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I've killed two people, Lee. Two people that were very close to me. I know it's hard to believe. Intellectual Andrew. Well read, well spoken Andrew. Well dressed. But here I am. This is me.
~ Andrew showing his true colors to Lee before killing him
For me, being told no is like being told I don't exist. It's like I disappeared or something.
~ Andrew to Jeff

Andrew Cunanan is the main villainous protagonist of an FX series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. He is the fictionalized version of the real-life serial killer of the same name.

He is portrayed by Darren Criss.


Andrew was born to an Filipino American father and an Italian American mother. His father served in the US Navy during the Vietnam war.

Andrew attended the school. During his time at the school, he become known for making false stories about his life and family. Andrew make a trip to Philippines to meet his father after his father fled to his homeland to avoid charges of embezzlement and after an estranged reunion, he begin to become sexually attracted toward older rich gay man.

In 1990, Andrew meet Gianni Versace at the gay bar and again during the San Francisco premiere of Capriccio, which he designed for Kiri Te Kanawa. After the performance, Andrew telling his fictitious stories about his life to Gianni.

In 1992, Andrew was working at a drugstore to support his mother and was briefly falling in love with David Madsen, making love with him in a hotel and during an argument with his mother regarding Versace, he hit her head in the wall which causing his mother to rushing to the hospital for brain injuries.

In 1995, he meet Jeff Trail, an Navy veteran who was struggling to come out with his sexuality due to "Don't ask, don't tell" laws, at the gay bar. Andrew enter Jeff's house without his permission and went to a room, wearing his Navy hat and discovered a tape where Jeff was interviewed detailing his struggles to come out as a gay man during the "Don't ask, don't tell" laws. Jeff returned home, discovering that Andrew enter his house without his permission, seeing that he taking his navy clothes as well as a tape interview, confronted him when he realized Andrew's true colors.

In 1996, Lee Miglin, an rich businessman, meet him during the party. Norman Blachford, whom Andrew had a fling with, aware of Andrew's real life, cut him out of his will, causing Andrew putting a table into the glass, smashing it. Jeff came to Andrew's room to confront him regarding the postcard he sent to Jeff's father without Jeff's knowledge and reveals to him that he leaving San Diego to work for a gas company that hired LGBT military veterans in Minneapolis. Andrew invited David to the dinner at a hotel that ended with David leaving him alone. After that, Andrew became addicted to drugs and visiting his mother.

In 1997, Andrew begin his killing spree when he moved to Minneapolis. He came to Jeff Trail's apartment and after the argument, kill him with a hammer. David was horrified by Andrew's actions and feared that he'll be an murderer for Jeff's murder. Andrew covering Jeff's body under the rug and leaving with David, which is witnessed by an person, calling the police on them. After moving to Rush City and spending a dinner with Andrew, David confronted him for what he did to Jeff causing the former to put a gun at him. After pleading to Andrew to going to a police, David run away causing the former shot him to death, twice. In May, while being an escort for Lee Miglin, Andrew kill Lee and begin to steal his car by driving away. On May 9, he killing William Reese and begin to steal his car, causing the FBI to listed him as the most wanted. On July 15, Gianni Versace was on his way to home but was killed alongside a dove. After killing two, Antonio D'Amico, Gianni's boyfriend, find Gianni's body alongside the dove's and saw Andrew, causing Antonio calling the police on Andrew.

Andrew went to the diner but is running away after an employee caught him by calling the police. During the runoff with the police, he find an abandoned home and locked it. He begin to watch the news about the murder of Gianni Versace and other victims, as well as the interviews of Andrew's friend and the victims' families. Andrew begin to feel guilty and calling his father for help, causing his father leave his homeland to returned to US to see his son and defending him on the news broadcast, reveals his plan to make a biopic about Andrew, which make Andrew feel disgusted that he shoot the television. Feeling stricken with guilt and remorse, Andrew watching the broadcast funeral of Gianni Versace, singing an hymn considering the fact Andrew was an Catholic. He begin to shaving his head and the police came to his house. Andrew begin to watch the new coverage about himself alongside his younger self. As the police arrives to arrest him, Andrew shoot himself to death and despite his actions, was buried at a Catholic cemetery.

List of Andrew's victims

  • Jeff Trail
  • David Madsen
  • Lee Miglin
  • William Reese
  • Gianni Versace
  • An unnamed dove


  • It's very debatable about how Andrew meet Gianni Versace, especially in real life. Gianni's family and Antonio, Gianni's boyfriend, said that Gianni never met Andrew in real life.
  • Andrew is diagnosed with ASPD (Anti-Social Personality Disorder).
  • His portrayer, Darren Criss, was an mixed Filipino like Cunanan himself.
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