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Track 4 On
Things Go Better With RJ & Al

The Extra Mile

Soul Position
Yeah, in this corner
We have the undisputed champs in hip-hop
Soul Position; RJD2, on the beats
Blueprint on the rhymes, versus
Everything that sucks about music in the opposite corner
We'll see what's up

Yea, uh-huh
See Print pollyin, 3-card Molly'in
Ridin in an old car cross the Metropolitan
Probably in a hot broad's face straight hollerin
Every time he make a move y'all wanna follow him
Haters say they wanna do bodily harm to him
Players hold they hoes close cause they all swarm to him
That's the norm for him, they keepin it warm for him
Hit that, sit back then dip in the morning when
Just bought a little crib, shit he ain't goin nowhere
Columbus or Bust 'til he die, he enjoyin it here
All his boys is here, all the toys in fear
Walk into the bar and get Cheers like Norm was there
You take a L cause you corny like Cliffy Clavin

Can't seem to keep your misses from misbehavin
You be keepin them waitin, he be keepin them naked
People been debatin about who they think Print been datin
Stay out his territory, wait 'til he tells a story
Better that you only know the master of ceremony
Phony students movin way too slow for class
Get left back a level until they make grades that pass
Take off your white tee, wave it, make it a flag
Failure is likely, it breaks it and saves your ass
No matter what the haters say, he's still gettin major ass
Take 'em to the pad, get 'em naked and smash
In the sack your dame loud like Dame Dash

To top it off dawg she told her out insane ass
My dame clash but she still give me the brain fast
She her old style, I got her on the straight path
Plus my song's strong, I put it on upon
Who talk big willy but his bank account's overdrawn
Another boring song going on and on
Your thoughts ain't worth the cheap paper you wrote 'em on
Hold on... {*echoes*}
Catch your breath while I go on with the song
I'm at home on any block, the blacktop's my backdrop
Find a wireless connect, pull out the laptop
To broadcast live to the world outside
Songs that right the wrongs and smash the lies
Y'all can't match the vibe my rap provides
I uphold the codes y'all bastardize
The kind of guys that I despise
You lost in the sauce with my thoughts to God
Shake you, wake you, take you for a ride
Slide you off side for {?} in the wrong side
Then pickin the wrong time for spittin the whole nine
Do an about face and scurry about place
Hurry inside home, a flurry upside dome
There's a reason you're not known
Plus, many games gettin played in this inner city maze
Turn the other cheek and still catch a left to the face
Put to rest, what a waste, shoulda left or put your best foot forward faster
Now meet your master... {*echoes*}
[Hook 2X: Blueprint]
Deeper - than the stare of a man that lost it all
Longer - than the out-stretched arms of the law
Wider - than the eyes of a newborn child
We're committed, to go the extra mile

Just like we expected
Another victory for the defending champion
The undisputed champ, Soul Position
Who's next? You have no idea
They better bring it
Them boys ain't playin
Not at all...


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