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19th c Victorian Photographers CDV Cabinet Card Database: American, UK

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CDV photographer Charles Lochman Library of Congress
1860's CDV Photo of Photographer Charles L. Lochman 1818-1900 of Hamburg Pennsylvania, from the Library of Congress

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A small Dry Mount photograph dated 1903 fancy embossed on card with photographer's name as "Dewey", area unknown. It was found in Franklin County, Massachusetts near the Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont border, but could honestly be from any state in America. See photo here. Any help or correction on this piece is appreciated, email Debra here.

Beals, HS: H.S. Beals, 627 J. St., Sacramento, Sacramento County, California (known to be famous and prolific photographer Henry S. Beals or Henry Sherman Beals 1823-1907, an early Daguerreotype, Daguerreian artist born in Hartford, Hartford County, CT. He worked in Sacramento from 1854-1907) Smaller format 1891 CDV size dry mount photo, see his work here.

California Art Company, Harliss & Volpey: J.A. Harliss and J.O. Valpey, San Jose, California. This is on the southern shore of San Francisco Bay, Santa Clara County CA. (known to be photographers J.A. Harliss and J.O. Valpey, who operated the California Art Company in 1890 in San Jose. Photographer James A. Harliss (James Alva Harliss 1862–1935) was born and died in CA and his occupations are listed as an Orchardist, Salesman, Box Maker, Fruit Grower, Real Estate Agent, Merchant and Photographer in the various years fo the San Jose business directories. He was the son of James Harliss 1820–1910 and Elizabeth Quince Harliss 1820–1905, both born in England, and who both also died in Santa Clara. Photographer John O Valpey or John Ormiston Valpey 1868–1917 was the son of Charles Henry Valpey born 1843, and Esther Hester Ormiston 1838–1927. He married Elizabeth Rose Parker Valpey 1872–1955 and died in San Jose) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Carpenter, AO: California photographer A.O. Carpenter or Aurelius O. Carpenter 1836-1919, who with his wife Helen Carpenter ran their photography gallery called the “Home Gallery” from their own Ukiah home (thus the name), taking photos of early CA settlers and historically much more. Their daughter Grace Carpenter Hudson 1865-1937 who when young worked in the business hand coloring photos, may have added the printed sepia byline seen printed under this daguerreotype image. She is also a well known California artist. CDV Photo copy of an early Dagguerreotype, see here.

Godeus, John D.: John Godeus, photographer and owner of the People's Art Gallery, 34 Third Street, San Francisco, California. CDV, See his work here.

Lawrence, GS & Houseworth, T:  Lawrence & Houseworth, San Francisco, San Francisco County CA. (known to be photographers Thomas Houseworth 1828-1915 and George S. Lawrence 1826-1873, both born in New York. They sailed from NYC to San Francisco together in 1849 for the gold rush and worked in Calavera and Trinity counties. In the 1852 census they are in San Francisco, and George opened the first optician / optical shop in the city, with Thomas joining in 1855. They became early (and landmark publishers) of local stereoviews and scenes of California and Nevada as well as portrait photography here, where they hired the best photographers. George retired in 1868 and died in 1873 at age 47. This CDV photo was made before his departure. The Houseworth gallery was at 317 & 319 Montgomery Street in San Francisco until the late 1870's when other companies created a large amount of stereoview and photography competition. Houseworth closed and went back to optical work. He died in 1915 at 86 years of age) See their work here and for much more info see this wonderful Library of Congress link.

Leach, EA: E.A. Leach, Los Gatos, Santa Clara County, California. (known to be photographer EA leach or Edwin Alvero Leach 1861-1906, died age 44 and buried in Santa Barbara County, California. He was born in Warren County, Iowa, the son of early Iowa Photographer John A. Leach 1832-1903, who was also a Watchmaker and a Jeweler. Edwin's wife was Elvira Biddle Leach 1861–1950. He also is seen as Edwin A. Leach and Edwin Alvaro Leach) Cabinet Photo, see here.

Morse GD: G.D. Morse, 417 Montgomery St., San Francisco, California, San Mateo County. (known to be George Daniels Morse, George D. Morse, George Morse) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Taber Bros: Famous California photographer Isaiah West Taber 1830-1912 worked with his brother Freeman Augustus Taber 1841-1910, for a short time in Syracuse NY in the early 1860's, see the New York Photographers heading below. See their CDV work here.

Shew, J: Jacob Shew's Photographic Gallery, 513 Montgomery St, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California. Jacob Shew was a famed San Fran photographer. CDV Photo. See his work here

Wilkins, OE: See Orsell E. Wilkins (1837-1879) below under Wisconsin heading. He later worked in Denver, Colorado, Adams County, Arapahoe County. (Orsell Wilkins) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Allderige, FW: FW Allderige, New Britain, Connecticut, Hartford County. (known to be Frederick W. Allderige, Frederick Allderige) CDV Photo. See his work here.
Beers, WA: Beers National Gallery, 242 Chapel Street, New Haven County, New Haven Connecticut CT. (known to be photographer William A. Beers 1836 or 1837-1913, also known as W.A. Beers, owner of Beers National Gallery. He was the successor to his prior partnership of Beers & Mansfield, after 1882. Located at 242 Chapel Street in 1882-1883 to 762 Chapel Street from 1884-1889 to 760 Chapel St. until 1903 in the New Haven city directories. His parents were Charles Beers 1812–1873 and Elizabeth Ann Jocelyn Beers 1814–1872. He descends from a long line back to Gravesend, Kent, England, an important DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution War family. His sister was Susan Elizabeth Sanford Beers Gray born 1843, married William Gray. His wife was Cynthia Jennette Wilcox Beers 1839–1910 and their son was Willie Wilcox Beers 1861-1878, died age 17. (Note: his wife's name is also seen as Elizabeth Beers in the 1860 census) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Betts: Betts, 356 Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn, Fairfield County. (known to be Edward C. Betts, Edward Betts) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Bronson, CR: Charles R. Bronson, 407 Main Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Fairfield County. (Charles Bronson) Cabinet Card & CDV Photos. See his work here and here

Cowells, DT: Cowells, 303 Chapel St. New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. (known to be well known New Haven photographer Daniel Cowell or Daniel T. Cowell 1831-1890) CDV Photo, see here.

Doughty, TMV:  T.M.V. Doughty, West of the Clarke House, on Union St, Winsted, Litchfield County, Connecticut CT. (known to be famous and prolific photographer Thomas Doughty or Thomas M V Doughty 1840–1911 born in Union Vale, Dutchess County, New York and died in Winsted, Connecticut. His parents were John Bunker Doughty 1799–1863 and Phoebe Van Vlack 1800–1876. He learned his trade from Daguerreian Seth Catlin Landon 1824-1908 in Litchfield County, Connecticut, USA) See his work here.

DeLamater, RS: R.S. De Lamater, Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford County. (known to be Richard Storm DeLamater 1833-1915, aka Richard S. DeLamater, Richard DeLamater) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Jackson, L & EM: Jackson, Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (known to be photographers Legrand Jackson 1834-1924 and his son Edward Miller Jackson, 1862-1945 Norwalk, CT. They resided at 13 Newtown Terrace in Norwalk and their business was at 53 Wall St in the Norwalk City Directory, as photographers and art goods dealers. Edward Jackson was still listed as a picture framer in the 1940 census, and died in 1945.) circa 1900 Dry Mount Photo, see here.

Moffitt, AL: Moffitt, Moffitts or Moffit's Studio., New Britain, Hartford County, Connecticut. (known to be photographer Arthur Livingston Moffitt 1848-1903. He also worked alone in his home town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the 1870s as A.L. Moffitt, and later in partnership as Moffitt & Davis in Springfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. He is also seen listed as Arthur L. Moffit, Arthur Moffit and Arthur L. Moffitt) CDV Photo, see here.

Montignani FM: Montignani, Artist, 304 Main St. Bridgeport, Connecticut, Fairfield County  (known to be photographer Frank Montignani 1848-1906, born in Scotland, and his son Vincent Dubois Montignani 1873-1903) See Frank M. Montignani's  Cabinet Card Photo work here.

North, FE: F.E. North, Rockville, Tolland County, Connecticut. (Rockville photographer Frederick E. North or Frederick North) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Olsen, JO: Olsen, 447 1/2, 449, and 451 Main St, Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford and Litchfield County. (known to be Norwegian American photographer Johann Olsen 1852-1915, born in Christiana, Norway, and worked in Hartford as per Hartford CT City Directories from 1877-1912. Note: Also listed as John Olsen, John O. Olsen and Johann O. Olsen. He was married to Emma Mary Kreuzer Olsen 1858-1923) 1883 CDV Photo, see his work here.

Prescott & Gage: 368 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut CT, Hartford County. 2 photographers, DK Prescott or Daniel Prescott, Daniel K. Prescott and E.P. Gage, Edwin Gage or Edwin P. Gage, who worked from 1861-1865 in Hartford). CDV Photo. See their work here and here.

Ramsdell: Ramsdell's Ferrotype & Photograph Gallery, 297 Chapel St. New Haven, Connecticut, New Haven County. (known to be Daniel P. Ramsdell, Daniel Ramsdell) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Rodgers: Rodgers, worked at 68 Main St. and 471 and 468 Main St., Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford, Litchfield County. (known to be Hart J. Rodgers, Hart Rodgers, H.J. Rodgers or H.J. Rogers, or Hart J. Rogers, 1831-1905, both Rodgers and Rogers spellings. His parents were Jedediah Rogers Jr 1800–1863 and Abigail Hart Rogers 1800–1859. He was married in 1855 to Grace A. Rogers, born 1836. They had 2 children, Wellington Rogers 1856–1936 and Enoch Stanley Rogers born 1873) CDV Photos. See his work here, here and here.

Scholfield, EA: Scholfield & Holmes, Mystic River and Stonington, New London County, Connecticut. (known to be photographers Everett Scholfield and Charles D. Holmes. Note: Everett Augustus Scholfield or Everett A. Scholfield worked in Mystic and New London from 1865-1913. After the Civil War, from 1866-1871, he was business partners with Charles D. Holmes or C.D. Holmes, who later worked in Worcester County, Mass as C.D. Holmes of the Boston Gallery. Everett Scholfield was also in partnership with David Olney Angell, known as D.O. Angell from Rhode Island, in that 1866-1871 time period, before he went on his own) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Thompson, L: L. Thompson, 12 Shetucket Street, Norwich, Connecticut, New London County. (known to be Lucius Thompson) CDV Photos. See his work here and here.

Waite, SH: Photographer S.H. Waite, Hartford CT, Hartford County, Connecticut., CDV Photo. (known to be photographer Stephen Waite or Stephen H. Waite 1832-1906 ) See his work herehere,  here, here, herehere, here and here.

White, GH: Geo. H. White, Danbury CT, Fairfield County. (George H. White, George White) CDV Photo. See his work here.

White, I: Isaac White, 15 Pratt Street, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wilson: Wilson & Co, 823 Chapel St, New Haven, Connecticut, New Haven County. (known to be David William Wilson 1840-1898, D.W. Wilson, or David W. Wilson) Cabinet Card Photograph. Also see below. See his work here.

Wilson & Davis: 275 Main St., Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (also see above, known to be photographers David W. Wilson 1840-1898 and Samuel P. Davis 1833-1917. They were in partnership in Bridgeport, and are also known for their stereoview / sterescopic photographs of the surrounding Conn landscapes and towns) CDV Photo, see here.

DAKOTA TERRITORIES D.T.  (Dakota Territory)
See North Dakota and South Dakota listings below. Both states achieved their own independent US statehood in November of 1889. Photography taken prior to that time is marked DT, or Dakota Territory.

Garrett: M & W Garrett, 720 Market St., Wilmington, Delaware, New Castle County. (known to be brothers Maurice & Warren Garrett who ran the studio from 1870-1888. They were the sons of Ellwood or Elwood Garrett (1815-1910), who was a daguerreian, daguerreotype artist. He also ran the studio E & M Garrett with his oldest son Maurice Garrett from 1858-1870. After this date, Maurice and his brother Warren, changed the name of the establishment to M & W Garrett Studio. (Note: Maurice is also seen listed as Morris Garrett in the 1892 City Directory) CDV Photo, see their work here.

Barnes, GW: G.W. Barnes, Rockford Illinois. (known to be Daguerreian, CDV, Cabinet Card photo artist GW Barnes, George Barnes or George W. Barnes 1839-1909, born in New York, and worked in Rockford, Illinois from 1860's onward. He bought out the James & Elizabeth Curtis Medlar Photography Studio in 1885) See his work here and here.

Battersby, J: J. Battersby, 62 North Clark St. Chicago, Illinois, Cook County. (known to be Joseph Battersby) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Boggess, F: Bottom front of CDV reads "Frank Boggess" in printed script. (known to be photographer Frank Boggess 1852-1920, born in Illinois and died age 67 in Chillicothe, Peoria County, Illinois. He is buried at the Chillicothe City Cemetery in Peoria County, Illinois) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Bowman, W: Bowman's Art Gallery, Ottawa, Lasalle County, Illinois. (photographer William Emory Bowman 1834–1879 or William E. Bowman, William Bowman) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Buser, SL: S.L. Buser, Warren, Illinois, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. (known to be Samuel Lloyd Buser of the famous Buser family of photographers) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Butler, TH: T.H. Butler, Over Smith, Hammer & Co's Bank, Decatur, Illinois, Macon County. (known to be Thomas H. Butler, Thomas Butler) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Chubbuck, M.E.L.: Miss M.E.L. Chubbuck, Peru, Illinois, LaSalle County. (Known to be female photographer Mary E L Chubbuck, who later married William H. Elliott, and also worked in Garden City, Illinois) CDV Photo. See her work here.

Dippe, Henry: Henry Dippe, 695 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL, Cook County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Doolittle, SK: S.K. Doolittle Art Gallery, Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois IL. (known to be photographer Miss S.K. Doolittle, Sarah Kate Doolittle, or Sarah Katherine Doolittle 1854–1925 born January 16, 1854 in Illinois, and died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois in 1925 at the age of 71 years. She was known as Kittie Doolittle. Her parents were Harry Jones Doolittle 1813–1872 born in Shoreham, Addison County, Vermont and died in Belvidere, Illinois and Esther Elvira Nichols Doolittle 1821–1905. (Note: Her father was first married to Joanna Callender Doolittle 1820–1848, born in Scotland. Kittie was born in 1854, 6 years after Joanna's death to his second wife Esther Nichols Doolittle, born in New York) Kittie's siblings were Henry Doolittle 1852–1875 and her older half sister was Josephine Doolittle Bennett 1842–1925. In the 1880 census, Kittie is seen working as a full time photographer in Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin. She was married in 1881 in Beloit to Lemuel Hooper Schurman 1844–1924. They had 3 children: Clark Elbert Schurman 1882–1955, Bryce Lorin Schurman 1884–1965 and Blanche Miriam Schurman 1886–1956. It appears she divorced him before 1908. This is an important Doolittle DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution family. It was highly unusual for a woman to have her own photographic business and we salute her) CDV Photo, see her work here.

Falkner, WR: W.R. Falkner, Lanark, Carroll County, Illinois. (known to be photographer William R. Falkner 1854-1935. His father was Samuel Falkner 1828–1890 born in Augusta, Ontario, Canada and died in Garden City, Kansas. His mother was Laura Cobb Falkner 1830–1913, known as "Loria", born in Hammond, St Lawrence, New York, on the Canadian border. He is listed as both born in NY and Canada. He moved to Lena, Stephenson County, Illinois before 1870 with his family and is listed "at school" there in the 1870 Census. We believe he opened his photography studio there in the 1870's. He married Nancy Ann Daws Faulkner 1855–1902 in 1875. In 1880 he is listed in Lanark, Illinois as a photographer, with his wife Nancy and 2 young daughters who sadly die very young, Lillie Faulkner 1876–1883 and Etta Belle Faulkner 1878–1883. He and the family and parents, pick up and make the long journey to Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. In 1884, after their 2 daughters die in 1883, he and Nancy wife leave KS for Colorado. There he can be seen in records as a merchant owning a dry goods store in Walsenburg, Huerfano County, Colorado. In 1922 he was the postmaster in the tiny settlement of Youghal, Colorado. It is believed his photography work was only as a young man in Illinois. His name is seen as William R. Falkner and William R. Faulkner, William R. Falkner or William Faulkner in US records. His 2nd wife was Lucille Franks or Franco 1898–1958, born in Portugal. Photographer W.R. Falkner died in 1935) CDV Photo, see here.

Fassett, SM: S.M. Fassett, 114 South Clark St, Chicago, Illinois, Cook County. (Samuel M. Fassett, Samuel Fassett) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Freeman, HH: H.H. Freeman, Photographer, Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois. (known to be photographer Horace Freeman or Horace H. Freeman born 1818 in Jamestown, Chenango County, New York, also lived and worked in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, first wife married 1838, Clarissa Noyes Freeman or Clarissa B. Noyes Freeman, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, second wife Elizabeth Freeman born 1828 in New Jersey, their son Rollin Freeman) CDV Photo, see here. (also see listing directly below)

Freeman, HH & Rowley, EA:  (Also see listing directly above) Freeman & Rowley 304 East State Street, Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois. (known to be photographers H.H. Freeman, Horace Freeman or Horace H. Freeman born 1818 in Jamestown, Chenango County, New York, and E.A. Rowley, Everett A. Rowley. (See info above) Everett was born 1849 in Steuben County, Indiana. He was the son of photographer John D. Rowley, born 1798. He eventually worked in Buffalo, Erie County, New York in later years circa 1900. His younger brother was photographer Morris V. Rowley or Morris Vigil Rowley 1862-1929. This family appears to have moved around extensively early on, as traveling photographers. In 1877, EA Rowley is listed in the Brainerd´s Rockford City Directory, Illinois. In the 1880 census this Rowley family lives in Oregon, Ogle County, Illinois) CDV Photo, see their work here.

Gard, ER: E.R. Gard, 102 Lake St, Chicago, Illinois (known to be photographer Emery Ross Gard born 1832 in Clark County, Ohio to Gershom Gard 1788-1865 and Mary Polly Peacock Gard 1793-1849. He married Sarah Lowry Gard. He seems to have worked as a photographer from 1863-67, leaving it to invest in brick-making machines with his brother Benjamin Gard in Chicago. He moved to Baltimore, Maryland in the 1880 census, where it is assumed he died) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gayford: Rock Island, Illinois, Rock Island County. (known to be Alfred B. Gayford, Alfred Gayford) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gehrig, JW: Gehrig Gallery of Fine Arts, 337 West Madison Street, Chicago, Cook County. (known to be Joseph Gehrig or Joseph W. Gehrig 1847-1915, born in Switzerland, studied photography under Photographer Henry Rocher, working in Chicago, Illinois 1876-1905) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Greene, JN: J.N. Greene, Cor. State & North Streets., Geneseo, Illinois, Henry County (known to be Joseph N. Greene, Joseph Greene) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Hall, ES: E.S. Hall, Corner of Market Street and Penn Street, Hoopeston, Vermilion County IL. (Known to be Ervin Storer Hall, Ervin S. Hall, Ervin Hall, ) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Hinsey & Perry: Hinsey & Perry, Pontiac, Illinois, Gallery over the Post Office. This is in Livingston or (Saint) St. Clair County Illinois. (Known to be Daguerreian and Ambrotypist Alexander Hinsey 1839-1910, and and unknown Pontiac Illinois Perry family photographer, would love info on him, if you know) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Hook, RW: R.W. Hook. Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois. (known to be photographer Robert William Hook 1848-1919 born in Illinois, died in Waukegan, and buried at East Fox Lake Cemetery, Lake Villa, Lake County, Illinois) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Hover: J.V. Hover, artists, over New York Store, Pana, Illinois, Brown County. (known to be James V. Hover, a photographer and Sergeant in Company E 5th Illinois Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Immke, HW: H.W, Immke, Princeton, Illinois, Bureau County. (Henry W. Immke, Henry Immke) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Jenkins, SA: Jenkins Studio (known to be Samuel A. Jenkins who worked in various cities in Illinois: Monticello, Piatt County; Clinton, DeWitt County; Maroa, Macon County, and Hoopeston, Vermilion County, Illinois, all south of Chicago) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Merchant's: Merchant's Portrait Company in Chicago, Illinois, Cook County. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Merker, FB: F.B. Merker, Belleville, Illinois, Saint Clair County. (known to be Frederick B. Merker, Frederick Merker) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Mosher, CD: C.D. Mosher at the National Historic Photographer Art Gallery, 125 State Street, Chicago (C.D. Mosher was awarded artistic excellence award in Art Photography at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial in Philadelphia), Cook, Lake, Dupage County. (known to be Charles D. Mosher, Charles Mosher)  Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Nye, WA: W.A. Nye, 2228 Indiana Ave, Chicago, Illinois. (known to be Willis A. Nye, Willis Nye) CDV Photo. See his work here

Rhodes, Mrs AA: Mrs. A.A. Rhodes, Photographic Artist Parlors, Rochford, Winnebago County, Illinois, notice the printed misspelling of Rockford. (known to be Mrs. Augusta A. Rhodes. She is known to have run her 19th c female or woman run photography business in Rockford circa 1865-1866. She may have attended the Rockford Female Seminary in 1866, but we can not locate her after this, and any help is appreciated, email Debra here.) CDV Photo. See her work here.

