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  • gtfo-78-42799414 August 2011
    Out of all the reviews I read it seems that no one enjoys a good R rated comedy anymore. What happened to the days when everyone kept it simple. This movie made me laugh a lot from start to end. There was a lot of harsh language in this movie BUT! it was done very well. So many funny parts in the movie. I did not find myself bored at anytime in this film. I watched this movie in the hopes to enjoy myself and laugh till my sides hurt and it did just that. One of the better R rated profane comedies I've seen in the last few years. So many comedies have came out rated PG-13 the last few years and many of them was just plain dull.

    If you enjoy adult humor this is a movie you will like. This movie IS NOT for children lol.

    If you do not enjoy adult humor why are you here? Don't review or even rate it ffs go back and watch smurfs or whatever.
  • Without even seeing it, some people have bashed this film because of it's unoriginal concept. That's true. It has been done before. You can think of it as Freaky Friday... except with dudes and really amped up! From the first few minutes the movie was crude and vulgar... and absolutely hilarious! But what else is to be expected when two mega forces in comedy come together? David Dobkin, the director of Wedding Crashers, and Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of The Hangover... just an awesome combination that really paid off on screen! Of course, I can't forget to mention the incredibly funny cast that worked so well together: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann and Olivia Wilde... even Alan Arkin is in there! The writing is funny, but the comedic timing and performances were just so perfect and what truly made the film hilarious! The story focuses on two childhood pals, Mitch (Reynolds), who dropped out of high school to become an actor and is just a promiscuous mess, and Dave (Bateman), who has worked hard all his life to be a successful lawyer, has a wonderful family and is close to making partner at his firm. One night, though, while going out and catching up after being vacant from one another's lives for a brief time, they get to talking about their lives and drunkenly wish they could take a walk in the other's shoes, but be careful what you wish for when you are pissing in a magic fountain... The next morning the two awake to discover that they have switched bodies. And, although, after freaking out they begin to explore this new freedom, they soon learn that the escape from their normal lives isn't as glorious as they had imagined and begin looking for a way to return to their rightful bodies.

    Despite being wildly hilarious, the film also weaves in some very subtle moments that back up the comedy with a great heart. I recently saw that the general view of the critics is "Skip it!" which was enough to tell you how good the film actually is, but having, now, seen it myself... I say you'd be crazy to miss out on it. True, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for someone like me who loves a good R-rated comedy, it's definitely worth going to. In a way, it plays out in the way that made Knocked Up and Wedding Crashers work so well: the outrageous and often crude comedic material overpowers to make a great comedy, but it also has those great tender moments that balance out the film and really carry the story.
  • In Atlanta, Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) is an efficient and dedicated lawyer that expects to be promoted to partner of the law firm where he has been working for ten years after a merging operation and a family man, married with the gorgeous Jamie Lockwood (Leslie Mann) and father of three children. His best friend is the aspirant actor Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds), who is single, reckless and unemployed, and a quitter that never concludes what he is doing.

    One night, Dave and Mitch drink a lot and they go to a fountain to pee and they both simultaneously wish to have the life of the other. On the next morning, they wake up and discover that they had switched bodies. They return to the square and find that the fountain has moved to an unknown place. Therefore, Mitch needs to become responsible to save the job and the promotion of his friend, while Dave feels how complicated is for him to date with his sexy and gorgeous colleague Sabrina McArdle (Olivia Wilde). Sooner they learn more about themselves and also that the life of the other is not as good and they believe it could be.

    "The Change-Up" is an entertaining film with an overworked, but always funny storyline. I do not recall how many comedies I have seen with two persons switching bodies, but I always laugh a lot. "The Change-up" is no exception, especially with the hilarious Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman and Leslie Mann and the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, one of the most beautiful actresses that I have recently seen.

