NEST soldiers from a Decepticon fighter ship. Venturing into the heart of the city, the Autobots were ambushed by Shockwave and the Driller, and Prime was separated from his trailer in the brawl. Leaving his Autobots to battle on without him, Prime quickly recovered the trailer and donned the flight tech within, which he used slay the Driller. Unfortunately, he was then blasted by Shockwave and wound up tangled in the cables of a construction crane, temporarily taking him out of the fight.

By the time the Wreckers cut Optimus free, Sentinel had activated his space bridge and begun teleporting Cybertron itself into Earth's Solar System. Prime went on a rampage, scything through the Decepticons on the main battlefield on his way to a final confrontation with Shockwave; after killing the cyclopean Decepticon, he used Shockwave's own cannon to blast the space bridge's control pillar, stalling Cybertron's transportation.
Hey, you guys remember when Optimus Prime used to crack jokes and play basketball? Good times.
Optimus then demanded that Sentinel face him; his one-time mentor complied, and the pair engaged one another in a battle which Optimus initially dominated, but in which Sentinel eventually got the upper hand when he sliced off Prime's right arm. Before Sentinel could deliver a killing blow, however, Megatron himself intervened, attacking the elder Prime from behind and heavily damaging him. Megatron proposed a truce to Optimus, wishing only to be in charge of the Decepticons again; Optimus's response was to plunge his energon axe into Megatron's head and tear it from his shoulders, killing his eternal foe once more. The damaged and helpless Sentinel begged for mercy, claiming that all he ever wanted was their race's survival, but Optimus refused, claiming Sentinel didn't betray the Autobots, but rather himself. With bitter regret, Optimus executed his treacherous master with Megatron's shotgun. With Cybertron now apparently destroyed by the deactivation of the space bridge, Prime and the Autobots accepted Earth as their new home, and Optimus declared that the Autobots would never forsake the defense of the planet or its people. Dark of the Moon
Optimus Prime's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the novels "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Junior Novel"; the "Transformers: Dark of the Moon Movie Adaptation" and "Movie Trilogy" comics; and the storybooks "Autobots Versus Decepticons," "The Lost Autobot," "Optimus Prime's Friends and Foes," "Bumblebee's Best Friend," "Dark of the Moon: Action Pop-ups!" and "Transformers: Dark of the Moon Mix & Match." Numerous adaptations targeted at younger readers scaled back the film's violence. In the comic book and novel adaptations of the film, Optimus accepts Megatron's truce and allows him to leave, and he kills Sentinel not with Megatron's gun, but with Sentinel's own Cosmic Rust cannon.

Age of Extinction film

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Andrei Yaroslavtsev (Russian), Reiner Schöne (German), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Alfonso Ramírez (Latin American Spanish), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain - Spanish), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Shailendra Pandey (Hindi), Imre Szélyes (Hungarian), Sławomir Pacek (Polish), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Arun Alexander (Tamil), Srinivasa Moorthy (Telugu), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ayhan Kahya (Turkish)
Optimus' years of hard drinking and wild partying had finally caught up with him.

Following the battle in Chicago and the dissolution of NEST, the US government continued granting Optimus and the other Autobots asylum on Earth, in spite of the negative reputation the Autobots had gained. The White House believed that Harold Attinger was working alongside Optimus Prime to hunt down the last of the Decepticon fugitives; what the President didn't know was that Attinger's Cemetery Wind taskforce had began hunting down Autobots and terminating them. Learning of the betrayal, Optimus broadcast an urgent message to the Autobots on Earth, ordering his troops to cut off all contact with humans and go into hiding. Optimus successfully evaded Cemetery Wind for several years, but was eventually pinned down in Mexico, caught in an ambush set by Attinger's lieutenant James Savoy and their Cybertronian ally, the bounty hunter Lockdown. Though badly wounded, Prime threw off his pursuers by scanning a dilapidated cab-over truck, and fled north to Paris, Texas, where he hid in an abandoned movie theater and succumbed to stasis lock induced by his grevious injuries.

Cade Yeager was able to rebuild Optimus in a BARN! With a BOX OF SCRAPS!

Prime remained inert until aspiring roboticist Cade Yeager visited the theater for salvage. Hoping to strip the seemingly ordinary truck and sell the parts, he purchased Optimus and towed him home to his workshop, whereupon his examination of the truck's unusual inner workings led him to realize he had discovered a Transformer. Though Cade's daughter Tessa and partner Lucas wanted to turn Optimus in for a cash reward, Cade argued against it, wanting to increase his technical expertise by studying Optimus's systems further. To prove that the Transformer was "dead" and unable to retaliate, Cade opened the truck up and discovered a live missile from the truck's inner workings. When the missile was removed, Optimus suddenly awoke and transformed into robot mode. Confused and disoriented, Optimus threatened the humans, but Cade was able to calm him down, and offered to help repair him as best he could. Before he could get very far, Savoy's forces stormed the farm, forcing Optimus to hide underneath the barn, but when Savoy threatened Tessa's life, Optimus burst from concealment to aid his new human friends. A running battle with Lockdown ensued, culminating in an abandoned factory, where Prime regrouped with the Yaegers and Tessa's boyfriend Shane Dyson and escaped.

Cemetery Wind would never think to go after a red and blue truck covered in flames!
After confirming that they had shaken their pursuers, Optimus summoned the surviving Autobots to a rendezvous point in the desert, scanning a passing truck on the way to adopt a new alternate mode and repair his injuries. Reuniting with Bumblebee, Drift, Crosshairs, and Hound, an angry and embittered Prime announced his intent to break his long-held vow and kill the humans responsible for the Autobots' suffering. With Cade's help, the Autobots learned that the bodies of their fallen comrades were being taken to Kinetic Solutions Incorporated in Chicago, where they were being melted down for raw material to produce KSI's own Transformers. Enraged to learn that Ratchet had recently suffered this gruesome fate, Optimus led the Autobots in a furious attack on KSI, but stopped short of killing company head Joshua Joyce when the human shamed him by declaring the mankind had advanced past the Transformers.
I need a face. AND I'M LOOKIN' AT YOURS!
The Autobots pulled out, but Attinger ordered KSI creations "Galvatron" and Stinger to be sent after them; Optimus faced off against Galvatron, but before the battle could conclude, Lockdown shot down Optimus and dragged him away.

Imprisoned aboard Lockdown's ship, Optimus learned that the bounty hunter had been hired by the Transformers' mysterious creators to round up their renegade creations, starting with the ancient "knights" to whom the ship had once belonged, a group that Optimus himself had apparently once been part of. Optimus was soon rescued by his fellow Autobots, and they escaped by detaching the section of the ship they were in from the main body without Lockdown's notice. After the team regrouped, Brains revealed that Galvatron was, in fact, a rebuilt Megatron, and was planning to detonate a cyberforming seed—given to Attinger by Lockdown—in Hong Kong. Though Prime lacked a strong reason to defend humankind after his recent experiences, Cade petitioned him to have faith in, if not humanity itself, then in their potential to be better.

I have a giant robot dinosaur. Your argument is invalid.
Arriving in Hong Kong, the Autobots' stolen ship was shot down by Galvatron's forces and crashed in the Wulong Valley. In need of reinforcements, Optimus took a shield and sword from the ship's armory and freed the other captive knights aboard the ship, the Dinobots, and proposed that they let him lead them into battle. Their leader Grimlock was not receptive to this idea, and challenged Optimus, but the Autobot leader triumphed over him, and offered Grimlock freedom under his leadership, or death under his foot. Grimlock conceded defeat, and allowed Optimus to ride him into battle in his massive Tyrannosaurus rex mode. The Autobot-Dinobot alliance decimated Galvatron's army, forcing the Decepticon to retreat, but just when it seemed the day was won, Lockdown returned. Optimus disabled Lockdown's ship's tractor beam in order to allow his comrades to pull back while he faced the bounty hunter alone; during the course of their one-on-one fight, Optimus was forced to briefly break away to save Cade's life by shooting Attinger.
So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately
Everyone deserves a chance to fly!
Unfortunately, this distraction allowed Lockdown to impale Optimus on his own sword, immobilizing him, but Bumblebee and Cade intervened to hold off Lockdown while Shane and Tessa freed Optimus, enabling him to finally kill Lockdown. Optimus set off one of Lockdown's grenades to finish off Galvatron's remaining drones, and flew the humans to safety as it detonated.

After releasing the Dinobots from his command, Optimus prepared to depart into space, to both remove the seed from Earth, and to investigate the mystery of his creators, who still had a price on his head. His innate faith in humanity reignited by Cade and his family and friends, Optimus entreated the humans to think of one of the stars as his soul, and instructed the Autobots to guard the Yaegers, their allies, and all the humans they could.

As he left the planet, Optimus sent a message to the creators: leave Earth alone, because he was coming for them... Age of Extinction

The Last Knight film

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Andrei Yaroslavtsev (Russian), Reiner Schöne (German), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Blas Garcia (Latin American Spanish), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain - Spanish), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Shailendra Pandey (Hindi), Imre Szélyes (Hungarian), Sławomir Pacek (Polish), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ayhan Kahya (Turkish)
He's alive!

Optimus's decision proved a foolish one, however, as he exhausted his Energon in the vicinity of Jupiter and fell into stasis lock, drifting through space. When Cybertron entered the Sol system, its gravitational pull affected Optimus and caused him to crash land on his homeworld, its atmosphere reviving him. Optimus awoke and despaired at the state of Cybertron. It was at this point that Quintessa made herself known to Optimus, claiming to be his creator. Optimus cared very little for that and demanded to know what she'd done to Cybertron, trying to attack her when she refused to answer him, only to be overwhelmed by her powers and her Infernocons. Quintessa accused Optimus of destroying Cybertron, but Optimus protested that Megatron had started the Great War. Quintessa however, retorted Optimus was responsible for Cybertron's state as he had been the one to launch the AllSpark.

Such folly and futility in the grand design.

With the Prime in chains, Quintessa explained her plan to him and why she needed him. She revealed to him that the Earth had formed around the body of Unicron and that she wanted Optimus to retrieve her staff from the Knights of Iacon on Earth. With the staff, Quintessa would drain the life out of Unicron and use his energy to revive Cybertron. Brainwashing Optimus into "Nemesis Prime", she sent him back to Earth to complete the task.

Happy birthday, Kryptonian. I give you oblivion.

Nemesis Prime arrived back on Earth in the Knights' ship and slew two of their number before demanding that Viviane Wembly hand over the staff. His former ally Cade Yeager tried to reason with Optimus but Nemesis Prime reasserted his identity and claimed to fight only for Cybertron and its people. Once Viviane had handed over the staff, Santos (futilely) opened fire on Nemesis, who swatted the TRF aside with his shotgun and exited the ship. On the surface, Nemesis was assaulted by Bumblebee, whom the Prime easily bested in combat before the sound of Bumblebee's true voice allowed Optimus Prime to return.

It was at this point that Optimus' obsession with faces went too far.
The moment was short lived, as Megatron flew in to steal the staff and the Knights arrived to slay Optimus for serving "Quintessa the Deceiver". While Optimus offered no resistance, viewing his execution as proper atonement, Cade managed to activate the Talisman and call off the Knights. Optimus then allied with the Knights and they flew off in the Knight Ship to confront Megatron and Quintessa on Cybertron. Arriving on Dragonstorm, Optimus finally destroyed Infernocus by decapitating all six Infernocons in a single mighty swing of his sword, reminding them that he is Optimus Prime.

