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1 2 3 9 IS FEARR AN STAR Friday September 24 2021 €1.80 (inc vat) pUZZLES pULLOUT INSIDE SUpER SOCCER pULLOUT ‘Pep FREE €5 € 5 BET ON THE RYDER CUp! SEE pAGE TWO has not delivered’ SEE pULLOUT DUNpHY EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE BATTLE OF THE WAGS... ELITE TROOPS ON PITTANCE SEE pAGES 26&27 HELL TO EXODUS: Irish Army Rangers are walking away due to awful pay and conditions says ‘Ultimate Hell Week’ star and ex Ranger Ray Goggins (right) PAY PAYArmy Ranger TV star says neglect of unit is terror risk SEE PAGES 4&5

2 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR SUPPORT: Micheal Martin moves on UN TAOISEACH Micheal Martin has said UN Security Council members have broadly backed Ireland in bringing the first ever resolution linking climate change to international conflicts. However, heavyweights China and Russia are not in favour of the proposal and as one of five permanent members of the 15 country Security Council, they have a crucial veto. Work Mr Martin said the resolution is not “doomed” just because the countries are against it, and that diplomatic channels will now get underway. Gardai under MURDERED: Nessa Nessa killing arrest A 38-YEAR-old man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of teacher Sabrina Nessa, the Metropolitan Police said. The suspect was arrested at an address in Lewisham yesterday and is being held in custody. Images The force issued CCTV images of a man walking in Pegler Square, Kidbrooke, on the evening Sabrina was attacked as well as an image of a silver vehicle they believe he had access to. Sabrina was meeting a friend when she was fatally attacked. Eruption of horror RED-HOT lava oozes down a hillside ■after a frightening volcano eruption in La Palma as people look on in horror. As the liquid slowed down, it built up to 50ft on parts of the Canary Island. The lava has swallowed up around 350 homes. Ash and smoke continues to rise to nearly 14,000ft in the air. ■ investigation DAILY mILLIONS THURS 2:00pm - no winneR 11 13 18 21 22 32 7 11 18 22 26 36 THURS 9.00pm - no winneR 4 5 10 23 26 27 4 13 14 22 26 31 20 17 l GAlWAY 16 18 19 19 20 17 21 20 l CORK 20 belfAsT l DublIn l BONUS 23 8 BONUS 12 16 15 COPS CANCELLED SEVERAL 999 CALLS A NUMBER of gardai a r e u n d e r investigation after they repeatedly cancelled 999 calls without following the proper procedures, t h e G a r d a Commissioner said yesterday. The Policing Authority has been informed that an additional 53 emergency calls were dropped without an adequ at e p ol ic i n g response after prev iou s i r reg u la r cancellations had been in the pubic spotlight. New procedures were put in place to stamp out the practice and Commissioner Drew ■■Trevor QUINN ChUrCh heads sad at debate CHURCH leaders say they’ve been left saddened by “polarised public commentary” around a service to mark the North’s centenary. A joint statement by SHOCK: Drew Harris Harris, who stressed the number of officers was relatively low, said he was shocked by the actions. Authority chairman Bob Collins slammed the gardai’s behaviour and described it as “incredible” and “wholly inappropriate” and “utterly dismissive” of people who dialled 999. Mr Harris said a garda employee had highlighed the incidents and he told RTE News “an inquiry and disciplinary investigation” is currently under way. He revealed that most of the improperly scrapped calls were alarm calls, but were dropped without being forwarded. the Church Leaders Group stated: “The tone of the public debate has shone a light on the societal wounds we wish to reflect on in this service.” WEATHER NEAR YOU TODAY Summary: Mostly cloudy with showers. NORTHwEST COAST It will be mostly cloudy with scattered outbreaks of light rain or drizzle. mild and humid with highs of 18 degrees. Moderate breezes. SOUTHwEST COAST Cloudy with outbreaks of rain or drizzle. It will be warm and humid with highest temperatures of 21 degrees with moderate winds.. SOUTH CENTRAL Mostly cloudy with showers. The best of any bright or sunny intervals will be in the south and east of the province. Highs of 17 to 21 degrees. EAST COAST It will be mostly cloudy and mainly dry with some bright spells in the afternoon. Warm and humid with highs of 19 to 21 degrees. NORTH CENTRAL Mostly cloudy with scattered outbreaks of light rain or drizzle and some bright spells. Highs of 17 to 19 degrees and moderate breezes. NORTHERN iRELAND Mostly cloudy with scattered outbreaks of light rain or drizzle, persistent at times in the west. Mild and humid with highs of 17 to 19 degrees. YOUR 3-DAY NATIONAL fORECAST TOMORROW A dry day with sunshine and clouds. Highs of 20 degrees. SUNDAY Sunny spells and showers after a cloudy start. Highs of 20C MONDAY Rain spreading from the west, Some heavy bursts. The irish Daily Star, independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1 Phone: (01) 499 3458. Email: Text: star followed by your story to 50123 twitter: @isfearranstar

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 3 He’s got it Paul going on POPULAR: Glenda Gilson Boys digging model futures SUITS yOU: Jodie at London premiere of The Last Duel last night, (below) with co-star Ben Affleck and starring in film GLENDA Gilson doesn’t think her sons Bobby and Danny Mac will follow in her modelling footsteps. The former Xpose host, married to businessman Rob MacNaughton, was walking the catwalk from an early age before landing the dream role of hosting the entertainment show for TV3 back in 2008. The popular Dubliner is mum to toddler Bobby and newborn Danny Mac — but reckons her kids won’t be following in her model footsteps, saying Bobby is already showing signs he’s more like his dad as he’s “digger mad”. She told us: “Bobby is digger mad, trucks mad, car mad. He is his father all over and Rob works with machines so he gets the opportunity to go over and see diggers and it is such a wow. “I’d say Bobby will definitely go in the same direction as his dad. “I don’t know about Danny at the moment because he’s just learning to climb and walk up the stairs. I don’t know about him just yet.” FREE TOMORROW Jodie’s killing the look MESCAL REPRESENTS IRELAND WITH STEAMY NOMINATION... ■■Siobhan O’CONNOR ACTOR Paul Mescal has been nominated as the ‘Sexiest man alive” 2021 alongside Hollywood stars Patrick Dempsey and Chris Hemsworth. The 25-year old has got the nod for the ‘sexiest eyes’ category of People Magazine’s prestigious contest. Mescal is the only Irishman to make the cut this year in the sexy stakes. Other categories include sexiest firsttime dad, sexiest summer Olympian, sexiest TV star, sexiest smile, sexiest TikTok star, and sexiest accent. While Michael B. Jordan was crowned People Magazine’s sexiest man alive last year after an online vote, other previous titleholders include John Legend, Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and David Beckham. The Kildare actor shot to fame in 2020 — after appearing as Connell Waldron in the television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s bestselling novel Normal People. The series quickly set the world alight during the first Covid lockdown. Icon Paul’s heart-throb status was cemented when he donned his now iconic silver chain on screen. Mescal also became the poster boy for GAA shorts, making the humble training garment the biggest must-have fashion accessory, in the world. Other classic Irish staples like Aran jumpers were showing up in Vogue magazine photo shoots, thanks to the Mescal effect. Gucci began selling white O’Neill style, nylon shorts featuring their green and red striped down the leg. Pauls’ career has skyrocketed since he NOMINEE: Paul Mescal and (top) in Normal People as heart-throb Connell first appeared on Normal People. Mescal and Jessie Buckley’s new movie, has scored a perfect 100 per cent approval on movie website Rotten Tomatoes. The Lost Daughter, directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and starring Olivia Coleman, has received rave reviews from critics worldwide. The film sees Leda, a British academic on a beach holiday in Greece, who becomes obsessed with another woman and her daughter. Mescal plays an Irish student who is working on the island. MUSEUM OFF MARKET ONLY IN YOUR ACTRESS Jodie Comer sparkles on ●the red carpet as she attends the premiere of The Last Duel. The Killing Eve star (28) cut a sharp figure in an oversize trousersuit at the London screening of the movie, which was filmed in Ireland. The period drama also stars Ben ●Affleck and Matt Damon, who cowrote the film about a knight who challenges his friend to a duel after his wife accuses him of rape. THE world’s only Vagina Museum has been forced to close. It will shut its doors after landlord LabTech refused to extend the lease on the building in Camden Market, north London. Despite support from the local council, it has failed to find a new home. Founder Florence Schechter said several property owners were approached, but they all declined. She blamed “institutional patriarchy” and said “it feels really s**tty”. But she added that the pandemic had given the team “loads of practice on how to operate without a physical space”. Schechter launched the museum (inset) in 2017 after being inspired by the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavik. After its last exhibition, nearly 90 per cent of attendees said they had left knowing more about menstruation.

4 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 HELL WEEK STAR’S ISEIR hIT hARD: iPhone 13 Mobiles charge towards one size A NEW one-size-fits-all phone charger could be required for all mobiles under new EU law. The move, which would be better for the environment, will likely affect iPhone maker Apple rather than its rivals. The proposal made by the EC yesterday is for all mobile phone, tablets and headphone makers to provide universally usable chargers. If implemented, the new regulation will require the use of USB-C chargers in all mobile devices sold in the EU by 2024. The EU have been pushing for a common charger for over a decade to help the environment. Apple, whose iPhones charge from a Lightning cable, has said rules forcing them to conform to one type could deter innovation and create a electronic waste piles. Rival Android-based devices are charged using USB-C connectors. Half the chargers sold with mobile phones in 2018 had a USB micro-B connector, while 29 per cent had a USB-C connector and 21 per cent a Lightning connector. Most industry observers believe Apple already has plans to move to USB-C on iPhone. It already uses USB-C on its iPads and MacBooks. The face tells all to Apple SAD smartphone users could have their depression diagnosed by how hard they jab the screen. Misspelled messages and screen strength are among a range of “red flags” future iPhones will scan for to detect possible mental illness, leaked documents from Apple show. An insider said: “Apple is working on technology to help diagnose depression and cognitive decline. “The data that may be used includes analysis of participants’ facial expressions, how they speak, the pace and frequency of their walks, as well as sleep patterns and heart and respiration rates.” The star of RTe’s Special Forces: Ultimate hell Week has blasted the Government for neglecting the elite Army Ranger Wing. “The Government won’t give them anything,” former Ranger Wing operator Ray Goggins told The Star in an explosive interview. And Mr Goggins says he would have stayed on in the unit if he had been paid properly — rather than quitting for the lucrative private security industry. Mr Goggins also tells The Star he is worried that current ARW personnel may leave the elite fighting unit because the pay is so bad. “Pay the Ranger Wing the money they deserve, or they won’t have a special forces unit. I know they think, ‘Ah sure what do they do anyway’, but when there is none there, then they will see the difference,” he says. Cork-born Mr Goggins (50) has just written a best-selling book called Ranger 22 that details his 17 years in the ARW as well as his next career as a private security consultant, but he admits he has secrets that he will never tell from his time in the Defence Forces’ elite unit. “I am not giving away any big secrets in the book and any operational security issues that I can’t mention are obviously left out,” he says. “I swore to protect the State, whatever that meant, and if that meant keeping my mouth shut about certain things, that is all part of the game. “I was never going to be singing about this operation that happened or that black operation. I can’t mention them. Honour “I very much consider it a point of honour with the guys I served with, not the Chief of Staff or the Government, it’s for the guys I stood shoulder to shoulder with all those years. “We have this code that you live by, it might sound ridiculous or something out of a movie, but that is the way it is.” Mr Goggins does open up, however, about his anger at the way the ARW has been treated by successive governments, who he says have repeatedly neglected the unit he served with in East Timor, Chad and Liberia. He and dozens of other members of the unit were supposed to have received €60 extra a week backdated to 2006, which would mean up to €40,000 for him and his former colleagues — but none of them have got a cent of that cash. And Mr Goggins, who left the ARW in late 2015, told The Star he simply could not afford to stay in the unit. He says: “I’ll be honest. If we had got that back pay and we had got this that and the other, I would probably still be there. I left the Ranger wing for loads of reasons — the financial pitfalls was a large part of it. “I’m coming home and we can’t get a babysitter to go out for a meal or a drink because we haven’t got the money to do it. I couldn’t do that anymore. As hard a decision as it was, I decided to leave.” He added: “The guys still serving are forgotten about by the Government. They are not supported, they are not protected. “They will give their lives to protect people in this country whether they are in the country or elsewhere — Irish citizens and other nationalities, they will give their lives without thinking about it. Commitment “But the Government won’t give them anything. They don’t even understand what commitment these guys have and what they do on a daily basis to help keep this country secure. “It is common knowledge the way the Ranger Wing has been undervalued, under-supported, underpaid. “This isn’t a failure of one government — this is going back so many years. “They do not care about defence. They think it is a Mickey Mouse thing. That’s all well and good until the first bomb goes off on O’Connell Street, or some attack on the LUAS. “I am not saying it is going to happen, but you cannot tell me it is not.” Mr Goggins says he fears the low pay and conditions in the ARW will drive many of the elite fighters into the more lucrative private security industry, and leave Ireland even more exposed. He says: “If you don’t look after that like any HR issue, people are going to look elsewhere. “Guys can only take the hit for so long. “I’m not saying they need to be paid millions, but for God’s sake give fellas at least something that they can fall back on, that they can pursue their career effectively and not have to worry about what is going on at home when ‘Wait til a bomb goes off on O’Connell Street...’ EXCLUSIVE ■■Michael O’TOOle Award-winning crime journalist they are away. “If you are away on an operation, you do not need to be worrying about what is going on at home because then you are not present, you are not in the zone and that is when people get hurt, that is when things go wrong.” He adds it is vital to keep the highly trained soldiers in the ARW, or they will be tempted by better money on the outside. He says: “They need to keep these guys in. These guys are hard to get in, they are hard to train and they are even harder to keep. Unfortunately, the LINe OF DeFeNCe: Ray Goggins says State should treat Rangers with more respect or lose them ‘ELITE ARMY RANGERS QUITTING ABOUT PAY’ private sector is a massive draw now. He can talk to people as well as being COVID locked everything down. Once aggressive. movement starts again, the private protection companies are going to be look- and your ability to train and build guys “You get the wrong fellas taken out ing for operators that are well trained. up is gone.” Mr Goggins also attacked the lack of Skilled airlift capability in the Defence Forces, “They know guys that come from the which became apparent in last month’s Ranger Wing, they know what they get ARW mission to Kabul to rescue stranded Irish citizens. — they don’t have to worry. “Not only will they get a skilled operator, they will get a guy who can actu- of ferrying the Irish citizens out of Ka- The Air Corps has no planes capable ally think on his feet and isn’t just an bul, so we had to beg for lifts off other assault moron. He can deal with people. nations.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 5 SECURITY FEAR BEGGING: ARW had to borrow aircraft for the recent mission to Kabul POPULAR: Trump Trump ‘set for office’ AMERICA is longing for Donald Trump to make a presidential comeback, a poll says. Trump has overtaken Joe Biden in US ratings with a 48 per cent to 46 per cent lead. It comes after a backlash against Trump’s Democrat rival over the States’ botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, coronavirus problems and a surge in migrants from Mexico. Mark Penn, codirector of the Harvard-Harris Poll, said: “The issues have led to the conclusion that Trump is now seen as a good president.” INTENSE: The Defence Forces’ elite Ranger Wing in training ops TRUTH TO POWER: Ray in East Timor as a Ranger and (right) his new book doesn’t pull any punches about the way troops are treated ‘THEY’LL GIVE UP LIVES AND GET NO SUPPORT’ “The courage of that team, civilian and we have to rely on the British RAF to patrol our skies, because the Air Corps has military, to go in there was off the scale — stepping off that plane, not knowing no fighter jets. if there was another plane, never mind He says: “We can’t bang this drum of what the plane was at,” he says. being neutral and expecting other countries to pick up the pieces for us, like the Jets UK with their air support protecting us. “We will be doing that again in the “We are not a sovereign nation if there next couple of years, mark my words. are British fighter aircraft patrolling in They need to get the finger out now, our airspace to protect us.” get a tactical aircraft for these lads and The ARW specialises in anti-terrorism have a contingency plan. They should be roles in Ireland and Mr Goggins says he practising that now and have it ready.” is worried that we could be targeted by Mr Goggins also says it is not right that extremists, and that we might not be PRESSURE: Mission to Kabul, where ARW was tasked with saving civilians ‘GOVERNMENT FAILURES PUT ALL OF US AT RISK’ able to cope with a large-scale attack. where, that is when we are stretched. We could be a lot more prepared than “We have an immediate response in a we are,” he says. small amount, we do not have an immediate response for a wide area or larger Assets numbers. That’s probably something “I know the gardai are incredibly professional, they have a great outfit in the And he warns: “The Guards are bril- that needs to be worked on.” [Emergency Response Unit] and all the liant and I am not undermining them, armed response units, but our problem but there is only so much that those boys lies in our numbers. can do. Their hands are tied at times, “If we have a relatively serious incident, somewhere in Dublin for example, “If someone really wanted to carry out they don’t have the assets either. the main assets will be deployed there. an attack here, there is probably a fairly “If a secondary incident happens some- good chance that they would succeed.” FILMING: Tommy Ready to chat again ToMMy Tiernan has confirmed he will begin filming the next season of his chat show. The Navan comic is back with a new season of his talk show, with an added Christmas special to look forward to on January 2, 2022. Success Speaking on the Tommy, Hector and Laurita podcast, Tommy said: “The chat show is coming up again now. We start recording in November.” Tommy’s Saturday night chat show has seen huge ratings success, even beating Ryan Tubridy’s Late Late Show.

6 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR aircraft’s engine failed THE pilot of a light aircraft crash-landed on an Irish beach after making a mayday call to warn it had suffered engine failure, it emerged last night. The man and three other occupants of the P68 survey plane miraculous survived and were seen exiting from the airplane “walking around” after it landed on a beach at Carnsore Point, Co Wexford, just after 5pm. The four occupants of the aircraft – two men in their 20s and 50s and two women in their 30s – were transported to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Initial indications are that the plane had run into engine trouble while flying over the Irish Sea. Pilot John Walton watched the aftermath from the air last night told The Star the flyer of the downed plane – who is believed to be French – made two mayday calls to LUCKY: The scene of a light plane crash at Carnsore Point and (inset) the aircraft crash seen from skies above Miracle escape in beach plane crash four survivors left injured ■■Brendan FURLONG and Michael O’TOOLE controllers at Waterford airport before the crash landing. Mr Walton said: “There were two short transmissions. “The first was that he had suffered engine failure and the second was that he was going to have to land on a beach. “His [voice] was neutral and controlled.” M r Wa lt on said he was on a flight around Waterford and REsCUE: The scene of a light plane crash, Carnsore Point; (top) plane before accident Wexford when controllers messaged him to ask him to fly over a 10 mile area of the coast to see if he could locate the plane – and he found it on a beach close to Carnsore Point . He said: “You could see the airplane had landed on the beach. It seemed to be in good condition with no signs of distress. “I orbited it a few times and then the rescue helicopter arrived after around 10 minutes.” Mr Walton said he saw several figures around the plane – which he took to be the occupants and other people who were on the beach at the time of the landing. He said: “The people I observed were walking around. They looked okay.” Mayday Following the crash landing, the rescue was aided by Gardai, Wexford Coast Guard and two Coast Guard helicopters and HSE paramedics. The aircraft is described as a light plane and it is understood it was on a sur- vey flight. bIRd’s EYE: The downed plane seen from the sky above the scene at a Wexford beach NY TRIP: Coveney and (below) Zappone Simon’s too busy to meet Zappone SIMON Coveney has said he was too busy to meet Katherine Zappone in New York this week. The Foreign Minister has been in the Big Apple since Monday attending several high-level meetings at the UN. His last one was with his Russian Foreign Minister counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday before he grabbed a late train to Washington yesterday to meet House Speaker and friend of Ireland Nancy Pelosi. The doorman at Ms Zappone’s home on New York’s Upper West Side yesterday said she was not at home. It’s a short 20-minute cab ride from the UN headquarters. Decisions However, Mr Coveney did not make the trip, nor did he phone the former friend of Fine Gael and ex-Government minister. When asked if he’d been in touch, he replied: “No, I haven’t, I’ve been busy this week. “Katherine Zappone makes her own decisions, I haven’t spoken to her.” When asked if she had contacted him, he said: “No.” French warrant on hold A MAN wanted in France where he’s been convicted of a terrorism offence told a court: “I don’t know what they want me for.” Abderrahmane Yahiaoui, aged in his 50s and also known as Youcef Madani, appeared via video-link at the High Court in Dublin. The French authorities issued a warrant in 2019 after he was convicted in his absence and jailed for six years. They stated he can have a retrial or appeal his conviction. Mr Justice Paul Burns told the accused he can surrender voluntarily to the French authorities or contest his extradition. He was remanded in custody until October 11.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 7 ICONIC STAR ON HIS WAY King to return... MARTIN’S TURN NETFLIX’S wildly successful Tiger King is returning for a second series later this year. The first season told the story of eccentric wildlife breeder Joe Exotic (inset), who was jailed for plotting the murder of an animal rights activist. The streaming giant has confirmed the show will return for “more madness and mayhem” in Tiger King 2, out later this year. UP FOR BROOKS Taoiseach would go to Garth’s gig ■■Ferghal BLANEY Micheál Martin has thrown his weight behind the Garth Brooks concerts saying that fans need to see their “iconic stars” after 18 months of lockdowns. The Taoiseach also indicated that he is a fan of the country singing legend as he told us he wants to go to one of the concerts. And he cheekily suggested that Garth should bring his megashows to Cork. Cork GAA’s Páirc Uí Chaoimh is ready-made for major gigs with Elton John and Ed Sheeran already pencilled-in for massive shows next year. Brooks is set to play five concerts in Croke Park next year, seven years after plans to host five gigs fell apart. Mr Martin was speaking to reporters in New York where he chaired the UN Security Council. The Taoiseach said we are in changed times and he looks forward to the events going off without a hitch. “People do need access to concerts and to iconic stars and that’s something that we’ve always been good at in Ireland.” Tough Asked if he’d like to go, he replied: “I would actually. “The point I’m making is, look, we’ve had a tough 18 months with the pandemic. “Isn’t it great now cOUNTRY STAR: Brooks and (inset) Micheal Martin that people can be back looking forward, that we have concerts. “We could have a few in Cork as well you know.” This is just a cash grab! JEDWARD have slammed Garth Brooks for attempting to play five nights at Croke Park — saying the country singer only cares about money and not his fans. The Lucan lads said they would much prefer to see their Ed Sheeran in concert because “he’s from Wexford and part of our culture”. It comes after pal Dublin City Council approved three dates next September, with an application for two extra dates, which have not yet been approved. But John said: “I think there should be a limit of three because I feel like he’s taking away the opportunity for other artists. It gets to a point where it is just a clAiMS: Jedward money grab.”

8 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 CEMETERY HORROR COFFIN WAS DROPPED IN MOB ATTACK Grandkids ran screaming in brutal gang violence Children mourning their beloved granny fled from her graveside in terror as a bloody brawl “not even the Pope could have stopped” broke out in a cemetery on Wednesday. And the elderly woman’s coffin was dropped to the ground when fighting broke out between two groups attending separate funerals in Tuam. Seven people were rushed to hospital — some with stab wounds — while a teenage boy was arrested trying to leave the carnage in possession of a knife. A witness told how screaming kids still holding the roses they had hoped to place on their grandmother’s coffin were forced to run for their lives as the funeral descended into a bloodbath. he said: “It was very upsetting seeing children fleeing while still carrying their roses for their granny — they never even got to lay them down. “The coffin didn’t even make it into the grave and they had to drop it on the ground as the chaos unravelled.” Another witness told how Fr Pat Farragher begged those fighting to stop out of respect for the dead but the celebrant’s pleas were in vain. he said: “You could only see the priest waving his arms and appealing for calm but the Pope himself wasn’t going to calm this down.” hOSPTiAliSed: Stab victim rushed to emergency chopper to have their wounds treated ■■Vinny FANNERAN Another eyewitness said there was “sporadic outbreaks of trouble” and within seconds the scene became “bedlam with women screaming, kids crying”. he added: “I saw a lad running away with his jacket torn to shreds from a knife.” Coincidence The funeral of Teresa Ward (84) coincided with another funeral in the Co Galway town. hers was originally meant to take place a day earlier but her dying wish was that she be laid to rest on her late daughter’s birthday. Galway councillor Donagh Killilea said that the family were carrying her remains to her final resting place when they had to “leave the coffin down while they were getting away from the argument that they weren’t involved in directly”. he described how Mrs Ward’s family were forced to retreat and even defend themselves as the violence escalated. The Irish Daily Star spoke to the people of Tuam this morning after about the mass brawl that took place during and after the two funerals at Tuam Cemetery on the Athenry road. Martin Antony Ward (35) of Ballygaddy road had just been laid to rest and Teresa Ward (née Mannion) (84) of Gilmartin road was being buried on Wednesday when a group of men, believed to be unrelated to either family, began to attack mourners of Mrs. Ward’s burial. It is understood the incident is connected to a local Traveller feud between two families which has escalated in recent months and was not connected to the families of the deceased. Locals said they had noticed a Garda presence in the area from early mor ning with some becoming aware of the large operation as they dropped their children off at creche. Cllr Killilea said the shameful scenes were “very distressing for a family that is so well liked and well thought of in this community”. A n o t h e r l o c a l described Mrs Ward as a “salt of the earth” woman who was much loved and deserved a peaceful send-off after all she had done for her community. Burial eyewitness accounts confirmed that the funeral attack lasted APPAlled: Michael Joe Ward outside his house on Gilmartin road, Co Galway lAid TO reST: The grave of Teresa Ward (84) whose funeral was invaded by mob twenty minutes or less. One described how it began with “sporadic outbreaks of trouble” but within seconds the scene became “bedlam with women screaming, kids crying”. he said: “I saw a lad running away with his jacket torn to shreds from a knife”. Attack r esidents of Gilmartin road, where a follow-up attack was launched at a postfuneral reception for Mrs. Ward, were disgusted by the events. One resident said it was “disappointing” that Tuam would be making international news for this instead of the positives of the town. Michael Joe Ward (76) a neighbour of Mrs Ward said that Gilmartin road had a bad reputation. he said: “You used to be afraid to say you were from Gilmartin. People would discriminate,” which he added was “unfair — especially nowadays.” ■■Nicola DONNELLY ISEIR Brothers arrested in 60km pursuit TWO brothers arrested as part of a probe into burglaries are alleged to have led armed gardai on a lengthy 60km pursuit across two counties. The men, aged in their 20s and 30s, are suspects in a burglary in Swords, Co Dublin, and a separate attempted burglary in Ardee, Co Louth. Gardai were alerted to a break-in at a house in Swords during which a van was stolen at 10pm on Wednesday. The van was later used for an attempted burglary in Ardee shortly after midnight on Thursday. Local gardaí were alerted and the suspects at speed and were pursued over 60kms from Ardee before being stopped by members of the Armed Support Unit in Swords. Robberies The two brothers — who are known to gardai for involvement in burglaries and robberies — were arrested and last night were being held at Coolock garda station. A garda spokesman said: “Two men have been arrested by gardaí investigating burglary incidents in Swords, Co Dublin and Ardee, Co Louth. “At approximately 10pm on Wednesday night, a van was taken in the course of a burglary from a house in Swords. “The van was later observed and failed to stop for Garda units responding to reports of attempted burglary at a house in the Ardee area shortly after midnight. “Following a lengthy managed containment operation, the van was intercepted on the outskirts of Swords shortly after 2am by the Armed Support Unit (ASU).” No compo for unfair sacking An IrISh arm of the €12.6 billion Smurfit Kappa business unfairly dismissed a worker after he allegedly hit a colleague on the face with an iron implement. The Labour Court found Smurfit Kappa Ireland Ltd’s process when dismissing nicholas Folan for gross misconduct in 2018 was “fatally flawed”. however, the Labour recommended that Mr Folan should not receive any compensation because he contributed 100 per cent to his own dismissal. The hearing found it was uncontested that Mr Folan “struck a colleague in the face with an iron implement and drew blood” at the workplace.


10 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR boost on cards Bonuses & UPCOMING: sheeran is preparing for a series of gigs here concerts will have millions lining up MORE than 1.5million people plan to go to concerts when COVID-19 restrictions are eased next month, new findings show. It comes just days after Ed Sheeran announced dates in Croke Park, Pairc Ui Chaoimh and Thomond Park next year. And Garth Brooks is rumoured to be playing five dates in Croke Park next September. The Core Consumer Mindset Report found 1.5million Irish people feel safe to attend concerts, nightclubs and sporting events when COVID-19 restrictions ease further on October 22. Around 1.2million people hope to attend an indoor gig or nightclub while 1.5million people want to go to an outdoor music festival or cultural event. Some 1.4million people have already met friends for indoor dinner or drinks this month. While office workers officially returned to their workplaces last Monday, half of workers had already returned to the office before the official date. Approval More than two thirds, 69 per cent, of those who have returned to the workplace approve of how their employer or workplace has handled the COVID-19 crisis. A further 26 per cent of workers plan to return to the workplace or office in the next four weeks. Finian Murphy, Marketing Director with Core, said the high vaccination rate among the Irish population means people feel safe to socialise. He said: “There’s been a surge in the return of social norms and activities this month with over 1.4million people having already met friends for dinner or drinks indoors and a further 1.2million planning to. “The pace at which Ireland’s vaccination rate has grown has clearly increased public confidence, as society continues to re-open. “The majority of workers are confident in returning.” hike in patients in covid care THE Department of Health yesterday confirmed an additional 1,355 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours. There are 286 people in hospital, up 14, with 59 in ICU, down 4 from yesterday. It came as Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan insisted that schools were a “low risk setting” for the Covid-19 transmission ■■Laura COLGAN despite a rise in children checked for the virus since classrooms reopened. He said the hike in the testing of kids “was due to the diligence of parents and guardians bringing their children for tests. Despite significantly increased testing in this age group, there has only been a relatively modest increase in the detection of cases.” off in store ■ REtail WORKERS SEt tO gEt REWaRD PaYOUt: shop workers may get a cash bonus lIfe savers: Nurses want Covid work bonus hINts: Martin and (right) McGrath tout rewards Cash bonuses and free days off for shop staff who worked in the pandemic may get the green light in the upcoming Budget. Taoiseach Micheal Martin revealed details of the plans that would see the bonus scheme being considered for frontline workers potentially extended to hundreds of thousands more ordinary workers. He said he wanted to give back something to “reflect the contribution” of the efforts of many workers, in “many sectors” amid the pandemic, not just the traditional frontline workers such as nurses and gardai. And he specifically mentioned “retail workers” in his comments, which suggested that staff in High Street shops, supermarkets and petrol stations could all be in for a bonanza. The Taoiseach would not be drawn on the specifics of any scheme, but he did reveal that the bonuses could involved cash bonuses and/or time off in lieu. Mr Martin made his comments in New York outside the United Nations where he had just spoken to delegates. In a briefing to Irish journalists, he said: “Well, first of all, I think, the Minister of Public Expenditure has been engaging with the partners and unions on this issue. “We want to reflect the contribution that people have made during an Covid-19,, particularly frontline workers. Reward “And those frontline workers have been in many sectors, not least in retail, for example, right from the beginning and commencement of the pandemic, and it will be challenging, but that is something that we are working towards energetically and proactively.” The Taoiseach was pressed on what rewards pandemic workers could look forward to, but he was coy on providing detail, saying: “Well look, I’m not going to get into specifics, we’re going to have further engagements with the sectors, and it could be a combination of approaches.” And he added: “I’m not going to go ■ €1bn lEaVE ClaiM BlaStED ■■Ferghal BLANEY through the actual negotiations right now in terms of a combination of measures relating to monetary or relating to time in lieu and so on.” Health service workers’ unions had sought some form of reward for healthcare staff when Covid hit last year. Hospital workers in France, Northern Ireland, Denmark and elsewhere have already offered staff bonuses or pay hikes over the past year. Pay Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly last week said that he definitely wants to reward health workers and see “some form of recognition for the extraordinary work that they’ve all put in”. Meanwhile, nurses and midwives believe the Government is trying to pit frontline workers against each other by claiming it would cost the taxpayer more than €1billion to offer them additional leave after the COVID-19 crisis. Minister for Public Expenditure and 28 Days ’til Reform Michael McGrath claimed it could cost more than €1bn to offer public sector workers 10 days’ additional leave to reward their efforts amid the pandemic. A Labour Court recommendation found that the Health Service Executive estimated that a claim for 10 days’ additional leave for healthcare workers could cost at least €377million. When overtime and agency staff costs are factored in, the cost would be exceed €500m, it said. Minister McGrath said it would cost more than €1billion to offer 10 days’ leave to all 300,000 public sector workers. He said: “The minimum cost of €377million could exceed half a billion when agency staff and overtime is factored in to allow people take leave. To extend that across the public service, the cost would be €1billion.” However, INMO industrial relations boss Tony Fitzpatrick rubbished that calculation. He said: “This is clearly a grossly inflated figure. The government haven’t shown how they reached this number.” FREEDOM

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 11 for KEY WorKErs extra days EndinG vaCCinE PovErtY: Harry and meghan at the one World trade Centre observatory and (below) visiting the Survivor tree at the 9/11 memorial and museum Harry and Meg’s nY vaccine tour PrinCE Harry and meghan ■markle are touring new York City spreading the message of equal access to Covid-19 vaccines. the pair got bird’s-eye views ■of the new York skyline as they kicked off their trip with a visit to the observatory at one World trade Center yesterday. the royal couple is in town to attend Saturday’s Global Citizen live event at Central Park to encourage equal access to Covid-19 vaccines. it was their first joint outing since the birth of their daughter lilibet ‘lili’ diana mountbatten- Windsor in June. the duke and duchess of ■Sussex were accompanied by new York Governor Kathy Hochul, new York City mayor Bill de Blasio, his wife, Chirlane mcCray, and their son, dante de Blasio. the 37-year-old prince and ■meghan (40) also paid their respects at the nearby September 11 memorial and stopped by the adjoining museum. the couple stepped down from royal duties in early 2020 and are living in California with their two children. in may, they marked the second birthday of their son archie by calling for donations to help provide Covid-19 vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable. Saturday’s concert, featuring ■performances from Coldplay, Jennifer lopez, lizzo and other artists, will be part of a 24-hour broadcast from cities around the world to “defend the planet.” Covid could be just cold in months... cORONAviRUS could resemble the common cold by spring as people’s immunity to the virus is boosted by vaccines and exposure, a leading expert said yesterday. Professor John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University, said the country “is over the worst” and things “should be fine” once winter has passed — adding there was continued exposure to the virus even in people who are vaccinated. it came after Prof Sarah Gilbert told a Royal Society of Medicine webinar that viruses tend to become weaker as they spread. She said: “We normally see that viruses become less virulent as they circulate more easily and there is no reason to think we will have a more virulent version of Sars-cov-2. Drift “We tend to see slow genetic drift of the virus and there will be gradual immunity developing in the population as there is to all the other seasonal coronaviruses.” Seasonal coronaviruses cause colds, and Prof Gilbert added: “eventually Sars-cov-2 will become one of those.” Hotel’s HSE deal tHE country’s largest hotel, Citywest will not ■be reopening to guests until 2022 due to its continuing role in the HSE effort against Covid-19. that is according to a spokesman for the ■Citywest hotel group who confirmed that the HSE contract with the hotel has been extended and is now not due to expire until early 2022. the hotel group returned to an operating profit after its deal to use the hotel as an isolation centre. Michelle O’Neill has said she is “very open” to vaccine passports in the North if there is evidence they could suppress cOvid-19. Stormont’s deputy First Minister said she retained human rights concerns but suggested they may help the “greater good”. Stormont has been examining policy issues around using vaccine certification and assessing the logistical requirements. Stormont easing ■ ■■Billy RyAN SEaSonal: Common cold VACCINE DOCS ‘COULD HELP’ ‘oPEn’: o’neill Stormont has made no changes to current Covid rules in the north but have agreed a date when some regulations could be eased. First minister Paul Givan said ministers were looking at october 14 as a “significant date” but added this would be subject to final decisions the week before. deputy First minister michelle o’neill said it ■was too early to say they were looking at any date as an “endpoint”.

12 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR ACCOMMODATION CRISIS OUTRAgE: Students protest at Dail and (inset) USI president Clare Austick CHANCELLOR: Hillary Clinton back in uni HILLARY Clinton expressed hope she can inspire young people in Northern Ireland as she prepared to be formally installed as chancellor of Queen’s University. The former US secretary of state, who is the first woman appointed as chancellor of the Belfast university, will attend an installation ceremony in the city this morning. Peace It’s the latest chapter in the Clinton family’s long association with Northern Ireland, as she and her husband supported the peace process. Statement of in tent from students MURDERED: Lyra Arrest in Lyra probe A mAN has been arrested by detectives investigating the murder of journalist Lyra mcKee. The 55-year-old was arrested in Belfast yesterday and taken to musgrave PSNI station for questioning. Custody ms mcKee was shot dead by dissident republicans in Derry in April 2019 as she observed rioting in the Creggan area of the city. Two other men, aged 24 and 29, who were arrested earlier this week in Derry remain in custody. Three men have already been charged with the murder. FRUSTRATED: Aisling O’Mahony, MTU Students Union President Cork, at protest DAIL PROTEST ON LACK OF HOUSING COLLEgE students have staged a protest outside the Dail amid growing frustration over the accommodation crisis across Ireland. Representatives from the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) say that thousands have been left without a place to live at the start of the new academic year. USI president Clare Austick said many students have been forced to stay in hotels, B&Bs, hostels or commute long distances. A number of the protesters slept outside the Dail last night to highlight their campaign. “We’re angry, we’re outraged we’re frustrated. We’re annoyed the Government just has not taken our calls on board and haven’t taken the student accommodation crisis seriously enough,” m s Austick said. “We want them to ensure there’s more purpose-built student accommodation that’s affordable for students, that there is a regulation on rents and that whenever there’s new courses introduced, or new course places ■■Cate McCURRY are introduced, that there’s always a place for students to sleep in. “This all comes down to access to education. Students have been priced out of education because there’s no accommodation they can stay in, and enough is enough and this is why we’re here to be heard.” Beth O’Reilly, a sabbatical officer with the USI and a graduate of UCC (University College Cork), said the problem has worsened. “The Government wants to pull the wool over their eyes with it, they don’t want to deal with it, EMERgENCy: Bukki Adebowale and (inset) Beth O’Reilly of USI they don’t want to think about it so we’re bringing the crisis to their doorstep,” Ms O’Reilly added. “They have to really reckon with what their policies have caused in the student population.” She said many students, particularly international students, are facing huge issues. Delayed “The delayed Leaving Cert results meant that a lot of students didn’t know where they were going to be attending college until a lot of the accommodations was already snatched up,” she added. “I definitely feel for first years who are thrown right into the deep end.” A spokesman for Dublin City University, said that it is experiencing “unprece- dented demand” for on-campus accommodation. “While DCU doesn’t have any evidence of deferrals due to lack of accommodation, we are aware from our Student’s Union of the sig- nificant pressure this deficit is putting on students and their families,” they added. “There is a significant cri- sis in student accommodation.”

ISEIR BATTLE: Lukaku Kneeds bigger impact STRIKER Romelu Lukaku has questioned the impact of taking the knee in the battle against racism, saying it’s possible to take “stronger positions”. His Chelsea team mate Marcos Alonso said this week he had stopped because the gesture was “losing a bit of strength”. The Belgian internatonal said: “I think we can take stronger positions, basically. “Yeah, we are taking the knee, but in the end, everybody’s clapping but... sometimes after the game, you see another insult.” DEATH: John Challis Boycie sitcom honour LATE Only Fools and Horses star John Challis is being honoured with a TV marathon of Boycie’s greatest episodes. The 79-year-old actor, famous for playing the arrogant used car salesman in the sitcom, died at the weekend after battling cancer for two years. Gold is now devoting two days of programming to John’s work in Only Fools and Horses and John Sullivan’s spin-off comedy The Green Green Grass. It said: “We’ll be paying tribute to the brilliance he brought to the role of Boycie in Only Fools and Horses.” IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 13 RONAN WORRIED SICK OVER CHILD All the Lourde details MAdOnnA’S daughter ■Lourdes Leon has only been modelling for three years, but she’s already landing the biggest gigs. Lourdes (24) will be the star of Rihanna’s new Savage x Fenty show, premiering on Amazon Prime Video today. Like her mum (inset) it looks like she’s a Material Girl. ■ Star shares anguish after boy is rushed to hospital ■■Sandra MALLON Showbiz Reporter RONAN Keating and his wife Storm have been left “worried sick” after their four-year-old son Cooper was rushed to hospital this week. Although it is not known what has happened to the youngster, the Boyzone star shared a few pictures of Cooper from his hospital bed, including one of him wearing an oxygen mask. Ronan posted: “Not the 24hrs I had imagined. But ya never know what life has in store. This little guy is an absolute Trooper. “I’m blown away with his strength and charm. Mum & Dad are a mess worried sick and he takes it in his stride. I am so incredibly grateful to the staff @ chelwestft you guys rock.” Taking to his Instagram Stories a few moments later, Ronan shared another photo, this time of Cooper with a nose tube playing with some toy trains in what appeared to be paint. Helpless “Never allowed to do this at home,” the One Show host remarked. “Thank you @chelwestft.” Ronan and his wife Storm are parents to Cooper and one-year-old Coco, and the Dubliner has three other children with his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly: Jack (22), Missy (20) and Ali (16). Earlier this year, he admitted he felt “helpless” after his wife Storm was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on her spine. The 39-year-old was initially admitted for a prolapsed disc back in March but was told by doctors she needed surgical intervention. TROOPER: Little Cooper and (left) Ronan with family “Well that was a week I never want to live again,” Ronan said at the time. “To have my Storm in hospital under the most extreme circumstances and not be able to see her and hold her hand and give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be ok was the toughest I have known. “I felt so helpless, her strength is insane. “The care she received and the expertise was incredible, thank you to Dr Aftab and all the team you got her home today. She is on the mend and I am so grateful. What a day to come home thank God she made it.” I ANNE VERY HAPPY TO BE RETIRED NOW RTE legend Anne doyle says she had ■■Michelle TOWNSHEND “no desire” to go back to her job as a news anchor during the Covid-19 to go back. I had done it for a long pandemic. time, it was time to move on and for Anne worked with the national somebody else to do it. broadcaster as a newsreader for over “I got the opportunity to get out 30 years before retiring in 2011. a little early and I was ready to While Anne admired the work of go.” journalists who reported on the Even though lockdown didn’t pandemic during lockdown, she make Anne want to start working again, she did recognise had no urge to get involved. “I had no desire to go back to that people working in TV news, there were plenty of people were fortunate that they had a doing a great job there,” she workplace to go to. said. She continued to “I have to say, I had great Tommy Bowe and Alan admiration for news services Hughes on Virgin [during lockdown], they did a Media’s Ireland AM: fantastic job. But you know, “People who had jobs you do something, especially they went into every if you do it for a long time day, albeit difficulties, I think they were like I did, and then it’s over. the lucky ones. They “I never had an urge to did have a lot more go back, I never wanted normality in their lives.”

14 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR OUR WORLD: IMPORTED SPUDS IRISH potato farmers are being urged to grow spuds for chippers — and cash in on the €20million chip shop market. Bord Bia, Teagasc, the Irish Farmers’ Association and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine are calling on farmers to increase the volume of homegrown potatoes sold in Irish chippers. Despite being a nation famous for potatoes, Ireland imports 80,000 spuds worth €45million each year. Around 64,000 of the imported potatoes come from the UK and are used by chippers to make chips. There are currently over 530 independent chip shops in Ireland. Chippers insist that the spuds imported from the UK are most suitable for making chips due to how they are grown. They also believe that the soil type makes the chips crispier and more suited for frying. However, most Irish consumers are unaware that the chips are made from spuds from the UK. Chipper Some 66 per cent of Irish chip shop customers assume that the potatoes used to make ch ipper chips come from Ireland. Almost 75 per cent said they are likely to support a chipper that DELICIOUS: Fish and chips sources locally grown potatoes, while 70 per cent will consider it useful to know the country of origin of the potatoes used in their usual chipper through signage or recognised marks. The texture of the chips, reputation of chipper and the appearance of chips were cited as the most important factors in making great chipper chips for Irish people. Irish potato farmers currently grow 300,000 tonnes of spuds per year. Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Pippa Hackett is urging Irish farmers to grow potatoes for the chip shop market, which is worth €20million. The senator opened Ireland’s first dedicated fresh chipping potato packer and distributor built by Meadowfresh Foods based in Tallow, Co.Waterford and O’Shea Farms/Iverk Produce, based in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny yesterday. She said: “A storage facility which maintains the correct sugar and starch levels in potatoes, as well as keeping them fresh beyond the winter period, is absolutely key to producing the quality that is needed in good chipping potatoes. “ S o t h e development of such a facility, MANAGER: Lorcan Bourke along with the official opening of Ireland’s first dedicated potato packer and distributor focusing on the exclusive growing of potatoes for chipping, is a real opportunity for Irish growers to supply home-grown potatoes for the Irish chip shop market. “Growing chipping potatoes is a specialist operation, and the market for them is valued at approximately €20 million per year. Choice “I think the Irish consumer, given the choice, will really appreciate businesses that support local growers. “This is a welcome development which will shorten the supply chain and bring plant bio security benefits, making it a significant step forward for the sector.” Lorcan Bourke, Fresh Produce and Potato Manager at Bord Bia, said Irish farmers produce great quality potatoes that are suitable for chips. Farmers urged to cash in their chips OUR WORLD IRELAND IMPORTS 80K SPUDS FROM ABROAD He said: “Some chip shop owners have already successfully put a local supply chain relationship in place, demonstrating that Irish growers can grow chipping potatoes of excellent quality. with customers. “I firmly believe it is a win-win situation. “I would encourage any grower or chip shop owner willing to support the initiative to get in touch or visit “Many of the chip shop owners our webpage ( working with locally grown potatoes saw local supply as a great advantage in their communications sourcechips) with a view to establishing new trading relationships,” Mr Bourke added. ORDER UP: Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Pippa Hackett with Marie Geary, from the Meadowfresh Farm. Hoy en la Historia September 23, 1846 German astronomer Johann Galle first observed the planet Neptune, alerted by French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier who had predicted its position 1913: French aviator Roland Garros made the first non-stop flight across the Mediterranean Sea 1953: WD-40, an oil that displaced water to prevent rust, was invented 2019: Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel agency, entered compulsory liquidation 2020: Harold Evans, British- American editor whose 70-year career set the gold standard for investigative journalism, died at 92 Picture: Associated Press © GRAPHIC NEWS Potato harvest drops THE 55 million tonnes of potatoes harvested across the EU in 2020 was about one-quarter (27.4 per cent) less than in 2000. A large majority (73.1 per cent) of the EU’s harvested production of potatoes in 2020 came from just five Member States; these were Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Poland. The graph (below) also shows that these five countries accounted for a slightly smaller majority (66.8 per cent in 2020) of the area planted to potatoes in the EU, with Romania accounting for an additional 10 per cent, whereas Ireland was the seventh-biggest potato producer in the EU last year. Potatoes were traded mainly on the EU’s internal market, with France, the Netherlands and Germany the leading traders. STATS OF THE DAY MAIN EU SPUDS PRODUCERS, 2020

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 15 Laura Colgan VIeW: Connery a ‘sexist’ Bond and 007 director Cary Fukunaga (below) I’ve No Time to handle sexism SEAN Connery’s James Bond was “basically a rapist” who bribed and forced women into sex after fights, the director of the latest 007 film says. Cary Fukunaga, who has made the upcoming 25th Bond installment No Time To Die, blasted scenes in the 1960s’ Goldfinger and Thunderball flicks. The California-born filmmaker (44), said: “Is it Thunderball or Goldfinger where basically Sean Connery’s character rapes a woman? “She’s like ‘No, no, no’, and he’s like, ‘Yes, yes, yes’. “That wouldn’t fly today.” Mr Fukunaga says he has fought to empower female characters in No Time To Die to “give them equity” with males. No Time to Die is being hailed as the first in a new breed of woke Bond films. It is said to see Lashana Lynch (33) – who plays one of two Black female main characters – inheriting the ‘007’ code from Bond. Rape Critics said Fleabag writer Phoebe Waller- Bridge (36), was brought in to polish the script and “wokeify” Bond. Veteran Bond producer Barbara Broccoli (61) admitted the harddrinking spy has a “long history”. She added: “I think people are coming around – with some kicking and screaming – to accepting that stuff is no longer acceptable.” DON’T MISS 1 2 3 9 4 PAGES! 4 PACKED PAGE 44 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @LAURACOLGANNEWS @LAURA_COLGAN TRUE CRIME FANS NEED TO COP ON VISITORS: Wally and (inset below) dolphin Fungie Wall be back.. WALLY the walrus has bid was causing thousands worth of ●farewell and is heading damage to boats and getting home to the Arctic. agitated. Although he wasn’t as Experts are warning ● playful and friendly as Fungie the dolphin, he was adopted as the new attraction of the west coast. ● However, the only show he put on for spectators ● that other vagrant marine mammals may travel to Irish waters due to climate change. ● Looks like we’re going to need some bigger boats... Leo loan ranger HOUSEHUNTERS have lost what little faith they had left in Leo Varadkar to sort out the housing crisis. The Tanaiste rejected calls for a three year rent freeze this week, saying it would be unfair on landlords. Speaking in the Dail, he said: “One person’s rent is another person’s income. It might be their pension, it might be their mortgage. “If you freeze rents absolutely to zero, that could mean an income cut for someone.” So Leo and his party are unwilling to come up with better ideas than allowing buyers to spend their money paying off someone else’s mortgage. NO GO: Tanaiste Leo Varadkar TD Let officers do their jobs IT’S easy to forget that true crime series are, in fact, true. The TV shows, podcasts and books are all based on crimes that actually happened and aren’t just a form of entertainment. And by the end of each series, that has typically garnered a huge audience, all kinds of conclusions have been made in people’s minds about who did what. The disappearance and murder of Gabby Petito in the U.S. is the latest true crime saga to have captured people’s imaginations. The 23-year-old blogger went missing in Grand Teton National Park last month and was found dead on Sunday. The case is being well documented in news reports as well as in social media videos that have been widely shared. Her fiance Brian Laundrie, who hasn’t been charged in connection with anything, has effectively been found guilty by the court of public opinion. The fact that he returned home without her must mean he is guilty. His reasoning for not reporting her missing must mean he is culpable. And the fact that he has evaded police after going hiking in Florida must mean he’s responsible for Gabby’s death. It’s case closed as far as some people are concerned before justice has even GIVE SHOP A REST FOR STAFF’S SAKE DEALZ is the latest retail chain ■to announce it will not open its stores on St Stephen’s Day. It’s joining Marks and Spencers, Aldi, Lidl and IKEA in a move to reward staff for their hard work. A shop I worked in as a ■ student had a person with a clicker to count the number of customers who came in on public holidays. begun to take its course. While his behaviour is suspicious, it doesn’t make him guilty of murder. Similarly, the murder of Sabina Nessa in England has caught people’s interest. The teacher left her home in Astell Road, London, at 8.30pm last Friday and never arrived at a nearby pub where she was to meet a friend. Her body was found in Cator Park the next day and police suspect she was attacked by a stranger. Some don’t believe she could have been killed by someone not known to her as it’s so rare. They’re claiming a cover-up has taken place without any evidence to support that. Justice These true crime fans who are so intent on seeking the truth seem to forget that the authorities have to be able to do their job for justice to be served. The prejudice cast by armchair investigators must make it near impossible for a suspect to get a fair trial. The pressure on police to follow certain lines of inquiry — and criticism if they don’t — must make their job even TRIAL: Gabby Petito tougher. and (bottom) Laudrie And victims’ family must find it hard to see self-appointed advocates leading campaigns they have no part in. If we want victims to get the justice they deserve, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This was to work out whether it was viable to keep the shop open, so staff begged people to stay away. It never worked. Since then, I’ve ■made it my mission not to buy as much as a pint of milk from the corner shop on such days. And I think everyone should do the same. As we learned during the COVID-19 crisis, we can go a day or two without a trip to the shops.