Rocher, H: H. Rocher, Photographer, 77, 79 & 81 State Street, Chicago Illinois, Cook County. The fancy backmark has awards the Rocher photographer won in 1873 in Vienna, Austria and 1877 in Dutch Amsterdam, Holland. Photographer Henry Rocher 1826-1887 was based in Chicago from 1876-1905, and was known as a celebrity photographer. See his work here.

Roe, AJ: A.J. Roe, 47 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL, Cook County. (known to be Alfred J. Roe, Alfred Roe) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Tresslar & Masters: Tresslar & Masters Photographers, Pontiac, Illinois, Livingston or St. Clair County Illinois. (known to be Sidney Tresslar, Sidney Penney Tresslar or Sidney Pinney Tresslar (1843–1924) and possibly his partner photographer William H. Masters, who went west after the Civil War. could also possibly be William's nephew Charles H. Masters....do you know?) Civil War era CDV Photo. See their work here.

Watson, SA: Watson, 132 North Vermillion St., Danville, Vermilion County, Illinois. (known to be S.A. Watson, Stephen A. Watson. Stephen Watson or Stephen Adlai Watson 1856-1915. His daughter Edna A. Watson or Edna Watson was a bookkeeper in his photography studio in the 1900 census) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Yager, MH: Yager, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois. (known to be photographer M.H. Yager or Mark H. Yager, Mark Henry Yager 1849-1908, born to David H. Yager 1812–1885 and Rhoda Eliza Auchampaugh or Ochempaugh Yager 1815–1871 in Manchester, Ontario County, New York. His mother is of an important DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family. He married Laura Alice Blakely 1851–1922 and died aged 58. They are buried in the West Aurora Cemetery in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Adams & Davies: Adams and Davies, Indianapolis, IN, Marion and Hamilton County. (Edward Adams, David Oliver Adams (David O. Adams, David Adams) and John Davies are listed as photographers in the Indiana 1870 Census) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Biel, HT: H.T. Biel, Terre Haute, Indiana, Vigo County. (known to be Henry T. Biel, Henry Biel) Note: Photographer Henry T. Biel was born in 1855 to Prussian immigrants (Prussia, Germany). He married Francinea E. Fundy (Francenea Fundy, Francina Fundy) in 1879 in Vigo County, Indiana. He died in 1929 in Redlands, San Bernadino County, California. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Cornell, HR: H.R. Cornell, Ligonier, Indiana, Noble County. (Henry R. Cornell, Henry Cornell) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Garrison, EE: E.E. Garrison, Avilla, Noble County, Indiana. (known to be Avilla photographer Eugene Garrison, Eugene E. Garrison 1865-1938) Cabinet Card Photograph. See his work here.

Holland: Holland, Elkhart, Indiana, Elkhart County. (known to be Orr E. Holland, Orr Holland) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Judkins, LD: L.D. Judkins, 16 1/2 East Washington St. Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion County. (known to be Lorenzo D. Judkins, Lorenzo Judkins) CDV photo. See his work here.

Loveridge, MS: Loveridge, Goshen, Elkhart County or Scott County, Indiana. (known to be photographer Morris Loveridge 1816–1883 or Morris S. Loveridge, born in Mt Vernon, Knox, Ohio, and died in Goshen, Indiana. His work is also seen listed as Loveridge & Elliott, Loveridge & Magers and the M.S. Loveridge Studio) CDV Photo, see here.

Wilson, JA: J.A. Wilson, No. 42 State Street, New Albany, Indiana, Floyd County (known to be James A. Wilson, James Wilson) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wright, DH: D.H. Wright or David Hunter Wright 1835-1908, son of Sarah Buzby and Jesse Wright, married Anna Elizabeth Benson, born 1839 in Booneville, Missouri. He started his studio in 1863, and is known to have also worked in Evansville IN with George C. Holloway and as “Wright & Prescott” in Terre Haute. He worked 45 years in the Terre haute area. He and Ann had 5 children, and died in 1908. He is buried in Crystal Springs Cemetery, Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan. See his work here.

Anschutz, HM: Stamped on front "H.M. Anschutz." (known to be Herman M. Anschutz, Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa) 5 x 7 inch 1890's Dry Mount photo. See his work here.

Baker, JG: James G. Baker, James Geddes Baker, Columbus Junction, Louisa County, Iowa. 1898 Stereoview photo of his own son. See his work here.

Bilbrough, JE: J.E. Bilbrough, John E. Bilbrough (1838-1962) John Bilbrough. He was born in Burnaston, England in 1838, moved to US in 1862, during the Civil War, and died in Kansas City, KS in 1921) Dubuque Iowa, Dubuque County. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Bittenbender, LC: L.C. Bittenbender, Knoxville IA, Marion County. (Known to be Levi C. Bittenbender, Levi Bittenbender) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

The City Photography Gallery, Main Street, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa, see Elliott below.

Cross, DH: D.H. Cross, 210 Sixth St., Des Moines, Iowa, Des Moines County. (Known to be Daniel H. Cross, Daniel Cross) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Eberhart & Cook: Eberhart & Cook Photo Artists, Mt. Vernon & Clarence Iowa. (known to be Manoah Eberhart, Manoah H. Eberhart, Manoah Henry Eberhart 1831-1910, and possibly Newton Cook, Newton G. Cook, Newton Gaston Cook, born 1845) CDV Photo. See his work here

Elliott Bros:  The City Photography Gallery, Main Street, Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa, Elliott Bros. Proprietors. (known to be William H. Elliott and possibly his brother Herbert I. Elliott 1850-1894, also a photographer in Marshalltown, born in Fairfield, Adams County, Pennsylvania. Note: There was also a studio called Elliott & Hill's Temple of Art, Main St. over Willigrod's Store in Marshalltown, Iowa in the 1870's) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Farrington, Elizabeth: (also known as Libbie Prevey Farrington, Libbie Farrington, Libby Farrington 1847-1940) She was the wife of Theo Farrington below, and worked with him in Ortonville, Minnesota and MacGregor, Iowa. See directly below.

Farrington, Theo: Theodore Farrington, Theo Farrington, McGregor, Iowa, Clayton County. Also known to have worked in Ortonville, Minnesota, Big Stone County, where he is buried. Theo Farrington (1844-1920) and his wife Elizabeth Farrington (Libbie Prevey Farrington 1847-1940) were both Photographers. They are both buried in Ortonville, MN. Cabinet Card Photo. See his Iowa work here

Gurnsey, BH: B.H. Gurnsey, Sioux City Iowa, Woodbury County. (known to be Photographer Byron H. Gurnsey, Byron Gurnsey, who worked in Sioux City, Iowa from 1863-73. He was also a partner to Bill Illingworth in the 1860's, and a Civil war soldier: Company C, Iowa 14th Infantry) CDV photo. See his work here.

Hassall, G: Hassall, Third & Main Streets, Keokuk, Iowa, Lee County. (Brothers-in-law, Herman Anschutz and George HassallCabinet Card Photo. See work here

Huffman, Late: Late Huffman, Lawler Street, Postville, Iowa, Allamakee County. (known to be well known Iowa and western territories photographer Laton Alton Huffman, Laton Huffman, Laton A. Huffman 1854-1931) CDV Photo. See his work here.

McMahon, B.: McMahon's Star Gallery, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Henry County. (Known to be Bernard "Barney" McMahon, Barney McMahon, Bernard McMahon, B. McMahon) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Metz, SJ: S.J. Metz, North Side Square, Chariton, Iowa, Lucas County (known to be photographer Samuel Jacob Metz 1842-1918 born in Stark County, Ohio and died at age 76 in Kansas, buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Mankato, Jewell County, Kansas. His father was Jacob Metz 1814-1900 born in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, and died at Jefferson County, Iowa, age 86. His mother was Elizabeth McCormick Metz 1817 born in Stark County, Ohio, and died age 76 in Glasgow, Jefferson County, Iowa. His siblings were Franklin George Metz 1835–1862, Francis Metz 1836–1896, William Henry Metz 1837–1837, Sarah Anne Metz Harness 1839–1890, Silas Alfred Metz 1843–1932, James Madison Metz 1846–1929, Eliza Jane Metz 1849–1920, Mary Elizabeth Metz 1850–1880, and Phineas Ervin Metz 1857–1945. He married Nancy Plymate Metz in 1864, and was a Civil War veteran of Co. G 30th IA Iowa Infantry. Note: This CDV photo was taken of his young nephew Charlie Harness in 1868, son of his sister Sarah Metz Harness 1839–1890. CDV Photo, See his work here.  

Mills, CB: C.B. Mills, The Premium Photographer, Manchester, Delaware County Iowa IA. (known to be Charles B. Mills 1838-1924) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Monfort & Hill: Monfort & Hill's New Art Gallery, 27 & 29 Third Street, Burlington, Iowa, Des Moines County. (Known to be Alfred W. Monfort & George Hill) CDV Photo. See their Iowa work here and here. (Alfred Monfort)

Parry, CW: C.W. Parry, Bayard, Iowa, Guthrie County. (known to be photographer Charles W. Parry, Charles Parry) Cabinet Photo. See his work here.

Proctor, CB: Proctor, Milo, Iowa, Warren County. (known to be photographer C.B. Proctor, Charles Proctor, Charles B. Proctor) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Reynolds, JH: J.H. Reynolds, 35 Jefferson St., Burlington, Iowa, Des Moines County. James H. Reynolds Gallery in Burlington was started in 1872. According to public census records, he was born in New York, Warren County, 1842. During the Civil war, he studied photography in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and in 1863 he enlisted in the 8th Wisconsin, Co. H. He returned to Burlington in 1873 from working in NYC as a photographer after the war. CDV photo. See his work here. (James Reynolds)

Swartz, A: A. Swartz, Stuart, Iowa, Guthrie County. (known to be Adam Swartz) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Swem, Edward: Cottage Gallery, 71 South Second Street. Cedar Rapids Iowa. This gallery was owned by photographer Edward Lawrence Swem (Edward L. Swem, Edward Swem, Edward Lawrence Swem) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Walter's: Walter's Photographic Studio, Manchester, Iowa, Delaware County. (known to be Harvey L. Walter, Harvey Walter, Harvey Limes Walter) BIO: Harvey L. Walter or Harvey Limes Walter: “The History of Delaware County, Iowa” (1878): Born in Ohio in 1833 to Gaudin Walter. (His parents were born in either North or South Carolina. He is also listed in census as born in Washington County, NY) He moved “west” from Ohio in 1853 to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he enlisted as 1st lieutenant in the 9th Regiment and was mustered out as captain of Co. I, 9th Regiment in the Civil War. In 1864 he married Mary Aurelia Fuller Lake (daughter of Jerusha Fuller & James Fuller, born in Washington County NY, she was once wife of Joseph Lake and had 3 children with him) In 1871 they moved to Manchester, Iowa. He was early partners in an 1871 photography firm called "Walter & Weidman", on Franklin Street above the Ford Brothers Store. He then went on his own. He and Mary had two children, Harry L. Walter (Harry Walter) and Mrs. Coral M. Baker (Coral Walter, wife of Phillip H. Baker) both of Jonesboro. He died in 1916 in Jonesboro, Union County Illinois. CDV Photos. See his work here and here.

Wiggins, ST: S.T. Wiggins, 17 South Commercial St. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Linn County. (Known to be Silas Truman Wiggins, Silas T. Wiggins, Silas Wiggins originally of Waldo, Maine) CDV Photo. See his work here.


Ford, CE: Ford, Leavenworth. (known to be Leavenworth, Kansas photographer C.E. Ford or Charles E. Ford, born 1859) Cabinet Card Photo circa 1896, see here. We'd love more info on Kansas Photographer Charles Ford, could not locate him or his genealogy. email debra here.

Horton, JP: Wichita Photographic Art Gallery, J.P. Horton, proprietor, Rooms Over Hill’s Drugstore on Douglas Avenue, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas KS. (known to be photographer James P. Horton 1846-1901 born in Saratoga County, New York. In the 1875 Kansas Census at age 29, born 1846, his occupation is listed as a photographer, born in NY and having moved to Wichita from Nebraska. We can find no record of his Nebraska journey. He later settled about 60 miles from Wichita in Anthony, Harper County, Kansas. His father was born in England, his mother in NYS. He was a Hospital Steward in the 29th Indiana Infantry 1861-1865 and later an active member of the GAR, Grand Army of the Republic in Anthony, Kansas. It appears he worked as a photographer in Wichita in the 1870's after the war, but later was a "land attorney" and accountant in Anthony KS directories by 1880. In the book: "History of The Wichita Land Office From: History of Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas, O.H. Bentley, Editor-in-Chief and C.F. Cooper & Co. Publisher in Chicago 1910 it states: "J.P. Horton was a very efficient clerk for two years. He went from here to Anthony, Kan., and died a few years ago. He was an old bachelor." He is buried at the Forest Park Cemetery in Anthony, Harper County, Kansas) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Howard, WS:
W.S Howard, Paola, Miami County, Kansas, Artistic Photographer. (known to be photographer Wesley Samuel Howard, 1850-1924 born in Smith Mills, Hanover, Chautauqua County, New York. His parents, Nehemiah Howard 1818-1900, and Harriet Newell Chase Howard 1823–1870 were both born in Vermont. His wife was Elizabeth Gibson Howard 1857–1941, born in Indiana. As per Kansas business directories, he worked in Paola, Miami County Kansas from 1880-1885, then moved to Pueblo County, Colorado. He worked as a photographer there until about 1909. He then settled in Jackson County Oregon and died there in 1924 and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon)  CDV Photo, see here. (Also see a photo taken in North East, Erie County, Pennsylvania we feel was taken by him here, and also see him listed in PENNSYLVANIA PHOTOGRAPHERS list below)

Hutchings, SH: Hutchings Photographer, Burlington, Kansas (known to be photographer Dr. Samuel H. Hutchings 1845–1918 born in Indiana and died in Jefferson County, Missouri. He is is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery in Saint Louis, Missouri MO. In the 1880 census, at age 35, he lived and worked as a photographer in Burlington, Coffey County, Kansas, where this photo was taken. His father was John Stout Hutchings 1824–1865 born in Butler, Ohio and died in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. His mother was Elizabeth Ann Ribble Hutchings 1825–1908 born in Page, Buchanan County, Virginia and died in Centerville, Boone County, Iowa. His wife was Matilda A. Study Hutchings 1845-1939 who died aged 93 in Saint Louis. His brother was also a photographer, George Washington Hutchings 1848-1880. He ran Hutchings RailRoad Photo Car in the 1880's which traveled throughout Kansas and Nebraska. He was also known as G.W. Hutchings) CDV wedding photo seen here.


Sellier: marked Sellier, Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky. (We found a Jules Sellier, Jules Francois Sellier 1831-1891, born in France and living in Lebanon KY in this time period with many adult children. We wonder if the photographer is connected to this family. We also see the spelling as Selier and Seiler. Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here) CDV Photo, see work here.

Williams, JW: J.W. Williams, Shelbyville, Shelby County, Kentucky (known to be John Wesley Williams, born 1821 Paris, Kentucky and died 1907 in Shelbyville, Kentucky KY, Shelby County) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wybrant, F: Wybrants, 144 West Market St, Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson County. (known to be photographer Frank Wybrant 1841-1900, married to Lyda or Ann Eliza Jones Wybrant 1844–1903, was a student of early Louisville photographers Alfonse McGill and Theodore Harris) CDV Photo. See his CDV work here and here.

Androscoggin Photo Co: Androscoggin Photograph Company, Androscoggin County, Maine. (this studio was known to be owned by CDV, Tintype photographer Charles B. Conant, C.B. Conant, or Charles Bean Conant 1839-1920's. He was born in Topsham, Maine, and believed died in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1920's. He was also a prolific stereoscopic or stereoview photographer as well. His earlier CDV work is signed "Androscoggin Photograph Rooms, Lewiston, Maine." Tintype Photo, see here.

Bridge: Bridge, Skowhegan, Somerset County ME (known to be Oliver C. Bridge, Oliver Bridge). CDV Photo. See his work here.

Carleton, CG: C.G. Carleton, Photographer, Main Street, Waterville, Maine. (known to be Charles G. Carleton 1835-1895, born in Whitefield, New Hampshire) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Cassens, RH: R. Herman Cassens or Rudolph Herman Cassens, Rudolph H. Cassens owned the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company in Belfast, Waldo County, Maine starting in 1909, known for their  work in Real Photo Postcards, RPPC images. See his CDV work here.

Chase, JK: Chase, Oxford, Oxford County, Maine (known to be photographer John Kimball Chase 1857–1926 born in Canterbury, Merrimack, New Hampshire, and died in Andover, New Hampshire. His Father was Rev. Uriah Chase 1820–1888 and his mother was Harriet Ann Kimball Chase 1836–1862. He married Ethel May Rand Chase Bisbee 1880–1954 ans had a son Alfred Levi Chase 1897–1918 and a daughter Thelma Marguerite Chase Welch Jackson 1904–1948. He was a photographer earlier in life, then is listed as a journalist, chiropodist (foot doctor) in the 1900 census, and later a hardware merchant in the 1910 census. His wife Ethel is also seen as running a family store in Oxford in census with him) CDV photo, see his work here.

Conant, CB: Photographer Charles B. Conant, C.B. Conant, or Charles Bean Conant 1839-1920's, see Androscoggin Photo Company listing above as first listing for Maine Photographers.

Dupee, IH: Isaac Dupee or Isaac Henry Dupee 1826-1875, born in Massachusetts and died in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland) See his work here.

Hunton, FD: Hunton, Hallowell, Kennebec County, Maine. (known to be F.D. Hunton, Fred D. Hunton or Frederick Hunton) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lamson: Lamson, Portland, Maine, Cumberland County (known to be Joseph Harry Lamson, Joseph H. Lamson, Joseph Lamson) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Loring, DF: Loring's Rooms, Eastport: Davis Franklin Loring 1819–1891 born in Perry, Washington County, Maine, and died in Eastport, Washington County, Maine. (also known as DF Loring, David Loring and David F. Loring, Davis Loring, Davis F. Loring) See his work here.

McKenney AM: A.M. McKenney, 284 Congress Street, Portland, Cumberland County (known to be Albert M. McKenney, Albert McKenney, husband of Louisa J. Greenough) He also worked in Somerset County. See his work here.

Mills, HA: H.A. Mills, Camden, Knox County, Maine. (known to be photographer Hanson Albert Mills 1829-1916, born in Vinalhaven, Knox, Maine and died in Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine. Also known as Hanson A. Mills, he worked at 32 Main north of the bridge in Camden starting around 1867-1885. His father was Moses Mills 1792–1883, descending back to Samuel Mills 1619–1695 of Lancashire, England who settled in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. His mother was Sabra Calderwood 1797–1833. Her father was Jesse Calderwood 1773–1858 descending back to John Calderwood 1725–1808 of Londonderry, Antrim, Ireland, who died on Vinalhaven. Her mother was Susannah Green 1774–1858 back to Daniel Green 1679–1749 of Kittery, York, Maine. Hanson had 8 Siblings and 7 step siblings, a huge Mills family in Camden area. In 1853 he first married Harriet G. Roberts Mills born 1837 in Vinalhaven, and secondly in 1859 he married Mary Blackington Mills 1838–1910 in Knox, Maine. They had a son Willard Mills born 1859. Hanson Mills died in 1916 at age 87) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Neal, HW: H.W. Neal, Hallowell, Kennebec County, Maine. (known to be photographer Henry W. Neal, born about 1864, son of Augustus Neal 1833–1909 and Sarah Jane Wharff Neal 1834–1919. He was born in Litchfield, Kennebec, Maine, and is also seen as Harry W. Neal in census records. In the 1882-1883 Augusta Area, Maine Directory, he lives with his father Augustus Neal, his occupation a photographer. Later he is a farmer and a shoe cutter. He lives with his brother Edward Justin Neal 1868–1944 for a time around 1900 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, but returns to Litchfield and is seen in the 1920 census, age 56. His death date is unknown) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Paul, CA: C.A. Paul, Skowhegan, Maine: Cyrus Almon Paul (1852-1911). Cyrus Paul became a well known and loved homeopathic doctor later in his life in Solon, Maine, Somerset County. He was also instrumental in bringing electricity to the town. He was living in Skowhegan, Maie, Somerset County with his aunt and uncle, James Malbon & Hulda Malbon and listed as a "photo artist" by trade, at age 28 in 1880. He documented many local Maine scenes with his work in Stereoview Photography. He partnered with S.S. Vose, (see Sebastian Streeter Vose 1838-1911) and formed a photography studio in Skowhegan called Vose & Paul, known for their CDV Photos, Cabinet Card Photos and Stereoviews. He left Solon for Chicago, Illinois to attend Hahnemann Medical College for homeopathic medicine in the 1880's, graduating in 1889. He returned to Solon in 1890 to practice as a medical doctor and surgeon. He married Nellie Inez Morin in 1891 in Maine. They had three children during their marriage. Dr. Paul conducted a substantial portion of his practice by mail with his patients, as phone servicehad not yet arrived. He died in 1911 in Solon at the age of 59. He was a much loved doctor and important town member there. C.A. Paul was a member of the Keystone Lodge no. 80 in Solon, Maine. (His medical correspondence and records are in the Edward C. Atwater Collection of American Popular Medicine and Health Reform.) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Vose, SS: S.S. Vose, (Sebastian Streeter Vose 1838-1911, Sebastian Vose) Skowhegan, Maine, Vose & Paul (See CA Paul bio directly above)

Worthley: Worthley, Lewiston Maine, Androscoggin County. Known to be William Emmons Greenleaf Worthley (1836-1901), a Daguerreotypist (1860, Yarmouth, Maine) and studio photographer (1870, Brunswick, Maine & 1880, Lewiston, Maine); His portrait advertising backmarks may also read W.E.G. Worthley. (William E. Worthley, William Worthley) See his work here.

