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"The Music Hole" is the tenth episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It is the two hundred and thirty-fifth episode overall.[2][3]


Finn hears a mysterious song while judging a Battle of the Bands.[4]


At the Tree Fort, Finn is on the ground moping about his Finn sword. After dropping one of his "feel better waffles," he moans that everything's broken, ignoring BMO's attempts to convince him otherwise.

The scene shifts to Jake on the phone with Princess Bubblegum. He reports the situation to her, and Princess Bubblegum then suggests that they should initiate "Plan C." Jake enters his room pulling out a tuna can containing the briefing for Plan C, only to later ask Princess Bubblegum what the plan is about.

Morning comes, and Finn wakes up continuing his loathing. Music is heard in the background, and Finn takes his sword to hunt down the source of the noise. The noise was actually Susan Strong's song, and Finn appears to be delighted by the performance. When her song ends, Jake helps with Finn's confusion by telling him it's a battle of the bands. Bonnibel surprises Finn by making him the judge, adding to his enjoyment. She then goes on to introduce the battle of the bands to the audience and then cues MC Neptr and Flame P to perform their song. The duo continue to rap, and once finished they announce their band merchandise, which Ice King feels they are trying to bribe Finn with.

Princess Bubblegum introduces the next contestant, Marceline. Marceline begins to sing her love song, only to lose her pick half-way through. Finn feels that the winner is Marcy, only to see Marceline distraught about losing her pick. A strange song piques Finn's interest, and he excuses himself while the Candy People look for Marceline's pick.

Finn goes behind the stage, catching Jake singing to Lady Rainicorn, which then upsets Jake as Finn is supposed to be the judge. Finn ignores their questions as he continues looking for the source of the tune. Jake and Lady Rainicorn tag along with Finn as he searches.

The scene goes back to the upset audience, infuriated due to the postponement of Marceline's song. Ice King attempts to control the crowd, letting loose his penguins to make peace, but they only makes things more violent. Princess Bubblegum finds Marceline's pick in Mr. Cupcake's icing, and Marceline continues with her song. Once finished, she shows resentment after noticing Finn's absence.

Finn, Jake, and Lady Rainicorn are still looking for the source of the music, with Finn being the only one able to hear it. Finn finds the source, almost falling into a pit. It is revealed that the music's source is a sentient hole in the ground. After Finn compliments the hole on its beautiful voice, it explains that it is around 1,000 years old—as old as Ooo is—and that it is such a great singer because it practices so often on account of being immobile. When questioned why only Finn can see and hear it, it explains that only those that meet the prerequisites of either being innocent and pure children (shows a silhouette of BMO) or those who have had a significant loss (silhouette of Simon) can hear it. Finn acknowledges this as he feels he's been going through a rough part of life.

The scene goes back to the battle of the bands. The crowd is still rioting, and Ice King seizes this opportunity to perform his song, only to be shut down by Marceline and Princess Bubblegum via a t-shirt cannon.

The Music Hole reveals that it is envious of Finn's ability to fully exist in the presence of everyone. Finn feels lucky that he is fortunate to have possession of this ability. He then announces the winner of the Battle of the Bands, presenting it with a potato chip bag crown. They begin to perform a duet and while singing, and the Finn in the Finn Sword appears and nods his head rhythmically while listening. Finn throws the crown into the chasm of Hole's mouth, ending the episode.


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  • Princess Bubblegum wears a similar necklace Marceline wore in "Broke His Crown."
    • Bonnibel's necklace also resembles the amulet she wore in "The Vault."
  • Lumpy Space Princess is revealed to be able to play percussion.
  • Susan is revealed to be a talented singer, and to possess knowledge of audio.
  • The Music Hole claims to be as old as Ooo itself, and is aware of everything and everyone of the inhabitants such as the Lich. It also has an unknown depth.
  • It seems that Flame Princess and Neptr have collaborated on a rap album, as well as their own branded T-shirts.
  • Princess Bubblegum's sleep mask resembles the Music Hole's eyes.

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Production notes

  • This is the final episode in which Miguel Ferrer voiced Death prior to his death on January 19, 2017.
  • Finn is shown to have fallen into depression despite the fact that he was fine and hyperactive in "Bun Bun," "Normal Man," and "Elemental." The three episodes were produced after "The Music Hole" but released beforehand. Similar continuity errors occurred in Season 1's "Evicted!" and "Tree Trunks."
    • Studying the production codes and time references in each episode, it can be assumed that the following is the canon order:  "I Am a Sword," (code: 236) "Five Short Tables" (code 237), "Daddy-Daughter Card Wars" (code 238), "The Music Hole" (code 239; Finn is depressed, Flame Princess free-styles), "Bun Bun" (code 240; Finn is fine, no appearance of the Finn Sword nor Root Sword, Finn learns that Flame Princess practices free-styling),  "Normal Man" (code 241, Root Sword), "Elemental" (code 242; Root Sword), and then "Preboot" and "Reboot."
      • However Flame Princess and her free-style rapping is revealed in "Bun Bun." So if canonically are in production order, Finn was depressed immediately after "I Am a Sword" and he simply learned of Flame Princess' rapping during "The Music Hole" before being directly told in "Bun Bun."
      • If canonically the episodes are in release order Finn simply was not immediately saddened and depressed by the loss of the Finn Sword and it later came beck to hurt him later on. This is also supported by the fact that Finn Sword was revived in this episode and Finn used it in "Preboot" and "Reboot", though it is possible he simply used the Root Sword in "Normal Man" and "Elemental" wanting to give the Finn Sword a break and not due to its destruction. 

Storyline analysis

  • Sword Finn can be seen while Finn is singing with Music Hole towards the end of the episode, meaning Sword Finn did not disappear when the sword broke.
    • Along with the Finn Sword fusing with a fragment of the Grass Sword at the end of "I Am a Sword," it is possible that the Finn Sword is not entirely broken.


  • Mr. Cupcake's location in the crowd is inconsistent; he is shown very close when Marceline drops her pick, and relatively center when Princess Bubblegum retrieves it.


This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.



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