ISEIR 16 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 PRISON GUARDS SLAIN: Jason Corbett ‘Molly told me to lie to police’ ThE daughter of murdered Jason Corbett has claimed that she “was coached to lie” about her father’s grisly death by his killer Molly Martens. Corbett (39) was battered with a baseball bat and paving stone while he slept in his home in North Carolina in 2015. The Limerick man’s second wife Molly (37), and her father Tom Martens (71), were found guilty of his murder in 2017 but walked free from a US jail in March after a court ordered a retrial. Corbett’s children Sarah and Jack – then aged eight and 10 – were in the house when Molly and Tom killed the Irishman. Dad In a post on social media, Sarah, now 15, shared a video of her late father accompanied by her brother Jack singing in the background. Sarah, who now lives in Limerick with her father’s sister Tracey Lynch and her husband David, said: “This is the reality of our lives. My Dad was Jason Corbett he was a great dad. I loved him. I was coached to lie by Molly Martens and her family.” Virgin Media TV this week aired a documentary on Corbett’s death. Drug use factor in poverty OVER 70 per cent of homeless people using addiction services have said substance abuse was the primary reason they were unable to keep a roof over their head. A massive increase in demand for Dublin Simon’s detox service caused waiting times to almost double in a twoyear period from 39 days in 2018 to 76 in 2020. Dublin Simon Community CEO, Sam McGuinness said: “The homeless population is living through the worst crisis we could imagine. “Though I am heartened by some of the successes we have delivered, there are still people struggling to rebuild their lives.” FACE DRUG TESTS Plan as part of ongoing pay talks with union and IPS fluffy little pooch ★IT appears all dogs really do go to heaven after this puppy cloud silhouette was snapped in the sky. ★Melissa Lanham, 41, came across the image in Campbellsville, Kentucky, US. EXCLUSIVE ■■Paul HEALY Chief Reporter PRISON officers are soon set to be subject to random mandatory drug tests, we can reveal. Staff across Ireland’s 12 prisons will be expected to partake in the tests with a proposal to conduct the tests randomly to ensure no one can prepare. The plan is to root out any illegal drug taking among prison staff and is being proposed as part of ongoing pay talks between union bosses and the Irish Prison Service. Sources have confirmed that meetings have been held in recent weeks between members of the Prison Officers Association (POA) and bosses at the Irish Prison Service (IPS) on finalising the plan in the coming days. Sources say there is widespread agreement within the POA that mandatory drug testing be implemented, and officers are now working out the finer details of how to implement it. Concerns “The idea is to root out any illegal drug taking on the job and to improve the service,” a well-placed source said. “There are also valid concerns that if someone is taking drugs on the job, then they have the potential to be facilitating that to prisoners as well. “Although it seems strict, most staff are welcoming the idea and see it as long overdue.” And in a statement to The Star, the Irish Prison Service confirmed that it has put forward a plan to implement a drug testing policy. “The Irish Prison Service recently pub- convictions. On the second day of the trial yesterday, the jury returned a verdict of guilty on the sole count after deliberating for an hour and a half. Judge Martin Nolan remanded Galantkiewicz on continuing bail and adjourned the matter for sentencing on October 29, next. Plea The trial heard that Galantkiewicz had offered a guilty plea to careless driving causing serious bodily injury, but that this plea was not acceptable to the State so she now stood trial on the more serious lished a Reform Action Plan, as part of the National pay agreement, Building Momentum; this includes, the Implementation of an illicit substance abuse policy which will be underpinned by a testing policy. Unit “The Irish Prison Service is currently engaging with the relevant stakeholders with a view to finalising a policy for implementation across the prison estate,” it said. The development comes as it emerged last month that mandatory drug testing for Garda members is expected to be in place by the end of the year. Garda Commissioner Drew harris wants to introduce mandatory drug testing for both sworn Garda members and civilian staff under the new Garda Anti- Corruption Unit. LEARNER DRIVER IS FOUND GUILTY A WOMAN has been convicted of causing serious injuries to a cyclist after running her over while driving unaccompanied as a learner driver. Paulina Galantkiewicz (34) told the trial that she “basically panicked” after realising her car had collided with someone, hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and drove over the cyclist on the ground. Galantkiewicz of Belmont Park, Raheny, had pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to dangerous driving causing serious bodily harm to Thames Aline Taveres (34) at Oak Road, Clondalkin, on June 1, 2018. She has no previous ■■Brion HOBAN ‘LONG OVERDUE’: Sources say most staff welcome the idea charge. During the trial, Galantkiewicz told Dominic McGinn SC, defending, that on the date in question, she had attended a job interview and was driving home afterwards at the time of the incident. Galantkiewicz said she remembered it was raining and that the weather was “really bad”. She said she was driving slowly as she approached the junction, checked both sides and did not see anybody. She said she first realised a cyclist was there when she felt something bump her car and tried to help after the collision, where she stayed until the ambulance arrived.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 17 CHEEKY: Rearly cute Cheetah cubs hang out Cheeky pups are wild furry fiends AWARD: Johnny Depp Time’s up to cancel ACTOR Johnny Depp has blasted cancel culture in today’s society, saying that “no one is safe” from instant judgement. The Hollywood star (57) lashed out at modern cancel culture as he accepted a lifetime achievement award at the 69th San Sebastian film festival in northern Spain. Johnny appeared to cite movements like the #MeToo campaign, which has targeted the sexual assault and harassment of women, suggesting that although such moments had the “best of intentions”, things had now gotten out of hand. FIVE little cheetah cubs have popped into ★the world at Cork’s Fota Wildlife Park. The adorable furry babies come from an endangered species which is rapidly disappearing in the wild. The three females and two males are the offspring of parents Grainne and Archie, residents at Fota where 238 cheetahs have been born since 1984. Head ranger Julien Fonteneau said: “The ★continued participation and success in European Endangered Species breeding programmes is very important.” “Wild cheetah are coming under greater threat of extinction from habitat destruction.” BUSY: Mum Grainne with two of her cubs in Fota Park, Cork SCRIPT’S €14m STOCK: Tony in shop Toys in Crimbo times AN independent toy shop says it won’t suffer from shortages this Christmas because most of its stock is sourced in Europe. The owner of 44-year old Duffy’s Toyworld in Dunleer, Co Louth, says he has no fears about being able to stock shelves and supply customers. Tony, who sells toys without an on button, said: “I have no fear of running out of the type of toys we sell because ours are not shipped from China or the Far East. “To us, it’s all about imagination and we only provide the tools.” CASE SETTLED Irish act had sued James Arthur over his biggest song HITSTERS:The Script and (right) X Factor singer James Arthur JAMES Arthur has settled a £14million (€16.37m) copyright lawsuit with The Script over his biggest hit. The former X Factor star was landed with a legal claim by the band over his 2016 song Say You Won’t Go, which has racked up a staggering 1.8billion Spotify streams. The Script said it was too similar to 2008 hit The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, in the 2018 lawsuit. It is not known the terms of the settlement. But The Script singer Daniel O’Donoghue and guitarist Mark Sheehan have now been formally listed as songwriters on Arthur’s track. Lawyer The band’s lawyer was Richard Busch who represented Marvin Gaye’s estate in its successful lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over the song Blurred Lines. Busch from firm King and Ballow filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in May, 2018, arguing that Arthur has generated $20 ■■Louise WALSH million (€16.37m) from the track. The lawsuit demanded “all streaming, distribution, publishing and touring revenue connected to the song,” as well as statutory damages. The settlement brings an end to what was an increasingly bitter row. The Script’s lawyer had previously said how Arthur was “dropped by his record label for public controversies, which caused a break in his career”. He added that it “wasn’t until the release of ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ that he achieved worldwide success.” Arthur signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco after he won the X Factor in 2012, but was dropped in 2014 after a series of Twitter rants. Say You Won’t Let Go was the first song Arthur released after resigning to Syco in 2016. It spent three weeks at number one in 2016, Jealous Arthur appeared to publicly hit back at the lawsuit during a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge appearance when he added his own verse to Jorja Smith’s Blue Light. He proceeded to call out the band referring to them as “jealous” and “snakes”, and vowed that they would “never see a single flipping dime of mine”. Arthur had also previously said that there was “no case” to answer over the supposed similarities. “It’s 2017, there’s only seven notes in music,” he said. T h e S c r i p t declined to comment when contacted.

18 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 Deadly strike is probed multiple congressional committees in the uS will investigate a drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civilians last month, to determine what went wrong and answer questions about future counterterrorism strategy. the uS military has apologised for the August 29 drone strike in Afghan capital Kabul that killed as many as 10 civilians, including seven children, calling it a “tragic mistake.” the pentagon had said the strike targeted an islamic State suicide bomber who posed an imminent threat to uS-led troops as they completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years. Former mayor bailed A FORmeR Deputy mayor is to go on trial charged with child sex abuse offences. James mcKeever (63), of tamnereagh park in eglinton, Co Derry, pleaded not guilty to two acts of gross indecency towards a female child between 1986 an 1988. the defendant, a former councillor on the then Derry City Council, who was suspended from the SDlp, also pleaded not guilty to seven charges of indecently assault between August 1981 and August 1986. He was bailed for a trial date to be fixed. Not guilty plea over murders A mAN appeared in court yesterday accused of the uVF murders of two Catholic workmen. James Smyth (55), of Forthriver link, Belfast is alleged to have been involved in killing Gary Convie and eamon Fox. mr Convie (24), and mr Fox (44), were shot dead at a building site on North Queen Street, Belfast, in 1994. Smyth appeared at Belfast Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to the murders. the judge said he would review the case on December 10. Clock ticks on nuclear deal tHe window is still open to reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal but tehran has yet to indicate whether it is willing to resume talks in Vienna or on the basis of where they left off in June, a senior u.S. official has said. GOT A STORY? Call 01-499 3458 or email MURDER TRIAL HEARS WIFE’S RANT BEFORE BLOODY DEATH aCCused: Gehlen RENATO Gehlen, who denies murdering his wife Anne Colomines, told gardai she stabbed herself to death after telling him: “If I’m going to f**k me up I’m going to be sure to f**k you up,” his trial has heard. Det Garda Kevin Keyes told the Central Criminal Court that Gehlen told gardai he was trying to get his wife to speak to him. He said his wife complained he wasn’t giving her space and took a Stanley knife and started to cut her own neck. He added: “I told her to stop, I said, ‘don’t be an ■■Eoin reynolds eejit’.” Mr Gehlen said they had a further argument in the upstairs bedroom after he opened her computer. He said she held a red-handled knife, he tried to grab it and as they struggled Mr Gehlen said he heard Ms Colomines say, “ah!” before he lost his balance and fell to the ground beside the bed. She fell also, he added, and then used the knife to stab herself in the abdomen. Mr Gehlen (39), a Brazilian national, has denied murdering his 37-year-old French wife at the apartment they shared in Dorset Square, Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, on October 25, 2017. Det Garda Ken Hoare said the accused went on to say that Ms Colomines’ eyes were wide open and she locked her jaw as she stabbed herself in the middle of the chest. He said he called but she didn’t respond. He told her to “wake up” but her breathing became slower and then stopped. Mr Gehlen said he panicked, rang a friend and then repeatedly stabbed himself. a man who was told he required urgent surgery after attending the mater Private Hospital for cardiac tests died when one of his main arteries was torn during an emergency procedure. An inquest at Dublin District Coroner’s Court heard medical evidence that Albert Kyles (56), from Killybegs, Co Donegal, died on December 14, 2017, as a result of blood clot caused by a tear to his main artery while surgeons were trying to fit a stent. mr Kyles, who ran his own fish sales business, had undergone emergency surgery two days earlier when he had been called back by the hospital after a test on December 10, 2017, showed a severe narrowing of his arteries. Coroner Dr Crona Gallagher returned a verdict of death due to complications of a medical procedure. Cardiologist Dr pauline Diamond told the hearing she had been asked to carry out an urgent angiogram on mr Kyles on December 12 but he suffered a car- diac arrest and lost consciousness. She said a decision was taken by a group of doc-- tors with the agreement of the patient that he should be fitted with a stent immediately. Although he had shown no prior symptoms, she added his condition meant he was “at risk of sudden death”. Dr David Barton, a consultant cardiologist, who carried out the procedure to fit a stent, recounted how mr Kyles had an acute onset of chest pain which led to him “suddenly and vigorously moving both his arms” which dislodged the catheter. mr Kyles suffered another stabbed: anne Colomines Man died as docs tried to fix heart Juicy deal for Aldi aLdI buying director Peter ●bough clinks glasses on their €9.5m contract with Peter mulrine, managing director of the donegalbased drinks producer mulrines. the deal will see the premium ●Irish juice producer increase the volume of product it supplies to aldi by over 25 per cent year on year. One of aldi’s longest serving ●suppliers, mulrines provides a range of juices to aldi’s 148 stores, including aldi’s specially selected Kildare apple Juice, which is now in recycled bottles. ARTERY IS TORN DURING EMERGENCY OP FOR DAD ■■Sean McCarthaigh ISEIR cardiac arrest, which led to a decision that he needed a bypass. Despite the best efforts of surgical teams, mr Kyles never recovered. Questioned by the coroner, Dr Barton accepted it was likely that the tear of the artery occurred during attempts to fit a stent to mr Kyles. He denied suggestions by Mr Kyles’s relatives that the decision to try and fit a stent rather than carry out bypass surgery was due to a lack of facilities or a delay in surgical availability. A cardiothoracic and transplant surgeon at the mater, Seyed Hossein Javadpour, who performed the heart bypass surgery, admitted it had been “a long shot” given the patient’s condition. mr Javadpour said it was difficult to say if the outcome would have been any different if the surgery had been carried out earlier. Killer However, he said the focus should be on the severity and location of the arterial blockage which he described as “a silent killer”. mr Kyles’ daughter, Charlotte Kennedy, said her father was “very fit for his age” and a judo instructor, although she acknowledged there was a known history of heart conditions in his family. She described how she had to switch off her father’s life support machine on December 14, 2017, after being informed he had suffered several strokes and irreparable brain damage. “i’m exceptionally sad at his loss, as would any child be, but especially when his passing was so sudden,” she said. HeaRtbReaK: Charlotte Kennedy, daughter of the late albert Kyles

ISEIR Lottery has two historic jackpots ■■Nicola DONNELLY LOTTO fever is building all over the country as players are preparing for a big weekend with not one but two huge lifealtering jackpots on offer. Tonight’s EuroMillions draw has a guaranteed jackpot of a staggering €130million while Saturday’s Lotto draw of an estimated €18m is the second highest jackpot in the history of the Lotto game here. Since the EuroMillions game launched in Ireland in 2004, there have been 16 Irish EuroMillions jackpot winners. If tomorrow night’s staggering €130m jackpot is won in Ireland, we could see a new Irish winner added to the roll call of jackpot wins. Meanwhile, the current Lotto jackpot has been rolling for over three months since Wednesday, June 9. Winners So far this year, there have been five Lotto jackpot wins by players in Limerick, Kilkenny, Westmeath, Cork and Galway. In the history of the Lotto game in Ireland, only one jackpot in excess of €18 million has ever been won which was in June 2008 when the Dan Morrissey syndicate from Carlow scooped a whooping €18,963,441. A single winner of Saturday night’s lifechanging €18 million estimated jackpot would find themselves at number two on the list of all-time highest wins since the game launched in Ireland in 1988. Man to face trial for fraud A 64-YEAR-OLD man accused of running a €1.2m bogus legal advice practice has been sent forward for trial. David Williams, who is from England but has an address at Sroughan, Lacken, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, is charged with 19 fraud offences. He appeared again at Blanchardstown District Court and had a book of evidence served on him. The Director of Public Prosecutions directed trial on indictment. Judge Gerard Jones granted a trial order sending Mr Williams forward to the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court where he will face his next hearing on November 26. IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 19 NOTORIOUS ROLLS IN IT WAD A YEAR As CONOR gEts €9.5m BOOst Irish fighter promo firm’s massive cash pile revealed A sports promotion company owned by MMA star Conor McGregor boosted its cash pile by more than €9.5million last year. McGregor Sports and Entertainment Limited made a profit of almost €740,000 in 2020, and saw its bank balance grow from €36,555 to nearly €9.6m. The firm is the 33-year-old’s main company in Ireland and is involved in the production of online news, promotions and endorsements in the sports sector. McGregor returned to the octagon in January 2020 after a brief retirement, defeating Donald Cerrone via technical knockout after 40 seconds of the first round. He reportedly made $30 million (€25.577m) from the fight. The Crumlin-born competitor was listed as the world’s highestpaid athlete by Forbes earlier this heAvy hitter: Conor McGregor with cash and (right) he reportedly made $30 million from fight against Donald Cerrone in 2020 ■■Darragh McDONAGH year, earning $180m. He also reportedly sold a majority stake in his whiskey company in April for around €500m. Accounts for his Irish sports promotion company show that annual profits increased by nearly 39 per cent last year to €739,239. Meanwhile, the firm’s cash pile soared to almost €9.6m. Debts Prepayments and money owed to the company by debtors amounted to €4.8m. However, its debts rose from €5.1m to over €13.3m. At the end of 2020, it had accumulated profits of €608,690, compared to accumulated losses of €130,649 on December 31, 2019. While McGregor is the sole shareholder in the company, its directors are listed as Dee Devlin, his long-term partner, and his friend Alan Geraghty. Directors were paid remuneration of €177,333 last year. Having announced his retirement from MMA in March 2019 prior to his return in January 2020, the former plumber announced that he was once more retiring from the octagon in June 2020. He emerged from retirement again in January of this year, losing to Dustin Poirier in the first knockout loss of his career. He faced Porier again in July and lost by technical knockout again after the fight was stopped due to McGregor breaking his tibia. BiG WiNs: Conor McGregor with partner Dee, who is a director of firm

20 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 Holmes dares to Hope on new single IRISH producer, ★composer and DJ David Holmes has fired some political shots on his new single, out today. Hope Is the Last Thing To Die features vocals from Belfast man Holmes with singer Raven Violet. With lyrics in ★French and English, it’s a call-out track against governments for their corruption during the pandemic and their mishandling of the climate crisis. For more showbiz go to ISEIR Summer fire HONOUREE: Film and stage actor Gleeson Gleeson joins the greatest artists ACTOR and musician Brendan Gleeson is due to be honoured by the Dublin Theatre Festival for his lifetime contribution to theatre, as this year’s nominated actor. Speaking after the announcement, Gleeson said: “This came out of the blue and is all the more welcome for it. “Theatre has had a fundamental role to play in my life. I’m honoured.” Recent honourees have included Fiona Shaw, Brian Friel, Sinéad Cusack, Cillian Murphy, Fergus and Rosaleen Linehan and Stephen Rea. Stage Festival Director Willie White said: “Theatre fans had a rare opportunity to witness Brendan Gleeson’s magnetic presence as a stage actor when he performed with his sons Domhnall and Brian in Enda Walsh’s The Walworth Farce in 2015. “On stage Brendan moves with ease from tenderness to intense emotion and always a with a keen comic edge. “I am delighted that Brendan’s old friend and collaborator from The Passion Machine days, Paul Mercier will interview him for our annual Gala event.” Brendan is currently filming on Martin McDonagh’s new feature film The Banshees of Inisherin. The Festival will host a gala event in his honour, which will include an interview on Sunday October 3 at 6pm, and will be free to view on Youtube. Lottie legs it to launch LOTTIE Moss puts on a leggy display at ★the launch of the iPlaysafe app at the Chiltern Firehouse in London. The 23-year-old model ramped up the ★glamour in a revealing black satin dress with platform heels as she arrived for the unveiling of the sexual health platform. for Kings BAND PLAY IRELAND KINGS Of Leon are set to play Dublin and Belfast at the height of next summer. Following the release of their eighth album ‘When You See Yourself’, also their sixth in a row to debut at Number One, in the Irish and UK charts, the Tennessee rockers will play Dublin 3Arena on June 24 and Belfast SSE Arena on June 26, 2022. The shows will be their first in Dublin and Belfast, for five and eight, respectively. Fans can expect songs from all eight of the band’s albums. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster from 9am on Tuesday. Kings Of Leon are currently finishing up a two-month tour of America, with a headline performance at Pearl Jam’s Ohana festival in Dana Point, California, this weekend. Following The band, who are made up of brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared, and their cousin Matthew Followill, have amassed a huge following in the past 20 years, with songs like ‘Sex On Fire’, ‘Use Somebody’ and ‘On Call’ cementing their place in the music world. Perry petal power ★ KATY Perry goes full Hawaiian in a series of Instagram posts, even sporting a plumeria in her hair. The singer ★(36) shared the snaps from her time filming on the island two years ago. Katy also ★shared a clip of a Harley bike ride with her then fiance Orlando Bloom. TOURING: Caleb Followill of Kings Of Leon IT’S CHRISTMASSSS! Or so ★says Kelly Clarkson, who has announced a festive album. When Christmas ★Comes Around features classics such as Last Christmas, plus original songs featuring some big name guests.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 21 with Sandra Mallon sHots: rosanna Davidson JoiNeD forCes: Coldplay and Bts ACRoSS THe UNiVeRSe... PaYiNG homage to her ★swedish siblings aBBa, Nina Nesbitt leans on 80s synths in Life’s a B**ch. But Nina (left) is a far cry from her usual pop princess self as she wrestles with her darker side in the twisted music video. Meanwhile, someone who ★was around to experience the 80s — Elton John has teamed up with Charlie Puth for emotive ballad After All. some classics should ★never be tampered with but Clean Bandit have sensitively reworked the Whitney Hosuton classic How Will i Know by supercharging the original groove with minimal fuss. RoSie goeS Refill WilD ★Davison rosaNNa is loving her new natural deodorant in her latest instagram post. the mum of ★three (37) is a firm advocate f #wildrefill and is giving her fans 20 per cent off. “i love ★ that it keeps me feeling fresh for the day, whether i’ve been exercising or running around after the kids!” she said. “the cases can be ★ refilled as many times as you like with their 100 per cent compostable deodorant refills and they come in a range of colours.” WHeN two of the world’s ●biggest groups collide you can expect big things — and that’s just what Coldplay and Bts have done. the english indie act and K-pop megastars have paired their collaboration My universe, out today, with a brand new documentary Make us go Ora ra MusiC superstar ★rita ora is living the decadent lifestyle befitting a monarch as we await her eiffel tour performance film’s release. ora shared some ★pics of her Paris Match photoshoot, featuring beautiful partywear and casual, yet stylish, loungewear, expressing love for Paris. inside My universe, due on sunday. and they’ve not stopped there ●— they will also share a supernova7 mix and acoustic version of the song on Monday. they say a music video is also “coming soon”. favourites: Lukeman Jack comes to earth in Dublin JACk Lukeman, one of Ireland’s most enigmatic performers, has just announced his first headline show at Dublin’s 3Arena on November 25, 2022. With a career spanning 25 years, fans can expect a spectacular live performance with Jack L performing his greatest hits alongside live favourites . “The 3Arena will be a celebration of 25 years of music with a setlist it’s taken me as long to build with 15 or so albums,” he said. “Needless to say, it’s very exciting to reach this point. “This is the gathering and party of the hundreds of thousands of people who joined me online during the lockdown sessions to celebrate the resilience and joy of live music. “After many years of travelling the high roads and the byroads of planet earth, I’m now asking people to travel to me in the 3Arena on November 25, 2022”. Jack made the announcement to his fans on ‘Postcards from the Edge’, his free weekly one-hour streaming series. Tickets from €35 plus booking fee go on sale at 9am on Wednesday from We can’t Stave off anymore INDIE trio The Staves has announced the details of their rescheduled tour for March 2022. Fans of the band will be delighted to know that they plan on kicking off the Irish leg of their tour in Dolan’s, Co Limerick on March 23. From their, they will head to the capital and play in the Helix, a move from their previously scheduled Vicar Street performance on the 24. Northern Irish fans will have to wait until March 25 to see them play in the Empire in Belfast. Next, it’s down to Galway and the Black Box theatre for the next day, before finishing up at Cyprus Avenue, Co Cork.

22 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR new book showing READY TO INQUEST: Marie with Darragh; (below) Kieran HSE ‘must give court report on tragedy’ A MAN whose wife and newborn baby boy died in a Cork maternity hospital has called for the HSE to admit a Systems Analysis Review report commissioned in the aftermath of the tragedy at their inquest. Marie Downey, who lived at Knockanevin near Kildorrery, Co Cork, was found on the floor of her room at Cork University Maternity Hospital on March 25, 2019. The mum of three, who was a native of Ballyagran in Co Limerick, was due to be discharged with her baby Darragh in days. But she suffered an apparent epileptic fit while breastfeeding and collapsed on Darragh who was found under her. Inquest Cork city coroner Philip Comyn ruled that an independent review into their care was inadmissable when he opened their inquest in August. Kieran Downey yesterday asked the coroner for the HSE to agree to admit the review into evidence as there were a “cascade of events” prior to death of his wife and child. The family’s junior counsel Doireann O’Mahony, said Mr Downey’s “only remaining hope” is to spare another family a similar tragedy. “But this will only be possible with a full and thorough investigation which leaves no stone unturned,” she added. Mr Comyn said he had given a written judgement which explained his reasons for not allowing the review to be admitted into evidence. A full inquest is expected to be held in November. YOUTH GETS TO SKIP JAIL A YOUTH convicted of head butting a garda after he was arrested in connection with a €4,000 cannabis seizure in Dublin has been ordered to carry out 160 hours of community service to avoid a jail sentence. Dylan Maughan (20) of St Killian’s Park, Clondalkin, Dublin had pleaded not guilty to assaulting Garda Brendan Murphy at a garda station on September 10, 2018. ■■Olivia KELLEHER He also denied obstructing a drug search, and possessing cannabis for sale or supply at St Cuthbert’s Park in Clondalkin on the same date. He was aged 17 at the time and faced a hearing at the Dublin Children’s Court, but has since reached adulthood. Judge Brendan Toale found him guilty and furnished him with a pre-sentence probation report yesterday. HISTORY.. Old Irish photos are put into perspective CULTURE: Women and children preparing for Cahirmee Horse Fair in July 1954 HISTORY: One of the earliest images in the book shows two young children just after the Great Famine in 1854 ■■Josie ADNITT BEAUTIFULLY colourised pictures showing the changing face of Ireland over a period of 100 years have been revealed in a new book. In one image, workers held news posters announcing the failure of the Dublin Peace Conference on December 7, 1913. Another picture showed a huge plume of smoke rising from the Four Courts on June 30, 1922, marking an end to the three-day siege of the building by the Free State Army. Other images show two chil- dren in ragged clothes taken in 1854 following the Great Famine, a group of children in front of the Treaty Stone in 1903, and women and children preparing for Cahirmee Horse Fair in front of a decorative barrel-top caravan in 1954. The images have been released in the new book Old Ireland in Colour 2 by John ARCHIVE: The new book Breslin and Sarah-Anne Buckley, published by Merrion Press. Using historical research, cutting-edge technology and expert colouring techniques, the book celebrates Ireland’s rich history throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. “The images in this book address a key period from the Great Famine to the mid-1960s,” writes John and Sarah-Anne. “They reflect changes in housing, dress, the increasing influence of sport and leisure, the importance of religion, the growth in schooling and changes in gender roles. The influence of the Irish around the world remains prominent.” POLITICS: A photo taken just after Cork was burned by British in 1920; (left) children praying after Cork City lost two Mayors

ISEIR past’s true colours IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 23 RE-BRIGHT END OF AN ERA: Derry Girls and (below) McGee McGee to fans: ‘Derr all grown up now...’ DEFINING MOMENTS: The 1915 funeral of Cork Fenian Jeremiah O Donovan Rossa, (below) ‘Special gang’ of British intelligence agents during War of Independence and (right) a girl holding a Votes for Women placard before the 1918 Act HIGHS AND LOWS: June 1922, Dublin — The explosion from the destruction of the Four Courts and (right) A member of the winning 1922 All-Ireland Kilkenny team CONFLICT: Armed RIC members outside a shoe shop on St Patrick’s Street in 1921, (below) children near Limerick’s Treaty Stone and (top) Edward Carson at an Anti-Home Rule Rally DERRY Girls creator Lisa McGee has said the upcoming third series of the hit comedy will be the last. The show, which follows a group of teenagers growing up in the 1990s of Northern Ireland, stars Nicola Coughlan, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and Dylan Llewellyn. The second series of the Channel 4 show was filmed in 2018, but the third instalment was delayed because of the pandemic. McGee wrote on Instagram: “It was always the plan to say goodbye after three series. “Derry Girls is a coming of age story; following five ridiculous teenagers as they slowly... very slowly...start to become adults, while around them the place they call home starts to change too and Northern Ireland enters a new more hopeful phase — which was a small, magical window of time. Letter “Derry Girls is a love letter to the place I come from and the people who shaped me. “It has been an honour to write it and I will be forever proud of everything it’s achieved. “I’d like to thank the people of Derry and Northern Ireland for getting behind us. “Who knows if Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle and James will return in some other guise someday, but for now this is it for us and we’re excited to start filming this series with our incredible cast and crew to hopefully take our loyal fans on one last adventure.” Earlier this year, Bridgerton star Coughlan, who plays Clare, updated fans on Twitter, stating: “Covid has pushed back filming several times... but honestly the storylines in this series are the best we’ve ever done.” syphilis hike hits capital SYPHILIS cases in the Dublin area have more than doubled in the space of a week. According to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre’s weekly infectious disease report, there were 29 cases of the infection from September 12 to 18 in the HSE East area of Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. Throughout the rest of Ireland, just seven cases of syphilis were ■■Laura HARDING confirmed during that week. The week before, September 5 to 11, there was 12 syphilis cases reported in Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow. Just three cases of the infection were identified throughout the rest of Ireland during the same period. Earlier this year, a syphilis outbreak was confirmed in the capital as cases rocketed.

24 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR ‘VANLIFE’ MURDER MYSTERY EYE-OPENiNG: Laundrie’s room has a poster of shadowy people holding hammers and spheres, a furled-up US flag, a Darth Vader mask and a series of violent Watchmen comics; (below) the fugitive evading officers THEATRE: Mr O’Connell Fond tributes to stage legend TrIBUTES have been paid to veteran entertainer Bill ‘Billa’ O’Connell, who has died at the age of 91. The Corkman — who received the Freedom of Cork in 2013 for his services to the city — started his career in local pantomimes in the 1940s and went on to form an integral part of the Summer revels series at Cork Opera House. Mr O’Connell appeared on the Late Late Show on rTE many times to perform comedy routines, and in pantomime he was best known for his role as the Dame or as one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. Magic He was awarded an honorary degree by UCC in 1996. The stalwart of pantomimes was best known for his role as the Dame or as one of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. Taoiseach and Cork native Micheal Martin led tributes, saying: “Billa O’Connell was quintessential Cork and we will miss him. My deepest sympathies to his wife Nell and all the family.” Meanwhile, chairman of the Everyman Theatre, Denis McSweeney, said: “His name, just Billa, is sufficient to bring a smiling, maybe tearful memory to mind. He was, for many Corkonians, our first experience of the magic of theatre.” First time buyers get loans NEW homeowners make up more than half of all mortgages approved last month, according to the latest figures. Mortgage approvals for August totalled 4,572, with first-time buyers (FTBs) accounting for 2,462 of these — meaning 53.8 per cent of the total volume. But the figures represent another overall drop in mortgages month-onmonth, according to Banking & Payments Federation Ireland. The figures also show that mover purchasers accounted for 25.8 per cent of last month’s mortgage approvals, with almost €1.2 billion worth of mortgages approved in August. Inside home of America’s most wanted fugitive MiSSiNG: Brian Laundrie with slain fiancee Gabby and (right) FBi officers at his home this week EERIE ITEMS FILL BEDROOM EERiE and potentially valuable images of the home of slain YouTube star Gabby Petito’s fiancé show how he lived before his sudden disappearance. FBI agents raided the property on Monday, with Petito’s death officially ruled a homicide on Tuesday. The popular ‘vanlife’ influencer (22) had been reported missing by her concerned mother and an investigation began on September 11. Her body was found in a remote part of the Wyoming woods, USA, on Sunday, September 19. The couple were on a cross-country trip together when Petito went missing. Cops said the ■■Adam solomons remains are “100%” those of the missing woman, with an autopsy ruling she died by homicide. Laundrie (23) has been the subject of immense media attention since his fiancée first vanished. Search That intensified when his legal team suddenly cancelled a press conference straight after the FBI search. A 2017 image of Laundrie’s bedroom includes a poster of shadowy people holding hammers and spheres. In the corner, a furled-up US flag hangs off a bookshelf. There is also a Darth Vader mask on display. A series of violent Watchmen comics fill the shelves, too. Twitter detectives also found a vlog in which Laundrie is reading sci-fi dystopia Annihilation, a novel adapted by Netflix about four women who go missing in the mys- terious “shimmer” space. He has been miss- ing for eight days now, having van- ished on September 14 in the Wyoming Carlton reserve, and has been named a “person of interest”.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 25 ENGAGED: Britney Brit of a legal hurdle POP megastar Britney Spears will have a prenuptial agreement ready to go before marrying fiance Sam Asghari. The 39-year-old singer is engaged to boyfriend Sam and is in the process of “engaging a family law attorney to craft a prenuptial agreement.” Prenup In a Wednesday court filing Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, cites her engagement and the upcoming prenup as a reason why her father, Jamie Spears (69), should be removed as her legal conservator immediately. LUCKY ESCAPE: Joe ‘Peril at sea is no Joe’ JOE Wicks was saved by a stranger after getting stranded at sea when his electric surfboard broke down. The Body Coach has thanked green campaigner Oly Rush for “saving his life” when he spotted him clinging to a rock. Rock Joe had been testing out his new gadget off the coast of Lulworth in Dorset while Oly was on a boat collecting rubbish. Fitness guru Joe later branded Oly a real life “hero” on Instagram. The celebrity added: “I thank you Oly for saving my life.” Linda ‘unrecognisable’ after body contouring goes wrong IT MAY be known as ‘The Scottish Play’, but a new re-working of Shakespeare’s Macbeth has found a surprising new reality celebrity inspiration from across the Atlantic. For four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan has revealed she looked to the reality star Kim Kardashian for inspiration for her latest role in the epic tragedy. The Irish actress is making her UK stage debut as Lady Macbeth in the tragedy at the Almeida Theatre, North London, opposite the Scottish actor James McArdle as Macbeth. “We keep thinking about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as like a Kim and Kanye situation,” Ronan told BBC News, “where there have been stages to their success and real kind of highs and lows.” The pair decided to compare Macbeth ■■Christopher BUCKTIN DIFFERENT WOMAN: Linda Evangelista after procedure and (right) model in 1994 KIM COULD BE MUSE FOR BILL Saoirse bases Macbeth on Kardashians INSPIRING: Saoirse Ronan and (right) social media megastar Kim Kardashian SUPERMODEL Linda Evangelista says she has been left “permanently deformed” and “brutally disfigured” due to an adverse reaction to a fat reduction procedure. The 56-year-old, one of the most famous and in-demand models of the 1990s, says she has now become a “recluse”. Evangelista appeared in countless campaigns, catwalks, Vogue covers, and an iconic George Michael music video. Now the Canadian has told how she had experienced a rare side effect of the treatment which increased her fat cells. Adverse She has developed paradoxical adipose hyperplasia – a previously unreported adverse effect of cryolipolysis. “I have been left, as the media has described, ‘unrecognisable’,” she told her 908,000 Instagram followers. The model added she has undergone “two painful, unsuccessful, corrective surgeries” after the slimming procedure – also known as body contouring – had the opposite effect. “PAH has not only destroyed my livelihood, it has sent me into a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing,” she said. “With this lawsuit, I am moving forward to rid myself of my shame and going public with my story. I’m so tired of living this way.” ■■Conor DOYLE and Lady Macbeth “to a modern power couple that is professional but also has tenderness and there is so much of their private life that we don’t know,” Ronan says, referring to Kardashian and her rapper husband Kanye West, who announced they were divorcing earlier this year. Tragedy Ronan and McArdle have also decided to call their characters Susan and Neil Macbeth. “It helps,” says Ronan, “because this is a domestic tragedy about a couple. “The tragedy is that these two people who are soul mates and peers and very much partners in every way... when that starts to come apart, what we would hope is that, when people come to see it, that is when the sadness seeps in.” McArdle agrees, saying: “The play has been hijacked by the horror concept, the Halloweeny concept.” In director Yael Farber’s production, entitled The Tragedy of Macbeth, it is the relationship between the Macbeths that takes centre stage. “The thing that we wanted more than anything was a functional marriage. A love story,” explains McArdle. The play runs from October 1-November 20.

26 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 KIDS’ FUTURE FORDS FOCUS FORD has unveiled the car of 2030 based on the views of eight and nineyear-olds and it should be comfortable, safe, electric — and able to fly. A survey of 500 boys and girls found that the most important feature on their dream car was comfortable seats, followed by high levels of safety and the car being environmentally friendly. DESIGN: Ford’s 2030 car according to kids Gear up for Africa IF YOU have an old bike, then here’s your ■chance to clear some space and help school-kids in Africa. Cork City Rotary Club and the City Council ■are calling on Leesiders to get behind their ‘Bikes for Africa’ project. The project aims to collect unwanted bikes that ■can withstand rough terrain, suit both primary and secondary school students, have a minimum 24”- wheel size and are in reasonable repair. YOUR No1 GUIDE TO MUSIC, MOVIES & MORE... Email trumps pen WRITING by hand is steadily dying out as ■young people are too glued to their gadgets to pick up a pen, a new study reveals. Six-in-ten say they write less by hand than ten years ago as letter writing is becoming a lost art to emails, texts and messaging via the likes of WhatsApp. 25 per cent of 18-24-year-olds admit they ■have never written a letter, while 40 per cent of that group have never written a love note. PENNY KEEPS TURNING UP... A HIKER has completed a two-and-a-half year walk around the coast of Britain and Ireland. Karen Penny, a retired legal professional from Swansea, has spent the past 30 months following the 11,000 mile coastal trail around Britain and Ireland and has raised more than €126,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK. She said it was to continue the legacy of her parents and husband. uk mirror 17 PaGES 28-31 DONATION: Penny Treats weigh heavily on dog A GREEDY dog is lucky to be alive after wolfing down 11 rocks during her daily ● walkies. The one-year-old Labrador was rushed to emergency surgery when her owners noticed she was ill. ISEIR golf aces’ parT Rory McIlroy and Erica Stoll IF IT wasn’t for American Erica, Europe may have never gotten their hands on team the Ryder Cup 2012. McIlroy nearly overslept the final round of action nearly a decade ago before Stoll — then a PGA employee — alerted him in time for his singles battle with Keegan Bradley. Jon Rahm and Kelley Cahill CAHILL is a regular presence on golf courses around the world as she cheers on her husband Jon Rahm. The pair have been together since college, as the Spaniard’s other half is an American who attended Arizona State University. They married in 2019 and now have a son (Kepa) together. europe Shane Lowry and Wendy Honner SHANE Lowry is married to Irishwoman Wendy Honner and the pair have a twoyear-old daughter named Iris and baby Ivy. They met on a “random night out” in 2012 and got married in New York in 2016. In the week after The Masters, the Irishman proposed on a beach in Dubai in 2014. It was a small ceremony because the guest list began spiralling, according to Lowry. “The guest list [was spiralling] and I get stressed very easily, so we decided the big white wedding at home was not what we wanted. “Anyone who knows Wendy knows that she doesn’t like the limelight or anything like that… It was really all very chilled,” Lowry told a newspaper at the time. “It was perfect for the two of us.” Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins LIKE Rahm, Garcia is a Spanish pro who’s wife is American. Akins met Garcia through working for the Golf Channel, as she worked as a golf reporter previously for Fox Sports. She knows how to play without a doubt as the Texan representing the women’s team at the University of Texas. SQU RYD Lee Westwood and Helen Storey STOREY will be a lot closer to the action than most of the other WAGs at the Ryder Cup this weekend as she works as husband Lee Westwood’s caddie. The couple originally met in 2015 and she went on to carry his bag for the first time in 2018. The golfing pair decided to tie the knot earlier this year.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 27 ners all above par GALA: (Front L-R) Team Europe’s Viktor Hovland and Matthew Fitzpatrick pose with (L-R) Helen Storey, Irene Scholz, Angela Akins Garcia, Diane Antonopoulos, Katie Poulter, Emma Lofgren, Pollyanna Woodward, Kelley Cahill, Kristin Stape, Caroline Harrington, Erica Stoll, Emily Braisher, Wendy Honner, Clare Fleetwood and Ebba Karlsson during the Team Europe Gala Dinner in Wisconsin EEZE-Y team USa Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky DUSTIN Johnson and model Paulina Gretzky have been engaged since 2013 and they have two children together. Earlier in the season, Paulina revealed that they are to be married this year, but a date is yet to be decided. Brooks Koepka and Jena Sims SIMS was born in Georgia and she attended Belmont University, where she studied International Business. Engaged to marry Koepka, she is an actress and a model, who has appeared in a vast amount of movies alongside some of the film industry’s biggest stars. ER A GOLFER’S success stretches beyond the players and the captains. With the Ryder Cup kicking off today, Team Europe’s golfers held a group dinner on Wednesday night to foster team spirit — with their wives and partners by their side to support them and to add a bit of glamour to proceedings. Team USA and Team Europe are made up of 12 world-class golfers each, but here we’re meeting the wives and partners of five members of both teams and delving more into these relationships which can help keep players’ eyes on the ball... RYDER CUP bUILDUP SEE SPoRt Xander Schauffele and Maya Lowe SHORTLY after the US Open, Xander Schauffele and Maya Lowe got married in Las Vegas. Schauffele and Lowe had been dating since 2014. Lowe’s LinkedIn account informs us that she works as ‘Center Manager Flex’ for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest. Bryson DeChambeau and Sophia Phalen Bertolami BERTOLAMI was born in Tennessee and right now, she has over 61,000 followers on Instagram. She has grown popular as a result of her fashion modelling. In terms of school, she has studied at Cohasset High School in Massachusetts, Chapman University in California and Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Collin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu COLLIN Morikawa met Katherine Zhu whilst he attended the University of California, Berkley, and Zhu went to Pepperdine University. Zhu was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and her father, Mike Chu, was a champion tennis player in his heyday.

28 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 In association with ■ eFFOrTleSS: lil nas X and (below) his new album Montero ISEIR BEAUTY IN TRAUMA... Garbage revisit ‘forgotten’ third LP Lil Nas X is no fluke ■ reAPPrAISAl: Shirley Manson and (clockwise from right) on stage with Butch Vig, at electric Picnic festival in 2018 and Manson in 1995 ■ THE evolution of Lil Nas X from viral star to fully formed artist has seemed effortless to the outsider. Listening to the undeniable earworm Old Town Road in 2019, it would have been impossible to imagine its creator releasing an album like Montero just two years later. But the 22-year-old US rapper, real name Montero Lamar Hill, has dropped a ing piece of work, sweepexploring identity, sexuality and community though the lens of Lil Nas X’s idiosyncratic mix of flamenco, country, trap and pop. Before the success of Old Town Road, Lil Nas X was a college dropout sleeping on his sister’s sofa — and that journey to pop superstar and queer icon (he came out as gay while Old Town Road sat atop the Hot 100 chart in the US) is central to Montero. Tales of his insecurities and his romantic conquests gain equal airtime — this is a story of a young man embracing and explor- ing his sexuality. Elton John, Megan Thee Stallion and Miley Cyrus fea- ture among the guest artists, but Lil Nas X is always the star. He’s as strong delivering punchy bars full of braggadocio as when recalling he intense insecurities of his youth. An affecting, uplifting album that proves Lil Nas X will be an enduring star. ★★★★✩ ALL SET FOR AN ART-ROCK INVASION ■ DERRY act Invaderband’s new album Peter Gabriel hits like, ahem, a sledgehammer of wiry, post-punk guitar riffs, dry wit and raucous art-rock energy. The band’s second LP nods to classic acts like Wire, Magazine, The Stranglers and even Sparks on its most out-there moments. From the nervy catchiness of Vanity Search, to the propulsive punk of I Won’t Remember You and the darkly anthemic Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself, it’s a record that’s full of moments that wrongfoot you in a good way. At eight tracks, there’s zero filler, propelled by vibrant arrangements and imagery — an album in thrall to its influences without being held back by the past. ■ In ShIrley Manson’s mind, Garbage’s third album, Beautiful Garbage, will forever be tied up with the September 11 terror attacks. “It was an international trauma,” the Scottish singer explains. “We were really excited... but two weeks before it got its debut the world changed.” The band were grounded at their studio in Wisconsin, just as they were meant to fly to London to begin promoting the record. “We were trapped, of course, like everybody else — all Americans. We couldn’t fly.” Manson recalls “the toll it took on the world and also on us, and also on our record”. Beautiful Garbage suffered from a lack of promotion and its lead single, Androgyny, faltered in the charts. But Edinburgh-born Manson (55) and her American bandmates — Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig — have revisited the By Alex Green record on its 20th anniversary. And there’s much to love: electronica and hip-hop collide with the band’s alternative rock sound, and 1960s girl group and 1980s new wave acts inform its melodies. This anniversary, of course, comes shortly after that of September 11. “We had enjoyed such a fantastic trajectory as a band,” she says, simultaneously indignant and self-deprecating. “We had 16 playlisted singles on Radio 1 in the United Kingdom, which of course is my country so it means so much to me. “That all came to a stunning end with the release of the first single off Beautiful Garbage, which was Androgyny.” The band remember holding a crisis meeting with their label boss just before going on stage at Top of the Pops, in which they were told Androgyny had not been playlisted for Radio 1. “It was the end of that record already,” she sighs. Beautiful Garbage was not a failure commercially or critically but it did not make the impact the band had hoped. In the intervening two decades, there has been something of a reappraisal, especially of lead single Androgyny. “Being a woman who has got a lot of male traits, I’ve always really identified with this idea of nonbinary,” she offers. “So the idea of identifying within the spectrum of gender has always made sense to me. “We took a lot of chances on that record – for which we were gloriously punished,” she says with a cackle. “Now that we’re 20 years down the road, we’re still playing a lot of these songs in our live sets, and some of the songs on that record are our most beloved. “It feels like a triumph.” ■ The 20th anniversary reissue of Beautiful Garbage is released on November 5. NEW MUSIC INTERVIEW

ISEIR InSIde out ■ AVA Festival, Boucher Road, Belfast, Tonight & tomorrow, SOLD OUT Considering the dUP’s obsession with getting one over on the Papist republic, it’s a wonder they haven’t been all over the north’s head start on gigs reopening over the last few weeks — especially the likes of the electronic music weekender AVA, while dublin is still in test event territory. Then again, we can’t imagine Jeffrey donaldson, nigel dodds and co will be partaking in the midday to 11pm underground rave vibes at the Boucher road venue tonight and tomorrow. sammy Wilson might stretch a trip to dublin for garth Brooks, though. For AVA’s seventh edition, they’ve gone fully open air, with dozens of acts over four stages tonight and tomorrow. ■ KING OF THE CASTLE: Nealo and (inset top right) HAVVK GIGS Live gigs and streams ■ Conor McCaffrey You can dip into a range of beat concoctions over the weekend, from hiphop and r&B courtesy of Kojaque and gemma dunleavy, to sci-fi electro from space dimension Controller and Helena Hauff, anything-goes deep dives from optimo, virtuoso machine-tooled techno from KinK and some spellbinding, pummelling techno from sunil sharpe. And all the rest of course — see ■ CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF NEVERMIND Grand Social & Sin E, Dublin (live stream), Tonight sinCe its release in 1991, nirvana’s second album nevermind has never left the top tier in critical appreciation and discourse. it’s now part of the alltime rock canon, and we’re probably running out of new things to say about it. Lucky for music writers in this 30th anniversary year we had a distracting silly season story about the cover star spencer elden suing the band for sexual exploitation, as if he hadn’t been exploiting this infamy in photoshoots every five years. But when you run out of things to say, it’s easier to just lean into the music. Tonight, 13 irish bands will each play a song each from nevermind (the official version on streaming sites adds the nerve-wracking noise pile-up of endless nameless at the end, after original end track, the cello-led melancholy ballad something in the Way). The line-up features Maija sofia; Havvk, Alien she; Cruiser; Laurie shaw; Junk drawer; Uaim; Aoife Wolf; Pretty Happy; elaine Malone; Mob Wife and Mhaol. The stream will include videos recorded in sin e or the grand social, or the artists’ homes, with profits donated to MAsi (The Movement of Asylum seekers in ireland). it’s an album and a band that influenced virtually everyone on the lineup, so it’s a chance for a collective outpouring. Maybe postpone the opinions about in Utero being better a better album, for the time being at least. And you don’t need to watch solo at home — it’s being broadcast on Micromedia ad screens all over the country, with high quality audio through a Qr code. Who says we haven’t progressed over the last three decades? ■ THE FRANK & WALTERS Monroes, Galway, Tonight, €22 iT’d be hard to find a music fans of a certain age who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Frank and Walters — the cult Cork band who gatecrashed Top of the Pops in the 90s with After All, and are still releasing some of the country’s best leftfield indie music. Their show tonight is part on Monroes’ Bringing it All Back Home series, with tickets sold in pods of two to four, and a very limited capacity. support is by Tipperary singer-songwriter derek ellard. ■ HIBERNACLE — MEET ME AT THE CASTLE Claregalway Castle, Co Galway Tomorrow & Sunday, €55 AFTer the recent success of strange Brew’s Fall right into Place gigs at Claregalway Castle, promoters Hibernacle are following with another all-day festival — with the crowd switching but the line-up staying the same tomorrow and sunday. From 2pm to 10.30pm, it’s set up as a chilled day to explore the ancient grounds of the castle and dip into gigs, afternoon workshops and catch one-off collaborations between artists, sharing songs and stories. The line-up is full of tantalising potential sets and team-ups, featuring Lisa Hannigan; saint sister; nealo; Andy irvine; Tolü Makay; Jape; daithí; Wallis Bird and dJ sally Cinnamon. ■ HIDDEN AGENDA x DISTRICT 8 Pilot Event Button Factory, Dublin, Thursday, €22 MonTHs after the summer’s so-called first ‘Pilot event’ — which didn’t really stress test anything as it was fully distanced and as much risk as taking your dog for a walk in a busy park — we’ve finally got an actual test event with hundreds of people, like the old days. it’s being held in the Button Factory, the scene of thousands of club nights over the years, so it’s a worthy new year-zero stepping stone venue. With 450 allowed to attend (60 per IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 29 cent of full capacity), we’re edging closer to the real live vibes that have been off the table since March 2019. You need a digital CoVid cert to gain entry, and you’ll also need to double down and take a rapid antigen test. it’s a joint project between promoters Hidden Agenda, district 8 and campaign group give Us the night, who’ve been lobbying for years for rethinking ireland’s nightlife economy — culminating in the recent report of the night-Time economy Taskforce. The chief spokesman of the group, worldrenowned techno dJ sunil sharpe is headlining, with r Kitt also been a leading advocate in the group. From 8.30pm to 12.30am you can also catch sets from dArT, Kelly Anne Byrne, sim simma, Breen, Cáit and sam greenwood.

