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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride movie summary

(Song: He lives in you) The movie starts with the presentation of Simba and Nala's daughter, Kiara in the early morning. Mufasa's spirit happily watches down on it. Kiara is an excitebale baby and smiles down at the Pridelands. She also bats at leaves flying in the breeze. Rafiki pulls her down and spreads juice on her forehead. Simba and Nala both give her a nuzzle.

Timon and Pumbaa are watching happily at her presentation. Timon is talking to Pumbaa about how fun it will be to raise Kiara. How they'll teach her to burp and dig for bugs, thinking she's a boy.

Rafiki corrects them. This surprises Timon and Pumbaa. They yell "GIRL!?" and pass out.

The title card shows up: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Some time has passed and Kiara is now a cub. She giggles as she comes out of Pride Rock's den. She wants to explore, but Simba stops her.

He goes over the rules with her, much to her annoyance. Nala comes in and tells her to mind her father. Kiara agrees.

Simba then tells her to stay away from the Outlands. "Nothing there, but a bunch of backstabbing, murderous, Outsiders.". Simba confirms this and tells her not to turn her back on Outsiders to Kiara's confusion.

Simba lets Kiara go off to play as long as she stays on the path he marked for her. Nala laughs at this and tells Simba how Kiara is like how he was as a cub.

Simba sends Timon and Pumbaa to look after her.

Meanwhile Kiara is chasing a butterfly. She's pretending to be a hunter cornering her prey. She pounces it and it flies away. However, she sees the Outlands and thinks they're cool.

Timon and Pumbaa are following her. Kiara sees her and they scream in fear. Kiara falls in to the water. Pumbaa jumps into save her, but accidentally sits on her.

When she gets out of the water, Timon worriedly looks her over. He fears Simba will be mad if she gets hurt. Kiara is annoyed by this.When Timon calls her princess. Her responce is, "I'm not just a princess you know! That's only half of who I am!"

Pumbaa asks her what the other half is, and Kiara can't think of a reply.

Timon and Pumbaa look for bugs and find some. They fight over if slimy or crunchy is better. While they fight Kiara goes off to the Outlands.

She's happy until she runs into an Outsider cub, Kovu. He growls at her and she tries to defend herself. They argue a bit and Kovu calls her "Daddy's little girl". He then tells her that Outsiders don't need anybody and they take care of themselves.

Thinking they are logs, the two cubs accidentally walk onto some alligators in the water. The alligators surface and attack. The two cubs run from them. They manage to get away.

Kovu and Kiara introduce themselves. They try playing. Kiara shows him how to play tag. He's confused so they play fight.

Simba and Zira interupt them with roars. Zira is about to attack, but the Pridelanders surround the area.

It's reavled Simba banished Zira, because of her loyalty to Scar. Zira explains Kovu was hand chosen by Scar to be king.

Simba tells her and Kovu to leave.

He takes Kiara home and scolds her for going off. Kiara tries to protest, but fails. She then tells her father she dosen't want to be queen. Simba tells her "That's like saying you don't wanna be a lion. It's in your blood, as I am. We are part of each other"

(Song: We are one): Simba teaches Kiara through song the lesson "we are one" he shows her the naimals in the pridelands including: A baby bird that wants to fly from it's nest, but it's mother won't let it, a mother wildabeest teaching her baby to walk, a family of monkeys eating bugs off of each other, and a little hippo jumping on family member's backs.

Simba takes her back to Pride Rock and tells her she'll understand some day. Then the bird flies by and Kiara smiles at it.

Meanwhile in the Outlands:

Vitani is tugging on a root. Nuka comes in asking where Kovu is and cuts the root. Vitani knows Nuka was supposed to be watching him and asks where Kovu is. Nuka says its "Every lion for himself out there". Vitani says their mother will be mad, because Nuka was supposed to be watching him. Nuka tells her he could be king if Zira gave him a chance. Vitani tells him it's his chance. Zira comes in carrying Kovu.