    There are particularly two (gross) scenes that I repeated many times since I could not stop laughing: when Dave is cleaning his baby and trying to reach the diaper and when Mitch is in Dave's body and sees the half-naked Jamie going to the bathroom. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Eu Queria Ter a Sua Vida" ("I Wish I Had Your Life")
  • This movie is not your typical change bodies movie. Justin Bateman & Ryan Reynolds were hilarious & you could tell they had fun making the movie. The language & nudity fit the R rating,but this added to the movie. Definitely adult theme & a little over the top,but I did enjoy this. Olivia Wilde was great and also was Leslie Mann. The baby twins of Justin Bateman were really funny & the scenes were a total surprise. Worth renting, will make you laugh out loud & like the characters. The movie did drag a little in the middle,but did make up for it with the gags. I really like the chemistry of Justin Bateman & Ryan Reynolds. Justin Bateman is so subtle in his comedy.
  • americangirlinuk7 November 2014
    Love this movie! Just wanted to say to the people writing reviews, his name is Jason Bateman, not Justin!! Really?? Buy it, you'll love it. Jason and Ryan are great and work together so well. I haven't seen the theatrical version, just the unrated so can't compare, but loved it. There is a lot of potty mouth in this movie, but I think it added to the hilarity and wouldn't have been the same without it, but may offend some I suppose. I'm so not easily offended so I was crackin up. I've never left a movie review before, but the people leaving a review without getting the main actors name right really irritated me. If you are going to take the time to write a review and give credit to a talented actor at least get the name right. How offensive to get Jason's name wrong!
  • Hazzah21 July 2011
    Thanks to the fine people at, I was able to get to see a rough cut of the movie "The Change-Up" starring Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, and Leslie Mann (she of Apatow fame.) Hilarious. Much MUCH better than I expected. Of course, this is the type of film better seen with a filled theater.

    Of course it's a hard 'R' for vulgarity, nudity, and everything you expect in a sex-themed comedy. The trailers don't shy away from that.

    One always expects great comedic timing from the likes of Reynolds and Bateman. However, in these roles they truly do something different. Bateman gets to be the raunchy one. He finally gets to let loose. Reynolds holds back as the straight-laced guy who's more of a thinker.

    Leslie Mann was the true surprise in the film. I hope Judd Apatow watches this "The Change-Up" and realizes one thing; THIS is how you write for/use your wife in your films. Leslie can act! She takes the otherwise tiresome 'wife' role and turns it into something a little deeper.

    Olivia Wilde plays the unfortunate part of 'that girl.' She's not there to serve much purpose throughout the flick, but her story is summed up nicely. But sweet merciful GOD does she look fantastic with very dark hair! Anyway, it's a great flick. I suggest you go see it, you'll enjoy it. It's not your typical "body swap" movie (ala "Freaky Friday," "Vice Versa," "Like Father, Like Son.") plus I believe it has more heart than any of those three.
  • Oh, the body-swap comedy. You know how it starts, you know how it ends and frankly, you know most of what's in between. To name an R-rated buddy version of this formula "The Change-Up" is essentially serving up a thick slice of irony, yet somehow "The Hangover" writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and "Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin manage to change just enough to prevent predictability from drowning their film entirely.

    The film starts neck deep, however. Jason Bateman's character Dave wakes up bright and early thanks to his newborn twins, one of which projectile poos all over his face. Gross-out humor might be one of the worst ways to start a modern comedy, but somehow "The Change-Up" manages to recover thanks to a strong cast and writing that works when it's not trying too hard to be funny.

    Dave and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) are old friends with opposite lifestyles that predictably wish they could have what the other has. Dave has been an achiever all through his life and never stopped to enjoy himself in the ways of drugs and women, for example. That would be typical bachelor Mitch's life. Mitch, on the other hand, would love for even a modicum of success and stability. Plug in a magic fountain activated by two different simultaneous urine streams and voila — body-swapping comedy.

    Thus begins the journey of the two friends toward the inevitable learning not to take for granted the lives they have. To be fair, Lucas and Moore write in some scenes that break convention. Early on, for example, there's the scene when they try and convince Dave's wife (Leslie Mann) that they've switched bodies by telling her to ask Dave (in Mitch's body) a question only he would know. Seen that before, right? Rather than she predictably believing them, things take a comic turn when Dave reveals a very private detail about her.

    When "The Change-Up" isn't forcing in Farrelly brothers-inspired gross-out humor, it's a decent comedy. For one, the writing from a non-jokes standpoint has surprising strength. At several moments the film goes down some more dramatic side streets that feel natural because the characters have just enough depth for us to care. Mann's performance in particular helps this along — she's far from the typical mother/wife figure in a buddy comedy.