30 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 COMMENTARY: poster for the play opening next week and (below) the award-winning playwright ISEIR DRAGS TO RICHES GLAMMED up: Scenes from the film adaptation of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie starring Max Harwood Jamie’s a global smash A GAY OLD TIME SHOW ■ OnCE Before I Go is an intensely moving world premiere from award-winning playwright Phillip McMahon, co-creator of the iconic sensation RIOT and it kicks off next week at Dublin’s Gate Theatre. This deeply moving portrait of three close queer friends over a period of 40 years in Dublin, Paris and London, offers an insightful look at living with humility, forgiveness and love. Told against the backdrop of Dublin’s burgeoning gay rights movement of the 80s-90s and the contemporary LGBTQ+ community of today, the play charts the close friendship of Lynn, Daithí, and the luminous Bernard, and sits on the exhilarating edge between comedy, tragedy and melodrama. Exploring the fragile yet resilient bonds of Irish queer lives across four decades in Dublin, London and Paris, Once Before I Go steps between the early days of the AIDS crisis and today’s LGBTQ+ community, living in an era of marriage equality, gender self-determination, and untransmittable HIV. At once political, joyous and heartbreaking, Once Before I Go honours the fabulous people we lost along the way, and celebrates those who fight on. Writer Phillip McMa- By Mark Kavanagh hon said: “I’m thrilled to be returning to live theatre with this play that feels both personal and political. “Once Before I Go looks at LGBTQ+ activism, love and friendships, and while it celebrates how far our community has come, it asks questions about all that was lost on the march towards progress. “The play is very dear to me and it’s an honour to be premiering it at The Gate Theatre under the direction of Selina Cartmell. I like to think that the fabulous ghosts of The Gate’s founders Micheál Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards would be tickled by this play happening in their theatre.” Booking Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seats and cabaret tables of four are sold on a strictly unresered basis. Any guests with specific access needs will have to contact the Box Office team in advance, as the cabaret tables are not suitable for wheelchair users. Guests will also have to have proof of vaccination for performances from September 24 - October 21. Previews begin today and show tickets start from €25. AS EVERYBODY’S Talking About Jamie reaches our screens, rising stars Max Harwood and Lauren Patel tell Georgia Humphreys about their poignant roles. If there’s one word to describe the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, it’s “joyful”. Inspired by true events, and set in a working-class English town, there’s now a new film based on the award-winning West End show which follows Jamie New, played by newcomer Max Harwood. The teenage boy has a hidden dream: to be on the stage as a fierce and proud drag queen. “I remember watching the West End show initially and seeing a queer, effeminate person as the lead role in the centre of the story, not being victimised and not dying at the end of the first act, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is a story that’s centred on a queer person winning!’” recalls 24-yearold Harwood, who grew up in Basingstoke. “It felt like something that I hadn’t seen a lot of. And being gay myself, this is a story that I want to tell.” While Everybody’s Talking About Jamie has plenty of upbeat moments — catchy songs, a heart-warming dynamic between the youngster and his mum, By Georgia Humphreys Margaret (Sarah Lancashire), and a funny, tender friendship with classmate Pritti (Lauren Patel) — Harwood notes the film does “touch on some incredibly potent topics”. Jamie faces plenty of adversity in his quest to make his debut stage performance; teachers are not encouraging about his aspirations, there are bullies at school, plus his own dad (Ralph Ineson) is struggling with being a supportive parent. Creativity But what really comes through whilst watching this colourful and moving feature — which also sees Richard E. Grant portraying a drag queen named Miss Loco Chanelle — is the theme of embracing who you are. This is something Harwood reflects he has experienced himself while working on the project. “This film has been a huge part of that process of me discovering who I am. When I moved to London and started working on this project, I got to work with three queer creatives, and work and meet so many more people, my universe expanded, because I was seeing and interacting with people that had lived experiences as queer people.” He continues: “I’m so grateful to my team, who have not made me dampen my queerness. It’s been celebrated in this film in a way that’s not being like, ‘Oh, aren’t you worried you’re going to get typecast?’, which is usually a question people ask.” Harwood agrees the representation in the story is poignant for the times we are living in now. The show has been such a big success, it’s now touring around the world, to places like Korea and LA, and there has been huge anticipation surrounding the adaptation. Bolton-born Lauren Patel (20) says that is “because this story resonates with so many people and not just young people”. “You think that it’s quite specific about this 16-year-old boy who wants to go to prom in a dress. But everybody has their version of a dress .” Discussing the appeal of her character when she read the scripts, the young star notes how it is “unfortunately very rare” to see a role in musical theatre like Pritti, that is “specifically for a Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian girl”. “But it was a real comfort to me that that existed, and so being able to translate that on-screen was indescribably amazing. “It just feels like such a privilege,” Patel added. ■Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is available to watch by streaming on Amazon Prime Video. FEATURE MOVIES

ISEIR MOVIES PREQUEL: Alessandro Nivola and (inset) Michael Gandolfini Blast from the past IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 31 mafia KEEPs iT iN THE famiLY... THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK Cert 15 ★★★★ In cinemas now ■The Sopranos debuted more than 20 years ago, and you’d have to be a fan to get the best from this prequel movie. And you’d need to be a superfan to get all the connections. But The Many Saints Of Newark stands alone as a worthy addition to the Mafia movie pantheon. We go back three decades from the start of the TV series. In the late 60s, Newark, New Jersey, is burning. Literally. African-Americans, seething at prejudice and injustice, set fire to the police HQ. Dickie Moltisanti (many saints, geddit?) also sets fire to the corpse of his mob boss father, Hollywood Dick, after killing him in the family garage in a row over the treatment of Dickie’s mother and Dick’s young new wife. The stage is set for a battle for control of the city by rival gangsters and for the conflict that will rage inside Dickie. Stylishly portrayed with equal measures of charm and brutishness by Alessandro Nivola, he wants to be a better man yet can’t escape being a monster. The Newark of the 60s is lovingly recreated only to be destroyed by flames and bullets. How the set designers must have cried. It adds to the fun to spot the young Tony Soprano and compare him to the compelling character made flesh by the late James Gandolfini. Here, he is a fat kid on the fringes of the drama, but then the action shoots forward a decade and we see Tony (competently played by Gandolfini’s real son Michael) as a conflicted teenager, getting into scrapes but dreaming of going to college. He wants to keep his hands clean yet idolises his Uncle Dickie. Meanwhile, rivals are circling the family. Cue an escalation of wince-inducing violence. In the end, I suspect both fans and first-timers will be satisfied. OK, it’s not The Sopranos, but what is?

32 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 TARGET HOW many words of four letters or more can you makefrom the letters shown here? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. each must contain the center letter and there must be at least one nineletter word. No plurals or verb forms ending in”s”. N A T U R D SUDOKU DOUBLE CHALLENGE Fill the grid so that every column, row, and 3x3 square includes all the digits from 1 to 9. Yesterday’s solution Easy ISEIR E K E TODAY’S TARGET Good 22 - Very good 33 - excellent 43 nOTE PAD XWORD QUICKY ACROSS 1 Conduct (9) 7 Pointing (6) 9 Amusing (7) 10 Former Russian ruler (4) 12 Arrival time (inits) (3) 13 Shore birds (7) 14 Scarlet (3) 15 Wearing shoes (4) 17 Unusual (7) 19 Right of entry (6) 20 Trace arch (anag.) (9) DOWN 1 Micro-organisms (8) 2 Greek equivalent of Cupid (4) 3 Sing with closed lips (3) 4 The other way round (4,5) 5 Pictures (6) 6 Kitchen cupboards (5) 8 Magnificence (8) 11 Schedule (6) 13 Soft fruit (5) 16 Stare at (4) 18 Pistachio, for example (3) TWO WAY TEASER Two sets of clues but the answers are the same... cRYPTIc cLUES AcROSS 7. Soldier changes side in Eden (8) 8. Boy has nothing to pack (4) 9. Charts out potatoes (6) 10. Hinder one married couple (6) 11. Hit a garden pest (4) 12. Judgment of some words (8) 14. Lend rich arrangement to kids (8) 18. Starting with a cake (4) 20. Victory sign changes (6) 22. Sentimental about 55 or another number (6) 23. Small yet unusual YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: AcROSS: 1 Sri Lanka, 8 Sneeze, 9 Acts, 10 Ref, 11 Loaves, 13 Lifestyle, 15 Italic, 17 Wed, 18 Matt, 19 Angers, 20 Measured. DOwn: 1 Scallywag, 2 Recoil, 3 Iota, 4 Ancestors, 5 News, 6 Kerry, 7 Deflected, 12 Blithe, 14 Fudge, 15 Idea, 16 Lair. inflammation (4) 24. Inform about harbour being goodnatured (8) DOwn 1. Plates decorated in crayon (6) 2. A girl mad about ditty (8) 3. The end of rags (6) 4. Terrible singer to hand in notice (6) 5. Hit pals around (4) 6. Lunatic fellow upset CIA (6) 13. Plea for directions to alliance (8) 15. Husband to stare wildly at suit (6) 16. Defy sister’s plan (6) 17. Idea of negative charge (6) 19. Artist gets wine producer to gorge (6) 21. Time to change something (4) QUIcK cLUES AcROSS 7. Heaven (8) 8. Consignment (4) 9. Stiffening agent (6) 10. Weaken (6) 11. Bullet (4) 12. Set of words (8) 14. Youngsters (8) 18. Flan (4) 20. Diversifies (6) 22. Dozen (6) YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: ACROSS: 1 Storey, 4 Melody, 7 Mock, 8 Aptitude, 9 Elation, 12 Wet, 14 Mother, 15 Unlock, 16 Sea, 18 Analyse, 22 Opponent, 23 Polo, 24 Hard SPORTS CROSSWORD AcROSS 1. and 4 down. 13-a-side sport (5,6) 4. ..... Stecca, boxer who became WBA world superbantamweight champion in 1984 (5) 7. ... Gunnar Solskjaer, manager of Manchester United (3) 8. Tony ....., Widnes half back who won the Harry Sunderland Trophy in 1983 (5) 9. Shoot . ...., 1980 Irish Oaks winner (1,4) 10. .... Jenkins, former Wales and British & Irish Lions outside half (4) 11. See 14 across 14. and 11 across. F1 world champion in 2009 (6,6) 15. See 21 across 18. Ian ....., Leeds United, Levante, Reading and Republic of Ireland defender (5) 20. Danny ....., Offaly midfield who won All Ireland hurling final winner’s medals in 1981 and 1985 (5) 21. and 3 down and 15 across. American football team who play home matches at the MetLife Stadium (3,4,4) 22. ..... Claus, Derby winner in 1964 (5) 23. Eye inflammation (4) 24. Wearing (8) DOwn 1. Type of colour (6) 2. Song (8) 3. Wealth (6) 4. Stop working (6) 5. Strike (4) 6. Madman (6) 13. Request (8) 15. Vital organs (6) 16. Confront (6) 17. Impression (6) 19. Gully (6) 21. Thing (4) Bypass, 25 Squeak. DOWN: 1 Sometimes, 2 Orchestra, 3 Yeast, 4 Motto, 5 Late, 6 Dodge, 10 Arena, 11 Nanny, 12 Wholesome, 13 Take stock, 17 Empty, 19 Needs, 20 23. ..... Hughes, England defender or midfielder who managed Rotherham United (5) 7 9 11 14 20 23 DOwn 1. Greco-....., Olympic wrestling style (5) 2. ....... Russell, winner of the women’s 100 metres hurdles at the 1998 Commonwealth Games (7) 3. See 21 across 4. See 1 across 5. ... Costa, Benfica, Fiorentina and Portugal midfielder (3) 6. Celtic, Leeds United and Scotland manager (5) 12. Former home ground of Southampton FC (3,4) 13. Stefano ......, Italian driver who raced in F1 from 1987 to 1992 (6) 14. Paddy ....., Ireland second row capped 59 times from 1990 to 2000 (5) 16. ..... Devoy, women’s squash world champion on five occasions (5) 17. Riddick ...., former undisputed world heavyweight champion (4) 19. Commanche ..., St Leger winner in 1984 (3) 1 15 2 21 YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION: AcROSS: 1.Moss Rose, 7.Ralph, 8.Grand, 9.Exeter, 10.Nani, 12.Iran, 14.Racing, 17.Unite, 18.Romeo, 19. National DOwn: 1.Milne, 2.Schwer, 3.Regi, 4.Shaka, 5.Dr Devious, 6.Adlington, 11.Darren, 13.Anita, 15. Immel, 16 Remi 3 12 16 24 4 10 17 22 5 8 13 18 6 19

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 33 SUGURU The grid is subdivided into shapes or cages, each of which is 1 to 5 squares in size. You need to fill each cage with unique digits, counting up from 1. So for example a 2-square cage contains the numbers 1 and 2. A 5-square cage contains the numbers from 1 to 5. Touching squares may never contain the same number and this includes diagonally adjacent cells. ANAGRAM ALLEY Can you solve the anagram below? Tare Nose BRIDGES Connect these islands with bridges until each island can be reached from any other island, and each island has as many outgoing bridges as its number. You may connect islands vertically or horizontally and bridges may not cross. There may be one or two bridges connecting pairs of islands, but no more than two. Each puzzle has a unique solution that can be found without making guesses. Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith. And don’t forget to memorialise the good. You haven’t seen someone in forever and you cannot help but wonder how your next first meeting will be. Things have changed so be prepared to start from scratch. Be optimistic in all endeavours. Love is not measured by the days we know each other or are yet to know each other. That is just history. Love is beyond measure and beyond time. Keep the faith and don’t lose sight of your goal. Can you make two common fiveletter words from the nine letters given, suing each letter only once? you can - but only if one letter features in both words in the squares on the right. there’s at least one way to do it, and you have to have the right letter at the crossover, but which one is it? See if you can find the answer within our target time. Solution below. CROSSDOUBT Target times: Average: 16 mins Good: 12 mins Excellent: 8 mins A E E L Q S S U U 30 SECOND MATHS TEST Just follow the instructions from top to bottom, starting with the number given to reach an answer at the foot of the ladder. Set your own 30 second challenge: For the very young or arithmetically rusty, you have 30 seconds for the BEGINNER task. For a greater challenge, try BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE in 30 seconds, and true mental gymnasts should try INTERMEDIATE and AVANCED in 30 seconds together. BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED 46 156 517 ADD 24 DIVIDE BY 5 TAKE AWAY 6 SQUARE IT ADD 148 75% OF THIS TAKE AWAY 59 6/11 OF THIS ADD 326 5/8 OF THIS TAKE AWAY 56 TAKE AWAY 28 DIVIDE BY 4 ADD 59 50% OF THIS TAKE THE SQUARE ROOT ADD 55 REVERSE THE DIGITS TIMES 4 TAKE AWAY 159 TAKE THE SQUARE ROOT ADD 49 TIMES 8 TAKE AWAY 148 ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER THE severed ●head of a sea slug can grow a whole new body. Hair and nails ● grow faster during pregnancy. Many feet bones ● don’t harden until you’re an adult. The moon has ● moonquakes. Goosebumps are ● meant to ward off predators. Humans are the ● only animals that blush. The wood frog ● can hold its pee for up to eight months. The hottest spot ● on the planet is in Libya where a temperature of 57.7 degrees Celsius was recorded on September 13, 1922. You lose up to ● 30 per cent of your taste buds during flight. The “M’s” in ● M&Ms stand for “Mars” and “Murrie.” That would be Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the two businessmen who created the candy-coated chocolates. The human body ● literally glows. It might be hard to see with your naked eye, but everyone you pass by every day is literally glowing. The human body emits a small quantity of visible light The illumination is about 1,000 times less intense than levels of light that we would actually be able to see. Today is novelist ● F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday, he would be 125. GO FIGURE Within, I clean all that is bad and is old. I make juice that’s the colour of gold. Should I die, a filter machine would you need assembled to replace me … and beans I resemble. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION 1 You haven’t seen someone in the flesh yet and you are wondering how that first meeting will go. Unless you go, you will never know and you need to put yourself out of your misery. You will never plough a field by turning it over in your mind! (Irish Proverb) Put a plan into action, no matter how tenuous. Thinking can only take you so far. You have a friend who supports. You have an enduring motto. Forgive the past, live in the present, create the future. This will take you far. You are a shining star and you encourage more than you know. Your thoughts are powerful and create reality. If you are feeling low, monitor your thinking and challenge the direction if it is in a downward spiral. Do all you can to look up and be optimistic. There are at least two sides to every story and what is right for some is not right for everyone. Avoid sounding like you are in charge and admonishing those who don’t agree with you. Start as you mean to go on. There are changes afoot and opportunities abound. Be willing to wonder and who knows what miracle may happen. Your sunny disposition gets you noticed. What you do now matters to Future You. Let your light shine, follow your dreams and you give others permission to do the same and most of all, to know that no permission is needed. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. (Henry Thoreau) You have to challenge the nightmares caused by hang ups and hang overs from past chapters. Don’t follow in the footsteps of the wonderful. Rather name your aim and be inspired by those you admire. With the destination clarified, you can make your own way, one step at a time. BRIDGES TARGET aunt daunt denature denture drunk duet duke dune dunk dunker endue endure enure enured etude eureka nature neuter nude nuke nuked rude rued rune runt tenure tenured true trued trunk tuna tundra tune tuned tuner tureen turn turned under UNDERTAKE unrated unread urea SUGURU MaTHs TesT soLUTIoN: B= 34 I= 185 a= 388 aNaGraM aLLeY soLUTIoN resoNaTe CrossDoUBT soLUTIoN: aCross: QUeUe DowN: seaLs

34 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR 3 dear siobhanSIOBHAN MY OLDEST friend wants me to look after some money. She knows my late husband was a clever man who set up various bank and building society accounts. As a result, I’ve managed to live a decent life. Now she wants to deposit varying amounts under my name. I don’t know where the money is from and she is reluctant to tell me. Nightcap man had sex with male pal AFTER weeks of flirting, I went back to my colleague’s place “for a nightcap”. I emerged from the bathroom to find him already having sex with another man, his flatmate. He winked and said, “You’re next” and I fled in total panic. Now he wants to date me again, but I don’t know where I stand. I’m desperate to avoid any form of awkwardness at work. MY GIRL is horribly jealous of my family and I’m worried it’s going to ruin our relationship. I’m an only child. I grew up with eight female cousins, all of whom I’m still extremely close to. My partner doesn’t like this – she views my cousins as a threat and often mutters things like: “Cousins can marry, you know.” O’BRIEN ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS FRIEND WANTS HELP STORING CASH full height and say “no”. Gently explain that you prefer to keep friendship and money very much apart. What’s wrong with her using her own accounts or opening new ones? You cannot allow yourself to be guilt-tripped into something you know stinks, and could be potentially illegal. If your friendship suffers at a result, then that’s too bad. She swears the cash won’t be in But what can I do or say when she my accounts for long and I have can be so persuasive and we’ve nothing to worry about. known each other forever? My gut feeling is that something is “off” and that I shouldn’t trust SIOBHAN SAYS: Trust your her. instincts, pull yourself up to your She won’t give up playing field GIRLFRIEND WANTS TO HAVE OPEN RELATIONSHIP SIOBHAN SAYS: Many firms frown upon work-based relationships. MY girlfriend doesn’t see why admirers including ex-lovers and and I called her selfish and sex mad. Sadly, if she craves an open relationship and that’s not an option for Protect your salary and she can’t continue to sleep new chancers she’s met online. Now we’re barely talking, but she reputation by telling your I’m no caveman, but I’m really not emailed me to say she has to be free you, then you and her need to talk. around. colleague you are happy to interested in an open relationship. to see other guys or she’ll go crazy. A relationship isn’t just about the She swears she loves me and is committed to our relationship, but she remain friends, but no more I’m not attracted to other women How does that work? nice house and friendly new neighbours, it’s about an emotional than that. because I have committed to this life wants to feel free to see other guys If he continues to pester and I’m done with playing the field. SIOBHAN SAYS: It sounds as if connection, trust and similar goals. too. you then you might have to you’re trying to force a square peg She argues we need to “keep things Wild report this to your HR into a round hole. Idyll fresh”. Do we? Things feel pretty department. Don’t get me wrong — I was pretty You want your girlfriend to be loyal, Clearly, you and she are at very different points in your lives. You’re fresh to me right now. This is still not the climate wild in my day, but I no longer crave home-loving and monogamous. But We’ve moved into a good house in a in which to take risks with excitement. I just want a simple she’s clearly got fire in her belly and ready to settle down, while she still decent village. We’ve made loads of your general or sexual existence. Is that too much to ask for? isn’t ready to hang up her sling-backs wants to play. She might never be new friends and I’m just about to health. The other night she didn’t come just yet. interested in the suburban idyll. start my own business. The number of cases of home until 3am. She swore that she In recent times you’ve moved into a Break the silence by insisting on a But she brands me “unreasonable” syphilis have doubled in the wasn’t with another lover even lovely home and are now planning to grown-up conversation. Make it clear for complaining about her regular Dublin area recently and though her make-up was smeared set up a business, but her head is elsewhere. She’s not done with seeing If she’s missing the single life and you’re not interested in fighting. chats and meet-ups with her army of there is always COVID-19 to and she smelt of Lynx Africa. adoring men. think about. We had a vicious row, during which other guys, staying out late and being really needs to see other men, then set She’s a very vivacious, popular she said I was boring and controlling adored. her free. woman. She has a host of male Girlfriend thinks I fancy my eight cousins I’m not the slightest bit interested in my relations in a romantic way but recently, at a family party, she kicked off. Banned She accused me of ignoring her in favour of them. She caused so much of a scene that now an aunt and my parents have banned her from future gatherings. She says she’s sorry, but is she going to improve? SIOBHAN SAYS: It could be your partner has low self-esteem and feels intimidated by your close family. If you’re absolutely sure you don’t ignore her in favour of them and aren’t rude, then you have to decide how much you’re willing to put up with. If she would prefer you never saw your family would that put her in the “control freak” category? And how could you possibly cope with that, coming from such a close family. Your folks know and love you. If they fear she’s a bad influence, maybe a period of space and reflection is required? Really think about what her attitude will mean in future if you continue with your relationship. Consider how things would be if you had children and she chose to use them as pawns in this battle. Is she really the right one for you? Please forward your problems to the usual Star postal address or email: Siobhan cannot give private replies to letters

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 35 4 Why Does he Let Me DoWn DAY FIVE KAREN IS BESIDE HERSElf FaITh, hOpE aNd SUE Lisa Wild I don’t believe it… I thought we were back together. I can’t believe he’d do this to me… CalvIN aNd hObbES Bill Watterson A fEw wEEKS lATER… Oh, typical… just as I get in the bath someone knocks on the door! dIlbERT Scott Adams You Karen, I’m so sorry, but I want you… please let me in Oh no Scott… what do you want? FOOD SUPER EASY HOME-MADE TEA LOAF WITH no oil or butter in the ingredients, there is room to indulge with your topping of choice once this loaf comes out of the oven. Serves 6. KAREN lETS SCOTT IN You’ve no reason to believe me, but… I can’t live with her… it’s you I want If you’re lying to me…! METHOD 1) Preheat the oven to 180C/ Gas 4. 2) Steep the raisins in the hot tea for half an hour. 3) Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the raisin-tea mixture and the beaten egg. Gently combine using INGREDIENTS 280g raisins 300ml strong hot tea 340g self-raising flour 110g sugar 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 egg, beaten a rubber spatula, but don’t over mix. 4) Carefully scoop the ingredients into an oiled loaf tin and put in oven. 5) Bake in the oven for one hour. 6. Serve with chilled butter and jams and a big pot of tea for an autumn treat. CONTINUES TOMORROW GARDEN WITH ALAN TITCHMARSH Shrub up buddleia TRIM back buddleia. Be brave and roughly chop the whole shrub back by one third. Don’t worry about cutting just above a bud or doing a thorough job. The proper pruning will be done next spring. For now, you just want to reduce wind resistance and tidy it up for the winter.

36 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR Public Notices Slaneyside Transport Limited, having never traded, having its registered office and its principal place of business at Finabrr Gaham & Co Accountants, 2 Peter Street, Co. Wexford; and Norbert Fallon Ltd, having ceased to trade, having its registered office and its principal place of business at Gortard, Claringbridge, Co. Galway; and Saepio Fiduciary Ltd, having never traded, having its registered office and its principal place of business at 38-39 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2; and Pottery Fox Ltd, having never traded, having its registered office and its principal place of business at Top Floor 3 Tobernea Terrace, Blackrock, Co. Dublin; and Viera Clinic Ltd, having ceased to trade, having its registered office and its principal place of business at 220 Beech Park, Leixlip, Co. Kildare and PRYML Technologies Ltd, having never traded, having its registered office and its principal place of business at 69 Esker Wood Drive, Lucan, Co. Dublin and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and having no liabilities exceeding €150, have each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the Register. By Order of the Board: Darren Delaney, Director of Slaneyside Transport Ltd; By Order of the Board: Norbert Fallon, Director of Norbert Fallon Ltd; By Order of the Board: Asim Hussain, Director of Saepio Fiduciary Ltd; By Order of the Board: Jeska Kroes, Director of Pottery Fox Ltd; By Order of the Board: Viera Husarova, Director of Viera Clinic Ltd; By Order of the Board: Francesco Gadaleta, Director of PRYML Technologies Ltd THE PUBLIC DANCE HALL ACT, 1935 SECTIONS 2, 3 THE COURTS (SUPPLEMENTAL PROVISIONS) ACT 1961 THE DISTRICT COURT RULES ORDER 86 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AN ANNUAL PUBLIC DANCING LICENCE WADDELLS WINES LIMITED APPLICANT THE WOOLSHED SPORTS BAA AND GRILL NAME OF PREMISES TAKE NOTICE that Waddells Wines Limited whose registered office is at Unit 4, Parnell Centre, Parnell Street, Dublin 1 being the holder of Publicans Licence, (7 day ordinary) intends to apply to the District Courton Wednesday 6th October 2021 at Court No 23, Ground Floor, Áras Uí Dhálaigh, Dublin 7 at 11:00am for the Grant of a Licence to use the premises known as The Woolshed Sports Baa and Grill and situate at Unit 4, Parnell Centre, Parnell Street in the Court area and District aforesaid, for Public Dancing. Dated this the day of September 2021 Signed: Christie & Gargan Solicitors for the Applicant, Unit 2, Stewart Hall, Parnell Street, Dublin 1 To: District Court Office, Arus Ui Dhalaigh, Four Courts, Dublin 7. To: The District Judge, Four Courts, Dublin 7. To: The Superintendent, An Garda Siochana, Store Street Garda Station. Store Street, Dublin 1 To: Dublin Fire Brigade, Fire Prevention Section, 165-169 Townsend Street, Dublin 2 To: Dublin City Council, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. Monaghan County Council An application is being made to Monaghan County Council on behalf of Paul & Ann Bowe for planning permission to erect single storey, free standing, office accommodation to the east of the former train station on North Road, Kilnacloy, Monaghan. The proposed offices are to be connected to the existing site services. The former train station is listed as a protected structure of local importance in the Development Plan (Reg. Ref. Local 15). The Planning Application may be inspected/purchased, at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Monaghan County Council, 1 Dublin Street, Monaghan during public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of €20 within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the planning authority of the application. Any such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission. Signed: Ronan Fitzpatrick Punch Industries Unlimited Company (Company Number: 98759) having ceased to trade, having its registered office at 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 and having its principal place of business at Tallaght Business Park, Whitestown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24, and having no assets exceeding €150 and/or having no liabilities exceeding €150, has resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register. By Order of the Board Peter Budden Company Director Duly Authorised Dublin City Council Jim & Emer Dollard intend to apply for planning permission for the construction of 1) a single storey extension to the front with external insulation, new windows and brick finishes, 2) removal of a bathroom window from the side gable at first floor level, and the removal of 2 no chimney stacks one from each gable end, 3) a new flat roof to the existing single storey extension to the rear, 4) to modify the existing window locations and sizes to the rear at first floor level, 5) a new attic level dormer window to the rear with associated attic conversion, 6) to provide a new vehicular access to the front garden, 7) to remove the existing vehicular access and replace it with a new pedestrian access to the front garden, with all associated site works, all at 48 Bettyglen, Dublin 5. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Dublin City Council. We, Cignal Infrastructure Limited are applying for Retention permission of an existing telecoms installation and associated equipment and Permission to install 7 no. Antennas and 2 no. Transmission Dishes on supporting poles together with remote radio units (RRUs), cabling, and associated site works at 1 College Green, Foster Place, Dublin 2. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Fingal County Council Equinix Hyperscale 1(DB5) Limited intend to apply for permission for development at this site of c.3.34ha at the Former Clyde House, IDA Blanchardstown Business and Technology Park, Snugborough Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. The development will consist of revisions to parent permission FCC Reg. Ref. FW20A/0087 and modifications permitted under FCC Reg. Ref. FW21A/0073 to include the following: Ground floor extensions to permitted building DB6x (formerly known as Building No. 2) to include stairs and provision of a link bridge connecting with DB7x (formerly known as Building No. 1) to the north east. Alterations to existing stairs at DB6x; Alterations to the plant/roof area of DB7x at first and roof level to include changes to the gantry platform and screen height reduction, provision of new PPRs/PCRs and a new cooling tower; Provision of canopies at ground floor level to building DB5x, DB6x and DB7x; Reduction in height of 9 no. permitted flues associated with the gas generators from c.18m to c.15m high and an increase in internal flue diameter from c.2.2m to c.2.5m. Reduction in height of external screening (c.8m) to the gas generator compound and estate road south of the subject site. Provision of screening to permitted switchroom building; Removal of 1 no. permitted salt saturator tank; Provision of a raised ramped pedestrian crossover and relocation of 2 no. permitted parking spaces. No change to the permitted quantum of car and bicycle parking; All associated site development works, services provision, drainage works, minor amendments to boundary treatments to include a relocated fence to the east of DB7x and provision of security fencing to the gas generator compound. No works are proposed to the existing telecommunication pylon and overhead lines running diagonally through the site from south west to north east; The total gross internal floor area of the development including data halls and ancillary structures is increased to c. 19,114sqm from c. 19,040sqm under FCC Reg. Ref. FW21A/0073; All other development as permitted under FCC Reg. Refs. FW20A/0087 and FW21A/0073; A permitted 110kv substation (under construction) located to the south east of this site was subject of a separate Strategic Infrastructure Development application to An Bord Pleanála (ABP Ref. 307296-20) under section 182A of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended). The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation may be made to the Planning Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Fingal County Council, We, Philip and Martina Markey intend to apply for permission for development at this site address: 16 Herbert Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 D15N9XV. The development will consist of: Proposed demolition of existing single storey extensions and proposed replacement with a two-storey extension to the rear of the existing dwelling accommodating utility, kitchen, living, dining space and master bedroom (with walk-in-wardrobe) on the ground floor; two bedrooms and family bathroom on the first floor; and all associated landscaping and ancillary works. The Planning Application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the Application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of a fee of €20, within the period of 5 weeks, beginning on the date of receipt by Fingal County Council of the Application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the Planning Authority in making a decision on the application. The Planning Authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Meath County Council – We, Tesco Ireland Limited, intend to apply for permission and retention permission for development at a c.0.014 ha site in the car park of Tesco, Bettystown Town Centre, Bettystown, Co. Meath, A92 E840. The development will consist of/consists of: (i) retention permission for “Click and Collect” signage in the existing Tesco car park; and (ii) permission for the construction of a sheltered canopy (c. 50 sq.m) in the existing car park for the purpose of providing 2 no. dedicated “Click and Collect” spaces for the existing Tesco store, a pedestrian crossing and all associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours, and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20.00) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the Planning Authority of the application. Application to the Environmental Protection Agency for the Review of a Licence. Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 87(1)(a) of the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992, as amended, that Forest Laboratories Ireland Ltd, Clonshaugh Industrial Estate, Coolock, Dublin 17, (National Grid Reference 318228E, 240382N) is applying to the Environmental Protection Agency for a review of the site's Licence P0306-03, under the following class of activity: Class 12.2.2 - The manufacture or use of coating materials in processes with a capacity to make or use at least 10 tonnes per year of organic solvents, and powder coating manufacture with a capacity to produce at least 50 tonnes per year, not included in paragraph 12.2.1. A copy of the application for the licence and such further information relating to the application as may be furnished to the Agency in the course of the Agency's consideration of the application will, as soon as practicable after receipt by the Agency, be available for inspection or purchase at the headquarters of the Agency (Tel Local 1890 33 55 99 or 053-9160600) or alternatively via the Agency's website. Dublin City Council - We, Tesco Ireland Limited, intend to apply for permission and retention permission for development at a c. 0.012 ha site in the car park of Tesco, Clearwater Shopping Centre, Finglas Road, Dublin 11. The development will consist of/consists of: (i) retention permission for “Click and Collect” signage in the existing Tesco car park; and (ii) permission for the construction of a sheltered canopy (c. 50 sq.m) in the existing car park for the purpose of providing 2 no. dedicated “Click and Collect” spaces for the existing Tesco store, a pedestrian crossing and all associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. South County Property Investment Holdings Limited intends to apply for (a) permission and (b) retention permission for development for amendments to the previously permitted development (Reg. Ref. D15A/0695, as amended by Reg. Refs. D17A/0944, D18A/1240, D18A/0707, D20A/0422 and D21A/0465, and as extended by Reg. Ref. D15A/0695/E), at this site, the Two South County office development currently under construction bounded by the existing One South County office building to the north and existing office buildings and related surface car parking to the south, east and west at South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18. The proposed amendment will consist of revised entrance and ramp access arrangements serving the Two South County development. The development for which retention permission is sought consists of an ESB switch room (21 sq m), now re-located to the east of the Two South County development, and all site excavation and development works above and below ground. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin during its public opening hours of Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee, €20, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions, or may refuse to grant permission. Kilkenny County Council; Maxol Limited are seeking Planning Permission at the Maxol Filling Station, Dublin Road, Kilkenny, R95 HKD1. The Application is for a revision to the approved site forecourt and building layouts as approved under Reg Ref 18/795 to now include (a) retaining the existing forecourt canopy in lieu of the proposed canopy granted and the removal of part of and refurbishment of the existing canopy (b) the provision of 2 no. Electric Vehicle charging points and an Air / Water services point and (c) A reduction in the overall proposed floor area within the building from 540 sqm to 410 sqm and any ancillary contingent works. The application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority during Office hours i.e. 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Tipperary County Council Further Information: JSF Property Holdings Ltd, have submitted further information and revised plans to Tipperary County Council in relation to Planning Register Number 20/1586 for permission for a proposed development at No.’s 5,6,7,8 & 9 and the rear of No.’s 10,11 & 12 New Street, Carrick on Suir. The further information and revised plans are available for inspection or may be purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observation in relation to the further information or revised plans may be made in writing to the Planning Authority on payment of the prescribed fee, not later than two weeks after the receipt of the newspaper notice and site notice by the planning authority. DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL We, Louise, Barbara and James Scally intend to apply for planning permission for the demolition of existing single storey dwelling and garage due to fire damage and subsequent reconstruction of replacement single storey dwelling with Velux roof lights to the rear and side elevations, and ancillary site works at 139 Jamestown Road, Dublin 11, D11A7N3. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL Planning permission is sought by Frank Craven, for development at this site, 83B Grosvenor Lane, Dublin 06, D06 A6Y7 The development will consist of a single storey extension to the rear of existing dwelling to increase the kitchen size and remodeling of the ground floor living room and utility to provide for a shower room and a home office. The proposed development also includes the demolition of ground floor external wall to the rear and internal stud partition. Existing chimney from ground to first floor to be demolished while retaining the chimney section in Attic. A slab infill is proposed at first floor to increase the floor area of the lounge and all engineering and site works necessary to facilitate the development. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Louth County Council “Further Information/Revised Plans” Applicant: Cian McEvoy and Courtney Jasper. Site Address: Callystown, Clogherhead, Co. Louth. Planning file ref. No. 21/888. Significant further information in relation to the application have been furnished to the planning authority. The Significant further information includes: details on access road upgrade works, relevant BRE reports and other details. The Significant further information are available for inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the authority during its public opening hours, and a submission or observation in relation to the further information may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00, not later than two weeks after receipt of this newspaper notice and site notice by the planning authority. Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council Permission is sought by Mr. Gordon Power for the conversion of the existing attic space to an office including the construction of a dormer window to the rear and the change in the roof profile from a hipped roof to a gable roof along with all associated ancillary site development works at 113, Dorney Court, Shankill, Dublin 18. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Dún Laoghaire during its public opening hours. A submission or observation may be made on payment of €20 within a period of 5 weeks from the date the application is received by the planning authority. Kildare County Council - We, Tesco Ireland Limited, intend to apply for permission and retention permission for development at a c. 0.012 ha site in the car park of Tesco, Moorefield Road, Newbridge, Co. Kildare, W12 KW86. The development will consist of/consists of: (i) retention permission for “Click and Collect” signage in the existing Tesco car park; and (ii) permission for the construction of a sheltered canopy (c. 50 sq.m) in the existing car park for the purpose of providing 2 no. dedicated “Click and Collect” spaces for the existing Tesco store, a pedestrian crossing and all associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Dublin City Council - We, Tesco Ireland Limited, intend to apply for permission and retention permission for development at a c. 0.015 ha site in the car park of Tesco, Artane Castle Shopping Centre, Kilmore Road, Dublin 5. The development will consist of/consists of: (i) retention permission for “Click and Collect” signage in the existing Tesco car park; and (ii) permission for the construction of a sheltered canopy (c. 50 sq.m) in the existing car park for the purpose of providing 2 no. dedicated “Click and Collect” spaces for the existing Tesco store, a pedestrian crossing and all associated site development works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Kerry County Council We, Declan Noonan and Associates, Upper Main Street, Dingle, Tel. 9150847 intend to apply to Kerry County Council for planning permission to construct a 3 storey apartment block consisting of 12 number units, served by associated car & bicycle parking, and an external waste bin amenity enclosure, the units to be connected to public services & also to include all associated site works at Port Road, Inch / Coollegrean, Killarney Co Kerry for Ross Building & Maintenance Solutions Ltd. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. Louth County Council: We, Declan & Carolanne Barber, intend to apply for permission for development and retention of development at Duffsfarm, Seapoint, Termonfeckin, Co. Louth. The development will consist of the following: 1. Change of house type design and aadjustments to wastewater treatment system & percolation area from previously permitted development under planning permission Ref. No 13/184 and extension of duration 18/005. 2. Retention of creation of temporary access to site from neighbouring dwelling for the duration of construction period. 3. All associated site works. This planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Louth County Council from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the Authority in writing within a period of 5 weeks from the date of receipt by the Authority of the application and on payment of the prescribed fee of €20.00 Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Permission is sought for planning permission for development of the site at Grange House, Killiney Road, Killiney, Co. Dublin, A96 VK72 by Diarmuid and Mary O’Colmain. The development will consist of the construction of an end of terrace 2-storey 2-bedroom detached house to the existing side garden, to include attic storage space, rooflights, PV panels, new pedestrian/vehicular entrances and all associated site works, boundary alterations, drainage, landscaping and site services. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy at the offices of the Planning Authority, County Hall, Dún Laoghaire during its public opening hours. A submission/ observation may be made on payment of €20 within a period of 5 weeks from the date the application is received by the planning authority. KILDARE COUNTY COUNCIL Planning Permission is sought for the following; Construction of non-habitable attic conversion, construction of a new gable end converting the main hipped roof to a gable roof, rear facing flat roof dormer with rear facing window and rear facing roof window in this existing two storey semi-detached dwelling house including all associated works by Deborah Keane & Francis Mullen at 13, Castle Village Walk, Celbridge, Co. Kildare W23 X754. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours and that a submission or observation in relation to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the prescribed fee within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application. ADVERTISEMENT OF INTENTION TO APPLY FOR STRIKE OFF Decisionpoint Software Unlimited Company, with a company number of 607273 and having its registered office at Riverside One, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Dublin, D02X576, Ireland, having never traded and having no assets exceeding €150 or liabilities exceeding €150, has resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the Company is not carrying on any business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the Company off the register. By order of the board Paul Coughlan

ISEIR LegaL Notices DUBLIN CITY COUNCIL SITE NOTICE I LOUISE LOWRY INTEND TO APPLY FOR PLANNING PERMISSION For development at this site 104 CLAREMONT COURT, DUBLIN 11, D11 RHX5. Development will consist of a proposed new dormer roof to the rear of the existing house roof and a new Velux window to the front of the existing house roof. A new window in the side elevation at attic level and all ancillary works. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of Dublin City Council, Planning Department, Block 4, Ground Floor, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 during its public opening hours (9.00a.m.- 4.30p.m.). A submission or observation in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the prescribed fee (€20.00) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the application, and such submissions or observations will be considered by the planning authority in making a decision on the application. The planning authority may grant permission subject to or without conditions or may refuse to grant permission. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996. as amended. Wraptite Ltd., Unit 5, The Stables, Old Quarry Business Park, Dublin 15. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, cardboard and paper. The products and packaging in question, need not necessarily have been purchased from Wraptite Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACTS 1996, Deeside Agri Services Ltd., Richardstown, Dunleer, Co Louth. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for the purpose of recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, Paper. Plastic and Wood. The products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Deeside Agri Services Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, Clever Clogs Ltd., 2 Kinsealy Business Park, Kinsealy, Co Dublin. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, wood, cardboard, plastic, and paper. The products and packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Clever Clogs Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACTS 1996, Deeside Agri Services Ltd., Richardstown, Dunleer, Co Louth. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for the purpose of recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, Paper. Plastic and Wood. The products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Deeside Agri Services Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACTS 1996 - as amended. Sundrelle Ltd. Unit 9, Ashbourne Business Park, Ashbourne Co Meath. We are required to accept, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, metal, aluminium, Paper, and Plastic. The products or packaging in question, need not necessarily have been purchased from Sundrelle Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, Michael Slattery Wines & Spirits Ltd., Unit B Furry Park, Old Airport Road, Santry, Dublin 9.We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for the purpose of recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, Glass, Plastic and Aluminium. The products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Micheal Slattery Wines & Spirits Ltd WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, Saica Pack Ireland Ltd., Ballybin Road, Ashbourne, Co Meath. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, Paper, Plastic and Wood. The products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Saica Pack Irl. Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, Creative Cane Ltd., T/A Tara Group, North Road, Finglas, Dublin 11. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, wood, cardboard, plastic, and paper. The products and packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Tara Giftworks. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996. as amended. Freshways Food Co U.C., 1 Poppintree Park Lane W, Dublin 11. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, wood, cardboard, plastic and paper. The products and packaging in question, need not necessarily have been purchased from Freshways Food Co U.C. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, MMC Commercials, Mitsubishi House, JFK Drive, Naas Road, Dublin 12. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, wood, cardboard, aluminium, plastic, and paper. The products and packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from MMC Commercials WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996 – as amended. Hyundai Cars Ireland, Hyundai House, JFK Drive, Naas Road, Dublin 12. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, cardboard, plastic, and paper. The products and packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Hyundai Cars Ireland. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996, Interior Creations, Railway Yard., Oldcastle, Co Meath. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for recovery, packaging waste of the following categories Cardboard, Paper & Plastic. The products or packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from Interior Creations Ltd. WASTE MANAGEMENT ACT 1996. AVS Ltd.,Clonshaugh, Cloghran, Co Dublin. We are required to accept at the above premises, free of charge, for the purpose of recovery, packaging waste of the following categories, wood, cardboard, plastic, and paper. The products and packaging in question need not necessarily have been purchased from A.V.S. Ltd. Adult ChAt line 1590 calls cost €2.95 P/M. 1550 calls cost €0.97 P/M 18+ BDC 0818286600. You may receive promotional sms to opt out text remove to 57977 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 37 AJ v USYK ■ BOXING monster punch ANTHONY JOSHUA fears ■■Chris McKenna no opponent and would even line up King Kong for a fight. The WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion takes on Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk in a blockbuster battle tomorrow night. Usyk is coming to rip up the script and hand Joshua just his second defeat as a professional. It is the biggest test of Joshua’s credentials, even if he will tower over the challenger. But he insists there is no fear heading into the crunch clash at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. “I love throwback fighters,” said the Watford warrior. “I watch a lot of boxing. I’m not an easy fight for anyone. I love fighting. Respect “The last place I would want to be is facing myself. I don’t fight good fights to get people to respect me but if you tell me to fight King Kong, I’d give it a go. “This is my job, I’m just going to work. This usyk no joker the is a blessing, these are the best days of my life.” Joshua will be hoping to impress in front of more than 60,000 fight fans at the home of Spurs. Experts are split on the outcome but some believe AJ will win a points decision. But the British star has been studying the fighters of legendary trainer Emanuel Steward from the famous Kronk Gym in Detroit. And that has inspired him to go for a spectacular knockout when he faces the mandatory challenger for his WBO crown. Nerves “I feel better now than I did going into the Klitschko fight,” said Joshua. “It’s not about nerves but I’m just more experienced and I know what I’m doing. I know what I’m going to do — I just know — a knockout. “It’s Kronk style. I’ve been watching a lot of certain things — I like Emanuel Steward’s mindset. Obviously you have to do your ABCs but if you follow them, you get to KO. “That’s what I’m here to do — put on a spectacular show. People want to see knockouts. That’s what we’ve got to deliver for ■■Chris McKenna fans.” RELAXED: Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and (above) King Kong OLEKSANDR USYK arrived dressed as The Joker but insists he is not the villain this weekend. Instead, the Ukrainian is inspired by the Cossack warriors from his homeland, which explained the frightening look at yesterday’s final press conference at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Identical Usyk (inset), in an identical suit worn by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, has shaved his head, is sporting a moustache and wearing a silver earring like his horse-back riding East Slavic Christian ancestors. “The suit is inspired by The Joker but he is not a positive hero,” said Usyk, who was born in Shypyntsi. “I am a positive hero. My look, the hair, moustache, earring, is all inspired by my ancestors, who were 17th century Cossack warriors. “My surname Usyk means ‘moustache’ in Ukraine. My Cossack ancestors, their name was ‘Uss’. “I used to do the Cossack dance after some of my amateur wins, I might do it again if I win on Saturday. I am a very unpredictable guy. I have this look for this fight because it is coming from my heart.” He added: “Will I be my heaviest? You will have to wait for the weigh-in.”