Zira yells at Nuka for not watching him. Kovu says it's not Nuka's fault and that he went off on his own.

This exchange happends:

Zira: What were you doing?

Kovu: N-nothing.

Zira: Who has made us Outsiders?!

Kovu: Simba!

Zira: Who killed Scar!?

Kovu: Simba!

Zira: What have I told you about...THEM!?

Kovu apologizes and says he just wanted to be friends with Kiara. Zira thinks it's stupid and tells him so. Then she realizes that if he befriends Kiara he can get into the Pride and kill Simba.

(Song: That's my lullaby): Zira tells Kovu is training will intensify. Then she sings about how she wants Simba, Nala and Kiara to die and how Kovu will be a great king.

A few months or so pass...

Rafiki is painting on his tree and commenting on how lovely of a lioness Kiara has become, but how evil Zira has made Kovu. Mufasa intervines and tells Rafiki that Kovu and Kiara should be together. Rafiki thinks he's crazy, but Mufasa blows win at him and Rafiki agrees.

In the Outlands, Kovu has grown. Zira goes over the plan with him.

In the Pridelands Kiara has grown too. She's about to go off on her first hunt. Nala says she'll do fine, but Simba is nervous. So when Kiara goes off he sends Timon and Pumbaa to watch her.

Meanwhile, Vitani and Nuka are in the elephant graveyard trying to figure out how to create danger for Kiara.

They find a source of fire and light some sticks.

Meanwhile, Kiara is having trouble with hunting. She comes across Timon and Pumbaa and is mad her dad didn't trust her. So she runs off from the Pridelands to continue her hunt.

Vitani and Nuka start a fire. Kiara sees it and runs. She almost gets stuck, but manages to get out. She passes out and Kovu takes her back to the Pridelands.

Kiara tells him off for saving her. They get into a fight and Kiara learns it's Kovu.

Simba, Nala and Zazu come in. Simba tells her that she can't hunt anymore.

Kiara accidentaly revels it's Kovu. Simba and Kovu roar at each other until Nala tells him to stop.

Rafiki tells them that Kovu saved Kiara. Simba asks why and Kovu says he's a rouge and wants to join the pride. Simba reserves judgment on him.

They go back to Pride Rock. Simba dosen't let Kovu in to sleep with the other lions.

Kiara thanks Kovu for saving her. He just insults her hunting skills. They make a deal that Kovu will help teach her to hunt in the morning.

That night Simba has a nightmare about the stampede and his father on the cliff. Simba tries to save him, but Mufasa falls into the wildabeest stampede. Simba sees Scar laughing evily. However as Scar gets closer he turns into Kovu. Kovu grabs Simba's paws and throws him into the stampede.

Simba wakes up breathing heavily.

The next morning, Simba gets up to get a drink of water. Kovu is about to attack, but Kiara enters excited for her hunting lesson. Kovu notices Simba has left and goes with Kiara.

Kovu is laying down and ducks down when Kiara tries to tackle him. He tells her she's breathing too hard and shows her how to feel the earth beneath her paws.

He pounces and corners Timon. Timon is terrified and begs Kovu not to eat him.

Kiara is angry and asks what he's doing there.

Timon tells her that they weren't following her. Timon and Pumbaa were just looking for bugs and found the best place. However there are many birds eating the bugs.

Timon asks Kovu to roar to scare them away. Timon's wording confuses him. Kiara says "Like this" and roars scaring some of the birds away.

The four of them end up chasing the birds and Kovu learns about fun. However they run into rhinos who aren't happy that they were chasing the birds.

The rhinos chase them until they find a place to hide. It's a pretty narrow place, so as they get out, Kovu and Kiara accidentally kiss.

