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"And should the slipper fit, I will know thee to be yon fair maiden who so enchanted me at the ball."
Louis Litt to Sheila Sazs

If the Shoe Fits is the fifth episode of the ninth season of Suits and the 129th overall. It first aired on August 14, 2019.


Mike returns to pick a friendly fight with Harvey, but tensions rise when Sam gets involved. Meanwhile, Katrina attempts to get over her feelings for Brian with Donna's help, and Louis tries to lift Sheila's spirits.


Harvey Specter enters his apartment one evening with pizza, calling Donna Paulsen and asking her to come over, adding that he is a fan of Survivor and that he would like to get her into it, although she tells him that an old friend contacted her and that she is unavailable. A voice then berates Harvey for watching Survivor, and Harvey turns around to see none other than Mike Ross standing in her kitchen, realizing that Donna chose not to come over as she knew Mike would be waiting there for him. Harvey jokes that Mike would not be staying over at his place, although Mike reminds Harvey that he still has his old apartment which Harvey is fake renting to "Rick Sorkin", the name of the applicant Mike ended up impersonating, and chiding Harvey for being soft, the pair greet each other with a hug.

At Louis Litt's house, he is role playing with Sheila Sazs, though he is unable to fit the glass slippers on her feet. Sheila is upset, citing that if feet grow during pregnancy they do not shrink back, although Louis is more upset about the $9,000 he spent on the slippers. Sheila reveals that being pregnant has clouded her mind to the point where she called a donor by the wrong name during the entire morning meeting, leading him to revoke his $50,000 donation, worried that if she cannot do her job while being pregnant, no one would think she would be able to do with a baby. Louis tries to reassure her otherwise, only for her to lash out that he does not understand and yells at him to leave her alone.

Back at Harvey's apartment, Mike recites everything he had missed out on, such as Harvey asking Paula Agard to move with him, Donna dating Thomas Kessler and her breaking privilege, which led to her and Harvey getting together. Harvey states that these are all things Mike knows from that phone call he left about a month ago, and after some banter, asks him why he is really here. Mike discloses that he is going up against Harvey as his client, basketball star Jeremy Wall, has decided he wants out of his contract with Brick Street, the company Mike gave to Harvey, after witnessing the exploitative work conditions of the sneaker giant's overseas factories, which harms his image as Brick Street makes his shoes. Harvey tells Mike that he can only sell Brick Street on it if Jeremy gives his money back, which Mike refuses, citing breach of contract. As Mike leaves, he tells Harvey that he would be the last one standing.

The next morning, Louis goes to see Alex Williams in his office, claiming that he needs help dealing with Sheila's pregnancy, citing that he cannot ask Brian Altman since he left and that he wouldn't ask his sister Esther either, adding that if Harvey had children, he wouldn't even be aware of their existence. Alex claims that Louis is fucked, stating that Louis should simply do nothing and just listen; while Louis agrees to follow the advice, Alex once again remarks that Louis is fucked as the latter leaves his office.

Donna goes to Katrina Bennett's office to thank her, as it was Katrina's Code of Conduct that allowed the name partners to force Faye into retaining Donna's voting power. Donna wishes to help Katrina in return, and notes that Katrina hasn't gotten over Brian as she hasn't picked a new associate yet. Katrina responds that she is just fine and, before leaving, Donna replies that she is there if Katrina wants to talk about it.

Despite agreeing to do nothing, Louis goes to see Benjamin, apologizing for his prior actions. With a bag of bacon in hand, Louis asks Benjamin to anonymously donate $50,000 to Columbia University as a gesture for Sheila, which Benjamin agrees to do so as he finds the gesture romantic.

On his way to his office, Harvey is approached by Samantha Wheeler, who is aware of the Jeremy situation. > harvey and samantha, meets Mike > katrina leaves voicemails > deposition with jeremy hall. got a letter from activist eighteen months ago, six months, waited a year. harvey and mike make a deal to fight fair. > katrina goes to see donna in her office; donna notices something on her laptop. > louis, sheila. decide to go see lipschitz. < donna warns samantha, says mike is family. > katrina and donna hang out > sam goes to see mike at his apartment > faye goes to see alex about mike > harvey confronts sam > mike goes to see katrina next morning. enemy, senior partner first. > formal notice to waive a jury trial. deposition, less than 20 cents an hour in china working twice the amount of hours, company made $20 million.haskins claims every company makes clothing the same way and if they don't do the same thing, they can't compete. > therapy. motherhood. if i change who i am. > katrina and alex. > harvey mike apartment, mike won > katrina goes to donna's office, deleted the voicemail, ballet class. > harvey sees sam in his office. > louis goes to see benjamin. vice president with thirty percent raise > harvey's apartment. sam bribed to fabricate evidence. rigged, lost yourself. > harvey confronts sam at the office; faye was watching. >mike goes to see louis. "you just got spitt up" > faye confronts samantha and fires her


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Daniel Bellomy as Jeremy Wall
  • Lindsay Owen Pierre as Raymond Haskins

Major/Highlighted Events

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 4
  • Louis asks Mike if he remembers telling him that he and Harvey were like Ralph and Sam, which Mike recalls as the wolf and the sheepdog, referring to their conversation in the season 2 episode "Blood in the Water".
  • This is the first Suits episode featuring Patrick J. Adams where he is not listed as part of the main cast.