38 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 IRISH ANGLE by Brian Flanagan NAP OF THE DAY BUTTONS AND BOWS (3.55) won with plenty in hand when well backed at Wexford last month and despite a 10lb rise, he can score again in the Handicap Chase. Pat Flynn’s seven-yearold is still rated lower over fences than he was over hurdles and there’s room for improvement. He seems to like good ground and unusually at Listowel this week the going has stayed on the decent side. Jody McGarvey is a very reliable jockey and his owner, JP McManus, never says no to a winner around Listowel. EACH-WAY THIEF THe featured €80,000 Ladbrokes Handicap Hurdle is a cracking heat and sees Grade 1 winner Belfast Banter top the weights off a mark of 144. He has his chance but one who could run well at a big price is eSKYLANe (2.10) for Gordon elliott and Jack Kennedy. He was a very smart bumper horse – even finishing ahead of Appreciate It when runner-up to Wednesday’s Kerry National winner Assemble two seasons ago. His hurdles form hasn’t been as good but there is power in the engine and if he’s fresh and well after a nice summer break he can feature. ONE TO WATCH SIN A BHFUIL (1.40) is an interesting runner in the opening maiden hurdle. He’s trained by emmet Mullins and owned by his aunt Sandra McCarthy – a sister of trainers Willie, Tony and Tom Mullins. He’s a wellbred individual and is a half-brother to smart jumpers Charbel and Ajero. This is his first hurdles start having run in five bumpers — winning one at Bellewstown — and his form has generally been pretty decent. His latest effort in a 1m4f maiden at Tramore wasn’t bad either and he should be there or thereabouts. ONE TO SWERVE CIeL De NeIGe (2.10) is a horse that makes life hard on himself and often doesn’t do a lot when getting himself into a winning position. He’s talented, no doubt, but might be worth taking on in today’s feature. Despite some good runs in good company, one win from 14 starts tells its own story. LISTOWEL ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 1560 999 909 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 Going Jumps - GOOD; Flat - YIELDING Track description: Flat: Left-handed, flat track with 2f run-in. Circuit 1m2f. Jumps: Left-handed, flat track with 2f run-in. Circuit 1m2f. Top trainers at the track (2017-21): W P Mullins 41-138 (30%), Joseph Patrick O’Brien 23-138 (17%),Gordon Elliott 16-120 (13%), Henry De Bromhead 10-89 (11%), Gavin Cromwell 8-62 (13%), John Patrick Ryan 8-77 (10%), Mrs John Harrington 6-74 (8%). BRIAN FLANAGAN STAR TIP 1.40 Sin A Bhfuil Lucky Tenner 2.10 Eskylane (ew) The Little Yank 2.45 Time And Times My Newbrook Rose 3.20 Da Big Fella Celtic Dancer 3.55 Buttons And Bows (nap) Avec Espoir 4.30 Popong Rapid Response 5.00 Mt Leinster Barbados 5.35 Rocco Bay Via Rosa 3m (O) 2m4f (I) Winning Post Startpoint Highest Point Lowest Point Open ditch Water jump Fence 2m4f (O) 2m6f (O) 2m (O) 3m (O) 2m (I) 3m (I) HURDLE 2m (O) 2m6f (I) 2m4f (I) 2m4f (O) I - Uses inner back straight O - Uses outer loop CHASE 2m (I) 3m (I) 2m1f (O) 2m3f (O) Guide only; course layouts can vary JOHN J. GALVIN MAIDEN HURDLE 1.40 2m4f 10 flights 5yo plus €7,080 18 runners. TG4 1 186423 BABYLON BEACH (4) Ms D Hartnett 6-12-0 A McCurtin (3) 107 2 P0R-P0 BALLINRUDDY (21) A Murray 6-12-0 G P Brouder (5) - 3 P00P BLUESTACK MOUNTAIN (21) M P Hourigan 7-12-0 E Kelly (7) - 4 0-5 CALL ME ROCCO (122) D G Murphy 6-12-0 Mr J Murphy (7) 63 5 1/34P- GASPARD DU SEUIL (270) H De Bromhead 5-12-0 D O’Keeffe 108 6 13- GRINGO D’AUBRELLE (240) G Elliott 5-12-0 Jack Kennedy - 7 0-00 HARRY DO BRASIL (18) E Courtney 5-12-0 J S McGarvey 78 8 P-1754 JETANGO (30) (T) K Purcell 5-12-0 D Meyler 107 9 332-2F LUCKY TENNER (114) (BF) P Fahey 6-12-0 K C Sexton 123 10 0- PERSIAN LION (50F) M O’Connor 6-12-0 Mr M J O’Connor - 11 /47-31 SAN SALVADOR (35) J P O’Brien 5-12-0 J J Slevin - 12 232-16 SIN A BHFUIL (41F) (T) E Mullins 5-12-0 B Hayes - 13 40-91 STATE OF FAME (75) R O’Sullivan 5-12-0 C Orr 94 14 THE REAL WHACKER P Neville 5-12-0 C A Landers - 15 4B TOHELLORTOCONNACHT (110) E McCarthy 6-12-0 R Deegan (5) 95 16 3-5403 WORTH PRESENTING (50) D Duggan 7-12-0 J Gainford (5) 103 17 P MONEY IN MY POCKET (48) G Brouder 7-11-7 G Brouder (7) - 18 08466- STEAK AND ONIONS (158) E McCarthy 6-11-7 G Noonan (7) 97 19 U0 MISS LAURA (70) J Walsh 6-11-7 RESERVE - 20 LAREINE’S KATIE P Fahey 5-11-7 RESERVE - 21 4879- NAME ME FAMOUS (162) E McCarthy 5-12-0 RESERVE 94 2020: Slige Dala 5 12 0, J J Slevin EvensF (Joseph Patrick O’Brien), 16 ran. Star Betting 7‐2 Lucky Tenner, San Salvador, 5 Gaspard Du Seuil, 7 Babylon Beach, 15‐2 Sin A Bhfuil, 8 Gringo D’aubrelle, 9 State Of Fame, 14 Jetango, Worth Presenting, 20 Others STARFORM LUCKY TENNER Danger GASPARD DU SEUIL LADBROKES HANDICAP HURDLE (GRADE B) 2.10 2m 8 flights 5yo plus €47,200 18 runners. TG4 1 6211-0 BELFAST BANTER (57) (T) (D) (S,GS) P Fahey 6-11-10 K C Sexton 153 Runs: 20 Wins: 4 Places: 8 €34,186 2 1992-9 CIEL DE NEIGE (57) (B) (D) (HY) W Mullins 6-11-7 M P Walsh 152 Runs: 14 Wins: 1 Places: 4 €34,158 3 25-F10 ANNEXATION (22F) (T) (D) (G) H De Bromhead 5-11-5 H Morgan(3) 147 Runs: 6 Wins: 2 Places: 1 €26,095 4 330-31 WONDER LAISH (48) (CD) (Y) C Byrnes 9-11-5 M P O’Connor(5) 151 Runs: 13 Wins: 4 Places: 2 €97,699 5 060-57 TUDOR CITY (35) (T) (D) A Martin 9-11-4 D Meyler 150 Runs: 27 Wins: 2 Places: 8 €265,845 6 6820-0 MAGIC TRICKS (57) (D) (S) G Elliott 5-11-2 J Gainford(5) 152 Runs: 8 Wins: 1 Places: 3 €22,990 7 701-80 HEARTS ARE TRUMPS (57) (D) (Y) D Mcdonogh 8-11-1 J S McGarvey 150 Runs: 26 Wins: 4 Places: 7 €159,176 8 7/19-1 NIBBLERS CHARM (77) (P) (C,D) (GY,S) R Hackett 8-11-0 D O’Keeffe 146 Runs: 13 Wins: 5 Places: 1 €65,542 9 12245- DEWCUP (69F) (T) (D) (S,Y,G) T Walsh 6-10-13 S O’Keeffe 154 Runs: 11 Wins: 4 Places: 2 €50,763 10 15500- ESKYLANE (174) (T) (D) (SH,Y) G Elliott 7-10-13 Jack Kennedy 147 Runs: 13 Wins: 3 Places: 1 €16,541 11 -03606 POLITICISE (25) (P) (CD) (GY,G) A Mcguinness 5-10-12 L Dempsey 148 Runs: 16 Wins: 2 Places: 4 €39,828 12 0-0160 WINNER TAKES ITALL (35) (CD) (G) J P O’Brien 6-10-12 S Torrens 151 Runs: 9 Wins: 2 Places: 2 €38,875 13 000-29 DYSART DIAMOND (35) (T) (D) (Y,G,S) W Mullins 6-10-11 P Townend 156 Runs: 12 Wins: 3 Places: 3 €28,446 14 /18-06 ADVANCED VIRGO (35) (V 1 ) (D) (G,S) C Byrnes 6-10-10 J Foley(7) 155 Runs: 10 Wins: 2 Places: 1 €55,838 15 321314 THE LITTLE YANK (35) (D) (GY,Y,G) J Ryan 6-10-8 B Cooper 155 Runs: 28 Wins: 4 Places: 8 €63,405 16 1139-2 BUA BOY (56) (D) (Y,G) D Hogan 6-10-7 D G Hogan 156 Runs: 12 Wins: 3 Places: 3 €47,118 17 /12251 WOULDN’T YOU AGREE (35) (CD) (G,Y) E Griffin 7-10-6 M McDonagh(7) 156 Runs: 8 Wins: 2 Places: 3 €41,065 18 10F-05 MR COLDSTONE (39F) (D) (SH) W Mullins 5-10-4 B Hayes 153 Runs: 5 Wins: 1 Places: 0 €6,320 19 320-63 WHATSNOTOKNOW (35) (T) (D) (GY) M Morris 6-10-2 RESERVE 156 Runs: 16 Wins: 1 Places: 8 €47,444 20 551-55 JIVING JERRY (56) (D) (Y,S) J Barcoe 6-9-12 RESERVE 148 Runs: 20 Wins: 3 Places: 4 €37,858 2020: Drop The Anchor 6 9-8 17/2, S Torrens 5 (P Fahy), 14 ran. Star Betting 7 Ciel De Neige, 15‐2 Belfast Banter, Wonder Laish, 10 Bua Boy, Magic Tricks, Wouldn’t You Agree, 11 Dysart Diamond, 12 Dewcup, Tudor City, 14 Advanced Virgo, Annexation, Nibblers Charm, The Little Yank, Winner Takes Itall, 16 Hearts Are Trumps, 20 Others STAR COMMENTS BELFAST BANTER Improved in spring, winning a Grade 1; not so good in Galway Hurdle (made mistake); player CIEL DE NEIGE Placed in several big handicaps including at Punchestown; good run in Galway Hurdle ANNEXATION Well-beaten in Galway Hurdle and not at his best on the Flat since; needs more now WONDER LAISH Back to winning ways when taking a Kilbeggan rated hurdle last time; be competitive TUDOR CITY 2019 Galway Hurdle winner ran a cracker in this year’s renewal; not so good at Killarney MAGIC TRICKS Good runs in big handicaps in the spring but was poor in the Galway Hurdle; has to rebound HEARTS ARE TRUMPS Won a valuable Fairyhouse handicap in April but has been below that level since NIBBLERS CHARM Got back to form when winning a small field rated hurdle at Cork; much more needed here DEWCUP Dual-purpose sort was fourth in a Grade 1 novice last season; decent on Flat lately ESKYLANE Well held in both handicap starts off this mark and back from a break today POLITICISE Mostly chasing lately but was beaten 13l at Galway over hurdles; needs to find more WINNER TAKES ITALL Bellewstown winner ran a belter in Galway Hurdle but was poor last time; has to rebound DYSART DIAMOND Solid runner-up at Galway before a poor run at Killarney; needs to bounce back ADVANCED VIRGO Dual hurdle winner running well enough since winning at Fairyhouse last year; best on soft THE LITTLE YANK Dual novice winner was fourth at Killarney behind some of these; can go well again BUA BOY Third in this last year and best run since when runner-up in a Galway handicap; chance WOULDN’T YOU AGREE Consistent sort won his second hurdle race at Killarney last time; 7lb higher today MR COLDSTONE Best handicap effort came at Down Royal in June over 2m4f; this trip suits better; reserve WHATSNOTOKNOW Solid third at Killarney last time and capable of going well again off 1lb higher; reserve JIVING JERRY Punchestown Festival winner has run creditably since but 9lb out of the handicap; reserve STARFORM BELFAST BANTER Danger CIEL DE NEIGE GUINNESS HANDICAP HURDLE (DIV I) 2.45 3m 12 flights 4yo plus €5,900 16 runners. TG4 1 -62421 GAME CATCH (21) (D) P Power 5-12-0 Mr P Power (7) 104 2 -98759 CAPPACON (38) (T) O Mckiernan 13-11-12 B Browne (3) 103 3 080068 NI MHAONAIGH (18) B Cawley 6-11-11 P Cawley (7) 96 4 60909- WALKING THE WALK (268) (T) G Cromwell 6-11-11 S W Flanagan 87 5 00-38 MY LADEEN (38) J A Fahey 6-11-9 A Kelly (7) 83 6 /0-P68 BALTHAR BOY (34) E Courtney 6-11-8 J S McGarvey 86 7 9U000 PRINCESSE CLENI (53) (T 1 ) E Mcnamara 5-11-8 D O’Keeffe 81 8 0U0977 EARLY DERBY (34) E Mcnamara 5-11-7 R Treacy 85 9 -88988 DAISY’S HOLLOW (21) (P) (D) S Duffy 7-11-6 T Brett (7) 102 10 08-P43 MY NEWBROOK ROSE (32) A Murray 8-11-6 J Moore 103 11 -98854 THE HOLMEISTER (21) M P Hourigan 7-11-6 J Foley (7) 103 12 00-U89 DO NO MORE (18) (P) M Winters 5-11-5 C Orr 88 13 F-2333 TIME AND TIMES (34) (B) D Mcnamara 9-11-4 R Deegan (5) 106 14 000-03 WAVYLAKE (21) (TP) M Smith 6-11-2 B Cooper 102 15 095563 LADY L’LEROM (18) (TV) S Nolan 6-11-1 M P O’Connor (5) 103 16 6-7809 SHRULE OPERATOR (38) (P) G Elliott 6-11-1 J Gainford (5) 103 17 04-34F GOLDEN GLEN (49) J Walsh 7-11-8 RESERVE 106 18 0-030F SOME JOKE (18) C Byrnes 5-11-10 RESERVE 100 19 060/7- MCGILL (199) P Rothwell 7-11-1 RESERVE - 2020: Northern Emperor 7 10 12, Simon Torrens (5) 18/1 (V T O’Brien), 16 ran. Star Betting 4 Game Catch, 6 My Newbrook Rose, The Holmeister, Time And Times, 7 Wavylake, 10 Lady L’lerom, Walking The Walk, 14 Do No More, 16 Daisy’s Hollow, Shrule Operator, 20 Others STARFORM TIME AND TIMES Danger GAME CATCH GUINNESS HANDICAP HURDLE (DIV II) 3.20 3m 12 flights 4yo plus €5,900 16 runners. TG4 1 507-03 LORD GILLYGOOLEY (6) (TB 1 ) (BF) M Smith 6-12-2 B Cooper 99 2 -0044P CELTIC DANCER (35) (B 1 ) E Mcnamara 8-11-13 M McDonagh (7) 106 3 F-0422 TROUBLE AND STRIFE (21) (TB) (BF) E Doyle 6-11-11 J Foley (7) 110 4 88-130 DA BIG FELLA (34) (P) E Courtney 7-11-9 R A Doyle 104 5 -RP840 EMANCIPATOR (21) (P) D Hassett 5-11-9 R Deegan (5) 102 6 -35230 ESTHERS MARVEL (34) (TP) D Budds 8-11-9 D O’Keeffe 109 7 204035 OUTSIDE THE DOOR (21) (BF) P Roche 5-11-7 A Kelly (7) 106 8 41866U STOLEN MOMENT (32) (T) S Aherne 8-11-5 Miss S Ahern (7) 112 9 P8PP53 HOPEFULLY (18) (P) M Grassick 6-11-4 K C Sexton 104 10 P0-600 MEEHALL (32) (P 1 ) E Mcnamara 5-11-4 J Gainford (5) 97 11 97-008 ANUAS AR AN BPOST (21) B Mcmahon 5-11-3 D F O’Regan 106 12 0-P000 BADER (18) (B) C Keegan 5-10-13 S Mulcahy (7) 101 13 000760 DASMYHOSS (21) (TB) P Rothwell 8-10-13 H Morgan (3) 104 14 6P40-0 DOONBEG GLORY (18) (T 1 ) A Murray 6-10-13 E Kelly (7) 99 15 7560PF MILALEE (21) (TP) C O’Keeffe 6-10-13 S O’Keeffe 99 16 09P/90 WELL POLLY (18) (HT 1 ) Miss J Lee 7-10-13 R Treacy 95 17 025902 SWISS BRID (2) E McCarthy 7-11-4 RESERVE 102 18 P-0400 A DIFFERENT WORLD (18) (TP) M Brassil 6-11-8 RESERVE 97 19 34214U NUTTORRIDGE (9) (T) M Mcniff 6-11-13 RESERVE 104 2020: Northern Emperor 7 10 12, Simon Torrens (5) 18/1 (V T O’Brien), 16 ran. Star Betting 4 Lord Gillygooley, 5 Trouble And Strife, 8 Hopefully, Outside The Door, 10 Esthers Marvel, Stolen Moment, 14 Anuas Ar An Bpost, Da Big Fella, Emancipator, Well Polly, 16 Celtic Dancer, 20 Others STARFORM STOLEN MOMENT Danger TROUBLE AND STRIFE Top jockeys at the track (2017-21): P Townend 22-71 (31%), Mr P W Mullins 9-29 (31%), M P Walsh 8-64 (13%), S Torrens 4-19 (21%), Jack Kennedy 4-37 (11%), S W Flanagan 4-57 (7%), D O’Keeffe 4-58 (7%), Miss A O’Connor 3-6 (50%), M McDonagh 3-13 (23%), J Moore 3-16 (19%). ISEIR 3.55 PAUD, SARAH & MARY FITZMAURICE MEMORIAL HANDICAP CHASE TG4 2m4f 14 fences 4yo plus €6,490 16 runners. 1 1-8P40 CHAMPAGNE BEAUTY (110) (D) P Fitzgerald 7-12-0 D F O’Regan 120 2 17P/4P SHAWSHANK (70) P Nolan 8-12-0 B Cooper 104 3 04P-P1 BUTTONS AND BOWS (20) (D) P J Flynn 7-11-12 J S McGarvey 122 4 4043P6 MY OAKCLAHOME (20) (P 1 ) D O’Brien 8-11-11 S W Flanagan 117 5 8-078P TIANTU (20) (TP) (D) P Power 8-11-9 Mr P Power (7) 119 6 6-26P9 WOLFOFALLSTREETS (48) (TP) P Rothwell 7-11-9 J P O’Sullivan (5) 115 7 655142 AVEC ESPOIR (20) V O’Brien 8-11-7 J J Slevin 118 8 U094F6 BOLBEC (18) J Hanlon 7-11-7 S Fenelon (7) 112 9 3603U6 TREES VALLEY (40) (C ,D) W Burke 8-11-7 D O’Keeffe 116 10 4-733P BRODER (49) (D) J Walsh 9-11-6 A McCurtin (3) 116 11 PP-096 MAGIC SEA (18) (D) S Dawson 6-11-5 E Walsh (5) 104 12 U-0583 THINK POSITIVE (68) (P) P Rothwell 7-11-1 P O’Hanlon (7) 112 13 3-8050 BITVIEW COLIN (76) (B) (CD) J Ryan 10-11-0 T Ryan (5) 118 14 2-84F2 CARNET DE STAGE (42) E O’Sullivan 6-11-0 Miss M O’Sullivan (5) 121 15 05-372 NORTHERN LOVE (35) E Mcnamara 6-11-0 R Treacy 122 16 05U190 CLUAN DARA (9) J Ryan 9-10-12 S O’Keeffe 116 17 6P-620 OLD TOWN ROAD (9) S Harty 8-10-8 RESERVE 114 18 -8093U FR GILLIGANSVOYGE (9) (TV) J G Carr 8-10-2 RESERVE 115 19 033P35 DUNDEEDY LAD (18) (TP) (D) D Hogan 8-10-2 RESERVE 120 2020: Bitview Colin 9 10 8, James O’Sullivan (7) 14/1 (John Patrick Ryan), 10 ran. Star Betting 7‐2 Buttons And Bows, 6 Avec Espoir, Bolbec, Carnet De Stage, Northern Love, 10 Broder, 14 My Oakclahome, Think Positive, Trees Valley, 16 Shawshank, 20 Others STARFORM BUTTONS AND BOWS Danger NORTHERN LOVE SOUTHAMPTON GOODWILL PLATE HANDICAP 4.30 CHS 2m6f 17 fences 4yo plus €12,390 16 run. TG4 1 91-3UP UISCE BEATHA (56) (P) P Roche 8-11-10 Shane Fitzgerald (7) 146 2 35431- MISTER FOGPATCHES (146) (D) P Fahy 7-11-6 R Deegan (5) 145 3 F3-532 POPONG (56) (C, BF) H De Bromhead 7-11-6 S W Flanagan 148 4 1-9974 RAPID RESPONSE (35) (P) Mrs J Harrington 7-11-5 S O’Keeffe 145 5 32P0-4 DINNY LACEY (18) J Motherway 7-11-4 D Robinson 146 6 -73143 FUNKY DADY (21) D Hogan 6-11-3 S Mulcahy (7) 149 7 /15-10 SAPPHIRE LADY (56) (C) W Mullins 9-11-3 P Townend 143 8 70-394 BEST BEHAVIOR (56) O Mckiernan 8-11-2 B Browne (3) 148 9 014-07 CHOUNGAYA (34) (TP) (D) A Mcnamara 8-11-2 Peter Carberry 143 10 16-280 CUSP OF CARABELLI (2) (D) D O’Brien 8-11-2 J J Slevin 147 11 -14212 YA BOY YA (21) (D, BF) C Bowe 7-11-2 E Walsh (5) 149 12 00-272 ASK NILE (48) (B) S Neville 9-10-10 R A Doyle 151 13 1/3-00 TURBOJET (34) (P 1 ) (C) D A Mcloughlin 10-10-9 A Short 145 14 12-5F9 LORD LARIAT (76) (T) D A Mcloughlin 6-10-7 P O’Hanlon (7) 149 15 P2-212 TUNE THE CHELLO (40) (D, BF) H De Bromhead 6-10-6 J Gainford (5) 152 16 124-P4 THEATRE WORLD (40) (P) (D) R O’Sullivan 9-10-2 S O’Callaghan (7) 151 2020: Minella Times 7 11 10, Rachael Blackmore 7/1 (Henry De Bromhead), 10 ran. Star Betting 5 Popong, Rapid Response, 6 Funky Dady, 7 Ya Boy Ya, 8 Tune The Chello, 10 Sapphire Lady, 11 Ask Nile, 12 Theatre World, 14 Best Behavior, Dinny Lacey, Uisce Beatha, 18 Lord Lariat, Mister Fogpatches, 20 Others POPONG 5/1F (10-10) in touch with leaders, headway 5 out, close up when pushed along before 2 out, went third when ridden after last, kept on well and went second but held towards finish, no match for winner, 2nd of 19, 3 1 /4l behind Born By The Sea (10-7) at Galway 2m6 1 /2f hcap Chs gd in Jul. RAPID RESPONSE 12/1 (11-8) midfield, chased leaders 4 out, went third before 3 out, pushed along before 2 out, ridden but no extra after 2 out, lost third approaching last, 4th of 13, 11l behind Fairyhill Run (11-3) at Kilbeggan 3m1f hcap Chs y in Aug. FUNKY DADY 9/2 (11-4) towards rear, slow jump 2nd, headway from 3 out, ridden and went fourth last, kept on and went third run-in, not reach leaders, 3rd of 11, 6 1 /2l behind Exit Poll (11-13) at Kilbeggan 2m3 1 /2f hcap Chs gd in Sep. YA BOY YA 7/2F (11-1) chased leaders on outer, headway and went third 2 out, ridden and went second approaching last, kept on well run-in, no match for winner, 2nd of 11, 2 1 /4l behind Exit Poll (11-13) at Kilbeggan 2m3 1 /2f hcap Chs gd in Sep. STARFORM TUNE THE CHELLO Danger ASK NILE LISTOWEL RACES SUPPORTERS CLUB FAILTE 5.00 ABHAILE (Q.R.) 1m6f 4yo plus €8,555 12 run. TG4 1 1211-0 MT LEINSTER (34) (CD, BF) W Mullins 7-11-9 Mr P W Mullins 77 2 038520 BARBADOS (12) (TP) Mrs J Harrington 5-11-2 Mr M McGuane (7) 94 3 /49000 CRECERELLE (6J) V Ward 6-11-2 Ms L Ward (7) 55 4 777303 DRAYTON CROSS (22) (T) Mrs L Fowler 7-11-2 Miss F Leaney (7) 45 5 LIGHT BRIGADE (150J) C Byrnes 5-11-2 Mr R W Barron (7) - 6 77920/ LUSTROUS LIGHT (788) (T) J Motherway 8-11-2 Mr M O’Sullivan (7) - 7 ORCADIAN SYMPHONY (18J) L Young 7-11-2 Miss J Young (7) - 8 PRESENTING POINT (162J) E O’Grady 7-11-2 Mr J Aherne (7) - 9 SCHEU TIME (47J) J Nash 8-11-2 Miss J Townend (5) - 10 P1-286 FLOR DE LA LUNA (125) Mrs J Harrington 4-11-1 Mr J J Codd 86 11 -00600 BRUINNEALL (21J) T Cleary 7-10-11 Ms K Derwin (7) 29 12 0/ SIN E AN SCEAL (1080) (P 1 ) F Costello 6-10-11 Mr T P Harney (7) - 2020: Mt Leinster 6 11 6, Mr P W Mullins 9/4F (W P Mullins), 12 ran. Star Betting 13‐8 Flor De La Luna, 7‐4 Mt Leinster, 2 Barbados, 14 Light Brigade, 20 Others STARFORM BARBADOS Danger FLOR DE LA LUNA IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF MARES (PRO/AM) 5.35 INHF RACE 2m 4-7yo only €6,490 18 runners. TG4 1 8 BALLYGILL ROCO (50) V O’Brien 5-11-11 James Duggan (7) 72 2 500P-2 JESINA (18) Mrs J Harrington 5-11-11 Mr B O’Neill 103 3 4 KALMIRA (28) (HT) S Crawley 5-11-11 Mr J C Barry (5) 91 4 7- KATIE PARNELL (327) J Fitzgerald 5-11-11 Mr R W Barron (7) - 5 LADY ZUKI J R Barry 5-11-11 S Fenelon (7) - 6 LILIAN BLAND N Hennessy 5-11-11 Mr E P O’Brien (7) - 7 3-21 LILY OF DROMARD (117P) M O’Connor 7-11-11 Mr M J O’Connor - 8 RATHNALEEN CAPPY E McCarthy 5-11-11 G Noonan (7) - 9 52 ROCCO BAY (28) P Fahey 5-11-11 Mr D O’Connor 97 10 F1- SCARLET WITCH (167P) G Elliott 5-11-11 Mr J J Codd - 11 7-322U VIA ROSA (38) P Roche 5-11-11 Miss A O’Connor (5) 101 12 32 KILBARRY CHLOE (123) C O’Keeffe 4-11-9 106 13 0 KILLUCAN JUNCTION (46) (H 1 ) D E Fitzgerald 4-11-9 M McDonagh (7) - 14 8 LADIAM (14) N Lee 4-11-9 G Brouder (7) 86 15 PINK IN THE PARK W Mullins 4-11-9 Mr P W Mullins - 16 4-3 PRINCESS SOPHIA (64) Ms M Mullins 4-11-9 Mr T Hamilton 93 17 062 SANDYMOUNT BABY (32) Mrs J Harrington 4-11-9 Mr M McGuane (7) 92 18 06 SANTA MARIA (32) D A Mcloughlin 4-11-9 Mr F Maguire 74 19 409 MRS KINSELLA (84) Denis Paul Murphy 5-11-11 RESERVE 102 20 270- BUBBLES IN MAY (147) (H 1 ) J P Cahill 7-11-11 RESERVE 101 2020: Brooklynn Glory 5 11 11, Mr P W Mullins 10/11F (W P Mullins), 15 ran. Star Betting 2 Pink In The Park, 4 Scarlet Witch, 6 Kilbarry Chloe, Via Rosa, 7 Rocco Bay, 10 Princess Sophia, Sandymount Baby, 12 Jesina, Kalmira, 20 Others STARFORM KILBARRY CHLOE Danger JESINA

ISEIR WIn: Willie Mullins Rebellito works for the victory ■■Ben GIBSON roAn WHeLAn steered rebellito to victory in the featured Listowel Printing Works Handicap yesterday. Backed in to 11-1 from 16s, the grey was tucked in behind the leaders before taking up the pace after turning for home, staying on well to beat the Yafordadoe (22/1) and Port Sunlight (8/1). The Susannah ricciowned seven-year-old gelding had scored twice on the level in France as a three-yearold but hadn’t been placed since joining Willie Mullins the following year. “He did it well,” explained Whelan. “He ran a good race for a long way the last day in Leopardstown and speaking to Willie this morning he said that’s not as good as he is and that he’d improve for that. “He jumped and I got a nice run around. We didn’t go overly mad and he actually has quite a gear. “The last day at Leopardstown he travelled everywhere for me and I was happy enough he had a little change of gear. Sooner “I was probably there a little bit sooner than I’d like. He came on from the last day and might come on again from that.” The Kevin McManus Bookmaker Handicap went to 3-1 favourite Is That Love, piloted by 7lb claimer Cian Macredmond. The victory notched up a sixth win in handicap company this year for the four-year-old gelding, all at the hands of Macredmond. He tracked the leaders on the inside and when a gap opened between Wee Pablo and earls in the final furlong, Is That Love was squeezed through to beat the latter by two and a half lengths. Trainer Ado McGuinness said: “I nearly have to thank handicapper Gary o’Gorman for this win as he put him up 4lb for being third the other day so I was forced to run him today. “I saw the ground was A little dead but I knew he’d like it. Cian gave him A super ride, he’s lost his 7lb claim now.” DUNDALK ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 1560 999 909 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 Top trainers at the track (2017‐21): Joseph Patrick O’Brien 116‐782 (15%), M Halford 84‐527 (16%), Adrian McGuinness 71‐616 (12%), G M Lyons 51‐291 (18%), A P O’Brien 48‐175 (27%), John C McConnell 30‐473 (6%), John James Feane 28‐249 (11%). Top jockeys at the track (2017‐21): C T Keane 105‐626 (17%), R P Whelan 73‐491 (15%), C D Hayes 66‐583 (11%), D P McDonogh 55‐424 (13%), W J Lee 45‐369 (12%), S Crosse 41‐328 (13%), B Coen 41‐441 (9%), Gavin Ryan 37‐313 (12%), W M Lordan 36‐426 (8%). BRIAN FLANAGAN STAR TIP 4.45 Elegant Ellen Rosie Rock 5.15 Princess Plumeria Princess Plumeria 5.45 Sunset Nova Meishar 6.15 Angels Wrath Livia Celeste 6.45 Ides Of August Dubai Warrior 7.15 Dammit Golden Twilight 7.45 Getaway Queen Racey Lacey 8.15 Crackaway Crackaway 4.45 DONATE COAST TO CURRAGH CHARITY CYCLE IN HONOUR OF PAT SMULLEN H’CAP 5f 3yo plus €5,900 14 run. 1 (2) 010300 BRAVE DISPLAY (22) (TB) (CD) J Lambe 7-10-2 J A Heffernan 72 2 (9) 809000 BREAKFAST CLUB (22) (TP 1 ) (D) J Mcauley 4-10-2 C T Keane 74 3 (7) -55062 ELEGANT ELLEN (21) D Hogan 3-10-1 J M Sheridan (3) 70 4 (10) -13425 HARRY’S HILL (33) (CD) M Hassett 3-10-0 J Coen (10) 72 5 (3) -07050 BOUGHTINTHEDARK (20) (P) D Hogan 5-9-12 P Harnett (7) 67 6 (11) 083653 ROSIE ROCK (4) A Mcguinness 3-9-12 C MacRedmond (7) 69 7 (14) 276470 NO SPEED LIMIT (42) (H) (C.) P Mckenna 6-9-11 W M Lordan 72 8 (6) 342064 POET’S PRIDE (22) (TB) (CD) D Marnane 6-9-10 W J Lee 71 9 (8) 300479 FINE DISTRACTION (4) (TB) D Bunyan 3-9-9 M Sheehy (5) 75 10 (15) 706672 RED CYMBAL (22) (TB) (CD) A McCann 6-9-6 L McAteer (5) 75 11 (1) 0006 SAMROGUE (21) R O’Sullivan 3-9-5 L Roche 62 12 (4) 996749 ADAMS BARBOUR (22) (TB 1 ) (CD) L Smyth 4-8-13 C D Hayes 74 13 (13) 500036 KEEPTHEBESTSIDEOUT (22) (T) (C.) M J Browne 5-8-12 D McMonagle (3) 72 14 (5) 006990 I’VE GOT WINGS (20) (B) S Harty 3-8-10 R P Cleary 64 15 (12) 0608-0 SEANJOHNSILVER (4) (D) J McConnell 5-8-12 RESERVE 70 16 (16) 340054 KING’S VIEW (4) (TB) P Mckenna 4-8-11 RESERVE 74 2020: Ahyoka 3 9 0, Colin Keane 15/2 (Kieran P Cotter), 13 ran. Star Betting 11‐2 Harry’s Hill, 6 Elegant Ellen, Poet’s Pride, 15‐2 Red Cymbal, 8 Brave Display, Rosie Rock, 10 Breakfast Club, 12 Adams Barbour, No Speed Limit, Samrogue, 14 Others STARFORM FINE DISTRACTION Danger RED CYMBAL 5.15 FLOODLIT FRIDAYS AT DUNDALK CLAIMING MAIDEN 6f 3yo plus €7,080 13 runners. 1 (9) 767427 ELOSO (4) R O’Brien 3-9-7 D P McDonogh 85 2 (3) 002600 MAJESKI MAN (47) (TP) Mrs D Foster 4-9-7 G F Carroll 79 3 (10) 00 ALLHART (27) (T) D Broad 3-9-5 E J McNamara 57 4 (6) 2466d44 APPROBARE (22) T Walsh 9-9-5 Chloe Byrne (10) 73 5 (2) 609-00 BELTED (151) (TB) J Mcauley 4-9-3 Sam Ewing (5) 74 6 (1) 500689 CALIFORNIA POPPY (7) (B) E Lynam 3-9-3 C P Hoban 75 7 (7) 42-507 COLLECTIVE POWER (22) E Lynam 3-9-3 M A Enright 81 8 (5) 345 PRINCESS PLUMERIA (34) (T) G Lyons 3-9-3 C T Keane 85 9 (12) 6995 SIMBA POWER (21) (T 1 ) E Lynam 3-9-3 C D Hayes 76 10 (8) 450-80 ADAKAZ (136) N Slevin 3-9-1 R C Colgan 70 11 (13) 887960 MAESTRO STICK (10) (TP) J Mcauley 4-9-1 D McMonagle (3) 68 12 (11) 0000-0 URBAN BOOM (110) (H 1 ) D Donovan 4-9-1 Gavin Ryan 47 13 (4) -03880 MULGRAVE (6) (T) E & P Harty 3-8-13 M A Gallagher 80 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 9‐4 Princess Plumeria, 5‐2 Eloso, 7‐2 Simba Power, 7 Mulgrave, 8 Collective Power, 14 California Poppy, 16 Majeski Man, 20 Others STARFORM ELOSO Danger PRINCESS PLUMERIA 5.45 HOLLYWOODBETS NOW STREAMING ALL IRISH RACING APPRENTICE HANDICAP 6f 3yo plus €6,490 14 run. 1 (10) 708000 ZIG ZAG ZYGGY (16) (C ,D) A Hughes 6-10-2 D Curran (4) 83 2 (16) 759414 MEISHAR (10) (C.) J Mcauley 5-10-1 L McAteer 80 3 (5) 67-487 BARONIAL PRIDE (76) (D) J P O’Brien 5-10-0 D McMonagle 85 4 (17) 438343 SPILT PASSION (23) (TP 1 ) G Lyons 3-10-0 Sam Ewing 81 5 (3) 823623 FRIDTJOF NANSEN (28) (B) K Cotter 6-9-13 C MacRedmond (2) 83 6 (7) 900881 TRESORIER (22) (C ,D) J Feane 7-9-12 N Crosse 82 7 (4) 3-2517 CLEVELEYS (42) (B) (D) K Condon 3-9-11 J M Sheridan 72 8 (1) 5-1173 SABRINA FAIRCHILD (22) (T) (CD) S Lynam 6-9-11 D O’Connor 86 9 (13) 880741 HODD’S GIRL (22) (CD) M Halford 4-9-10 M Sheehy 82 10 (14) 546650 MOGWLI (4) (V) (D) W McCreery 4-9-8 Dillon Butler (7) 85 11 (6) 880401 RESOURCEFUL MAN (22) (P) (CD) E Lynam 3-9-8 S McCullagh 81 12 (9) 712836 MISTERIO (20) (D) J Murtagh 4-9-7 D Sheehy 78 13 (12) 33-548 SENSE OF ROMANCE (142) L Smyth 3-9-7 Siobhan Rutledge (2) 75 14 (15) 344594 SUNSET NOVA (7) (V) (CD) A Slattery 5-9-7 A Slattery 83 15 (8) 7978 PRIDE OF TIPPERARY (22) J Stack 3-9-5 RESERVE 79 16 (2) 350563 CAPLA KNIGHT (26) (H 1 ) P Mckenna 3-9-4 RESERVE 73 17 (11) 003050 MOKHALAD (7) (T) (C ,D) J McConnell 8-9-5 RESERVE 78 2020: Arnhem 4 10 0, Gavin Ryan 5/2F (Miss Natalia Lupini), 14 ran. Star Betting 6 Resourceful Man, 13‐2 Hodd’s Girl, 7 Tresorier, 8 Fridtjof Nansen, Spilt Passion, 9 Misterio, 10 Cleveleys, Meishar, Sabrina Fairchild, 12 Baronial Pride, Sunset Nova, 14 Others STARFORM SABRINA FAIRCHILD Danger BARONIAL PRIDE 6.15 IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF FILLIES MAIDEN (IRE INCENTIVE RACE) 7f 2yo only €8,260 14 runners. 1 (5) ANGELS WRATH J Murtagh 2-9-2 B Coen - 2 (10) 7 DOMESTIC GODDESS (8) (V 1 ) Mrs J Harrington 2-9-2 C P Hoban 68 3 (8) 8 FOOLS GLORY (47) (T) P Mcenery 2-9-2 A Slattery 72 4 (14) 0 HASTY HOLLIE (10) A Slattery 2-9-2 J Coen (10) 40 5 (1) HAVANA PEARL M Halford 2-9-2 R P Whelan - 6 (4) KITTY KITANA M D O’Callaghan 2-9-2 L Roche - 7 (11) LISADOBBER J P O’Brien 2-9-2 D P McDonogh - 8 (13) 43 LIVIA CELESTE (47) J P O’Brien 2-9-2 S Crosse 86 9 (12) LUSTRE D A O’Brien 2-9-2 Gavin Ryan - 10 (7) MARVELOSA R O’Brien 2-9-2 C D Hayes - 11 (3) 60 MORNINGTON BAY (17) (P 1 ) P Martin 2-9-2 D McMonagle (3) 63 12 (2) 00 MYMACUSHLA (29) P Martin 2-9-2 C D Maxwell 53 13 (6) 0 SALONICA (53) G Lyons 2-9-2 C T Keane 72 14 (9) 7 WEST COAST (10) (T) A P O’Brien 2-9-2 J A Heffernan 89 2020: Mehnah 2 9 2, Chris Hayes 17/2 (Kevin Prendergast), 14 ran. Star Betting 9‐4 West Coast, 4 Lustre, 5 Angels Wrath, Kitty Kitana, 11‐2 Livia Celeste, 14 Domestic Goddess, Salonica, 20 Others STARFORM WEST COAST Danger LIVIA CELESTE Going POLYTRACK: STANDARD Track description: Left‐handed. Circuit 1m2f. 6.45 AL BASTI EQUIWORLD, DUBAI DIAMOND STAKES (GROUP 3) 1m2 1 /2f 3yo plus €29,500 10 runners. 1 (8) 513-85 DUBAI WARRIOR (202) D Loughnane (GB) 5-9-10 C D Hayes 114 2 (5) 167780 HE KNOWS NO FEAR (3) L Comer 4-9-10 W J Lee 97 3 (4) 154499 TARTLETTE (40) (CD) S Crawley 5-9-7 N G McCullagh 106 4 (1) 223260 BEAR STORY (12) (C.) M Halford 3-9-5 R P Whelan 103 5 (2) 818963 CHARTERHOUSE (36) (B) John J Murphy 3-9-5 R C Colgan 102 6 (10) 635521 IDES OF AUGUST (40) (CD) G Lyons 3-9-5 C T Keane 106 7 (9) 102668 KHARTOUM (13) A P O’Brien 3-9-5 W M Lordan 111 8 (3) 428680 LOUGH DERG (12) (C.) A P O’Brien 3-9-5 J A Heffernan 109 9 (7) 1 RIVER EDEN (74) (T) (C.) J P O’Brien 3-9-2 D P McDonogh 99 10 (6) 5421 ULSTER BLACKWATER (53) (H 1 ) J P O’Brien 3-9-2 S Crosse 91 2020: Bowerman 6 9 10, Colin Keane 10/1 (Adrian McGuinness), 14 ran. Star Betting 9‐4 Dubai Warrior, 7‐2 Khartoum, 9‐2 River Eden, 7 Charterhouse, 8 Lough Derg, 12 Ides Of August, 14 Tartlette, 16 Bear Story, 20 Others STAR COMMENTS DUBAI WARRIOR Sets the standard although there might be reasons enough to oppose him; intriguing runner HE KNOWS NO FEAR Consistent in good handicaps but has come up short at stakes level; others preferred TARTLETTE Fine AW performer but most recent form does not make that much appeal in this grade BEAR STORY Does fall short on bare form but likes it here and could outrun his likely odds CHARTERHOUSE Step up in trip is unlikely to inconvenience and the headgear is left on; could go close IDES OF AUGUST More needed but does not look out of place in stakes company and likely to go well KHARTOUM Good run at Leopardstown; steps up in trip and every chance that he might appreciate it LOUGH DERG Has tended to fall short at stakes level; likely to find a couple too good once again RIVER EDEN While this is a huge step up in class, it would be no surprise if she could bridge it ULSTER BLACKWATER Naas maiden winner; more to come from her but might just have it to do in this company STARFORM DUBAI WARRIOR Danger KHARTOUM 7.15 CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL DUNDALK HANDICAP 1m2 1 /2f 3yo plus €7,080 14 runners. 1 (1) 122680 DREAM TALE (17) A Oliver 5-10-2 B Coen 89 2 (12) 211090 SENSE OF WORTH (91) (CD) A Oliver 5-10-2 Sam Ewing (5) 84 3 (15) 143600 EAGLE’S FLIGHT (12) (T) (CD) M Halford 4-10-1 R P Whelan 86 4 (13) 6-219 GAHERIS (36) (T) J P O’Brien 3-9-13 S Crosse 84 5 (10) 61 GOLDEN TWILIGHT (42) M Halford 4-9-13 N G McCullagh 85 6 (11) 5-0820 SEA TROUT REACH (55) (P) W Durkan 4-9-12 S Kelly 89 7 (3) 259566 GOLDEN VALOUR (7) (CD) R O’Brien 5-9-11 S McCullagh (5) 86 8 (7) 3-10 IRWIN (166) (C.) J P O’Brien 3-9-8 D McMonagle (3) 81 9 (14) 3-1020 BOBBY K (17) (C.) M O’Meara 6-9-7 W J Lee 89 10 (8) 874120 PRINCE OF VERONA (14J) (P) D Hogan 3-9-6 J M Sheridan (3) 90 11 (6) 073175 SHEISHYBRID (51) (BF) N Meade 3-9-6 C T Keane 86 12 (2) 072356 RAZDAN (14J) (T) M Smith 3-9-5 R C Colgan 84 13 (5) 35-600 LEGAL SPIN (25) (P) M Halford 6-9-1 M Sheehy (5) 86 14 (4) -83982 DAMMIT (21) L Comer 4-9-0 C D Hayes 90 15 (9) 547001 GAMIGIN (14J) (TP) (D) J Mcauley 3-8-8 RESERVE 77 2020: Eaglemont 3 9 5, Mikey Sheehy (7) 7/1 (Joseph Patrick O’Brien), 14 ran. Star Betting 7‐2 Gaheris, 6 Golden Twilight, 8 Prince Of Verona, Razdan, 10 Dream Tale, Golden Valour, Sheishybrid, 12 Dammit, Irwin, Sea Trout Reach, Sense Of Worth, 14 Others STARFORM PRINCE OF VERONA Danger DAMMIT 7.45 JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM @DUNDALK_STADIUM HANDICAP (DIV I) 1m4f 3yo plus €5,900 14 runners. 1 (16) 0-7643 QUEEN OF JAZZ (23) (H) L Smyth 4-10-2 R C Colgan 66 2 (1) 0-0037 SPRUCE MEADOWS (10) (P) (CD) J Feane 8-9-13 B Coen 73 3 (14) 7-5512 GETAWAY QUEEN (58J) (TP) (CD, BF) D Budds 7-9-9 C MacRedmond (7) 71 4 (7) 706007 EDEN GARDENS (7) (TP) K Heffernan 5-9-6 C D Hayes 74 5 (10) 7-902 RACY LACEY (27) G Lyons 3-9-4 C T Keane 74 6 (15) -90084 GROVE ISLAND (20) (B) J P O’Brien 3-8-12 W M Lordan 72 7 (17) 909/80 NUZZLES (117) (B 1 ) Joseph G Murphy 6-8-12 G F Carroll 71 8 (5) /08-50 PROFOUND (6J) J Morrison 6-8-12 Nikita Kane (7) 69 9 (9) -08688 HELIAEBEL (7) L Breen 4-8-11 M A Enright 72 10 (11) 6-0980 KIND OF LOVING (27) (TP 1 ) D Hogan 4-8-11 J M Sheridan (3) 59 11 (3) 632367 NO TROUBLE (17) (T) (CD) J McConnell 5-8-11 J A Heffernan 70 12 (4) 035 SHAYLEE (22) N Madden 3-8-10 L Roche 69 13 (12) -80308 CASTLE STABLES (29) (BF) J Murtagh 3-8-7 C P Hoban 72 14 (8) 00-096 MADELINE HAYES (27) E & P Harty 3-8-7 M A Gallagher 73 15 (13) 800556 BORN LEADER (7) E McCarthy 5-8-11 RESERVE 72 16 (2) 039309 DREAM WISELY (7) A Oliver 4-8-11 RESERVE 69 17 (6) 00090 RAEBELLE (25) J McConnell 3-8-6 RESERVE 56 2020: Conor Hogan 4 10 0, Colin Keane 5/1C (Noel Meade), 14 ran. Star Betting 100‐30 Racy Lacey, 7‐2 Getaway Queen, 9‐2 Grove Island, 8 No Trouble, Spruce Meadows, 10 Profound, 14 Madeline Hayes, 16 Castle Stables, Queen Of Jazz, 20 Others STARFORM EDEN GARDENS Danger RACY LACEY 8.15 JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM @DUNDALK_STADIUM HANDICAP (DIV II) 1m4f 3yo plus €5,900 14 runners. 1 (1) 890000 MORNING DEW (7) (T) A Kinirons 5-10-2 M Sheehy (5) 70 2 (14) 492698 TAKE A TURN (21) (P) L Breen 7-10-1 S McCullagh (5) 69 3 (17) 1-0004 UNIVERSAL FOCUS (21) (B) (CD) R O’Sullivan 8-9-13 W J Lee 65 4 (3) 677 LIGHT FURY (20) (TV) J Davison 3-9-12 C T Keane 58 5 (5) /48-82 CRACKAWAY (21) (B) S Fahey 5-9-9 Sam Ewing (5) 62 6 (10) 5-0448 MAGIC CHARM (20) Miss N Lupini 5-9-6 Gavin Ryan 68 7 (4) 825-19 STAY WITH ME (235) (TP) (CD, BF) D Bunyan 7-9-5 C D Hayes 63 8 (12) -89905 CLASSY CHOICE (21) (TB) J P O’Brien 3-9-3 D P McDonogh 60 9 (13) 60-800 MOVING (163) B Duke 4-9-3 M Horsman (10) 61 10 (8) 552033 WHYZZAT (28J) (P) D Hogan 3-9-3 J M Sheridan (3) 72 11 (2) 067305 GO LARGE (27) W Durkan 3-9-2 R Whearty (7) 68 12 (6) 860747 REDDIAC (10) (P) Joseph G Murphy 5-9-2 G F Carroll 65 13 (16) 706458 RITA LEVI (40) J McConnell 5-9-2 D O’Connor 69 14 (15) 04/90- YARRAMAN (467) (T 1 ) (C.) G Kingston 7-9-2 Siobhan Rutledge (7) - 15 (7) 806580 SECRET WIZARD (7) (C.) P W Flynn 8-9-7 RESERVE 57 16 (9) 052720 ENQUIRE WITHIN (27) Miss M Mcguinness 5-9-2 RESERVE 64 17 (11) 453300 CLAN JOCK (16) A Hughes 4-9-11 RESERVE 67 2020: Conor Hogan 4 10 0, Colin Keane 5/1C (Noel Meade), 14 ran. Star Betting 3 Crackaway, 7‐2 Whyzzat, 6 Universal Focus, 8 Light Fury, 10 Magic Charm, 12 Classy Choice, Go Large, Reddiac, 14 Rita Levi, Stay With Me, 20 Others STARFORM WHYZZAT Danger MORNING DEW STARFORM, for all that matters in racing IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 39 IT HAS GOTTA BE MAAMORA YESTERDAY was a curious day at Newmarket, with the jockeys seemingly keener to find out where the best ground was by splitting into small groups for a number of races. This included the feature juvenile contest, in which a field of six raced in three separate groups across the track. Hopefully there will be less of this nonsense today, particularly given the competitive nature of the racing. What evidence there was on the opening day, including the going-stick readings, suggested that the strip nearest the far rail could be the most advantageous turf to race on. Stiff And a stiff breeze from the west ought to both help dry the ground after a heavy dew, and also benefit those racing on the pace. That points to the chances of Simon Crisford’s (above) MAAMoRA (1:50 Newmarket) in the Rosemary Stakes. Winner of the Group 3 Atalanta Stakes just over a year ago, Maamora would have an excellent chance on that form, and, of course, no longer has to shoulder a penalty. Maamora has not quite hit the same heights this year, but she showed a lot more dash when a clear RORY’S TOP TIPS NEwMARkET 1.50 - MaaMora 2.25 - Glenartney 3.30 - roMantic tiMe Appleby’s delight Modern Games made every yard of the running to claim an impressive victory in the Tattersalls Stakes at newmarket yesterday — putting himself in line for a trip to the Breeders’ Cup. The dubawi colt bounded out of the stalls and barely saw a rival. Winner of a nursery at doncaster when last seen, Modern Games led the favourite Trident in a pair on the far side of newmarket’s expanse. In the centre of the track were Harrow and Cresta, while on the near side richard Hughes’ ring of Beara and Claim The Crown soon appeared to be disadvantaged by racing closest to the stands rail. Marcus Tregoning’s ribhi bolted with Jim Crowley to post and was withdrawn. Mickael Barzalona looked confident on Andre Fabre’s Trident second in the Listed Prix De La Cochere - Fonds Europeen De l’Elevage despite not leading — and she is definitely at her best when setting her stall out early. Well placed to do so here, she is likely to be overpriced in the second colours of Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, and such horses are regularly underbet. GLENARTNEY (2:25 Newmarket) looks a big price for the Princess Royal Stakes, assuming she takes her chance. She shaped best of all when third to Forbearance in the Galtres Stakes at York, and a stiffer mile-anda-half will suit her. She needs to improve to beat a peak-form Albaflora, but the favourite has not always been the easiest to catch right. While clearly the one to beat, an each-way bet on Ed Walker’s improving daughter of Le Havre looks the way to go. RoMANTiC TiME (3:00 Newmarket) is not bred for speed by any means, so she did very well to win twice at five furlongs. The form she showed at the minimum trip is useful, but she improved markedly for the step up to six in the Dick Poole Stakes at Salisbury, staying on well to beat a representative field in that Group 3 by a length. ■■Chris GOULDING going into the dip, but William Buick had saved plenty on Modern Games (3-1) and on meeting the rising ground, he began to pull away. He eventually won by two and a half lengths with Harrow pipping Cresta for third. Work Trainer Charlie Appleby said: “Full credit to everyone at home. He’s not a big, imposing horse by any stretch — but Lorna, who rides him at home, said this morning it would take a good one to beat him. “He did a bit of work on Saturday and while he didn’t surprise us, he worked particularly well. “That was always the plan today - to go out there and make it and get them to come at us. It was a great ride by William and it paid off.”