In the ignition chamber, Optimus engaged his old foe once again who tried to reignite their old friendship and offered Optimus the chance to stand beside them as they restored Cybertron. Optimus rebuked him, and was forced on the defensive before his fellow Autobots intervened and the Prime kicked Megatron out the side of the chamber.. Optimus then distracted Quintessa so Bumblebee could slay her when her defences were down as Vivian removed the staff, stopping Cybertron's destruction of Earth but leaving the two planets connected to one another. Optimus saved Cade and Vivian from falling to their death and, to the relief of their human allies, emerged from the destruction of the ignition chamber in his alternate mode with the two humans in his cab.

Despite the destruction of Earth being stopped, enough of Unicron's life force had been transmitted to Cybertron that it could again support its people. Optimus reflected that both humans and Cybertronians would have to work together to rebuild both their worlds before he sent out a call for all Autobots across the galaxy to return to Cybertron so they could begin rebuilding. The Last Knight

Bumblebee film

Boxy and blocky is the new sexy.
Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English), Jon Bailey (English international trailers), Tesshō Genda (Japanese), Wang Kai (Chinese), Jacques Frantz (European French), Guy Nadon (Canadian French), Alessandro Rossi (Italian), Jordi Boixaderas (Spain-Spanish), Blas Garcia (Latin-American Spanish), Reiner Schöne (German), Zdeněk Maryška (Czech), Shailendra Pandey (Hindi), Imre Szélyes (Hungarian), Sławomir Pacek (Polish), Guilherme Briggs (Portuguese), Thongchai Chanchamni (Thai), Ahyan Kahya (Turkish)
Bumblebee takes place before the other films (supposedly), but was released last. As such, it is placed at the bottom here.
Hey, it's like the scene in the '86 film but with more three-dimension-ess!

Leader of the Autobot rebels during the war for Cybertron, Optimus Prime took part in the final battle for Cybertron against the Decepticons. Though he dispatched numerous Seekers in the fight, he soon concluded that the Autobots were on the brink of being overrun by the Decepticon advance. As the Autobot rearguard battled Soundwave, Starscream, and Shockwave, Optimus explained to his troops that they would need to abandon Cybertron and regroup elsewhere in the galaxy, and as they headed to a nearby launchpad. Prime explained to his scout, B-127, that he had selected Earth as the site of a new Autobot base, instructing him to reconnoiter the planet while he and the other refugees gathered Autobots throughout the galaxy to rendezvous at Earth.

As the other Autobots evacuated via escape pods, Optimus Prime stayed behind to delay any pursuit, leaping from the launchpad just as the Decepticons brought it down and fighting on alone. Soundwave confronted him, forcing Optimus to struggle briefly against Ravage. Though Optimus fought Ravage off, the distraction cost him his gun and allowed the Decepticons to surround him. Together, they advanced on the outnumbered and defenseless Autobot leader.

Prime was somehow able to escape the Decepticons and leave Cybertron; at some point afterwards, the Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick fruitlessly attempted to interrogate Cliffjumper about Prime's whereabouts. What the Decepticons didn't know was that Prime had landed on Earth shortly before the other Autobots made planetfall, and adopted a cab-over truck mode as a terrestrial disguise. It was in this form that he met up with B-127—now calling himself "Bumblebee"—on the Golden Gate Bridge after Bumblebee and Charlie Watson parted ways.

That night, Prime and Bumblebee took refuge in a nearby forest, with Optimus thanking the scout for his efforts and commending his bravery as they watched more Autobot escape crafts descend to Earth. Bumblebee

Optimus Prime's involvement in the preceding events, or events mostly similar, were also chronicled in the novel "Transformers: Bumblebee: The Junior Novel".


Ghosts of Yesterday

Before coming to Earth, Optimus Prime led the search for the AllSpark in the transport vessel, the Ark. In 1969, Earth-time, in an abandoned solar system, Prime and the crew discovered a vessel of strangely Cybertronian design, which they pursued to a nearby planet. Prime dispatched Bumblebee to the surface to investigate the ship while he and the other Autobots battled Decepticons from the Nemesis; Prime personally took on and defeated Blackout, Scorponok, and Frenzy. Contact having been lost with Bumblebee during the fight, Prime headed down to the planet to join him, where a joint attack by Starscream and the alien ship sent the two Autobots tumbling into a subterranean cavern network.

Fleeing an attack by indigenous worm-creatures, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee came across the alien vessel, which Prime deduced was trying to surrender. Lines of communication were opened, and Prime realized that Starscream had duped the little aliens into attacking him. However, the creatures, who called themselves "humans", explained that they held Megatron, whom they called the Ice Man, on their home world, Earth. Realizing the destruction Megatron would wreak upon the defenseless humans if he escaped, Prime vowed to see them return to their world to warn it.

Prime blasted a way out of the caverns, but on the way back to the Ark, the Decepticons attacked again, and Prime found himself in the difficult position of fighting Starscream and protecting the human ship. Speared by Bonecrusher's tail, Optimus seemed doomed to perish at Starscream's hand until the humans interceded, opening fire on Starscream. The Decepticon destroyed the humans and their ship in retaliation, but Optimus Prime, inspired by their courage and sacrifice, resolved to locate Earth—and the AllSpark which he speculated had come to rest there—before the Decepticons did... and hopefully before Megatron came back online. Ghosts of Yesterday

The Veiled Threat

I know Megatron. I know all of you. You would not have taken the AllSpark and left this world in peace. You would have subdued it and made slaves of its people. Even in the absence of the AllSpark, my conscience and that of my friends could not have allowed that.

—Optimus Prime to Macerator

Following the battle for the AllSpark in Mission City and the formation of NEST, Optimus and Lennox led a team of Autobots to investigate a Decepticon sighting in Zambia. They found a trap waiting for them, which resulted in Optimus being dragged over Victoria Falls by the Decepticon Macerator; Prime saved himself by grabbing an outcropping and was hauled to safety by rookie Autobot Beachbreak's tow line, but Starscream then killed Beachbreak in retaliation. Prime took the Autobot's death personally, regarding it as a failure of his leadership. The team proceeded to hunt down their Decepticons prey, and after a lengthy fight at the Kariba dam, Optimus decapitated Macerator. The other Decepticons escaped however, and Optimus prevented Ironhide from firing after Dropkick for fear of harming nearby humans.

Another mission to Australia saw Optimus and his team spend days searching the outback for Decepticons, during which they discussed the possibility that the Decepticons might be hunting for energy to resurrect Megatron. Optimus doubted there was an energy source on the planet that could do so. They eventually encountered Kickback, Trample and Tread, three Constructicons mining for minerals. Optimus found Kickback's sonic charge weapon to be a challenge, but with some help from Lennox, killed the Decepticon.

The narrow streets of Rome proved a challenge for Optimus's truck mode to navigate when NEST travelled there to hunt down Deadend and Swindle. After Knockout dealt to the two Decepticons, a furious Starscream challenged Optimus to one-on-one combat in the nearby Colosseum. Naturally it was a trap — Starscream had allied himself with a human, Bruno Carrera, and together they trapped Optimus in a pit and set Barricade on him. With the help of four humans, Optimus broke free, threw Barricade into the pit and sealed him there. He then had only to show his face outside to where Starscream was fighting Ironhide, Ratchet and Salvage, and the would-be Decepticon leader fled. The Veiled Threat



After the massive battle in Egypt and the defeat of The Fallen, NEST continued to hunt Decepticons around the Earth. When a trio of Decepticons attacked the United States Air Force Nevada Test and Training Range, Optimus Prime and Ironhide responded; Optimus attempted to talk Dropshot into abandoning the Decepticon cause, but was forced to kill him when he attempted to kill some human soldiers. Likewise, when Bombshock threatened to blow up some humans, Optimus and Ironhide took him down with a pincer movement they had practised during the war back on Cybertron, in the Battle of Polyhex. Returning to base, Optimus took part in a meeting of some generals, though he had to talk his way into doing so, as they were initially reluctant to include the aliens. Optimus disagreed that the Decepticons' target was Area 51 and correctly deduced it to be Hawthorne Army Depot. When he arrived there with Ironhide, Bumblebee and Ratchet were already engaged in a battle with Reverb, however the Decepticon's personal force field made him impossible to hit and he did substantial damage to Prime. Once the shield was eliminated, Optimus defeated Reverb. Though Reverb asked Optimus to finish him off, Optimus instead took him prisoner. He also talked General Marcus into allowing Kevin Bowman to join NEST. Switching Gears

After supervising a test of a prototype Hyperdynamix tank, Optimus returned to the NEST Rapid Response Base for a briefing on a new Cybertronian storehouse detected at Battle Mountain. Before they had a chance to investigate, Optimus was forced to go defend Hyperdynamix against Decepticon attackers and was kept busy there trying to find the three aggressors. Battle Mountain

During a visit to Hyperdynamix Aerospace to learn about the HODDIS station intended to track incoming Cybertronians, and the satellite with which Dr. Porter intended to wipe out the Decepticons, incoming meteoroids were detected. Optimus and his team went to the crash site in Idaho, and found themselves having to fight the giant robot centipedes which came out of the meteoroids. Despite suffering major damage, Optimus was able to dispatch two of them on his own. Satellite of Doom

IDW movie comics

Optimus: Hey Sentinel! Wouldn't it be funny if you died on a ship, came back to life using the Matrix, betrayed your own kin, aided Megatron and killed my right-hand man? Sentinel: Heh, heh, heh. That'll never happen!

Optimus Prime was the last surviving descendant of the Dynasty of Primes, orphaned and hidden away to protect him from the evil of The Fallen. Revenge of the Fallen #3 Optimus grew up with no knowledge of who he was, and was eventually found by Sentinel Prime, who claimed to be descended from Primus himself. Joining Sentinel's tribe of "Autobots", Optimus worked with his teacher and other pupils Megatron and Elita-One to restore order to an energy-starved Cybertron by helping to locate the lost AllSpark, buried far beneath Cybertron's surface. Re-energized by a star harnessed by the science of Wheeljack, the AllSpark restored life and energy to Cybertron, unifying the planet once more, but the old and weary Sentinel Prime had no desire to lead this new, united populace. At last, he revealed to Optimus the secret of his heritage, and that he, as "Optimus Prime", ought to succeed him as leader. Foundation #1 Unable to believe that he was a Prime, Optimus turned the role down, proposing instead that he investigate Cybertron's history, in an attempt to bring some of the good the Primes created back to the world. Accordingly, Sentinel redrew his plans for Cybertron, having Optimus lead the archaeological Science Division, while placing Megatron in charge of Cybertron's Defense Force. Foundation #2 Alas, neither Sentinel nor Optimus realized that Megatron had eavesdropped on their conversation. Foundation #1 Megatron was consumed with anger and jealousy at the knowledge that he was Sentinel's second choice, and further lost all respect for Prime because he had turned down an incredible birthright. Foundation #2 Nevertheless, the pair were able to govern Cybertron together for two generations, their two personalities creating a balance; Prime was fair while Megatron was firm. Movie Prequel #1 When Malcontent activity opposing Sentinel's order began escalating, however, Megatron intimidated Optimus into giving him supreme power in defense of the planet. Foundation #2

"Hey, I wanted a mouthplate!"