    By establishing a bit of a routine in that Mitch in Dave's body must try and prevent Dave's law firm's merger from falling through while also balancing a family life and Dave in Mitch's body must simply get laid in a strange matter of ways, the story doesn't spiral out of control. The focus stays mostly on Mitch in Dave's body as he's the significantly less shallow character with more going on. Bateman takes advantage, transforming himself with a terrific number of quirks, which he's done so well in his career. On a number of occasions, however, the way you'd expect a character to behave and how they actually behave don't match up, which definitely hurts the ability to get caught up in the story, but there's a logic to the sequence of events and as such, natural jokes evolve that counteract the bad ones to some extent.

    Somehow the writing manages to hit on points of sentimentality as well. Despite the inevitability of the outcomes, the story arcs of the characters make good use of this tired concept as they drift from hating the change to embracing it to the realization that they truly appreciate their own lives. Some thought definitely went into character motivation, otherwise we'd feel nothing. Dobkin captured the same thing in "Wedding Crashers," but the difference here is obviously the novelty factor. As such, a film can never outrun predictability. It can be taken advantage of as best as the talents involved possibly can, but it always wins.

    ~Steven C

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  • I like the idea of this movie, the casting is great and everybody is doing his/her job. I had few laughs and as I have written above, if you like comedies and have some time to kill, this is a good choice.

    However, I think that they could have played a little bit more with the script. At the beginning, we are "told" that Mitch's life is great and Dave's not so much. Of course, a viewer with an average intelligence knows that things are not always as they seem. However, I think that in the end Mitch's life was portrayed really negatively and all perks and good moments in the "Mitch's body" had to be created by Dave himself. What I mean is that writers could have maybe worked a little bit more on Mitch's character.
  • cshokraii13 September 2012
    What are you morons talking about? This movie is hilarious, from beginning to end! Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman do an amazing job. The kids are cute and funny as can be. The storyline is old but they did it masterfully with a twist of their own. Absolutely loved it, I've watched it 7 times already, lol. The part where he's in the boardroom floors me every time. If you love raunchy foul mouth comedy you will love it, If u are a prude with a stick up your ass u will hate it as much as u hate your miserable life! Sorry if I'm going off a bit but after reading the reviews I have to put these goody goody morons in their place. If u don't like raunchy comedy don't watch this R rated comedy and go watch Home Alone reruns!
  • This was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time! I always check IMDb to see how a movie is rated and when I seen this movie rated at only 6.4 I was shocked! There are a lot of bad ratings out there that make no sense! They either don't have a sense of humor or are too old to enjoy it. When I saw this movie was so under-rated, I had to had to sign up so I could set the story straight! I'm a big fan of comedies and this is probably my favorite one. It's kind of like the hangover. Every time you watch it, it gets even more funny!! Love the movie, if u haven't seen it, ignore the bad ratings and be prepared to laugh your a** off:)
  • Body-swapping comedies are so 80s. But with The Change-Up, David Dobkin, director of the bloke hit The Wedding Crashers, puts a ribald spin to the genre. Those who can't stand scatological jokes and profanity ought to steer clear. Unless you're a Judd Apatow fan. Although in this movie, you should expect much less emotional poignancy.

    It is refreshing to see Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds take on atypical roles. As the overachieving lawyer Dave with a stiff upper lip, Bateman steps into those loafers comfortably. Often type-casted as the jokester, he is now the model family man who works so hard till his wife, Jamie, feels neglected. On the other hand, Reynolds who mostly comes across as serious or amiable, gets to be the mildly offensive, profanity-spewing lothario, Mitch.

    Dave and Mitch have diametrically-opposed characters and they play off each other very well. A hilarious encounter with a Roman statue by a fountain in the park, while they take a leak, allows them to magically swap bodies. Seeing them switch bodies to play opposite personalities and scramble (amusingly) to adapt to their new lives is central to the enjoyment of the movie. And through living each other's lives, they learn to improve themselves.

    Dave enjoys independence and freedom from his stifling marriage, while in Mitch's body. At same time, getting jolted and turned off by Mitch's odd sexual partner, lewd profession and bizarre bedhopping antics. Meanwhile, Mitch gets to clean up his bawdiness and straighten up his waywardness while taking on the responsibilities of married life's daily grind, which includes changing the soiled diapers of two impish toddlers.

    While the movie adopts the predictable narrative of flawed characters being transformed for the better, the journey is fun and occasionally goes ape. So check your brains at the cinema door and just go with the absurdism.
  • Wasn't expecting much. But then, couldn't stop watching.

    Crude but hilarious; simple but effective.