40 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 NEWMARKET 1560 999 910 1.15 5f 6f 7f 1m ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 1m1f 1m2f 1m4f 1m6f 2m2f Winning Post Startpoint Highest Point Lowest Point Open ditch Water jump Fence NEW SUPER BOOSTS AT UNIBET BRITISH EBF MDN STKS (C&G) (4) 7f 2yo £5,400 5 run. 1 (4) 32 AL JADDAF (21) C Appleby 2-9-0 W Buick 94 2 (1) 83 SPINAROUND (17) J & T Gosden 2-9-0 L Dettori 87 3 (2) 74 SUPERSTAR DJ (15) Richard Spencer 2-9-0 K Shoemark 69 4 (3) 0 TEZEES (122) D Quinn 2-9-0 J Haynes - 5 (5) THOMAS EQUINAS D Ivory 2-9-0 S W Kelly - 2020: Rainbow Fire 2 9 0, Robert Havlin 11/2 (John Gosden), 11 ran. Star Betting 4‐6 Al Jaddaf, 15‐8 Spinaround, 10 Thomas Equinas, 20 Others STARFORM AL JADDAF Danger SPINAROUND 1.50 UNIBET 3 UNIBOOSTS A DAY EBF ROSEMARY STKS (LISTED) (F&M) ITV4/VM1 (1) 1m 3yo plus £30,907 13 run. 1 (3) -14156 DECLARED INTEREST (35) (D) R Beckett 4-9-2 R Hornby 114 2 (9) 888121 DON’T TELL CLAIRE (20) (D) D & C Kubler 4-9-2 R Ryan 105 3 (8) 334-34 DUBAI LOVE (218) (W) (D) S bin Suroor 4-9-2 O Murphy 117 4 (13) 45-263 FOORAAT (63) (D) R Varian 4-9-2 A Atzeni 118 5 (4) 7-6416 LALANIA (34) (D) W Stone 6-9-2 Hollie Doyle 106 6 (2) 1-5852 MAAMORA (19) (D) S & E Crisford 5-9-2 James Doyle 117 7 (10) 1-4267 SERENADING (20) J Fanshawe 5-9-2 D Muscutt 97 8 (5) /831-5 UMMALNAR (255) (D, BF) R Charlton 6-9-2 R L Moore 116 9 (6) 61 ADABBAH (30) K Burke 3-8-12 P-L Jamin 97 10 (12) 341232 BABY ALYA (20) (D) K A Ryan 3-8-12 S Levey 95 11 (7) -36826 READY TO VENTURE (20) (P) W Haggas 3-8-12 T Marquand 110 12 (11) 1-1150 SOFT WHISPER (181) (D, BF) S bin Suroor 3-8-12 L Dettori 121 13 (1) 412- WEDDING DANCE (419) (H 1 ) C Appleby 3-8-12 W Buick 112 2020: Cloak Of Spirits 3 8 12, Andrea Atzeni 4/1 (Richard Hannon), 15 ran. Star Betting 7‐2 Wedding Dance, 4 Fooraat, 11‐2 Dubai Love, 6 Maamora, 7 Ummalnar, 8 Soft Whisper, 12 Declared Interest, 14 Don’t Tell Claire, Ready To Venture, 20 Others STARFORM SOFT WHISPER Danger FOORAAT HAYDOCK 1560 999 910 1.00 2m BETWAY APPRENTICE HANDICAP (5) 1m2 1 /2f 3yo plus £3,132 5 runners. 1 (2) 545 TELE RED (54) K Burke 4-9-8 Sophie Clements (7) 73 2 (4) 8-53 LOCKERBIE (81) (BF) W Haggas 3-9-7 C Howarth (5) 76 3 (1) 62-242 BASCULE (53) R Hughes 3-9-7 Elinor Jones (5) 80 4 (5) 682119 SKY BRIGHT (33) (D) E Walker 3-9-6 H Fraser (7) 84 5 (3) 152190 SWINTON NOON (118) (V) (D) M Appleby 3-9-1 E Parkinson 77 2020: Vulcan 3 9 4, Saffie Osborne (5) 2/1F (Harry Dunlop), 12 ran. Star Betting 13‐8 Lockerbie, 2 Bascule, 4 Sky Bright, 7 Tele Red, 12 Swinton Noon STARFORM SKY BRIGHT Danger BASCULE 1.30 ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 BETWAY EBF MAIDEN FILLIES’ STAKES (GBB RACE) (4) 6f 2yo only £5,400 10 run. 1 (10) 08 ARRIANNIE (25) C Kellett 2-9-0 D C Costello 39 2 (2) BARBANERA R Fahey 2-9-0 T Hamilton - 3 (3) 76 BASHOLO (17) B Meehan 2-9-0 M Dwyer 72 4 (5) 3 EESHA MEESH (11) M Botti 2-9-0 D Hogan 79 5 (9) 75 GLITTERING CHOICE (21) (P 1 ) T Dascombe 2-9-0 J Elliott 75 6 (8) 402 KIMNGRACE (23) (BF) R Hughes 2-9-0 D Probert 93 7 (4) MISS BRITAIN T Dascombe 2-9-0 R Kingscote - 8 (7) 7 ORIGINTRAIL (69) B Haslam 2-9-0 C Lee 74 9 (1) RAMADHAAN S bin Suroor 2-9-0 D O’Neill - 10 (6) ROUSAY R Hannon 2-9-0 T Hansen (3) - 2020: Cloudy Dawn 2 9 0, Cieren Fallon 13/2 (William Haggas), 8 ran. Star Betting 9‐4 Kimngrace, 9‐2 Eesha Meesh, 11‐2 Rousay, 7 Ramadhaan, 8 Barbanera, 9 Origintrail, 10 Glittering Choice, 11 Miss Britain, 16 Basholo, 20 Others STARFORM KIMNGRACE Danger EESHA MEESH WORCESTER 1560 999 910 2m 1 /2f CHASE 2.17 2m 2m4f ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 2m4f Track description: Left‐handed 1m5f oval, flat with long straights and easy turns. BOB LOVE KING OF THE DIRT HANDICAP CHS (4) 2m 1 /2f 12 fences 4yo plus £3,594 7 run. 1 15-321 COUSIN OSCAR (39) (TB) (D) D McCain 9-12-3 T Gillard (5) 115 2 2-U641 AWAY FOR SLATES (5) (D) M F Harris 11-11-13 (7x) M Bastyan (3) 116 3 24764U WHOSHOTWHO (29) (B) (D) Dr R Newland 10-11-12 C Hammond 125 4 02U-46 SARASOTA STAR (108) (D) M Keighley 5-11-12 R Dingle 104 5 646-25 GETABUCK (68) (TP 1 ) (BF) Ali Stronge 8-11-4 J Bowen 118 6 PP1140 CAPTAIN COBAJAY (16) (D) J Landy 8-10-10 S W Quinlan 119 7 -13593 CAWTHORNE (29) (HT) (D, BF) O Greenall 7-10-1 C Nichol 121 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 3 Away For Slates, 4 Cousin Oscar, 9‐2 Getabuck, 11‐2 Others STARFORM WHOSHOTWHO Danger CAWTHORNE Top trainers at the track (2017‐21): Charlie Appleby 66‐222 (30%), Roger Varian 30‐201 (15%), Andrew Balding 27‐195 (14%), William Haggas 27‐198 (14%), Ralph Beckett 23‐132 (17%), Sir Michael Stoute 11‐105 (10%), Roger Charlton 10‐48 (21%). UNIBET PRINCESS ROYAL STAKES 2.25 (GROUP 3) (FILLIES & MARES) (1) ITV4/VM1 1m4f 3yo plus £45,368 11 runners. 1 (4) -14532 ALBAFLORA (36) (D) R Beckett 4-9-3 R Ryan 126 2 (1) -01221 BY STARLIGHT (26) (D) H Candy 4-9-3 R Hornby 102 3 (2) 3-6324 DOMINO DARLING (27) (BF) W Haggas 4-9-3 T Marquand 117 4 (7) 431313 FORBEARANCE (13) (D) Mrs J Harrington (IRE) 4-9-3 S Foley 118 5 (11) -12182 GOLDEN PASS (15) (D) H Palmer 4-9-3 R L Moore 118 6 (6) 61-533 GLENARTNEY (36) (C.) E Walker 3-8-10 O Murphy 114 7 (5) 5-4225 LADY HAYES (44) R Varian 3-8-10 A Atzeni 116 8 (8) 142436 MYSTERY ANGEL (33) (C.) G Boughey 3-8-10 B A Curtis 113 9 (3) 8210 PENNYMOOR (36) (D) J & T Gosden 3-8-10 James Doyle 106 10 (9) 2-1124 SAYYIDA (40) (CD) C Appleby 3-8-10 W Buick 117 11 (10) -12121 SEA LA ROSA (14) (D) W Haggas 3-8-10 C Fallon 112 2020: Antonia De Vega 4 9 3, Harry Bentley 16/5 (Ralph Beckett), 4 ran. Star Betting 5‐2 Albaflora, 5 Sayyida, 6 Forbearance, Golden Pass, 8 Domino Darling, 9 Lady Hayes, Mystery Angel, 14 Glenartney, Pennymoor, 16 Sea La Rosa, 20 Others STARFORM ALBAFLORA Danger FORBEARANCE UNIBET ROCKFEL STKS (GROUP 2) 3.00 (FILLIES) (1) 7f 2yo £51,039 10 run. ITV4/VM1 1 (3) 15337 CACHET (15) (C.) G Boughey 2-9-0 James Doyle 111 2 (1) 314 FEMME FRIENDLY (34) (BF) R Varian 2-9-0 C Shepherd 94 3 (6) 1 GIRL ON FILM (48) (D) R Beckett 2-9-0 L Dettori 100 4 (9) 12364 HELLO YOU (27) (H) D Loughnane 2-9-0 R Ryan 117 5 (5) 11 JUMBLY (21) (D) R Charlton 2-9-0 Hollie Doyle 109 6 (8) 221 KAWIDA (49) (D) E Walker 2-9-0 A Atzeni 97 7 (7) 6211 MAJESTIC GLORY (48) (D) A Balding 2-9-0 R L Moore 114 8 (10) 113413 OSCULA (34) (D, BF) G Boughey 2-9-0 W Buick 117 9 (4) 731181 ROMANTIC TIME (22) W Stone 2-9-0 M Ghiani 113 10 (2) 41834 SUNSTRIKE (48) J & T Gosden 2-9-0 O Murphy 105 2020: Isabella Giles 2 9 0, Adam Kirby 11/5 (Clive Cox), 5 ran. Star Betting 3 Majestic Glory, 4 Girl On Film, 9‐2 Jumbly, 6 Oscula, 8 Hello You, 9 Romantic Time, 10 Cachet, 14 Sunstrike, 20 Others STAR COMMENTS CACHET The two positives are the drop back in trip and the return to the scene of her win FEMME FRIENDLY Won well at Windsor on second start; beaten favourite on AW later in August GIRL ON FILM Justified favouritism in maiden on the other course here on debut; open to progress Top jockeys at the track (2017‐21): R Kingscote 57‐364 (16%), F Norton 24‐136 (18%), P Cosgrave 11‐52 (21%), A Kirby 10‐51 (20%), M Harley 10‐71 (14%), D Probert 9‐96 (9%), T Hamilton 8‐107 (7%), Jane Elliott 7‐60 (12%). 2.00 BETWAY EBF MAIDEN STAKES (C&G) (4) 6f 2yo only £5,400 5 runners. 1 (2) 432 BUCKSHAW VILLAGE (19) R Fahey 2-9-0 T Hamilton 94 2 (5) 34 CAPTAIN’S BAR (21) R Hannon 2-9-0 D O’Neill 89 3 (4) 0 CITY VAULTS (21) D O’Meara 2-9-0 J P Spencer 57 4 (1) 58 DARBUCKS (22) C Kellett 2-9-0 D C Costello 79 5 (3) SPERANZOSO E Walker 2-9-0 L Morris - 2020: Helmont 2 9 0, Richard Kingscote 5/1 (Tom Dascombe), 8 ran. Star Betting 13‐8 Buckshaw Village, Captain’s Bar, 7‐2 Speranzoso, 12 City Vaults, 16 Darbucks STARFORM BUCKSHAW VILLAGE Danger CAPTAIN’S BAR 2.35 LEE THOMAS CHRISTY MEMORIAL NURSERY HANDICAP (2) 5f 2yo only £8,640 9 runners. 1 (7) 1542 INSTINCTIVE MOVE (13) (D) Clive Cox 2-9-7 A Kirby 98 2 (1) 1576 KINGBOARD STAR (25) (D) E Walker 2-9-5 L Morris 98 3 (3) 219170 KORKER (14) (D) K Burke 2-9-5 C Lee 99 4 (4) 171106 DEVIOUS ANGEL (13) (CD) T Dascombe 2-9-4 K Schofield (5) 100 5 (8) 21010 BELLARENA LADY (42) (D) E Dunlop 2-8-13 D Probert 97 6 (5) 333712 COME QUICK (26) (D) K Burke 2-8-13 R Kingscote 98 7 (6) 3515 SISTERS IN THE SKY (37) R Teal 2-8-12 R Clutterbuck (5) 96 8 (2) 252021 RUSSELLINTHEBUSHES (13) (D) P D Evans 2-8-10 J Egan 98 9 (9) 731 REVERSION (14) (D) A King 2-8-8 M Harley 100 2020: Atalis Bay 2 9 4, Stefano Cherchi (5) 5/1 (Marco Botti), 7 ran. Star Betting 4 Come Quick, 9‐2 Reversion, 11‐2 Instinctive Move, 6 Russellinthebushes, 7 Devious Angel, Sisters In The Sky, 8 Kingboard Star, 11 Bellarena Lady, 12 Korker STARFORM DEVIOUS ANGEL Danger REVERSION HELLO YOU Has Group form; major player on the figures but has possibly reached her limit JUMBLY Promising filly who is two from two; won easily at Kempton last time; shortlisted KAWIDA Scored on soft ground at Haydock seven weeks ago; this is a much harder task MAJESTIC GLORY Frankel filly who landed the Sweet Solera last time, beating a subsequent Grade 1 scorer OSCULA In good form at Deauville last month, winning Group 3 contest then third in Group 2 ROMANTIC TIME Successful in Salisbury Group 3 over 6f last time; this is harder but she’s progressive SUNSTRIKE About 4l behind Majestic Glory in the Sweet Solera; needs to improve STARFORM HELLO YOU Danger OSCULA 3.35 UNIBET “YOU’RE ON” JOEL STAKES (GROUP 2) (1) ITV4/VM1 1m 3yo plus £65,217 8 runners. 1 (7) 470172 ACCIDENTAL AGENT (22) (P) (C ,D) E Houghton 7-9-4 C Bishop 123 2 (3) 1133-2 BENBATL (27) (T) (CD, BF) S bin Suroor 7-9-4 O Murphy 129 3 (6) -10563 POGO (27) (CD) C Hills 5-9-4 K Shoemark 122 4 (5) 437243 SIR BUSKER (9) (D) W Knight 5-9-4 C Shepherd 126 5 (1) 321-10 QUEEN SUPREME (237) (D) A Balding 5-9-1 R L Moore 123 6 (4) 120-23 LANEQASH (13) (BF) R Varian 3-9-0 J Crowley 126 7 (8) 14-212 MASTER OF THE SEAS (146) (H) (CD) C Appleby 3-9-0 W Buick 129 8 (2) 194354 PEROTTO (2) (D) M Tregoning 3-9-0 A Atzeni 123 2020: Kameko 3 9 5, Oisin Murphy 85/40 (Andrew Balding), 6 ran. Star Betting 11‐8 Master Of The Seas, 3 Benbatl, 6 Laneqash, 15‐2 Sir Busker, 14 Perotto, Pogo, 16 Queen Supreme, 20 Others STAR COMMENTS ACCIDENTAL AGENT Won a handicap in July but this 7yo isn’t the force of old and looks up against it BENBATL Won this two years ago and was a good third last season; again a key player POGO 0-10 in Group races but each-way claims at track that suits his front-running style SIR BUSKER Some fine performances in defeat this season and might not be far away QUEEN SUPREME South African Grade 1 winner but returns from some time off in tough race on British debut LANEQASH Improvement needed but has potential now up to 1m and probably back on better ground MASTER OF THE SEAS Short-headed in 2,000 Guineas prior to a setback; leading claims if at his best on return PEROTTO Solid form in Group and Listed races (latest on Wednesday) but needs a career best today STARFORM BENBATL Danger MASTER OF THE SEAS Going GOOD TO FIRM Top trainers at the track (2017‐21): Tom Dascombe 54‐361 (15%), Mark Johnston 37‐249 (15%), William Haggas 35‐155 (23%), Ed Walker 25‐108 (23%), Richard Hannon 24‐173 (14%), David O’Meara 22‐206 (11%), Tim Easterby 20‐288 (7%). 3.10 RAY TURNER MEMORIAL HANDICAP (4) 1m6f 4yo plus £4,752 5 runners. 1 (1) 335063 STARGAZER (18) (P 1 ) (CD) P Kirby 8-9-8 A Kirby 102 2 (3) 514063 THAI TERRIER (13) (V) M Johnston 5-9-7 F Norton 95 3 (5) 260471 DREAMWEAVER (21) (CD) E Walker 5-9-5 L Morris 100 4 (4) 306443 EAGLE COURT (20) D O’Meara 4-9-5 J P Spencer 99 5 (2) 421122 SUPER SUPERJACK (12) M F Harris 4-8-2 T Heard (5) 97 2020: Billy No Mates 4 9 6, Clifford Lee 5/1 (Michael Dods), 9 ran. Star Betting 7‐4 Dreamweaver, 100‐30 Super Superjack, 7‐2 Eagle Court, 5 Thai Terrier, 13‐2 Stargazer STARFORM STARGAZER Danger DREAMWEAVER 3.45 F&T TERRIX SYSTEMS HANDICAP (3) 1m6f 3yo only £11,597 8 runners. 1 (7) 912821 SOLENT GATEWAY (34) (P) T Dascombe 3-9-7 Jane Elliott 104 2 (1) 6-1371 BANDINELLI (41) (P) C Appleby 3-9-4 A Kirby 103 3 (5) 42511 MOLIWOOD (27) (B) (D) M Botti 3-9-3 S Cherchi (3) 109 4 (4) 551211 GEREMIA (21) (B) (D) M Botti 3-9-1 D Hogan 105 5 (3) 413102 CHARGING THUNDER (16) D O’Meara 3-9-0 J P Spencer 103 6 (6) 1146 TYNWALD (20) R Hughes 3-8-12 L Morris 99 7 (8) 332171 SPIRIT MIXER (35) (D) A Balding 3-8-8 D Probert 101 8 (2) -66611 SARATOGA GOLD (17) C Hills 3-8-6 F Norton 103 2020: Prince Alex 3 8 8, Rossa Ryan 3/1F (Ralph Beckett), 8 ran. Star Betting 4 Geremia, Saratoga Gold, 9‐2 Moliwood, 11‐2 Bandinelli, 13‐2 Solent Gateway, Spirit Mixer, 15‐2 Charging Thunder, 14 Tynwald STARFORM MOLIWOOD Danger GEREMIA Going GOOD JASON HEAVEY STAR TIP 1.15 Spinaround Spinaround 1.50 Ummalnar Wedding Dance 2.25 Glenartney Albaflora 3.00 Majestic Glory Majestic Glory 3.35 Benbatl Master Of The Seas 4.10 Alignak Star Safari 4.40 Glen Esk Fireworks Going GOOD Top jockeys at the track (2017‐21): W Buick 64‐253 (25%), O Murphy 39‐236 (17%), R L Moore 31‐270 (11%), L Dettori 29‐165 (18%), J Crowley 29‐217 (13%), James Doyle 24‐217 (11%), A Atzeni 16‐169 (9%). 4.10 PLAY SLINGO STARTBURST AT UNIBET GODOLPHIN STAKES (LISTED RACE) (1) 1m4f 3yo plus £29,489 6 runners. ISEIR 1 (6) 1231-4 ALIGNAK (13) (D) Sir M Stoute 5-9-5 R L Moore 122 2 (5) 725333 FOX TAL (20) (H) A Balding 5-9-5 O Murphy 123 3 (4) 2253-5 HIGHLAND CHIEF (112) (TB 1 , W) P & O Cole 4-9-5 NON RUNNER - 4 (2) 311637 STAR SAFARI (47) (D) C Appleby 5-9-5 W Buick 122 5 (1) -23841 WITHOUT A FIGHT (22) (D) S & E Crisford 4-9-5 A Atzeni 120 6 (3) -11937 JOHN LEEPER (19) (C.) E Dunlop 3-9-1 Hollie Doyle 113 2020: Walton Street 6 9 5, James Doyle 6/1 (Charlie Appleby), 6 ran. Star Betting 5‐2 Star Safari, 11‐4 Fox Tal, 7‐2 Alignak, 4 Without A Fight, 6 John Leeper STARFORM FOX TAL Danger ALIGNAK 4.40 UNIBET CASINO DEPOSIT £10 GET £40 BONUS H’CAP (3) 1m1f 3yo plus £13,500 10 run. 1 (6) 57/593 ANANYA (6) Sir M Prescott 4-10-2 R Tate 97 2 (8) -95264 CELTIC ART (20) P & O Cole 4-9-10 W Buick 97 3 (7) 832231 REBEL TERRITORY (55) (D) Mrs A Perrett 3-9-7 R L Moore 95 4 (2) 3-21 FIREWORKS (27) W Haggas 3-9-5 T Marquand 99 5 (3) 4-1234 MASHHOOR (50) (BF) Sir M Stoute 3-9-5 J Crowley 96 6 (10) 313206 TURNTABLE (42) (C.) C Wall 5-9-5 C Shepherd 98 7 (5) -51518 SEVENAL (22) (B 1 ) J & T Gosden 3-9-5 R Havlin 95 8 (1) 31d1 ALHEZABR (15) R Varian 3-9-2 A Atzeni 96 9 (9) 5-1617 DIFFIDENT SPIRIT (50) T Kent 3-8-12 Josephine Gordon 96 10 (4) -21114 GLEN ESK (39) C Wall 4-8-9 Hollie Doyle 94 2020: Breath Caught 5 9 12, Rob Hornby 4/1 (Ralph Beckett), 7 ran. Star Betting 11‐4 Fireworks, 9‐2 Alhezabr, 13‐2 Mashhoor, Rebel Territory, 7 Sevenal, 10 Ananya, 12 Celtic Art, Glen Esk, 14 Diffident Spirit, Turntable STARFORM FIREWORKS Danger TURNTABLE JASON HEAVEY STAR TIP 1.00 Lockerbie Bascule 1.30 Miss Britain Kimngrace 2.00 Buckshaw Village Captain’s Bar 2.35 Reversion (nap) Come Quick 3.10 Super Superjack Super Superjack 3.45 Saratoga Gold (nb) Geremia 4.20 Noble Patron Noble Patron 1m2 1 /2f 1m4f 1m 7f 1m6f Winning Post 5f Startpoint 6f Highest Point 2m Lowest Point Open ditch 5f Water jump 6f Fence Track description: Left‐handed oval, galloping, 1m4f round, with 4 1/2f run‐in; Alternative 5f/6f course on inner. 4.20 BETWAY HANDICAP (3) 1m 3yo plus £7,731 7 runners. 1 (2) 05-603 PIECE OF HISTORY (21) (D) S bin Suroor 6-9-11 P Cosgrave 97 2 (6) 2-0510 ONE SMALL STEP (33) B Meehan 4-9-7 M Dwyer 94 3 (3) 123215 SIBAAQ (27) M Johnston 3-9-6 D O’Neill 97 4 (1) 132167 RAINS OF CASTAMERE (27) (CD) M Channon 4-9-5 R Kingscote 95 5 (4) 363311 NOBLE PATRON (27) (D) S & E Crisford 3-9-5 D Probert 99 6 (7) 025729 STAR SHIELD (8) (P) (CD) D O’Meara 6-9-2 J P Spencer 101 7 (5) 343513 DELGREY BOY (10) (D, BF) T Easterby 4-8-12 D Fentiman 98 2020: Hesslewood 4 9 8, Luke Morris 17/2 (James Bethell), 12 ran. Star Betting 3 Noble Patron, 7‐2 Piece Of History, 4 Sibaaq, 5 Delgrey Boy, 15‐2 Star Shield, 8 One Small Step, 10 Rains Of Castamere STARFORM STAR SHIELD Danger NOBLE PATRON Top jockeys at the track (2017‐21): JASON HEAVEY STAR TIP S Twiston‐Davies 35‐182 (19%), S Bowen 19‐120 (16%), J Bowen 15‐79 (19%), G Sheehan 12‐69 (17%), 2.17 Captain Cobajay Away For Slates SKY SPORTS RACING SKY 415 H’CAP HURDLE H Cobden 9‐43 (21%), J Quinlan 8‐44 (18%), J Best 8‐90 (9%). 2.52 Thistle Do Nicely Supremely Lucky 4.02 (3) 2m4f 10 flights 4yo plus £4,956 6 run. 3.27 Makety Makety FOLLOW @ATTHERACES ON TWITTER 1 0-1345 CHAPMANSHYPE (34) (T) (D) J Snowden 7-11-12 G Sheehan 141 4.02 Calvinist Calvinist 2.52 NOVICES’ LIMITED HANDICAP CHASE (GBB) 2 31112S SHETLAND BUS (9) (T) (D, BF) J Landy 8-11-6 S W Quinlan 139 4.35 Golfe Clair Roque It HURDLE (3) 2m7f 16 fences 4yo plus £5,882 5 run. 3 7-3270 PAGERO (56) (D) Jonjo O’Neill 6-11-2 J O’Neill Jr 140 5.07 Long Call London Eye 4 143-47 REVE (81) (D, BF) M Keighley 7-10-9 S Bowen 141 2m7f 1 0-712F THISTLE DO NICELY (33) (C.) J Snowden 7-11-8 G Sheehan 143 Top trainers at the track (2017‐21): Dr R Newland 28‐102 (27%), 5 -66311 CALVINIST (16) (P) (D) K Frost 8-10-3 J J Burke 137 2 31232- SUPREMELY LUCKY (155) (D) C Longsdon 9-11-7 J J Burke 143 Philip Hobbs 26‐85 (31%), Jonjo O’Neill 24‐146 (16%), 6 121 OCTOBER STORM (22) (D) D McCain 8-10-3 P J Kavanagh (10) 143 3 84214- AIMEE DE SIVOLA (155) (BF) N Williams 7-11-0 D Noonan - Nicky Henderson 20‐81 (25%), Fergal O’Brien 19‐99 (19%), Winning Post 4 14308- PRESENT CHIEF (155) (C ,D) Jonjo O’Neill 7-10-13 R McLernon - 2020: No corresponding race. Nigel Twiston‐Davies 14‐75 (19%), David Pipe 13‐90 (14%). Startpoint 2m7f Highest Point 5 P84-64 CANYON CITY (111) (D) N King 8-10-13 J Quinlan 141 Star Betting 11‐4 Calvinist, Shetland Bus, 7‐2 October Storm, Pagero, 12 Reve, Lowest Point 14 Chapmanshype CAZOO CONDITIONAL JOCKEYS’ HANDICAP Open ditch 2020: No corresponding race. Water jump Fence Star Betting 11‐8 Thistle Do Nicely, 3 Supremely Lucky, 5 Aimee De Sivola, STARFORM OCTOBER STORM Danger CHAPMANSHYPE 5.07 HDL (4) 2m 8 flights 3yo plus £3,159 12 run. 11‐2 Present Chief, 8 Canyon City 1 31 LONDON EYE (23) (CD) C Dwyer 5-12-1 K Brogan 112 SFORM THISTLE DO NICELY Dgr SUPREMELY LUCKY CAZOO NOVICES’ HURDLE (GBB RACE) (4) 2 3-644F THEOCRAT (31) (T) (D) N Hawke 4-11-12 K Buckley (6) 115 4.35 2m4f 10 flights 4yo plus £4,085 9 runners. 3 4-U15 MAN OF LIGHT (96) (D) P Hobbs 4-11-12 S Houlihan 112 MUCKLOW & HARRIS ANNIV. MARES’ H’CAP 4 317-35 IRON HEART (19) (B) (D) D Pipe 4-11-12 F Gillard (3) 106 1 59-1U1 GOLFE CLAIR (29) (D) P Kirby 5-11-5 T Dowson 125 5 6-5485 GLIMPSE OF GOLD (39) (T) (D) Mrs S Humphrey 10-11-10 A Thorne 109 3.27 CHS (4) 2m4f 13 fences 4yo+ £3,594 6 run. 2 513 RENARDEAU (37) (C.) Ali Stronge 5-11-5 D Noonan 119 6 4-3022 LONG CALL (33F) (D) A Carroll 8-11-9 J Dixon (3) 115 1 -38112 PARDON ME (22) (D, BF) M & D Easterby 8-11-12 H Bannister 116 3 F262-2 BRORSON (143) M Keighley 5-10-12 S Bowen - 7 291PP- ARONIUS (155) (T) (D) M F Harris 6-11-2 M Bastyan (3) 115 2 -46344 DIVA DE VASSY (39) (TP 1 ) (D) J Candlish 5-11-9 S W Quinlan 117 4 42-7 DRAGOON SPRINGS (23) A Carroll 5-10-12 N Slatter (5) 100 8 8P-755 COLONEL LESLEY (24) (P) (D) B Leavy 5-10-11 C Ward 107 3 779-32 MAKETY (71) O Sherwood 7-11-4 J J Burke 118 5 40FP-U FAMILY POT (138) (W) Sheila Lewis 6-10-12 S Houlihan (3) 110 9 213 BURRISTO (61) (P) (D) F O’Brien 3-10-7 L Harrison (3) 117 4 7P85-2 BLEUE AWAY (126) (T) A Honeyball 7-10-12 R Dingle - 6 5234- FANTOMAS (186) N Twiston-Davies 5-10-12 S Twiston-Davies - 10 89/6 HACKBRIDGE (15F) (P) P Phelan 6-10-6 N Houlihan 107 5 /P1F4- STUPID CUPID (287) (TP) (C ,D) S Lewis 10-10-5 S Houlihan (3) 116 7 1/8-5P FATHER JOHN (16) N Henderson 6-10-12 J Bowen 78 11 407P- NORTH POINT (199) (TP, W) O Greenall 4-10-4 R Turner (3) 112 6 6P-633 SILVRETTA SCHWARZ (57) M Young 6-10-0 J Best 106 8 326P4- ROQUE IT (166) (W) P Nicholls 7-10-12 H Cobden 129 12 43323 ONEONECHOP (19) (TB) (BF) D Pipe 3-10-4 P Armson (6) 115 2020: No corresponding race. 9 32626 DON’T STOP NOW (23) (P) F O’Brien 4-10-9 C Brace 103 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 7‐4 Pardon Me, 7‐2 Bleue Away, Makety, 11‐2 Diva De Vassy, 8 Stupid Cupid, 20 Others STARFORM MAKETY Danger DIVA DE VASSY 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 15‐8 Golfe Clair, 2 Roque It, 9‐2 Brorson, 6 Renardeau, 20 Others STARFORM ROQUE IT Danger GOLFE CLAIR Star Betting 3 London Eye, 5 Burristo, Hackbridge, 7 Long Call, Theocrat, 12 Iron Heart, Man Of Light, 14 North Point, Oneonechop, 20 Others STARFORM BURRISTO Danger THEOCRAT

ISEIR YORK 1560 999 910 2.05 WILLIAM HILL EXTRA PLACES RACES HANDICAP (2) ITV4/VM1 6f 3yo plus £12,885 11 runners. 1 (3) 020080 LAMPANG (14) (TB 1 ) (D) T Easterby 4-9-10 D Allan 113 2 (4) 321063 MR WAGYU (6) (V) (CD) J J Quinn 6-9-9 J Hart 111 3 (6) 902071 NOMADIC EMPIRE (4) D O’Meara 3-9-8 (6x) J Watson 108 4 (11) -06000 LAHORE (6) (C ,D) P Makin 7-9-4 R Scott 112 5 (1) 17-481 CAIRN ISLAND (28) (CD) K A Ryan 3-9-2 K Stott 112 6 (5) 573553 CHAIRMANOFTHEBOARD (14) (D) M Channon 5-9-0 D Egan 108 7 (9) 260284 TREACHEROUS (13) (D) E De Giles 7-9-0 J Mitchell 109 8 (2) 022480 MUSIC SOCIETY (6) (D) T Easterby 6-8-13 P Mulrennan 110 9 (10) 011505 ABATE (13) (CD) A Nicholls 5-8-10 C Hutchinson (5) 108 10 (7) 706093 INTERNATIONALDREAM (19) (P) (D) R Fahey 3-8-8 P Hanagan 111 11 (8) 470087 MUSCIKA (12) (V) (CD) D O’Meara 7-8-7 C Beasley 114 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 100-30 Mr Wagyu, 4 Cairn Island, 6 Treacherous, 7 Chairmanoftheboard, 8 Nomadic Empire, 10 Internationaldream, 12 Lampang, Music Society, 16 Others STARFORM MUSCIKA Danger LAMPANG 4.50 ARC WEEKEND ON SKY RACING FILLIES’ H’CAP (5) 1m4 1 /2f 3yo plus £2,862 8 run. 1 (7) 583451 GOLDEN HIND (11) (T) (CD) D O’Meara 4-10-3 (5x) D Tudhope 75 2 (8) 4139/2 JOIE DE VIVRE (39J) (D) M Todhunter 6-9-11 G Lee 75 3 (4) 6551 COLONIAL LOVE (13) (H) (D) H Palmer 3-9-8 T Eaves 76 4 (5) 8-4230 HIPSWAY (12) K Dalgleish 3-9-7 C Rodriguez 70 5 (3) 34-232 MIRACLE EAGLE (17) (V) (BF) JO’Keeffe 4-9-5 J Garritty 75 6 (1) 72-3d3 CHEROKEE DANCE (174) I Williams 3-9-2 E Whittington (5) 73 7 (6) 467513 HELLENISTA (5) (D) T Easterby 3-8-10 P Dennis 74 8 (2) 036 TYKENWEAR (25) John Davies 3-8-4 Amie Waugh (5) 67 2020: Golden Hind 3 9 7, Daniel Tudhope 11/4F (David O’Meara), 8 ran. Star Betting 11-4 Colonial Love, 3 Golden Hind, 9-2 Hellenista, 6 Miracle Eagle, 8 Others STARFORM COLONIAL LOVE Danger GOLDEN HIND 5.30 ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 Track description: Left-handed, U-shaped course, fl at and fair, ideal for powerful galloper. 2m with run-in of almost 5f. Races of 7f start on a spur. Can become very testing. Top trainers at the track (2017-21): Tim Easterby 37-424 (9%), Richard Fahey 35-530 (7%), Mark Johnston 29-238 (12%), Michael Dods 22-142 (15%), David O’Meara 22-368 (6%), Kevin Ryan 19-275 (7%), Richard Hannon 14-140 (10%). JASON HEAVEY STAR TIP 2.05 Mr Wagyu Mr Wagyu 2.40 La Rav La Trinidad 3.15 Trust Bertie Object 3.50 Invincibly Cosmos Raj 4.25 Emaraty Hero Emaraty Hero 4.55 International Girl Hello Me 5.25 Mount Marcy Mount Marcy NEWCASTLE 1560 999 910 ¤1.28 p/min. Calls from mobiles & other networks vary. 18+ Helpline Phonovation 0818 217 100 Top jockeys at the track (2017-21): P J McDonald 67-549 (12%), D Tudhope 62-321 (19%), J Fanning 52-393 (13%), C Rodriguez 50-308 (16%), A Mullen 49-543 (9%). SKY SPORTS RACING SKY 415 APPRENTICE HANDICAP (6) 5f 3yo plus £2,322 12 run. 1 (12) 433425 LORD OF THE GLEN (12) (B) (CD, BF) J Goldie 6-9-9 A Waugh (3) 69 2 (3) 643726 LOLA REBEL (12) (BF) C Teague 3-9-7 H Russell 66 3 (2) 141763 FOSSOS (8) (TB) (D) T Easterby 3-9-6 Ella McCain (6) 67 4 (8) 37647- SESTRIERE (296) R G Fell 5-9-2 B Harris (10) 68 5 (7) 04-099 KHULU (27) D Thompson 5-9-1 A Beech (3) 61 6 (9) 045030 TWELVE DIAMONDS (11) M Herrington 4-9-0 G Buckell 67 7 (6) 947238 ELZAAL (40) (BF) P Midgley 3-9-0 B Garritty 66 8 (5) 657948 RED STRIPES (26) (B) (D) Mrs L Williamson 9-8-12 G Ashton (5) 58 9 (10) 86-767 BRAZEN LADY (49) Mrs L Williamson 4-8-12 E Whittington (3) 61 10 (1) 800906 TILTILYS ROCK (18) (D) Andrew Crook 4-8-12 C Murtagh 53 11 (11) 400434 SHEILA’S LEGACY (26) (P) Alan Brown 3-8-11 C Noble 62 12 (4) 483866 LANCASHIRE LIFE (5) S Barclay 3-8-11 F McManoman 63 2020: Gorgeous Gobolina 4 9 3, Harry Russell (5) 100/30 (Susan Corbett), 12 ran. Star Betting 3 Fossos, 5 Elzaal, Lord Of The Glen, 6 Khulu, 7 Lola Rebel, 8 Others STARFORM LORD OF THE GLEN Danger SESTRIERE LISTOWEL Going: YIELDING 1.40-1, FRENCH CLAIM (W J Lee) 11/8fav; 2, Bienvenue 11/4; 3, All In The Mind 18/1; NR: Bells On Her Toes. 15 ran. 1 /2, 5. (P Twomey). Tote: Win €2.30; PL €1.30, €1.20, €4.30; Exacta €8.50; CSF €5.11; Trifecta €142.30 2.15-1, SHEILA (J M Sheridan) 2/1fav; 2, Swiss Army Offi cer 17/2; 3, Take My Hand 17/2; NRs: Emphatic, Sod’s Law, Phoenix Open, Plum Perfect, Lord McZie, Silent Performance, Faithful Prince. 12 ran. 1 1 /2, 1 1 /4. (D Hogan). Tote: Win €2.70; PL €1.10, €2.60, €2.70; Exacta €18.90; CSF €20.08; Tricast €125.98 Trifecta €95.80 2.50-1, DANTE’S PASS (S Crosse) 15/2; 2, Knight Of Malta 7/1; 3, Kojin 2/1fav; NRs: Powerful Don, Wickywickywheels, Duleek Street, Don’t Be Angry. 15 ran. 3 /4, 1. (J P O’Brien). Tote: Win €7.20; PL €2.00, €2.40, €1.30; Exacta €63.90; CSF €58.97; Trifecta €350.80 3.25-1, IS THAT LOVE (C MacRedmond) 3/1fav; 2, Earls 12/1; 3, Big Island 12/1; NRs: Sagittarius Rising, Conversant, Skontonovski, Rock Etoile, Starting Monday. 13 ran. 2 1 /2, 3 /4. (A Mcguinness). Tote: Win €3.50; PL €1.40, €4.20, €3.50; Exacta €44.20; CSF €40.80; Tricast €392.25 Trifecta €845.60 4.00-1, SASTA (W Byrne) 14/1; 2, Ideal Pal 5/1Jfav; 3, Excuzio Joe 25/1. Also: Oneiroi 5/1Jfav; NRs: Bring Us Paradise, Millford Sound, Fil The Power. 15 ran. 1 /2, 1 /2. (J Bolger). Tote: Win €17.90; PL €5.10, €2.80, €7.30; Exacta €158.30; CSF €85.18; Tricast €1838.01 Trifecta €1152.30 4.35-1, REBELLITO (R P Whelan) 11/1; 2, Yafordadoe 22/1; 3, Port Sunlight 8/1. Also: Monty’s Way 4/1fav; NRs: Magnetic North, Melburnian, Camphor, Phoenix Cowboy. 14 ran. 1 1 /4, 3 /4. (W Mullins). Tote: Win €10.70; PL €3.50, €5.80, €2.80; Exacta €244.20; CSF €244.43; Tricast €2060.75 Trifecta €1660.80 5.10-1, EMPYREA (C T Keane) 9/2; 2, Rekero 15/2; 3, Merlin Giant 5/1. Also: Flora 5/4fav; NRs: Rock Crusher, Kujuku, Ricky Bobby. 15 ran. 2 1 /2, nk. (D Weld). Tote: Win €6.50; PL €1.80, €2.00, €1.80; Exacta €45.40; CSF €39.88; Trifecta €273.90 5.40-1, SEA APPEAL (R C Colgan) 7/2fav; 2, Share The Honour 28/1; 3, Anyonecanhaveitall 5/1; NRs: Greenpanda, Antigua Son, Ferrum. 15 ran. 1 3 /4, 1 /2. (Ms S Lavery). Tote: Win €4.20; PL €2.00, €9.30, €2.90; Exacta €139.60; CSF €118.48; Tricast €509.16 Trifecta €1228.10 JACKPOT Not Won. Pool of €612.64 carried forward to Listowel on Friday, 24th September PLACEPOT €150.60 (Race 1) 4, 11, 2; (2) 7, 8, 13; (3) 4, 1, 7; (4) 8, 11, 7; (5) 4, 3, 16; (6) 7, 12, 5; NEWMARKET Going: GOOD (Overall 7.0; Stands’ 7.1; Centre 6.9; Far 7.2) changed to GOOD TO FIRM (Good in places) after Race 6 (3.55) 1.00-1, SUBASTAR (A Atzeni) 14/1; 2, Dawn Of Liberation 11/8fav; 3, Symbol Of Light 9/2; 10 ran. 1 1 /2, nk. (R Varian). Tote: Win £13.50; PL £2.90, £1.10, £2.20; Exacta £43.70; CSF £32.74; Trifecta £178.00 WILLIAMHILL.COM B-O-G H’CAP 2.40 (3) 7f 4yo plus £10,308 13 run. ITV4/VM1 1 (7) -56119 LA TRINIDAD (36) (C ,D, BF) R G Fell 4-9-7 R Scott 110 2 (1) 3041-7 COLOUR IMAGE (260) S bin Suroor 4-9-2 K Stott 106 3 (4) 153121 LION TOWER (35) (D) G Tuer 4-9-1 S James 108 4 (3) 162321 ABLE KANE (14) B Millman 4-9-1 NON RUNNER - 5 (12) 002508 TADLEEL (13) (D) R Fahey 6-9-0 P Hanagan 109 6 (11) 457451 FIRMAMENT (22) (P) (CD) D O’Meara 9-8-12 J Watson 113 7 (9) 881637 SILVER SAMURAI (20) (H) (D) M Botti 4-8-12 David Egan 108 8 (13) 442333 DANZAN (7) (B) T Easterby 6-8-11 D Allan 108 9 (8) 212132 POET’S MAGIC (8) (D, BF) J J Quinn 5-8-8 J Hart 111 10 (2) 048334 SAFRAN (10) D O’Meara 4-8-8 S Kirrane (5) 109 11 (10) 6-0713 LA RAV (3) (D) M & D Easterby 7-8-8 J Mason (3) 107 12 (5) 173140 CHALLET (6) (C.) M Dods 4-8-7 C Beasley 107 13 (6) 112433 ASTROGEM (12) (D) H Eustace 4-8-6 Hayley Turner 108 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 4 La Trinidad, 11-2 Danzan, 6 Lion Tower, 7 Colour Image, 8 Firmament, Poet’s Magic, 10 Astrogem, Silver Samurai, 14 La Rav, 16 Challet, Tadleel, 20 Others STARFORM FIRMAMENT Danger POET’S MAGIC 3.15 Going TAPETA: STANDARD TO SLOW Top trainers at the track (2017-21): Richard Fahey 79-631 (13%), Jim Goldie 47-413 (11%), Roger Varian 35-150 (23%), Keith Dalgleish 35-327 (11%), Antony Brittain 35-362 (10%), K R Burke 33-312 (11%), Brian Ellison 32-352 (9%). 6.00 CAZOO HANDICAP (5) 1m 3yo plus £4,347 11 runners. 1 (5) 3-439 GOOD HUMOR (27) R Varian 4-9-11 C Noble (3) 83 2 (1) 874254 BRINGITONBORIS (7) (CD, BF) K Dalgleish 4-9-8 J Fanning 87 3 (3) 374950 SOARING STAR (20) (P) K A Ryan 4-9-8 S A Gray 88 4 (6) 7-146 NEW DYNASTY (21) (C.) J Tate 3-9-7 A Mullen 77 5 (11) -38120 MAKEEN (77) (D, BF) J Camacho 4-9-7 G Lee 83 6 (10) -06408 TIGER TOUCH (15) D O’Meara 4-9-6 D Tudhope 87 7 (9) 11P-79 HARRY GEORGE (46) (CD) B Ellison 7-9-6 H Russell (3) 71 8 (8) 694709 WILD HOPE (38) (P) (D) K A Ryan 5-9-4 T Eaves 84 9 (2) 630623 TWISTED DREAMS (21) (T) (CD, BF) R Menzies 4-9-3 P J McDonald 88 10 (4) -80905 FENNAAN (16) (T) (CD) P Makin 6-9-3 C Rodriguez 81 11 (7) 414144 MY THOUGHT (35) (D) T Easterby 4-9-0 Ella McCain (5) 73 2020: La Rav 6 9 1, Paul Mulrennan 15/2 (Michael Easterby), 14 ran. Star Betting 100-30 Bringitonboris, 4 Twisted Dreams, 6 Makeen, My Thought, 8 Others STARFORM SOARING STAR Danger TWISTED DREAMS 6.30 WILLIAM HILL PLAY RESPONSIBLY BRITISH EBF RESTRICTED NOVICE STAKES (GBB) (4) 6f 2yo only £8,100 11 runners. 1 (10) 810 OBJECT (25) (D) M Meade 2-9-5 David Egan 93 2 (11) 1 TRUST BERTIE (27) (D) N Tinkler 2-9-5 R Scott 86 3 (2) 70 ANOTHER INVESTMENT (14) N Tinkler 2-9-3 J Mitchell 76 4 (3) GLORY HALLELUJAH N Tinkler 2-9-3 R Ffrench - 5 (4) 522028 INTERNATIONAL BOY (12) R Fahey 2-9-1 P Hanagan 87 6 (8) 533 NICKLEBY (30) C Hills 2-9-1 P Mulrennan 89 7 (6) 24 ROACH POWER (13) T Easterby 2-9-1 D Allan 91 8 (1) SEZAAM M Dods 2-8-13 C Beasley - 9 (7) 98 ALAGIAH (27) P Midgley 2-8-11 B Robinson 36 10 (5) 34 SIXSTAR (38) T Easterby 2-8-11 J Hart 89 11 (9) 7 VENTURA TEASE (37) B Smart 2-8-6 Hayley Turner 77 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 3 Object, 7-2 Roach Power, 4 Trust Bertie, 5 Nickleby, 6 International Boy, 10 Sixstar, 20 Others STARFORM OBJECT Danger ROACH POWER KENDO NAGASAKI WESTLINEUK.COM NOVICE STAKES (5) 6f 3yo plus £3,672 12 runners. 1 (6) 0 BARNEY TOO (20) Mrs L Williamson 4-9-5 C Hardie - 2 (9) -40232 STALINGRAD (107) (H 1 ) (BF) G Tuer 4-9-5 B Garritty (3) 87 3 (7) 93 STORM MASTER (113) J Riches 4-9-5 B Harris (7) 63 4 (11) 32 ABBEY HEIGHTS (30) D & C Kubler 3-9-3 P J McDonald 87 5 (2) 33 CAPE COLUMBUS (118) Rae Guest 3-9-3 R Dawson 82 6 (4) 60 GAERWEN (21) (T) E Bethell 3-9-3 A Elliott 46 7 (3) 223 MAYWAKE (25) R Fahey 3-9-3 D Nolan 83 8 (10) 3 RIVER TWEED (192) C Hills 3-9-3 D Tudhope 74 9 (5) 45 CROFTERS GREEN (10) R Fahey 3-8-12 B McHugh 65 10 (12) 8- FOREVER’S LADY (364) G Oldroyd 3-8-12 T Eaves 76 11 (8) HIGHEST WAVE G Oldroyd 3-8-12 Faye McManoman (3) - 12 (1) 6 MISS CONNAISSEUR (21) Mrs R Carr 3-8-12 J Sullivan 53 2020: Higher Kingdom 3 9 9, Daniel Tudhope 5/6F (Archie Watson), 12 ran. Star Betting 3 Abbey Heights, Stalingrad, 4 Cape Columbus, River Tweed, 11-2 Others STARFORM STALINGRAD Danger ABBEY HEIGHTS 1.35-1, DESERT ANGEL (R L Moore) 16/1; 2, Bastogne 17/2. Also: Sed Maarib 11/4fav; 7 ran. 1 1 /4, 1 1 /4. (R Hannon). Tote: Win £11.10; PL £4.20, £4.40; Exacta £104.40; CSF £132.32; Trifecta £519.40 2.10-1, GALE FORCE MAYA (A Farragher) 9/2; 2, Gellhorn 9/2. Also: Lovely Breeze 11/4fav; NR: Queen Kahlua. 7 ran. nk, 1. (M Dods). Tote: Win £5.30; PL £2.90, £2.30; Exacta £22.20; CSF £23.22; Tricast £245.87 Trifecta £144.60 2.45-1, MODERN GAMES (W Buick) 3/1; 2, Trident Evensfav; NR: Ribhi. 6 ran. 2 1 /2, 1 1 /4. (C Appleby). Tote: Win £4.30; PL £1.80, £1.20; Exacta £8.30; CSF £6.54; Trifecta £22.60 3.20-1, NAYEF ROAD (A Atzeni) 9/2; 2, Roberto Escobarr 6/1; 3, Max Vega 9/5fav; NRs: Rhythmic Intent, Noonday Gun. 8 ran. 6, 3 3 /4. (M Johnston). Tote: Win £4.70; PL £1.60, £1.70, £1.20; Exacta £21.60; CSF £30.95; Trifecta £70.50 3.55-1, BOLTAWAY (James Doyle) 2/1fav; 2, Lexington Knight 8/1; 6 ran. 2 3 /4, 3 /4. (R Charlton). Tote: Win £2.70; PL £1.70, £2.80; Exacta £13.80; CSF £17.15; Trifecta £43.10 4.30-1, CAROLUS MAGNUS (O Murphy) 15/8fav; 2, Bucephalus 9/2; 3, Shouldering 13/2; NRs: Bake, Eminent Hipster. 8 ran. 2, 3 /4. (A Balding). Tote: Win £2.70; PL £1.40, £1.60, £2.00; Exacta £11.20; CSF £9.96; Tricast £44.19 Trifecta £59.80 5.05-1, RHEBUS ROAD (Jane Elliott) 8/1; 2, Babindi 5/2fav; 7 ran. 1 /2, 1 3 /4. (R Beckett). Tote: Win £8.70; PL £4.20, £2.00; Exacta £40.60; CSF £27.29; Trifecta £292.80 JACKPOT Not Won. Pool of £10,573.85 carried forward to Newmarket on Friday, 24th September 6f 5 1 /2f 5f & 2m4f Winning Post Startpoint Highest Point Lowest Point Open ditch Water jump Fence 3.50 WH LEADING ON-COURSE BOOKMAKER H’CAP (3) 1m 3yo only £10,800 8 runners. 1 (3) 533217 SURPRISE PICTURE (70) (V) (D) H Palmer 3-9-7 NON RUNNER 101 2 (4) 1-5320 THIRD KINGDOM (22) (B 1 ) (BF) J & T Gosden 3-9-6 D Egan 102 3 (1) 105522 A BOY NAMED IVY (20) (D) M Dods 3-9-2 P Mulrennan 101 4 (5) 424621 INVINCIBLY (8) (D) K Burke 3-8-12 (6x) K Stott 98 5 (6) 357107 HEADINGLEY (28) (P) (D) M Johnston 3-8-11 J Hart 105 6 (8) 228217 POWER STATION (27) (D, BF) R Hannon 3-8-10 J Mitchell 100 7 (7) 529112 COSMOS RAJ (28) (D) D O’Meara 3-8-8 J Watson 104 8 (2) 456744 CAPTAIN COOPER (28) K A Ryan 3-8-8 S James 103 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 5-2 Cosmos Raj, 11-4 A Boy Named Ivy, 5 Invincibly, Third Kingdom, 6 Power Station, 14 Captain Cooper, 20 Others STARFORM HEADINGLEY Danger COSMOS RAJ 4.25 2m6f & 7f 2m2f 2m 1m 1m1f 1m2 1 /2f Going GOOD, Good to fi rm in places 1m4f 1m6f Top jockeys at the track (2017-21): D Allan 23-215 (11%), P Hanagan 18-214 (8%), C Beasley 13-68 (19%), J Hart 12-94 (13%), P Mulrennan 10-138 (7%), K Stott 9-124 (7%), R Scott 6-68 (9%), Georgia Cox 4-9 (44%), J Watson 4-46 (9%), B Robinson 4-52 (8%). WILLIAM HILL PICK YOUR PLACES HANDICAP (4) 2m 1 /2f 4yo plus £7,452 9 runners. 1 (6) 458961 NOTATION (18) (D) M Johnston 4-9-12 O Stammers (5) 97 2 (9) 852220 AUTUMN WAR (20) (P) I Williams 6-9-12 David Egan 96 3 (7) -42813 DANCE TO PARIS (28) (V) (CD) Mrs L Wadham 6-9-7 C Beasley 95 4 (4) 84-112 EMARATY HERO (12) (C, BF) G Tuer 4-9-6 S James 93 5 (3) 116741 MASTER MILLINER (19) (CD) E Lavelle 5-9-5 H Turner 94 6 (8) 217514 BYRON HILL (21) (D) C Fellowes 4-9-2 L Steward 95 7 (2) 624118 GIFT OF RAAJ (19) R G Fell 6-8-7 R Scott 96 JASON HEAVEY STAR TIP 4.50 Colonial Love Colonial Love 5.30 Lord Of The Glen Fossos 6.00 Twisted Dreams Bringitonboris 6.30 Abbey Heights Barney Too 7.00 Gold Wing Key Look 7.30 Brazen Bolt Daany 8.00 Musahaba Acquisitor 8.30 The Armed Man Hail Sezer 7.00 CENTRALEMPLOYMENT.CO.UK LLBB FILLIES’ HANDICAP (5) 7f 3yo plus £2,862 8 runners. 1 (7) 071547 DAPHNE MAY (15) (H) (CD) A West 3-9-13 G Lee 78 2 (6) 414441 VANITAS (28) (D) D O’Meara 3-9-13 D Tudhope 82 3 (3) 044628 HEAVENLY ROSE (37) (B 1 ) M Botti 3-9-7 P J McDonald 74 4 (1) 236234 LEAD STORY (12) (D) K Burke 3-9-6 A Persse (7) 79 5 (2) 6-3462 GOLD WING (18) (P) S bin Suroor 3-9-4 J Fanning 78 6 (8) 732336 HOSTELRY (21) Mrs R Carr 4-8-11 Faye McManoman (3) 80 7 (5) 236-0 WREA GREEN (149) J Camacho 3-8-11 C Hardie 79 8 (4) 050571 KEY LOOK (11) (P) (D) G Harker 4-8-8 (5x) S A Gray 84 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 5-2 Key Look, 3 Vanitas, 7-2 Gold Wing, 6 Lead Story, 13-2 Hostelry, 16 Others STARFORM KEY LOOK Danger VANITAS 7.30 FOLLOW ATTHERACES ON TWITTER H’CAP (DIV I) (6) 7f 3yo plus £2,322 10 runners. 1 (10) 031121 BRAZEN BOLT (3) (CD) J J Quinn 4-10-4 (5x) D Tudhope 73 2 (5) 420742 MOONBOOTZ (21) K Burke 4-9-10 P J McDonald 76 3 (7) 1-6566 CLASS CLOWN (35) (CD) T D Barron 4-9-8 R Dawson 77 4 (9) 323231 ASMUND (10) (C ,D) Declan Carroll 4-9-8 Z Wheatley (7) 76 5 (4) 055-57 SANDS IN TIME (42) R Fahey 3-9-5 B McHugh 77 6 (8) 357709 BOBBY JOE LEG (21) (CD) Mrs R Carr 7-9-4 J Sullivan 76 7 (2) 8901 DAANY (8) (H) A West 4-8-12 (5x) Elisha Whittington (5) 78 8 (3) 830067 MAC MCCARTHY (13) Mrs R Carr 4-8-5 J Gormley 77 9 (6) 864638 COOL DANDY (7) K Dalgleish 3-8-3 J Fanning 70 10 (1) 486707 FRENCH RED (11) (V) I Jardine 3-8-2 A Mullen 69 2020: Seas Of Elzaam 3 9 10, Daniel Tudhope 7/2F (David O’Meara), 14 ran. Star Betting 13-8 Brazen Bolt, 5-2 Daany, 11-2 Asmund, 9 Moonbootz, 12 Others STARFORM DAANY Danger CLASS CLOWN YESTERDAY’S RESULTS PLACEPOT £135.60 (Race 1) 8, 4, 10; (2) 3, 4; (3) 1, 7; (4) 4, 7; (5) 6, 1, 4; (6) 5, 6; PONTEFRACT Going: GOOD TO FIRM (Good in places; watered; 8.2) 1.45-1, ELDRICKJONES (M Crehan) 2/13fav; 2, Crypto Quest 66/1; NR: Overdraft. 4 ran. 2, 1 3 /4. (R G Fell). Tote: Win £1.10; Exacta £11.50; CSF £13.89; Trifecta £28.70 2.20-1, MY SILENT SONG (P Mulrennan) 14/1; 2, Turn Back Time 9/4fav; 6 ran. nse, 1. (E Dunlop). Tote: Win £11.70; PL £4.30, £1.60; Exacta £54.50; CSF £43.74; Trifecta £167.00 2.55-1, LIVING LEGEND (J Fanning) 7/2; 2, Highwaygrey 85/40fav; 4 ran. 4 1 /2, 2 1 /2. (M Johnston). Tote: Win £3.80; Exacta £11.50; CSF £11.00; Trifecta £20.30 3.30-1, OSO RAPIDO (J Hart) 3/1; 2, Bossipop 14/1; 3, Cottam Lane 85/40fav; 8 ran. 3 /4, hd. (R G Fell). Tote: Win £3.90; PL £1.60, £3.00, £1.30; Exacta £39.50; CSF £43.66; Tricast £107.18 Trifecta £169.50 4.05-1, SALUTI (P Mulrennan) 15/2; 2, Rayong 11/2; 3, Indian Sounds 11/4fav; 8 ran. 1 /2, nk. (P Midgley). Tote: Win £7.80; PL £2.20, £1.60, £1.50; Exacta £56.00; CSF £49.52; Tricast £144.56 Trifecta £265.20 4.40-1, APPROACHABILITY (J Fanning) 10/1; 2, Testing Faith 20/1; 3, Themoonsaballoon 5/1. Also: Wakey Wakey 5/6fav; 12 ran. 3 1 /4, 3 /4. (M Johnston). Tote: Win £8.70; PL £2.20, £6.30, £2.00; Exacta £163.30; CSF £190.28; Trifecta £3254.80 5.15-1, MUATADEL (Z Wheatley) 9/2; 2, Gorgeous General 5/1. Also: Young Tiger 16/5fav; NR: Twelve Diamonds. 7 ran. 1 1 /2, hd. (J Wainwright). Tote: Win £5.00; PL £3.00, £2.90; Exacta £29.60; CSF £26.86; Tricast £231.08 Trifecta £276.10 PLACEPOT £402.20 (Race 1) 2; (2) 3, 5; (3) 1; (4) 4, 2, 3; (5) 2, 5, 1; (6) 1, 6, 12; PERTH Going: GOOD TO SOFT (Good in places; 6.4) 1.25-1, IT’S GOOD TO LAUGH (S W Quinlan) 5/41, SUPER SIX (S Twiston-Davies) 11/10fav; 3, If Not For Dylan 20/1; NR: Ibbenburen. 9 ran. 12. (N Twiston-Davies). Tote: Win £1.00; PL £1.20, £3.90; Exacta £1.90; CSF £1.57; WIN: 1.00 It’s Good To Laugh 1.00 Super Six; PL: 3.90 If Not For Dylan 1.20 It’s Good To Laugh 1.10 Super Six; EX: 1.90 1.80; CSF: 1.57 1.45; TF: 11.40 9.00 Trifecta £11.40 1.55-1, ALIOMAANA (M Bastyan) 11/8fav; 2, Chica Boom 8/1; 5 ran. 29, 13. (M F Harris). Tote: Win £2.30; PL £1.30, £3.70; Exacta £11.70; CSF £12.07; Trifecta £34.40 2.30-1, MINELLA TRUMP (B Hughes) 15/8fav; 2, Pay The Piper 4/1; NR: Roi De Dubai. 6 ran. 3, 4. (D McCain). Tote: Win £2.50; PL £1.40, £1.80; Exacta £9.30; CSF £9.92; Trifecta £34.70 3.05-1, CLONDAW HOLLOW (S Bowen) 5/4fav; 2, Punxsutawney Phil 7/4; 3, Findthetime 100/30; NR: San Fermin. 9 ran. 4, 24. (J McConnell (IRE)). Tote: Win £2.10; PL £1.10, £1.10, £1.30; Exacta £4.50; CSF £4.01; Trifecta £10.30 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 41 8 (5) 255741 BOLLIN NEIL (13) (P) (D) T Easterby 5-8-7 D Allan 93 9 (1) 442253 GHADBBAAN (19) B Ellison 5-8-6 K O’Neill 97 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 3 Emaraty Hero, 4 Master Milliner, 5 Dance To Paris, 13-2 Notation, 7 Byron Hill, 8 Autumn War, Bollin Neil, Ghadbbaan, 20 Others STARFORM NOTATION Danger GHADBBAAN 4.55 WILLIAM HILL FREE OR FOUR FILLIES’ HANDICAP (4) 6f 3yo only £7,452 11 run. 1 (4) 841050 GENETIQUE (12) (B) D O’Meara 3-9-7 J Watson 89 2 (10) 066721 HELLO ME (17) (P) (D) J Parr 3-9-7 J Mitchell 94 3 (2) 186-91 RHYTHM (102) (D) Mrs R Carr 3-9-5 J Mason (3) 91 4 (11) 023551 INTERNATIONAL GIRL (23) (D) R Fahey 3-9-2 P Hanagan 91 5 (9) 372152 DENY KNOWLEDGE (21) (D) J J Quinn 3-8-13 J Hart 95 6 (6) 328324 RABAT (10) Mrs I G’-Leveque 3-8-11 G Wood 89 7 (7) 133143 ANJELLA (17) (D) W Muir & C Grassick 3-8-9 S Osborne (5) 92 8 (5) 445694 RUN THIS WAY (37) P Midgley 3-8-8 B Robinson 91 9 (8) 2d52126 VELOCISTAR (40) (D, BF) S Hollinshead 3-8-7 M Nicholls 92 10 (1) 442288 SOLLER BAY (12) (B) T Easterby 3-8-4 David Egan 92 11 (3) 232225 IRIS DANCER (5) (D, BF) T Davidson 3-8-4 R Scott 93 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 7-2 Hello Me, International Girl, 5 Deny Knowledge, 7 Iris Dancer, 8 Rhythm, 10 Anjella, 12 Rabat, Velocistar, 16 Run This Way, 20 Others STARFORM DENY KNOWLEDGE Danger HELLO ME 5.25 WILLIAM HILL BUILD YOUR ODDS APPR. HANDICAP (4) 1m4f 4yo plus £7,452 7 run. 1 (5) 333222 COZONE (29) (P) J Ferguson 4-9-7 Saffie Osborne (3) 93 2 (6) 42342 MOUNT MARCY (14) J & T Gosden 4-9-7 Georgia Cox 92 3 (3) 0-3499 KASPERENKO (77J) (P) (D) E Alston 7-9-6 O McSweeney (5) 89 4 (7) 323252 TOPANTICIPATION (19) (H) H Eustace 4-9-3 M Crehan 91 5 (4) 669127 MARKAZI (12) L Bailey 7-9-0 S Kirrane (3) 90 6 (1) 204455 LUCKY’S DREAM (27) (D) I Williams 6-8-13 C Hutchinson (5) 93 7 (2) 121071 GALIDERMES (42) (D) W Bethell 4-8-11 J Mason 90 2020: No corresponding race. Star Betting 5-2 Mount Marcy, 3 Cozone, Topanticipation, 4 Galidermes, 14 Lucky’s Dream, Markazi, 20 Others STARFORM COZONE Danger LUCKY’S DREAM 8.00 FOLLOW ATTHERACES ON TWITTER H’CAP (DIV II) (6) 7f 3yo plus £2,322 9 runners. 1 (3) 114357 CONFRONTATIONAL (14) (P) (C ,D) J Candlish 7-10-0 S A Gray 75 2 (7) 631113 ACQUISITOR (48) (P) (D, BF) P Kirby 3-9-11 B Garritty (3) 72 3 (6) 842302 MUSAHABA (21) (B) D O’Meara 4-9-9 D Nolan 76 4 (2) 393667 GEORGE SCOTT (30) G Scott 3-9-7 J Fanning 75 5 (5) -14766 REDESDALE REBEL (46) (P 1 ) (CD) S Corbett 5-9-6 C Noble (3) 64 6 (4) 875264 ENDERMAN (21) P Midgley 3-9-3 G Lee 73 7 (8) 48-440 KHAZAF (21) (P) (CD) Mrs R Carr 6-8-9 J Sullivan 74 8 (1) 079404 CHARLEMAINE (31) N Mechie 4-8-6 Amie Waugh (5) 70 9 (9) 609690 ROSE OF LANCASHIRE (35) S Barclay 3-8-3 F McManoman (3) 68 2020: Seas Of Elzaam 3 9 10, Daniel Tudhope 7/2F (David O’Meara), 14 ran. Star Betting 10-3 Acquisitor, 7-2 Musahaba, 4 Enderman, 6 Confrontational, 7 Others STARFORM MUSAHABA Danger CONFRONTATIONAL 8.30 WATCH FREE REPLAYS ON ATTHERACES.COM HANDICAP (5) 6f 3yo plus £2,862 12 run. 1 (9) 653005 BLACKHEATH (10) (P) (D) M Dods 6-9-10 G Lee 85 2 (3) 713256 KAPONO (28) (P) (CD) R G Fell 5-9-10 D Tudhope 89 3 (7) 609155 TATHMEEN (25) (P) (C ,D) A Brittain 6-9-7 C Hardie 87 4 (1) 316317 THORNABY PEARL (7) (D) A Nicholls 3-9-7 B McHugh 84 5 (6) 245120 AUNT AGATHA (27) K A Ryan 3-9-5 T Eaves 82 6 (12) 466090 ROYAL ADVICE (21) (CD) K Dalgleish 3-9-4 C Rodriguez 88 7 (8) 40-079 GOWANBUSTER (41) (T, W) (CD) S Corbett 6-9-4 P J McDonald 88 8 (10) 283212 HAIL SEZER (27) (D, BF) G Harker 4-9-4 D Nolan 85 9 (11) 531734 CAPTAIN VALLO (10) (H) (D) P Makin 3-9-4 S A Gray 89 10 (5) 644351 CANFORD BAY (25) (T) (C ,D) A Brittain 7-9-3 R Dawson 85 11 (2) 200359 WATER OF LEITH (5) (D) R Menzies 3-9-2 P Dennis 87 12 (4) 825848 THE ARMED MAN (27) (CD) C Fairhurst 8-9-1 A Elliott 88 2020: Lucky Lodge 10 8 8, Harry Russell (7) 11/2F (Antony Brittain), 14 ran. Star Betting 5 Hail Sezer, 6 Blackheath, Captain Vallo, Thornaby Pearl, 7 Others STARFORM KAPONO Danger CAPTAIN VALLO 3.40-1, O CONNELL STREET (J Gainford) 11/10fav; 2, Pat’s Pearl 12/1; 5 ran. 16, 1 3 /4. (G Elliott (IRE)). Tote: Win £1.70; PL £1.10, £4.40; Exacta £12.80; CSF £12.06; Trifecta £37.90 4.15-1, BEENO (C O’Farrell) 6/1; 2, Spark Of Madness 16/1; 3, Uncle Henry 3/1fav; NR: Cancan. 9 ran. 1 3 /4, 1 /2. (Mrs D Sayer). Tote: Win £7.30; PL £2.10, £3.30, £1.80; Exacta £118.10; CSF £91.88; Tricast £345.76 Trifecta £650.80 4.50-1, WYE AYE (J Williamson) 12/1; 2, Lex Talionis 8/1. Also: Head On 8/11fav; NR: Dr Des. 5 ran. hd, 20. (P Kirby). Tote: Win £11.60; PL £3.60, £2.60; Exacta £83.30; CSF £82.42; Trifecta £229.20 5.20-1, FAIRLAWN FLYER (J Bowen) 9/2fav; 2, Emirat De Catana 15/2; 3, Permission Granted 9/1; NR: Oscar Blue. 10 ran. 5, 1. (P Bowen). Tote: Win £5.10; PL £1.70, £2.90, £3.00; Exacta £43.40; CSF £38.23; Tricast £292.39 Trifecta £512.90 PLACEPOT £12.30 (Race 1) 3, 8, 7; (2) 4, 1; (3) 3, 2; (4) 1, 8, 2; (5) 2, 5; (6) 3, 9, 1; WOLVERHAMPTON (A.W) Going: TAPETA: STANDARD 5.25-1, LINDWALL (L Morris) 10/11fav; 2, Atalanta Breeze 8/1; 3, Lawmans Blis 16/1; 10 ran. 2, 3 1 /2. (Sir M Prescott). Tote: Win £1.80; PL £1.10, £1.50, £3.20; Exacta £10.70; CSF £8.72; Tricast £73.74 Trifecta £56.70 6.00-1, KABOO (C Lee) 2/7fav; 2, Janaat 80/1; 5 ran. 4 1 /4, 1 /2. (K Burke). Tote: Win £1.20; PL £1.10, £10.20; Exacta £19.70; CSF £26.50; Trifecta £52.90 6.30-1, MAAJDAH (C Fallon) 9/2; 2, Trusty Rusty 3/1; 3, Colombe 2/1fav; NRs: Katherine Place, La Chica Lobo. 9 ran. 4, 1 /2. (W Haggas). Tote: Win £5.20; PL £1.60, £1.20, £1.20; Exacta £19.30; CSF £16.62; Tricast £30.02 Trifecta £41.10 7.00-1, DUNGAR GLORY (L Edmunds) 9/2; 2, Edge Nibras 17/2; 3, Chicago Gal 8/1. Also: Mumcat 8/13fav; NRs: Ailish T, Teekana. 9 ran. 4 1 /4, 1 /2. (A Keatley). Tote: Win £5.80; PL £1.60, £2.10, £2.40; Exacta £43.20; CSF £40.96; Trifecta £193.10 7.30-1, HALA JOUD (R Tart) 12/1; 2, Secret Moment 6/1; 3, Onaraggatip 13/2. Also: Impeach 11/4fav; NR: Frow. 10 ran. 3 /4, 3 1 /4. (Jane Chapple- Hyam). Tote: Win £13.40; PL £3.90, £2.50, £2.70; Exacta £115.60; CSF £80.97; Tricast £525.26 Trifecta £895.30 8.00-1, MRS FITZHERBERT (G Rooke) 11/2; 2, Tricolore 16/1; 3, Hit The Heights 10/1. Also: Giuseppe Cassioli 2/1fav; 11 ran. 4 1 /4, 1. (H Morrison). Tote: Win £5.90; PL £2.30, £4.80, £2.40; Exacta £104.40; CSF £89.70; Tricast £875.22 Trifecta £856.20 8.30-1, DIAMOND BAY (R Kingscote) 6/5fav; 2, Western Beat 15/2; 3, Hashtagmetoo 7/1; 8 ran. hd, 1 1 /2. (T Ward). Tote: Win £2.10; PL £1.10, £2.30, £1.80; Exacta £10.80; CSF £11.35; Tricast £46.30 Trifecta £68.20 PLACEPOT £240.10 (Race 1) 9, 2, 7; (2) 1, 3; (3) 2, 8, 4; (4) 5, 6, 4; (5) 5, 6, 8; (6) 9, 10, 7;