Mosher: Mosher's Galleries, 406 W. Baltimore St, Baltimore County, Maryland. (known ot be Calvin S. Mosher, Calvin Mosher) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Perkins, PL: P.L. Perkins, 205 & 207 Baltimore St., Baltimore Maryland. (known to be Colonel Palmer Lenfield Perkins 1824-1900, attended Princeton University, worked in Baltimore from the late 1850's into the 1880's) Civil War era CDV here.

Mueller Bros: Mueller Bros., No. 160 Broadway, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore County. (known to be Mueller Brothers, George C. Mueller, George Mueller & George J. Reif, George Reif) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Alden AE: A.E. Alden, Springfield, Massachusetts, Hampden County, and also worked in Providence, Rhode Island, in Providence, Bristol County and Saratoga NY. (known to be Augustus Ephraim Alden 1837-1880, Augustus E. Alden or Augustus Alden) Galleries at 3 locations: Main St., Troy NY, Albany or Rensselaer County; on Broadway at Saratoga Springs NY, Saratoga County and on Main Street, Springfield MA. (Also known to have had galleries in Boston and Wakefield MA. CDV Photo. Very prolific.  Work can be seen herehere, herehere and here.

Allen & Rowell: Allen & Rowell, of Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts MA. (known to be photographers Edward Lowe Allen, or E.L. Allen 1830–1914, born in Nova Scotia and Frank Rowell 1832-1900, born in New Hampshire. They were in partnership from 1874-1879 as Allen & Rowell at 25 Winter Street in Boston) CDV Photo taken in 1874, see their work here.

Anderson, AW:  Anderson, Haverhill, Mass. (known to be important Haverhill/ Boston area photographer Alfred W. Anderson 1839-1903. He was "born at sea" near Prince Edward Island, Canada and died in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, at age 64. He is listed as a photographer in Boston City Directories from 1865 (immediately after his return from the the Civil War) until his death in 1903. He was located at various Boston locations such as 60 Merrimack, and the corner of Pleasant & Fleet Street in Haverhill in directories. His photo studio was once called "Anderson's Saloon." He was a Civil War veteran in Co. G, 50th Mass Vols.) CDV, see his work here.

Bishop: Bishop, 380 Main Street, Springfield MA, Hampden County (known to be Seymour J. Bishop, Seymour Bishop) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Black, JW: J.W. Black,163 & 173 Washington St. Boston and another gallery at So. Truro St. opposite the Naval Academy, in Newport, Rhode Island, Suffolk, Middlesex, Newport County. (known to be James Wallace Black, James W. Black, James Black) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Bordeaux: Bordeaux, 486 Main St., Springfield Massachusetts, Hampden County (known to be David J. Bordeaux, David Bordeaux) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Bucholz, H: H. Buchholz, Springfield, Massachusetts, Hampden County. (known to be Herman Buchholz) Found in Northampton, Massachusetts, Hampshire County. CDV Photo. See his work here and here and here.

Buel's: Buel's Gallery (Buel), Rail Road Street (Railroad Street) Great Barrington, Massachusetts, Berkshire County. (Known to be Oliver Buell or Oliver Buel) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Bushby AC, & Hart, SS: Bushby & Hart, No. 71 Broad Street, Lynn, Essex County MA. (known to be photographers Asa C. Bushby or Asa Bushby 1834-1897 and Samuel S. Hart or Samuel Stanley Hart 1840-1894. Before the Civil War, it appears these two best friends moved together to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio and opened a daguerreotype studio there as Bushby & Hart from 1859-1860. When the war broke out, they returned together to Lynn, MA to enlist in Co. D, 14th Mass, and spent 3 years in service guarding Washington DC. Returning home to Lynn, they set up shop again. In 1871, Samuel married Asa's sister, Lydia Bushby Hart 1836-1910. Asa and Lydia's parents were Joseph Bushby 1802–1876 and Almira Peabody Bushby 1804–1880, a direct descendant of Lieut. Francis Peabody, who came over from England and settled in Ipswich Mass in 1635, and whose brother William married a daughter of John and Priscilla Alden. This is an important DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family. Note: Asa never married, although his sister Mary Bushby is confused as his wife living in the same house in the 1870 census. (He is also listed as single on his death certificate) Asa & Samuel were in business in Lynn from 1869 to about 1881 and were very successful for 12-14 years. Over the years, the Bushby & Hart studios were located at 71 & 108 Broad Street, and the First National Bank Building at 54 Exchange Street in Lynn. Asa then moved to Boston in the early 1880's and was in partnership with George W. MaCurdy 1851-1909 as Bushby & MaCurdy, and also with photographers MaCurdy and Odin Fritz 1860-1914 as Bushby, MaCurdy & Fritz. Samuel is listed as a carpenter in Lynn at this time in business directories. Asa then moved to the Pacific coast, first to Portland, Oregon, in business there at Bushby & Co. with Clarence J. Messer. He then moved to Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington in 1888. He is listed as a photographer in Tacoma in the early 1890's. Sadly, he died at Fort Steilacoom, Pierce Co., Washington in 1897 at the age of 57. Fort Steilacoom had been refitted as a hospital for the insane in 1871. Asa's death certificate lists that he died of "Paresis", and that he had suffered for over 2 years. Many early daguerreotype photographers suffered from the debilitating effects of mercury poisoning, and we wonder if this was the case for Asa. This is only conjecture. He is buried at Tacoma Cemetery. Samuel Hart died in Feb 1894 in Belleview, Marion County, Florida, and his burial place is unknown, although he is listed in the "Index for Burials at Sea". Lydia died in 1910 and is buried at Monumental Cemetery in Peabody, Mass with many of her Peabody and Hart relatives. It should be noted that Asa Bushby was also an accomplished portrait artist and traveled as a young student to Europe to study art)  Note: also see the Bushby & Hart listing below under OHIO PHOTOGRAPHERSCDV Photo, see their work hereherehere and here.

Campbell, W: W. Campbell, 486 Main Street, Springfield MA, (known to be William Campbell) Hampden County. CDV photos, see his work here.

Chamberlain, JN: Photographic Studio of J.N. Chamberlain, Shumway's Block, Webster, Worcester County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer John Chamberlain, John N. Chamberlain) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Chase, JM:  J.M. Chase, 39 State Street, Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts MA (known to be photographer James M. Chase 1834–1901 born in Newbury to Merrill Chase 1798-1872 and Miriam Caldwell Chase, 1800-1870 and died in Newburyport, Mass. He married Julia M Knapp Chase 1834-1930, the daughter of Samuel Knapp 1804–1858 and Elizabeth A Morse Knapp 1806–1836 and they had one child, Ellen Nellie Marie Chase Dame 1860–1948, known as "Nellie". She married Percy Litchfield Dame 1859–1926 and died in Holbrook, Norfolk County, MA. James Chase's photography studio can be found listed in Newburyport Business Directories from 1880-1900. He appears to have worked up to his death in 1901, at age 67) See his work here.

Chute, R: Robert Chute, 13 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk County. An 1870's CDV Photo copy of an earlier daguerreotype. See his work here.

Claflin, CRB: Claflin, 377 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester County. (known to be C.R.B. Claflin (1817-1897), Charles Ripley Burnett Claflin) CDV photo. See his work here.

Coleman, MOT: Coleman, Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Milton Coleman, or M.O.T. Coleman, Milton Oliver Thompson Coleman 1849-1940, born in Buckland, Franklin County, Massachusetts, and died in Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. His parents were Alexis Coleman 1814–1883 and Amelia Pomeroy Coleman 1817–1904. His brother was Luther Eugene Coleman 1842–1898. He first married Isabel S Holton 1853–1942, they divorced between 1880-1900, and he secondly married Ida Evelyn Dudley Bragg Coleman 1855–1928 in 1904) CDV Photo, see his work here and here.

Cook, LW: Cook, 145 Tremont St. or 535 Washington St., Suffolk County, Boston, Massachusetts (known to be Lemuel W. Cook, L.W. Cook or Lemuel Wallace Cook 1837-1920. He was also the manager of Warren Photographic Studios, 145 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. We find him very prolific and active from the Civil War years 1864 until the late 1890's. His parents were Edward Lemuel Cook 1812-1856 and Elvira Warner Stanley Cook 1811–1896. His sister was Margaret Ann Stanley Cook 1849–1849. His wife was Clara French Sargent Cook 1851–1927. Their children were Frederick Sargent Cook, born 1872 and Florence Loring Cook Pierce, 1881-1961 who married Clarence Warner Pierce 1871–1953) CDV photos. See his work here.

Crane, JD: James D. Crane, James Crane. Photographic Studio of J.D. Crane, No. 63 Dwight St. Holyoke, Massachusetts, Hampden County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Crayon Portrait Society: Crayon Portrait Society, 179 Tremont St., Boston, Suffolk & Middlesex County, Massachusetts. (known to be Boston photographer Harry E. Lane, listed as an "artist" in US census records and Boston Business Directories) CDV Photo, see here.

Dexter, G: Dexter, Ipswich, Massachusetts, Essex County. (known to be George Dexter) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Dunshee, ES: E.S. Dunshee, 58 Temple Place, Boston, Suffolk County. Known to be successful photographer Edward Sidney Dunshee, Edward S. Dunshee, Edward Dunshee, E.S. Dunshee, Edward Sidney Dunshee, 1823-1907 and his brother Cornelius Dunshee 1829-1883) ES lived in Bristol VT, Fall River MA, Rochester, NY, New Bedford RI, and had a gallery where he sold CDV's at 175 Westminster St., Providence, R.I. Also Boston and Philadelphia at 1330 Chestnut St., 1878-1895, and 4517 Frankford, 1891-1895. He also established another location in Trenton, New Jersey, from Nov. 1894 until about 1901. Also see his brother Cornelius Dunshee 1829-1883 below, under Rhode Island photographers. He was born in Bristol, Addison County, Vermont. See his work here, herehere, and here

Edwards, EL: E.L. Edwards, Warren St. Opposite Woodbine, Roxbury, Massachusetts, Suffolk County. (known to be Edward L. Edwards, Edward Edwards) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Erickson, F: Erickson, 27 1/2 Market Street, Lynn, Massachusetts MA, Essex County. (known to be Frank C. Erickson, Frank Erickson) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Flodin & Thyberg: Flodin & Thyberg, 411 Main St., Worcester, Massachusetts, Worcester County. (known to be Emil Flodin & August Thyberg) Cabinet Card Photo. See a stunning example of their work here.

Fritz, O: Odin Fritz, 358 Centre St., Newton, Massachusetts, Middlesex County. (The Odin Fritz photo studio was later owned by George S. Brazer) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Goss, EL: Ezra Goss or Ezra L. Goss, Main Street, Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Ezra Lovett Goss 1841-1920, Ezra Lovett Goss was born in Salem, Mass to Richard Girdler Goss and Joanna Thorndike Lovett Goss. He was a veteran of Co. E, Wisconsin 23rd Infantry and discharged for disability. He married Alice Ann Hammond Goss 1842–1906 in 1868 in Salem. They had five children. He died at age 78 and is buried in the Pepperell Cemetery, Middlesex County, Mass) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gray & Hazelton: Gray & Hazelton, Salem, Massachusetts, Essex County. (known to be Warren A. Gray & Edward S. Hazelton) or (Warren Gray & Edward Hazelton) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Hamor, AB: A.B. Hamor, 271 Essex St, Lawrence, MA, Essex County, Mass. (known to be Anderson B. Hamor, Anderson Hamor or Anderson Brewer Hamor 1842-1908, born in Hulls Cove, Hancock, Maine to Jonathan Hamor 1796–1860 and Hannah Brewer Hamor 1811–1875. His siblings were: Cornelia E Hamor born 1832, Alpheus Hamor 1834–1883, Clarissa B Hamor 1837–1906, Chastena Hamor 1840–1877, Camilla Hamor born 1844, and Adelbert Hamor 1849–1912. He married Emily Oliva Bridges Hamor 1841-1926. They had 3 known sons Frank Hamor, born 1873; LaForest L Hamor 1877-1939 (known as Forest Hamor); and Fred H Hamor, born 1885. He moved first to California, then Florida and was a fruit grower in his later years. He is buried at Palms Cemetery in Ankona, St. Lucie County, Florida with his wife Emily. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Hardy, AN: Hardy, 22 Winter Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Essex County. (known to be Amory N. Hardy or A.N. Hardy 1835-1911) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Hayden, MM: M.M. Hayden, 120 Merrimack St., Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Marshall M. Hayden 1848-1928, of 122 Merrimack Mfg Co., Lowell, Mass. His parents were Ephraim Fletcher Hayden 1825–1897 and Susan E Hayden, born 1822. He was a veteran of the Civil War in Co. H, 6th MA Infantry) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Hearn, C: 394 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk or Middlesex County. (known to be C.W. Hearn, Charles W. Hearn, Charles Hearn) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Horton & Davis: Horton & Davis Photographers, 3 Pond's Block, Greenfield, Massachusetts, Franklin County. (known to be E.C. Horton, Egbert Horton, Egbert C. Horton and his partner at the time, H.J. Davis, Henry J. Davis, or Henry Davis) Note: Egbert Horton was later a photographer in Providence, Rhode Island. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Judd, HM: Judd, 42 Front St., Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, Hampden County. (known to be Henry Melville Judd, Henry M. Judd, Henry Judd 1848-1921, born in Whately, Mass and died in Springfield, Hampden County, Mass) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Katz, I: Katz, 7 Tremont Row, Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk and Middlesex County. (known to be photographer Isaac Katz) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Kimball Bros.: Kimball Brothers, Artist Photographers, 355 1/2 Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Worcester County. (known to be E.C. Kimball & A.W. Kimball, 2 Kimball Brothers: Alonzo Wood Kimball 1837–1897 also known as A.W Kimball or Alonzo W. Kimball was a a well known Photographer and Crayon Artist in partnership with his older brother E.C. Kimball or Elbridge C. Kimball, Elbridge Clement Kimball 1832-1919. They were born in New Hampshire to parents Mathew Greeley Kimball 1806-1892 (his parents were Abraham Kimball 1756–1812 and Rachel Sargent Kimball born 1770) and their mother was Mary Philbrick Kimball, born 1806) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Knowles, JC: J.C. Knowles, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bristol County. (known to be Joseph C. Knowles, Joseph Knowles) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lane, HE: Harry E. Lane, see the listing for the "Crayon Portrait Society" at 179 Tremont in Boston, Massachusetts above.

Latto, J: Latto, 202 Broadway, South Boston, Massachusetts, Middlesex and Suffolk County. (Known to be John C. Latto (1847-1899), born in Vermont, his father was born in Scotland) See his work here.

Legg, FW: F.W. Legg, Corner Montvale Ave and Main Street, Woburn, Mass, Middlesex County. (Known to be Frank W. Legg, Frank Legg) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lovell, JL: J.L. Lovell, Amherst, Hampshire, County, Massachusetts. (known to be well known Amherst photographer John Lyman Lovell 1825-1903) CDV Photo of Rev. William Henry Hubbard, see here.

Macintosh, HP: H.P. Macintosh, 33 State St., Essex County, Newburyport, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Hiram P. Macintosh, Hiram Pearson Macintosh Sr 1830–1907, born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts and worked and died in Newburyport. There are a long line of Macintosh sons named Hiram Pearson Macintosh from this important DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family. He was an apprentice in the 1850's under photographer Elijah R. Perkins, an ambrotype artist, and took over Perkin's studio on State St. in 1859. He worked 1850's, until his last Newburyport photography City Directory listing in 1889. He was then appointed collector of customs by President William Henry Harrison, becoming the top US customs collector in the country. HP Macintosh is also known for his beautiful 19th c. stereoview and stereoscopic photography work) CDV Photo, see here.

Marshall, A: A. Marshall, 147 Tremont St., Boston, MA, Middlesex, Suffolk County (known to be Augustus Marshall) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Masury, S: S. Masury, Photograph Rooms. 289 Washington Street, Suffolk County, Boston, Massachusetts (known to be photographer Samuel Masury 1818–1874, who learned the trade around 1842 from the famous 19th century Daguerreian photographer John Plumbe 1809-1857. He was also in partnership with G.M. Silsbee (George M. Silsbee 1811-1866) as "Masury & Silsbee". His Boston studio on Washington Street was founded in 1858. His wife was Sarah Gould Masury, born 1824, and his children were Lawrence M. Masury born 1844, Lilla Masury born 1852 and Walter R. Masury born 1857) CDV Photo, See his work here.

Miles, WB: William B. Miles, 1843-1903, the son of Kneeland Abbott Miles 1814–1852 and Hetty Potts Miles 1817–1890. He ran the William B. Miles & Co. in the Pynchon Bank Block, 485 Main St. near State St., Springfield, Hampden County MA. His 1877 CDV photo work can be found here and here.

Miller & Willard:
See John Willard: JH Willard below.

Moore: Moore, Gill Art Building, Springfield, Massachusetts, Hampden County. (known to be Chauncey Lovell Moore, Chauncey L. Moore, Chauncey Moore) CDV Photo. See his work here

Moore, FJ: F.J. Moore, Exchange Block, Westfield MA, Hampden County. (Known to be Francis J. Moore, Francis Moore working in 1872-72 in Westfield City Directories) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Notman: Notman Photo Co, 480 Boylston St. & 3 Park St, Boston, Massachusetts. Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk County. (known to be James Notman & Charles Notman) Cabinet Card Photo, see here. CDV photo, see here.

Ogden, BF: B.F. Ogden & Sons, Benjamin Ogden and his sons had galleries in Springfield, Holyoke, Pittsfield, Massachusetts and also Albany & Troy New York, NY. (known to be Benjamin F. Ogden and Sons) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Parlow, GF: George F. Parlow, 5 Purchase St, New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer George F. Parlow or George Francis Parlow 1837–1926, born to Isaiah Parlow 1799-1867 and Desire Sears Parlow 1802-1877 in Fairhaven, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth A. Howland 1837-1926. His studio can be found on 5 Purchase Street from 1854-1887. He is known to have also worked with photographer Edward Sidney Dunshee 1823-1907, also known as E.S. Dunshee at 30 Purchase St in the 1850's. George's home was at 110 William St. in New Bedford. He started working as early as 1852 in New Bedford selling ambrotypes then to paper photographs. George was a Civil War veteran enlisting in 1863 as a private in Co. D, Massachusetts, 2nd Cavalry Regiment and was mustered out on July 20, 1865 at the Fairfax Court House, Virginia. He died in 1926, still a photographer, working in Villa City, Lake County, Florida, in which that town was settled by a group of Massachusetts folks and is now a Florida ghost town. George is buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Nantucket, Nantucket County, Massachusetts. An Interesting Note: In 1850's we have found a G.F. Parlow & Co. working in Baltimore, Maryland also as George F. Parlow & Co., with ambrotype photographer Stephen G. Israel or Stephen Girard Israel 1828-1914. His father was William Hewitt Israel 1782–1846 and his mother Elizabeth Israel 1789-1879, born in the West Indies. She is also listed in the 1860 census as a photographer in Baltimore, Maryland at age 70. They were at 103 West Baltimore Street in Baltimore, from 1858-1859, in business together as George F. Parlow & Co., with partner Stephen G. Israel. In 1852, Stephen is seen as an apothecarist in the New Bedford Business Directory. He is living at 160 Purchase St. and boards at the Mount Pleasant house in New Bedford. It is assumed that Stephen Israel and George Parlow were friends (possibly relatives or Civil War friends) and learned the photography trade together. George was released in Virginia from the war and may have spent time in Baltimore. Stephen married Elizabeth Benson Israel 1855-1914 in Illinois in 1884, and later has a photographic copying business in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois as "S.G. & R.B. Israel" with his son Richard B. Israel 1856-1897) CDV Photo, see here.

