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Name of the Game (The Crystal Method song)

"Name of the Game" is the first single from The Crystal Method's second studio album, Tweekend. Despite the popularity of the song, The Crystal Method almost never play it live. The track features guitars by Tom Morello, vocals by Ryan "Ryu" Maginn, and scratching by DJ Swamp; it also contains samples from "Calling All Freaks" (1974) by Tina Dixon. The song enjoyed mainstream success as well as remixes by popular artists.

"Name of the Game"
TCM-The Name Of The Game.jpg
Single by The Crystal Method featuring Tom Morello, Ryan Maginn and DJ Swamp
from the album Tweekend
ReleasedAugust 14, 2001
GenreRap rock, electronic rock
LabelGeffen Records
Songwriter(s)Scott Kirkland, Ken Jordan, Tom Morello, Ryan Maginn
Producer(s)The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method featuring Tom Morello, Ryan Maginn and DJ Swamp singles chronology
"Name of the Game"

Music videoEdit

The music video for the song features the exploits of the character Nosey, who is named so because his entire face is covered up by a giant nose. Scenes in the video depict Nosey participating in sports, breakdancing, and a relationship that falls apart quickly. He gets back to his friends to breakdance and they get to do some until the police arrive and arrest him for unknown reasons. At the end of the video, the words "to be continued ..." are shown. However, no known continuation of the "Nosey" story has yet to be produced.

Track listingEdit


  1. Radio Edit
  2. Album Version
  3. Instrumental


  1. Eric Kupper's Deep Pump Mix
  2. Hybrid's Blackout In L.A. Mix

Vinyl promo

  1. Eric Kupper's Electrosphere Mix
  2. Hybrid's L.A. Blackout Mix

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To date, the song has been featured in numerous different forms of media, including:


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