42 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 TOUGH ONE: Connacht head coach Andy Friend (right) knows it won’t be easy ANDY: LET’S START FAST ANdy FriENd will be hoping history repeats itself when Connacht take on Cardiff at the Arms Park today (7.35pm) in the opening round of the new United rugby Championship. The only time Connacht have played in the Welsh capital in the opening round was 20 years ago, when the Celtic League was launched. On that occasion, they made a winning start to the new competition with a 6-3 win in what was a slugfest. Connacht coach Friend — heading into a fourth season at the Sportsground — would probably settle for a repeat of that outcome as they head to a city where they have only won twice in a decade. Absentees The 4G surface has been relaid at the Arms Park, and that will suit the fast type of game Friend is trying to develop, but he could have done without a hefty injury list. The list of absentees leaves him light at scrum-half and in the second row, with Tongan international Leva Fifita forced to delay his debut with a finger injury, and Gavin Thornbury out for another few months with a shoulder issue. Mack Hansen, signed from the Brumbies, will make his debut on the left wing, while Sligo Grammar School and Sligo rFC product ■■John FALLON Hubert Gilvarry could make his bow off the bench at scrum-half, as new international Caolin Blade is injured along with former irish Under- 20 Colm reilly. Alex Wootton, joint top try scorer in the league last year with nine, is out with a calf injury, so Connacht have a second Aussie winger in action in John Porch. “We need a fast start,” said Friend. “And we have been guilty in the past three years in not getting the start we wanted. This is going to be a very tough game for us, but our intention is to start well.” rhys Priestand will make his Cardiff debut after being signed from Bath and is one of 11 internationals starting for dai young’s side, and new skipper Josh Turnbull says this is one they need to win. “Four of our first five games of the season are at home, and that’s going to be massive for us,” said Turnbull. CONNACHT: T O’Halloran; J Porch, T Farrell, T daly, M Hansen; J Carty, K Marmion; M Burke, S delahunt, F Bealham; U dillane, O dowling; C Prendergast, C Oliver, J Butler. reps: d Heffernan, J duggan, d robertson-McCoy, N Murray, P Boyle, H Gilvarry, C Fitzgerald, S Arnold. CArdiFF: H Amos; O Lane, r Lee-Lo, W Halaholo, J Harries; r Priestland, L Williams; C domachowski, K Myhill, d Arhip, S davies, M Screech, J Turnbull, E Jenkins, J ratti. reps: L Belcher, r Carré, d Lewis, r Thornton, W Boyde, T Williams, J Evans, M Llewellyn. rEFErEE: A Piardi (italy). TV: TG4 and Premier Sport. ■ GAA Kieran CUNNINGHAM Chief SportS Writer A COUPLE of weeks after the 2002 All-ireland final, ronan Clarke received something in the post. Inside the envelope was a letter from Kerry’s great full-back, Seamus Moynihan, congratulating Clarke on his performance in the final. The 19-year-old full-forward had been outstanding for Armagh as they claimed Sam Maguire for the first time. The man who struggled in his slipstream was Seamus Moynihan, whose gesture in writing to Clarke was a little window into the way Kerry used to do things. With class, grace and dignity. The reaction by many in the Kingdom to their Championship exits in 2020 and 2021 has lacked class, that’s for sure. All sorts of outlandish and manufactured rumours did the rounds on the WhatsApp circuit. Management and different players got a kicking and the fall-out endures. Kerry have invited applications for a new manager, which doesn’t prevent Peter Keane from reapplying. But the feeling is there will be fresh faces on the sideline. Medal One of the most intriguing tickets is that put together by Stephen Stack, who was just out of his teens when he won an All- Ireland medal as a sub with Kerry in 1986. He would have been forgiven if he thought it was the start of a glorious run of success for him. After all, Kerry’s win over Tyrone meant they became champions for the eighth time in 12 years. But that victory marked the end of the road for Micko’s great team. Stack played under four different Kerry managers, but had to wait until 1997 under Páidí Ó Sé for his second All-Ireland medal. Stack would love to emulate his old bosses, and his proposed management team includes Mickey Ned O’Sullivan, Donie Buckley, Dara Ó Cinnéide, Aidan O’Mahony and Joe O’Connor. But the most interesting name on the ticket is that of Moynihan – because he has long been tipped as a future Kerry manager. One of the best episodes in TG4’s Laochra Gael series focused on Moynihan. He started out on the day that Clare shocked the Kingdom in the 1992 Munster final, with the Banner winning their first provincial SeamuS HaS SometHing to oFFeR GrACiOUS: Seamus Moynihan is part of Stephen Stack’s ticket bidding to take over the Kerry team moy time title in 75 years. Moynihan played in midfield that day, with Jack O’Shea stationed at full-forward. O’Shea would turn 35 later that year. He had been on the Kerry panel since 1976, and this would be his last game. O’Shea won the last of his seven All-Irelands in 1986, so his last six seasons were barren ones. The Kingdom won their 30th All-Ireland in ’86. But they had to wait until 1997 to claim their 31st. A conversation with Jim McGuinness – who won Sigerson with Moynihan in Tralee IT – made clear how impressive the Glenflesk man is. “You always hear about the lovely Kerry footballer and the natural footballer and that. But in my experience of Kerry they were so professional and dedicated that I don’t know if natural is the right word,” he said. Trained that was a wake-up call.” Dara Ó Cinnéide was anxious to pick Joe Brolly’s brains before the 2006 All-Ireland final, wanting to know how he thought his native Kingdom would fare if they came up against Tyrone in 2007. Brolly quickly cottoned on that Ó Cinnéide wasn’t even countenancing defeat to Mayo. Already, his thoughts were turning to Kerry’s defence of Sam Maguire. That’s the Kerry way and that is one of the reasons that Kerry managers are under so much strain. Kerry fans who had grown fat “We trained four days on and on a diet of champagne and caviar three days off and we trained Keane won two Munster titles found it hard to get used to the twice a day – 7am and 7pm. Gym and two Leagues with Kerry in bread and water on offer. and pitch sessions in Kerins three seasons, but he didn’t land Sam Maguire has been in the O’Rahillys. the big one. Kingdom just once since 2009. “Seamus Moynihan, for example, Only the big one matters in the And they were greatly helped in was living in Glenflesk and Jack Kingdom. Moynihan, who won that 2014 triumph by Donegal Ferriter was in Dingle. They were four All-Irelands as a player, shocking Dublin in the semis. leaving to be in Tralee for 7am so doesn’t need anyone to tell him. The talk this summer was of a were on the road before 6am. There are few more respected resurgent Kerry. Then they ran “And Seamus didn’t have to football men in Kerry. Getting him into a Tyrone hurricane... prove anything at that stage. So involved would be a clever move. ISEIR SKY SPORTS AND SPORTS EXTRA HALF NEVER MISS A MOMENT EVERY URC GAME LIVE PRICE FOR 6 MONTHS Search ‘Sky Sports Sale’ Sky Sports and Sports Extra offer: New Sky Sports and Sports Extra customers only. €30 per month for 6 months. Bundle price after 6 months: €60pm. 31 days’ notice required to cancel. Requires new 12 month minimum term on Sky TV. Standard pricing applies after 12 months or if cancelling one element of the bundle: Sky Sports: €40; Sports Extra €34. Replaces existing TV offers. HD compatible box required. Offer ends 7 November 2021. Further terms apply. Premier Sports is a trademark of Premier Media Broadcasting Limited trading as Premier Sports.

ISEIR ■ COMMENT IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 43 time to work together for the loi We need to stop playing ignorant blame game THE TELEVISION coverage of Ireland’s top professional league of the biggest sport in the world is an embarrassment. And yet no one seems to care. Apparently this week RTE Head of Sport Declan McBennett has been on a charm offensive. Declan is a very well-spoken, bright and confident man. He believes that some of what he calls ‘the League of Ireland lobby’ are ill-informed. In my view, those that want to bash McBennett are shortsighted, because the relationship between our top professional league and our national broadcaster has been a big problem for decades. The bottom line is that our best young boys and girls have been let down by those of us running professional football. On too many days, by European standards, we have been too unprofessional. Dismiss I don’t know Mr McBennett. I have never met him, never had a conversation with the chap, but I have been told that apparently he is a proud Monaghan man. As head of sport of our national broadcaster, and being from that very special county, to dismiss Monaghan United as a club that nobody followed, that had no local initiative and were simply “lads arriving on a bus from Dublin”. A great friend of mine, Frank patdolan EXCLUSIVE LEAGUE OF IRELAND COLUMN ‘The Bank’ McPhillips was part of the first Monaghan United team, managed by that great Monaghan hero, the late, great Sean McCaffrey, when they went into the League of Ireland B in the late-70s, before entering the league proper. To dismiss some very fine Monaghan people who had a dream, I found it so disturbing and dreadfully sad. So the above remark is as illinformed as any ill-informed ‘League of Ireland lobby’. League of Ireland fans remember Frank Treacy, Brendan McCaffrey, Kieran Conlon, Mike McCarron, Nigel Corrigan, Seamie Finnegan, Kevin Reynolds, Greg Turley, Paul Gilliland, Tim O’Hanrahan… do I need to go on? The only way that professional football becomes competitive at a European level is for the FAI to produce a league that has a consistent product that Irish people want to buy. I had great respect for Monaghan United and I had great respect for Eddie Murray — a really great man in my book. To serve as a member of the Gardai in Monaghan during the time showed a courage and that not all of us possess. LEGEND: Eddie Murray has been a fantastic servant for his county and the League of Ireland And I know that many people from this wonderful part of Ireland have great respect for Eddie, who rose through the Garda ranks with distinction. Eddie is now 81 years of age. I asked Frank ‘The Bank’ how he was. As a former player of Monaghan United who knew Eddie very well, he told me that he was so hurt by some of the coverage and abuse that had come his way after serving as the FAI honorary secretary. County I always remember passing Gortakeegan, coming back from a game late at night and seeing the floodlights on. There was superintendent Murray giving his time, effort, energy and love to the beautiful game in the beautiful county of Monaghan. For anyone to laugh at this gentleman, who has given such great service to this country and to Irish football, I find that as insulting as anyone who believes that Monaghan United were effectively a Dublin club. We need professional football in all our 32 counties. We need to stop playing the ignorant blame game. We need to stop any PR campaign and start working together. Many people in the Irish media don’t even call football by its proper name. I often wonder if those who refer to Ireland’s and the world’s biggest sport as ‘soccer’ question why the Football Association of Ireland is known as the FAI and not the SAI. There is one question, though, that I would love to ask our national broadcaster. In the week that has just gone, and today, seven days after that historic first day of Irish Freestate League of Ireland football, on Saturday September 17 1921, are the FAI and RTE happy about how this centenary has been celebrated and remembered? Has it received the historic dignity it deserves? Have I missed the coverage? Can you imagine our other major sports being treated in the same way? I live for the day when football is no longer discriminated against as a foreign sport, when our top politicians no longer refer to it as ‘soccer’, and we understand that it was those who created the Freestate League of Ireland who gave us a Football Association in the first place. Perth’s joyful jig a real treat Game of the weekend top doG barkinG mad barmy army bonkers valentine’s card straiGht red jaysus! YOU’VE got to give it to Vinny Perth. Just how the hell did he pull out that cracking FAI Cup quarter-final victory to knock out in-form Finn Harps? After that gut-wrenching concession of two late goals in the first game, when Dundalk looked as though they had the match won, it only took six minutes in Oriel Park for Sean Boyd to put Harps ahead. Long It looked like it was going to be a long night for the Lilywhites. But those two goals in extra-time were special moments for all Dundalk FC lovers. And Vinny Perth’s joyful jig, as described in this newspaper, when Michael Duffy executed a great free-kick, maybe was him putting in an audition for Dancing With The Stars. I always talk to managers about how success brings as many problems as failure — and success has to be handled with as much effort, energy and intensity as when you are trying to build the foundations that create the good days in the first place. Yes, Dundalk clearly have to rebuild. Yes, there is so much speculation and uncertainty about the future direction of the club. But in a week when Perth was hit with a double-whammy of a dressing room ravaged by Covid-19 and rumours of player departures, I mustn’t have been the only neutral who was amazed to see Dundalk get into another Cup semi-final. And I take my hat off to Perth for always wanting to hang in there when there are so many rumours of departures from a sinking ship. st Patrick’s athletic v shamrock rovers THIS ONE is absolutely huge. It’s live on TV and with fans back, the atmosphere is going to be electric. It’s not just Declan McBennett who wants to see a title race, it’s everyone. So while I admire the brilliance of the Shamrock Rovers coaching ticket, I am going for St Pat’s to put on a Supersaints exhibition and get the win that will put them within three points of the Hoops. EVERY great club benefits from a bit of Donegal blood — and I just love big Georgie Kelly being the league’s leading goalscorer with 16 goals. His Goal of the Season contender in their classic battle against Derry City, deep into injury-time, was pure magic. IT’S NOT barking mad, it’s a disgrace that over the last week our very own SSE Airtricity League website has not celebrated our historic centenary. And we wonder why, when young Irish kids are asked who they support, their first answer is so often clubs from other countries. IT’S GREAT to see Birchy and the brilliant Blues in the FAI Cup semi-final, but what a game against UCD. It’s Barmy Army Bonkers that Andrew Meyler is not getting more credit for the brilliant job he is doing at Belfield. I AM always delighted to guide the FAI. Finally, the FAI Cup draw on TV tonight. NEVER again can the FAI hide their biggest competition’s cup draw on the radio. MARK DOYLE, 11 goals. Chris Lyons, 9 goals. The Drogs have the second and third highest scorers in the league. Amazing.

44 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ■ SOCCER Rising staR buRns cRedits ISEIR He teaches HEADING IN RIGHT DIRECTION: Derry’s Eoin Toal A TOAL TO PAY IF WE DON’T FOCUS ON THE PRESENT EOIN TOAL believes Derry City must focus on the present rather than start peering into the future as they prepare for tonight’s visit of Longford Town. Derry chairman Philip O’Doherty, who has agreed to sell his engineering business for €1.7bn, has promised there will be investment in Ruaidhri Higgins squad during the close season. Patrick McEleney has already agreed a deal to rejoin his hometown club, while there is strong speculation his Dundalk teammate Michael Duffy will also make the same return journey. City are also chasing after Bohemians striker Georgie Kelly, who began his senior career with the club. Secure With nine games to go, Derry are still in the hunt for a third-place finish which would secure European football next summer. Fourth spot — which they currently occupy — would produce the same outcome if St Pat’s or Bohs win the FAI Cup and also finish in the top three. “You never know what will happen,” said Toal regarding speculation over investment by O’Doherty. “But the main focus is this year. When you look at where we were at the start of the season, not winning in six matches, to where we are now in fourth, it is incredible. “Hopefully we can kick LOI resuLts and fIxtures Airtricity Premier Division P W D L F A Pts Shamrock R 26 17 5 4 43 20 56 St Pat’s Ath 27 15 5 7 46 32 50 Sligo Rovers 27 13 6 8 32 20 45 Derry City 27 10 9 8 36 34 39 Bohemians 25 11 5 9 42 31 38 Drogheda 27 10 7 10 40 34 37 Finn Harps 27 9 6 12 29 37 33 Waterford 27 9 2 16 24 46 29 Dundalk 26 7 7 12 29 38 28 Longford 27 2 8 17 19 48 14 tonight Bohemians v Finn Harps (7.45) .............. Derry City v Longford (7.45) .................... Dundalk v Sligo Rovers (7.45) ................. St Patrick’e Ath v Shamrock Rvs (7.45)... Waterford v Drogheda (7.45) ................... ■■Paul LENNON on during the last part of the season.” Toal played for Armagh City in the Irish League’s second tier before Kenny Sheils signed the centre-half four years ago — and the defender has never regretted his decision. “It’s been a brilliant move for me. There was interest from Irish League teams but once I heard about Derry, I couldn’t say no,” he said. Improved “I’ve improved year-onyear. Playing games has been the most important thing. Full-time football at 18 was vital for me. “Kenny said I needed full-time football to really kick on. Since then, I’ve played a fair few games. “Derry is a football city, there’s a lot of good players from there. “But you’re going to have to get players from outside, too, if you want to push on. It’s good and I’m enjoying it.” City’s Joe Thomson is still suspended, but Cameron McJannet and Danny Lafferty come back into contention. Marc Walsh is getting closer to full fitness, but the winger is unlikely to be named in the squad just yet. Longford must plan without suspended duo Aaron Robinson and Robert Manley. derry city v longford TONGHT: 7.45pm, Brandywell, LOITV Airtricity First Division P W D L F A Pts Shelbourne 22 14 7 1 44 19 49 UCD 22 11 6 5 49 30 39 Galway 22 11 6 5 31 20 39 Treaty United 22 10 7 5 32 23 37 Bray 22 8 9 5 31 23 33 Athlone 22 8 4 10 27 36 28 Cork City 22 6 7 9 30 27 25 Cabinteely 22 7 1 14 22 38 22 Cobh Ram 22 5 4 13 18 41 19 Wexford 22 3 3 16 20 47 12 tonight Athlone Town v Wexford (7.45) ................ Cabinteely v Shelbourne (7.45) ............... Galway v UCD (7.45)............................... Treaty United v Cork City (7.45) .............. tomorrow Cobh Ramblers v Bray (7.0) .................... me things I wouldn’t have even imagined DARRAGH BURNS has credited the emergence of so many young stars at St Patrick’s Athletic to the careful guidance of head coach Stephen O’Donnell. Burns (19) is just one of several teenagers to have broken into the first team under O’Donnell. James Abankwah and Kian Corbally are both 17, Ben Mc- Cormack and Josh Keely are 18, while Sam Curtis made his debut at just 15 years of age. And it’s not just at Richmond Park where teens are lighting up the SSE Airtricity League. “Dawson [Devoy] and Ross [Tierney] at Bohs, and Aidomo [Emakhu] off Rovers are all having great seasons as well, so gMark mccadden reports it’s good to see other lads doing well,” said Burns. “Me, Benji [Ben McCormack], Kian Corbally, Josh [Keeley] and James Abankwah; there are a lot of young lads breaking through. Faith “I just have to say a big thanks to the gaffer for showing his faith in me by putting me in these games. Last year he put me in a few times, coming off the bench. I think that was good to give me a bit of a feel for what I was going to be coming up against. “The step from 19s to firstteam is massive, so I just have to say a big thanks to him for trusting me, and then I just have to try to play my own game. “But when you have the likes of Bermo, Chris Forrester, Ronan Coughlan, Billy [King] and Mattie [Smith] all around you, with their experience it makes it easier for me.” O’Donnell has been there and done it all with Dundalk, Shamrock Rovers and Bohemians, after a spell in his youth at Arsenal. He even played in the Europa League group stages twice — with Dundalk and Rovers. “The gaffer has done it all. He has won leagues, he has won cups, he has been to the Aviva, he has done it all,” said Burns. “Just to have him and his advice, even on the training pitch he is very good. “He probably teaches me things that I wouldn’t even imagine that I could do on the halfturn, or dropping into pockets. “He likes me dropping into pockets. Usually I tend to stay out wide, because being a winger, that’s my natural game. “But he has a great reading of the game and he is filtering that through the whole team. “Then the experienced lads are helping the younger lads and it’s going well at the minute.” Burns scored twice last Friday night as St Pat’s saw off First Division Wexford in the FAI Cup, with Chris Forrester (28) teeing up his second. “Chris was obviously play- Long confident Kelly will still KEITH LONG is confident Georgie Kelly will still be at Dalymount Park next season. The Donegal marksman, who has hit 20 goals, including 16 in the league in 2021, could be shooting his way out of Dalymount Park by Christmas due to his form. But ahead of tonight’s visit of Finn Harps, Bohs boss Long remains confident the 24-year-old hitman (left) will still be at the club in 2022. It’s no secret Derry City are keen to re-sign Kelly, who ■■Paul LENNON started his senior career on Foyleside following a short stint with the Candystripes Under-19 side. With recently enriched City chairman Philip O’Doherty promising to bankroll manager Ruaidhri Higgins, the chances of both Kelly and Dundalk’s Michael Duffy following Patrick McEleney to Foyleside look strong. And there’s also growing interest in Kelly from English and Scottish clubs, with a move across the Irish Sea a strong possibility. Kelly is also nearing the end of his two-year masters in renewable energy and finance, which he’ll finish next March. Tempt When he decides where his future lies, his mentors at UCD’s Smurfit Business School will be supportive should a British club try to tempt him away in January.

ISEIR saints boss o’donnell for progress st pat’s ath v shamrock r TONGHT: 7.45pm, Richmond, LOITV SeLFIe-BeLIeF: Up and coming Saints superstar Darragh Burns with the Richmond Park faithful and (below) boss Stephen O’Donnell ing on the right side of midfield [against Wexford] and to have him there, he just talks me through the whole game,” explained Burns. Earful “He’d give me an old earful if I don’t track back, but that’s just the experience. He is a leader on the pitch. To have him there and Bermo; the experience in this squad is scary. “Then you’ve Robbie Benson out injured, [John] Mountney out injured, but even in training they are watching on saying, ‘Darragh, just look out for this or that’. “It’s making our job easier and hopefully with their experience and with the gaffer trusting us and us playing well, we can do big things this year.” Forrester is thrilled to see so many youngsters breaking into the first-team. “I think it’s really good,” said the former Peterborough man. “I’ve built up a good relationship with a lot of the younger boys in the team. “It’s just great seeing them come in. When they’ve been given the chance, every time they’ve come in they’ve done really well. I’m really pleased for them. “In terms of them being young lads, a lot of them have really experienced heads on their shoulders. Ben [McCormack] plays like he’s a veteran of the game who’s been playing the game for years. “Darragh [Burns] is just lightning on the wing. There are a couple more like Kian Corbally, Josh Keeley… they are all very good players and all have good heads on their shoulders. Worry “When you saw James Abankwah against Cork recently it looked like he’s been playing the game for years at senior level. “It is really good to see them all come through, just to watch their progress week in week out TARGeT: Rovers’ Richie Towell and (below) with Stephen Kenny at Dundalk has been really enjoyable. I don’t worry at all about any of them when they are called in to play in the positions they play in.” St Pat’s face reigning champions Shamrock Rovers tonight, knowing a win would close the gap at the top to three points, albeit with the Hoops having a game-in-hand. Saints are second and into the semi-finals of the FAI Cup. “It’s brilliant to have that hype around the club,” said Forrester. “People are interested in us and there are more fans showing up. It’s a good place to be in terms of challenging for stuff. We are right there. “We’re in the semis of the cup and it’s going to be an exciting few weeks. It’s where you want to be as a footballer.” be at Dalyer next season come what may “They are very flexible. I spoke to the head of the course at Smurfit, and they are dead on,” explained Kelly at the launch of the LOI FIFA 22 cover. “There would be no issues postponing the masters. It would be fine. The course influenced the move to Bohs a little bit, it being in Dublin and located close to UCD, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have ambitions outside this league.” But he added: “At the same time, I would not jump at the first chance I get to go away. It would riChiE hUnGrY For troPhiEs RICHIe TOWeLL doesn’t seek to hide his desire to propel Shamrock Rovers to the pinnacle of Irish football for the long term. It’s now almost three months since the gifted midfielder made his Hoops debut in the 3-1 Premier Division win over his former club Dundalk where he was hugely instrumental in creating the Lilywhites’ all-conquering side of the last decade. Dundalk are now embroiled in a battle to avoid the relegation play-off slot, with Rovers set to retain their championship crown. Victory Dundalk courted the Dubliner when he announced earlier this year that he would be leaving Salford City but it was Stephen Bradley’s plans that caught his mood. Following last weekend’s crucial 1-0 win at Sligo Rovers, Towell and Rovers travel to St Patrick’s Athletic tonight (7.45) knowing that victory will leave them nine points ahead of their hosts and with a game in hand. “This is the main reason that I came here — I want to dominate football with Shamrock Rovers,” declared Towell. “That target started as soon as I came into the club at the start of July. “Since then, we’ve played eight league games and won seven of them.” Towell was an early Stephen Kenny recruit have to be the right move.” That suggests Kelly will more likely consider staying with Bohs or joining Derry’s bid to land a first league title since 1996-97. Same “It’s the same as every year, you sit down at the end of the season,” Kelly explained. “You just keep chipping away and try to score as many goals as you can, get a bit of silverware, win the cup, or push up the league. ■■Paul LENNON at Oriel Park in January 2013 and helped the club win two league crowns, a FAI Cup and League Cup before Brighton snapped him up in 2016. “The two teams are very similar. We like to control the game, to create chances, get balls into the box, get real energy into our game. “If we can emulate what happened at Dundalk, which was incredible with back-toback league titles when I was there, that is what it’s all about,” added the 30-year-old who is also seeking to address Rovers’ disappointing europa Conference League exit. “If we can retain the league title then we again have the champions’ route in the Champions League qualifiers with, hopefully, a seeding. Sword “This is the only regret that we’ve had this year — not putting teams to the sword in europe when I felt that we could made the group stages.” The Saints may have played one game more than their local rivals but they remain very much in the title hunt. “We’ll concentrate on ourselves and our preparation for every game has been exactly the same,” stated Towell. “We have a little look at our opponents and they we focus on ourselves. I think you see that in the way we play.” “We (Keith and I) haven’t even discussed anything yet.” Bohs are challenging on two fronts with a chance of europe through the league or FAI Cup. The only avenue open to Derry is via the league. “I’m only 10 minutes from the Brandywell, so Derry is the club I supported,” said Kelly. “It would be great to see Derry challenging again. “And I think Ruaidhri is the right man to do it, bohemians v finn harps TONGHT: 7.45pm, Dalymount, LOITV and they have recognised that up there. “If they back Ruaidhri now, he is probably the man who can get Derry into a title challenge. With ‘Fats’ (Mceleney) and possibly a few more (there in 2022), they will be right up there. “And Philip O’Doherty and his bags of cash!” joked Kelly. So has O’Doherty come to Kelly with the cheque book yet? “No, he has not!” IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 45 Patching: Lilies need to kick on WILL Patching predicts the negative noise around Dundalk’s season will turn if the Lilywhites can build on Tuesday’s rousing FAI Cup victory. With a squad missing more than 10 players through injury and illness, Vinny Perth’s side overcame Finn Harps in their quarterfinal replay — a rare highlight in a season filled with low points that has the club battling to avoid a relegation play-off. “It showed our character, that we’re willing to play for each other,” insisted Patching (pictured). “When you look at the team, we had Mayowa Animasahun and Darragh Leahy at centre-back coming in — he’s not a centreback and not fully fit as well. “Michael Duffy’s free kick was class and he’s got that in his locker, so have a few of the other boys and we’re going to need to see a bit more of it towards the end of the season if we want a good finish. “We expect to be higher up the table. We should have converted a lot more of our chances, we’ve conceded some poor goals and it’s killed us in games we should be winning.” Patching is living in the town and is aware of what is being said online. Noise “I wouldn’t say it’s easy, with social media nowadays you see and hear a lot of things but we have to try to block out all the noise and focus on ourselves, get the points on the board and if we do that the noise will be positive noise,” said the midfielder. “I’m sure it does affect players. It’s hard not to. We’re all human beings so any noise we do hear, it does affect you. We just have to stay together and stay positive.” First Division SHeLS can put one hand on the First Division title tonight when they face Cabinteely at Stradbrook. Ten points clear, the Reds have injury worries over JJ Lunney, Denzil Fernandes and Gerardo Bruna. Cabo have failed to win at home since last May and record goalscorer Kieran Marty Waters is out injured. The two clubs in jointsecond place square off tonight at eamonn Deacy Park as Galway host UCD. The Students travel out ■■Michael SCULLY GriFFin EnJoYs A LUCKY BrEAK SHANe GRIFFIN feared missing the rest of the season with a suspected broken ankle — but the Waterford midfielder is now eyeing up an FAI Cup charge with the Blues after getting the all-clear. Two weeks ago, the 21-year-old (inset) shipped a nasty ankle injury under a heavy challenge in the 2-0 league defeat to Shamrock Rovers. However, it was not as serious as first feared, and Griffin could even make the Waterford squad for tonight’s clash with Drogheda United. “I thought it was broken because of the pain,” he said. “I’ve never broken anything before, but the pain was so bad I was thinking the worst. dundalk v sligo rovers TONGHT: 7.45pm, Oriel Park, LOITV ■■Paul O’HEHIR “Thankfully, it was just sprained ligaments.” Miss Griffin was forced to miss last week’s FAI Cup quarter-final win away to UCD, but the semi-final draw will be made later tonight and Waterford are in the hat along with holders Dundalk, Bohs and St Pat’s. He said: “At the start of the season, we were being tipped to go down, so a day at the Aviva Stadium would be unreal for everyone, for sure.” waterford v drogheda TONGHT: 7.45pm, RSC, LOITV West on the back of four successive wins. Munster bragging rights will be at stake at the Markets Field tonight as both clubs pursue the play-offs. Five With five points to make up on fifth placed Bray, Athlone entertain Wexford tonight at Athlone Town Stadium still hoping to get into the play-off mix. In the only Saturday fixture, play-off chasing Bray make the long haul to St Colman’s Park to face Cobh.

46 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 Rooney: Mel not sincere ■■From back page due to the players, but that has come from Mel Morris (below). “I haven’t spoken to Mel still to this day since August 9. I just found it a little bit disrespectful. “I am not asking for an apology but as manager of the football club getting questions from players and staff everyday and not being able to answer them, I was hurt by that. Honest “There is a way of handling things and being open and honest and that didn’t happen. “He addressed the players and staff as a group on Tuesday, which I was in. But a one-on-one conversation, I still haven’t had that. Rooney added: “His talk was basically his interview that he did on the radio. It wasn’t sincere. It wasn’t heartfelt enough and it wasn’t done with enough honesty.” ■ SOCCER on-loan BEnFICa man STaR oF Show jota lights up CELTIC PARk’s disco lights were given their first run out of the season, but it was Jota who showed the flashes of magic as the Hoops cruised to Hampden. The on-loan Benfica ace shone as he bagged his first goal for Celts and teed up another to send his side through to the Premier Sports Cup semi-finals on a night when former Shamrock Rovers man Liam Scales made his Bhoys debut. It was a welcome stress-free night for boss Ange Postecoglou on the back of a bruising few days after the Premiership defeat at Livingston. Liel Abada netted the second before David Turnbull slotted a stunner to make it 3-0. Decent Raith put up a decent fight that wasn’t helped by Dario Zanatta’s red card with half an hour to go — but the game was done and dusted by that stage. Jota lit the place up and there was also a decent turn from James McCarthy on the back of getting slaughtered by some for his display against Livi. The midfielder’s sensational by Michael GANNON celtic............. Jota 26 Abada 40 Turnbull 47 3 raith rvs...... 0 ball teed up the opener, and it was a solid hour’s work from the former Everton man. Raith boss John McGlynn has built one of the most exciting teams in the Championship, having gone from League One to the Premiership play-offs in the space of a year. And he wasn’t going to send his men out just to camp in their own box. But Celtic almost got an opener when Jota wriggled free on the edge of the box and whipped an effort just wide of the post. It wasn’t getting tense for the hosts, but the breakthrough came at a good time — and thanks to a superb pass. Jota’s finish was cool, but the opener was all about the ball from McCarthy. The Ireland midfielder uncorked the Rovers backline when he threaded a pinpoint pass right into his teammate’s path. But Celtic almost gifted Raith a way back into the match when Carl Starfelt’s slack pass was cut out and the ball was eventually worked to Dylan Tait, who forced Joe Hart to make a simple save low to his left. With Jota causing chaos, it was the Portuguese winger who teed up number two as he cut in from the left flank and let fly. Jamie MacDonald superbly threw up a glove to keep it out, but Abada pounced to nod in the rebound. Class Turnbull made it three just a few minutes into the second half with a touch of class. There was plenty to do when the playmaker gathered possession deep in the Raith half. He drove forwards and simply caressed the ball into the far corner when defenders were expecting him to take a winder at it. It was a moment of real quality. Jota skinned his man again out wide to tee up Tom Rogic, but his drive was straight at keeper MacDonald. Zanatta walked for a second yellow after tugging back Anthony Ralston, but the game was over by then anyway. CELTIC: Hart; Ralston, Carter-Vickers, Starfelt, Montgomery; McCarthy (Bitton 69), Turnbull, Rogic (Soro 69); Abada (Juranovic 61), Jota, Ajeti (Scales 61). RAITH: MacDonald, Dick, Berra, Benedictus, Tumilty, Riley-Snow (Arnott 80), Connolly (Fotheringham 71), Tait (McKay 71), Matthews (Spencer 63), Zanatta, Varian (Poplatnik 63). REfEREE: David Munro. BHOY WONDER: New Celtic star Jota was a real menace and (left) boss Ange Postecoglou ISEIR TITAN FROM TITAN € 59 .95 Chop Saw CODE: 322KV € 96 .95 Mitre Saw Stand CODE: 561KV 1800 832 777 SCREWFIX.IE OPEN EVERY DAY Prices valid until at least 03/10/21. All products are subject to availability. Prices include VAT at 23% (subject to changes in taxation). Prices in this publication are correct at time of print. For latest price information check our website or visit a Screwfix store. Screwfix Direct (Ireland) Limited standard terms and conditions apply to all sales – see Images used in the publication are for illustration purposes only. Delivery charges and restrictions may apply – see screwfix. ie/help/delivery. All this information is also available in store or by calling 1800 832 777, free to call from a landline and mobile. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and quality purposes. OFFICIAL PARTNER OF

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 47

48 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR tyrrell’s fACts & figurEs 42 events 984 matches 354 players 26 USA wins 14 GB/ireland/Europe wins 2 ties 12 Most appearances, Phil Mickelson 25.5 Most points, Sergio Garcia 19y 258d Youngest player, Sergio Garcia (1999) 51y 20d Oldest player, Raymond Flod (1993) EuropE’s fivE biggEst points winnErs 25.5 Sergio Garcia 25 Nick Faldo 24 Bernhard Langer 23.5 colin Montgomerie 23 Lee Westwood usA’s fivE biggEst points winnErs 23.5 Billy casper 23 Arnold Palmer 21.5 Phil Mickelson 21.5 Lanny Wadkins 20 Lee trevino futurE rydEr Cups 2023 Marco Simone G&cc, Rome, italy 2025 Bethpage Black, New York 2027 Adare Manor, county Limerick, Republic of ireland 2029 hazeltine National, Minnesota Let’s do it for Stricks TEAM USA want to see skipper Steve Stricker in tears of joy on Sunday night because it will be a crying shame if a “whole new team” were to lose again. The emotional American captain (inset) has a history of blubbing at the greatest moments of his career — and nearly broke down when he was announced as captain in 2019. Now the former world No 2 is seeking his biggest achievement by winning back the Ryder Cup in his home state of Wisconsin. “It would mean the world for all of us to see him Hatton says he’ll turn IF THERE was a world ranking for tantrums, Europe would have the Number One on their team. ‘Terrible’ Tyrell Hatton, as he is known. The 29-year-old Englishman is probably the most volcanic golfer on tour, a hot-headed highlight of this year being a memorable club-snapping moment at The Open. And Hatton’s on-course outbursts have gone viral in the States, where he has even aimed abuse at a POND that swallowed an errant shot. His language has had to be censored and he is fond of making a middle-finger gesture at outside influences he believes has interfered with his game. But away from the course, Hatton is a mild-mannered character who regrets losing his temper on the course. Wobblers And as he prepares to begin his second Ryder Cup, Hatton is promising not to throw any wobblers...for the sake of the European cause. “I can’t really do that this week because it’s almost not fair on your partner,” he says. “It’s like you don’t want to, essentially, bring them down. “That’s not what we’re about. That’s not what you do as a team. You are there to support one another.” Hatton has been known to have a pop at a punter or two in ■■Neil McLEMAN bawling his eyes on Sunday,” said Tony Finau. “Knowing Stricks, we wouldn’t mind seeing all the emotion and sensitivity that he brings to the table Sunday evening. Big “This is a big one for our squad, this Ryder Cup. It’s a big one for our team. It’s a big one for Stricks. This is a place that he loves, Wisconsin, Whistling Straits. This is his home. We want to win this... for our captain.” ■■Andy DUNN his time and a raucous American crowd will surely try to wind up him and the rest of the European team. “We have spoken about that a bit,” he says. “I’m not sure exactly what kind of reception I’ll get. But as the away team, I think we all expect to not get too LUKE DONALD’S ExcLUSivE LUCKY Luke Donald will bid to win his sixth Ryder Cup this weekend and maintain his remarkable unbeaten record The former world No 1 was an integral part of four winning teams, including two away victories in 2004 and 2012. And the Florida-based star, now 43, who was vice-captain in Paris in 2018, will be part of Padraig Harrington’s backroom staff this week. “I’m proud of my Ryder Cup record, though it certainly isn’t all down to me,” said Donald (inset). “But I do seem to have been on the right side of Ryder Cup results. STAYING CALM: Tyrrell Hatton says he can’t afford to throw a tantrum (right) at Whistling Straits ■■Neil SQUIRES “I’m not sure why. I have a pretty good record individually, I suppose, within the Ryder Cups, and also some good teammates. Huge “I just kind of got lucky with being in that right era. As Europeans, we love the Ryder Cup, we put a huge amount of time and effort into trying to give ourselves the best chance. And it’s turned out in the right way for us.” Donald, who played three US PGAs at Whistling Straits, assesses the final three holes.

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 49 pass other cheek in Wisconsin Koepka launches UNEASY TRUCE: Brooks Koepka (left) and Bryson DeChambeau many cheers. So we will all take it in our stride and see how we go. We’ve got to go out there and be true to ourselves but I wouldn’t say we’re going to be aggressive.” Hatton’s recent frustrations have been generated by a slump in results. A stellar second half to 2020 secured his Ryder Cup place but he has an indifferent 2021. His world ranking has gone from 10th to 19th and he has missed the cut in his last two tournaments. Form But is form crucial going into the Ryder Cup? “Well, I hope not,” he laughs. “I’d like to think when under pressure in big tournaments in the past t h a t I ’ v e played good golf and this week is no different to that. “It’s big pressure each day and generally over my career, I think I’ve been able to play well in big moments. I take confidence from that. “Although my form hasn’t been great coming into this week, hopefully the added pressure will allow me to raise my game to where it needs to be to help this team.” ‘I can’t really do that this week because it’s almost not fair on your partner’ a charm offensive BROOKS KOEPKA has called a temporary truce with Bryson DeChambeau — and now needs to make peace with US fans after showing a lack of passion for the Ryder Cup. The four-time Major winner said it was “tough” being in a team and complained he was not able to take a nap in the afternoon in a recent interview. Former skipper Paul Azinger told the World No 10 to “relinquish his spot and get people there who do love it” if he did not want to play. Koepka yesterday claimed his comments had been taken out of context. Spun “I never said it was negative,” he said. “Y’all spun it that way. I’ve never played any of these team events. I just said it’s different. That doesn’t mean it’s bad. I enjoy it. I think it’s a lot of fun to play. I wouldn’t be nervous on that first tee if I didn’t care.” But speaking in his pre- Ryder Cup press conference, Koepka was unsure of fan reaction to the interview. “I don’t know,” he said. ■■Neil McLEMAN “You guys have kind of already spun it negatively, so it is going to trickle to the fans because you guys are kind of our only outlet besides social media. “They read that stuff. So it’s all kind of your guys’ opinion, they are going to take that side a little bit more.” It would be ironic if Koepka, who offered free beer to fans ejected from The Memorial in June for taunting DeChambeau with chants of “Brooksie”, were to be heckled this week. Denied The former world No 1 denied all knowledge of DeChambeau’s tease that “there may be something fun coming up here moving forward” — rumoured to be a matchplay showdown grudge match for TV. Asked to describe his current relationship with last year’s US Open winner, the surly Koepka mumbled: “We are on the same team together. Everyone who is on our team is interacting, everybody is participating in conversations and doing everything we need to do.” GUiDE tO thE cLOSiNG thREE hOLES At WhiStLiNG StRAitS 16th (Endless Bite) 552 yards, Par 5 thiS is the shortest of the three big par fives. You have to hit the fairway off the tee but if you do, the green is very reachable. A good birdie opportunity. 17th (Pinched Nerve) 223 yards, Par 3 thiS is a huge par played down the hill just by Lake Michigan. it is extremely tough especially in bad weather and wind. if you go left into the bunkers way below the putting surface, you could make way worse than a bogey. very daunting. 18th (dyeabolical) 515 yards, Par 4 DESpitE the length of this par 4, if it is playing downwind some of the guys won’t hit a driver because the fairway stops after about 310 or 315 yards. So you’re always going to have a longish iron into that massive, sloping green over Seven Mile creek. it is a spectacular hole with lots of permutations if matches go all the way.

