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Book Review: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain

In “The Idea of the Brain: The Past and Future of Neuroscience,” scientist and historian Matthew Cobb explores the evolution of neuroscience and our conception of the brain through the ages, and — despite advances in technology — how far we have yet to go to unlock this organ’s many secrets.

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Undark Editorial Mission
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Abstracts: Autocrats Exploit Covid-19 Confusion

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Abstracts: A Nation Stirs, and Nursing Homes Brace

Federal officials in the U.S. released new guidance for nursing homes seeking to reopen after months of Covid-19 lockdowns. Urging extreme caution, the guidelines call for widespread testing of nursing home staff and residents, as well as inspections of the most hard-hit elder care facilities.

Book Review: Why Science Denialism Persists

In “Galileo: And the Science Deniers” and “Natural: How Faith in Nature’s Goodness Leads to Harmful Fads, Unjust Laws, and Flawed Science,” Mario Livio and Alan Levinovitz, respectively, explore the past and present of anti-science bias, and why it’s so hard to shake many of our deep-seated beliefs.