When Lord High Protector Megatron toured a Science Division excavation site near the AllSpark temple at Simfur, he and Optimus clashed over several issues; all Megatron cared about was whether the site contained power similar to the AllSpark, while Optimus insisted on taking things slowly with the reminder that it was his division was in charge of the proceedings. Subsequently, after the dig uncovered a mysterious relic, Optimus and Megatron's argument over what should be done with it was interrupted by an attack from aliens from the neighbouring Eshems Nebula. Megatron ordered that the relic be taken to his personal quarters for protection during the battle, and Optimus could not argue. Defiance #1 After the aliens were repelled, Optimus ordered his science teams to help the survivors of the attack while he went to confer with Megatron, only to nearly come to blows with the High Protector when he demanded that Optimus marshal the Science Division for war against the aliens. Fear that Megatron sought to divide Cybertron, Optimus called a meeting of the Science Division and appealed to all those who served under him not to join Megatron on his crusade, asking them instead to stay by his side and continue on with their mission of peaceful research. Defiance #2 With help from closest confidants Prowl and Jazz, Optimus broke into Megatron's quarters in search of some clue to his brother-in-arms' sudden compulsion towards war, but only had time to observe that the enigmatic relic had somehow been restored to pristine condition before he was forced to leave to avoid detection. Defiance #3

Guys, stop look'n at me! I'm transforming here!
Returning to Science Division headquarters, Optimus was greeted with a stunning discovery: Ratchet, Elita-One and Arcee had uncovered other ancient artefacts, each of which bore a symbol that matched one on Optimus's helmet: a symbol that proved Optimus was indeed a descendant of the Dynasty of Primes. Prime went with Arcee and Ratchet to the excavation site, where they discussed the ramifications of this new information, only for the group to be apprehended for treason by an unwilling Prowl, forced to do so on the orders of Megatron. This turned out to be a trap, however: while they were being escorted to the city of Metrotitan, Megatron's forces ambushed them with intent to kill. Optimus bested Starscream and collapsed Metrotitan on top of the attackers, Defiance #3 then raced back to the embattled excavation site to usher Elite-One, Sentinel Prime and Wheeljack to safety, with a little help from Elita's sister Chromia. Optimus informed Sentinel of the marking on his head that proved his mentor had been right all along: now, he was Optimus Prime. Foundation #3 All those loyal to Optimus regrouped at Burthov, where Optimus was recognized as the leader of the group, with Prowl serving as his lieutenant.
If I had a face everytime I got angry, I'd be rich.
Captain Ironhide—a former member of Megatron's Defense Force, who had now christened themselves the "Decepticons"—informed Optimus of the huge starship Nemesis that Megatron was building, and the newly christened Prime began working toward equipping his own side with similar vessels. Though the Autobots found themselves at an advantage when the Nemesis left Cybertron with the balance of the Decepticon forces, it was then that true war finally broke out between Optimus's and Megatron's forces. Defiance #4

The war raged for thousands of years, with no end in sight until Sentinel came up with a solution: a "torch" that could bring the conflict to an end without the mass murder of the Decepticons. Contact with the AllSpark was required to activate it, so the Autobots made for Simfur Temple, Foundation #3 where Optimus held off Megatron so that Elita-One could activate the torch and deliver it to Sentinel. Sentinel loaded the torch aboard the Autobots' ship, the Ark, but to Optimus and Megatron's disbelief, Starscream blew the ship out of the air. Consumed with grief and rage at the apparent death of his mentor, Optimus ordered Wheeljack to use the second, remaining Ark to transport the AllSpark away Simfur, then declared he would be going on a suicide mission to kill Megatron. Foundation #4 Concerned for their friend, Ironhide and Elita-One stayed by Prime's side as he made his way through the soldiers guarding Megatron's citadel. Foundation #1 Foundation #2 Optimus demanded Megatron face him, but the Decepticon leader responded by dropping the smelting pool on him. Ironhide saved Prime from the fiery rain, and Optimus then entered Megatron's chamber alone, to discover his former ally surrounded by hungry hatchlings, confident that the "weak" Optimus would not harm the infants to get to him. Foundation #3 At that point, Wheeljack's team removed the AllSpark from its temple, plunging Cybertron into darkness. Optimus escaped, leaving Megatron to fend off his ravenous hatchlings, and joined Ironhide in fending off Starscream and Shockwave. Returning to oversee the AllSpark's transportation, Optimus recognized that the drastic actions he had taken had forever fractured his relationship with Elita-One, and observed he still had a long way to go to being a great leader. Foundation #4

"Who are all you people?"

To put the AllSpark's power beyond Megatron's reach, Optimus Prime made preparations to send it off-planet. Allowing word to reach the Decepticons that the cube was being held at Simfur, Prime and the main force of his Autobots occupied their enemies in battle there, while a small team led by Bumblebee guarded the AllSpark's true hiding place, Tyger Pax. The cube was launched into space, and Megatron immediately gave chase. Movie Prequel #1 Movie Prequel #2 Optimus was immediately regretful of his decision, feeling that in buying the Autobots some time in the war, he had sentenced their world to death, but Prowl insisted he had made the right choice, and that he had turned death into a fighting chance to live. Bolstered by Prowl's words, Prime and his Autobots took off after the AllSpark and Megatron aboard the Ark, hopeful that they could defeat the Decepticon leader while he was alone, and bring the cube back to heal their homeworld. The Reign of Starscream #1

Optimus Prime driving Optimus Prime! Sheer awesomeness!

Following Optimus and the Autobots' arrival on Earth, and the subsequent battle of Mission City and the destruction of Megatron and the AllSpark, Transformers: Movie Adaptation Optimus Prime helped eliminate the remaining AllSpark Mutations skittering around the city, then requested the help of William Lennox and his men in getting the Autobots out of the city before other, less trustworthy humans could arrive. They located a trailer that Prime could use to transport the deceased body of his first lieutenant Jazz, and, equipped with a hologrammatic driver to avoid suspicion on the road, Prime led his Autobots in rolling out. Sector Seven's Seymour Simmons would later exploit this friendship between Prime and Lennox when, a month later, he convinced Lennox to request assistance from Prime and the Autobots in transporting the Decepticons' remains. Alliance #1 Prime's team was to escort a Sector Seven convoy from their Nevada base to a naval base at San Diego, California, from whence the Decepticons and Jazz's remains would be buried at sea. Before departing Nevada, he entrusted the remaining AllSpark fragment to Professor Vine for safekeeping, but had second thoughts soon after leaving, and ordered Bumblebee and Ironhide to turn around and retrieve it. Alliance #2 The two returned to discover that the base had been attacked in their absence by Decepticons Wreckage and Starscream; Prime soon arrived back to retake ownership of the shard. Alliance #3

Did I ever tell you about my unhealthy addiction?

Weeks later, following the aquatic interment of Jazz and the Decepticons, Optimus and Lennox agreed to a formal alliance between the Autobots and humans as the first line of offense and defense against the Decepticons. The team trained on the island of Diego Garcia, their mutual respect for one another growing, and soon word came in of new Decepticon sightings around Earth. Alliance #3 For their first mission, NEST was deployed to San Francisco to take out the Decepticons Deadend and Swindle, the former of whom was quickly dispatched by Prime via a head-on collision. Swindle's last words caused Prime concern, as they suggested more Decepticons would soon be coming to search the Earth for something; Lennox feared it might be Sam Witwicky, and Prime, sadly convinced the boy was destined to be a part of the conflict, decided to send Bumblebee to resume his role as Sam's guardian. Alliance #4

Freedom is the right of all non-Decepticon sentient beings.

Knowing that Lennox's superiors held little trust in the Autobots, Optimus Prime dedicated himself and his Autobots to working harder to prove their goodwill through continued success. NEST proceeded to hunt for Decepticons around the world over the next year, with Optimus Prime personally destroying Jetstorm, Dropkick and Incinerator. NEST's ranks continued to grow, with Autobot refugees even arriving on Earth in response to the message Optimus had sent into space, including Prime's old friend Elita-One. Alliance #4 One particular new arrival proved a little troublesome, however: in November 2008, Sideswipe caused chaos in Uruguay when he recklessly pursued his old Decepticon foe Demolishor towards Buenos Aires. Prime assured Admiral Morshower that they would forcibly bring Sideswipe in if necessary, but fortunately, Ironhide was able to calm the rampaging Autobot down. Tales of the Fallen #2 Demolishor escaped, but was tracked to Shanghai by NEST the following year, and Prime's team headed out to finally take the giant Decepticon down. Alliance #4

Ass-whooping. Noun. To have your posterior presented to you with overwhelming force.

After Optimus's death and rebirth during the conflict with The Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen movie adaptation NEST resumed its day-to-day business of hunting down rogue Decepticons. Optimus was dissatisfied with their present reactive state, however, insisting that they begin proactively rooting out Decepticons before they struck. With NEST low on resources, Optimus deployed several new Autobot arrivals to deal with a Decepticon attack on Kingdom Petrochemicals. Nefarious #1 The presence of unknown humans at the petrochemical plant gave Prime and Lennox something to puzzle over, and soon after, when NEST was tipped off to Decepticon activity in Utah, the pair believed things to be connected. Optimus went to Ironhide and Sideswie's aid in Utah, besting Soundwave and taking him into Autobot custody in order to learn everything he knew about the enigmatic human organization. Nefarious #2 Optimus oversaw the preparations of the facilities for holding Soundwave, rather than face having to tell Major Lennox what they'd done, but this proved the wrong choice: when the plane carrying Soundwave was shot down by Buzzsaw, Prime's off-the-record actions meant that Lennox was unable to call in any help. Nefarious #3

I hope this cube isn't like the ones you find in Walgreens.

When Theodore Galloway got too close to discovering the actions of the Initiative, the mysterious human group, they sent the mind-controlled Decepticon Ransack to eliminate him. Optimus sent Skids and Mudflap to help him, after which Soundwave returned and proposed an alliance between himself and the Autobots to stop the Initiative for good. Nefarious #4 Soundwave led the Autobots to the location of the Initiative base in California, but the mobile headquarters had moved on by the time they arrived. Following its trail to Utah, Optimus sensed the power of something very like the AllSpark upon approach, and began to realize what they were up against—though he did not expect that the Autobots would then find themselves facing brainwashed Transformers, including some of their own comrades! Nefarious #5

During the battle, Optimus demanded their foe surrender the artificial AllSpark they possessed, but Carter Newell, head of the Initiative, responded by trying to use the artifact to terminate all Cybertronian life. An injury courtesy of Reedman aborted the attempt, and Newell tried to flee, forcing Optimus to ram the truck he was in. From the wreck, Optimus pulled the rapidly-destabilizing faux-AllSpark, and was ready to feed it his own spark to stop the deadly chain reaction building within it. Luckily that turned out to be unnecessary, as Fortress—a Seeker who had long been the Initiative's captive—took the AllSpark from him and carried it into space, where it exploded safely. In the aftermath, Optimus noted that the Initiative databanks had been picked clean by Soundwave, and feared the possibility that anyone else might attempt to recreate the AllSpark. Nefarious #6

Optimus, you don't wanna know.