50 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ■ RYDER CUP SPANIARD’S THUNDEROUS PRESENCE ISEIR Collin Morikawa Age: 24 CAps: 0 WR: 3 ReCoRd: Debutant. Open champion struggled in FedEx play-offs after injuring his back at the Olympics. He says: “The biggest thing I learnt from those three weeks was to never played injured.” BrySon DeCHaMBeaU Age: 28 CAps: 1 WR: 7 ReCoRd: W0 L3 H0 The longest driver on the PGA Tour has declared a truce with Brooks Koepka, He says: “This isn’t about me. This is about the team going and winning the Ryder Cup.” JUSTin THoMaS Age: 28 CAps: 1 WR: 6 ReCoRd: W4 L1 H0 The USA’s top performer on his debut in 2018. He says: “I’m still going to be sarcastic. I’m still going to have fun and needle people. That’s just who I am.” JorDan SPieTH Age: 28 CAps: 3 WR: 15 ReCoRd: W7 L5 H2 Second-most-experienced US player has found his old form. He says: “I’m pretty excited about the idea that we’ve got youth and fire with the guys in our locker room.” TEAM USA DUSTin JoHnSon Age: 37 CAps: 4 WR: 2 ReCoRd: W7 L9 H0 The former world No.1 is the oldest player in Team USA. He says: “It’s a little strange for me - I always felt like I was one of the younger guys on the team.” BrookS koePka Age: 31 CAps: 2 WR: 10 ReCoRd: W4 L3 H1 xxxxx. He says: “I’m like glass, so I wouldn’t say I am 100%. Left knee, right knee, broken, man.” PaTriCk CanTlay Age: 29 CAps: 0 WR: 4 ReCoRd: Debutant. Winner of past two events on the PGA Tour and the $15m FedEx Cup. He says: “I’ve played really well this summer – that’s a good stretch to play some of the best golf of the year.” Tony finaU Age: 32 CAps: 1 WR: 9 ReCoRd: W2 L1 H0 The only American wild card to win a point in Paris. He says: “I was one of the younger guys in 2018 and now, just a short three years later, I’m the third oldest on the team.” rahmbo first blood World No 1 ready to lead from front MAJoR THREAT: Jon Rahm walks onto the first tee to face the American fans without flinching and (below) the world no 1 enjoys his US open success back in June XanDer SCHaUffele Age: 27 CAps: 0 WR: 5 ReCoRd: Debutant. Olympic champion has a German father. He says: “I think my dad is rooting for me. I don’t think you’ll catch him saying he’s rooting for Europe, but let me know if he does!” HarriS engliSH Age: 32 CAps: 0 WR: 11 ReCoRd: Debutant. The second-oldest player in the US team. He says: “Being 32-years-old, it means a lot more now than it would be if I had made this my first or second year on Tour.” Daniel Berger Age: 28 CAps: 0 WR: 16 ReCoRd: Debutant. Wild card is reward for his consistency and he is third on the PGA Tour for birdieto-bogey ratio. He says: “I’m excited. The toughest part this week is waiting to tee off on Friday.” SCoTTie SCHeffler Age: 25 CAps: 0 WR: 21 ReCoRd: Debutant. The only player not to have won an event on the PGA or European Tour. He says: “The guys have done a really great job of making me feel like I belong.” EUR FANTASTIC Finding European fans at Whistling Straits feels like the equivalent of looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But look hard enough and it is just about possible, in a sea of red, white and blue to find the lucky few who have been able to travel to the United States despite the coronavirus restrictions which have prevented thousands more from supporting Pádraig Harrington’s side in person. Standing beside the third green as Rory Mcilroy, Shane Lowry, Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton played their final practice round yesterday ■■Neil SQUIRES were Stephen Carr and his father, Padraig, from donegal. Played “Where Paul Mcginley’s people came from,” says Padraig by way of introduction, before adding that he played football with Lowry’s father Brendan “many years ago”. “We used to live in Chicago. Stephen was born there, but we moved back to ireland 20 years ago. We have tickets for Friday, then i have to get my PCR test before flying home on Monday.” EURoPE’S hand for the Ryder Cup defence may be comparatively weak against the collective might of the United States, but they have one trump card to play that the Americans cannot match. The world no 1. Jon Rahm’s thunderous presence offers a counterbalance against a side assembled by Steve Stricker that is collectively the finest the US has ever sent out — at least in terms of rankings. Looking down from the summit of the world game, the US Open champion has the presence to make any opponent stop and think twice. Yesterday ‘Rahm-bo’ drank in the view on the shore of Lake Michigan, absorbed the ‘U-S-A’ chants and did not bat an eyelid. ■■Neil SQUIRES in wisconsin Instead, he declared his preparedness to lead from the front today as an ageing European side sets out on its mission to pull off an against-the-odds victory for captain Pádraig Harrington. Experience “I’m ready for that. It’s a challenge I look forward to,” admitted 26-year-old Spaniard Rahm. “There’s a lot of players in our team that have a lot of experience and know how to get it done. I’m ready to add my name into that group. “Hopefully I’ll do like I’ve done so far this year, and I’ll let the clubs and the ball do the talking.” And he added: “A Ryder Cup is a bit different but being a Major champion just gives me confidence that I know what I’m capable of. “It’s a team effort and it’s not like I can do it by myself — unless you’re Poulter; he can do it by himself — but it would be a very nice end to what has been a wonderful year. “That win in France three years ago created a bond that’s unforgettable, and it would be a really good feeling to be able to do it in my first try on US soil as well.” The 17.5-10.5 win in Paris was Rahm’s debut, but the overhaul to the American side since, which brings in six rookies for the contest, has undoubtedly upgraded them. Throw in home advantage as well — an Abraham Lincoln lookalike was in among the Stars and Stripes on the first tee at final practice yesterday — and the overwhelming US favouritism is understandable and deserved. There may be no Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson in the side anymore, but there is a uniformity of talent and a depth which Europe cannot match. Relying Hence the need to box clever. And Harrington will be relying on the likes of Rahm and Rory McIlroy — the only other European to have gone into a Ryder Cup as World No 1 this century — to play in every session. “I’m physically ready for it,” said Rahm. “I know I don’t look like it, but I train every day when I’m at home, believe it or

ISEIR OFFERS COUNTERBALANCE AGAINST MIGHT OF USA IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 51 Of course Matt can do better MaTT FITzPaTRICk is crossing his fingers his second Ryder Cup is more memorable than his debut at Hazeltine five years ago. The Yorkshireman was unused on the opening day by captain Darren Clarke, defeated in the Friday foursomes alongside Henrik Stenson and then hammered 4&3 in the singles by zach Johnson as Europe crashed to a 17-11 defeat. “I tried to forget Hazeltine pretty quickly,” said Fitzpatrick (inset). “It was ■■Neil SQUIRES around a golf course that did not suit me one bit. I wanted to be part of it and experience it. Frustrated “I was disappointed and frustrated, but I look back and the way I was hitting it compared to how I look at myself now, and it was very different. “The golf course is much better than I thought it was going to be for myself this time — I was pleased to see that Harri: team fits bill ■■From back page US Open champion Rahm added: “I wouldn’t want to play Ian, especially in that mode like we saw at Medinah (in 2012). “He’s one of those guys that you might hate if he’s on another team but you love him if he’s on yours.” European captain Padraig Harrington admits he will need to use experienced players like Rory McIlroy (right) wisely alongside rookies this weekend. “We all know in Ryder Cups there’s a fine it wasn’t similar to 2016.” Fitzpatrick has asked Pádraig Harrington to consider him for the afternoon fourballs today. “The big thing I took away was that I would make sure that, if I ever played again, I would speak to the captain and say: ‘Listen, I’m not saying you have to play me in the fourball, I’m just saying, from experience, I feel like it would benefit me to play a four-ball to have that experience of what it’s going to be like Sunday with the crowds and the pressure. “Last time I played one foursomes on the Saturday, which, really, is the equivalent of playing nine holes. There’s no flow or rhythm to it, so you never really get what it’s like.” ‘Hopefully I’ll do like I’ve done so far this year and let the clubs and the ball do the talking’ not. I’m in really good shape. I have no problem walking 36 holes. “I feel like the biggest challenge in an event like this is, possibly, five rounds of the mental aspect of it.” The nagging concern for a European side that is five years per man older and five yards shorter off the tee is that this could be a Ryder Cup too far for some of the team. At 48, Lee Westwood is Europe’s oldest player since Christie O’Connor Snr in 1973. Yet to see Westwood this week ahead of his record-equalling 11th Ryder Cup appearance — and the rest of Harrington’s team — is to witness kids at Christmas. “The Ryder Cup can bring to you a juvenile excitement that you don’t usually expect a 48-year-old to have,” said Rahm. BROTHERS In aRMS: Shane Lowry, Tyrrell Hatton and Jon Rahm play their final practice round in Wisconsin yesterday and (below) Lee Westwood line between playing too much and trying to stay fresh,” Harrington said. “Obviously I have a slightly older team, experienced team, (but a) pretty fit team. That’s the one thing about it. We’re not struggling in that sense. Strong “Sergio or Paul Casey, they’re fairly fit and strong. You don’t see them having any issues with playing 36 holes if they have to. “But it’s something I would be aware of, that we don’t want to burn players out before Sunday.” Jon Rahm (Spain) Age: 26 CAps: 1 WR: 1 ReCoRd: W1 L2 H0 Best player in world has won a Major and become a father this summer. He says: “It’s only been five and a half months since my son was born, and so many things have happened.” tommy FleetWood (England) Age: 30 CAps: 1 WR: 36 ReCoRd: W4 L1 H0 Fleetwood won all four of his matches with Francesco Molinari on his debut. He says: “Moliwood was in Paris, and I can’t wait to partner up with whoever that’s going to be here.” Paul Casey (England) Age: 44 CAps: 4 WR: 23 ReCoRd: W1 L2 H0 Returned to the Ryder Cup team after a 10-year absence in Paris. He says: “This place is spectacular. What a creation. It’s a great golf course. I love it.” lee WestWood (England) Age: 48 CAps: 10 WR: 34 ReCoRd: W20 L18 H6 Will equal Sir Nick Faldo’s European record of 11 appearances. He says: “Week in, week out I play with somebody that’s the same age as my son now. I’m pretty much used to it.” BeRnd WiesBeRgeR (Austria) Age: 35 CAps: 0 WR: 61 ReCoRd: Debutant. The Austrian qualified automatically in the last event at the BMW PGA. He says: “Ian Poulter and myself are very similar in character and we have fun on and off the course.” seRgio gaRCia (Spain) Age: 41 CAps: 9 WR: 43 ReCoRd: W22 L12 H7 The Ryder Cup’s record points scorer with 25.5 is not finished yet. He says: “I’ve always said, I’d rather go 0-5 and win the Ryder Cup than 5-0 and lose it.” TEAM EUROPE ViktoR hoVland (Norway) Age: 23 CAps: 0 WR: 13 ReCoRd: Debutant. The first Norwegian Ryder Cup player – and the youngest in the European team. He says: “The first Ryder Cup that I actually sat down and watched to the end was at Medinah.” RoRy mcilRoy (N Ireland) Age: 32 CAps: 5 WR: 15 ReCoRd: W11 L9 H4 Four-time Major winner has played every session in the past five Ryder Cups. He says: “There’s a lot of emotion that comes out, but you still have to try to control that as well.” tyRRell hatton (England) Age: 29 CAps: 1 WR: 19 ReCoRd: W1 L2 H0 Hatton has struggled with his form – and his temper – this year. He says: “It’s big pressure each day and, generally, over my career, I think I’ve been able to play well in big moments.” matt FitzPatRiCk (England) Age: 27 CAps: 1 WR: 27 ReCoRd: W0 L2 H0 Suffered unhappy debut at Hazeltine in 2016, losing both his matches. He says: “I feel like my game is much better nowadays and has definitely changed a lot.” ian PoulteR (England) Age: 45 CAps: 6 WR: 49 ReCoRd: W14 L6 H2 The Postman has been given the chance to deliver points again. He says: “Everything is stacked against us. When you can turn the tide and come out victorious, it means a little bit more.” shane loWRy (Ireland) Age: 34 CAps: 0 WR: 40 ReCoRd: Debutant. Won The Open in the wind and rain at Royal Portrush. He says: “I’m pretty happy with the course and that cold wind. It feels like a summer’s day in Ireland when you’re out there.” TEE TiMEs (iRish TiMEs) Today FouRsomes 1.05pm, 1.21pm, 1.37pm, 1.53pm FouRbAlls 6.10pm, 6.26pm, 6.42pm, 6.58pm Tomorrow FouRsomes 1.05pm, 1.21pm, 1.37pm, 1.53pm FouRbAlls 6.10pm, 6.26pm, 6.42pm, 6.58pm Sunday singles 5.04pm, 5.15pm, 5.26pm, 5.37pm, 5.48pm, 5.59pm, 6.10pm, 6.21pm, 6.32pm, 6.43pm, 6.54pm, 7.05pm TV TimeS sky sports Main Event and sky sports Golf will show the entire tournament live BBC will show highlights as follows: dAy one: saturday, 25 september 00:05-02:05 and 07:10-09:10 dAy tWo: sunday, 26 september 00:00-02:00 and 07:15-09:15 dAy tHRee: sunday, 26 september 23:20-01:20 and Monday, 27 september 13:30-15:30 REGRET: Henderson iAn: We messed up touR tACtiCs ■■Duncan BECH IaIn HEnDERSOn has criticised the tactics used by the British and Irish Lions in their series defeat to South africa and also claims Warren Gatland selected on reputation rather than form. The Lions seized a 1-0 lead in a dismal series but lost the next two Tests, with head coach Gatland subsequently criticised for using a limited gameplan. Ulster star Henderson, who captained Ireland in the Six nations, is the first member of Gatland’s touring party to publicly denounce the lack of imagination that played into the Springboks’ hands. “You could play South africa’s gameplan against the Sharks or someone like that and whenever you get however many points up, you’re winning the 50-50s, the slap-downs become a 50 metre-try and all of a sudden people go ‘well they’re playing free-flowing rugby today’,” Henderson said. Game “Before you know it, you’re trying to beat South africa at their own game. South africa just won a World Cup doing their own game. They’re incredible at it. “Falling into what they’re incredibly good at I think is something a team probably shouldn’t try to do.” It was Henderson’s second Lions tour but, despite his imposing Six nations form, he was overlooked for Courtney Lawes. When asked if Gatland was a “guy who had his guys”, Henderson said: “I would tend to agree with that statement. “Courtney Lawes, for example. Hadn’t played a lot of rugby, was injured going in, missed a lot of rugby, comes in as bit of a surprise maybe and starts all three Tests. “Courtney is a class player and he probably deserved to be playing, but that would lead you to believe he [Gatland] wasn’t picking who was on form at that stage, because Courtney had already banked his form from before.”

52 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 Celts get back on the Raith track JOt’ a bOther: Celtic star Jota celebrates scoring against raith rovers in last night’s 3-0 scottish League Cup clash ■see Page 46 rooney slams rams chief WAYNE ROONEY has blasted Mel Morris for Derby’s demise, accusing the Rams chairman of a lack of “sincerity” and “honesty”. Rooney (left) only learned on the eve of the club’s previous match that Morris was putting them into administration. ■■James NURSEY Derby are now bottom of the Championship on minus two after being hit with a 12-point deduction. Debts It comes after Morris officially appointed financial firefighters over mounting debts and Rooney, in charge since November, admitted he would not have taken the job as manager if he knew then what he knows now. Rooney admitted: “Communication is key and that wasn’t there previously. We are where we are, not turn to page 46 ISEIR 8-page soCCeR mag see inside green giants: shane Lowry and rory Mcilroy (right) during a practice round at Whistling straits yesterday alpha mail postman will deliver WOrLD no.1 Jon rahm has backed “possessed” ian Poulter to deliver more ryder Cup heroics. The Spaniard insists: “Poults is one of those players who embodies the spirit of the Ryder Cup. “You have a man whose world ranking is nothing special but, when he gets to the Ryder Cup, a player like Ian Poulter becomes a somebody. He gets possessed.” ■■Neil SQUIRES Poulter is nicknamed The Postman at the Ryder Cup because he always delivers. Singles In 22 matches he has lost only six and is undefeated in six appearances in the final-day singles. turn to page 51 fun anD gaMes: Jon rahm (right) with rory Mcilroy yesterday; (left) ian Poulter celebrates with fans in 2018

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 1 eight pages full of gaMes and teaseRs TRY TO FIND... the frog

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4 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 4 THE THINKING ZONE Fill the grid so that every column, row, and 3x3 square includes all of the digits from one to nine. Solutions on page 8 SUDOKU ISEIR AC 1 6 9 easy MediuM 5 7 1 5 8 7 1 6 2 9 7 4 5 6 3 5 2 6 5 1 3 7 1 6 2 2 8 9 1 5 3 4 difficult 9 6 3 8 2 7 6 9 4 5 3 9 2 4 8 3 1 3 2 2 1 5 7 6 4 5 8 4 10 11 12 13 16 19 21 22 23 23 9 9 4 16 13 19 13 11 9 26 23 24 8 4 23 5 23 9 10 16 13 22 18 23 1 23 11 4 20 1 9 19 18 5 1 14 10 1 5 7 1 19 11 2 1 15 18 15 25 9 18 26 3 18 12 23 11 13 4 24 19 12 18 2 17 13 9 4 20 1 15 4 22 18 19 4 9 15 13 23 5 23 11 1 23 23 2 21 13 18 2 23 5 8 9 1 9 23 8 1 23 1 6 11 13 24 19 11 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 W 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z G MEGA ALPHA PUZZLE Alphapuzzle® tests your logic and word power. Each grid number represents a letter. Each letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter or letters – below the main grid – to start. Can you beat the Target Time? Call for an Extra Letter Clue if you get stuck. Solution next Sunday. DIFFICULTY: 10/10; TARGET TIME: 30 minutes Thinking Space Solution on page 8 1 9 10 14 19 20 2 13 3 17 7 11 DOWN 1 Turkish city (8) 2 Close to (4) 3 Round loaf (3) 4 Moves (9) 5 Sacred beetle (6) 6 Attack, 4 5 SMALL X-WORD 15 12 18 6 16 8 Solution on page 8 ACROSS 1 Sudden brief invasion (9) 7 Unit of time (6) 9 Arranged in a table (7) 10 Opera song (4) 12 Golf peg (3) 13 Dots cap (anag.) (7) 14 Wicked (3) 15 Employer (4) 17 Place, locate (7) 19 Sweet bay (6) 20 Forefathers (9) assault (5) 8 Kitchen sideboards (8) 11 Respect highly (6) 13 Heathen (5) 16 Mix with a spoon (4) 18 In the past (3) 24 25 26 India dres US st Film thea Becom smal Implo Cos 1 In which country does Jarlsberg cheese originate? 2 What type of store was London’s Biba in the 1960s and 70s? 3 In the Japanese proverb of the three wise monkeys, what is the name of the monkey depicted with “Hear no evil” and “See no evil”? 4 Which leafy green vegetable of the species Beta vulgaris shares its name with a South Somerset town? 5 Alexandra Daddario, left, stars in which satirical 2021 HBO series set at a tropical resort in Hawaii? 6 Which Buckinghamshire estate, code named Station X, housed the World War II Government Code and Cypher School? 7 How many items make up PUB QUIZ Solution on page 8 a baker’s dozen? 8 The word banns refers to the public announcement of what? 9 For what, in America, does FBI stand? 10 Thandiwe Newton voices Mona the Hormone Monstress in which Netflix animated sitcom? 11 In which 2003 feel-good film does Hugh Grant play the Prime Minister of Britain? 12 The terms decree nisi and decree absolute are associated with which type of non-criminal legal proceedings? 13 Roger Tilling is the unseen announcer for which long-running BBC TV quiz show? 14 The name of which type of garden vegetable literally means ‘eat all’? 15 Sally Hawkins, right, appears as Mrs Brown in which series of children’s films adapted from a book series written by Michael Bond? 16 Which mythical creature lived, according to the Peter, Paul and Mary song, “in the land of Honah Lee”? 17 From which French city does the fabric denim get its name? 18 An automaton was an early type of what machine? 19 What is the name of a computer system used to monitor a tennis ball’s trajectory, and a character from the TV series M*A*S*H? 20 Actress Claire Foy made her TV debut in which BBC supernatural comedy series? 21 According to the traditional rhyme, what type of food can be hot, cold or in the pot nine days old? 22 What part of a gramophone is the stylus? 23 Which Anglo-Saxon king is said to have commanded the tide not to come in, to demonstrate the limits to a monarch’s power? 24 What is the Chinese art of sympathetic orientation in buildings and interiors called? 25 Which indie rock band has had hits with Ruby, Everyday I Love You Less And Less and I Predict A Riot? 26 What is the name of the Queen’s bank? 27 In Catholic doctrine, what is the name for the place where souls go to be prepared for Heaven? 28 Where in a country estate would you find the architectural feature known as a ha-ha? 29 What mode of transport is known as Shanks’ pony? 30 In which country would you find a collective community known as a Kibbutz? Ag Simon pictur

ISEIR ROSS 1996 fantasy adventure film starring Dennis Quaid and the voice of Sean Connery (11) Waxy North American shrub whose oil is widely used in cosmetics (6) Cheshire town on the south bank of the River Mersey opposite Widnes (7) English guitarist and songwriter who was a founding member of rock bands Mott the Hoople and Bad Company (4,6) René ___, Belgian surrealist painter; The Son of Man, Golconda etc. (8) Third-largest city in Sweden, on the Øresund opposite Copenhagen (5) Son of Noah, brother to Ham and Japheth (4) Director of films including Hulk (2003) and Life of Pi (2012) (3,3) Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (7) Large northern constellation between Perseus and Pegasus containing a galaxy of the same name (9) Autonomous region of NE Spain on the Mediterranean Sea; capital, Barcelona (9) Underground stem of plants, such as ginger and the iris, that produces both roots and leafy shoots (7) Region of Middle-earth controlled by Sauron in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy (6) Gaelic name for Ireland, the official name of the Republic of Ireland from 1937 to 1949 (4) Any of the three upright wooden n s ate tre es ler red t ARROW WORD That woman In this place Possess And not Engine part Frozen water Arranging Called Seize in transit _ Richardson, pictured Incision BIG X-WORD Arrow words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solution on page 8 Mature Bird Employing Challenge Grasped Journey Not new Weapon Song of praise E.g. Corgi Frosty Targets Curbing Vegetable Wedding Everything Continent Protect Leaders Guest house Fastener Get up Not even Sandwich cake In the past Unwanted plant e Spatters Single Knight _, ed Brief letter Relies Facets Bursts Energy emission Walk unevenly Autograph Relieve Watch Solution on page 8 sticks on which the bails are laid to form a wicket (5) 27 Formal written defence of a cause or of one’s opinions or conduct; from Latin (8) 32 Italian cream cheese used as a principal ingredient in tiramisu (10) 33 Capital city of French Polynesia, on the NW coast of Tahiti (7) 34 ___ IV, adopted name of Nicholas Breakspear, the only English pope (1154-9) (6) 35 1971 horror novel by William Peter Blatty followed by the sequel Legion in 1983 (3,8) DOWN 1 Chief port and former capital of Tanzania; Arabic, ‘haven of peace’ (3,2,6) 2 Main river of Italy’s Tuscany region, rising in the Apennines and flowing through Florence and Pisa to the Ligurian Sea (4) 3 Roman emperor who succeeded the tyrannical Domitian in 96 AD (5) 4 Large decorative cupboard or wardrobe, originally used for storing weapons; from French (7) 5 Musical direction indicating that a voice or instrument does not sound; Latin, ‘it is silent’ (5) 6 Department of France in Franche-Comté region; capital: Lons-le-Saunier (4) 7 Winner of the 2014 Best Actress Oscar for her role in Still Alice (8,5) 8 Region forming the western Close Of a town Plunge On the move Stopper Aperture Pip Taxi Puts one's feet up Ova Spot Overhead part of the Czech Republic, bordering Germany, Poland and Austria (7) 14 President of Argentina who succeeded Cristina Fernández de Kirchner from 2015-2019 (8,5) 15 Marshal or official at a large public event, e.g. a horse race (7) 17 Large S African antelope with a brownish-grey coat and long straight horns (7) 18 Salad plant of the genus Cichorium, closely related to chicory, with bitter leaves (6) 19 South American plant of the nightshade family cultivated for its edible red fruits (6) 20 English playwright who scripted the 2015 film The Lady in the Van, starring Maggie Smith and Alex Jennings (4,7) 23 Smallest historic county in England, with the motto ‘multum in parvo’ (7) 24 Pseudonym of French Dramatist Jean-Baptiste Poquelin; writer of Tartuffe, Le Misanthrope etc. (7) 28 Alain ___, French motor-racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1985, 1986, 1989 and 1993 (5) 29 ‘Gem State’ of the northwestern US, bordering the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north (5) 30 Any small brown songbird of the chiefly American family Troglodytidae (4) 31 Fourth-largest (390,127 people) reported religion in the 2001 Census of England and Wales, surpassing Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism (4) Fib WORD SEARCH V M S I U Q O L I R T N E V T J G C W G N I M M U R D D Z H N N I D D R G M Y P G D S X S S G T T C N A D A N C I N G H N N S P I G E Y B Y S H M G E O I A G I M S R W M X N K W U I N N C O E A Q B B D T I S Q S I M C X P I A N I S T N L S S A Y C P X C O Q I I W D T E E R G I A C R O B A T I C S L R T N M A R T I A L A R T S R P G N I L G G U J A N J S R U M O S A C P R P U P P E T S B I D S T R I N G Q U A R T E T C O N T O R T I O N I S T N C SUMMIT UP If the number in each triangle is the sum of the two below, what is the top number? Solution on page 8 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 5 Find all the talent contest acts listed below in the grid. Solution on page 8 ACROBATICS BURLESQUE COMEDY CONTORTIONIST DANCING DOG TRAINING DRUMMING GYMNASTICS IMPRESSIONS JUGGLING MAGIC MARTIAL ARTS PIANIST PUPPETS RAPPING SINGING STRING QUARTET VENTRILOQUISM 11 10 10 7 15 5 Star Film about a talking bear 9 7 6 2 7

6 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 6 ThE CREATIVE ZONE kEIJO FACTS OF LIFE ISEIR 3 4 3 1 4 1 1 1 Grab your pencils or pens... use colours if you have them, add textures and patterns and make the picture your own. COLOUR ME IN STAR SkETCh Draw the facial features into the numbered boxes above to reveal the celebrity. Solution on page 8

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 7 Agatha Christie was born on this day in 1890. She is the bestselling novelist of all time, outsold only by Shakespeare and the Bible. Her most famous character, Hercule Poirot, was in 33 novels and over 50 short stories. The New York Times printed Poirot’s obituary on the front page when the novel in which he died was published. Her play The Mousetrap is the longest-running theatre production. It opened in London’s West End on November 25, 1952, and ran continuously until March 2020. In December 1926, she mysteriously disappeared for 11 days. When she was found, she had no memory of those days and what really happened has never been explained. 7 Place the remaining tiles into the grid so that four different numbers and four different shapes appear in each row and column. Solution on next page 3 3 3 1 2 2 1 2 4 1 2 4 Follow the instructions on the right to make your Barmi Origami. Once you have made it, find a pal and ask them to pick a colour. Open the Barmi Origami one way, then the other to spell out the chosen colour (eg: Y E L L O W). Ask your friend to choose a number, then open the Barmi Origami one way, then the other to count out the number. Finally, choose a number, lift the flap and read out 1. Cut out the square below-right BARMI ORIGAMI the words. Your friend must carry out the request. Take care if it is a physical challenge! 2. Turn over so the colour squares are on the back 5. Fold the opposite way, corner to corner 3. Fold in half, corner to corner 6. Unfold back to a square 4. Unfold back to a square 7. Fold a corner to the centre DOT-TO-DOT CHALLENGE Join the dots to reveal something musical! 8. Fold the rest of the corners in 9. Turn over 10. Fold a corner to the centre Brush up your fine motor skills by joining up the dots from number 1. Try gliding smoothly from dot to dot without taking your pen or pencil off the paper. Solution on next page 11. Fold the rest of the corners in 12. Turn over 13. Fold in half 14. Insert fingers, making sure the coloured squares are on top Name three chemical elements beginning with B Challenge a friend to a game of noughts and crosses Close your eyes and imagine a beatboxing lemon Think of the last time that you saw a sparrow Wave at the next person that passes you by Ask a family member if they’ve ever met a famous author If you had to marry a Chinese meal, which one would you wed? Count from 1 to 10 alternating between English and Spanish

8 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR 8 THE INTERACTIVE ZONE SQUARES This game requires two or more players. The first player draws a line from any dot to any vertically or horizontally adjacent dot. The next player does the same, and the players continue to take turns drawing lines in this way. The object of the game is to form a square by joining four dots. When a player draws a line that closes a square, she writes her initials inside the square and gets a bonus turn. When all possible lines have been drawn, the player with the most initialled squares is the winner. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A game for two people. Each player takes it in turn to place their X or O into one of the empty squares in the grid. To win the game get three of your symbols in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Take it in turns to start; best of 5. NOUGHTS & CROSSES HANG MAN Think of a dog breed, then in the blue box above, draw dashes to represent the number of letters in the word. Then the person you’re playing against starts to guess letters. If the letter is in the word, write it on the corresponding dash. If the letter is not in the word then draw a line on the hangman and cross off the letter on the alphabet chart. SOlUTIONS fiNd THE frog WHAT HAPPENS NEXT 1. The two athletes confronted each other and started fighting. The year was 2011. PiCTUrE QUiZ A. Fleetwood Mac, B. The Killers, C. Pink Floyd, D. Blur, E. Ed Sheeran, F. The Velvet Underground, G. The Prodigy, H. Oasis, I. The Beatles. SPoT THE diffErENCE Easy Difficult mAgiC EYE PiCTUrE SPoT THE BALL The ball was in square C-12. SUdoKU Two students, a book and three beakers. 9 8 6 4 3 7 2 5 1 8 6 4 5 2 3 1 7 9 6 9 5 7 4 8 3 1 2 4 3 5 8 1 2 7 6 9 1 7 3 9 8 4 5 2 6 Medium 4 2 6 7 1 9 5 8 3 3 5 9 4 8 2 7 1 6 7 1 8 3 5 6 4 2 9 5 4 1 9 6 3 2 7 8 2 8 3 1 7 4 6 9 5 6 9 7 5 2 8 3 4 1 8 3 4 6 9 7 1 5 2 1 6 2 8 4 5 9 3 7 9 7 5 2 3 1 8 6 4 2 7 1 9 6 5 3 4 8 5 2 9 7 1 6 4 8 3 2 4 8 1 3 7 3 9 1 6 5 2 6 5 7 8 9 4 mEgA ALPHA PUZZLE Across: Solicit, Bank, Rasp, Atom, Cure, Perfect, Subjugation, Somehow, Cosh, Rate, Dark, Sake, Extinct. Down: Ablaze, Cicada, Hug, Skimp, Shake, Lower, Midst, Fugue, Cause, Haven, Tract, Wrist, Hod, Speedy, Queued. SmALL X-Word Across: 1 Incursion, 7 Second, 9 Tabular, 10 Aria, 12 Tee, 13 Podcast, 14 Bad, 15 Boss, 17 Situate, 19 Laurel, 20 Ancestors. Down: 1 Istanbul, 2 Near, 3 Cob, 4 Relocates, 5 Scarab, 6 Onset, 8 Dressers, 11 Admire, 13 Pagan, 16 Stir, 18 Ago. PUB QUiZ 1 Norway, 2 Fashion store, 3 “Speak no evil”, 4 Chard, 5 The White Lotus, 6 Bletchley Park, 7 Thirteen, 8 A wedding, 9 Federal Bureau of Investigation, 10 Big Mouth, 11 Love Actually, 12 Divorce, 13 University Challenge, 14 Mangetout, 15 Paddington, 16 Puff the magic dragon, 17 Nîmes (de Nîmes), 18 Robot, 19 Hawk-eye (or Hawkeye), 20 Being Human, 21 Pease pudding, 22 Needle, 23 King Canute, 24 Feng Shui, 25 Kaiser Chiefs, 26 Coutts, 27 Purgatory, 28 In the grounds, 29 Walking, 30 Israel. Big X-Word Across: 1 Dragonheart, 6 Jojoba, 9 Runcorn, 10 Mick Ralphs, 11 Magritte, 12 Malmö, 13 Shem, 16 Ang Lee, 19 Titania, 21 Andromeda, 22 Catalonia, 23 Rhizome, 24 Mordor, 25 Eire, 26 Stump, 27 Apologia, 32 Mascarpone, 33 Papeete, 34 Adrian, 35 The Exorcist. Down: 1 Dar es Salaam, 2 Arno, 3 Nerva, 4 Armoire, 5 Tacet, 6 Jura, 7 Julianne Moore, 8 Bohemia, 14 Mauricio Macri, 15 Steward, 17 Gemsbok, 18 Endive, 19 Tomato, 20 Alan Bennett, 23 Rutland, 24 Molière, 28 Prost, 29 Idaho, 30 Wren, 31 Jedi. oPTiCAL iLLUSioNS Pastry: You can solve this using the topological method ‘continuous transformation’. Topology is surfaces being twisted, bent and pulled from one shape to another without cutting. Figures: Segments AB, BC, DE and EF are equal. If AD, BE and CF are perpendicular to AC and DF (check with a ruler!), then the answer is: figure 2. This illusion is related to the ‘Müller-Lyer’ illusion, where two equal segments do not appear so if ‘framed’ by angle brackets with spikes pointing in or out. ArroW Word S H H A V D H A W A I I G O O S E R V J O E L Y F C I N E M A D A R E O C U T G U N S H R I N K S H E L D E C I C Y E P W U R G E D N M A R R I A G E E O R G A N I S I N G E C H A R G E L M S O D D E R A S P L A S H E S I R N O T E S O P O P S P E G G R A D I A T I O N I A E A S E N E A R L I M P P L U G C N E Y E R E S T S S I G N C A B L I E N D O T A B O V E E G G S S U N T E D Word SEArCH V M S I U Q O L I R T N E V T J G C W G N I M M U R D D Z H N N I D D R G M Y P G D S X S S G T T C N A D A N C I N G H N N S P I G E Y B Y S H M G E O I A G I M S R W M X N K W U I N N C O E A Q B B D T I S Q S I M C X P I A N I S T N L S S A Y C P X C O Q I I W D T E E R G I A C R O B A T I C S L R T N M A R T I A L A R T S R P G N I L G G U J A N J S R U M O S A C P R P U P P E T S B I D S T R I N G Q U A R T E T C O N T O R T I O N I S T N C 3 1 2 SUmmiT UP 85, 76 STAr SKETCH The star is Nick Grimshaw. 1 4 3 KEijo 4 2 1 4 2 3 doT To doT A record player. 2 3 4 1

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 1

2 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR all the big top flight fixtures chelsea v man city tomorrow, 12.30pm live bt sport home 13/8 draw 21/10 away 17/10 Chelsea have won their previous three matches with City in all competitions. City beat Chelsea 3-1 in their last league meeting at stamford Bridge. Both teams have conceded only one goal in five league games this season. man united v aston villa tomorrow, 3pm home 4/11 draw 4/1 away 13/2 United have won 37 of their 52 Premier league games against Villa, drawing 12. Villa have lost both league matches away from home this season. United’s Cristiano ronaldo is looking to score for the third-straight league game. everton v norwich tomorrow, 3pm home 8/13 draw 13/5 away 5/1 eVerton have lost one of their last seven home league games against norwich (w4 d2). norwich manager daniel Farke has lost his last 15 Premier league games. norwich beat everton 2-0 when the teams last met at Goodison Park in 2019. leeds v west ham tomorrow, 3pm live premier sports 1 home 19/10 draw 5/2 away 5/4 west ham have beaten leeds four times in 22 Premier league meetings. leeds are seeking a first win this season (d3 l2). michail antonio and said Benrahma have scored seven of west ham’s 11 league goals. leicester v burnley tomorrow, 3pm home 4/7 draw 14/5 away 5/1 leiCester are unbeaten in their last 10 home league matches against Burnley, winning six. leicester’s Jamie Vardy has scored five goals in his last six league games. Burnley have won three out of 12 Premier league meetings with leicester. watford v newcastle tomorrow, 3pm home 5/4 draw 9/4 away 11/5 watFord are looking for their sixth Premier league win over newcastle in their 13th meeting. watford beat newcastle 2-1 in their last home league game. newcastle have faced 93 shots this season, more than any other team. brentford v liverpool tomorrow, 5.30pm live sky sports home 6/1 draw 10/3 away 4/9 Promoted Brentford and liverpool meet in the league for the first time since 1947, a game that ended 1-1. liverpool have scored 12 goals and conceded one in their last three games against Brentford in all competitions. southampton v wolves sunday, 2pm live sky sports home 13/8 draw 21/10 away 7/4 winless southampton are looking to snap a run of four straight league draws. wolves have lost seven of their last eight league games. wolves have missed more big chances than any team this season (12). arsenal v tottenham sunday, 4.30pm live sky sports home 6/5 draw 11/5 away 23/10 arsenal are looking to win consecutive league games against tottenham for the first time since 2013-14. tottenham have conceded six goals in their last two league games. harry Kane has 11 goals in competitive games against arsenal. crystal palace v brighton monday, 8pm live sky sports home 19/10 draw 2/1 away 29/20 PalaCe have not lost to Brighton in their last four league meetings. Brighton can win three straight league games for the first time since 2018. Palace’s wilfried Zaha has scored seven goals against Brighton in all competitions. FRANK’S SILVA LINING ONLY the most blinkered fan would argue now that Frank Lampard wasn’t out of his depth as Chelsea manager. It was a curious choice because nothing major happens at that club without the nod from owner Roman Abramovich. Appointing Lampard was a sentimental choice, and Abramovich has never been one for sentiment. Usually, when he’s been in the market for managers, he's gone for the hottest properties in the world, not a neophyte learning his trade. Thing is, there were plenty in the English media who wanted to paint him as the Messiah. We don’t know who was briefing the reporters on the Chelsea beat in August, 2020 — but they were all fed the same stuff. Rousing We were told that Lampard had made a rousing speech to his staff on day one in the job about being proud to work for the club. Truly ground-breaking ... We were told that he put a lot of emphasis on nutrition but that players could have tomato ketchup if they wanted. We were told that the players warmed to Lampard more than Maurizio Sarri. Why? He smiled at training more than the Italian. Seriously. Then came the kicker. The big secret. Lampard had set up a WhatsApp group for himself and his backroom where they discussed team matters and tactics. Beam me up, Scotty. If the owner had persevered with Lampard, Chelsea wouldn't Kieran CUNNINGHAM ChIeF SpoRtS WRIteR be European champions. And they would have likely struggled to make the top six in the Premier League — as their form was in freefall when he left in January. The transformation since just last January under Thomas Tuchel has been spectacular. He inherited a strong squad, and has added to it well, but Tuchel’s smarts is one of the main reasons why they look the team to beat in both England and Europe. There is one legacy of Lampard’s time, though, that deserves to be acknowledged. Thiago Silva was 37 on Wednesday and, when he signed in the summer of last year, some thought it was a panic buy by Lampard. They figured that Silva was way FRANKLY SPEAKING: Then Chelsea boss Frank Lampard (left) with Silva, whom he signed thiago one of the few things Lamps got right past his best and that the fran- David Luiz — and both of them tic pace of the Premier League sang the praises of the west London club. would catch him out. That was the case in a couple of But it was Lampard himself games early on but, once he got who convinced Silva that his bearings, Silva was imperious. of his club career he needed. Chelsea was the final challenge “As soon as I said yes, he sent Majestic me a picture of us both shaking He was majestic in last Sunday's win over Tottenham and in 2013,” said Silva. hands as national team captains looks as important to Chelsea “He understood exactly what I now as Virgil van Dijk is to Liverpool. probably because he had made needed at this stage of my career, When Chelsea made an approach to Silva, he was happy from Chelsea to Manchester City. a similar move when he was 36, at Paris Saint-Germain but they “Marina [Granovskaia, club director] called me after I’d agreed, had told him his contract was not going to be renewed. then passed me on to Frank. Silva picked the brains of Brazilian team-mates Willian and because I still don’t speak Eng- “It was through a translator, lish and his accent is even tougher for me. “He hit the nail on the head from day one, saying, ‘Thiago, you don’t need to worry about your age — it’s not a concern for me at all. ‘I’ll count on you absolutely, and I want to listen to what you have to say.’ “I was over the moon with that; knowing everyone at the club, top to bottom, wanted me here.” From day one, Tuchel made the same commitment to Silva. He knows quality when he sees it, and he knows Silva very well from their time at PSG together. Before moving to Paris, Tuchel was in charge of Borussia Dortmund and put a lot of trust in his defensive leader, Mats Hummels. Indeed, one of the reasons why

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 3 IN YOU GO: Ziyech scores against City in May we chal’ overcome CESAR AND THE EMPEROR: Thiago Silva and Cesar Azpilicueta during a training session at Chelsea’s Training Ground he became disillusioned with Dortmund was down to the decision to let key players like Hummels go. The German is well aware that a dominant central defender can be the key to success — and that is certainly true in the Premier League. Look at the way Manchester City bounced back from an indifferent campaign in 2019/20 to win the title last season. The biggest single reason was the impact made by Ruben Dias. The stats make it clear that van Dijk is one of the most transformative signings in the history of the Premier League too. Leap Chelsea made the great leap forward under Jose Mourinho when he brought Ricardo Carvalho on board to play alongside John Terry. Cast your mind back to the last great Liverpool team — Kenny Dalglish’s side in the 1980s. Would Manchester United have done so well under Alex Ferguson without totemic central defenders like Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister, Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand? They look more like contenders now — largely due to the signing of Raphael Varane to play alongside Harry Maguire. Last Sunday, it was put to Tuchel many expressed doubts when Chelsea signed the ageing Silva. BLOND AMBITION: Chelsea’s Thiago Silva celebrates after scoring during the Premier League match against Tottenham on Sunday “He was outstanding today, and is so often. Thiago almost scored twice. He is so strong. He was happy to score and open the game,” he said. “His performance was outstanding, a fantastic performance.” When Silva joined PSG from AC Milan in 2012, one of the reasons he did so was because he believed they had the resources to win the Champions League. But, in eight seasons, one losing final was as close as he got. In just his first season with premier league Chelsea v man City stamford bridge, tomorrow 12.30pm live bt sport Chelsea, he got what he wanted. Now, the Premier League is a realistic target — and it will take a very good team to stop them in the Champions League too. Relationship “When managers have changed before, the incoming coach has never been someone I’ve already worked with, who I already have such a good relationship with,” said Silva. “I had two unbelievable years with Thomas Tuchel in Paris, including getting to the final of the Champions League. “That was a really great year for everyone at PSG. So it’s a special moment for me to work with him again. “What gives me hope and motivates me, above all else, is my belief in this group, in the potential of this team. “If we don’t believe in ourselves, we won’t get anywhere. “So it’s all about focusing on our work, focusing on our selfbelief and continuing to work hard.” THOMAS TUCHEL is ready to make a “massive” statement in this season’s title race. And the Chelsea boss will have no fears of Manchester City thanks to his incredible hold over managerial rival Pep Guardiola. Chelsea go head-tohead with City in tomorrow’s lunchtime shoot-out at Stamford Bridge, with Tuchel looking to beat Guardiola for a fourth consecutive time. After taking over at Chelsea in January, Tuchel (below) defeated City at the Etihad in the Premier League, beat them in the FA Cup semi-final and, then, most significantly of all, in the Champions League final in May. Chelsea defender Trevoh Chalobah warned that City will carry a big “danger” as Guardiola’s men look for revenge, but this is also a chance for the challengers to lay down a marker for the reigning champions. Massive Chalobah said: “It’s very important, it’s massive for us because of where we both are in the league right now. “We’ve done well in big games this season against big opponents and it’s another chance for us to go out there and show what we’ve got, what we’re about and the way we’ve started this season, we should go into the game full of confidence. “They’re a very good side, full of quality players and we know the dangers they can cause, but we’ll be ready for them. “We’re very confident, full of belief with the quality of players that we have. We go into every game, no matter who we play, ready to be ruthless in front of goal and defending our box as well. We’ve done that very well so far this year.” Tuchel has made such an impression at Stamford Bridge that it is easy to forget that this is the manager who took charge just eight months ago. ■■John CROSS The German won the Champions League but is now undoubtedly eyeing the Premier League title and, after signing Romelu Lukaku for £97.5m (€114m) in the summer, Chelsea could prove to be City’s closest challengers. Strong Chelsea have strength in depth, with Chalobah insisting the mindset in the dressing room is not just trying to win one trophy, but going for everything this season. The match with City is followed by Juventus in the Champions League and, even with players missing, they have strong cover, highlighted by Kepa Arrizabalaga stepping in for Edouard Mendy and being a hero in the penalty shoot-out win over Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup. “We want to be in contention for every cup this season, we want to try to win everything,” said Chalobah. “That’s our mentality and it’s good that we won in the cup, and now we can focus for the weekend. “With Kepa, he shows the right mentality. Every day he comes into training with a smile on his face, he’s always helping the boys by putting everything into training and even on the bench he’s screaming encouragement to the pitch, helping the boys out and supporting us all. “That’s what you call a team player. When he is needed, he’s always ready to do the job and gets it done.”

4 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR FootbALLfocus... with GAVIN EARLEY shock to the system manchester United are level on points with table-toppers chelsea, but recent losses to West ham and young Boys suggest they’re vulnerable, even with ronaldo on board. aston villa could be on course to upset them at old trafford, following their everton 3-0 in the league and penalty shootout loss to chelsea in the eFl cup. must do better it’s like harry Kane never returned from his summer holiday after his failed attempt to join manchester city. spurs won their opening three league games, but their fortunes have turned with back-to-back 3-0 defeats and Kane yet to get off the mark in the league. Does his league cup strike against Wolves signal a return to form? young gun KaiDe GorDon showed the future’s bright at liverpool after Jurgen Klopp let him loose against norwich in the league cup on tuesday. the 16-year-old didn’t look at all out of place in the 3-0 win. Klopp said after: “he’s good. a lot of things to improve, a lot of things to settle, a lot of things to learn but there’s a lot of things already there.” irish eye stephen Kenny said that aaron connolly has only reached 70 per cent of his potential after his fine display against portugal that lacked the finishing touch. his brace for Brighton against swansea in the league cup showed that he may be making inroads into that final 30 per cent. doubleagent chelsea v man city name: Terry Phelan clubs: Leeds, Swansea, Wimbledon, CHELSEA, MANCHESTER CITY, Everton, Fulham... What noW: Technical Director at South United in India. did you knoW? The former Ireland full-back says turned down Barcelona, Manchester United, Ajax and Tottenham to join City for £2.5 million – a record fee for a defender at the time – in 1992. WHEN the dust settles on his time at Manchester City, we may well look back on something Pep Guardiola said in August as hugely significant. Guardiola’s contract runs out in 2023 and, last month, he said that he will definitely be leaving City then. This is something a manager should never do. Remember what happened when Alex Ferguson announced, in the summer of 2001, that he would retire at the end of that season? The players definitely didn’t respond to him the same way. United would end that season without a trophy. Ferguson did a U-turn midway through the campaign, declaring that he was staying, but it was too late. The damage was done. He later described his initial retirement announcement as the biggest mistake of his career. Once a manager makes it clear that he’s eyeing the exit door, he just doesn’t have the same power. We saw that with Ferguson’s aborted retirement. I think we’re seeing something similar now with Guardiola and City. To me, what is most striking is the attitude and demeanour of Kevin De Bruyne. Crankiness He is City’s main man but he just doesn’t look as motivated now. There is a crankiness to him that wasn’t there before. He’s moaning at his teammates far too much. Another sign that things aren’t right at City was Guardiola’s spat with fans’ group representatives. He was annoyed at the ground not being full for every game — but having a go at the fans shows how out of touch Guardiola is with the place where he works. City aren’t like Manchester United or Liverpool. Both of those clubs have thousands of day-trippers from everywhere from Ireland to Scandinavia to Japan turning up to cheer them on. City’s fanbase, in contrast, is very much a localised one. It’s a club — despite the wealth that has come in — that is rooted in workingclass Manchester. It costs a huge amount of money for fans to follow their team. That is especially the case when you play as many European games as City do. In the 1998/99 season, Guardiola won his sixth and final LaLiga title as a player with Barcelona. That same season, City were in the Third Division in England — but their average attendance was still nearly 30,000. That’s the level of loyal support City have — long before billionaire owners and Guardiola. Tomorrow, Guardiola is facing one of his biggest games of the season — an away trip to serious title contenders, Chelsea. I think he’s in for a rude awakening. To me, City have fallen behind both Chelsea Without the Champions League, Pep’s time at City must be seen as a failure eamondunphy and Liverpool. They play both in the space of eight days — with an away trip to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League sandwiched between them. Those games will show us where City are, and I think they’ll be found wanting. They cruised to the title last season, but that strange Covid-damaged campaign gave a false impression of City’s worth. More than any other team, they benefited from no fans being allowed to attend games. That’s because Guardiola’s style of football isn’t based on energy or power surges or emotion. Sterile There is a soullessness at the heart of tiki-taka. It is a sterile way of playing football, a way that appeals to the brain — not the heart. People have rumbled that fact. It doesn’t thrill them in the way that watching Liverpool can be so thrilling. The aura around Guardiola has faded, too. Look at Southampton’s performance against City last weekend. They got a draw with comfort and could really have won the game. For all the staggering amount of money they’ve spent, it is astonishing that City don’t have an out-andout goalscorer. It was clear for a lon that Sergio Aguero was ravaged and near the e Hapless Why was a plan not place to replace him? W ‘plan’ the hapless pur Harry Kane? Does Guardiola think are no other strikers world? However, Liverpool Chelsea both have 20-g year men in Mohamed

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 5 EUR UNDER PRESSURE NOW: Pep Guardiola was brought to the Etihad (right) to deliver the Holy Grail that is the Champions League g time injury nd. put in as the suit of there in the and oal-a- Salah premier leaGue chelsea v man city stamford bridGe, tomorrow live bt sport, 12.30pm Chelsea to beat City at the Bridge and Lukaku to score first @ 6/1 LUK OUt: thomas tuchel (right) knows Romelu Lukaku (centre) is good for 20 goals a season, whereas Kevin De Bruyne (left) appears cranky and uninterested since Pep announced his departure date hard truth is that Guardiola has not delivered and Romelu Lukaku. United have one in Cristiano Ronaldo. All three clubs have others who can put up big tallies, too. So what is Guardiola play- done that. The owners went after Guardiola as they craved the Champions League. If he doesn’t deliver the big one, he has to be regarded as a failure. I expect that to be the case tomorrow at Stamford Bridge, too. Chelsea have an exceptionally strong squad and are powerful in all areas of the out challenges that are presented to his team. The big difference between Chelsea and City is this — City are on the slide, Chelsea are improving. ing at? He can’t rely on midfielders chipping in all the That may seem very harsh, but any manager has to be field. Tuchel has the smarts to Fan-boys time. He can’t think the nonsense judged on how they did with change things when they Even though Liverpool have of ‘a false nine’ is the the targets that they were set. aren’t working either. We saw a lot of familiar names, they answer. that with his substitution look to be kicking on, too, but Nobody should underestimate Force of Mason Mount for N’Golo I think there’s a staleness to the pressure that is on City haven’t been a Kante at half-time against City, and to Guardiola. Guardiola’s shoulders. Sure, he’s won three Premier League titles, but he wasn’t brought to England to bring domestic success to City. Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini had already Champions League force under Guardiola. They did reach last season’s final but were completely outplayed by Chelsea, and Guardiola was very much outwitted by Thomas Tuchel. Spurs. It changed the game. At Anfield, Chelsea went down to 10 men before halftime but hardly gave Liverpool a sniff after the interval. Tuchel is very adaptable and very clever in how he works This game will wake up the fan-boys to the reality of where Guardiola now is. Chelsea will win and the pressure on City’s manager will go up another couple of notches. CHaNGED tImES: When Pep finished playing in 1999, City were in the old third Division OWNER: David Sullivan NO PAI DAY FOR IRONS BIDDER ■■Tony BANKS WESt Ham co-owner David Sullivan has turned down a second and final offer for the club, according to the PaI Capital consortium attempting a takeover. PaI says the bid included a €175m cash injection to be used for development of the training ground, youth academy, scouting setup and player recruitment across the men’s and women’s teams. However, the consortium claim Sullivan has turned down the offer “on the basis that, with the team performing so well, it is not the right time to sell”. PaI Capital managing partner Nasib Piriyev said: “I am disappointed that we cannot conclude the deal as hoped, as we have some big ideas for the club. “this is something we have been working on for over nine months, with a committed team behind the bid. Interest “West Ham is close to my heart and I hope that our interest has been healthy for the club — I believe that all competition is good for focusing minds and improving performance. “We respect the owners’ wishes and simply put on the record that we are here if, and when, they decide the time is right for them to sell. “Until then, I wish all the best to the club, and I thank the fans for their patience, understanding and support.” PaI’s initial approach to West Ham was dismissed by Sullivan in February, and the consortium had since gained the backing of former Hammers players tony Cottee and Rio Ferdinand. But West Ham’s stance has remained the same throughout — that there has been no formal bid for the club and that Sullivan and co-owner David Gold have no intention of selling.