Partridge AC: Partridge Studios, Photographer in Boston, Brookline, Roxbury and Allston. (known to be Partridge brothers and family photographers William Henry Partridge 1860-1939, Edward Joseph Partridge 1856-1901 and Samuel Cheney Partridge 1864-1900, who were the sons of photographer Asa Partridge, Asa C. Partridge or Asa Cheney Partridge 1820-1893. He was born in Stockbridge, Windsor County, Vermont. First a Daguerreian photographer, he owned an early photographic supply business in Wheeling, West Virginia. He then moved to Boston, Massachusetts, and lastly to San Francisco, California. The business was first known as A.C. Partridge & Sons. His sons, Edward & William traveled extensively when young, photographing Alaska and Oregon, and selling scenes of the Pacific Northwest back in New England. Their mother was Elizabeth Ann Philbrick Partridge, 1824-1881, born in Andover, Merrimack County, New Hampshire, also seen as Fellbrick. CDV Photo, see here.

Patch, JK: J.K. Patch, Shelburne Falls, Mass. (known to be photographer Jonas King Patch 1824-1929,  a Daguerreian, CDV, Cabinet Card and Stereoview Photographer, and traveling photographer in Shelburne, Falls, Franklin County, Massachusetts) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Penfield, DE: Penfield, Warren, Worcester County, Massachusetts. (known to be D.E. Penfield or Daniel Edward Penfield 1843-1914) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Potter, JL: J.L. Potter, 142 Essex Street, Lawrence, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer James Leroy Potter 1835–1867 born in Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire, and died in Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts of heart disease, at the age of 32. His will, written a week before his death leaves his estate to his wife Jemima Floyd Morse Potter, and his son Walter Burleigh Potter and daughter Cora B. Potter. He is of an important NH DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family, descended from patriot Anthony Potter 1856-1926 and . JL Potter was also in partnership as Robie & Potter at the same address with early daguerreian photographer Hiram Robie, Hiram B. Robie or Hiram Bliss Robie 1826–1917, born in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont. He died in Salem, Rockingham County, New Hampshire in 1917. We find him active in in Lawrence, Mass from about 1857-1879. He was also a veteran of the Mexican American War from 1846-1848) CDV Photo, see here.

Perkins, AD: A.D. Perkins, 306 Main Street, Fitchburg, Worcester County, Mass. (known to be Alvin D. Perkins 1851-1903, born in Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire to parents Moses J. Perkins 1824–1897 and Jane Duncan Perkins 1826–1898. He married Alice Fitch Whittier 1858–1940 in Fitchburg, Worcester County, Mass, who was born in Mt. Vernon, Kennebec County, Maine. They had two children, Rest Williams Perkins Tuttle 1878–1910 and Harry V. Perkins 1885–1953. He died in Rutland County, Vermont VT in 1903) Also see his listing below under Vermont Photographers. See his work here and here.

Proctor, GK: Proctors Art Studio, 206 Essex Street First Floor, Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. (known to be early Salem stereoview, Daguerreian, ambrotypist, CDV and cabinet card photographer George Kendall Proctor 1837-1882, the son of James Kendall Proctor 1812-1893 of Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts and Lucretia Blood Proctor 1812-1860 of Pepperell, Mass. His wife was Sarah P. Smith Proctor, born 1842-1844 and married in 1858. Their children were George Proctor Jr. 1857-1860 infant, Frank Alvin Proctor 1862-1865 infant, Lillian Frances Proctor Dwinnells 1865-1940, died age 75 and Alice Mabel Proctor Smith Williams 1873-1966, died age 93. Sadly, George K. Proctor was allegedly murdered at age 45 by his wife Sarah Smith Proctor in July of 1882: "NY Times, Feb 2, 1885: The police this afternoon arrested Mrs. Proctor for the murder of her husband, George K. Proctor on July 27, 1882, on a capias, the Grand Jury having found an indictment. Mr. Proctor was found unconscious in his cellar, and it was at first thought to be paralysis, but an autopsy showed that he had a bullet in his brain. Detectives have worked on the case since, resulting in this arrest." Interestingly, Sarah is listed as his widow living in Salem in later 1890 city directories. It appears she was later acquitted, with his death deemed a suicide. It is known that her daughter sued her mother for family money after her father's death. Any help or correction on this appreciated, email Debra here) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Purdy, JE: J.E. Purdy & Co., Successor to Hastings, 146 Tremont St, Boston, Suffolk County. (known to be James Edward Purdy, James Purdy, James E. Purdy) He was a successor owner to Boston photographer George H. Hastings, George Hastings. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Ritz, EF: Ritz, 58 Temple Street, Boston, Massachusetts, Suffolk or Middlesex County. (known to be Earnest F. Ritz 1847-1890) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Rogers, CH: C.H. Rogers, No 16 Main Street, Plymouth, PLymouth County, Mass. (known to be photographer Charles H. Rogers or Charles Rogers) CDV Photo, dated 1881 in photographer's backmark. See his work here.

Ross, HP: H.P. Ross, Groton Junction, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. (known to be Hibbard Patten Ross 1821-1876, Hibbard Ross, Hibbard P. Ross) 1860's CDV Photo copy of a daguerreotype. See his work here.

Russell, Frank: Frank Russell Studio, 333 Essex St., Lawrence, Massachusetts. (Franklin Russell?) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Sanborn, NC: N.C. Sanborn, 50 Merrimack Street Lowell, Middlesex County MA. (known to be photographer Nathaniel C. Sanborn or Nathaniel Collins Sanborn 1832-1886, born in New Hampshire, died in Lowell, Suffolk, Mass) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Shaw, LDB: L.D. Shaw. Formerly Shaw and Chamberlain. (Lorenzo D. Shaw & Joseph M. Chamberlain, from 1877-79 worked at 51 Washington St. Boston, then Joseph Chamberlain moved to Revere MA) CDV Printed date of 1879, 51 Washington Street, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts MA. (known to be photographer, inventor and entrepreneur Lorenzo D. Shaw 1841-1912 who started work as a photographer in Boston in 1876 at 51 Washington Street. His other addresses were 9 Trenton (East Boston) from 1878-79, 135 Brooks (East Boston) 1880-82 and Revere. His businesses: 1877-79 Shaw & Chamberlain (photography); 1880-81 Shaw & Lord at 498 Washington St., corner Bedford St., entrance to Bedford St. (photography); 1882 Shaw & Block, Produce Company at 111 South Market St.; 1882 Superintendent at Shaw Fire Escape Manufacturing Company at 31 Milk St, Room 48. Lorenzo Dow Shaw was born to Timothy Rowe Shaw 1808–1868 of New Hampshire and Betsey Davis Butters Shaw 1814–1893 of Maine. He married Annie Francis Palmer Shaw 1852–1931 of Albion, Kennebec, Maine. They married in Exeter, Penobscot, Maine in 1878 and had these children, Harry E Shaw born 1879, and Walter P Shaw born 1885, Annie C Shaw born 1891, Hazel Shaw, born 1893, and Ruth E Shaw born 1895. In the 1880 US census he and Annie live in Revere, Suffolk County, Massachusetts with his occupation as a photographer. They then move to Washington DC and he was the proprietor of the famous Amusement Park "Glen Echo Park" in Maryland. He is also seen as Lorenzo Dow B. Shaw. HIS OBITUARY, WASHINGTON POST: "Glen Echo Park: Washington Post, Monday, July 29, 1912 Headline: L.D. SHAW IS DEAD. Was Pioneer in Amusements and Built Glen Echo Park. Article: Lorenzo D. Shaw, one of the pioneer amusement men of this country, inventor of the famous “dip,” and the man who first built a toboggan slide at Coney Island, died last evening at his residence, 1365 Park Road Northwest, after a lingering illness of six months. Death was due to vesical calculi. Mr. Shaw was 70 years of age. In the summer of 1882 Mr. Shaw owned, built, and operated a toboggan at Coney Island. This created quite a sensation, and was imitated in amusement parks all over the civilized world. Mr. Shaw also built several amusement devices at Revere Beach, near Boston, but for twenty years, both winter and summer, made his home at Coney Island. Mr. Shaw came to Washington later and built the devices and buildings at Glen Echo Park. He was the first to conceive the idea of the thrill in mechanical amusement devices, and as a result his world famous “dips” are installed in parks all over the country. Mr. Shaw was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade, and took an active part in celebrations of a civic nature. He is survived by his children: Walter P. Shaw, Mrs. Annie Young, Mrs. W.H. Carroll, and Mrs. Lillian Thwing, and his wife, Mrs. Alonzo Shaw. Funeral services will be at the family home tomorrow at 2PM. Interment will be at Glenwood Cemetery." See his early photography work here.

Smith, H: Smith, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bristol County. (known to be Henry W. Smith, Henry Smith) CDV Photos. See his work here.

Snow & McDermott: Snow & McDermott, 197 1/2 Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Worcester County. (known to be Herbert L. Snow, Herbert Snow and Henry M. McDermott, Henry McDermott) Cabinet Card Photo. See work here.

Spellman, LP: L.P. Spellman, Cummington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. (known to be Luman P Spellman, Luman Spellman) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Stoddart, CH: C.H. Stoddart, 34 Broadway, Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Chester Stoddart, Chester H. Stoddart 1842-1929, born in Canada, emigrated to the US in 1862, also seen incorrectly as C.H. Stoddard) Cabinet Card Photos. See his work here, here and here.

Sweetser, CA:  C.A. Sweetser Photographic Studio, Cleary's Block, High St., Holyoke, Massachusetts, Hampden County, also a studio at 8 Market St., Lynn, Essex County, Massachusettsder. (known to be Charles A. Sweetser born in Danbury Vermont in 1841, he may have learned the photography trade from his uncle, Aaron Sweetser, an earlier photographer in Springfield, MA) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Tooke, FJ: Tooke, 82 Elm St. Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer F.J. Tooke, Frederick J. Tooke or Frederick Jerome Tooke 1864-1933, born in Eaton, Madison County, New York to Benjamin F. Tooke 1832–1902 and Sarah M. Blodgett Tooke 1836–1916. He married Rachel Hyatt Tooke 1864–1951 and they had a son, Hyatt Tooke or Hyatt Frederick Tooke 1902–1987. he loved in new York City and his occupation is listed in the census as a correspondent. He married Grace Robinson Tooke 1905-1964, and they are buried with his parents in Westfield at the Pine Hill Cemetery) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Townsend, AC: A.C. Townsend, Albert C. Townsend, Springfield, Massachusetts, Over the First National Bank. Hampden County. Note: Albert Townsend was the uncle of Charles Henry Townsend, (C.H. Townsend) Willimantic CT photographer below, and taught him the photography trade. CDV Photo. See his work herehere, here and here.

Townsend, CH: C.H. Townsend, Southbridge, Worcester County. (known to be Charles Henry Townsend 1847-1911, born in Athens, Athens County, Ohio. A veteran of the 129th Ohio, 141st Ohio volunteer infantry and the 65th Ohio volunteer infantry. His photographer uncle, Albert C. Townsend (seen above) born in 1827, was based in Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. He taught his nephew Charles the photographry trade. CDV Photo taken by him of his son Frederick, see here.

Turner, JW: Photographer James Winston Turner was born in New Ross, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1834 to parents George Greetham Turner 1798–1872 and Sophia Magdalena Fader 1807–1878. His wife Annie Elizabeth Thompson was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia is also known as "Eliza" in records. He is listed as a photographer in the 1865 census, age 31, living with his wife, 4 year old daughter Bessie, and 2 family members who are also listed as photographers, George F Turner, age 23 (his brother George Farrant Turner 1839–1866) and Charles Thompson age 16, we assume to be related his wife. 5 years later in the 1870 US Census at age 36, he lives in Boston Ward 9, his occupation still a photographer. His spouse Eliza and he have a 9 year old daughter Bessie Turner. There are 3 Thompson relatives living with him at this time: Mary A Thompson age 54, Alma Thompson age 16, and James A Thompson age 19, born 1851, who is also listed as a photographer. Bessie married Robert Butler Wyman 1853-1932 in 1889. We find very little else on this 19th c Boston photographer JW Turner, nor the year of his and Annie's death, or where buried. We would love more info, email us here. See his work here.

Vickery, DB: D.B. Vickery, Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer Dexter B. Vickery, Dexter Vickery or full name Dexter Blanchard Vickery 1840-1907. He was a Daguerreian Artist in Lowell, Massachusetts and also worked with Daguerreian William Kendall. His niece Eva Lee and Ginny Blakeslee are also listed as artists in census records working in his photography studio. His parents were Alfred Vickery 1810–1882 and Mary Ann Burge Vickery 1809–1880. His wife was Julia Ann Stewart Vickery 1838–1910) CDV Photo, see here.

Walker, JH: J.H. Walker., Attleboro, Bristol County, Massachusetts. (known to be photographer John H. Walker, found in city directories as photographer from 1881-1892. Note: He also could have worked earlier or later than this) See his work here.

Ward, HD: H.D. Ward, photographic artist, 78 Main Street, No. Adams, Berkshire County, Mass (known to be North Adams photographer Henry Dwight Ward or Henry D. Ward 1833-1921, son of Isaac Ward and Nancy Ward. He married Alice Emma Eddy Ward 1846-1887 of Brattleboro, Windham County Vermont in 1875, daughter of Almon Eddy and Elvira Roxana Church Eddy. They had 2 children, James Almon Ward and Christine la Pierre or Lapierre Ward. He worked from 1872 to about 1910 in North Adams) Cabinet Photo, see here.

Ward: Ward, Taunton, MA, Bristol County. Cabinet Card Photo. (known to be William Ward II) See his work here.

Warren: Warren's Portrait's, 465 Washington St., Boston Massachusetts. (known to be George K. Warren (1824-1884) George Warren of Lowell, Cambridge, Cambridgeport, Boston. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Webster, WA: W.A. Webster, 111 Moody Street, Waltham, Middlesex County MA. (known to be Waltham photographer W.A. Webster, William A. Webster or William Alexander Webster 1857-1933, born in Canada, his father born in Scotland, his mother in Canada, His wife was Sheloa Slipp Webster 1858-1915) CDV Photos, see here and here. Cabinet Card Photo. See here.

Jenney & White: Jenney & White, 52 Purchase Street, New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts. (known to be Daguerreian, Daguerreotype artist Thomas Edward Mullikin White 1834-1909, also known as T.E.M. White or Thomas E.M. White and Perry P. Jenney, Perry Jenney) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Warren, WS: W. Shaw Warren, No. 41 Winter Street, Boston, Suffolk County (known to be photographer: William Shaw Warren 1831-1911 also seen as W.S. Warren, and W. Shaw Warren. According to directories, he worked at 41 Winter St. Boston from 1870-1874. He was born in Rumford, Androscoggin, Maine to Nathaniel Shaw Warren 1799–1887 and Parne Abbott Howe Warren 1803–1859. He was a prolific and esteemed Boston photographer. In 1856, he married Ana Colewell Gertridge Warren 1837–1900 and they had a son Eugene Warren 1857–1936. In 1900, when his first wife died, he then married Eliza Ann Gunnison 1844–1922. He died in Middlesex County, Massachusetts at the age of 80) CDV Photo. See his work here and  here.

Whiting: B. Whiting, 3 Ellis' Building, West Lynn, Massachusetts, Essex County. (known to be Benjamin Whiting) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Willard JH: J.H. Willard, Westfield, Massachusetts, Hampden County. (known as John H. Willard or Jonathan H. Willard (1821–1894) Born and died in Westminster, Windham County, Vermont. Married to Eunice T. Cornish Willard. He was an early Daguerreotype, Daguerreian artist in the 1865 Mass census, and worked in CDV photos. He was later in partnership in the "Miller & Willard" studio in Westfield, before leaving the Westfield area for Easthampton MA, to Westminster VT) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wires, WM: W.M. Wires, 87.5 Broad St, Lynn, Massachusetts, Essex County. Northampton, Massachusetts is in Hampshire County (known to be photographer William Marshall Wires 1842-1920, born in Cambridge, Lamoille County, Vermont. He was the husband of Harriet Alony Pond Wires, whom he married in 1867. He died in 1920 in Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He was the son of Alvin Wires and Amy Lewis Wires) CDV photo here.


Bush & Huntington: Bush & Huntington Photographers, New York Gallery, Battle Creek Calhoun County, Michigan (thought to be photographers Henry F. Bush and possibly Charles J. Huntington, who possibly worked together there from 1863-1864) Any help or correction on these 2 Michigan photographers is greatly appreciated, email Debra here. CDV Photo, see here.

Foster, JA: J.A. Foster, Rooms in Underwood Block, corner of Maumee and Main Sts., Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, MI. (known to be photographer Julius A. Foster 1824-1892, buried at Oakwood Cemetery. Adrian, Michigan. He worked as early as 1856 and up until his death at age 67 in 1891. He is also seen as Julian A Foster in records. He was born in NY state to Lemuel Foster 1793–1881, who was born in Leyden, Worcester County, Massachusetts, and died in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan and his mother was Abi Fenn Foster 1788–1855 of Watertown, Litchfield County, Connecticut, who also died in Ann Arbor) CDV Photo, see his work here.

McMichael & Hughes: McMichael & Hughes, 210-212 Woodard Ave., Detroit, Wayne County. (known to be Alfred G. McMichael & J. Wesley Hughes, John Wesley Hughes) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Packard CC: Packard (known to be  Cullen Packard, Cullen C. Packard, Cullen Channing Packard), Kalamazoo, Michigan, Kalamazoo County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Randall, CC: Randall, 119 & 217 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. (known to be photographer C.C. Randall, Cory Randall, Corydon C. Randall or Corydon Chandler Randall 1846-1907, who, according to business directories, was working on his own in Detroit from about 1870 to 1895 at 119, 120 & 217 Woodward ave. He took over his father James Randalls's photography business in 1866 at age 20, but was working with his father as early as 1856 at age 10. He was born in Paris, Brant, Ontario, Canada to photographer James J. Randall 1814–1875 and Caroline Matilda Burnham Randall 1815–1893. He descends from an important DAR family) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Smith: Smith, 153 Woodward Avenue., Detroit, Michigan, Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County. (known to be D.J. Smith, Daniel J. Smith, Daniel Smith 1862-1888) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Westfall, GN: G.N. Westfall, Rockford, Michigan, Kent County (known to be George N. Westfall, George Westfall) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Farrington, Elizabeth: (aka Libbie Prevey Farrington 1847-1940, Libbie P. Farrington, Libby Farrington) She was the wife of Theo Farrington below, and worked with him in Ortonville, Minnesota and MacGregor, Iowa. See below.

Farrington, Theo: Theodore Farrington, Theo Farrington, Ortonville, MN, Big Stone County. Also known to have worked in McGregor, Iowa, Clayton County. See his Iowa work here. Theo Farrington and his wife Elizabeth Farrington (Libbie Prevey Farrington 1847-1940) were both Photographers. They are both buried in Ortonville, MN. Cabinet Card Photo. See his Iowa work here.

Jacoby, WH: W.H. Jacoby, William H Jacoby 1842-1906, Jacoby's Champion Art Gallery, Corner 2nd and Bridge Square, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo also has a red rubber stamp over photographer's printed backmark that reads "Removed to New Gallery, No. 46 Nicolet St. Corner Third", signifying a change of hands. This is in Anoka, Hennepin and Carver County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Snow, JR: Snow, Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minnesota (known to be photographer brothers J.R. Snow or John R. Snow 1868-1956 or H.H. Snow, or Horace Hollis Snow 1865-1911, both born in New Brunswick, Canada, and with their family moved to Jonesport, Washington County, Maine in 1876. We know John first worked as a traveling tent photographer, and eventually opened Snow's Studio or The Snow Gallery in Fort Dodge, Iowa; Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minnesota and in 1893 worked in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota. His wife, Margaret A Hower Lewis Snow 1873–1916 also worked as a photographer with him. Their daughter there was Mildred L. Snow Boure 1904–1987 and their son, C.J. Snow or Cecil John Snow 1894-1968, worked as a photographer in Mankato into the 1920’s to 1930’s. John's older brother H.H. Snow, or Horace H Snow, also seen as "Hollie" Snow managed his own studio in Zumbrota, Minnesota from 1894-1895, which his brother John managed. He left the photography business and eventually moved on to Tennessee and to Georgia, while it appears John stayed on. Their parents were Rufus Snow 1838–1881 and Carolyn Amelia Nevins Raymond Snow 1833–1913, also seen as maiden name Nevers. His mother's first husband was Samuel Rice Raymond 1834–1859 and the Snow boys had Raymond half siblings) Historical Note: Photographer Sherman E. Blake 1866-1848, also born in Canada, was the predecessor to the John Snow Gallery in Mankato, working 1892-1894 as a photographer there) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Brown: Brown, 438 Wabash, St. Louis, Missouri, Saint Louis County. (George W. Brown, George Brown) Cabinet Card Photo. See his Iowa work here.