    And, you get to see a lot of beautiful titties. I guess it's not for the easily-offended.

    The acting was superb, the cast brilliant, the plot sound - the film fun.

    This is one of the best body-swapping films of all time, and most definitely one of the comedies this year.

    Watch it now!

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  • 'THE CHANGE-UP': Three Stars (Out of Five)

    It's not the 80's anymore and Hollywood is still making body changing movies! If you had to make one though who better to cast in it than Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman (two of my favorite actors)?! A movie where Reynolds is an unemployed slacker pothead and Bateman is a work obsessed family man who switch bodies actually doesn't sound that bad. It is pretty bad still though for the first half of it's running length. Despite having two of the best funny men in the business, most of the jokes fall a little flat for almost all of the film's setup (Reynolds and Bateman do manage to squeeze some laughs out of the mostly dull material though). Then when the film gets to the cheesy stuff, the heart of the film and the real character development, it actually starts to work! The directing gets a little better, the performances start to shine through and the writing begins to polish itself out. It takes half a film to get there but 'THE CHANGE-UP' is mostly worth the effort.

    The film is directed by David Dobkin (who also directed the popular buddy films 'WEDDING CRASHERS' and 'SHANGHAI KNIGHTS'). It's written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (part of the team behind 'THE HANGOVER'). All of the ingredients are there for the perfect juvenile male bonding adventure but I think the 'body switching' formula kind of dooms the film a little from the start (at least in the start). It revolves around two best friends, Mitch (Reynolds) and Dave (Bateman), who have grown apart due to their lives taking vastly different paths. Both men envy the other though and when they wish for each other's lives while pissing in a fountain one night their wishes come true. Leslie Mann (otherwise known as Mrs. Apatow) and Olivia Wilde co-star as the men's two love interests, one is Dave's wife and the other is his co-worker. Things of course get very complicated and trouble ensues (which then of course leads to emotional evolvement and surprisingly strong character growth).

    The film really does make you care for it's two lead characters and watching their emotional growth does really work. That's thanks in part to the directing and somewhat well written screenplay but more so Reynold's and Bateman's performances (I think). They've proved that they not only have a knack for comedic timing but also dramatic chops when given the right material as well. With this film when the drama kicks in the comedy also picks up and flows better. At first the jokes are pretty standard and overused (they're also extremely crude and disturbing) but as the characters start to get more interesting and involving the jokes get funnier and more meaningful as well. If you're a Ryan Reynolds or Jason Bateman fan (or a fan of body switching movies) you'll almost certainly enjoy this film at least some what, despite it's rocky take off.

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  • I'm writing my review for the first time here only because I can read how those that actually reviewed this movie didn't see the point; You were warned - Wedding crashers director + Hangover writers = over 100 minutes of pure R rated fun!

    I must say I went to see this movie without knowing anything but that line ^^ and for the first time in my life I sat in the front row (yes, the 1st row) and I wasn't sorry I did.

    The movie is another body changing movie, yes, but I didn't watch Freaky Friday cause I find it to be amusing for younger audience. Seeing Hangover and having a great time made me see this movie also, and liking it. Still, this movie has a vulgar way of making you laugh and at the same time cheer for the main characters as they are changing their life to better.

    Acting is way better than expected, all the jokes are understood and yes, again, they are vulgar but somewhat surprising.

    If you liked Hangover(s) GO SEE THIS MOVIE, especially in the movie theatre cause there is nothing better than when you can laugh out along with the rest of the (younger) crowd.
  • gombos-marci24 November 2012
    If you like comedies, watch this. If you like either Jason Bateman or Ryan Reynolds - watch this.

    I did not have great expectations towards this movie, and it surprised me. Much-much funnier in my opinion then some competing titles that hit the cinemas this year - or last year. The ending is cliché, but makes up for it.

    It is just a fresh breath or air among the lot of "mellow" and "safe" family comedies. (which are - in my opinion - are too mild and stupid to be funny)

    This film dares to step out of the bounds and speak to an audience which is between 20 and 50 years old. They will understand the film - because it's about their lives. (not some dumbed-down, Hollywood remake of a real life - at least this is how I felt when I saw it after Ted)

    Go and see it, if you want a good laugh - and don't expect any plot-twists :)
  • I saw this film in the theaters and enjoyed it enough to write this review (which is my first on IMDb). Crass humor, sappy storyline, nothing exceptional to say the least . . . But, I loved it! If the humor wasn't so rude and the characters not so insensitive and shallow, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this movie as much as I did. Half the fun was in watching these fellas on screen saying and doing stuff we wouldn't dream of doing in real life for fear of offending others or making fools of ourselves. Some scenes would have me squirming in awkward jaw-dropped discomfort while inwardly savoring the moment with a vicarious thrill.

