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  1. Abortion – Should abortion be legal?
  2. ACLU – Is the ACLU good for America?
  3. Alternative Energy – Can alternative energy effectively replace fossil fuels?
  4. American Socialism – Should the US become socialist?
  5. Animal Dissection – Should K-12 students dissect animals in science classrooms?
  6. Animal Testing – Should animals be used for scientific or commercial testing?
  7. Artificial Intelligence – Is artificial intelligence good for society?
  8. Banned Books – Should parents or other adults be able to ban books from schools and libraries?
  9. Big Three Bailout – Should the big three car manufacturers be bailed out by the US government?
  10. Binge-Watching – Is binge-watching good for you?
  11. Born Gay – Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
  12. Bottled Water Ban – Should bottled water be banned?
  13. Cancel Culture – Is cancel culture (or callout culture) good for society?
  14. CBD for Pets – Is CBD good for pets?
  15. Cell Phone Radiation – Is cell phone radiation safe?
  16. Churches & Taxes – Should churches (including mosques, synagogues, etc.) remain tax-exempt?
  17. Climate Change – Is human activity primarily responsible for global climate change?
  18. College Education – Is a college education worth it?
  19. College Football Playoffs – Should college football replace the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a playoff system?
  20. Concealed Handguns – Should adults have the right to carry a concealed handgun?
  21. Congressional Insider Trading – Should insider trading by Congress be allowed?
  22. Corporal Punishment – Should corporal punishment be used in K-12 schools?
  23. Corporate Tax Rate – Should the federal corporate income tax rate be raised?
  24. Cuba Embargo – Should the United States maintain its embargo against Cuba?
  25. DACA & Dreamers – Are DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the DREAM Act good for America?
  26. D.A.R.E. – Is the D.A.R.E. program good for America’s kids (K-12)?
  27. Dakota Access Pipeline – Should the Dakota Access Pipeline be completed?
  28. Daylight Saving Time – Should the United States keep daylight saving time?
  29. DC AND Puerto Rico Statehood – Should Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico be granted US statehood?
  30. Death Penalty – Should the death penalty be legal?
  31. Dress Codes – Should dress codes be implemented and enforced?
  32. Defund the Police – Should police departments be defunded, if not abolished?
  33. Drinking Age – Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 to a younger age?
  34. Drone Strikes – Should the United States continue its use of drone strikes abroad?
  35. Drug Use in Sports – Should performance-enhancing drugs be accepted in sports?
  36. Election Day National Holiday – Should the election day be made a national holiday?
  37. Electoral College – Should the United States use the Electoral College in presidential elections?
  38. Employer Vaccine Mandates – Should employers be able to mandate vaccinations?
  39. Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide – Should euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide be legal?
  40. Felon Voting – Should people who have completed felony sentences be allowed to vote?
  41. Fighting in Hockey – Should fighting be allowed in hockey?
  42. Filibuster – Should the US Senate keep the filibuster?
  43. Fracking – Should the United States continue fracking
  44. Free College – Should public college be tuition-free?
  45. Gay Marriage – Should gay marriage be legal?
  46. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) – Should genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be grown?
  47. Gold Standard – Should the United States return to a gold standard?
  48. Golf – Is golf a sport?
  49. Gun Control – Should more gun control laws be enacted?
  50. Historic Statue Removal – Should historic statues be taken down?
  51. Homework – Is homework beneficial?
  52. Illegal Immigration – Should the government allow a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants?
  53. Internet – Is the internet “making us stupid?”
  54. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – What are the solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  55. Kneeling during the National Anthem – Is kneeling during the national anthem an appropriate form of protest?
  56. Mandatory National Service – Should the United States have mandatory national service?
  57. Medical Marijuana – Should marijuana be a medical option?
  58. Milk – Is drinking milk healthy for humans?
  59. Minimum Wage – Should the federal minimum wage be increased?
  60. Net Neutrality – Should the US have net neutrality laws?
  61. Obamacare – Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) good for America?