The Autobot refugees rescued from the Initiative were eager to get back in the field, but Optimus encouraged them to take more time to recuperate, as they were clearly not fully healed. The havoc the Initiative wrought had convinced Optimus that the Autobots had to refocus their efforts on a new objective: ensuring that no other humans could exploit Cybertronian technology. A team inducing Elita-One and her sisters was deployed to recover Cybertronian weapons from an arms dealer; upon their return to Diego Garcia, Prime shared a quiet moment with Elita, learning more about the new symbiotic bond that had recently been forged between her and her sisters, and growing fearful of the violent streak she had developed. Rising Storm #1

When word reached NEST that Sam Witwicky had come under attack from Decepticons in Philadelphia, Optimus mobilized the Autobots to respond. With Arcee having been injured on the previous mission, he initially wanted her and her sisters to stay behind, but they insisted on going. Rising Storm #2

During the flight to Philadelphia, Optimus tried once more to have Arcee sit out of the mission, but Elita reinforced her need for revenge—a sentiment that only opened old wounds between her and Prime, reminding both of the time in the past when Prime let his rage get the better of him. Elita's anger over Prime's abandonment of her on Cybertron, and the fact that her death and reunion with him had only led to more fighting and killing, boiled over, and she and her sisters angrily departed on their own mission: to infiltrate what the Autobots believe to be the Decepticons' base of operations in upstate New York. Rising Storm #3

Shockwave threatens his face collection.

Optimus and the rest of the team proceeded on to Philadelphia, where they engaged and contained the Decepticons, but after a while, Elita reappeared, attempting to warn them that the whole thing was a trap laid by Shockwave. No sooner had she spoken his name, the cyclopean Decepticon himself rocketed down out of the air and crushed the life out of her. Driven into a rage by her death, Optimus Prime took Shockwave on one-on-one, and would have killed him had Shockwave's pet Driller not came to save his master. Rising Storm #4

Shockwave had also ravaged the Diego Garcia base and killed all the Autobots stationed there, requiring it to be shut down and NEST operations moved to Washington, D.C. Optimus oversaw the decommissioning of the facility, Dark of the Moon #1 which was soon followed by the return and betrayal of Sentinel Prime. Dark of the Moon adaptation

Transformers: Beginnings

Black and white is edgy and cool, so we use it Bumbles.
Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English)

Bumblebee remembered Optimus Prime's orders that they must launch the AllSpark into space, for it was better to lose it to the depths of space than allow Lord Megatron to corrupt it with his evil. For wherever there is hope, there is life. Transformers: Beginnings

Transformers: Beginnings is a condensed, flash-animated retelling of the events of the Movie Prequel, described in the above section.

Schick Hydrobot and the Transformers


While searching for Decepticons, who had plans to build an Energon converter to create a massive army and enslave the Earth, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Hound came across Hydrobot and mistook him for a Decepticon. Before they could catch him, Hydrobot escaped from the Autobots' clutches. The trio started to realize that they might have judged the small 'bot wrongly when Hound found out that the substance Hydrobot left behind was nothing like something a Decepticon would use. Optimus requested Hound to trace its source, which led the Autobots to a Schick R&D department. They gained access into it in vehicle mode by fooling the guard into believing that the vehicles modes they were using was ordered by the scientist Dr. Hiroshi Benson himself. Upon gaining access to the laboratory, they confronted Hiroshi in robot mode, which left the human scientist baffled.

Shortly after the scientist finished explaining the origin of the substance and Hydrobot, a squadron of Decepticons led by Megatron suddenly bursted through the wall, explaining their intent to use the devices inside Hiroshi's laboratory to build the Energon converter. Luckily, Hydrobot arrived at the scene to help the Autobots. Just before Megatron and Optimus could dish it out, Megatron grabbed a hold of Hiroshi but failed to stop the human from explaining how to use the control set against Decepticons. A surprise punch from Optimus staggered Megatron and gave Hydrobot enough time to snitch the device away and use it to release a shock burst through Bumblebee towards the Decepticons, prompting them to retreat. After all was said and done, Optimus apologised to Hydrobot for the misunderstanding. The trio and Hiroshi later realised that Hydrobot had forged a new life for himself. The trio then gave Hydrobot a lift and bid their farewells. A New Friend

Titan movie comics

Starting as he means to go on.

When war broke out, Optimus Prime studied the entire history of intergalactic warfare from any datatrack he could find—he studied whole campaigns to desperate last stands, gaining a focused "playbook" of warfare strategy. He understands warfare on a practical and psychological level, and in desperate battles knows to show no mercy to opponents beyond a swift death. Autobot VS Decepticon Smackdown!

While preparing to launch the AllSpark into space, Optimus hesitated before pressing the fateful button, fearful that he was condemning his world to a slow death. Before he could reach a conclusion, Prime came under attack from a drone sent by Megatron to kill him, and instructed his assistant Arctus to launch the AllSpark if he had not returned from the fight within ten cycles. When Prime's battle with the drone carried them both into the AllSpark chamber, the drone attempted to alert Megatron to the cube's location, forcing a desperate Prime to transform into his cometary protoform and cannonball directly into his opponent. The drone was successfully blown it pieces, but Prime was knocked out by the impact, and experienced a prophetic vision of a battle on another world. Realizing that the AllSpark's ejection could spread the Transformers' war to other planets, Prime awoke too late to change the course of fate, and could only watch as the AllSpark rocketed off into the sky... Prelude: Optimus Prime

Prime and his Autobots pursued the AllSpark to Earth and battled the Decepticons for it. Almost immediately after triumphing over their foes, however, Optimus and his men had to face them again when they somehow rose as zombies. Despite having no idea how they could be stopped and having had his power drained by fighting Megatron, Optimus continued to fight the monsters rather than let them run amok. Fortunately, Ratchet deduced that they had been reanimated by energies scavenged from the AllSpark by Starscream, enabling the Autobots to target their power sources and slay them once more. Starscream's Militia

"Your slang is bad and you should feel bad!"

With the formation of NEST, Optimus found he had to strive daily to gain credibility with the human powers-that-be. Reversal of Fortune Working diligently to root out Decepticon threats around the globe, Prime was too busy to meet with new Autobot arrivals Skids and Mudflap, who claimed to have important information for him, though Ironhide noted that the twins had cried wolf so many times, even Optimus had trouble believing their stories these days. Learning Curve While in Australia on NEST business, Prime went into action alongside Arcee to apprehend Sideways; the two Autobots found the terrain down under to be a challenge, while Sideways was in his element, so Prime elect to just blow up the terrain instead. Taking the captive Sideways back to Diego Garcia, Prime was greeted on arrival with the sight of Skids and Mudflap brawling on the runway. He bawled them out over improper conduct, but before he could go further, Scorponok made an attack. In the firefight that followed, Optimus tripped over Skids, and by the time he had righted himself, Scorponok and Sideways had both escaped. Knowing that the enemy could not have got this close without NEST security being compromised, Optimus was convinced by Sideswipe's argument that the twins had turned traitor and had them taken away for questioning. Reversal of Fortune

When the twins were sprung by Decepticons, Prime agreed with Theodore Galloway that the Autobots would make finding the twins a number one priority. However, Optimus was left suspicious when a mysterious "friend" tipped the Autobots off about the twins. Outlaw Blues
Never had a human face before. GIVE ME IT ANYWAY!
Soon, it came out that the twins were being framed and by tracking the two, Optimus and his men found out about a Decepticon base near Mars. Optimus led a raid on it, taking down the drone army stationed there. But he never did get to hear Skids and Mudflap's intel, about a mysterious threat known as The Fallen... Back-to-Back

Following The Fallen's attack on Earth, Optimus continued operations against the Decepticons. Jolt's over-enthusiasm began to muck that up, causing damage and getting NEST into trouble, despite Optimus's attempts to point this out to him. Optimus had to confine him to base. Culture Shock Soon after that, he was drawn out into a trap by Trophy White and the Free Men, who wanted to take his head as a trophy. Optimus worked out their plan and allowed himself to be captured by the deranged hunter, in order to keep the fight away from civilians. He pretended to be securely chained down and listened to White's sociopathic ravings, before (at the moment he considered funniest) breaking free and taking White prisoner. Shockingly, he found keeping the severed heads of animals as trophies to be bad, and destroyed Trophy's trophies. Bring Me the Head of Optimus Prime

DividedLoyalties prime striketeam.jpg

When several Decepticons escaped from NEST's Bloemfontein, South Africa holding facility, Optimus ordered his men to let the prisoners flee: a battle outside a major sports event would cause unacceptable civilian casualties. Inside Out! This led to a major collapse in Autobot popularity, and open battles with Decepticons in cities were just risking further alienation. In response, Prime created a secret covert unit (even under NEST's radar) that would monitor the Decepticons, wait for windows of opportunity out of the public eye, and then hit hard and fast. While this worked, Optimus was left disquieted: the tactics he was using were too akin to the Decepticons, and a fine line was being walked. Shadow War Tracking the Decepticons, led by Bludgeon, to a base in Russia, Optimus led a strike team in, unaware that Wheelie had sold them all out to Bludgeon and that they were walking into an ambush. Divided Loyalties "Luckily," Megatron arrived to destroy Bludgeon in punishment for running a rival faction; rather than engage Optimus, Megatron departed with the ominous warning that a day of reckoning was coming soon. A Short, Sharp Lesson!

"Sorry Soundwave, you're going to need braces."

When a relic of an unknown UFO was discovered in Fiesole, Italy, Optimus led a NEST team to secure the find. Starscream launched a surprise attack to claim it: Optimus ordered the human archaeologist to keep digging and fought the Decepticon, taking two blows before overpowering and thrashing him. But Starscream kept fighting, asking Optimus if there were things worth dying for. Optimus agreed and said he was willing to die to save Earth from Decepticons... at which point Starscream suckerpunched him and stole the artifact. Optimus was left concerned about what the 'cons were up to Fight for Fiesole but found himself distract by other plots hatched by Soundwave. After intel from Bumblebee led NEST to the Laguna De Guatavita, Optimus and Ratchet tracked down Soundwave working alongside the Tanto Gang. After the Decepticon and his allies had uncovered El Dorado, Soundwave turned on the Tanto Gang, and the Autobots swooped in the middle of the carnage. Optimus beat down the Decepticon, and forced him to explain his motives: using El Dorado's gold, Soundwave planned on crashing the Earth's economy. Though the Autobots foiled the plot, both Soundwave and the Tanto Gang escaped when the latter triggered a bomb to cover their retreat. Blood And Gold Optimus then encountered Soundwave in Spain after he'd drawn Robert Epps and Bumblebee into an ambush. With Bumblebee near death, Optimus agreed to fight Soundwave without weapons if it would mean his comrade's survived, and he was nearly sent plummeting off the mountaintop in the resulting fight. However, he managed to use Soundwave's sonic blasts and the local environment against his foe; by locating a fissure, he snuck behind Soundwave, and shoved him into an avalanche triggered by the Decepticon's attacks. Soundwave was swept away and Optimus emerged victorious. Dealing with the Devil

When Ratchet contacted NEST to let them know there was trouble at the Tech Museum of Innovation, Optimus himself turned out to help chase off Starscream and Barricade. He later tried to convince the anti-Cybertronian protesters that the Autobots were here to help, but Ratchet and Ironhide's actions during the fight had already convinced them of that, and their leader, Marcus Castor, was already producing anti-Decepticon T-shirts. Automatic for the People

ThousandIslandFight prime shield.jpg

In the aftermath of the battle for Chicago, Optimus and Decepticon defector Drift were cleaning up Ark debris on the Moon. Optimus was bemused that Drift would rather be hunting down Decepticons instead, asking if he really wanted to fight his former allies, and pointing out this was necessary work. Soon after, Drift was horrified to find the corpse of his old comrade Knucklehead. He recounted a story involving them and the murderer, Lockdown, and Prime said he was sorry for the loss. Adrift in Space and Time

A while later, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Crosshairs engaged a trio of Decepticon survivors in Jakarta, Indonesia. When their charges retreated, Optimus suggested that the three Autobots follow together, but Crosshairs insisted that he go it alone. After giving permission for this action, Prime commanded Bumblebee to keep a watchful eye on the new arrival and relay any findings back to him. With the three Decepticons located and single-handedly defeated by Crosshairs on the island of Pulau Bidadari, Optimus informed Crosshairs that he was more than combat ready, but he had the feeling that they may have missed something... Thousand Island Fight

AcceptNoSubstitute prime vs stinger.jpg

When Stinger impersonated Bumblebee, Optimus found himself training his weapons on both of the 'bots, confident that the true Bumblebee would be able to prove his identity. He did not have long to wait, as Bumblebee saved a human who had fallen from a nearby burning building, and Optimus quickly overpowered Stinger and ordered him to get out of his sight, repulsed by his artificial nature. Accept No Substitutes!

