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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. theme song.
Opening credits; Napoleon makes his way behind the Berlin Wall to the Teller mechanic shop. 
Napoleon & Gabby leave the garage in Gabby's car, Ilya watches them from afar then follows them in another car; Illya crashes after Gabby & Napoleon after being shoot at by Napoleon.
(Flashback) Illya is briefed on Napoleon Solo.
Illya chase after Gabby & Napoleon on foot then tries to stop the car with physical force; Gabby & Napoleon race through the city trying to escape, Illya follows as they escape over the wall.
Napoleon & Illya fight in the bathroom of the park.
Illya & Napoleon are told about the Vinciguerra's, Rudi, their plans.
Napoleon picks out clothing for Gabby for the mission as she models when Illya arrives.
Napoleon arrives in Italy and checks into the hotel when spots two men tailing after Illya & Gabby as they leave the hotel and follows after them. 
Gaby turns on music and dances around the room, annoying Illya, who she asks to her dance with her and when refuses she wrestles him; Gaby prepares to kiss Illya but passes out before she does.
Napoleon checks his room for bugs then goes to Gabby & Illya's room and returns them to him; Illya returns all of Napoleons own bugs to him, Napoleon then gives dressing advice as he leaves.
At the auto racing event promoted by the Vinciguerras; Napoleon arrives and causes a commotion which Victoria Vinciguerra takes notices of.
(Played as Gabby, Napoleon, and Illya make friends at the race including Victoria Vinciguerra, Rudi, Mr. Waverly, Alexander Vinciguerra and Count Lippi).
Both Napoleon and Illya break into the Vinciguerra shipping yard then begrudgingly join forces as they break into the factory then search it for traces of uranium.
After accidentally setting off the alarm, Napoleon & Illya escape out of the factory into the water only to find their way blocked.
In the truck, Napoleon has a drink and sandwich as Illya is chased on the speeder; Illya nearly drowns but Napoleon saves him.
Gabby also Napoleon's room #304 with the message that the meeting with Rudi has been confirmed; Illya & Napoleon arrive back to the hotel and race back their room when see Victoria there.
Gabby & Rudi arrives at the Vinciguerra Estate; Illya follows behind them and sets himself outside of the house.
Gabby tells Luca & Uncle Rudi about Illya & Napoleon; Illya arrives at the Vinciguerra house then chased from it; Napoleon arrives and poisons himself on Victoria accords as offers him a drink.
Rudi tortures Napoleon. Victoria is headed to Vinciguerra Island along with her husband in a boat. Illya is on his way to rescue napoleon. Gaby also going to the Island.
Napoleon & Illya discuss what to do about Rudi and his information; Rudi tries to escape his electric chair and unintentionally electrocutes himself to death; Gabby arrives at Vinciguerra Island.
Gabby & Udo reacquaint; Illya & Napoleon make their way to the island and meet Waverly who introduces himself as an MI6 operative and receive instructions; Victoria meets Alexander on the island.
Gabby & Udo work together on sabotaging the missile; Victoria has Gabby taken to a cell; Waverly gives out the plan; Udo finishes the missile, Victoria kills him; Napoleon & Illya raid the island.
Napoleon & Illya separately crash Alexander, Gabby and the bomb across the island.
Everyone figures out the the warheads have been switch and that Victoria has the correct one.
Waverly, MI6, Gabby, Napoleon & Illya search for the other warhead when Napoleon comes up with the ship Diadema after scanning through the last of ship names.
Waverly is able to lock onto Victoria and the warheads signal as Napoleon keeps her on the line long enough for them to launch the homing decoy.
Illya beings to see "red" as he as psychotic break after talking with his handler.
Illya gives Gabby her ring back as a souvenir then the two almost kiss when the bellboy comes in interrupting them.
As Illya pours drinks Napoleon finishes packing when notices something off about Illya and prepares to be attack by the man, then gives Illya is fathers watch back and they confess their missions.
Waverley tells Illya, Gaby & Napoleon their groups name could name "U.N.C.L.E."; begin of the end credits.
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I swear there’s at least three tracks in the movie that are Ennio Morricone
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What is the song when Ilya's father's watch is robbed by the two men please? Poignant song I find.
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