Gardner: Gardner, 1042 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri, Clay, Jackson or Platte County. (known to be Richard G Gardner, Richard Gardner) Cabinet Card Photo. See his Iowa work here.

Hare, TH: T.H. Hare, or Thomas Horton Hare 1839-1916 worked in Hamilton, Caldwell County, Missouri. He was born in Tarentum, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania to Robert Hare 1803-1871 and Margaret Negley Hare 1808-1892 and died in Hamilton, Missouri. His later photo backmarks are printed as T.H. Hare. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Chas. F. Meier: Chas. F. Meier, (Charles F. Meier, Charles Meier) 1406 Carondelet Av., Opp Park Av., St. Louis, Missouri, Saint Louis County. CDV Photo. See his work here and here

Scholten, J: John Scholten, J.A. Scholten, No. 920 & 922 Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis County. (known to be John A. Scholten, 1829-1882, born in Rees, Germany, who worked in Saint Louis from 1859-1894 and built an impressive St. Louis business) CDV Photos. See his work here and here.

Tobias, HB: H.B. Tobias, Campbell Block, Marshall, Missouri, Saline County. (Henry B. Tobias or Henry Tobias) Cabinet card Photo. See his work here.

When Photo Studio: Proprietor G.E. Brucker, 1631 Franklin Ave, St Louis, MO (George E. Brucker, George Brucker) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Zimmerman: Charles A. Zimmerman, (Charles Zimmerman) St. Paul, Minnesota. CDV Photos. See his work here

Comfort: Comfort, Butte, Montana, Silver Bow County. (known to be Edward W. Comfort, Edward Comfort) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Cline, DA: Cline's Photograph Rooms, 13 South Eleventh St, Lincoln, Nebraska, Lincoln and Lancaster County. (known to be Photographer David A. Cline born 1831, also known as D.A. Cline)  CDV Photo. See his work here.

Crocker: Two 1860's Civil war era CDV Photos have the text "Crocker, Pub.", as in "Crocker, Publishers" printed within the image. They are signed with the ID of the sitter and a location of Brownville or Brownsville, Nebraska. This was a thriving city in the newly formed Nehama County at that time. 2 CDV Photos, see them here.

Eaton, EL: E.L. Eaton, 234 Farnham St., Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. (known to be photographer Edrick Eaton or Edrick L. Eaton, he worked in Omaha 1860-1892. Edric Luffman Eaton 1835–1909 born Enosburg, Vermont to Man Mose Eaton born 1806, died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. He married Emma Salveter or Salvatar daughter of Heinrich Salveter 1810–1864 and Louisa Louise Brooks Brochs 1813–1888. Also seen spelled as Edric Eaton.) CDV Photo, see his work here.

McElhiney, H: McElhiney Studio, Nebraska City, Nebraska, Otoe County (known to be Haskel McElhiney, born 1850) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Westberg, HG: H.G. Westberg, Ord, Nebraska, Valley County. (known to be Henry G. Westberg, Henry Westberg, who also worked in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.


Allen, C: C. Allen's Photograph Rooms, West Side, Central Square, Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire NH. (known to be photographer Chester Allen 1816-1881 born in Rindge, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, to Salmon Allen (or Solomon Allen) 1786–1870 and Sophia Sawtell Allen 1790–1865 buried in Woodland Cemetery in Keene NH where he died at age 65. He was first married to Hannah Damon Allen 1818–1860. They had 5 known children. His second wife was Harriett J. Brown Allen 1831–1883, known as Hattie Allen) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Bracy, CF: See under Vermont photographers.

Coffrin, W: William Coffrin, Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire or Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire and Grafton County for Lebanon, where he also worked. William Coffrin 1841-1915 was the son of Ira Coffrin 1819-1862 and Matilda Stevens Coffrin, 1805-1865. This surname is also seen as Cofran. He served in the Civil War as a private in Company K, New Hampshire 7th Infantry, then to a full Corporal in 1864, and a full Sergeant in May of 1865. He was mustered out on 20th July, 1865 at Goldsboro, North Carolina. He returned to NH and opened his photography business. His wife was Ellen Rugg Coffrin 1843–1911See his work herehereherehereherehere and here.

Colby, LW: Colby, Opera House Block., Manchester, New Hampshire in Hillsborough, Merrimack & Rockingham County. (known to be NH photographer Lyman Colby or Lyman W. Colby 1842-1900) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Collins, IA: I.A. Collins, Hanson Street, Rochester, New Hampshire, Strafford County. (Ira A. Collins, Ira Collins) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Davis Brothers: Davis Brothers, 17 Pleasant St, Portsmouth, N.H., Rockingham County. (known to be bros Charles Davis & Lewis Davis) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Drew, AP: A.P. Drew, Bracewell Building, Dover, New Hampshire, Strafford County. (known to be Alfred P. Drew, Alfred Drew) CDV Photo. See his work here. 

Ellinwood, JG: J.G. Ellinwood, 936 Elm St., Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire (John Ellinwood aka John G. Ellinwood. Also known as a Stereoview photographer with Charles F. McClary 1850-1925, company name was  Ellinwood & McClary.) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Farnham, JA: Farnham's Photographer, 176 Elm Street, Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. (known to be photographer James A. Farnham 1847-1932, a veteran of the 4th NH Volunteers in the Civil War. Also an undertaker and furniture salesman. Son of Issac Farnham 1805–1859 and married to Alice M. Scott Farnham 1847-1917. He also worked as Farnham Bros, photographers, 176 Ferren's Building, Manchester, NH in the late 1860s-1875, and at 864 Elm St, Manchester alone in NH business Directories. We do know which of James' brothers was a photographer with him in the 1860's, do you? Any info appreciated, email Debra here.) CDV Photo, see here.

Fortier, F: Fortier, 36 Main Street, Great Falls, Strafford County, New Hampshire (we believe this to be photographer Francois Xavier Fortier, who emigrated from Canada in 1886 to Somersworth NH) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

French, JA: French, 10 Bridgman Block, Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire (known to be photographer J.A. French, Jotham A. French, or Jotham Abijah French 1834-1898) CDV Photo. See his work here and  here.

Furnald, DO:  David O. Furnald, Manchester, New Hampshire, Hillsborough County. also known as D.O. Furnald, David Furnald. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Hobbs, WN: W.N. Hobbs, 40 Water St, Exeter, New Hampshire, Rockingham County (known to be William N. Hobbs, William Hobbs) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Kimball Bros: Kimball Brothers, State Block, Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire (known to be NH photographer family of William Hazen Kimball, Joseph L Kimball, Richard H. Kimball, Willis G. Kimball, and Howard A. Kimball) CDV Photo, also see directly below, and see their work here and here.

Kimball, WG: WGC Kimball, State Block, Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire. (known to be photographer Willis Gaylord Clark Kimball 1843-1916, a Civil War veteran and Lieutenant Colonel of the 18th Regt. N.H. Vols and a member of a famous Kimball family of prolific photographers in this area. His parents were William Hazen Kimball 1817–1892 and Sarah M Cate Kimball 1818–1895. His wife was Lois Annella Gove Kimball 1846-1900, who was known by the nickname "Ella". He is shown in directories to have worked for over 70 years. He and his family are buried at the Blossom Hill Cemetery in Concord, Merrimack County, New Hampshire) Also see above. CDV Photo, see here.

Lamprey, MS: M.S. Lamprey, Penacook, Merrimack County, New Hampshire. (known to be Maurice S. Lamprey 1835-1912) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Langill, HHH: Howard Henry Harrison Langill, known as H.H.H. Langill, Howard H.H. Lanhill or Howard Langill of Hanover, Grafton County, New Hampshire. A very established and prolific photographer. Dartmouth College owns many pieces of his work. (Note: his name is also seen incorrectly as "Langhill" in census records) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Simons, DA: D.A. Simons, 27 & 28 Smyth Block, Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. (known to be Daguerreian and CDV photographer Darwin A. Simons 1837-1902 born in Northfield, Washington County, Vermont to Marvin Simons 1804–1870 and Olive Fiske Simons 1806–1894 (or Olive Fisk) of Orange County, Vermont. He worked as a photographer from the 1850's to 1870, when he later opened a store. He died in Manchester, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire) CDV Photo, see here.

Hagaman, Moses: Moses S. Hagaman & Co., Mount Holley New Jersey, Burlington County. (Moses Hagaman) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Kallay, M: Mike Kallay, 61 French Street, New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey. (Photographer Mike or Michael Kallay) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lee & Cowgill:  Lee & Cowgill, Main Street, Mount Holly, New Jersey, Burlington County. (known to be the partnership of Henry M. Cowgil, Henry Cowgill & Benjamin F. Lee, Benjamin Lee, who was also listed as a Daguerreotypist) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Price, FH:  Price, Price's Art Studio, Sussex St., Dover, New Jersey, Morris County. (known to be NJ Photographer Frank Price, Frank H. Price, Francis Henry Price 1838–1893, born in Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut and died in Newark, Essex, New Jersey. A Civil War veteran of Co. G, 8th NJ Infantry, POW at Bull Run in 1862, and mustered out in 1863 with a disability. His occupation as photographer was from 1860's-1880's. His 1st wife was Marianna Dodd Price 1842–1866, married in 1860, died 1866. His 2nd wife was Adelaide Willett Price 1844–1928, married 1872, with 2 children. He is also listed in business at 110 Broad St, Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey. In 1879-1881 he is found as the Price & Campbell Photo Studio at 680 Broadway, Kings County, New York City, in partnership with English photographer Alfred S. Campbell 1840-1912, who was originally brought to America in 1867 by NYC photographer Napolean Sarony as a partner. Frank Price died in Newark in 1893, age 55) Cabinet Card Photo, see here. CDV Photo, see here.

Van Emburgh, J: J. Van Emburgh 142 Main St, Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. (known to be photographer Jeremiah Van Emburgh 1834-1908, born and died in New Jersey. His parents were Henry Hendrick Van Emburgh 1801–1870 and Jane Carlough Van Emburgh 1816–1852, also seen as Jane Carlock. He married Jane Huff Van Emburgh 1828–1900 in 1861. Jeremiah seems to have started his photography business in 1861, the Civil War years, in Paterson directories. He was joined for a time by his brother Alfred Van Emburgh 1842–1905 and also a younger relative A.B. Van Emburgh or Albert Bogert Van Emburgh 1847–1902 in 1866-7, the son of Z.B. Van Emburgh (also known as Benjamin Zabriskie VanEmburgh). In 1869 Isaac D. Bogert and Z.B. Van Emburgh built the first store in Paterson, which became the leading store in Passaic County. It appears that Albert left photography to be involved in his father's store. Jeremiah then ran the photography studio alone until the 1880's. In the 1886 Paterson directory, his occupation changes to that of a builder and carpenter. He died in 1908. He is also seen as J.A. Van Emburgh, and the surname spelled as Van Amburgh and Vanemburgh in records. he is of an important Hollard, Dutch DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR Sons of the American Revolutionary War family. Paterson became part of newly created Passaic County in 1837 from portions of Bergen County and Essex County, lest there be any county confusion. Note: The earliest physician in Bergen County, was Dr. Van Emburgh, first listed in 1709 and owning 600 acres.) CDV Photo, see here.


Abbott, JH: J.H. Abbott, No. 480 Broadway, Albany, Albany County, New York, NY. (known to be photographer Jordan H. Abbott 1830–1879 born in Ross Corners, York County, Maine and died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Note: There were a number of NYS Abbott brothers who were photographers, all born in Shapleigh, York County, Maine to parents Jacob Lord Abbott 1807–1892 and Susan Cook Abbott 1810–1851. The Abbott Bros. Photographers were S.C Abbott or Sylvester C. Abbott 1831–1915, who died in Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota; J.L. Abbott or Jacob Lord Abbott Jr. 1833–1905, who died in Fulton County, New York (Note: His 2 sons were also photographers: William R. Abbott 1862–1938, worked and died in Opelika, Lee County, Alabama and Edwin F. abbott, Edwin Foote Abbott 1878–1954 who worked and died in Pinellas County, Florida);. W.H. Abbott or William Henry Abbott 1837–1898, who died in Little Falls, Herkimer County, New York; and C.E. Abbott or Charles E. Abbott 1845–1915, who died in Orting, Pierce County, Washington State) CDV Photo, see here.

Allen, J: Allen, 335 Eighth Ave. New York City, Manhattan, New York County. (known to be photographer Jonathan Allen 1832-1902, born in Broadalbin, Fulton County NY, although also listed as born in Connecticut in one 1860 census record. He died in Manhattan, New York at age 70 in 1902. His parents were Hiram Allen 1797–1874 and Angeline Betsey Allen 1812–1856 of Fulton County NY. His grandfather was Jonathan Allen 1754–1818 of Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, who left Mass and settled in in Broadalbin NY. Jonathan worked aas a photographer at 335 Eighth Avenue in NYC in the 1880 census. His wife was Luthera L. Allen, 1831-1912 and their 2 daughters were Alice Allen born 1852, and Ellen Allen born 1855, both not seen in any later records. Their only son was Charles Orlo Allen, born 1858, also a photographer at 311 8th ave from 1902-1916 in the NY directories. Charles also seen as C. Orlo Allen and C.O. Allen. CDV Photo with ornate photographer’s backmark with fancy Victorian calligraphy and script and 2 cupid cherubs looking at CDV’s, with a large and early wooden box camera draped nearby. It has the advertising motto: "Babies photographs taken in one second." CDV Photo. See his work here.

Baird: Baird, 5 & 9 West Main St, Middletown, NY, Orange County. (known to be Archibald H. Baird, Archibald Baird, Archie Baird) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Baker, NB: N.B. Baker, 15 Buffalo Street, Rochester, Monroe County, New York. (known to be photographer Noel Baker, or Noel Byron Baker 1829-1905) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Barhydt, J: Barhydt's, Over 80 & 82 State St, Rochester, New York, Monroe County. (known to be photographer Jacob Barhydt) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Barker, J: Barker's Art Studio, 8 Broad Street, Whitehall, Washington County, New York. (known to be James Barker, born 1845 in Vermont, listed in the 1880 US census as a photographer, age 35, living in in Whitehall, New York) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Barnum, D: D. Barnum, Cortland NY, Cortland County. (known to be Deloss Barnum 1825–1873) Note: He was also known as Deblois Barnum and Delos Barnum. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Barcalow: Barcalow, 76 Bowery, New York. (known to be Richard G. Barcalow, Richard Barcalow) See his work here.

Beale, A: New York Gallery, Beale Photographer, 263 Main Street, Po'keepsie, N.Y. (known to be photographer Aurelius Beale, Aurelius M. Beale, born 1841 in Bangor, Maine. A Civil War Veteran. His first wife was Mary Porter Wood Beale, whom he married during the war in Washington DC in 1864. His second wife was Eustatia Beale. He had 3 children, a son and two daughters, and was age 79 in the 1920 US census, unknown date of death) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Berry, J: J. Berry, Owego, New York, Tioga County (known to be Photographer Joseph Berry) CDV Photo. See his work here. 

Bigelow, WA: Bigelow & Co., Clinton Block, Opposite Bridge Street, Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York. (known to be photographer W.A. Bigelow, William Bigelow or William Andrew Bigelow) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Blessing: Blessing, Salamanca, New York, Cattaraugus County. (known to be John H. Blessing, John Blessing) Cabinet Card Photo, see his work here.

Blye Brothers: Blye Brothers, No. 8 South Salina Street, Syracuse, New York. (known to be Alson Blye, Alson D. Blye, Alson DeForest Blye, or also misspelled in census as Alsen Blye) He and his brother George Blye or George D. Blye worked together as the Blye Bros. Photographers in Onondaga County. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Bonta & Curtiss: Bonta & Curtiss of 16-24 East Genesee Street, Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York. (known to be Samuel Bonta 1812-1910 and his son-in-law Nathan S. Curtiss, Nathan Curtiss, also seen as Nathan Curtis. CDV Photos. See their work here and here.

Bostwick, JA: J.A. Bostwick. Avoca, Steuben County NY. and also No. 98 Sixth Avenue, between 8th & 9th Street, NYC New York, King County NY (known to be NYC photographer James Alba Bostwick, 1846-1927. He was born in Livonia, Livingston County, New York, the son Of Lyman Bostwick 1802–1874 and Huldah Irene Woodruff Bostwick 1801–1877. He first married Harriet L. Kirk in 1863, and they had three children. In 1887 he married Cora Julia Trimmer Bostwick, daughter of Elliott Trimmer born 1843, and Julia Dodge Trimmer 1844–1928. Their children were Irene Frances Bostwick Douai (or Dauai) Boerker Newkirk, born 1889, and Andrew Stewart Bostwick, born 1898. James A. Bostwick worked in Rochester for a time. A body of his work is in the University of New Hampshire’s library collection. He was also a partner in Bostwick & Bancker with fellow NYC photographer Jacques W. Bancker 1843-1921. A collection of Botwick's work is housed at the University of New Hampshire. He died in 1927 in Brooklyn NY at age 79) CDV and Cabinet Card image, see here and here.

Bouthour & Company: Bouthour & Co, 2140 Third Ave., New York City, Kings County, New York. Cabinet Card Photo. (We were unable to find any evidence of this photographer or any Bouthour ancestors in any US records, any help appreciated, email Debra here.) See their work here.

Bucklin, MJ: M.J. Bucklin, Main St., Little Falls, New York. Herkimer County. (known to be Myers J Bucklin, Myers Bucklin) Note: Buckland is also an alternative spelling of Bucklin) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Bulkley, EE: Bulkley, 2292 & 2294 Third Avenue, New York & Kings County. known to be photographer Eli E. Bulkley 1837-1913, also seen as E.E. Bulkley or EE Buckley. He was first a Daguerreian or Daguerreotype artist in Brooklyn and New York City, and was at one time in partnership as Bulkley & Brownell, with photographer W.V. Brownell at 101 Fulton Street NYC. CDV Photo, see here.

Burroughs, AM: Burroughs, 170 Chatham St., Manhattan, New York, in Kings, Queens and New York County. (NYC photographer A.M. Burroughs or Augusta M. Burroughs who is known to have worked at 458 Broadway in 1864, 170 Chatham Street to 172 Chatham St in 1867-1868, 148 Chatham St in 1872-1873 then to 278 Bowery, New York, NY 1872-1873 as per Goulding's Business Directory of New York and Trow's New York City directory for 1873-1875. We do not know the gender or any other info including census records on this photographer, whose home address was 110 Forsyth in 1872 as per directories. Augusta is generally seen as a female name. any help is appreciated, email Debra) See work here.

Camp, AN: A.N. Camp, 207 Main St, Jamestown, New York, Chautauqua County. (known to be Alfred N. Camp, Alfred Camp) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Carey, F: Frank Carey, Penn Yan, Yates County, New York. Photographer Frank Carey of Penn Yan. Note: The "Yates County Chronicle Newspaper" of Penn Yan, New York on November 3, 1885 stated that Mr. Frank Carey (possibly Franklin Carey) is totally renovating his photography studio in the arcade, repapering and refreshing it in the arcade in downtown Penn Yan. See his Cabinet Card Photo work here.

Carriel, W: W. Carriel, Cuba, Allegany County, New York. (known to be photographer Willard Carriel 1836-1914 born in Potter County, Pennsylvania, the son of John Carriel 1803-1889 and Eunice Eggleston Smith Carriel 1804-1884. He died at age 78 in Allegany County, New York, and is buried at Cuba Cemetery there. He appears to have had 2 children with wife Minna, Maina or Mianna Carriel, born 1840, death unknown. They are Emma Carriel born 1857 and Frank or Henry Franklin Carriel born 1860. His second wife was Elizabeth Hunt Carriel 1861-1930, seen as Betty Carriel in records. He is thought to have had 11 known children) CDV photo, see his work here.