Hearing a news report suggesting a potential Transformer threat in the town of Cullum, Optimus Prime investigated alongside Crosshairs, and discovered that the area was being menaced by a powerful turbofox. Crosshairs had once lost an entire platoon to a pack of turbofoxes and struggled to overcome his fears in order to help Prime battle the creature, but fortunately, just as Prime was about to become fox-food, Crosshairs got his head in order and blasted the beast. Optimus congratulated him on conquering his fear, and hoped that humankind would be able to do the same and become allies of the Autobots' once again. Creature of Chaos

Alternate timeline

The Prime Who Came In From The Cold

In a parallel universe, the battle of Mission City turned out very differently—Optimus was defeated and captured by Megatron, and the AllSpark fell into Decepticon hands. The Decepticons proceeded to conquer North America, and by the start of 2008, had begun a plan to cyberform the Earth using the AllSpark's energies. Working with Mikaela Banes and Tom Banachek, the Autobots staged a plan to rescue Prime, who they knew was being held in Sector Seven's old Hoover Dam base, repurposed by the Decepticons as their new headquarters... but when Bumblebee and Mikaela infiltrated the base, they did not expect to find Prime frozen solid by the liquid nitrogen cooling system previously used to imprison Megatron. Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 1 While Bumblebee distracted Megatron, Mikaela began her attempt to deactivate the system, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 2 but soon came under attack herself by Frenzy. Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 3 Fortunately, she was able to dupe Frenzy into rupturing the liquid nitrogen tanks with his blades, damaging the system to the point where Prime began to thaw out. The revived Prime challenged Megatron to a duel, Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 4 but as they fought, Optimus learned that Megatron's link to the AllSpark allowed his old enemy to instantly heal any damage Prime managed to inflict. Luckily, Bumblebee and Mikaela saved the day, hitting the distracted Megatron with an old Sector Seven nanovirus, which destroyed him from within. Simultaneously, Autobots elsewhere destroyed the AllSpark to halt its cyberforming of Earth, but despite this success and the death of Megatron, Prime could take no satisfaction in victory: this battle was won, but the war remained... Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 5

Proportions? Never heard of it!

Surveying the damage done to Earth, Prime became resigned to the fact that Humanity, battered by Decepticon occupation, would view both Autobot and Decepticon as hostile invaders. Worse yet, although a fragment of the AllSpark had survived the cube's destruction, Optimus feared its contact with Megatron had corrupted it beyond all hope. In spite of these concerns, Prime was quick to order his men to protect a human shelter against Decepticon attack, but the Autobots' defense was misinterpreted as hostile action, and they came under attack from a NATO unit. Aftermath, Part 1 Optimus refused to allow his men to return fire, but fortunately, the crisis soon passed when the human who had ordered the attack was freed from the Decepticon mind-control that had guided his actions. Optimus surrendered to the humans, beginning an alliance between the Autobots and the United States government. Aftermath Part 2

After examining a particularly volatile spot of geological flux brought on by the AllSpark's energy in Okeechobee, Florida alongside Tom Banachek and recently appointed President Theodore Allen, Optimus Prime returned to the Autobots' base in Savannah, Georgia, where he was shocked to discover that Ratchet had used the AllSpark fragment that Prime had entrusted to him to resurrect Jazz. Prime assigned Ratchet and Jazz to monitor the Okeechobee situation, but warned Ratchet to keep a close eye on Jazz, fearing what the potentially-tainted AllSpark had done to him. Unfortunately, Prime's fears proved true, and Jazz soon revealed himself to have been left corrupted and amoral by the shard's power. Dark Spark

"Don't worry, readers, I'll just leave him to starve to death in #25."
"What was that?"

Optimus Prime soon worked out that while the AllSpark's transformation of Earth had been halted, the damage had been done: the infection had reached the planet's core, and the organic Earth and the technological transformation were now fighting for supremacy, killing the planet in the process. While he arranged for a specialist team to investigate and limit the damage, Prime reported his findings to President Allen, but refrained from telling him of the back-up plan he was putting into action lest humanity's hopes be unduly raised: a team led by Ironhide was to retrieve Nucleon from the dead Cybertron in the hope it could be used to save Earth. Return to Cybertron, Part 1 Planetary surveyor Camshaft was appalled when Prime revealed the plan to him, knowing how unstable Nucleon could be, Return to Cybertron, Part 2 and the bad news continued to pour in when a distress call from Ironhide's team reported that a band of Decepticons led by Stockade's already had control of Cybertron's Nucleon. Optimus led the entirety of the Earth-bound Autobots (save Camshaft's team) to Cybertron as back-up, but was surprised to see Cybertron coming to them, possessed by the evil entity Unicron. Return to Cybertron, Part 3 Shot down by Unicron, Prime's team abandoned ship and made it to Cybertron using their cometary protoforms. Forming an alliance with Stockade, Prime formed a plan to drain off the Nucleon so Unicron couldn't use it as a power source, while the bulk of the Transformers provided a distraction by going underground and shooting up Unicron's body. The plan worked, Nucleon was secured for Earth, and Optimus extended an offer for Stockade to join them on Earth whenever he wished. Optimus was left optimistic that Autobots and Decepticons had come together in a common cause. Return to Cybertron: Part 4

Freedom is not dispensed here, sentient fools, only DEATH!

On returning to Earth, Prime found the Decepticons had seized the Autobot base and surrounding area; he made the decision to withdraw to Washington, D.C., knowing that this meant leaving Mikaela in Decepticon hands. Upon landing at an air base, the Decepticon-controlled President Allen lured him into a trap, and he found himself fighting Jazz, now a Decepticon hired gun. Optimus lured him away from humans and prepared to engage him, but when a second assassin named Kullt turned up, Jazz gunned it down out of annoyance. Optimus had viewed Jazz as a lost cause but now stated there was still some Autobot in him: he could have let Kullt do the work for him and then killed him, but he saved Prime instead. Hard Target Prime then took the Autobots to rescue Mikaela; he himself went first, launching himself in protoform mode to land in Savannah like a bomb and tearing his way through drone hordes. He was quickly gunned down by aerial units and about to be killed by Starscream, but this whole flashy attack had been a diversion—allowing other Autobots a chance to hit the distracted air forces and nab Mikaela. The Decepticon Who Haunted Himself

Revolutionpt3 optimus vs megatron.jpg

Optimus seemed to quickly bond with General Seward, his military liaison at Andrews Air Base, but that didn't help when the mind-controlled President Allen had the government order the Autobots out of America. Revolution, Part One However, having deduced that Allen was under Decepticon control following his clash with Jazz, Prime had anticipated this. As expected, Allen attempted to nuke the Autobots' ship as it departed, but he only succeeded in blowing up a decoy ship Prime had had Ironhide and Bumblebee prepare. Revolution, Part Three Believed dead, the Autobots went undercover on Cybertron, making another deal with Stockade to have his team protect Earth in their absence, kicking off a Decepticon Civil War. Optimus didn't trust Stockade to not renege on the deal and just take control of Earth for himself, Revolution, Part Two but he ensured the Decepticons were set up for the Autobot's final strike: forcibly teleporting all of the enemy to Cybertron via Unicron's leftover teleportational engines, then stranding Cybertron in a remote solar system. Optimus led the troops to Earth and witnessed Megatron's return from the dead, but this proved no impediment to the Autobots' plan: Prime briefly distracted Megatron so he could be tagged with a teleporter like the other Decepticons, and the next minute, both Megatron, Stockade, and their entire armies were all teleported away. This left the Autobots stranded on Earth and with a lot of clean-up to do... but at long last, Optimus Prime had finally brought the war to an end. Revolution, Part Three

Toy bios


The truck Optimus Prime trans-scanned upon arrival on Earth was the coolest thing he ever saw. Robo-Vision Optimus Prime

When the AllSpark was destroyed in Mission City, Optimus was bathed in its power and became a living receptacle: he could destroy or heal with the merest thought. He still remained dedicated to peace, and altered his exterior decorations to match the ones he bore as a young leader, before the beginning of the war. First Strike Optimus Prime When Starscream came out of hiding, Prime teamed with Arcee to hunt him down, Arcee, Starscream & Optimus Prime but as more Decepticons under Starscream's command began appearing on Earth, Prime had to use the AllSpark power within him to alter his body into a new sensor-transparent, super-silent form for stealth missions. Prime considered it dishonourable, but knew had to be done. Nightwatch Optimus Prime Unfortunately, Starscream followed his lead and also modified himself for stealth so he could target Prime personally. Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs. Stealth Starscream

Once the Decepticons were beaten on Earth, Optimus was provided with intelligence by Sector Seven about Decepticon bases on Mars. After assuming new colors, he headed to the red planet. Fire Blast Optimus Prime As it turned out, though, the Decepticons would soon strike at Earth again; Prime upgraded his sensor suite and trained with Ironhide to better track their enemies. Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Optimus Prime

Following the battle with The Fallen in Egypt, Optimus made a particular point of tracking down Starscream, Hunt for the Decepticons Leader Optimus Prime and enhanced his arsenal with weapons designed to take on airborne Decepticons. Unfortunately, these new weapons were not a great help in battling hypnotic Decepticon Mindwipe, who prevented Prime from opening fire by attacking him with mind-controlled humans. Defender Optimus Prime Prime had more luck against Banzaitron, who mistakenly believed that Optimus won his fights through raw power; in actuality, Prime's decades of training made him one of Cybertron's most skilled fighters, and Banzaitron held little challenge for him. Battle Blades Optimus Prime

Optimus was known to team up with Comettor for lunar missions. Optimus Prime & Comettor It was on the lunar surface that lost Autobot leader Sentinel Prime was found, and the team-up of these two Primes meant the Decepticons didn't stand a chance! Walmart Deluxe Optimus Prime Optimus continued to combat threats to the Autobots with various new upgrades like armor reinforced with Cybertanium Lunarfire Optimus Prime and Tritanium, Tritanium Optimus Prime, MechTech weapons that included a powerful Cybertanium battle axe Fireburst Optimus Prime and the combining Mega Striker cannon, Striker Optimus and the incredible Omega Combat Armor. Ultimate Optimus Prime

Eventually the human alliances came into question. As Earth still needed him, Optimus altered his form so he could move around unrecognised and commit covert strikes on Decepticons. Evasion Mode Optimus Prime

Beast Wars Diorama Story

BWDS 11.jpg

Under mysterious circumstances, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Jazz, Ratchet, and Starscream were transported through a warp in space and time and deposited on the prehistoric Earth of another universe, smack into the middle of the "Beast Wars" between Optimus Primal's Maximals and Megatron's Predacons. Prime made fast friends with Primal; they joined their forces and double-teamed the injured Starscream, who had just taken a blast to the face from Tigatron. The two Optimuses commemorated their accomplishment of teamwork by shaking hands, while the Maximals and Ratchet looked on in approval. Tigatron Chapter

Starscream allied with the Predacons, and was soon joined by Blackout, his own Megatron, Gimlet Chapter and Brawl who all also travelled through the warp. The two Megatrons combined their troops into a fearsome force against the Autobots and Maximals. Fortunately for the Autobots and Maximals, Motorarm arrived to assist. The two factions then took formation against each other with the intention of combining their energies to attack the opposing side. With Motorarm leading the charge, the Maximals and the Autobots attacked first. Motorarm Chapter

The Real Effing Deal website


During the Mission City "incident", a huge robot with flames on it was photographed by an anonymous person and the photograph was sent to the The Real Effing Deal website by a mysterious X with a short message stating that the photo was taken on July, 2007 and that it was legitimate.