Donna: Harvey, something came up last-minute. An old friend called me out of the blue.
Harvey: Well, then, why don't you come by later? I could reheat the pizza. It'll be 40% worse, but it's okay.
Donna: Why do I get the feeling that this isn't about pizza?
Harvey: All right, look, it's not something I advertise, but I watch Survivor.
Donna: You watch Survivor?
Harvey: I do.
Donna: You shouldn't admit that.
Harvey: It's an underrated show but I love it, and I was hoping to get you into it.
Mike: Let me get this straight: I tell Donna to kiss you, she does, and then, as a result, you ask another woman to move in with you.
Harvey: It was a complicated situation.
Mike: Must have been, because then Donna starts dating a client, breaks privilege for him, and then you two end up together.
Harvey: Didn't we already discuss this on the phone like a month ago?
Mike: Yeah, well, if it had been on FaceTime, I'd let it go, but a real friend needs to enjoy the shame in person.
Harvey: Well, while you're doing that, let's have it.
Mike: Have what?
Harvey: Why you're really here. 'Cause I'm not buying you showed up unannounced without a reason.
Mike: If you really must know, I'm here on business.
Harvey: The business of begging for your old job back? Because it's too late. We've replaced you.
Mike: Yeah, but do they have a law degree?
Harvey: Shit, I knew there was something I forgot to check.
Mike: You see, if you had my memory, you wouldn't forget things like that.
Harvey: No, I'd just forget to lock my briefcase full of weed.
Mike: The lock was broken.
Harvey: Your brain is broken.
Alex: I'm thinking about how fucked you are.
Louis: God damn it, Alex, I have no one else to turn to. Brian left, if Harvey has children, he doesn't know about them, and if you think I'm gonna ask my sister you're out of your goddamn mind.
Alex: All right, listen, the answer to your problem is simple. Just do nothing.
Louis: What are you talking about?
Alex: Whatever's upsetting her, don't try to solve it. Don't tell her it's gonna be okay. Just listen and do nothing.
Louis: Nothing. [...] Thank you, Alex. I'm going to go ahead and do nothing.
Alex: He's totally fucked.
Katrina: [leaving Brian a voicemail] Ball sack! Fuck. Mother of pearl! Just tell her you love me and that it's over!
Harvey: This case is going to a judge and only a judge.
Mike: This is bullshit.
Harvey: What's bullshit is you're gonna make it seem like my client exploits his workers.
Mike: That's because he does. Those working conditions are miserable.
Harvey: And that's exactly the kind of sob story you were gonna play for a jury. Well, we took that bullet out of your chamber, so why don't we call this off and you don't have to embarrass yourself in there?
Mike: No, we're not calling anything off because while a jury might never hear it, I'm gonna make that motherfucker answer for what he's doing.
Mike: Mr. Haskins, how many people work in your factories in China?
Raymond: Approximately 2,000.
Mike: And are you aware that those 2,000 people work twice what they're supposed to?
Samantha: That's a fabrication and there's no record of it.
Mike: You want a record? These people make less than 20 cents an hour. You make $20 million a year. How do you live with yourself?
Raymond: Every company makes clothes the same way. Is it perfect? No, but we can't compete if we don't do the same thing. And we're not violating the terms of Jeremy's contract.
Mike: No, you're just building an empire on the backs of women and children.
Samantha: Are you kidding me?
Raymond: Don't you say that. No children are involved.
Mike: So it's just women, then?
Raymond: You're twisting my words. We break no local laws, no international laws–
Mike: And yet, conditions are so fucking bad that two people have killed themselves in the last two years!
Raymond: God damn it, I don't care how many people have killed themselves!
Mike: She is cheating my client out of a company that could change people's lives!
Harvey: And I'm not gonna sell her out! Just like I'd do for you if you were still here.
Mike: I don't believe this. You're pissed that I left!
Harvey: No, Mike, I'm glad that you left, and you could have come back to visit any fucking time, but you came back to pick a fight with me that you rigged six months ago.
Mike: Oh, so it's not that I left, it's just that I beat you.
Harvey: No, you almost did. I was gonna let you get away with it, but she didn't. And I might want to kill her, but I'm not gonna betray her.
Mike: I don't care about her! I care about you.


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