What happened to the adopted children of Glenn Miller and Helen Burger Miller? - Answers


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Glenn's adopted son, Steve, worked as a gun salesman at Chezshire and Perez Police Equipment Company in Monrovia, California. He passed away in 2012, I recall he had an amputated finger when I met him once while visiting that store many years ago.

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When they were younger, son Steve Miller became a gunsmith and daughter Jonnie Dee Miller raised her own children. Neither had much involvement with their father's music at the time; among other reasons neither one had any memories nor did they have any musical talent. In recent years, they have reconnected with their heritage and have been more or less actively involved with the management of the current Glenn Miller Orchestras that perform in various parts of the world.

Steve passed away in early 2012.

On another note, at least 3 of Glenn's direct relations, brother Herb, nephew John, and niece Wynne, all have (or had) careers in music. In fact, John currently leads his own orchestra in England, frequently recreating his uncle's music and is joined by Jan Eberle, Ray Eberle's daughter.

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He had 2 adopted children. His wife Helen was ill and had a hysterectomy shortly after they were married.

When did Helen burger miller die?

Helen Burger Miller died in 1966 at age 64.

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No. He had 2 adopted children. His wife Helen was ill and had a hysterectomy shortly after they were married.

Does Glenn Miller have grandchildren now?

Yes, his adopted children have their own families. None are in the music business.

How many children did Glenn Miller have?

He had 2 adopted children. His wife Helen was ill and had a hysterectomy shortly after they were married, so they weren't able to have their own children.

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Glenn Miller was an American bandleader during the swing era. He had two adopted children, a son and daughter named Steven and Joannie.

When did Glenn Miller marry?

He married Helen Burger in 1928.

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