On July 4, 2008, Leo Spitz made a post on it titled "PROOF!!!! EXCLUSIVE IMAGE EXPOSES THE LIES OF MISSION CITY!!!!" proclaiming that it was indeed legit and that this was the proof for the alien robot's existence on Earth. He concluded that the robot was an intelligent being based on its position and/or motion in the picture and held its flame deco as proof that it wasn't a manmade robot and was alien, saying that the government wouldn't put flames on a robot. [1] The Real Effing Deal

Cyber Missions

Voice actor: Eric Edwards (English), Blas Garcia (Latin-American Spanish), Sergio Fortuna (Brazilian Portuguese)
Yes, I know, I'm scary.

During NEST's ongoing hunt for the Decepticons after the death of The Fallen, Optimus Prime recorded some information on the Autobot-Decepticon war for preservation in Vector Sigma. Bumblebee and Ironhide were reviewing the data when Bludgeon and Soundwave launched an attack on NEST command. Cyber Missions 1 The next morning, Optimus had been informed of the attack and Soundwave's capture, and he ordered Ironhide to wait for reinforcements to assist in pursuing Bludgeon. Bludgeon made that difficult for Ironhide. Cyber Missions 2 Later, Optimus contacted Ratchet to inform him that Lockdown was causing chaos in Mission City, and he reminded the Autobot medic to be careful. Cyber Missions 3

Optimus and Sideswipe tracked Megatron to a disused factory, but the Decepticon leader eluded them by cloaking his spark signature. The hidden Megatron ambushed the two Autobots, and Optimus brought his swords to bear in battle, though he tried appealing to Megatron to surrender. Megatron's response came in the form of a blast that brought the fatory's roof down on the two Autobots, and though Megatron escaped, Optimus promised that he would no longer be able to hide. Cyber Missions 4

When Ironhide went missing after the incident with Bludgeon, Optimus searched for him, following directions from Bumblebee to a cave loaded with Energon. That cave turned out to be the hiding place of Decepticon hypnotist Mindwipe, who had Ironhide in his thrall, and tried to do the same to Optimus. The Autobot leader was able to resist Mindwipe's mesmerizing powers with a little help from his blaring truck horns, and defeated him, leaving a confused Ironhide to wonder what was going on. Cyber Missions 5

Cybermissions12 optimus faces megatron.jpg

Reports of Smolder attacking a building in Scramble City resulted in Optimus dispatching Bumblebee and Ratchet to investigate. He filled them in on the situation en route. Cyber Missions 9 During another mission, Optimus warned Sideswipe and Ratchet that they were being tracked, moments before the pair were attacked by Starscream and Mindwipe. Cyber Missions 10

Bumblebee reported to Optimus that he'd managed to pinpoint the location where Megatron and Starscream were meeting, leading Optimus to confront the two Decepticons in an Arctic region. When Megatron expressed surprise that he'd come to fight them without backup, Optimus assured him that the Autobots were never far from their leader's side. While Starscream went to attack the others, Optimus and Megatron continued to fight, with Optimus emerging the eventual victor. As Megatron tried to goad him into finishing the fight, Optimus announced that the Autobots protected all sentient life, and that included the Decepticons. He subsequently allowed Megatron to flee. Cyber Missions 12

Cybermissions GTFO.jpg
By showing even one such as him the power of mercy, Megatron might realize that we'll never give up, no matter the cost.Optimus Prime, Cyber Missions #12

Prime set up an elaborate trap involving a hologram of Soundwave to lure the Decepticons to a spot in the wilderness. The ploy worked, and Optimus attacked Megatron while his men attacked Megatron's troops. At one point during the battle, Megatron threw a train car at him, and he simply somersaulted along its length. Though Megatron boasted that the Decepticons would win through sheer determination, Optimus knocked him to the ground and gave a speech about building alliances, which was the cue for the humans to turn up in force and surround the Decepticons. Optimus informed Megatron that he could either leave the planet peacefully or be destroyed. Once the rest of the Decepticons fled, Megatron delivered a final threat before taking off. Prime celebrated with another speech, before admiring the huge Autobot insignia Bumblebee had stomped into the ground. Decepticons Attack

Transformers Annual 2011

During NEST's global hunt for Decepticons in the time period between the battle of Mission City and The Fallen's attack on Earth, an alert of Decepticon activity in Tokyo sent Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet and Sideswipe to investigate. Prime intervened in Sideswipe and Barricade's battle to lift the Decepticon into the air, only to find himself under attack by Grindor. Ordering Sideswipe and Ratchet to cover him, Optimus scaled the side of a nearby office block so he could punch the helicopter out of the air. Standing over the two Decepticons, Optimus was surprised when they informed him that they were simply providing a diversion. Optimus realised that Sam was in danger, and rushed back to America in time to find Starscream attempting to abduct the boy. He jumped on Starscream's back, causing the Decepticon to flee and saving Sam from a kidnapping. Sam in Danger

I Can Read! books


Optimus met up with Ironhide, Sideswipe and Bumblebee in a desert to train. He and Ironhide tackled a rough off-road trail, only for their training to be interrupted by a nearby dam bursting open. The two Autobots sealed up the dam using rocks from a nearby quarry. They met back up with Bumblebee and Sideswipe afterwards, who admitted to have encountered their own "natural disaster." The source of the disturbances soon revealed itself to be Megatron and Starscream tunneling underground. Though the two Decepticons attempted to ambush the Autobots, Optimus and the others were able to send them running thanks to the training they had gone through that day. Training Day

And that's terrible

Optimus came upon Starscream attacking Sam and Mikaela, while Bumblebee and Wheelie argued with one another nearby on how to defeat the Decepticon. Optimus knocked out Starscream with a single punch before chastising both his subordinates for allowing their feelings get in the way of their mission to protect the humans. Sam and Mikaela attempted to have Wheelie and Bumblebee reconcile, but the two Autobots were too stubborn to apologize to one another. Optimus suggested that the humans give Bumblebee and Wheelie time to work things out. But Starscream suddenly regained consciousness, prompting Optimus to order Wheelie and Bumblebee to work together to defeat him while he protected the humans. The two Autobots managed to put their differences aside and accomplished their task. Optimus looked on with pride as the two friends thanked each other afterwards. Buddy Brawl

Hunt for the Decepticons storybooks

Optimus "likes" Sam's status before going back to looking at cat videos.

Optimus had assigned Skids and Mudflap to watch over Sam while Bumblebee was away on a mission. When he asked the Twins for their report on the situation, they informed him that they suspected the new lab assistant working at Sam's university to be a Decepticon spy. Optimus ordered the two Autobots to continue their vigil over Sam. The Twins' hunch turned out to be correct, and the Decepticon spy sent Optimus a false distress signal through Sam's computer. Optimus sped to meet Sam at his university, where he encountered Megatron. Using a supermagnet within the University lab, Megatron was able to lock Optimus in his vehicle mode. Megatron would have destroyed Optimus if not for Sam's timely intervention. Sam used the supermagnet on Megatron, allowing Optimus to escape, and get repaired by Ratchet. Prime Target

May I please take your face?

Optimus received word from human authorities that Buzzsaw and Ratbat were causing trouble. But thanks to Soundwave's tampering with communications, he and his Autobots wound up driving to an empty warehouse miles away instead of the location of the conflict. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Optimus and his troops quickly realized that they had been tricked. Thankfull, Sam and Bumblebee met them there, and led them to the correct location. Optimus took care of both Decepticons by himself, sending them fleeing. Optimus then met with the human military, and informed them of Soundwave in Earth orbit. Together, they managed to have the satellite to which Soundwave was attached to self-destruct, sending the Decepticon tumbling off into outer space. Sam later thanked Sam for his help in the mission. Satellite Meltdown

Spot the 'Bots

While on a mission to find Decepticons, Optimus found Megatron hiding behind a tree. Megatron tried to scamper away, but Optimus and his Autobots gave chase. A small group of both factions then met at an old warehouse, and they began to duke it out for the fate of the Earth! Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Spot the 'Bots

Unite for the Universe

Project Unite.jpg

In the wake of The Fallen's defeat, NEST initiated Project Unite to find a way of modifying Jetfire's parts so that Optimus could use them again. Unaware of the project's objective, but knowing that it held a great power, Starscream attacked the Unite facility to try stealing its fruits for himself, only to find a successfully powered-up Optimus Prime ready and waiting to take him on. The Secret of Project: Unite Starscream fled, but immediately began plotting on how he could take Optimus's new power for himself. Ambition Instigated

When word came in of another Starscream sighting on the Greek island of Delos, Optimus used his new abilities to fly there personally, where Sideswipe briefed him on what the Autobots had deduced: Starscream had managed to replicate the Unite process using the bodies of dead Decepticons, and was making a play for power. Knowing that Starscream did not have the necessary neural interface protocols to handle the Unite upgrade and would soon be driven mad, Optimus led the Autobots in tracking him to Taipei, Taiwan for a confrontation... only for Megatron himself to show up, also dedicated to bring Starscream to heel! On the Road of Destruction Tempting as it was to stand back and watch Megatron and Starscream duke it out, Optimus could not risk the Unite technology falling into Megatron's hands, and soon interceded in the Decepticons' battle. While Optimus kept Megatron busy, Ratchet hit Starscream with a scrambler weapon that burned out Starscream's new cyber-genetic sequencing, rending the Unite tech useless; Megatron departed, vowing vengeance. Optimus sadly reflected that in striving to create new and better weapons, the Autobots had almost handed the Decepticons victory, and swore that fortitude and valour would be the only weapons he relied on henceforth. The Strongest Weapon

The Creation Revoltech!

From about this point on, things get progressively sillier. You've been warned.

At the mercy of Megatron and the powerful Revocube, Optimus Prime, at Ratchet's urging, called upon the power of the Revoltech universal joint. As the Wreckers watched, Prime surged with energy—and guns!—and prepared to renew the fight. The Creation Revoltech!

How to Ride Your Dinobot


We all did this with our toys as kids. Now Optimus hates us for it.