At night they look at the stars and look for pictures in them. Kiara sees a rabbit and Kovu sees "Two lions killing each other for a scrap of meat." He then confesses he never did it before. Kiara is surprised and says she used to do it all the time with her dad. She explains The Great Kings of the past. Kovu asks if Scar's up there and feels bad.

Kovu explains that Scar's not his father, but is still part of him. Kiara tells him that her father said, "There was a darkness in SCar that he couldn't escape." Kovu says "Maybe there's a darkness in me too."

Simba is asking his father for help. Nala confronts him and tells him to look at Kovu and Kiara who are nuzzling. She syas he should get to know Kovu.

Kovu feels guilty and starts to leave. Rafiki stops him and takes him and Kiara to a place. "A special place in your heart, called...Upendi."

(Song: Upendi): Rafiki sings to the two of them as they float on a river on a leaf boat. He gives them each some passion fruit to eat. A lot of animals are in love and dancing.


They go back to Pride Rock and nuzzle. Simba says it's cold out and lets Kovu sleep in the den.

Vitani watches and cheers to herself for Kovu to attack. When he dosen't she gets upset and goes to tell Zira. Zira is mad.

The next morning Kovu plans on telling Kiara the plan and how he dosen't want to be part of it anymore because he loves her.

When he goes ot tell her, Simba interupts and says he wants to talk to Kovu.

He tells Kovu the story of Scar. While they talk, Zira and the Outsiders surround them and says "Well done, Kovu, just as we've always planned."

Simba thinks Kovu is a traitor and growls at him. The Outsiders attack Kovu and Simba.

Simba runs up the dam and Nuka follows him. The logs fall and crush Nuka to death.

Simba comes back to the Pridelands and passes out. Kiara dosen't believe Kovu would do such a thing. She, Timon and Pumbaa help him back.

Zira blames kovu. She scratches him and gives him a Scar. Kovu says he wants nothing more to do with Scar and runs back to the Pridelands.

Kovu comes back and Simba exiles him. Kiara is horrified.

(Song:He is not one of us): The animals of the Pridelands yell at Kovu and throw things at him. They call him a disgrace and are mad he decived them.

As Kovu looks at his reflection it turns into Scar.


Kiara asks Simba to reconsider. Smba says Kovu just used Kiara, but Kiara dosen't belive this. Simab says he must follow in his father's pawprints and he must follow in his fathers. Kiara yells, "You'll never be Mufasa!" and runs into the den.

She cries until she finds a way out through the back. She goes around looking for Kovu, but can't find him.

(Song: Love will find a way): It's night and Kiara is taking a walk. She sees many animals in love and feels sad. She sits down, sadly. Kovu is sad too, but he sees Kiara and becomes happy. The two of them reunite joyfuly.

They start playing and chasing each other. They tackle each other and Kiara pins him. They look at their reflection. There two faces are together in the reflection.

Kovu says, "Hey look we are one."

Kiara realizes what the saying means. Kovu says they should run away together. Kiara tells him they have to go back. "If we run away, they'll be divided forever."

It starts to rain. Timon and Pumbaa are arguing, because Kiara ran off. Simba comes back and they tell him.

Before they can reply, Zazu flies in and tells Simba the Outsiders are coming, "It's war!"

The Outsiders and Pridelanders start fighting. Kovu and Kiara come back and see the fighting.

Zira and Simba are about to fight one on one.

However, Kovu and Kiara jump between the two. Kiara gives the "We are One." speech.

Vitani realizes she's right and joins the Pridelands. When Zira threatens to kill her the other Outsiders are disgusted by her and join the Pridelands.

Zira dosen't give in. She tries to attack Simba, but Kiara intercepts.

They tackle and fall down a cliff. The dam breaks and starts flooding. Kiara offers her paw to Zira, who refuses. Zira slips and falls into the water. She drowns.

Simba helps Kiara up. He apologizes to Kovu and syas he belongs.

All the lions return to The Pridelands.

Simba, Nala,Kovu and Kiara roar in joy.


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