  62. Obesity – Is obesity a disease?
  63. Olympics – Are the Olympic games an overall benefit for their host countries and cities?
  64. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Birth Control Pills – Should birth control pills be available over-the-counter (OTC)?
  65. Paying College Athletes – Should colleges and universities pay college athletes?
  66. Penny – Should the penny stay in circulation?
  67. Pit Bull Bans – Should breed-specific legislation (“pit bull bans”) be enacted?
  68. Pokémon – Is Pokémon Go good for our society?
  69. Police Body Cameras – Should police officers wear body cameras?
  70. Prescription Drug Costs – Should the US federal government regulate prescription drug prices?
  71. President Bill Clinton – Was Bill Clinton a good president?
  72. President Ronald Reagan – Was Ronald Reagan a good president?
  73. Presidential Election, 2008 – Which candidate would make the best US president?
  74. Presidential Election, 2012 – Which candidate should be US president in 2012?
  75. Presidential Election, 2016 – The Candidates and Where They Stand on the Issues
  76. Presidential Election, 2020 – 2020 Presidential Election Site
  77. Private Prisons – Should prisons be privatized?
  78. Prostitution – Should prostitution be legal?
  79. Recreational Marijuana – Should recreational marijuana be legal?
  80. Reparations for Slavery – Should the federal government pay reparations to the descendants of slaves?
  81. Right to Healthcare – Should all Americans have the right (be entitled) to health care?
  82. Sanctuary Cities – Should sanctuary cities receive federal funding?
  83. Santa Claus – Is there really a Santa Claus?
  84. Saturday Halloween – Should Halloween be moved permanently to Saturday?
  85. School Uniforms – Should students have to wear school uniforms?
  86. School Vouchers – Should states have school voucher programs?
  87. Social Media – Is social media good for society?
  88. Social Security Privatization – Should social security be privatized?
  89. Space Colonization – Should humans colonize space?
  90. Standardized Tests – Do standardized tests improve education in America?
  91. Student Loan Debt – Should student loan debt be eliminated via forgiveness or bankruptcy?
  92. Tablets v. Textbooks -Should tablets replace textbooks in K-12 schools?
  93. Teacher Tenure – Should teachers get tenure?
  94. Uber & Lyft – Are ride-hailing companies a benefit to society?
  95. Under God in the Pledge – Should the words “under god” be in the US Pledge of Allegiance?
  96. US Drone Shot down by Iran – Was the US drone shot down by Iran over international waters?
  97. Universal Basic Income (UBI) – Should the United States implement a universal basic income?
  98. US-Iraq War – Should the US have attacked Iraq?
  99. US Supreme Court Packing – Should packing the US Supreme Court ever be considered?
  100. Vaccines for Kids – Should vaccines be required for children?
  101. Vaping E-Cigarettes – Is vaping e-cigarettes safe?
  102. Vegetarianism – Should people become vegetarian?
  103. Video Games & Violence – Do violent video games contribute to youth violence?
  104. Voting Age – Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  105. Voting Machines – Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process?
  106. WTC Muslim Center – Is it appropriate to build a muslim community center (aka the ”ground zero mosque”) near the World Trade Center site?
  107. Zoos – Should zoos exist?

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Teen Russian Tennis Player Banned for Nine Months for Doping Violation
9/26/2022 -

An unnamed minor Russian tennis player was banned for nine months (retroactively dating from Mar. 5, 2022 through Dec. 4, 2022). The teen may not compete or attend games organized by tennis’ governing bodies. The player tested positive for meldonium, the same drug for which fellow Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova was banned for two years in 2016.

Federal Judge Rules Firearm Purchasing Ban for Those under Felony Indictment Is Unconstitutional
9/21/2022 -

On Sep. 19, 2022, US District Judge David Counts ruled that a federal law banning people under felony indictments from purchasing a firearm is unconstitutional based on the June 23, 2022 US Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. Counts noted “this case’s real-world consequences – certainly valid public policy and safety concerns exist,” but countered, “the Government must prove that laws regulating conduct covered by the Second Amendment’s plain text align with this Nation’s historical tradition. The Government does not meet that burden.” 

Updated: Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered from 21 to a Younger Age?
9/8/2022 -

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