Optimus found trying to ride Grimlock was far from an easy task, which wasn't helped by his notably impatient attitude. First, Grimlock flung him into a wall when he first tried to get him to move. After receiving a cast on his leg following the incident, he again lost his patience when trying to get his steed to move. However, it was all for naught, as now it was time for Grimlock to ride on Optimus's shoulders. Optimus could only groan in pain as he carried the massive Dinobot around, who was having a much better day than he was. How to Ride


HowtoRide prime is an expert.jpg

Intending to teach his Autobots the fine art of Dinobot-riding, Optimus Prime led his men through a Chinese forest to the Dinobots' stomping ground—though he refrained from telling the Autobots where he was taking them, so they couldn't say no! Hound and Bumblebee had little luck taming Slash and Strafe, but when Drift and Crosshairs managed to saddle up atop Slug and Scorn, Optimus cautioned them against overconfidence, but suggested they try practising combat scenario. It did not go well. Bruised and tired, Hound pointed out that Optimus hadn't done any riding, but Optimus professed that he didn't need to, since he was already an expert. Grimlock evidently didn't get the message, as he flipped the unsuspecting Optimus onto his back, then took off running. Optimus called to the Autobots that Grimlock had picked up the scent of Decepticons, and instructed them all to RIDE OUT! How to Ride a Dinobot!

Yokohama Decepticon Secret Base

YokohamaBase movie primes vs nemesis.jpg

Two versions of Optimus Prime were hanging out at the Transformers Expo in Yokohama at the same time—one in his original Earth body, the other in his Age of Extinction form—when the evil clone of a different Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime, came crashing into the building. The Primes attacked him alongside Bumblebee, at which point Nemesis was backed up by some of the other Expo attendees: a second Nemesis Prime (this one Optimus's own evil duplicate) and Nemesis Grimlock! They glared at each other a bit, until suddenly, the combined energies of the AllSpark, the Matrix of Leadership and the seed—all on display at the Expo, naturally—began reacting with the Dark Energon within the first Nemesis Prime. This was all part of a complicated plot by Unicron, but fortunately, Nemesis resisted the dark urges within himself, and channelled all the Dark Energon into the stickers his creator Doctor Arkeville had used to make him evil. Nemesis ripped the stickers off and hurled them into the air, where all the Autobots and Decepticons—and even the Expo's human attendees, using their cell phones—blasted them and stopped the chain reaction.

It was a super weird day. Yokohama Decepticon Secret Base

Cheetos/Age of Extinction comic

CheetosAOE optimusprime.jpg

Discovering that the Decepticons were increasing their strength through artifacts from the Cheetos galaxy, Optimus Prime and the Autobots recruited your help to acquire the power-enhancing objects. Cheetos/Transformers: Age of Extinction

Q-Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)
QTransformers the cast.jpg

In this world, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown were aware that they were toys: specifically, Q-Transformers, a new line of cute-looking Transformers merchandise produced to tie-in with the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand. Optimus sometimes changed his look to match other Optimus Prime toys, but his "default" form was that of a toy based on his Age of Extinction look. They hanged out at different famous service areas on Japanese expressways, and talked about the Mystery of Convoy video game, and the remake produced as a tie-in with their toyline, Mystery of Convoy Returns.

Discussing the ins and outs of their cute designs, Optimus and his pals explained that they were created for the purpose of appealing to non-Transformers fans; Optimus suggested plush Transformers could be another way of tapping that market. Mystery of the 30th Anniversary Merchandise When the trio talked about and how terrible Mystery of Convoy was, Optimus huffed, insisting that, at the very least, it wasn't unbeatable. Discussing traits that they thought made games bad, Optimus voiced a dislike for games without different difficulty settings. Mystery of Reliably Crappy Games

See? We weren't lying.

Lockdown suggested that re-releasing such a terrible game was like rubbing salt in a wound; Bumblebee didn't understand the expression, since, as Optimus pointed out, they were robots, and it didn't mean anything to them. While trying to come up with situations the phrase was applicable to, Lockdown suggested "accidentally sending your father an "I love you" text instead of your boyfriend or girlfriend"; the trio joked about what sort of response the father would send, and Optimus silenced everyone with the thoughtful answer: "I know". Mystery of Smearing Salt in the Open Wound The group then talked about the rubbish stage bosses in Mystery of Convoy, particularly the floating Decepticon insignia, and wondered what sort of fictional scenarios it could be used in. Mystery of the Stage Bosses

Qtransformers optimus on psychics.jpg

Prime and company began being joined by their friends to discuss facets of the game. Prowl participated in a talk about the differences between the original and the remake, Mystery of the Wittily Similar Circumstances while Wheeljack highlighted the tonal "gap" between the cute character designs and the very un-cute action in the game. Everyone tried to think of examples of similar "gaps": Optimus suggested a stylish young dude wearing unfashionable underwear, and started sweating when everyone laughed. Mystery of the Gap of Unpopular Men Sunstreaker and Sideswipe joined them to talk about classic terrible games, which turned into a discussion about adventure and exploring, and the comforts an explorer might like to have with them on such a journey. Mystery of a Certain Explorer Bluestreak and Smokescreen also talked about some famously awful old games, seguing into a discussion about psychokinetic powers; Optimus remembered seeing a guy on TV who had the power to magnetize cutlery to his body. Mystery of a Certain Psychic

Qtransformers gtoptimus copenbee.jpg

When Tracks came along to share his thoughts on points of commonality among famously awful games, the group talked about the technical advancements of video games, but when Optimus wanted to talk about motion capture technology, he got confused and mixed it up with a CAT scan! Mystery of Game Balance Red Alert also had some opinions on the common themes of bad games, but Bumblebee and Optimus's willingness to settle for less frustrated Lockdown. Mystery of the Lowest Possible Standards

Only you, could prevent wild fires.

Optimus had changed his look to match that of his Transformers GT incarnation when Jazz dropped in. They talked about the changing faces of Optimus Prime through history, and how he used to be called "Convoy" in Japan, then Lockdown compared "Optimus Prime" and "Convoy" to the Mario Brothers. Everyone had a good chuckle when Jazz specified that Optimus would be the "Luigi" of the pair. Mystery of Convoy Bumblebee later told Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus about Optimus's fondness for Mystery of Convoy. Mystery of Mystery of Convoy

When Megatron turned up to join the argument over just how bad Mystery of Convoy was, the shocked Optimus quickly switched bodies, taking on the form of his Generation 1 self. They argued back and forth for a bit, discussing other ways the game could have been remade, until Optimus proposed the most drastic rebranding he could think of: calling it "Mysteryvoy of Con". Mystery of Return of Convoy

Tiring of talking about Mystery of Convoy, Optimus noted the unexpected popularity of Q-Transformers itself and steered the towards other ways to reach a wider audience for Transformers. His own suggestion was to make the franchise more like Mito Kōmon. The Road to Winning a New Fanbase The three decided to go over previous Transformers series to make sure they'd stay within established rules, but Optimus and Bumblebee immediately ran into an argument with Lockdown when they refused to acknowledge anything bad about the original cartoon. Lockdown argued that it was hard to tell the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, so the three discussed ways of making it more obvious. The Road to Easy Identification

Introducing a new "Q-Transformers Radio" segment, the trio invited Tracks to talk about popularity, and he brought along Yukimura Sanada from Sengoku Basara. After interviewing their guest on his franchise of origin, they struck upon the idea of having Transformers appear in Basara games, and Optimus failed to impress by imagining his in-game super move would be a car horn. The Road to Borrowing Popularity from Sengoku Basara

Legends comic

TFLegends optimus rides grimlock.jpg

In the Legends World, Optimus Prime was just a fictional character featured in a series of popular movies and toylines. When the newest film, Age of Extinction came out, Rattrap and the other employees of the Axalon Trading Company went crazy for the new toys. Silverbolt got the Leader-class figure, TF4 Toy Party Part 1 while Rhinox, being more of a fan of the Generation 1 series, instead opted for the "Evasion Mode" figure, with its Generation 1-inspired alternate mode. He was disgusted to discover that such a classic, '80s-looking toy transformed into Optimus's movie-based robot mode design, and was even more put out when Silverbolt had the figure ride the new Grimlock toy. TF4 Toy Party Part 2

A new Optimus Prime toy was on show when the Axalon gang went to the 2014 Tokyo Toy Show during the summer. Tokyo Toy Show 2014 Report Part 2 Six months later, Nightscream spent Christmas enjoying Prime's exploits in the new Age of Extinction DVD. Merry X'mas!! When Rhinox turned into Tankor and tried to revert the world back to how it was in the '80s, Rattrap attempted to stop him by singing the praises of modern-day Transformers, including the movie incarnation of Optimus. Bonus Edition Vol. 5

When Gelshark arrived in the Legends World and found that "Optimus Prime" was the English name of his enemy, Fire Convoy, he sought to ruin his reputation by dressing up as the Age of Extinction version of the character. The masses of adoring young fans that showed up made Gelshark unable to bring himself to crush their dreams. Bonus Edition Vol. 6

At Tokyo Toy Show 2015, Black Convoy appeared and took down somebody in an Optimus Prime costume. Bonus Edition Vol. EX

Bot on the Street

Optimus was asked if Frenzy was red or blue, but as far as he was concerned, Frenzy was silver. Bot on the Street


In one reality, Megatron suddenly shifted position during the Battle of Chicago and thus took advantage of his mysteriously good luck to kill both Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime. Eventually, though, a new Prime arose, Rodimus Prime. BotCon 2015 Megatron profile card

Ask Vector Prime

In Tyran 609.23-PX Kappa, Megatron defeated The Fallen and returned to space to gather the Decepticon army, beginning new engagements which sent the Autobots on the defensive. Optimus Prime rose to the bait planted by Soundwave for Sam Witwicky and took the Xantium to the Moon to revive Sentinel Prime. Backed into a corner by the Decepticon offensive, Optimus revived Sentinel on the lunar surface, and Sentinel helped Megatron capture Optimus. The Decepticons gained control of Earth and brought Cybertron to Earth orbit. Sentinel spent time unsuccessfully trying to turn Optimus over to his way of thinking.