6 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR growing list no excuse for leeds Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa refuses to use a growing injury list as an excuse for his side’s slow start to the season. Patrick Bamford (below) is the latest player ruled out and Bielsa could be without five more as Leeds bid for their first Premier League win of the season on saturday at home against West Ham. Ankle Bamford has not recovered after missing the midweek shoot-out win at Fulham in the Carabao Cup due to an ankle injury. When asked if the absence of key players had affected Leeds’ form this season, Bielsa said: “No, we have a sufficient players and we’re prepared to adapt to the absences. ■■Joseph McGARRY “Against Fulham we had eight or nine players unavailable. I couldn’t say it does not matter that so many players were not available. “Of course, it’s an added difficulty when players in the same position are also injured. “There comes a time when you have to demonstrate the project can resolve these situations.” Leeds could be without Luke Ayling and Jack Harrison, who is working his way back to full fitness after recovering from Covid. diego Llorente and Robin Koch remain sidelined, while fellow defender Patrick struijk will serve the final game of his three-match ban. alex impressed ■■Paul BROWN AlexAndre lAcAzette praised the perfor- of a much-changed Arsenal side as ■mance they saw off AFc Wimbledon to reach the fourth round of the carabao cup. the Gunners made 10 alterations, with lacazette opening the scoring from the penalty spot in a 3-0 win which sets up a home tie against leeds. lacazette, who has played just 29 minutes of ■league football so far this season, said: “All the players needed some minutes because we don’t have many games this season so you see when we have a game like this we just want to perform well and to enjoy it on the pitch together.” spot-kick rage spurs on Gollini PierluiGi Gollini admitted his penalty rage helped tottenham overcome Wolves in the carabao cup. the goalkeeper saved leander dendoncker’s spot-kick in the shootout, while ruben neves and conor coady also missed for the hosts, to send Spurs through to the fourth round. Harry Kane, Sergio reguilon and Bryan Gil scored to send Spurs through after they blew a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2 at Molineux on Wednesday. Gollini almost saved tHinGS Are looKinG uP: Pierluigi Gollini watches conor coady’s spot-kick hit the bar ■■Jon WEST Hwang Hee-chan’s opening spot-kick and used his frustration to earn Spurs a trip to Burnley next. Angry “i was angry with myself,” he said. “i said, ‘i’ve got to save another one’, because if we lose because i don’t save that one, i’m going to regret it so much. “i knew he was going there, i felt it. i was right but i couldn’t save it. i thought i had to save at least another one.” ‘Give me a chance, let me prove myself to you, then show you that I’m fit’ FruStrAtion: Wilshere admits his mental health has been affected by his prolonged absence from the game this season ■■John CROSS JAcK WilSHere fears his career could be over at 29 because clubs see him as an “injury waiting to happen”. The former Arsenal midfielder has been injury-free for more than a year but has been without a club since a spell with Bournemouth ended in May. Wilshere, once regarded as english football’s brightest midfield talent, hit back at the “lazy perception” that he is an injuryprone player as he struggles to find a new club. The ex-England star admits he has struggled with his mental health, urged his wife to be honest and tell him when to give up and revealed the heartbreak behind telling his ten-year-old son that he cannot find a club. “I think it’s a perception, and I’ve had this opinion from a few clubs, ‘Great player, but an injury waiting to happen’,” said Wilshere. “I haven’t been injured since before lockdown, and it was not a serious injury. I’ve trained every day. Spirit “It’s frustrating and it sort of breaks your spirit as well… especially when you’re training on your own. “You have to run, and it’s hard and it’s boring, and then to get that answer it’s like, ‘Well why am I doing this? Why am I breaking myself every day, when I’m just getting answers like that?’ “When I was at Bournemouth I was available for every single game, so I feel like it’s a lazy answer. Give me a chance, let me prove myself to you, then show you that I’m fit.” Wilshere, speaking on the Original Penguin X Campaign Against Living Miserably Under The surface podcast, has been training with Italian club Como 1907, but a potential move fell through because of a post-Brexit ban on serie B clubs signing noneU players. But Wilshere — who left Arsenal to join West Ham in 2018 — admits that he finds it difficult to cope with how his career has panned out in recent years. “If you’d have asked me two years ago do I see myself in this position, I would’ve said no chance,” he said. Further “And if you go back further than that when Arsene Wenger was with Arsenal, I probably expected to still be playing for england and still playing for Arsenal. “I didn’t expect to be in this position, and there’s been times where it’s been tough mentally, especially when you have to train on your own. “You see teams go back to pre-season and you you’re still waiting and you’re getting nothing. It’s tough.” Wilshere now admits t h at he does fear his career could be over. “Yeah 100 per

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 7 Tagging me as injury prone is just a lazy excuse BAd LuCK: Wilshere after picking up an injury at Arsenal and (below) playing for Bournemouth jack wilshere FacTFile aGe: 29 POsiTiON: central midfield FOrMer clUBs: arsenal, west ham, Bournemouth iNTerNaTiONal: england 34 caps hONOUrs: 2 x Fa cup (2014 and 2015), community shield (2014) wilshere fears career is over aT 29 cent, with the situation I’m in and people say no or not even giving me a chance,” he conceded. “It’s normal you’re gonna have those thoughts. “And then to get the support of understands football and that’s probably one of the toughest parts about explaining to him what’s going on because he’d always ask me if I’ve got a club. maybe try to focus on something else. The biggest thing that’s helped me is speaking out. “I’d say 95 per cent of the public and fans have been supportive of players you’ve played with or players you’ve watched saying I can’t Enough some like ‘Oh what have you got me but you know you always get believe you’re without a club. It gives you confidence. “I’ve got a ten-year-old who is “I had this conversation not long ago with my Mrs. I said to the Mrs, look just say to me when it’s enough, moan about, you’ve got a nice house, you’ve got nice cars’, so I didn’t want to go down that road but it did football mad. He sort of stop going to train on your own and help massively.” SeTBACK: Wilshere goes down injured at Bournemouth, who released him at the end of last season STruggLe: Jack Wilshere on crutches and (below) training alone has been tough rashford lining up liverpool ■■Jeremy CROSS MARCUS RAShfoRd has targeted Manchester United’s clash with Liverpool for his comeback. The England star has missed the start of the new season after having a shoulder operation. he decided to go under the knife in July following England’s run to the final of Euro 2020 and was expected to be sidelined for up to three months. But it’s understood the striker is making good progress and could be back in contention in around three weeks’ time. Break United boss ole Gunnar Solskjaer has promised not to rush Rashford (right) back too soon. his side face Leicester in the league and Atalanta in the Champions League following the next international break and Rashford could feature. But the hitman wants to line up against Jurgen Klopp’s men when Liverpool travel to old Trafford on october 24. Rashford knows he faces a battle to win back his place in Solskjaer’s starting XI now Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to United. But he is desperate to face Liverpool. Anfield will stick to their seating trial ■■Chris McKENNA LiverpooL will not apply to take part in the British government’s safe standing pilot programme. The end to a 25-year blanket ban on standing in the top two tiers of english football was confirmed on Wednesday, with approved clubs able to operate licensed safe standing areas from January 1 next year. Liverpool installed 1,800 temporary rail seats in the Kop at Anfield before the season and should have a further 7,000 in use in the Anfield road Stand by the end of next month as part of a season-long trial. Wish However, Starsport understands the reds intend to continue with their own trial — which allows spectators to stand safely at key moments but then sit down again — rather than be part of a programme where supporters can stand throughout a match should they wish. The club will assess their options for next season. Standing areas in what is now the premier League and Championship were outlawed by legislation passed in the wake of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

8 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR set in stone age stubborn Levy needs to honour greaves properly DANIEL LEVY is not for turning as he makes another decision that justifies the belief Tottenham is a club made up of wannabes and amateurs. Spurs have no plans to commission a statue of Jimmy Greaves, one that would give supporters a lasting memorial of their greatest-ever star. It’s the club’s policy, apparently, and the growing demands from fans for a change of stance continue to fall on deaf ears. So it seems like instead of getting to see Greaves cast in bronze, those who back the club through thick and thin have to put up with a continued attitude that’s set in stone from those who call the shots. We all know Levy is hardheaded, but refusing to recognise the achievements of Greaves with a permanent reminder of his remarkable contribution to the club is taking stubbornness to a whole new level. Given the pitiful levels of success S p u r s h a v e achieved in modern times, you’d have cr ss fire thought those in charge would be desperate for the chance to celebrate a glorious part of their past. It’s what the top clubs do. Manchester United have statues of Alex Ferguson and the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best outside Old Trafford. Erected Leeds have one of Billy Bremner. The same goes for Peter jeremy cross takes aim at all the big issues Osgood at Chelsea, while Manchester City have just erected statues of Vincent Kompany and David Silva. Statues remind people of icons of the past and symbolise the importance that person stood for during his or her life. No-one has scored more goals for Spurs than Greaves, who plundered 266 in 379 games. Six decades have now passed since Spurs last won the title and the London bridesmaids haven’t won a trophy of any description since 2008, yet Levy and his directors seem to think that all the success Greaves achieved doesn’t deserve permanent recognition. It’s disrespectful not to grant Greaves that honour. But not even considering the prospect is downright shameful. Greaves, who died this week aged 81, was the greatest striker England has produced and he belonged, in the main, to Spurs. The club should be grateful he was one of their own and having a permanent memorial to the bloke is a decision even a halfwit would be able to make. Yet Bill Nicholson had to win eight major trophies just to get a bust of himself put on display at the club, so what chance does Greaves have? But Nicholson wouldn’t have won at least three of these trophies had it not been for the genius of Greaves in the first place. Fathom Sometimes the logic applied at Spurs is impossible to fathom. But this feels twisted in the extreme and makes them hard to like and respect. Greaves will never be forgotten, but why take the chance? In years to come people will be born Spurs fans and grow up never having heard of him. A statue would leave those same people in no doubt as to his standing in footballing history. LEGEND: Iconic striker Jimmy Greaves and (left) Spurs chairman Daniel Levy

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 1 Norris has last laugh at funeral SAD: Rita pays respects pIcK OF thE DaY MIDNIGHT MASS, NETFLIX NORRIS Cole in unarguably one of the greatest characters to ever grace soapland. He was an absolute nuisance and you’d hate to have him as a real-life neighbour but for viewer entertainment he was great. And even after death he is bringing the laughs. Final Tonight in CORONATION STREET (8PM & 8.30PM), the residents of Weatherfield gather to say their final goodbyes to their dear friend. Rita, his best pal, gives a touching eulougy while the congregation sheds tears for their fallen angel. But an angel he is not and PASSION THRILLER Weird goings-on in community THIS show comes from the creator of The Haunting of Hill House so you just know it’s going to be spooky and brilliant. Set on an isolated island, bizarre community experiences, unexplained miracles and frightening omens begin happening after the arrival of a mysterious and charismatic priest. Passion And when a renewed religious passion takes hold of the community, everyone is on edge. But do these miracles that they are experiencing come at a price? And just what are the inhabitants willing to pay for them? sOap watch he can’t help but have the last word... even at him own funeral. As Audrey hands round a hip flask of tequila, Gail watches with concern when Mary takes a big swig. But she’s going to need it as soon after Rita’s speech, Billy reads a letter left by Norris and Freda and Mary are touched by his words. But after teasing that the paperboy outside The Kabin holds a secret, Norris finishes by revealing that Rita used to secretly have her hair coloured by Claudia cOMEDY tOtaL FOUR pacKED paGEs wIth thE BEst ON thE BOX pLUs YOUR FULL tV LIstINGs INsIDE! ARRIVAL: The priest WHeN Neil Bremer runs for the mayor of Los Angeles, he surprises everyone — even himself — by winning the seat in MR MAyOR (Sky COMEDy & NOW, 8.30PM). But he soon finds out that navigating politics is not business as usual. wIth RachEL BEREsFORD — haridress Audrey’s sworn enemy. Following the news, Audrey rounds on Rita for her betrayal. Later, at the wake, the mood is ruined by Audrey and Rita’s row while outside The Kabin Mary, Ken, Gail and Brian gather to unlock the secret Norris hid inside the paperboy. Secrets When they can’t get it open, Mary returns with a chainsaw and decapitates the paperboy. What secrets lie inside? I, for one, cannot wait to see what it is the old joker left behind... Neil before us MOVIE GeeNA Davis, Matthew Modine and Frank Langella star in Renny Harlin’s swashbuckling action-adventure CUTTHROAT ISLAND (FILM4, 6.40PM). With his dying breath, Morgan Adams’ (Davis) pirate father bequeaths his daughter one third of a familyowned treasure map. Uncle Two of her uncles have the other sections, while an evil third uncle, Dawg Brown (Frank Langella), wants to get his hands on the complete map, and thus the treasure. Adams decides to beat him to the booty and buys convict William Shaw (Matthew Modine) at a slave auction, as he can translate the map’s Latin inscriptions. Love He also soon becomes her love interest. And so the stage is set for storms, sea battles, sword fights and treasure. DRaMa Wicky’s gotten the wrong key for his next job — and as he waits for a replacement key, it looks like the crime scene cleaner’s met his match in the neighbour next door in The Cleaner (BBC One, 9.30pm). ON DEMaND BILLy and Patty try to take down one of America’s biggest and most insidious Goliaths in the final season of GOLIATH (AMAzON PRIME VIDEO). Don’t miss AS THe new season begins, Chastain Memorial Hospital is moving from a private to public hospital — and the doctors fight to fix things from the inside in THE RESIDENT (Sky WITNESS & NOW, 9PM). FOR MORE tV GOss sEE

2 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 ISEIR All programmes are Turn listed in British Summer back a Time page (BST). for Apart today’s from TOTAL in Portugal, programmes TV are one news hour later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat RTE One RTE2 Virgin One BBC One BBC Two 6.00am EuroNews 6.20 Teleshopping 7.55 Upstairs Downstairs (R) 9.00 Father Brown Drama. (R) 9.55 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 10.50 Dr Phil Talk show. 11.45 Shortland Street Drama. 12.15pm Only Fools and Horses Del gets his hands on a statue of a Hindu god. (R) 12.45 Telly Bingo Gameshow. 1.00 RTE News; Weather 1.30 Home and Away Amber is nervous about Dean. (R) 2.00 Neighbours Emmett’s move is approved. (R) 2.30 Fair City A familiar face spells trouble for Carol and Zak. (R) 3.00 EastEnders Bobby and Dana face a huge test. (R) 3.30 RTE News Headlines. 3.40 Call the Midwife An abandoned baby is found. (R) 4.40 Ireland’s Fittest Family A behind-the-scenes look at the fifth season’s final. (R) 5.40 Nuacht News programme. 6.00 The Angelus (R) 6.01 RTE News; Weather 6.00am EuroNews 7.00 TRTE Children’s TV. 12.05pm Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (R) 12.30 Ben 10 Double bill. 12.55 Millie Inbetween (R) 1.25 The Dumping Ground (R) 2.00 Drop Dead Weird (R) 2.30 4 O’Clock Club (R) 3.00 Junior Bake Off (R) 3.35 Danny & Mick Double bill. 4.00 World’s End (R) 4.20 news2day 4.30 The Simpsons A traumatic incident forces Bart and Lisa to return early from camp. (R) 5.00 The Goldbergs Barry and Geoff square off in a campus beauty pageant. 5.30 Shortland Street Drama. (R) 6.00 Neighbours Paul comes clean to David and tells him he paid Nicolette to stay away. 6.30 Home and Away Logan and Christian reminisce about their time working overseas. Nikau regains consciousness, but refuses the support of those closest to him. 6.10am The Six O’Clock Show (R) 7.00 Ireland AM Magazine programme featuring health, safety and education reports. 10.00 This Morning Daily magazine, featuring a mix of celebrity chat and showbusiness news. 12.30pm News at 12:30 1.00 Gino’s Italian Escape: Hidden Italy Gino D’ Acampo explores lesserknown parts of the country, beginning in Abruzzo. (R) 1.30 LIVE Racing: Newmarket Cambridgeshire Meeting Ed Chamberlin and Francesca Cumani presents coverage from Newmarket. 4.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs Paul meets a dachshund who escaped a life of over breeding on a puppy farm, and a 14-year-old Yorkshire terrier found walking the streets by herself. (R) 4.30 Judge Judy Real-life small-claims cases. 5.30 News at 5.30 Headlines. 6.00 The Six O’Clock Show Daily chat show. 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Morning Live Magazine. 10.00 Crimewatch Live 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer Properties in Birmingham and Lewisham. (R) 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 1.45 Unbeatable General knowledge quiz, hosted by Jason Manford. 2.30 The Repair Shop Jay Blades and the team restore a bass guitar that topped the charts. 3.00 Escape to the Country The latest potential buyer has a budget of £450,000 to spend on a rural home in Cornwall. (R) 3.45 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 The horticultural event. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip An oil painting is uncovered, sure to excite bidders. 5.15 Pointless Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 6.15am Antiques Road Trip (R) 7.00 Homes Under the Hammer Properties in London, South Yorkshire and Cheshire. (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Chris and Meg’s Wild Summer (R) 8.30 Sign Zone: Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Bob and Paul head to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 BBC News 12.15pm Politics UK 1.00 Head Hunters (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge The nine painters try to depict nature in all its glory. (R) 3.15 Handmade in Bolton (R) 3.45 Make Me a Dealer (R) 4.30 Glorious Gardens from Above Sussex by air. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Gameshow. 6.30 Take a Hike Civil servant Paul hosts his hike along the stunning Alnwick coast. 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 11.25pm, Ghosts of Mississippi: Alec Baldwin 7.00 Nationwide A mix of reports. 7.30 Cosc A look at the banning of Edna O’Brien’s book The Country Girls, which was condemned by archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid for its frank depiction of female sexuality. (R) 8.05 EastEnders Isaac informs Sheree he is ready to go back to work, forcing her to tell him about her plans to go to Trinidad, and Kat encourages Janine to get a legitimate job. 8.30 Cat Hospital Animal lover Eilish has been feeding the stray cats in her garden, and contacts the clinic when she notices the health of one of them is beginning to deteriorate. 9.00 RTE News; Weather 9.35 The Late Late Show Ryan Tubridy hosts the light entertainment show, officially the world’s second longestrunning late-night talk show, featuring music, interviews and discussions on the stories that have the nation talking. As usual, a galaxy of celebrity guests appear to reflect on their life and times, and promote their current ventures. 11.25 FILM Ghosts of Mississippi (1996, 15) Fact-based drama, about the efforts to bring a killer to justice 31 years after the murder of a black civilrights activist. Starring Alec Baldwin, James Woods. and Whoopi Goldberg. ★★★★ 1.45am Casualty. Archie butts heads with charming paediatric locum registrar Will Noble. (R) 2.35 Telly Bingo (R) 2.45 Nationwide (R) 3.10 Dr Phil (R) 3.55 Doctors. Imogen has to delve deep to get her therapy volunteers to talk. (R) 4.35-6.00am EuroNews. Headlines update. 7.30pm, Friday Night Soccer: Liam Scales 7.00 Young Sheldon With college in sight, Sheldon is determined to ride his bike without training wheels. All goes well until he has a run in with a chicken and falls, breaking his arm. Mary and George Sr argue over parenting styles. (R) 7.30 LIVE Friday Night Soccer St Patrick’s Athletic v Shamrock Rovers (kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the Airtricity League Premier Division encounter at Richmond Park. These teams look to be the only two realistic titlecontenders and both sides will be eager to earn a vital three points in their final match before the league is split. The last meeting between the sides was in July, when a brace by Daniel Mandroiu and a Roberto Lopez strike helped Rovers record a 3-1 home win at Tallaght Stadium. 10.00 FILM The Full Monty (1997, 15) Six unemployed men from Sheffield decide the only way to earn some money is to become a strip act – for one night only. Comedy, with Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson and Mark Addy. ★★★★★ 11.45 Bachelors Walk Raymond regrets goading Allison into flying off with Terry. Michael helps Barry and Vicky reach a deal with the record company. Comedy, starring Don Wycherley, Simon Delany and Keith McErlean. (R) 12.30am Live at the Apollo. Ardal O’Hanlon hosts the show in front of a packed house at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, introducing stand-up sets by Mawaan Rizwan and Sara Barron. (R) 1.25 Other Voices. Music by Hozier, Elbow and Pillow Queens. (R) 2.25-6.00am EuroNews 10pm, Shooter: Mark Wahlberg and Kate Mara 7.00 Emmerdale While Al toys with Paddy, Moira is surprised, and Rodney is disappointed. 7.30 Coronation Street Norris causes mischief at his own funeral, leading to a row. Grace’s demands leave Ed and Aggie powerless. 8.00 News at 8 Headlines. 8.30 Coronation Street Norris’ wake takes place, but the mood is ruined by Audrey and Rita’s row. Outside The Kabin, Mary, Ken, Gail and Brian gather to unlock the secret Norris hid inside the model paperboy. 9.00 Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow The comedian hosts an updated version of Name That Tune, with four contestants trying to identify songs played by a band in the shortest time possible and have a chance at winning the £25,000 jackpot. 10.00 FILM Shooter (2007, 15) A former Marine sniper is coaxed back into action when government officials need his help to prevent an assassination attempt on the US president. However, the intended target is in fact an African archbishop, and the marksman is set up by double-crossing agents to take the fall, forcing him to go on the run as he fights to clear his name. Action thriller, with Mark Wahlberg, Kate Mara, Michael Pena and Danny Glover. ★★★ 12.30am Gogglebox Ireland. Telly addicts review the week’s viewing from their living rooms. (R) 1.30-3.25am Vera. The detective investigates the murder of a fisherman whose body was found tangled up in a trawler’s net, and who may have been killed as part of a family feud. Last in the series. (R) 11.25pm, A Monster Calls: Lewis MacDougall 7.00 The One Show 7.30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021 Further coverage of the famous horticultural event from the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which for the first time in its 108-year history is being held in the autumn. 8.05 EastEnders Sheree’s plans backfire significantly, and Harvey is determined to break up Dana and Bobby. 8.30 Question of Sport With Eddie Hearn, Katharine Merry, Alex Yee and Laura Collett. Paddy McGuinness hosts the quiz. 9.00 Would I Lie to You? Previously unseen material from the comedy panel show. Last in the series. (R) 9.30 The Cleaner When he encounters a radical vegan, confident carnivore Wicky might just have met his match. 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.25 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.35 NEW The Graham Norton Show Featuring stars of the James Bond film No Time to Die, headed by Daniel Craig who is making his final appearance as 007. 11.25 FILM A Monster Calls (2016, 12) Young Conor struggles to deal with his mother’s terminal illness, and the bullying he receives at school. He is woken from a recurring nightmare by the visitation of a monster at his window, telling him a series of stories. In return, Conor must tell the monster the truth behind his nightmare. Fantasy drama, starring Lewis MacDougall, with the voice of Liam Neeson. ★★★★ 1.00am Weather for the Week Ahead 1.05-6.00am BBC News. Headlines. 7.30pm, Inside Culture: Mary Beard 7.00 MOTDx Football discussion presented by Jermaine Jenas. 7.30 NEW Inside Culture Mary Beard returns with the cultural review show. She asks why we laugh and explores what laughter can tell us about the world we live in. 8.00 Iolo: The Last Wilderness of Wales Iolo Williams tracks wildlife in the Cambrian mountains, with his first target being the elusive pine marten, finding one at night lurking in a conifer forest. (R) 8.30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show The sights and sounds of the event from the Royal Hospital Chelsea. 9.30 The North Water A discovery by Sumner sends Drax into a murderous rage. Cavendish proves crucial in Baxter and Brownlee’s plan, and an arctic storm rages and threatens the safety of the ship’s crew. Mystery, starring Jack O’Connell, Colin Farrell, Sam Spruell and Stephen Graham. 10.30 Newsnight The day’s important national and international news stories. With Faisal Islam. 11.05 Fever Pitch: The Rise of the Premier League A look at the rise of the celebrity footballer, symbolised by David Beckham and the breed of players who were starting to resemble rock stars more than sportsmen. (R) 12.05am Golf: Ryder Cup Highlights. Action from day one. 2.05 Sign Zone: Football’s Broken Dreams – Panorama. Investigating the system that has produced some of English football’s brightest stars. (R) 2.35 Sign Zone: Amy Winehouse: A Life in Ten Pictures (R) 3.35-6.10am This Is BBC Two

ISEIR IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 3 UTV 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News 1.55 UTV Live 2.00 Judge Rinder 3.00 Tenable 4.00 Tipping Point 5.00 The Chase 6.00 UTV Live News headlines. 6.30 ITV Evening News 7.00 Emmerdale While Al toys with Paddy. 7.30 Coronation Street Norris causes mischief at his own funeral. 8.00 UTV Life A mix of stories and guests. 8.30 Coronation Street Daniel angers David by branding Max a thief. 9.00 Grantchester American airmen are arrested for trespassing at the local quarry. 10.00 ITV News at Ten Headlines. 10.30 UTV Live The stories making the headlines across the region. 10.45 FILM Rocky II (1979, PG) Boxing drama, with Sylvester Stallone. ★★★★ 12.50am Home Shopping 3.00 FYI Extra 3.15-6.00am ITV Nightscreen Dave E4 Channel 4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Lazy Boy Garage 8.00 Ultimate Movers 9.00 Storage Hunters UK 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 2.00 Cop Car Workshop 3.00 Top Gear 5.00 Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico 6.00 QI XL Extended edition. With Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas and Ed Balls. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games 7.40 Would I Lie to You? Panel show. 8.20 QI Suggs, Claudia O’Doherty, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies attempt to answer host Stephen Fry’s range of questions. 9.00 QI XL With Victoria Coren Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Bridget Christie. 10.00 Mock the Week Topical gags. 10.40 Would I Lie to You? Panel show. 11.20 Taskmaster David Baddiel steers some heavy machinery. With Greg Davies. 12.20am Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.20 Would I Lie to You? 2.00 QI 2.35 Mock the Week 3.20 Insert Name Here 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.00 Melissa & Joey 9.00 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory. 3.00 Mike & Molly 4.00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight UK 5.30 The Big Bang Theory 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Peri may have a stalker. 7.30 Celebrity Come Dine with Me The contest comes to a close at the home of Made in Chelsea stalwart Mark Francis. 8.00 Don’t Tell the Bride Revisited 9.00 FILM The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014, 12) Fantasy adventure, starring Martin Freeman. ★★★★ 11.50 Naked Attraction A forensics student hopes to find his ideal partner. 12.50am Naked Attraction 1.55 Gogglebox 2.55 First Dates 3.50 The Big Bang Theory 4.15 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.40-6.00am The Goldbergs 6.00am Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News Headlines. 8.00 NEW The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice With guest Sarah Millican. 9.00 Gogglebox TV opinions. 10.00 NEW The Last Leg With guests James Acaster and Rosie Jones. 11.05 Sarah Millican: Control Enthusiast 12.05am FILM Rough Night (2017, 15) Comedy, starring Scarlett Johansson. ★★★ 1.55 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 2.45 Iris Prize Best British Shorts: Queens 3.05 Come Dine with Me: five episodes. 5.20 Beat the Chef 5.45- 6.00am Jamie’s Comfort Food Freeview 6 ITV2 6.00am FYI Extra 6.15 Love Bites 7.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 8.00 Emmerdale 9.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.30 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 2.00 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold Strikes Back. Featuring exploding toilets, airborne chainsaws and a drummer cat. 6.00 Catchphrase Celebrity Special 7.00 Superstore Double bill. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Ready to Mingle Dating show. Sophia puts the boys on trial to test them one last time. Last in the series. 10.30 Family Guy Triple bill. 11.55 American Dad! Animated comedy. 12.25am American Dad! 12.55 Bob’s Burgers 1.45 Superstore 2.35 The Emily Atack Show 3.15 ITV2 Nightscreen 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama More4 Freeview 13 Freeview 18 Channel 5 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 A Place to Call Home 8.25 The Bill 9.35 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather 6.00 Bread Joey and Roxy grow closer. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! Rene and the team go to work in the vineyard. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine 8.00 Father Brown The sleuthing priest sets out to solve the murder of a local aeronautics magnate’s son. 9.00 The Doctor Blake Mysteries A body is found as people gather to watch the eclipse at Ballarat Observatory. 10.00 New Tricks Crime drama. An old investigation is reopened following the discovery of bloodstained clothing. 11.20 Bad Girls Julie J is horrified to find her daughter Rhiannon on G Wing. 12.35am Waking the Dead 3.00 Call the Midwife 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 8.55am Kirstie’s Vintage Gems 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau: DIY 12.10pm Heir Hunters 1.10 Four in a Bed: five episodes. 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 Devon and Cornwall 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Stephanie finishes the painting and decorating of her mother’s apartment. 7.55 Grand Designs A couple who live in a costly Regency property, decide to build a modern low-maintenance house in their back garden. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E Double bill. Cameras follow a 10-year-old who has severed his finger at school; a mechanic is crushed against a wall by his own car. 11.05 Emergency Helicopter Medics Medical staff use battlefield dressings to try to stop a man bleeding to death and a woman suffers a fractured ankle. 12.10am Father Ted: double bill 1.15 24 Hours in A&E 3.20-3.50am Father Ted 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords 12.15pm 5 News 12.20 Traffic Cops 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 FILM A Teacher’s Killer Obsession (2019, PG) ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 5.00 News 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away 6.30 News Tonight 7.00 The Thames: Britain’s Greatest River with Tony Robinson 8.00 The Cotswolds with Pam Ayres 9.00 Lighthouses: Building the Impossible Rob Bell uncovers the stories behind Scotland’s Bell Rock lighthouse. 10.00 Greatest Hits of the 80s 11.30 Freddie Mercury: The Greatest Showman A profile of the singer. 1.00am The Live Casino Show 3.00 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Violent Child, Desperate Parents 4.00 The Funny Thing About Kids 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Fireman Sam 5.45-6.00am Paw Patrol Virgin Two 5.30am The Chase Australia 6.30 The Chase Australia 7.30 Dress to Impress 8.30 Pressure Pad 9.30 Tipping Point 10.30 The Chase 11.30 Dress to Impress 12.30pm Big Star’s Little Star 1.30 Ireland AM 2.30 Emmerdale 3.30 Gino’s Italian Escape 4.00 Tipping Point 6.00 The Chase 7.00 The Chase Quiz show. 8.00 The Chase Celebrity Special With Jeff Banks, Michelle Ackerley, Andy Crane and Brian Conley. 9.00 Ready to Mingle Sophia puts the boys on trial to test them. 10.30 Schitt’s Creek Double bill. 11.30 Coronation Street Norris causes mischief at his own funeral. 12.00m’t Coronation Street 12.30 Emmerdale 1.00 The Graham Norton Show 2.00 Love Island: Australia 3.00 Eggheads 3.25 The Royal Today 3.50-4.10am Schitt’s Creek 5.00-6.00am The Chase Virgin Three 6.40am Inside Paddington Station 7.40 The Chase Australia 9.40 Loose Women 10.40 Heartbeat 11.40 The Chase Australia 12.40pm Inspector Morse 2.50 Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover 3.50 The Royal 4.50 Heartbeat 5.50 Inspector Morse. Drama. 8.00 Heartbeat Suspicion falls on Gina’s new cellar man when a valuable pendant is stolen from a guest at the Aidensfield Arms, especially when a search into his past reveals a history of crime. 9.00 Midsomer Murders Detective drama set in a rural county where death lurks around every corner. 11.00 Tonight at the Palladium Performances by Clean Bandit, illusionist James More, and the casts of School of Rock and Les Miserables. 12.00m’t Wentworth Prison 1.00-3.00am This Morning TG4 7.00am Cula 4 7.30 Cula 4 na nOg 10.30 Cruthaim 10.35 Ainmhi 999 11.05 The Irish RM 12.05pm Garrai Glas 12.35 Murder, She Wrote 1.30 LIVE Rasai Lios Tuathail. Coverage of the Listowel Races. 5.52 An Aimsir Laithreach 5.55 Buabhaill ar na Banta 6.25 Glor Tire: Rogha & Togha 6.57 An Aimsir Laithreach 7.00 Nuacht TG4 News programme. 7.30 LIVE Rugbai Beo Cardiff Rugby v Connacht (kick-off 7.35pm). 9.30 An Aimsir Laithreach 9.33 FILM Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969, PG) The gunslingers set out to save a Mexican revolutionary leader from a military prison. Second sequel to the Western, starring George Kennedy. ★★ 11.35 Se Mo Laoch The life and career of brothers John and Pip Murphy. 12.35am Orange Is the New Black 1.40-7.00am France 24

4 IRISH DAILY STAR, Friday, September 24, 2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans. Today’s early stories. 9.00 LIVE Formula 1 The Russian Grand Prix first practice session at Sochi Autodrom. 10.45 My Icon 11.00 Ryder Cup Golf. 1.00pm LIVE Ryder Cup Golf Coverage of the foursomes on day one of the tournament. 6.00 LIVE Ryder Cup Golf Coverage of the fourballs on day one of the tournament. 12.30-6.00am Sky Sports News Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 Football Years 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Cup Final 08 12.00noon EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games 1.00 Football’s Greatest Players 1.30 Football Countdowns 2.00 Football Years 2.30 EFL Cup Final 17 3.30 EFL Greatest Games 4.15 SPFL Greatest Games 4.30 Football’s Greatest Players 5.00 Football Countdowns 5.30 Football Years 6.00 EFL Cup Highlights 7.00 EFL Highlights 7.15 EFL Highlights. QPR v Bristol City. 7.30 LIVE EFL West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers (kick-off 8.00pm). 10.45 EFL Cup Highlights. Man Utd v West Ham. 11.15 EFL Greatest Games 12.00m’t Retro C’Ship 10 2.30 Best Championship Goals 2017/18 3.00 Retro L1 PO 15 5.00-6.00am Championship Season Review 15/16 Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am IPL 7.00 Women’s International One-Day Cricket. England v New Zealand. 8.00 IPL 12.10pm Best of England v India 12.50 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 1.50 IPL 2.50 LIVE Indian Premier League Royal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super Kings. 7.00 Women’s International One-Day Cricket 8.00 The Fletcher Years 8.30 The Fletcher Years 9.00 IPL 10.00 The Fletcher Years 10.30 The Fletcher Years 11.00 IPL 4.10am Best of the 2016 IPL 4.35 Best of The 2018 IPL 5.00 Women’s World T20 Classics 5.25-6.00am Best of the Women’s World T20 eir Sport 1 HD 6.00am Football Gold 7.00 Mascherano: From the Heart 7.30 Stories 8.00 Out of their League 9.00 Football Gold 10.25pm Bloody Sunday 11.25 Out of their League 12.25am Mascherano: From the Heart 12.55 Sports Extra 1.00-6.00am Football Gold BT Sport 1 6.00am LIVE Women’s One-Day International Cricket Australia v India. Cricket action. 2.45pm BT Sport Reload 3.00 WWE NXT 4.45 Premier League Reload 5.00 Fishing: On The Bank. With Rob Hughes and Andy Ford. 6.00 DIY Pundit 6.30 Scottish Football Extra 7.00 LIVE Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union Gloucester v Leicester Tigers (kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00 WWE NXT UK 11.00 The Run-In 11.30 WWE NXT 12.30am What Went Down 1.00 LIVE WWE Friday Night SmackDown 3.00 UFC Fight Camp 3.30 UFC Countdown 4.30 Premier League Preview 5.00 Scottish Football Extra 5.30-6.00am Ligue 1 Show BT Sport 2 6.00am Ligue 1 Highlights 7.00 World Surf Weekly 7.30 MotoGP Rewind. GP of San Marino. 7.45 LIVE European Cricket Championship Action from Malaga, Spain. 12.00noon Fishing: On The Bank 1.00 LIVE European Cricket Championship 3.00 Inside AFL 3.30 The Aussie Rules Show 4.00 LIVE European Cricket Championship 6.00 Premier League Match Pack 6.30 Premier League Preview 7.00 Ligue 1 Show 7.30 BT Sport Reload 7.45 FIM TrialGP Trial Nations 8.15 DIY Pundit. Alternative commentary. 8.45 UEFA Champions League Magazine 9.15 LIVE Primeira Liga Gil Vicente v FC Porto. 11.15 FIM TrialGP Trial Nations 11.45 MLB: Caps Off. The latest talking points. 12.00m’t LIVE MLB Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees (start time 12.10am). 3.00-6.00am LIVE MLB Major League Baseball. Eurosport 1 6.15am Cycling: Road World Championships 7.15 LIVE Cycling: Road World Championships The junior men’s road race. 10.25 Cycling: Road World Championships 12.20pm LIVE Cycling: Road World Championships The under-23 men’s road race. 4.40 Cycling: Road World Championships. The men’s junior road race. 5.55 Eurosport News 6.00 LIVE Tennis: Laver Cup Day one of the team competition, from Boston. 8.00 LIVE Tennis: Laver Cup Further coverage of day one of the team competition. 10.05 Cycling: Road World Championships 12.00m’t World Superbikes 1.00 Bennetts British Superbikes 2.00 Cycling: Road World Championships 4.00 Bennetts British Superbikes 5.00-6.00am World Superbikes BBC Four Freeview 9 7.00pm Duets at the BBC 8.00 TOTP: 1991 9.00 Queens of Soul 10.00 Soul & Beyond with Corinne Bailey Rae & Trevor Nelson 11.00 The Old Grey Whistle Test: Blondie in Concert 11.30 Sounds of the 70s 2 12.00m’t From Elton John to Gary Barlow: Celebrating 100 Concerts Live at Eden 1.00 Duets at the BBC 2.00 TOTP: 1991 3.00-4.00am Queens of Soul 5USA Freeview 21 9.00am Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 10.55 Entertainment News on 5 11.00 NCIS 12.00noon Law & Order 6.00 NCIS 9.00 FILM Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015/12) ★★★ 10.50 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.40am Ransom 3.25 Criminals: Caught on Camera 3.50-4.00am Entertainment News on 5 ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.05 Man About the House 9.35 George and Mildred 10.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May 6.55 Maigret 8.00 Doc Martin 9.00 Wycliffe 10.05 Blue Murder 11.35 Maigret 12.50am The Darling Buds of May 1.55 Man About the House 2.20-2.30am Nightscreen ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am The Protectors 6.25 Cadfael 7.50 Dempsey and Makepeace 8.50 The Sweeney 9.55 Minder 10.55 The Saint 12.00noon The Big Match Revisited 1.10 The Best of the 70s 1.30 LIVE ITV Racing: Live from Newmarket 4.00 World of Sport 4.20 River Monsters 4.50 Minder 5.55 The Big Match Revisited 7.00 The Chase Celebrity Special 8.00 Goodwood Revival Highlights 9.00 FILM Captain Phillips (2013/12) ★★★★★ 11.45 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite 1.50am Auto Mundial 2.20 The Protectors 2.45-3.00am ITV4 Nightscreen Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 Homes Under the Hammer 2.00 Animal Cops Houston 4.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Ghost Adventures: Top 10 10.00 Ghost Adventures: Screaming Room 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Portals to Hell 2.00-4.00am Teleshopping Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Nothing to Declare 12.00noon Border Patrol 1.00 Road Wars 2.00 Border Security: America’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 Star Trek: The Next Generation 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 S.W.A.T. 9.00 Killer Neighbours 10.00 Fringe 11.00 World’s Most Evil Killers 12.00m’t Murders That Shocked the Nation 1.00 The Force: Manchester 2.00 Police Force: Australia 3.00 Highway Patrol 4.00-5.00am Motorway Patrol RTE Radio 1 FM 88-90MHz 7.00am Morning Ireland 9.00 The Ryan Tubridy Show 10.00 Today with Claire Byrne 12.00noon The Ronan Collins Show 1.00 News at One 1.45 Liveline 3.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show 4.30 Drivetime 7.00 Arena 8.00 The John Creedon Show 10.00 Paddy’s People 10.30 Seascapes 11.00 Late Date 2.00am Playback Daily 3.00-6.00am RTE Gold on RTE Radio 1 RTE 2FM 90-92MHz 6.00am 2FM Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha and Carl 9.00 Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM 12.00noon Tracy Clifford 3.00 Jenny Greene on 2FM 6.00 Game On 7.00 The National Chart Show 10.00 Weekends on 2fm with DJ Wax 12.00m’t Cormac Battle 2.00 The Late Night Sessions 5.00-7.00am 2FM Overnight RTE lyric fm 96-99MHz 7.00am Marty in the Morning 10.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime 1.00pm The Full Score 4.00 Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive 7.00 Lyric Concert 10.00 Vespertine with Ellen Cranitch 1.00-7.00am Lyric Through the Night RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta 92-95MHz 7.00am Nead Na Fuiseoige 8.00 Adhmhaidin 9.00 Priomhscealta na Nuachta 9.15 Iris Aniar 10.15 Cuideachta Ceoil 10.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 11.00 Barrscealta 12.00noon Priomhscealta na Nuachta 12.08 An Saol o Dheas 1.00 Nuacht a hAon 2.00 Tuairisc Spoirt 2.05 Comoradh an Riadaigh Entertainment & Factual Sky Arts 6.00am LSO: Bernard Haitink Conducts Mozart and Bruckner 8.05 Darbar Festival 2017 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering 11.00 Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History 12.00noon Degas: Passion for Perfection 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering 3.00 Inside Art: Bristol Street Art at M Shed 4.00 Talking Heads: Music Icons 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering 7.00 Dolly Parton: Song by Song 8.00 Classic Albums 9.00 Jamiroquai: Live in Verona 11.15 James Taylor: Austin City Limits 12.30am Lenny Kravitz: Just Let Go – Live 2.45 Steven Tyler: Live at Melrose Ballroom 4.00 Cheltenham Literature Festival 2020 5.00-6.00am Soundtracks GOLD 7.25am Fresh Fields 7.55 French Fields 9.00 Hi-de-Hi! 9.40 Only Fools and Horses 10.20 Last of the Summer Wine 11.40 The Green Green Grass 12.20pm Hi-de-Hi! 1.00 Only Fools and Horses 3.00 The Story of Only Fools and Horses 4.00 The Green Green Grass 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Only Fools and Horses 6.40 Hi-de-Hi! 7.20 The Green Green Grass 8.00 Only Fools and Horses 10.00 FILM Bad Boys (1995/18) ★★★★ 12.30-1.40am Peep Show Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Medieval Dead 8.00 Nicholas and Alexandra: The Letters 9.00 Abandoned Engineering 11.00 Great British Railway Journeys Goes to Ireland 11.30 Great British Railway Journeys 12.00noon Antiques Roadshow 1.00 Steam Train Britain 2.00 Bangers and Cash 3.00 Underground Worlds 4.00 War Factories 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Bangers and Cash 8.00 Abandoned Engineering 9.00 Bangers and Cash 10.00 Train Truckers 12.00m’t-1.00am Moon Landings: World’s Greatest Hoax? Alibi 7.15am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1.00 Death in Paradise 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 Death in Paradise 9.00 Deception 10.00 Whiskey Cavalier 11.00 The Good Wife 12.00m’t Unforgettable 1.00 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 2.25-4.00am Carter Radio Live Ryder Cup Golf Sky Sports Main Event, 1pm Rory McIlroy (left) and Europe will be looking to get off to a good start as the competition gets under way at Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, with the foursomes. 1991 3.00 Bladhaire 5.00 Tus Aite 5.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 6.00 Nuacht a Se 6.30 Fograi an Lae 7.00 Cuireadh Chun Ceoil 9.00 Ri-Ra ar RnaG 10.00 An Taobh Tuathail 12.00m’t-7.30am Scoth na hAoine Cork’s 96FM 95.8-96.8MHz 6.00am KC and Ross 9.00 Opinion Line 12.00noon Afternoon Show 4.00 Drivetime Show 8.00 Total Access 12.00m’t-7.00am Best Music Mix Non Stop Today FM 100-102MHz 7.00am Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show 9.00 Dermot and Dave 12.00noon Mairead Ronan 2.00 Fergal D’Arcy 4.30 The Last Word 7.00 Block Rockin Beats 10.00 Friday Night Anthems 12.00m’t-8.00am Overnight Music Newstalk FM 100-108MHz 6.00am Briefing with Shane Beatty 6.30 Breakfast Business with Vincent Wall 7.00 Newstalk Breakfast with Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly 9.00 The Pat Kenny Show 12.00noon Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan 2.00 Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff 4.00 The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy 7.00 Off the Ball 10.00 Splanc 12.00m’t-7.00am Best of Newstalk Cork’s Red FM 104.2-106.1MHz 6.00am Ray and Jay 9.00 Neil Prendeville 12.00noon Philip Bourke 4.00 Dave Mac’s Drive 7.00 Stevie G’s Old Skool Party 10.00 Friday Night Hits 1.00- 7.00am Non-stop Hits. Late night music. Sky Max 6.00am Highway Patrol 7.00 Road Wars 8.00 Arrow 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00pm Hawaii Five-0 2.00 Magnum P.I. 3.00 Condor 2 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 There’s Something About Movies 7.00 An Idiot Abroad 3 8.00 Freddie Down Under 9.00 Wolfe 10.00 Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10.45 A League of Their Own 11.45 Road Wars 12.15am Manifest 1.15 A League of Their Own 2.10 Dynamo: Beyond Belief 3.10 Hawaii Five-0 4.05-5.00am Magnum P.I. Sky Atlantic 6.00am The British 7.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 Six Feet Under 11.10 Oz 1.30pm The Wire 3.45 Blue Bloods 5.40 The Sopranos 7.50 Game of Thrones. Fantasy drama. 9.00 The Pacific 10.05 Britannia 11.05 Dexter 1.15am True Blood 3.25 Californication 4.00-6.00am Richard E Grant’s Hotel Secrets Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 Stop, Search, Seize 10.00 Criminal Minds 11.00 Law & Order 12.00noon 9-1-1 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Stop, Search, Seize 4.00 UK Border Force 5.00 Nothing to Declare 8.00 9-1-1 9.00 The Resident 10.00 9-1-1: Lone Star 11.00 For Life 12.00m’t The Good Doctor 1.00 Blindspot 2.00 9-1-1 3.00 Blindspot 4.00 Road Wars 5.00-6.00am Brit Cops: Law & Disorder Sky Comedy 8.00am The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 9.00 The Mindy Project 10.00 Parks and Recreation 11.00 Trollied 12.30pm Silicon Valley 1.40 Curb Your Enthusiasm 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 Will & Grace 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6.30 Will & Grace 8.00 Young Rock 8.30 Mr Mayor 9.00 Flight Of The Conchords: Live In London 10.45 The Late Late Show with James Corden: Best of the Week 11.45 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 12.40am The Late Late Show with James Corden 1.30 Trollied 2.30-3.10am Curb Your Enthusiasm Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Deadliest Catch 9.00 Edge of Alaska 10.00 Diesel Brothers 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Junkyard Empire 1.00 Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine 3.00 Flying Wild Alaska 4.00 Alaska: Homestead Rescue 5.00 Wheeler Dealers 6.00 Misfit Garage 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune 9.00 UFO Witness 10.00 Expedition Unknown 11.00 Combat Dealers 12.00m’t UFO Witness 1.00 Expedition Unknown 2.00 Gold Rush 4.00-4.50am UFO Witness National Geographic 8.00am Drain the Oceans 10.00 Lost Cities with Albert Lin 11.00 Devil’s Bible 12.00noon Nazi Megastructures: Battle Ready 1.00 Nazi Megastructures 2.00 Air Crash Investigation 4.00 Seconds from Disaster 5.00 Family Guns 6.00 Car S.O.S 8.00 Storm Rising 9.00 Europe from Above 10.00 Hitler’s Last Stand 11.00 Air Crash Investigation 1.00am Narco Wars: The Mob 2.00 Drugs Inc 3.00 Nazi Megastructures: Battle Ready 4.00-5.00am Nazi Megastructures FM104 104MHz 6.00am The Strawberry Alarm Clock 10.00 10-3 Show 3.00pm The Jam 7.00 Freak’s on Friday 10.00 Phone Show 12.00m’t Best of the Phone Show 1.00 Best of The Juice 3.00 The Night Time Network 4.00-6.00am Best of the Phone Show BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 Desert Island Discs 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The Amur River 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 The Digital Human 11.30 Charles Paris: A Deadly Habit 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 Meet Me at the Museum 12.18 You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 Could Do Better 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: Nuremberg 2.45 A History of Ghosts 3.00 Gardeners’ Question Time 3.30 BBC National Short Story Award 2021 4.00 Last Word 4.30 More or Less 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 The News Quiz 7.00 Front Row 7.45 NatureBang 8.00 Any Questions? 8.50 A Point of View 9.00 Archive on 4: Teen Spirit: Nevermind at 30 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime: Beautiful World, Where Are You 11.00 Great Lives 11.30 Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week 12.48 Shipping Forecast 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping Forecast 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer for the Day 5.45-6.00am Four Thought Movies ISEIR Film4 11.00am Apache Drums (1951/U) Western, starring Stephen McNally. ★★★ 12.35pm To Hell and Back (1955/PG) Second World War biopic, with Audie Murphy. ★★★ 2.45 Red Mountain (1951/PG) Western, starring Alan Ladd and Lizabeth Scott. ★★ 4.25 The League of Gentlemen (1960/PG) Crime caper, starring Jack Hawkins. ★★★★ 6.40 Cutthroat Island (1995/PG) Adventure, starring Geena Davis. ★★ 9.00 Taken (2008/15) A former CIA agent puts his old skills to use in rescuing his daughter from a gang of European sex traffickers. Thriller, starring Liam Neeson. ★★★ 10.50 Mid90s (2018/15) Premiere. Comedy drama, starring Sunny Suljic. ★★★★ 12.30am Blades of Glory (2007/12) Ice-skating comedy, starring Will Ferrell. ★★★ 2.20-4.00am Straightheads (2007/18) Thriller, starring Gillian Anderson. ★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 6.30am High Ground (2020/15) See 3.20am for details. ★★★ 8.30 Rose: A Love Story (2020/15) See 6.00pm for details. ★★★ 10.00 Superintelligence (2020/PG) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★ 12.00noon Gunpowder Milkshake (2021/15) See 9.50pm for details. ★★★ 2.00pm 23 Walks (2020/12) Romantic comedy-drama, starring Dave Johns. ★★★ 4.00 Triumph (2021/12) Drama inspired by a true story, starring RJ Mitte. ★★★ 6.00 Rose: A Love Story (2020/15) Drama, starring Sophie Rundle. ★★★ 8.00 Superintelligence (2020/PG) Premiere. When an all-powerful AI chooses to study average American Carol Peters, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Sci-fi comedy, starring Melissa McCarthy. ★★★ 9.50 Gunpowder Milkshake (2021/15) Action thriller, starring Karen Gillan. ★★★ 11.45 The Owners (2020/18) Comedy horror, starring Maisie Williams. ★★★ 1.25am Dr Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets (2021/15) Comedy drama, starring Lucas Jade Zumann and Jason Isaacs. ★★★ 3.20 High Ground (2020/15) Action adventure, starring Simon Baker. ★★★ 5.10-6.40am SamSam (2019/U) Animation, with the voice of Isaac Lobe-Lebel. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 4.40pm Concussion (2015/12) Drama, with Will Smith and Alec Baldwin. ★★★ 6.45 Richard Jewell (2020/15) Biopic, with Paul Walter Hauser and Sam Rockwell. ★★★★ 9.00 Michael Clayton (2007/15) Legal thriller, starring George Clooney. ★★★★ 11.00 American Gangster (2007/18) Fact-based crime drama, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. ★★★★ 1.40am Mafia Inc (2019/18) Drama, starring Sergio Castellitto. ★★★★ 4.10-6.00am Summer of ’72 (2019/15) Drama, starring Natalia Dyer. ★★★ Sky Cinema Family 4.45pm Little Manhattan (2005/PG) Romantic drama, starring Josh Hutcherson. ★★★★ 6.25 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010/PG) Family comedy, starring Zachary Gordon. ★★★ 8.00 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009/PG) Comedy, starring Kevin James. ★★★ 9.35 Look Who’s Talking (1989/12) Comedy, starring Kirstie Alley. ★★★ 11.25 Thunderpants (2002/PG) Family comedy, starring Bruce Cook. ★★ 1.10am Home Alone 4 (2002/U) Comedy sequel, starring Mike Weinberg. ★★ 2.45 Little Manhattan (2005/PG) See 4.45pm for details. ★★★★ 4.25-6.05am Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009/PG) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★ TCM 4.55pm The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939/ PG) Sherlock Holmes mystery, starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. ★★★★★ 6.40 Silver River (1948/PG) Western, starring Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan. ★★★ 9.00 Coogan’s Bluff (1968/15) Crime drama, with Clint Eastwood. ★★★ 11.05 Magnum Force (1973/18) Action thriller sequel, starring Clint Eastwood. ★★★ 1.40-4.50am Mutiny on the Bounty (1962/12) Fact-based maritime adventure, starring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard. ★★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm Loss of Innocence (1961/PG) Drama, starring Susannah York. ★★★ 6.40 Evening (2007/12) Drama, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Claire Danes. ★★ 9.00 Robin Hood (2010/12) Adventure, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. ★★★ 11.45 Upside Down (2012/PG) Fantasy, starring Kirsten Dunst. ★★★ 2.00am Mojave (2015/15) Thriller, starring Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund. ★★ 4.00-6.00am Lost Letter Mysteries: One in a Million (2016/PG) Drama, starring Eric Mabius and Kristin Booth. ★★★