Chamberlin, PV: Chamberlin, Norwich, New York, Chenango County. listed as a daguerreian artist in Norwich in 1859. Perronett Chamberlin, Perronet Vincent Chamberlin, PV Chamberlin or Perronett V. Chamberlin. He is later found as a church sexton in Oakland, Alameda County, California. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Claudius & Ray: Claudius and Ray, Photographs of Art, 83 Genesee Street, Auburn, Cayuga County, New York. (known to be photographers William Claudius born 1842, and Milan Ray, born 1848 in Bennington, Vermont to Hiram W. Ray 1801–1879 and Eliza Harwood Ray 1805–1869) This firm is also seen incorrectly listed as Clandins & Ray in  Auburn in the 1874 Sampson, Davenport's New York State Business Directory) CDV Photo, See their work here.

Cobden, A: A. Cobden, Troy, New York, Albany County, Rensselaer County. (known to be Arthur Cobden 1833-1878). Born in London in 1833 and died in Utica NY. He is known to have originally worked in NYC as an ambrotypist in the early years, and later as a CDV photographer. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Conkey & Orr: Conkey and Orr, Glens Falls, Saratoga, Warren County, New York. (known to be Glens Falls photographers George W. Conkey 1837-1900, famous for his stereoview photos and Alexander Orr Jr. 1836-1906 who was Active in 1860s-1870s in Glens Falls, NY and later in 1879 in Wilmington, NC) CDV photo, see here.

Crandall Bros: Crandall, Canandaigua, New York, Ontario County. (The Crandall Brothers were photographers Frederick Crandall or Fred D. Crandall and his brother William D. Crandall, known as Will Crandall. Their studio was located in the Hubbell Block, and formed around 1883. William had earlier learned the trade from photographer H.M. Finley & Son, a photo studio and music store in Canandaigua owned by first Marshall Finley 1813-1893 and his son Horace Marshall Finley 1838-1900. Willam left Canandaiggua and worked for a time in Jamestown NY but returned to form a partnership with Finley as "Finley & Crandall" for a short time. In 1883, he and his brother Frederick formed the Crandall Bros. and were in business for over 20 years) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Crandell & Conkey: Crandell & Conkey, Glens Falls, NY, Warren County. (known to be Isaac Crandell & George W. Conkey, George Conkey) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Crum & Sharp: Crum & Sharp, Watkins, Schuyler County, New York NY. (known to be photographers Richard D. Crum 1831-1913 or R.D. Crum, born in NY and died in West Long Branch, Monmouth County, New Jersey and buried at Greenlawn Cemetery. His partner was Christopher Sharp 1828-1911, ambrotypist, daguerreian, died age 83 in Port Huron, St. Clair County, Michigan. They also produced stereoview photographs. We believe Christopher Sharp was the son of John C. Sharp born in New Jersey in 1788 or 1791, and Mary Fisher Sharp, also born in NJ. Christopher, was born or lived early on in or near Tompkins / Schuyler County NY. We see his father John living with John F. Sharp in Gaines, Kent County, Michigan at age 80 in the 1870 census, born in NJ. Note: In 1853, Christopher married Susan A Elliot Sharp 1836–1917 of Hector, Tompkins County, NY and they had 2 children: Clara Adelia Sharpe born 1858 and Burritt Elliott Sharp 1858–1918. They later moved to Michigan and died there. Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here.) CDV Photo, see their work here.

Cunningham, JK: J.K. Cunningham, Gouverneur, New York, Saint Lawrence or St. Lawrence County. (known to be John K. Cunningham, John Cunningham) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Davis: Davis, 138 E. Main St., Rochester, NY, Monroe County. (known to be George H. Davis, George Davis) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Davis, JD: J.D. Davis, Artist, 287 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York, Kings County. (known to be Joseph Davis, or Joseph D. Davis, photographist, also seen listed as J.D. & W. Davis in the Brooklyn Directories) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Deuel, C: Charles Deuel, Main St., Mechanicville, Rensselaer County or Saratoga County, New York. (We could not find any info on this photographer, if you have any further info on him, please email debra here) CDV Photo, see here.

Dinturff, EC: E.C. Dinturff, Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York. (known to be well known Syracuse photographer Edwin Dinturff, or Edwin C. Dintruff 1862-1947. Note: His name is seen in records as both EC Dinturff and EC Dintruff) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Drury: Drury, LeRoy, New York, Genesee County. (known to be Adelbert Drury) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Elton, GM: Elton, Gold medals Awarded to Elton, Palmyra, Wayne County, New York. (known to be famous award winning Palmyra photographer George M. Elton, George Elton) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Evans, E: Evans, 74 & 76 State St., Ithaca and Cortland, Tompkins County, Cortland County, New York. Groton, NY is in Tompkins County. (known to be photographer Evan Evans, 1849-1904, born in Wales, emigrated in 1860) Bio of Welsh Photographer Evan Evans from Landmarks of Tompkins County, New York: Including a History of Cornell University by John H. Selkreg, Waterman Thomas Hewett published by D. Mason & Company, 1894 in Ithaca N.Y. 1051 pages: "Evan D. Evans was born in Myrthur, Tydville, Wales, June 23, 1849, and came to this country with his parents when only eleven years of age. His father located Scranton, Pa., and there our subject's early education was acquired. At the age eighteen he went to Portsmouth, Ohio, where he began the study of photography, business he has ever since followed. In 1874 he went to Corning, N.Y., where for seven years he conducted Evan's Art Gallery. In 1881 he moved to Ithaca and established a gallery at 74 and 76 East State street. now known as the University Art Gallery. Each year for the past eleven years Mr. EVANS has been elected by the Senior Class as the photographer for their division. He has acquired a reputation for doing good work, and will not cater to the cheaper grades. He is a Republican and a member of the Oil Creek Lodge 303 of Titusville, Pa, F. & A.M. He married in Titusville in July, 1873, Anna L. Reed, of that town and they have two sons and one daughter, all students of Ithaca High School." CDV Photo, see here.

Forshew: Forshew, Hudson, NY, Columbia County. (known to be Francis Forshew) CDV Photos. See his work here and here.

Frear: Frear, Ithaca, New York, Tompkins County. (known to be William Frear) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Fredericks & Co: 179 Fifth Avenue, Madison Square, New York City, Kings County. 2 photographers, George Fredericks and Linson D. Fredericks (or Linson Fredericks) In earlier years they can be found in the  NYC Bowery. Old NYC Business Directories list them at the 179 Fifth Avenue address from 1867-1868. Later seen in records as "Fredericks & O'Neil." CDV Albumen Photo. See their work here.

Fredricks: Fredricks, 770 Broadway & Corner 9th Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York, Kings, Queens, New York County. Known to be Charles D. Fredricks, Charles Fredricks, Charles DeForest Fredricks 1823-1894. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Gifford, BM: Gifford, Forestville, New York, Chautauqua County. (known to be photographer Byron Gifford, also seen as Byron M. Gifford 1839-1904 (can also be seen as Byron R. Gifford) and his cousin F.M. Gifford or Francis M. Gifford 1839-1906 (their fathers were brothers: Nathan Lewis Gifford 1809-1866 and Stephen V. Gifford, 1812-1867) Francis is also seen as Frederick M. Gifford and was born in Brant, Erie County, New York. He married Minnie Smith Gifford in 1871, and was a Civil War veteran of the 44th NY New York Infantry (as Frederick Gifford). Minnie is later listed listed on his pension records. Their son Dr. Edward Frances Gifford worked in Erie, Pennsylvania. Byron was first a dentist, then photographer in Forestville. He married Josephine Boschert Gifford 1843–1929. F.M. Gifford lives with his cousin Byron early on in Forestville, listed himself as a photographer in the 1870 census. He appears to leave and go back home to Erie County, NY. Byron is listed as a dentist in 1873, then as a photographer as his sole occupation in 1875. In 1881, he bought Oren Monroe's photography studio at 223-225 Center Street, Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, New York. (Oren Monroe 1826-1900, was born in Canada) There, his son, Fred B. Gifford 1817-1915, joins him in the business. Byron Gifford died in 1908 in Puerto Rico at the age of 68 of a cerebral hemorrhage while visiting his daughter, who married Angel Wenceslas Fernandez of Monacillo, Puerto Rico. His son Fred continues as a photographer at 46 West Fourth Street in Dunkirk, selling the studio in 1915 to E.S. Parker the year of his own death (known to be photographer Evans Stanton Parker 1873-1910) In 1920, records tell us E.S. Parker sold to the business to A.H. Graff. He is known to be Jamestown NY photographer Arthur H. Graff 1865-1957, son of Christiana Sutley Graff and Baltzer Graff, who was married at the time to Minnie Olivia Marlatt Graff. He died in Kent County, Michigan.) CDV Photo, see his work here and here.

Ginther, JJ: Ginthers Studio, 333 Main St. & 101-103 Genesee St. Buffalo, New York, Erie County. (known to be Jacob Ginther, Jacob J. Ginther, born 1859 in NY, and was working into the early 1930's in Buffalo, is said to have started his Buffalo photography business in 1884. George Weiss was a young apprentice with him also) Dry Mount Photo. See his work here.

Gogler: Gogler, 350 Bowery., Manhattan, New York. County: Kings, Queens and New York. (known to be Louis Gogler) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Gokay: Gokay, Petersburgh, Rensselaer County New York. (known to be photographer Eli Gokay) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gurney, J: J. Gurney & Son, 707 Broadway, New York City, Manhattan, New York County. (Jeremiah Gurney (1812-1895) was first an American daguerreotype photographer operating in New York City and later became a leading portrait photographer. He took many famous photos of prominent 19th c. citizens relating to the American Civil War, including performers, actors, politicians, clergy and 19th century cultural icons. He is best known for having taken the only known photograph of Abraham Lincoln in death. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Granger: Granger, Delhi and Sidney NY, Delaware County. Cabinet Card Photo. (Thought to be Ithaca area photographer Francis Granger) See his work here.

Hand, WB: William Benjamin Hand 1871-1931, William B. Hand studied photography and architecture at Cornell, University. 2 architectural Cabinet Photos. See his work here.

Hebron, 46 East 14th St. Union Square NY. CDV Photo. (possibly Henry Hebron) See his work

Hopkins, GP: George Hopkins, Albion, Orleans County, New York. (well known Albion photographer George Pattison Hopkins 1814-1895, also seen as George P. Hopkins, Geo. P. Hopkins, Geo Hopkins and G.P. Hopkins. Born in Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, he was a prolific Albion NY photographer who later also lived, worked and died in Lockport, New York. He is known for many beautiful Civil war era CDV photos, and was also a Daguerreian artist. In early business directories he is also listed as a joiner, a watchmaker, jeweler, and seller of pianos. His parents were Smith Hopkins 1791–1869 and Margaret Pattison Hopkins 1788–1868. He is buried at Mount Albion Cemetery in Albion, Orleans County, New York with his family) CDV Photos, see here and here.

Huested, GP: G.P. Huested, Adams, New York. (known this to be George P. Huested, George Huested in Jefferson County NY business directory records) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Hurley, L: 19th c. female Photographer, photo printed backmark of L. Hurley, West Water Street, Elmira, Chemung County, New York. (known to be Mrs. Lottie Hurley, born 1868, worked circa 1890's-1900. She is also known as Mrs. S.L. Hurley, and Mrs. Samuel Hurley. Her husband's full name was Samuel Lott Hurley 1865-1934. Cabinet Card Photo. See her work here.

Hyatt, EA: Hyatt Studio, Cortland, Cortland County, New York NY. (known to be photographer Edwin A. Hyatt, born 1867 in NY, his father born in Massachusetts and his mother in New York. He was also in business as Hyatt & Tooke at one time. He is listed in Cortland Business directories working from 1902-1918, and later in Syracuse, Onondaga County NY) Dry Mount Photo, See his work here.

Johnson, AA: Johnson, Cazenovia, New York, Madison County. (known to be Arthur Johnson, also known as A.A. Johnson, Arthur A. Johnson, and the Johnson Bros., Johnson Brothers and Johnson & Budlong, seen below) He acquired the studio of daguerreian E.G. Weld (Ezra Greenleaf Weld 1801-1874, known as "Greenleaf") around 1871 in Cazenovia. The studio was later acquired by E.C. Covell (Edward C. Covell 1867-1952, known as "Eddy" Covell) who worked well into the 20th century. In 1879 Johnson offered his business for sale and left Cazenovia. He later is found working as a photographer in Watertown below, Jefferson County NY and Buffalo, Erie County NY) CDV Photo. Also see listing below, and see his work herehere, herehere here and here.

Johnson & Budlong: Johnson & Budlong (Arthur A. Johnson & Gideon N. Budlong, Arthur Johnson & Gideon Budlong) Watertown, New York, Jefferson County. Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here. and see listing above.

Johnson, EM: E.M. Johnson, Crown Point, Essex County, New York. (known to be photographer Elbert M. Johnson 1844-1910 born in Vermont to Isaac T Johnson 1816–1896 and Mary T Clark Johnson 1815–1893. He was a Civil War veteran in Co. E, 2nd NY Cavalry. He married Flora E Button Keyes Johnson 1854-1921) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Jordan & Co: Jordan & Co., 229 Greenwich Street, New York City, Greenwich Village, (known to be Andrew W. Jordan, Andrew Jordan, born 1805, a clerk with famed NYC photographer Abraham Bogardus, taking over his premises and business in 1860. He is known to have worked from 1846-1960) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Jordan Bros: Jordan Bros., 132 Genesee Street, Utica, NY Oneida County. (known to be Henry A. Jordan (Henry Jordan) and James L. Jordan (James Jordan), The Jordan Brothers) Tintype Photo. See their work here.

Hotchkiss, AE: Hotchkiss, 234 & 236 Broad St., Norwich, New York, Chenango County. (known to be photographer A.E. Hotchkiss or Alston E. Hotchkiss 1846–1907, born in Greene, Chenango County, New York, and died in Norwich NY. He was the son of Jeremiah Hotchkiss 1805–1862 and Fanny Roberts Hotchkiss 1810–1882 originally from Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut. He descends from an important DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution, Revolutionary War family. Alston married Emma I Brainard Hotchkiss 1854–1898 and had a daughter Stella Arleen Hotchkiss McGrath 1874–1940. He had a very booming photography business in Norwich, starting in 1872, with over 20 employees at one time) CDV and Cabinet Card Photo: See his work herehere and here.

Kelley, ET: E.T. Kelly Co., 779 Broadway, Between 9th & 10th Sts, New York, NYC, Manhattan, Kings County. (known to be Edward T. Kelley 1830-1889, born in Blue Hill, Maine to New Brunswick, Canadian parents. He had an earlier studio in Somerville, MA in stereoviews, CDV's and portrait photography and also a studio in Nantucket, where his wife Sarah Wendall Macy Kelley was born. later NYC he worked alone and at one time with photographer C.E. COFFIN. Buried in Nantucket MA) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Kibbe, William H: William H. Kibbe, Photographer, Kibbe Building, Johnstown, New York NY. (William Kibbe), Fulton County. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Kurtz, W: Kurtz, 895-897 B'way (Broadway, New York City) (known to be famous NYC photographer William Kurtz 1833-1904, who had Kurtz had studios in New York, Philadelphia, Vienna and Paris. He photographed the wealthy and celebrities. His work can be found in many American University libraries, such as Harvard University) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Kent, JH: JH Kent, Rochester NY, Monroe County. (known to be acclaimed Rochester photographer John Howe Kent. CDV Photo. See his work here.

King, DH: Capitol City Academy of Art, David H. King, proprietor, 613 Broadway Albany, Albany County NY. (Albany photographer David King) CDV Photo, see here.

Larkin, JE: J.E. Larkin, 114, 116, 118 Water St., Elmira, New York, Chemung County. (known to be John Edward Larkin (1836-1824) son of Susannah & Ephraim Larkin (born 1787) in Rome NY. He was once partner to Photographer William Moulton (William J. Moulton) a daguerreian artist in Elmira: daguerreotypes and ambrotypes. Elmira City Directories: 1857 Moulton's Daguerrian Gallery, 20 Water Street; 1860 W.J. Moulton, Photographer 20 Water Street; 1863 Wm. J. Moulton, Photographer, 116 & 118 Water Street; 1864-65 Moulton & Larkin, 114, 116, 118 Water St., 1866 J.E. Larkin, 114, 116, 118 Water St, Elmira. (Civil War era CDV's, later Cabinet Card Photos) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Law, L: L. Law, Main Street, Little Falls, New York, Herkimer County. (known to be Lawrence Law, or Samuel Lawrence Law, born in England, who also worked in Syracuse NY, Onondaga County & Cazenovia, New York, Madison County) CDV Tintype Photo. See extensive bio info and his work here.

Lewis, GF: G.F. Lewis, Carthage, NY, Jefferson County. (known to be George F. Lewis, George Lewis) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Lewis, RA:  R.A. Lewis, 152 Chatham Street, New York, King, Queens, Delaware, New York County. Note: This part of Chatham Street in NYC is now where the New York City Civic Center is located in Manhattan. (known to be early daguerreian photographer Richard Lewis, Richard A. Lewis, Richard Albert Lewis 1822-1891, born in England. His father, William Lewis emigrated to America 1831, and was a manufacturer and seller of early daguerreotype photographic equipment. Richard Lewis learned the daguerreotype process from Orrin C. Benjamin or Orrin Chester Benjamin 1827-1895 of "O.C. Benjamin's Gallery Of Premium Daguerreotypes" in Perry's Building, Corner of Broad and Market Sts., Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. He was born in DeRuyter, Madison County, New York. He also worked as "O.C. Benjamin & Son", "Benjamin & Co.", "Benjamin & Richards", and his son Orrin C. Benjamin went on in the business. Richard Lewis's other 2 brothers, William H. Lewis, and Henry J. Lewis were all also involved in the trade. Richard A. Lewis's long running Chatham Square studio is found in business directories from the 1850's until 1889.) CDV Photo. See his work herehere and here.

Luce & Son: Luce & Son, 174 East Main St., Rochester, NY, Monroe County. (known to be Ivan H. Luce Ivan Luce & Niles D. Luce, Niles Luce) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Magill, Z: Zeph F. Magill, corner Third & Broadway, Troy New York, Rensselaer or Albany County. (Zeph Magill) See his work here.

Marsh: L. Marsh, South Adams, Massachusetts, Berkshire County. (known to be Levi Marsh) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Maser, JW: J.W. Maser, Over 83 and 85 Main St., Rochester, New York, Monroe County. (known to be photographer John Wilhelm Maser 1835-1913, born in Darmstadt, Hesse, Hessen, Germany. He is listed in the Rochester NY directories as a daguerreotype artist in 1857-1858 at 68 Aracade Hall. He was married to Christina Elisabeth Meyer Maser 1839-1920, who was born in NY. They are buried together at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester NY) See his work here.

McKernon, PH: PH McKernon, Saratoga Springs, New York, Saratoga County. (known to be Patrick H. McKernon, Patrick Mckernon) Civil War CDV Photo. See his work here.

Mead, M: M. Mead, Waverly NY. known to be photographer Montgomery Mead, Tioga County, New York. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Meadler: John W. Meadler, 263 Main St, Po'keepsie NY. (John Meadler, Poughkeepsie) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Merrell: Merrell, Geneseo NY, Livingston County. (known to be Jay C. Merrell, Jay Merrell, Jay Charles Merrell 1839-1897, born in Whitesboro, Oneida County, New York and died in Geneseo, Livingston County, New York. Can also be seen as C.J. Merrell) Cabinet Card Photo here and CDV Photo here.

Meyers, JS: Meyers, Main St., Poughkeepsie, New York, Dutchess County (known to be John S. Myers, John Myers) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Miller, AH: Miller, 156 State Street, Rochester, Monroe County, New York. (thought to be photographer Albert H Miller, A.H. Miller, Albert Miller, born in 1882, or the family of Millers in the Rocgester area, listed as a young Rochester photographer in the 1910 census, any help appreciated, email Debra here) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Miller, NJ: Newell J. Miller 1844–1905, born in Oneida County, New York State and died in Sullivan, Madison County, New York. He owned the Excelsior Photographic Gallery in West Eaton, Madison County, New York, which he started in 1868. For Newell Miller genealogy and his hand signed or autographed 1860's CDV work, go here.

Myers, CE: C.E. Myers, Hornellsville NY, known to be Civil War veteran Charles E. Myers, Charles Myers in Steuben County, New York. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Nexsen, Juliette: Juliette P. Nexsen, Artiste, No. 37 Union Square, West Side, Rooms 9 & 11, New York, New York County. (Juliette Nexsen) CDV Photo. See her work here.

Nims, Wm: Nims, Fort Edward, New York, Washington County. (known to be well known and prolific photographer William Nims 1822-1902, who was born and died at age 80 in Fort Edward, Washington County, New York. He was known for photographing the Ulysses Grant family) 2 Civil War era CDV photos here and here. 1870's post Civil war CDV photo seen here.

