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Sunday, 18 April 2021



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Friday, 16 April 2021

Private Part Of The Hotel


Movie Role

 Megan Fox’s career wasn’t as big as it was in the late 2000s and she knew it. She always blamed Rosie Huntington Whitley for stealing her role in the transformers movies and even tho it had been nearly 10 years since that happened each day she had been planning to get her revenge while watching the models star rise and Megan knew that when she stole her body it was going to be fun. She managed to get the spell and she couldn’t wait to cast it and when she got home she did and her changes began.

Her black hair became blonde as her face began to alter. Her accent changed becoming a little higher and familiar and arguably sexier while her accent went from American to English. Her arms began to grow a little as they thickened before her hands done the same with her nails becoming white. Her breasts then lost a cup size going from C cups to B cups as she then also lost a little weight. Her legs began to get a much longer while also becoming thinner and arguably sexier with her height go from 5ft 4 to an even smaller 5ft 9 before  her feet began to alter as they grew with her nails becoming white.  her outfit then changed becoming a long black maxi dress and some cream heels before Megan was teleported to Rosie’s house and she smiled as her plan worked.

Megan smiled as she finally had the body she wanted for 10 years and the first day she had as Rosie she looked around  Rosie’s house and loved it it was larger than hers and she knew she had to get pregnant within 18 months to make the change permanent but that wasn’t her plan for today or even the first few months as she wanted to have fun as Rosie. She went to her new closet and changed outfits just experimenting with her new style which she loved and took a few selfies for her Instagram.

1 week had gone past since Megan Fox had stolen Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s body and she loved it. She began to think about pregnancy to make the change permanent but wanted to do atleast one professional photo shoot as Rosie before she got pregnant. She decided that tonight would be a good night for a few drinks at the bar or as her new body wouldn’t say Pub. She wore a cute purple dress and heels as she went out with Rosie’s celebrity and model friends and had a good night out.

It was time for Megan to finally do a photo shoot as who she called the most famous and beautiful model in the world. She went through so many outfits and lingerie and even just bra and panties. Megan loved a blue and pink set and when they offered for her to keep them she thanked them and even wore them after the shoot had finished and when she was leaving she knew it was time to get pregnant.

A few months had gone by and Megan managed to get pregnant making the spell permanent. She smiled and her belly had grown becoming a good large sized hard and round pregnant bump. She was out and wore a black dress and sandals as she was out getting some stuff for her baby and she smiled as her 10 year old plan had worked and she couldn’t have imagined how good her life had become.

After hearing some news about her old body Megan laughed and called her a little slut not knowing she had caused it before the switch and she then wondered how Rosie had adapted to her life during the time she adapted to hers. 


Back when Megan activated the spell Rosie was sleeping at the time and the first thing that happened to her is that she was teleported to Megan’s bed still sleeping just before things began to happen to her.

Her feet began to shrink as her nails became pink. her legs then began to get a little thicker as they shrunk alot taking her from a taller 5ft 9 down to a smaller 5ft 4. Her hips popped out a little as her ass inflated. She gained a little weight but nothing even close to being major while her B cups gained a cup size becoming B cups. Her arms began to grow and get slightly thicker before her hands grew and her fingers got longer and her nails became pink. her English accent began to alter becoming an American accent as her face changed as her hair became black. Her clothes then began to becoming a green and white dress and Rosie continued to sleep.

Rosie woke up the next day and when she looked at the house and bed she knew it was different to her own. She noticed that her outfit was also different and Rosie jumped up and ran to a mirror. She got the fright of her life to see that in her reflection she was no longer Rosie Huntington Whitley but Megan Fox. Rosie wondered how this could happen and then she got a text from her new phone to see that Megan had an appointment to go to. Not knowing what to do and since she was nice she didn’t want to destroy Megan’s career especially if the bad feeling about not changing back was going to happen. She went into Megan’s closet to see all of these revealing outfits and she went to the coffee shop to take part in the meeting and found that Megan was planning on doing a photo shoot. It made Rosie feel a little more comfortable since it was what she done best and she accepted the job.

Rosie began to do what she would do before any photo shoot in her old body and that was the week before the shoot she constantly went to the gym and began to eat healthy. She surprisingly found it much harder in Megan’s body but she wondered if that’s because she didn’t have the motivation she would have in her old body but she pushed through and done it anyways.

It was time for the photo shoot and when Rosie got there she found how sexy and slutty the shoot was going to be especially compared to her high end fashion ones she used to do. She began to get a feeling of this all being set up but she had signed a contract and she was going to do it even tho she didn’t agree with it. She wore a very revealing black corset looking thing and also some tights and she posed and done the shoot and when it was over she was just happy for it to be done. She got out there as fast as she could afterwards having some thoughts about this whole swap.

A few months had past and something had happened to Rosie that she never noticed. Not long after the photoshoot she began to get morning sickness and she knew instantly that she was pregnant. it freaked her out as she was in another woman’s body not knowing that she was already 1 week pregnant during the swap. She grew and grew until it was obvious to everyone she was pregnant and she saw an article about her old body being pregnant at the same time which annoyed her and then she realised that it was Megan in her body and she knew instantly that Megan had something to do with the change.