    The lead actors, Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds, are also what made this film work as well as it did. They both brought their own particular brand of funny to the table and played off of each other quite well (Bateman reminded me slightly of his Michael Bluth character in Arrested Development, mildly stuffy, uppity and wound up tight; while Reynolds' character was vaguely dry, arrogant and tactlessly self-involved) I really enjoyed watching our lead protagonists switch roles and play as each other with believably unaffected skill.

    While not of great substance or profound moral quality (Who cares! That's not why I'm watching a feel-good Saturday-night comedy anyway), the characters and the movie as a whole really endears itself to the audience. I walked away from the film with a smile (possibly smirk) on my face and a little lightness to my step. It's kind of like Freaky Friday with a mid-life crisis and we learn that yeah, the grass is always greener and even 30-something jerks can be lovably perfect just the way they are.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's rude, racy, and raunchy.

    Body swap movies are not very original but this one works. Good performances all around. The guys are believable when they become each other. Olvia Wilde is stunning. Leslie Mann,(Mrs. Apatow) always seems real.

    Get past the language and the baby pooh in the mouth scene. Perhaps it goes over the top and some might be offended. The baby banging his head against the crib my not fly in all circles. Going to a theater where we catch a flash of "Animal House" seems like a bit of comedy envy.

    It's a tad long for a comedy but it succeeds in the number one requirement of a comedy. It makes you laugh out loud and often. It has heart. It's a fun time at the movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two big stars today: Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, putting them together in a film would be natural for a box office success, even a good movie as they are both decent actors. Even an overused plot of "let's exchange bodies and find out what your life is like", been done to death but why not try it with something that has been discussed a million times where why single people want to be married and why married people want to be single again. Now it's not like we haven't all asked this question, I mean it's the most simple answer: Why when we were children did we want to be an adult? Because it's something we think looks great and when it happens you get the good and you get the bad and you sometimes realize maybe the bad outweighs the good and want the good back. So onto the film; I did want to see The Change Up, it seemed like it would try to be a good comedy, boy did it wanna prove me wrong on so many levels.

    Growing up together, Mitch and Dave are best friends from childhood, as the years have passed, they have slowly drifted apart. Dave is an overworked lawyer, husband and father of three children and Mitch is a single, semi employed man-child who has never met a made a true commitment. To Mitch, Dave has it all: his beautiful wife Jamie, three children who adore him and a high-paying job at a prestigious law firm. To Dave, living Mitch's stress-free life without obligation or consequence would be a dream come true. Following a drunken night out together, Mitch and Dave's worlds are turned upside down when they wake up in each other's bodies and proceed to freak out. Despite the freedom from their normal routines and habits, the guys soon discover that each other's lives are nowhere near as rosy as they once seemed.

    I love comedies, it's not like I don't have a sense of humor and there were certain parts that made me chuckle. Jason Bateman encouraging his daughter to beat up a school bully and applauding it when she did it on stage during one of her ballet recitals was good. To me, it's just a movie so I can get over the fact that it's the wrong message. However, less than 30 minutes into the film after they exchange lives, there's a soft core porno where they're talking about sticking thumbs into things and it's just way too much and extremely uncomfortable where just uptight Jason Bateman being in a soft core is funny enough why take it to an awkward level? Then I've never ever seen Leslie Mann naked, never thought she was the actress who would do that, oh boy does she do that for a while in the film. Which again, I don't mind nudity, but with her nudity was it necessary? Speaking of unnecessary nudity, what the heck was with the pregnant lady? It seemed like Mitch had some sort of mental issues vs. just not being able to grow up.