O'Connor: O'Connor, Lockport, NY, Niagara County. (known to be Martin O'Connor) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Ogden, BF: B.F. Ogden & Sons. Benjamin Ogden and his sons had galleries in Springfield, Holyoke, Pittsfield, Massachusetts & Albany & Troy New York, NY. (Benjamin F. Ogden) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here and here.

Oliver, HW: H.W. Oliver, Over 77 and 79 James Street, Rome, New York, Oneida, Essex County. (known to be Henry W. Oliver, Henry Oliver) CDV Photo. see his work here.

O'Neill, JA: J.A. O'Neill or J.A. ONeill, 145 Jay St., Schenectady, New York, Schenectady County. Cabinet Card Photo. (Believed to be John A. O'neill and / or James A. O'neill) See his work here.

Orendorf, P: P. Orendorf, Ilion, Herkimer County, New York NY. (Thought to be photographer Peter Orendorf, later a broommaker in Amsterdam, Montgomery County, New York) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Orr, A:  A. Orr Jr., Ridge Street, Glen's Falls, New York, Warren County.  (known to be Alex Orr Jr. 1837-1907, born in the USA, the son of Alexander Orr Sr. 1813–1893 who was Scottish, and who died in Schenectady County, NY) See his work here.

Pach:  Pach, 841 Broadway, Cor. 19th St, Opposite Wallack's Theatre, Kings County, New York City. (The Pach Bros. were founder Gustavus Pach 1848–1904 and his brothers Gotthelf Pach 1852–1925, Oscar Pach 1849-1903, Morris Pach 1837–1914 and Godfrey Pach, born 1852) CDV Photo & Business Card, see here and here.

Paige, EH: E.H. Paige, No. 446 Main St., Buffalo, New York, Erie County. (known to be Edward H. Paige, Edward Paige) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Pardee, IC: I.C. Pardee, Franklin & Fulton Avenues, Brooklyn, New York, Kings County. (Known to be Irving C. Pardee, Irving Pardee) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Parker, A: Parker, Seneca Falls, New York, Seneca County. (known to be photographer Asaph H. Parker 1839-1920, Asaph Parker) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Payne, CA: Payne, Successor to Grum, Watkins Glen, New York, Schuyler County. (known to be C.A. Payne: Clifton A. Payne) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Pieper, HA: H.A. Pieper, River & Fourth St., Troy NY, Albany & Rensselaer County. (known to be Henry A. Pieper, Henry Pieper) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Potter, Rex: Rex Potter, New Berlin, New York, Chenango County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Ravell, CH: C.H. Ravell, Wolcott, Wayne County, New York. (known to be photographer Charles H. Ravell or Charles Ravell. He was listed as a daguerreotype artist, daguerreotypist in early census records. Born in England. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Record & Epler: Record & Epler, Corner of Broadway & Philadelphia Street, Saratoga, NY, Saratoga County. (known to be Emmerson A. Record, Emerson Record, Emmerson Record and Harrison J. Epler, Harrison Epler) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Reddish, JA: J.A. Reddish, Atlanta, New York, Steuben County. (known to be James A. Reddish, James Reddish) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Richards, AJR: A.J.R. Richards, 56 Main Street, Medina, New York, Orleans County (known to be Adelbert J. Richards, Adelbert Richards) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Richardson: Richardson, 129 & 131 Broadway, Brooklyn E.D., Kings County, New York. (known to be Benjamin J. Richardson, Benjamin Richardson) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Rockwood: Rockwood, 1440 Broadway, NY, 40th street, Holland Building. (known to be photographer George Rockwood 1832-1911) Cabinet Card Photo, dated 1895. See his work here.

Rowley, WC: Rowley, 126 N. Main St., Elmira, New York, Chemung County (known to be Elmira photographer Wesley C. Rowley or Wesley Rowley 1850-1937) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Rundell, DB: Rundell, Sherburne, Chenango County, New York. (known to be photographer David Barton Rundell 1862-1929. He is seen in census records as David Rundall, David Randall and David B. Rundell. He died in the town of Greece, Monroe County, New York) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Samo, J: Samo's, 292 & 294 Main Street, Buffalo, New York, Erie County. (known to be Joseph Samo) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Scidmore, D: D. Scidmore, Photographer and Jeweler, 123 Main St., Gloversville, New York, Fulton County. (known to be David Scidmore) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Seeley: Seeley's, 292 Main St. Po'keepsie, NY (an abbreviation for Poughkeepsie), Dutchess County. (known to be photographer brothers Rufus Anson Seeley 1830-1914 and Hiram B Seeley 1835-1876) CDV Photo. See their work here and here.

Sherman, SJ: Sherman Vignette Gallery, 270 & 272 Fulton St., Brooklyn, Kings County. (known to be Photographer Sylvanus Sherman, Sylvanus J. Sherman or S.J. Sherman, a Civil war veteran) CDV Photos, see his work here.

Sherwood, CC: C.C. Sherwood, Photographist, Sing Sing, Westchester County, New York. (known to be photographer and also jeweler Christopher Chistopher Columbus Sherwood 1829-1901. He also is known to have worked in Peekskill as Sherwood's Ferrotypes on Main Street, as well Nos. 112 & 114 Main Street in Peekskill an in Ossining, and Cortlandt, Westchester County, New York. His 1st wife was Sarah Ann Sarles Sherwood 1823–1889, and his second wife was Gertrude Sherwood. His children were Ambrosine Cecelia Sherwood born 1856, Elmer Sherwood born 1860 and Elma E Sherwood born 1862. He is buried in Brooklyn NY) CDV Photos, Tintype Photos. See his work herehere and here.

Shipler & Co: Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York. Photographer John Shipler, John W.H. Shipler or his full name, John William Harris Shipler 1849-1916, born in Ohio. he worked in Attica, Clyde, and Buffalo, New York. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Schoerry, HD: Schoerry, 43 Avenue A, Manhattan, New York City, Queens, Kings County NY. (known to be German photographer Henry D. Schoerry 1854-1926, who emigrated to America in 1870-1872. He started working in as a photographer in NYC in about 1880 and is listed in directories as late as 1906. He married Elizabeth Shoerry, born 1853 in the US in 1880. They had a son Henry Peter Schoerry Jr. 1887–1947 who married Elsie M. Habel Schoerry, also born in 1887. His surname is also listed in business directories as Sherry, Shery, Schery and Scherry) CDV, see his work here.

Smith: Smith's, 76 Main Street, Lockport, New York, NY, Niagara County. (known to be Charles A. Smith & George M. Smith) Cabinet Card Photo, see their work here and here. (Charles Smith, George Smith) 

Smith, WG: W.G. Smith's New Photograph Gallery, Cooperstown, New York, Otsego County. (known to be Washington George Smith, Washington G. Smith, Washington Smith) The wonderful collection of 60,000 Smith & Telfer Photographs are at the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Sparrow, WE: W.E. Sparrow Photographic Artist, Phoenix, Oswego County, New York. (known to be photographer William E. Sparrow 1831-1907, born in Utica, Oneida County, New York and died in Phoenix, Oswego County, New York. He was a Civil war veteran with Co. F, 13th Illinois Cavalry. We believe his full name to be William Everton Sparrow) CDV Photo, see here.

Spear, JH: J.H. Spear of Clyde, Wayne County, New York (From Morrison's History of Clyde, Wayne County, New York: With Illustrations Descriptive of Its Scenery, Buildings, Prominent Men, &c.; Containing Besides an Early History of the Town of Galen, Compiled and published by Wayne E. Morrison, 1969: "With the completion of the commodious Miller Block of brick at the corner of Glasgow and Columbia Streets in 1863, Adam V. Forbes conducted a photograph and ambrotype gallery in an upper room until August, 1864, when it passed into the hands of Charles E. Anthony. J.H. Spear, who was assisted by M.H. Davis, purchased the gallery on November 24, 1865, which was sold by Mr. Davis to O.E. Torry on April 1, 1866." We are unable to identify J.H. Spear, would love to know full name, any help appreciated, email Debra here. CDV Photo, see his work here.

Stevenson, J: J. Stevenson, 140 Grand St., Brooklyn, E.D. (Enumeration District), New York, Kings County. (known to be photographer Joshua Stevenson 1835-1923, born in England. He is seen in Brooklyn directories as a photographer, as well as this as his occupation listed as such in census records. He is also found in the Civil War draft records, and was married to Jennie Williams Stevenson. His birth is listed in the 1835-1840 range in records. Joshua emigrated to the USA in 1854, at the age of 19) CDV Photo, see here.

Stone, NL: Stone's Great Northern Photo. and Copying House, Potsdam, Saint Lawrence County, NY New York (known to be photographer Nathan Levi Stone 1836-1907, or Nathan L. Stone, son of Israel Gennison Stone 1808–1875 and Amanda Miller Stone 1805–1839. He married Elizabeth Sophia Clark 1837–1908, known as Betsy Stone. He died aged 71, and is buried at the Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, New York) See below. See his work here.
NOTE: From 1894 History Of Potsdam, Ny: From Our County And Its People: A Memorial Record Of St. Lawrence County, New York Edited By: Gates Curtis, Published By The Boston History Company Publishers In 1894: N.L. Stone: Picture Studio: "N.L. Stone & Son carry on a business in a three story building fronting ninety four feet on Market street, which consists in part of the copying and enlarging of photographs. In this business Mr. N. L. Stone was one of the first to commence, and the first one in Potsdam, where he settled in 1870 and began business in 1872. The firm now makes seven grades of crayon pictures, six of ink work, two of pastel, and three of water-colors and one in oil This firm has introduced every facility that skill can devise, aside from the employment of artists or specialists, in their particular line, Competent men are employed to solicit orders throughout the United States and Canada. About 15,000 portraits are now made annually." See his work here.

Suchy: Suchy, 3448 S. Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois, Cook, Dupage, Lake County. (known to be John Suchy & Frank Suchy, Franklin Suchy?) Cabinet Card Photo, see their work here.

Sutton, WL:  W.L. Sutton, Hornellsville, New York, Steuben County. (known to be William L. Sutton, William Sutton) Civil War era CDV Photo. See his work here

Taber Bros: Known to be famous California photographer Isaiah West Taber 1830-1912 and his brother Freeman Augustus Taber 1841-1910, who operated in Syracuse NY in the early 1860's at No. 6 Franklin Buildings, East Genesee Street, Syracuse. Onondaga County, New York. CDV Photo, see their CDV work here.

Tait, WJ: William J. Tait, Corner of Cortlandt & Greenwich Sts., NYC New York, New York County. (William Tait) Civil War era CDV Photo. See his work here

Taylor: Taylor, 83 & 85 East Main St., Rochester, New York, Monroe County. (known to be John Taylor, John W. Taylor) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Telfer: See Smith & Telfer above.

Thomas, SA: Samuel Archer Thomas 1824-1894, 717 6th Avenue, NYC (Opp Bryant Park) was first a daguerreotype photographer in NY city as of 1853. He had just arrived in NYC around 1850 from England with his parents. His specialty became the photography of young children and infants. His two sons, Frank Thomas, born 1852, and George Thomas, born 1850, were both photography assistants with him in the 1870 census. Samuel Thomas died in 1894 at 71 years, and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, Bronx County, New York. CDV Photo, See his work here.

Tolles & Seely: Tolles & Seely Photographists, 399-40 Owego St., Ithaca, New York, Tompkins County. (known to be Chancey Tolles or Chauncey C. Tolles and William F. Seely) Civil War era CDV Photo. See their work here

Towne, WH: W.H. Towne, Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York. (known to be photographer William H. Towne or William Towne 1854-1909, born in Hudson, Columbia County NY. He moved to Lansingburgh, which was a village in the north end of Troy, incorporated in 1771. In 1900, Lansingburgh became part of the City of Troy. He later moved his studio to Niagara Falls, New York for 2 years, then to Rochester, Monroe County, New York. He is buried in his hometown of beautiful Victorian era Hudson, Columbia County, New York) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Townsend, AA: A.A. Townsend, Gowanda, NY, Cattauragus County (known to be Alfred A. Townsend) CDV Photo taken by him of of his infant son Burt Townsend here

Tuthill, T: Tuthill, Owego, Tioga County, New York. Photographer T.T. Tuthill, Tyrus Tuthill, or Tyrus T. Tuthill 1794-1891. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Stage: Stage, 11 Grand St., Rochester, New York, Monroe County. (Known to be George J. Stage, George Stage) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Volkers, CL: Volkers, 117 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY. County: Delaware, Queens or Kings. (known to be C.L. Volkers, Charles L. Volkers, Charles Volkers) Cabinet Card Photograph, see his work here.

Wagoner, JM: Wagoner, 15 & 17 North Pearl Street, Albany, Albany County, New York, NY. (known to be Albany photographer J.M. Wagoner or James M. Wagoner 1844-1930, died age 85. He also worked at 9 N Pearl St in the 1874 Sampson, Davenport's New York State Business Directory for Albany. In 1869 he married Mary A. Fonda Wagoner 1842-1932 of Clifton Park, Saratoga County NY, who died 2 years after him at age 89. Their children were Mrs. Adelbert J. Lennon, Mrs. John A. Dagen, Mrs. Charles A. Voight and son William F. Wagoner; brother of George F. Crary. They lived in Watervliet, Albany, New York and are buried at Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, New York) CDV Photo, see here.

Ward, PJ: P.J. Ward, Horse Heads, New York. (known to be Peter J. Ward, Peter Ward), Chemung County, Horseheads NY. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Walker, FE: F.E. Walker, Fishkill Landing, Dutchess County, New York. (known to be Frederick Walker, seen as F.E.O. Walker and Frederick E. Walker, born in 1848) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wells, HS: Dr. H.S. Wells, Photographer, Nos. 9 & 11 South Main Street, Norwich, Chenango County, New York. (known to be Chenango Doctor, Dr. Wells, Dr. Henry S. Wells, Dr. Henry Wells 1834-1906, listed as a photographer and a "Magnetic Physician" in census records) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Wheeler, A: A. Wheeler, Unadilla NY, Otsego County. (known to be Alonzo Wheeler) Cabinet Card Photos. See his work here.

Wilber, AD: A.D. Wilber, 125 Genesee St., Auburn, Cayuga County, New York. (known to be photographer Alanson Dana Wilber 1835-1876, also seen as A.D. Wilber, Alanson Wilber, Alanson D. Wilber, A. Dana Wilber, and Dana A. Wilber, and simply Dana Wilber. His occupation was a photographer in the 1870 census, living with his wife Catherine Wilber. He died in Bath, Steuben County, New York at age 41 in 1876. His parents were John Wilber 1814-1897 and Luna Ann Gleason Wilber 1815–1875 or Luann Wilber) CDV Photo, see here.

Winter, J: Winter, in the Savings Bank Building, North Salina Street, Syracuse NY (known to be photographer John Winter) Onondaga County. CDV Photo. See is work here.

White, LS: L.S. White, 105 4th Ave between 11th & 12th, New York, NY, NYC, Kings County. We were unable to find this photographer in any census or directory, do you know full name? Cabinet Card Photo. See his/her work at this link and at this link.

Wunder, H: Herman Wunder 1853-1927, born in Hanover, Germany, arrived in 1872 from Bremen, and died in Brooklyn, NYC in 1927. His parents were Johann Wunder 1816–1872 and Rebekka Louisa Cohrt 1818–1910 of Germany. His wife was Lisette Berlitz Wunder (also seen as many various spellings including Lucette, Lizette, Lafitte, Luzetta, Lucetta Wunder etc), born in Brooklyn, NY July 1854 and died there in Feb 1921, the daughter of Augustus Belitz or Belitze born 1929, a boot and shoe dealer and Johanna / Anna Reilley Belitz of Germany born in 1840. We believe August died in 1899. Lisette had a sister Emily Belitz and a brother Louis Berlitz in US census records. We know of Lisette & Herman's 4 children, Louisa Wunder Pearl born 1878 who married Charles Pearl; Frederick Wunder 1879-1901 who died at age 21; Anna Wunder born 1885 in Brooklyn, and Elsie Marie Wunder Perine 1895-1921 wife of Raymond Perine, whom she married in 1920. Note: There are many Herman Wunder's in NYC, and they and their children are often and easily confused in genealogy records. Note: His three Brooklyn photo studio addresses were at 720, 722 and 729 Fulton, Street and also Bedford Avenue between 1878 through 1891. In the 1920 census at age 71 he is still living with his wife Lisette, who passes away in 1921, soon after in NYC death records. In the 1925 NY census, Wunder was living with his daughter Louisa and her husband Charles Pearl (and granddaughter Dorothy Pearl) in Brooklyn. He is listed as dying in August of 1927 in undocumented records, although we cannot confirm this. CDV Photo, see his work here.

Yoost AH & Stewart PL: Yoost & Stewart, Oneida in Oneida County NY. (known to be photographers Phineas L. Stewart 1832-1907 and & Andrew H. Yoost 1848-1909. In the 1875 census, Andrew lives with Phineas L. Stewart and his wife Carry Stewart (Caroline L. Stewart 1839–1906) and both are listed as photographers. Andrew married Imogene Stark Yoost. Both photographers are buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Oneida, Madison County, New York. Note: Andrew's surname is listed incorrectly as Joost, Yoos and and Yost in census records. Known professionally as P.L. Stewart & A.H. Stewart. See their work here.

Exposition: CDV photo marked "Exposition, Raleigh, NC" on front, known to be taken at the North Carolina Exposition of 1884, held in Raleigh, Wake County, NC. This was a large expo with over 60,000 attendees in a 4 week period to promote business in North Carolina after the Civil War. CDV Photo. See it here.

Heywood, JD: J.D. Heywood's Photographic Art Rooms, New Berne, Graven County, North Carolina (known to be photographer John Heywood or John D. Heywood, also seen in census as JD Haywood) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Pierce & Potter: Pierce & Potter, Rugby, Pierce County, North Dakota. (Note: We cannot identify these photographers other than the initials of B.M. Pierce and M.J. Pierce, who also worked in Flaxton, Burke County, North Dakota, as Pierce & Turbett in 1904. Pierce & Potter are listed working in Leeds, Benson County, North Dakota and at Rugby, Pierce County in 1900, 1902, 1904. Any help or correction on these photographers is appreciated, email Debra here) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Baker, ME: M.E. Baker, Stryker, Ohio, Williams County. (known to be Marion E. Baker, Marion Baker who later did business in Gladwin, Michigan) Cabinet Photo. See his work here. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Baker: Baker, Main Street, Barnesville, Ohio, Belmont County. (known to be Barnesville photographer William H. Baker, born 1863 in Ohio, wife Minnie Baker, daughter Cornelia Baker born 1888) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Bushby & Hart, Ohio: Asa Bushby 1834-1897 and Samuel Stanley Hart 1840-1894. moved to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio before the Civil War and opened a daguerreotype and photo studio there as Bushby & Hart from 1859-1860. They then both returned together to their hometown area of Lynn, MA to enlist, and after the war they opened a successful studio in MA from 1869-1881. See our Massachusetts Photographers listing here on this page for much more biographical info on them. See their CDV work here.

Coss, J: J. Coss, Main Street over State bank, Springfield, Ohio, Clark County. (known to be Photographer John Coss (1822-1877) a daguerreian artist: daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, CDV photos. Born in Maryland, worked in Springfield, Ohio, married to Dulcema Coss. He was a Civil War veteran Co. C 110th OHIO. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Crowell, FS: Fred S. Crowell, Fredericktown, O. Fred Crowell or Frederick S. Crowell 1844-1911 worked in Norwalk, Huron County; Sandusky, Erie County; and Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio before opening this Fredericktown studio in 1866, directly after the Civil War. He was a veteran in Co. K, Ohio 142nd. In 1869, he moved to Mount Vernon, Ohio where he was a stationer and photographer well into the 1880's. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Bennet & McLaren: Bennet & McLaren, Diamond Gallery, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. Note: P Bennet & WP McClaren worked in a partnership from 1868-1873. William Penn Bennet 1819-1910 born in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine and died in Marietta OH at about age 90. Peter McLaren 1831-1910 was born in Kinnoull, Perthshire, Scotland and died at age 78 in Marietta. Bennet is later listed as the proprietor of the Diamond Gallery in Marietta alone from 1873-1884. Their names are also seen spelled as Bennett and McClaren. See CDV photo with a beautiful blue hand stamped rubber stamp advertising backmark of the Bennet & McClaren Photo studio here.

