Official The Lion King 2 : Simba's Pride characters

Official The Lion King 2 : Simba's Pride characters

The Lion King characters

Simba's best friend from childhood, she is said to become his wife one day. Intelligent and agile in single combat, she always wins the fight against Simba, which also allow him to recognized her a few years later.


Fun facts:

* Nala's original name was Nadra.

* Originally, Nala had a younger brother named Mheetu.

Voice actor : Niketa Calame (cub); Moira Kelly (adult)

Zazu est le fidèle majordome du roi Mufasa. Il survole la savane en quête de nouvelles à amasser pour son rapport du matin quoitidien ainsi que pour repérer les situations qui nécessiteraient l'attention imédiate du roi. Il est parfois chargé de surveiller Simba, ce qui n'est rarement chose facile...

Voice actor : Rowan Atkinson, Edward Hibbert

Timon is a very talkative meerkat. He's the best friend of Pumbaa, togethey they save Simba after he's chased away by Scar and the hyenas. Timon and Pumbaa will aid adult Simba when he comes back to Pridelands to recliam his throne. Timon drags hyenas attention by doing his famous hula dance so Simba can sneak to Priderock.

Voice actor : Nathan Lane, Kevin Schon (TV series)

Big-hearted warthog, Pumbaa is the best friend of Timon. He and Timon save Simba after being exiled by Scar then help him reclaim his throne when he becomes an adult.


Fun facts:

* In the Timon & Pumbaa episode "Home is Where the Hog Is," it is revealed that Pumbaa's last name is Smith.

* Pumbaa's original name was Harold.

Voice actor : Ernie Sabella

Zira est la mère de Kovu, Vitani et Nuka. Elle aurait vraisemblablement eu une liaison avec Scar, ce qui expliquerait sa haine envers Simba pour l'avoir supposément tué. Détestant celui-ci au plus haut point, elle entraînera Kovu afin d'arriver à ses fins: Mettre fin au règne de Simba et reconquérir la Terre des Lions.

Voice actor : Suzanne Pleshette

Kovu is the son of Zira, and is Scar's adopted son.

From an early age he is trained by Zira to follow in the footsteps of Scar to avenge his death by killing Simba. But his plan does not run as expected when he meets Simba's daughter, Kiara.


Fun facts:

* At first, Kovu had to be Scar's biological son and his first designs looked more like Scar.

Voice actor : Ryan O'Donohue (cub); Jason Marsden (adult in TLK II, and cub in TLG); Gene Miller (singing voice)

Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala. Stubborn as her father was when he was young lion, she disobeys his orders, which will allow her to venture into the Forbidden Lands and get to know Kovu.

She later meets him again, when Kovu "saves" her from the forest fire


Fun facts:

* First names of Kiara were Shani and Aisha

Voice actor : Michelle Horn (cub), Neve Campbell (adult), Charity Sanoy (singing voice)

This page contains spoilers!


 *More will be added to this bio*

Basic Information:

Vitani  first appears in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, shown in her pride's home of the 'Outlands', a place Simba banished them. She is the daughter of Zira and the sister of Kovu and Nuka. When adult, Vitani is Zira's spy and cohort, serving her mother's purpose to overthrow Simba. She ends up joining Simba's pride, against Zira's wishes.

At the end of the Lion Guard: Season 3, Vitani becomes the new leader of her own Guard after proving her worth, when Kion and his Guard retire.


Featured In: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard series

Species: lion

Appearance: Small and slender and has a reddish-brown pelt with darker and lighter red-brown markings. She has  a pink 'Outlander' nose - her eyecolour is dabatable (either light blue, as in Lion King 2 or lilac, as in the Lion Guard)

Personality:  Sarcastic, eager-to-please, playful, teasing, aggressive, brave.

Relations: Zira (mother), Nuka (brother), Kovu (brother), Kiara (sister-in-law)

Friends: the Outlanders (formerly), most of the Pridelanders

Foes: Simba's Pride (formerly)


  • Vitani becomes the leader of her own Lion Guard after Kion resigns


Vitani, after receiving the rank of Lion Guard leader


Voice actor : Lacey Chabert (cub); Jennifer Lien (adult)

Nuka is the son of Zira and Kovu's and Vitani's brother. He is particularly jealous of the fact that Kovu, not him, has been chosen to avenge Scar. He will try to earn the favor of his mother and prove that he too could become king. Scratching constantly, he has termite problems - which have also plagued him much of his mane.

Voice actor : Andy Dick

Rafiki est un sage mandrill qui chronique les évènements de la terre des lions dans son baobab. Il a d'ailleurs présenté deux générations de naissances royales. Grand ami de Mufasa, il sera particulièrement attristé par sa mort. Quelques temps plus tard, il retrouvera Simba et le persuadera de revendiquer sa place en tant que roi légitime. 

Voice actor : Robert Guillaume


Name - Simba
Gender - Male
Age - Portrayed as infant, cub, teen and adult in ''The Lion King'' franchise
Type of Animal - Lion

Basic Info
Simba is the main character in the film. Curious and adventurous, he disobeys the advice that will be given him, which will also cause him many troubles ... Nala's best friend, both will experience many adventures together until they are separated by tragic events ... Devoted by remorse inflicted by his uncle Scar, Simba will later grow up in the jungle, approaching a life without worry based on the principle of ''Hakuna Matata'', Until he is no longer able to conceal the truth and will have to face his responsibilities ...

Mufasa (father), Sarabi (mother), Scar (uncle), Nala's Father (father-in-law), Sarafina (mother-in-law), Nala (mate), Kiara (daughter), Kion (son), Kovu (son-in-law), 'Fluffy' (cub), Mohatu (great-grandfather), Ahadi (grandfather), Uru (grandmother), Kopa (son)

    * Concept - Mheetu (brother-in-law)


Voice actor : Jonathan Taylor Thomas (cub); Matthew Broderick (adult); Jason Weaver (singing voice)

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