Everything changed with the arrival of Lockdown to Decepticon-controlled Earth. The bounty hunter demanded that Optimus be handed over to him; Megatron refused out of pride while Sentinel refused out of loyalty. While Sentinel debated over Lockdown's offer of a protomatter seed, Optimus used the opportunity to reignite Sentinel's cold spark. Sentinel thus tricked Lockdown to seize control of Lockdown's ship. Allying themselves with the Dinobots, Optimus and Sentinel waged a long guerrilla war against the Decepticons. After the long struggle, they managed to liberate Earth and revitalize Cybertron with the seed. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/07/22

In Tyran 511.0 Kappa, once Cade Yeager had revived Optimus Prime, Optimus put out the call to all surviving Autobots. Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Backtrack joined...and so did the desperate Decepticons Axel and Wild Rider! The Autobots were initially skeptical of them but learned to appreciate Wild Rider, who remained loyal even in the face of Megatron's return as Galvatron. Axel on the other hand attempted to sell out the Autobots to Lockdown only to be killed by Lockdown. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/16

Age of Time


Like at least some of the other Transformers of his dimension, Optimus Prime was somehow amalgamated with his counterpart from an alternate dimension, who came to this dimension through a wormhole; together, they formed a superior version of themselves. [1] Transformers: Age of Time statue bios

Mission to Cybertron comic

While searching for the Creator, Optimus arrived on Paradron to refuel on Energon, but was denied by a Gyronian Sentry and his pet Guard Cats. Optimus explained his past to the Sentry, who was not impressed, demanding a passcode. The passcode was written in Old Cybertronian, but the gate didn't open even with a decoder. Prime and Sentry's egos clashed, causing a fight to break out. Optimus tried directly inserting the decoder into the door, with the passcode: "In Primus We Trust". The door opened, allowing Optimus to drink half of the Energon, giving the other half to Sentry. Optimus told Sentry he did a good job, relieved him of his guard duties, and flew off into space. Mission to Cybertron

Gathering of the Strongest Robots DVD

Gathering of the Strongest Robots

Bumblebee's First Life on Earth

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Picked Up from the Junkyard


Commercial appearances

  • As part of the hype buildup to the first movie's release, Optimus Prime made a brief cameo at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, interacting with host Sarah Silverman. The scene spliced Silverman into pre-existing movie footage, but featured new dialogue recorded for the event by Peter Cullen. Prime heavily hinted that he wanted to present an award, but was rejected for a regular MTV fan.
  • According to a tie-in advertisement for Burger King, Prime likes his Whoppers with no onions, no cheese, extra pickles, with a side of ????. However, due to a cruel twist of fate, he can never enjoy the sweet taste of beefy victory (and all because he needed a driver for him to receive his order). He saved the world from the Decepticons, and still he can't even have it his way? Where's the justice? Transformers Burger King tie-in commercial
  • Optimus fell on some guy's car, smashing it to scrap. The car's owner was rather upset about this development, but Optimus could only respond with "My bad..." Transformers Chevy tie-in commercial
  • Optimus was convinced that a man's new LG Versa was really a Decepticon in disguise. The phone's owner vehemently denied this, despite the phone demonstrating transformation capabilities. He laughed off Optimus's apparent fixation with Decepticons...until one dropped down behind him, sending him running. Revenge of the Fallen LG Versa tie-in commercial
  • Optimus was tasked with delivering trailers of Strawberry and Peanut Butter M&M's. Instead of hauling them in his truck mode, he picked one up and threw it into the distance, clipping some power lines in the process. This earned him some sarcastic clapping from Red. Revenge of the Fallen M&Ms tie-in commercial
  • On July 6, 2009, Optimus appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman to declare the "Top Ten Things That Sound Cool When Said By A Giant Robot". Optimus said it was nice to be there, although David was clearly concerned with having a 28-foot tall robot in the studio because of a bad history of robots messing up the place, and during the presentation Letterman decided there was something about Prime he didn't like. Anyway, the top ten was:
  1. "Jergens lotion leaves my hands silky smooth."
  2. "Do you have these khakis in a Size 114?"
  3. "My perfect night involves a pint of Häagen-Dazs and season three of Sex and the City."
  4. "Man, do I love me some 'taters."
  5. "It was so hot in Central Park today, I saw a squirrel rubbing sunblock on his nuts."
  6. "You seemed a little pitchy, dawg."
  7. "Brody Jenner has added you as a friend on Facebook."
  8. "Live from New York...it's Saturday night!"
  9. "My parents wanted me to be a Rabbi."
  10. "All the slammin' shorties in the house say 'Yeah'!"[2]
  • To promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of Revenge of the Fallen, Paramount set up a website where US fans could request Optimus call up their friends, warning them of Starscream's attempts to recruit human civilian allies.
  • In the Discovery Channel promo, "The World Is Just Awesome," Optimus made a brief cameo, singing the words "boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da."[3]
  • Prime (voiced by Cullen, but not animated by ILM) appeared to promote a NASA competition to vote for videos made by children about NASA's impact on commonplace technology.[4]
  • Optimus appeared in truck mode at Toy Fair 2011. He got a $115 parking ticket.[5]
  • To promote Age Of Extinction, Optimus appeared on screen during the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards to warn Mark Wahlberg that he was in danger of being slimed.
  • After Optimus was injured by a shot, a little boy come over to him and offered him an Oreo cookie. The generous act somehow gave Optimus the strength to go on, and he thanked the child before running off to do whatever heroic thing he was in the middle of. Age of Extinction Oreo tie-in commercial
  • Optimus happened upon an excavation site, where several children were unearthing Grimlock. Soon after his arrival, Grimlock awakened, prompting Prime to hop on his back and order his mount to "Roll Out!" Mega 1-Step Bumblebee toy commercial
  • After helping some guy shave, Hydrobot immediately transformed to robot mode to fist bump Optimus, who destroyed the wall of the man's bathroom while trying to do so. Optimus then accidentally destroyed the man's daughter's personal playground, trying to use it as a stand. The Last Knight Schick commercial





8:30 pm: "Trick My Truck". Tonight's guest: Alpha Trion.
Movie OptimusPrime truckrear.jpg
In the darkness, a PA will misread "Truck A" as "Truck B", and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth — Revelation 11:7.
  • When Optimus's design was first revealed, many fans of the Generation 1 series objected to the flames seen on Prime's body. When asked in an interview why he put the flames on, Michael Bay claimed he liked them because it was "cool". It was later revealed on a special featurette on the DVD that the flames were added because, apparently, red is not very good to film on camera, so Bay chose a blue truck but used the flames so that when Optimus transformed, the layout would result in maintaining his iconic red chest.
  • In the director's commentary of the 2007 Transformers DVD, Michael Bay said that he had told the animators to seek inspiration from Liam Neeson in creating Optimus Prime's body language. Awesome.
  • Optimus Prime's truck mode is apparently intended to haul a flatbed trailer, based on the presence of the large silver "headache rack", a piece of optional equipment that protects the driver in case a flatbed load breaks free during braking. It is generally not installed on trucks hauling enclosed container trailers.
  • TakaraTomy officially recognizes Optimus Prime's vehicle mode as a Kenworth W900 truck, even though the vehicle used for filming was a modified Peterbilt 379, a different model from a different brand, although both are made by the PACCAR company.[6]
  • When Optimus Prime scans a truck for his new body, the passing truck has what appears to be an Autobot sigil on its grill, but the actual truck that Prime turns into at the end of the scene has a much wider, flatter symbol on the grill, which looks rather more like that of Peterbilt. Then, Prime has an Autobot sigil on his grill while driving to meet the other Autobots.
  • According to the free trading cards from the Boston Globe, Optimus is 28 feet tall, weighs 4.3 metric tons, and his primary weapon is an ion blaster. (Considering Optimus's height, however, this weight would seem implausible. It's also roughly half of the actual weight of the truck he's based on.)
  • The Milton Bradley Transformers Battling Card Game depicts Prime with a unique a magnetic grapple attack, fired from the side of his arm. It also declares his forearm gun to be a chain gun (it's an ion blaster in other sources), and has him using a "judo kick", which... while it may not be out of the realm of plausibility for Prime to have learned an Earth martial art, judo does not actually use kicks, being focused on throwing moves. Oops.
  • The Optimus Prime computer generated model consisted of 10,108 individual parts, 1,830,898 polygons, 27,744 rig nodes, and 2336 texture maps. The volume of all pieces combined came to 5445 cubic feet.[7]
  • The Autobots DS game notes that Megatron killed Optimus's father. Considering several pieces of movie tie-in fiction treat Optimus and Megatron as brothers, it's entirely possible that he killed his own father too. Dark of the Moon may have unintentionally (given the obscurity of the four-year-old tie-in game) retconned this, as Optimus believed Sentinel Prime, the mentor figure to both of them, had perished during a Decepticon attack as he tried to escape from Cybertron.
  • During Optimus Prime's transformation from vehicle into robot in Mission City, a piece of Chevrolet intake manifold can be seen on Optimus Prime's left collar.
  • After he left the screen following Dark of the Moon and returned with a new form, the truck was sold at the Barret Jackson Auction in 2016 for $110,000. Another prop was kept around for attraction purposes, while another sold prop was converted into a tow truck.

Other films

"One shall be scrawny...One shall be brawny"
  • Optimus was supposed to combine with a trailer for Revenge of the Fallen, something for which Ben Procter and Josh Nizzi drew up designs. In the end, Nizzi designed the combination with Jetfire. However, the idea of Optimus combining with his trailer was not forgotten, and showed up on screen in Dark of the Moon.
  • In Dark of the Moon, Optimus has Faux-parts, when he transforms inside of the NEST base facing Mearing and Lennox. It is noticeable that the Optimus robot truck parts are not the same as that of the actual truck mode body parts (or at least not all of them). Notice the red chest panels are in fact hidden under the truck nose panels and his arm appears (God knows from where) already with its red/blue flames parts; meanwhile the rest of the front of the vehicle fragments and hides into the robot. This is the only Optimus transformation that occurs this way. In the other in-movie conversions some of his alternate mode's appearances seem to be absorbed into his body or outright disappear.
Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world, and you will all surrender to them. You pigs in human clothing!
  • The overwhelming majority of Age of Extinction toys and promotional images for Optimus, not to mention his RotDS in-game model, are based on a preliminary design for the character, not used in the final film. The differences are most noticeable on the chest, although there are minor design variations across pretty much the entire body. TakaraTomy's later release schedule for their version of the line allowed them to somewhat remedy this situation – their Battle Command Optimus Prime toy appears to have had its chest and feet retooled before release to match the newer design, and their 'Armor Knight' re-release of the Leader Class toy features extensive retooling to similar effect.
  • Optimus's "evasion mode" body possesses one of the more cheatsy transformation schemes in the series. Not only does Optimus manage to turn into a fairly small truck while retaining his normal robot mode height and mass, his windows and grille rather conspicuously change size whenever he transforms. The paint job is still Optimus Prime as in the first three films, but heavily saturated in brown rust.
  • On September 30, 2014, Optimus Prime was immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a cement printing ceremony outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. In lieu of hand prints, Optimus provided tire prints. Peter Cullen was also in attendance and provided hand prints alongside his alter ego.
  • The red "scar" on Optimus/Nemesis Prime's face in The Last Knight came about one day when Michael Bay went into ILM and asked the animators to add red markings to Optimus Prime and Megatron's faces and come up with an explanation for them. Visual effects artist Chris Zammit came up with the idea that the markings were the use of Dark Energon due to its mind-control abilities and the presence of Unicron in the film.[8]
    • In an early version of the fight between Nemesis Prime and Bumblebee, a canister filled with normal Energon (much like the jars Izabella used on the TRF Sentinels) could have been tossed onto Nemesis Prime to release him from Quintessa's control.[8] The idea was scrapped, leaving the red markings as some kind of "paint" and Bumblebee's voice used as the device to restore Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus Prime's design in Bumblebee is heavily influenced by his Generation 1 namesake, which is especially seen with his Earth mode body. The truck used as Prime was actually a rental, but given a new coat of G1-influenced paint for the role.

Other notes

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Optimus Prime (オプティマスプライム Oputimasu Puraimu), Nemesis Prime (ネメシスプライム Nemeshisu Puraimu), Orion Pax (Tribute, オライオンパックス Oraion Pakkusu)
  • Cantonese: O Baak Man (Hong Kong, 柯柏文)
  • Hungarian: Optimusz Fővezér ("Prime Leader Optimus")
  • Indonesian: Optimus Prime (Sang Ketujuh ("The Seventh") (In Indonesian Optimus is known as the seventh Prime) or Pemimpin Para Autobot ("The Leader of the Autobots")
  • Korean: Optimus Prime (옵티머스 프라임 Obtimeoseu Peulaim), Nemesis Prime (네메시스프라임 Nemesisu Peulaim)
  • Mandarin: Kēbówén (Taiwan, 柯博文), Qíngtīanzhù (China, 擎天柱, "Pillar that Supports the Sky")
  • Ukrainian: Optimus Naikrashchiy (Оптимус Найкращий, "Optimus the Best")


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