5 Rings ( multi changes)

 The Golden Globes was going on and Bryce Dallas Howard was in attendance. She was on the red carpet and smiled before walking off and then was stopped by a girl. Bryce mentioned how she wasnt here to sign autographs but the girl showed her 5 rings. Bryce asked what they were for and said that they weren’t normal rings or she wouldn’t have been showing them. the girl agreed and said that they were fro Bryce and she could wear one and swap bodies with a random girl here at the awards. She warned Bryce and said that once she took a ring off she would return back to normal and the ring would vanish and if she wore all the fifth and last ring she would become that girl forever.

She gave Bryce the rings and left leaving Bryce confused and looking at the rings. She took one out of the box and put it on and when she did the changes began to happen.

Her ginger hair became loose as it got a little lighter and longer. Her skin began to get more tanned as her face changed and thinned. Her accent then changed and her arms began to thin as they got much shorter. Her hands then thinned and shrunk and her nails became pink. her D cups then shrunk and became A cups as she also began to lose weight. her hips popped in next and her ass deflated. She began to shrink as she went from 5ft 7 down to 5 inches to 5ft 2 as her legs thinned alot. Her feet also shrunk and thinned as her nails also became pink. her outfit then began to change and become a red dress and red heels.

Bryce couldn’t believe that this worked and that she was now Sarah Hyland. She was in love with her new body and had never felt sexier. She loved the idea of becoming different girls and she wondered what girl she wanted to become. She didn’t know who else was at the awards but she looked at the ring and when she took the first one off she didn’t change back like the girl said she would. She laughed thinking the girl got a detail wrong and when she pulled it off it did indeed vanish. She picked up the bottom left one and put it on and when she did she began to change again.

Her hair began to get shorter as it changed colour going from ginger to blonde her face then began to alter. Her boobs began to inflate and then filled with milk as her arms got longer and thicker with her hands doing the same with her nails becoming pink her belly then began to rumble as it began to bloat and expand becoming hard round and pregnant with her belly button popping out. her hips popped out and her ass inflated. As her legs began to get longer and also thicker and arguably sexier taking her height from 5ft 2 to 5ft 9 her feet then grew and thickened as her nails became pink. her outfit then changed becoming a pink dress and gold heels.

Almost instantly Bryce wanted out of Iskra Lawrence’s body. She hated the idea of being pregnant over the years and having flashbacks to her own pregnancies she quickly picked out the third ring and put it on instantly.

Her belly button popped back in as her belly began to shrink and deflate as her pregnant belly vanished leaving her with a toned belly. Her hips then popped out and her ass expanded as her legs began to grow and get longer thinner and arguably sexier taking her from 5ft 9 to 5ft 7 with her feet also growing and thinning with her nails becoming White. Her boobs then went from E cups and they deflated ending up  at a B cup as they lost the milk as her arms began to grow and thin as did her hands with her nails becoming white. Her accent altered slightly as her face changed and her blonde hair shortened.

Becoming Kaley Cuoco Bryce was glad not to be pregnant again as Iskra’s bump was huge. It reminded her of her pregnancies and she hated them. she knew about Kaley but never watched her in anything so she decided to just use one of the rings and get out of there quickly. She put the ring on and like before the changes happened instantly.

Her hair barley changed just getting a little shorter as her face changed. Her American accent changed for the second change this time becoming an Australian one. Her B cups remained the exact same as did her weight. her hips popped out a little and her ass expanded with her arms stayed around the same weight but they got a little shorter. Her hands shrunk a little to and her nails became black. Her legs then also began to change as she went from 5ft 7 down an inch To 5ft 6. As her feet then shrunk just a little and her nails become black. Her outfit then began to change and become a black dress and black heels.

Bryce loved being Margot and thought that she wouldn’t change again and live as Margot she saw Gal Gadot turn the corner. Gal was somebody Bryce loved and always wanted to be and she looked at the one Australian accent was changing and going more Middle Eastern and soon she found she had an Israeli accent. She then noticed as her blonde hair began to turn black and also got a few inches longer. She noticed her skin was beginning to gain a permanent tan as her face changed. Het blue eyes darkened becoming brown as her changes moved downwards. Her arms thinned as they also got longer. Her hands then began to grow and her fingers got longer with her nails painting themselves white. Her B cups shrunk becoming A cups as she lost weight. her hips then popped in and her ass deflated a little as her legs began to grow and get longer taking her height up from 5ft 6 to a much taller 5ft 10 they then got thinner as her feet began to grow with her toes getting longer and her nails becoming white. her outfit then began to change as her black dress and black heels to a white dress and white heels.

Bryce smiled as her plan worked and she was now Gal Gadot now and forever. Bryce wanted to thank the girl but she knew the girl would have no idea who she was but she looked for her unable to find and thank her wondering who she was.

2000's (Interactive

 Now that the 2000s began 20 years ago and since that was the Era you grew up in you began to get a little nostalgic. You were on a nostalgia tip big time and going on a magical show to answer questions about it. you knew the potential of being transformed and when you got the final question and answered it wrongly they told you that you would be transformed into a girl that was popular in the 2000s but was no more than B listers. they then asked you to pick a year and you decided on











Thursday, 15 April 2021

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