    Why were these two still best friends? I understand growing up, I had great friends when I was a kid, but we went into separate groups, got into different things, that was it and we moved on not talking since we were kids. I have friends now from childhood, but we have things in common still. I also understand that it's hard to break off a friendship, but these two just didn't belong together. They were both uncomfortable with each other and the chemistry was completely off to make it believable where you could see that there was a reason for them still keeping in touch with each other. This movie is just crude and wrong on so many levels that it's not enjoyable, it's more uncomfortable most of the time. I give the movie some credit that it was trying to be funny, it was just given to the wrong people who obviously live Mitch's life more than Dave's. They try to throw in ethics and morals and then the "appreciate what you have" message down your throat with a loving family sit-com moment that's just pathetic when this movie has a baby pooping in Jason Bateman's mouth which I'm sure since it's the in the beginning is a metaphor for what the audience is in for when they sit down to this sick movie.

  • This type of movie has just been done too many times and this time they make it gross as to how they switch bodies. It's by peeing in a public fountain.

    So you have the married father of 3 responsible guy, Dave, whom switches bodies with his carefree rude best friend, Mitch. So they throw in some bad language, some boobs, and gross situations and you have a laughing riot of a time, right? Wrong, this was gross and the plot is just old to be funny to me. I mean, they have a baby squirting something into his dad's mouth. Plus babies playing with knives and electrical outlets.

    FINAL VERDICT: This idea has been done too many times to bother watching again. Skip it.
  • mihaiborcan28 October 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Let me make it clear that this is my first movie review and that I am drunk. I also like Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds. That being said, I think this movie was enjoyable. Let's start with the bad things. Yes, this movie's been done before. Yes, dirty jokes about penises and poop have been done before. Did you enjoy them the first time? You might enjoy them again. How about the good things? These two actors can carry a comedy by themselves. I don't need to list you their credits, do I? Jason Bateman is absolutely hilarious, he goes 100% the other way (he's more credible as the immature loser that has the hots for his best friend's wife) and Reynolds does the opposite of what he's been doing for some time now, the immature jerk who is forced to grow up very quickly (Green Lantern, Definitely, Maybe). Also, can you spell Olivia W-i-l-d-e? Listen, this is not an original movie, this is good clean fun for the immature viewer, a movie lover who likes to let go of expectations every once in a while and enjoy some dirty humor. Yes, it's mostly for the men, but the ladies might enjoy it too if relating to the female characters which are surprisingly well developed in this movie. Did I mention Olivia Wilde?
  • I'm no prude. I enjoy crude humor as much as anyone. However, this movie goes far beyond crudity. That Jason Bateman's character got dumped upon by his infant child was one of the most gross things I've ever seen and should have been a warning to me that things would only get worse. I hoped otherwise, but was seriously disappointed from that point on. 'F' bombs were the norm; in point of fact, it seemed no character could complete a sentence without dropping one of those 'f' bombs or some variation thereof. Also, why was it necessary to prolong the urination scene? The movie's plot (if there was one) hinged upon the switch, but the point could easily have been made without the woefully offensive and overly long duration. When Bateman's character went to pick up his daughter (after the switch) and afterwards talked to his daughter about the "whore" the other little girl was...well, I had enough. I realize these people are actors (or are allegedly so) and that what they're saying are just part of the script, but the writer obviously had no qualms about putting an innocent little girl in such an obscene take. Moreover, the soft porn (is there such a thing????) session of Ryan Reynolds character was, simply, terrible and had absolutely nothing to do with the movie at all. And it wasn't even remotely funny. I turned the movie off as it had gone off the deep end. I plan to voice my objection with the studio and any executive of the studio I can. This was an absolutely horrid movie. No plot. No character development. In fact, if the 'f' bombs were taken out of the script, the characters would have had little to say. One of the worst and most awful movies I have ever had the displeasure of viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dave (Jason Bateman) is an up-and-coming lawyer with a young family. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds), his best friend from childhood, is a foul-mouthed promiscuous slacker.. Following a night out, they are remarking how they each envy the other's lifestyle: they are doing this while urinating into a fountain, which turns out to be a magic fountain because, come the next morning, they wake up in each other's bodies. Shenanigans ensue.

    Before seeing a movie at the cinema, I tend to read reviews from two sources: one is a daily paper where the reviewer is middle aged and right wing, the other is a magazine where the reviewers are young and left wing. They usually disagree. If they agree, then the consensus is usually dependable. They agreed that The Change-Up was not very good, so I went in expecting something less than wonderful.

    I was also aware that this movie contained a more than moderate amount of bad language, poo jokes and raunch. I have frequently been critical of films which put this stuff in just for the sake of it: I like lowest common denominator stuff to have some point, wit, or at least be funny, and it so frequently is not.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating or, in this case, the audience reaction. In a not-very-full cinema, the audience (including me) laughed out loud, frequently, all the way through this film - much of it is genuinely funny. It helps that you like both Dave and Mitch, irrespective of whether they are being played by Reynolds or Bateman (and you can tell that both actors are having a ball playing both characters, especially Bateman who is playing more against type than Reynolds).

    A word about Leslie Mann, playing Dave's wife Jamie. Having spent much of her career playing in a series of films produced by husband Judd Apatow, she has reached the age of nearly 40 mostly without removing her clothing. She breaks that tradition, spectacularly, in this movie, and does so as the feed for a gag (sadly, spoilered in the trailer) which works beautifully, and all the better for her topless lead in to it.*

    Please understand that this film is crass, tasteless, rude, and near the knuckle in many respects, and it won't be to everyone's tastes. But it made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions.

    *and, if it is true that the boobs in question were prosthetic then a) how sneaky is that, and b) they were pretty convincing (he said, as someone who has devoted the best part of half a century to studying such things - I didn't really get started until I was over 10).
  • I don't say it is good but i have enjoyed it , this is a typical american comedy plot, actually it remids me 17 again film but story contain one simple difference , it tells us how to enjoy your life, intend to the following money
  • Ryan Reynolds is so badly cast as a vulgar and narcissistic cretin that he seems no less awkward when he's supposed to have Jason Bateman's personality than he is as himself. Body switching movies are supposed to have unbelievable premises but peeing in a fountain?!!? Poor Leslie Mann has to undergo every indignity a woman can - the farting scene is just gross. And, of course, we have to have the now-obligatory scene were liquid poop geysers out of the baby's rear 8 feet up in the air aat a 45 degree angle! I could go on and on but is there any point in doing so?

    If somebody saying you're freaking stupid and you're freaking ugly too strikes you as funny and if a baby with a knife and a baby trying to electrocute himself is your idea of funny, then see this movie. If you can believe that Olivia Wilde graduated law school at the top of her class and you think it's funny to see an 8-months pregnant nymphomaniac get made tro feel ashamed of herself, then this film is for you. And just for a total non-sequitur, out of left field, insensitive dropout and soft porn star Ryan Reynolds in Jason Bateman's body suddenly gets all sensitive about an anti-semitic remark (also totally out of cxontext) by Bateman's boss. Oh yeah, Alan Arkin (in a role that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the gross-out movie) plays Reynolds Jewish father!

    It's a body-switching comedy - it's supposed to be unrealistic but so internally inconsistent? So gross, one after another, afcter another? The fabulously talented Ryan Reynolds should sue hisMann agent for this one. He is titally a fish out of the water. Leslie is married to Judd Apatow so I suppose she's used to the indignities - but she still deserves better. Jason Bateman still seems to be doing Arrested Development meets Couples Retreat so he's more at home in this dysfunctional movie than anyone else (except Craig Bierko in a hilarious soft porn sendup) but that's praising with faint damns.

    For me, it's the worst Hollywood-budget movie of the 21st century I've been subjected to thus far.
  • "Growing up we both had dreams. Dave wanted to be an astronaut, I wanted to sell dolphins on the black market. But found thats hard to do. We live in Atlanta... dolphins are hard to find..." When single Mitch (Reynolds) and married with children Dave (Bateman) go out they begin talking about each others lives. Both feel like the other one has a better life, then they take a pee. When they wake up the fun begins. Going in I was hoping for a few laughs, mainly because I think the two actors are hilarious. The first half hour was hard to watch, because I was laughing so hard my side hurt and I was crying. Not since "Wedding Crashers" was I blown away by the comedy that I was not expecting. By that I mean not only the extreme shocking moments, but the timing between the two and the dialog was so funny that I haven't had this much fun watching a movie in a long time. The only bad thing I have to say about this movie is that it started off on a full run but turned a little more sappy at the end. On the flip side, that part balanced out the rest of it just enough to give your cheeks and side a break. This is a definite R rated comedy that men and women will both love. That is hard to do. I loved it a lot. Overall, next to "Hall Pass" the funniest movie I have seen since "Wedding Crashers". This movie will not disappoint. I give it an A.

    Would I watch again? - Absolutely. I want to buy this.

    *Also try - Hall Pass & Wedding Crashers
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