Brownell's: Brownell's, Formerly Kelly's, Photograph Gallery, No. 196 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamilton County (Known to be Charles A. Brownell) We found evidence of James B. Kelly Photography studio on West 5th St, Cincinnati in the early 1870's. Charles Brownell bought his photography business from James Kelly. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Dougherty Bros: 34 S. Main St, Dayton, OH. The Dougherty Brothers were 2 brothers: C.W. Dougherty (or Charles W. Dougherty, Charles Dougherty) and also Hugh Dougherty. It also appears another family member John Dougherty was also involved in the business at 32-34 S. Main St, Dayton. CDV, Cabinet Card Photos. See their work here.

Ensminger, EM: E.M. Ensminger, Ashland, Ohio, Ashland County. (known to be Emanuel M. Ensminger 1838-1900, a daguerreotype artist, daguerreian, ambrotype, photo artist in Ashland, Ohio, 1853-1868. His sons were also in the trade, Jefferson Clay Ensminger 1843-1912 (J.C. Ensminger) and James Madison Ensminger 1845-1930 (J.M. Ensminger) known as "The Ensminger Bros.: Their Locations were Ashland Ohio to Independence, Iowa to Florida. This surname is also seen as Enminger and Enseminger) CDV photo. See his work here and here

Grossklaus & Ricksecker: Grossklaus & Ricksecker, Navarre, Ohio, Stark County. (John F. Grossklaus or John Grossklaus and David Ricksecker, who was also a druggist in Navarre, OH) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Johnson: Johnson Bros., Bryan, Ohio, Williams County. (known to be Elias Johnson, Johnson Brothers) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Haines & Goddard: Haines & Goddard, Star Gallery, Alliance, Ohio, Stark and Mahoning County. (known to be Clarence Goddard & Charles B. Haines, Charles Haines) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Harlan, CC: Harlan's New Studio, Corner Main & Barron St, Eaton, Ohio, Lorain County, Preble County. (Calvin C. Harlan 1843-1916 and his wife Elizabeth Ann Gardner 1841-1904 were both photographers in Eaton, Ohio)  See their work here.

Hewitts: Hewitt's, Gurney Block, Broadway, Salem Ohio, Columbiana County. (known to be Frank Hewitt, Franklin Hewitt?) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Janney, L: L. Janney, Portsmouth, Ohio, Scioto County. (known to be Lot Janney, Lot Russell Janney, born 1830 in Ohio, worked earlier as a photographer in Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio from 1860-70. Also seen as Lot Jenney in census) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Lobenthal, Lewis: Lewis Lobenthal was a photographer on East Main Street, Galion, Ohio, Crawford County from 1885-1897. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lockhart, WH: W.H. Lockhart, Bryan, Ohio, Williams County (known to be William H. Lockhart, William Lockhart) Cabinet Photo, also known for daguerreotype photos. See his work here.

Manly, GW: G.W. Manly: George W. Manly, Akron, Ohio OH, Summit County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Marsh, BF:  B.F. Marsh, Photographer and Ambrotypist, Painesville, Lake County, Ohio. (known to be photographer Benjamin Franklin Marsh 1834-1900, who worked in Painesville, Ohio from approximately 1866 to 1872 then on to Greeley, Weld County, Colorado. His brother Clark M. Marsh or C.M. Marsh also worked in Greeley) Civil War CDV Photo. See his work here.

Platt, HM: H.M. Platt, Oberlin, Lorain County, Ohio. (known to be photographer Henry M. Platt, or Henry Martin Platt 1836–1899, born and died in Oberlin, OH, the son of Alanson A. Platt 1791–1866 and Elizabeth Ward Beach Platt 1791–1856. He was an early Daguerreian artist and photographer starting in the 1850's. His siblings were Alanson Sherman Platt 1810–1878, Landra Beach Platt 1812–1887, Lester Ward Platt 1815–1875, Charlotte Betsy Platt 1816–1894, Amy Clarissa Platt 1817–1892, Samuel Isaac Platt 1819–1844, Mary Abigail Platt 1821–1886, Ashel Edwin Platt 1825–1852, Alfred Cowles Platt 1828–1884, Phebe Rebecca Platt 1829–1884, Gracia Mae Platt 1833–1889 and Frederick Platt born 1835. he married Winnie E. Smith Platt 1840–1919 and they had 3 children: Winnie Augusta Platt 1864–1916, Frankie Luenda Platt Kennedy 1872–1885 and William H. Platt 1873–1879. He was also in business as Platt & Hawley with Edward K Hawley or Edward Kent Hawley 1846-1906 from 1867 to 1871 in the Oberlin City directories) Civil War era CDV photo, see his work here.

Reck, LM: L.M. Reck, Photographer, Galion, Ohio, Crawford County. (known to be Luther M. Reck, Luther Reck) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Ryder, JF: JF Ryder, Photographist, 171 Superior St., Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. (known to be James Fitzallen Ryder 1826-1904, born Tompkins County NY, died Cleveland Ohio) Civil War CDV Photo. See his work here.

Simonds, FA: F.A. Simonds, Chillicothe, Ohio (known to be photographer Frederick Augustus Simonds 1828–1884, born in Winchendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He arrived in Chillicothe in 1858, and was a photographer there until his death in 1884) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Sheldon, A: A. Sheldon, Miller's New Block, Bridge St., Berea, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. (known to be photographer Alfred Sheldon 1845-1887, born in the area of Rothwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England to Major Sheldon 1818–1883 and Maria Gill Sheldon 1819–1884. The family emigrated to Ohio in 1848. His sister was Emma Sheldon Steinbrook 1844–1921. He is buried at Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio)  CDV Photo. See his work here.

Smith & Schultz: Smith & Schultz, Nos. 101, 103, 105 & 107 Main Street, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio. (known to be George W. Smith & an unknown Schultz partner. Together they had photography studios in Zanesville, McConnelsville and New Concord, Ohio. Do you know his name?) Cabinet Photo. See their work here.

Snook: Snook's Ground Floor Gallery, So. Howard St., Akron, Ohio, Summit County. (known to be George J. Snook, George Snook) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Strickmaker, JN: J.N. Strickmaker, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio (known to be Joseph N. Strickmaker or Joseph Strickmaker, working 1870-1879) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Teeple, T:  Teeple, Wooster, Wayne County Ohio. (known to be photographer Theodore Teeple 1835-1913, born in Cochin, Crawford County, Pennsylvania and died at age 78 in the Wooster, Ohio area. He served in Co. C, 16th Ohio in the Civil War. He bought the business of daguerreotypist Walter N. Jones in Wooster after returning from the war. In 1873 he tried his hand at photography in Cincinnati, leasing his Wooster studio to William Harry, but returned to Wooster and reopened a studio again, as per US census records. His wife, Jennie Bingham Teeple worked with him as an artist. They then flourished with many studios in adjacent areas. He died in Wooster, Ohio in 1913 and is buried at Wooster Cemetery, Wayne County, Ohio) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Urlin & Pfeifer: Urlin & Pfeifer, 20 & 22 North High St., Columbus, Ohio, OH, Franklin County. (known to be George C. Urlin, George Urlin & John A Pfeifer, John Pfiefer) Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here.

Winder & Co: Winder & Co's Gem Gallery, 160 Fifth Street between Race & Elm, Cincinnati, Ohio, Clermont County. Mount Vernon, Indiana is in Wabash or Posey County. (known to be John W. Winder and William Winder, also known as W.W. Winder. They were early Daguerreian artists working in Cincinatti, with John having worked steadily from 1855-1876, into the CDV photo era) CDV Photos. See his work here and here.

Wilson, F:  Frank Wilson, Successor to H. Vance, Corner Main and Arch Sts., Barnesville, Ohio, Belmont County. (Frank Wilson is known to be a successor to photographer Handel Vance 1819-1895) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Witt, M:  M. Witt, 81 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio, Franklin County. (known to be Michael Witt 1824-1891, Daguerreian, who worked in early daguerreotype photography in both Circleville Ohio & Columbus, Ohio, He later worked as a Civil War era CDV photographer. He is listed as a Dentist in the 1870 census in Columbus, also listed as born in Maine, although we believe him to be raised in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. He married Martha Ellen Boor there, and their only children was twin boys who died soon after birth in 1852, Cyrus Witt & Uriah Witt) See his work here.

Wolbach, TD: Theordore Daniel Wolbach, Theodore Wolbach or Theodore D. Wolbach of Wadsworth, Medina County, Ohio. He was a Civil war veteran who enlisted 21 Sept 1861, and was discharged 31 Oct 1864. He was a Captain then Corporal in Co. E, 16th OVI or Ohio Volunteer Infantry. See his work here.

Beidel, HF: H. Frank Beidel, Shippensburg, Cumberland County, PA. (active in Shippensburg in the 1870's to 1880's. His full name: Henry Franklin Beidel, known professionally as H. Frank Beidel, born 1856 or 1857 and died in 1932, at the age of 74–75 years. His father was born in Baden, Germany and his mother in Pennsylvania. He was baptized with his sister Laura Alice Beidel at Greencastle, Franklin, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1858. He is buried at the Cedar Grove Cemetery in Chambersburg, Franklin County, PA. His wife was Mary Anna or Anna Mary Greene Beidel 1867–1914, whom he married in 1894 in Carlisle PA. Their daughter was Esther or Hester K. Beidel 1895–1978. His work is in the Getty Museum and can be find online. See his work on ancestorville here.

Bliss, LR:  L.R. Bliss Photo Studio. Corner of Main & First Streets, Coudersport, Pennsylvania, Potter County. (Known to be Lalon Bliss or Lalon R. Bliss) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here, and here.

Bretz, G: Advertising backmark reads Geo M. Bretz, Artist, Newville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Photographer G.M. Bretz, George M. Bretz, George Bretz. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Bridge, Henry: Henry Bridge, Clearfield, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Civil War era CDV Photo. See his work here.

Chase, GB: G.B. Chase, Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. (known to be George B. Chase, George Chase) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Chillman, PE: P.E. Chillman, 914 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia or Schuylkill County. (known to be photographer Philip Edward Chillman 1841-1915) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Cobb, GN: A fancy advertising backmark of photographer Geo. N. Cobb, Montrose, Penn. (known to be George Nelson Cobb 1847-1920, or George N. Cobb, born in Middletown, Orange County, New York to Zipron Cobb 1816–1883 and Sarah Maria Crane Cobb 1820–1904. George's wife was Augusta Campbell Cobb 1849–1942. He died in Binghamton, Broome County, New York in 1920. George first worked as a photographer in Montrose, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania in the 1850's and in 1856 bought out the photographic studio of J.B. Hazleton there. (photographer John B. Hazelton) It is assumed he was an apprentice to Hazelton. In 1870, he bought the gallery of Ambrose Hickcox in Binghamton NY, where he worked until 1903. His long time photo studio was at at 75 & 77 Court St., Binghamton NY) CDV Photo, see here.

Daily, J: John Daily, Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. (John Daily 1832-1897 born in Cornwall, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and died in Philadelphia. He is found working in Lebanon business directories from 1857-1869. His gallery was at the Eagle Hotel, at 849 Cumberland St in Lebanon. He is listed as a daguerreian artist in the 1860 Census. His wife was Mary Moore Daily 1836–1929. He is also found living in Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania, where his son Paul Maurice Daily 1871–1917 was born) CDV Photo, see here.

DeMorat, OB: O.B. DeMorat, South 2 Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County. (known as Oliver Boudrias DeMorat 1835-1902, born in Montreal, Canada to Louis DeMorat born 1795, and Marie Adelaide Decaree )or Dicaire) DeMorat, born 1805. He arrived in the US in 1867 and is was working as early as 1872 at a studio in Philly, the year he became a US citizen. He married Jeanne Grandraux DeMorat 1851-1879 of France, and they had two children. His name is also seen spelled as DeMarat) CDV Photo here.

Dettra, Andre: Andre Dettra, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Manchester and Chester County. CDV Photo. See his work here

Dexter: Dexter, McKeesport, PA Pennsylvania, Allegheny County. (known to be photographer Etley E. Dexter, Etley Dexter) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Duval & West: Duval & West, No. 7 East Gay Street, West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania PA. (known to be photographer R.T. West, RT West. Robert T. West and his one time business partner Charles Duval who is listed as a "photographic chemist" in the 1863 city Directory there) CDV Photo. See his work here

Entrekin, WG: Entrekin, 1204 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia or Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. (known to be W.G. Entrekin, William G. Entrekin or William Guthrie Entrekin 1832-1903, also seen spelled at Entriken, Entreken. He was first a traveling photographer with a wagon studio in the 1850's. He then was employed as a Civil War photographer for the US Army of the Potomac. He operated photo studios in Manayunk, Norristown and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition, WG Entrekin held a patent for the Entrekin Burnisher, a tool for photography) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Evans, C: C. Evans, Photographer, No. 1520 Market Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. (known to be photographer Charles Evans, who worked in Philadelphia from 1848 into the 1860's Civil War era) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Fowler: Fowler, 12 West King St., Lancaster Pennsylvania, Lancaster County. (known to be Lewis C. Fowler, Lewis Fowler) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Germon, WL:  W.L Germon's Atelier, 702 Chestnut St. Philadelphia (known to be photographer Washington Lafayette Germon, Washington L. Germon, Washington Germon) Philadelphia is in Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Delaware County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gihon & Jones:  Gihon & Jones, Artists and Photographers, 812 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia County. (known to be Civil War photographer John Lawrence Gihon (1839-1878) and his partner at the time Philly photographer William Jones) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Gilbert & Bacon: 40 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania IN Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia or Schuylkill County. photographers C.M. Gilbert or Charles Conrad Miller Gilbert 1849-1911, and W.F. Bacon, William Frank Bacon 1846-1900. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Ginter, D: D. Ginter, Muncy, Pennsylvania, Lycoming County. (known to be photographer David Ginter) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Goetchins, JC: J.C. Goetchins, Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania PA. (believed to be photographer John C. Goetchins, in partnership with his brother H.V. Goetchins ) See his work here.

Green's: Greens, Green's, 826 Main Street, Braddock, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County (known to be James H. Green, James Green) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Gustin, M:  Backmark signed M. Gustin Photographer, Troy, PA. (known to be photographer Moses Gustin 1812-1891, born in Steuben County, New York and died in Dec 1891 at age 79 Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Troy PA) See his work here.

Gutekunst, F: F. Gutekunst, 712 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia or Schuylkill County. (known to be prolific and famous Philadelphia photographer Frederick Gutekunst 1831-1917) Cabinet Card Photo, see here and here.

Hoffmeier, SB: Hoffmeier, S.W. Corner Centre Square, Easton, Pennsylvania in Clarion, Monroe, Northampton County. (known to be Easton photographer and Civil War veteran of the 1st PA Volunteers, Samuel B. Hoffmeier 1842-1930. He also is known as Samuel Benjamin Hoffmeier. He started his photo studio in Easton PA in 1873. He was married to Susan Schlough Hoffmeier 1842–1918, and died at the age of 88 in 1930) CDV photo, see here.

Hull, SS: "From S.S. Hull's Gallery of Art, Wilkes Barre, PA" This is in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. (known to be Sedgwick S. Hull, Sedgwick Hull) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Horning, L:  City Photograph Rooms, 1109 Market St., Preserve the pictures of your deceased friends, old daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and all kinds of pictures copied onto card or Life-Size to almost those taken from life-Our $2 per dozen card pictures are equal to those made in any other gallery in the city for $3.00. Your patronage is solicited, L. Horning, formerly of 820 Arch & 56 N. 8th St. Operator and Agent" This is in the city of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. (known to be prolific and long standing Philly photographer Lewis Horning 1834-1909, seen working in Philly business directories from the 1860's to 1890's, and no longer listed as of 1903. He also owned the "Union Photographic Rooms" as well as "The Parlor Gallery", which it appears was known to cater to African American and/or the biracial clientele of Philadelphia. We believe he never married, and was born and raised in Philly, the son of James Horning 1799–1866 and Sarah A. Miller Horning. His siblings were Anna E. Horning 1824–1855, Samuel Shannon Horning 1826–1910, Benjamin Franklin Horning 1829–1904, Martha Horning Snyder, born 1837 and John Horning. In the 1880 census, he is found listed as a bother in law, living with his sister Martha and her husband Daniel Q. Snyder, born in 1837) Tintype Photo. See his work here.

Howard, WS: Fancy advertising backmark reads W.S.H., W.S Howard, No. 9 Lake Street, North East, Erie County PA. (thought to be photographer W.S. Howard when young, working in Erie County, Pennsylvania before heading west: Wesley Samuel Howard, 1850-1924 was born in Smith Mills, Hanover, Chautauqua County, New York, 50 miles northeast of where this photo was taken in 1878. Our theory is that he hit the road west soon after. He married his wife Lizzie or Elizabeth Gibson Howard 1857–1941 in Marshall County, Indiana in 1880. As per Kansas business directories, he then set up a studio in Paola, Miami County, Kansas from 1880-1885, then moved on to Pueblo County, Colorado, where he was a photographer there until 1909. He died in Jackson County Oregon in 1924. He is buried at the Mountain View Cemetery, Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon. He and his wife Lizzie had 2 children: Hattie Howard born 1881, and David G Howard 1884–1935) CDV Photos, see his Kansas work here and Pennsylvania work here, and also see him listed in the KANSAS PHOTOGRAPHERS list above)

Jeanes, BS: Bayard S. Jeanes, Bayard Jeanes, Bayard Seed Jeanes, see below.

Jeanes, ED: E.D. Jeanes, No. 716 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA, over the post office, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. (known to be Allentown photographer Edmond D. Jeanes 1857-1938, also seen listed as Edmund Jeanes and Edmund D. Jeanes. His son Bayard Seeds Jeanes 1883–1920 was also a photographer) CDV Photo, see here.

Jeffres, JE: J.E. Jeffres, Jordan's Building, Center Square, York, York County, Pennsylvania. (known to be photographer James E. Jeffres born 1835 in Virginia. In 1880, age 45, he lives at West Market Street in York, Pennsylvania, with his surname spelling as Jeffries in census. His wife is Katie Jeffries, age 32, born 1848 in either MD or PA, her parents born in France. Their 5 children are Mary C. Jeffries, Harry J. Jeffries, Eddie W. Jeffries, Katie M. Jeffries, and Bessie Jeffries. His 2 sisters also live with them, Julia A. Jeffries born 1848, and Lizzie B. Jeffries, born 1832, assumed as Elizabeth B. Jeffries. In 1870, James works as a photographer in Baltimore, Maryland. His son Harry Jeffres, also later a photographer, is born in Baltimore in 1869. We then find him working in York, PA from 1870-1886. His studio is J.E. Jeffries New Photograph Gallery, No. 6 West Market St., York, PA. We believe he sells this business in York about 1886, as we find W.H. Swords, Photographer, named as a "successor to J.E. Jeffres" in York PA files. (known to be photographer William H. Swords 1855-1930, buried at Prospect Hill Cemetery in York, York County, Pennsylvania) We find J.E. Jeffres at 12 & 14 E. State St. in Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey in 1882-1883, was this a son working under his father's name? Interestingly, we also find a W. Jeffres working as a photographer in Trenton as early as 1866, was this James father? In 1885, James E. Jeffres is found in the Norfolk, Virginia City Directory working as a photographer. We later find his 2 sons Harry J. Jeffries, born 1869 and Edwin Jeffres, or Edwin W. Jeffres, born 1871, in Baltimore, both photographers. Edwin Jeffres worked at 534 N. Carey St. in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1890 City Directory. This surname Jeffres is seems to switch between Jeffries, Jeffers, Jeffres or Jeffress, even within the family. We do find a James E. Jeffers buried in 1906 in the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, but cannot verify the grave as his. Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here) CDV Photo, see here.

Keenan, NE: Keenan's Gallery, 118 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamilton County. (known to be Newton E. Keenan (born 1815 in Kentucky), Daguerreotype and Ambrotype artist, CDV and Cabinet Card Photographer. He shared photographer studio space with his Cincinnati watercolor artist wife, Mary Virginia Keenan (born1831-died 1908). He was also known as N.E. Keenan, and possibly also as Nehemiah Keenan.) See his work here.

Lachman, Isaac: Isaac S. Lachman, Main St. Opposite the bank, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Montgomery County. (Isaac Lachman) CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Lenzi, GA: George A. Lenzi, Photographer and Colorist, 172 Main Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania, Montgomery County. (known to be photographer George A. Lenzi 1835-1912. Sadly, according to a January 28, 1912 Philadelphia Inquirer news article, Mr. George Lenzi was found dead in the developing room of his photography studio due to an accidental gas accident. He was 78 years of age, and had worked as an early photographer in the Morristown area for 50 years) CDV Photo, see here. 

Lesher, JC & MH: Mrs. J.C. Lesher, formerly occupied by B.F. Snoddy, Rail Road St. Opposite Black Bear Hotel (or Railroad Street), Shippensburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. (known to be photographer Mary Ann Hollar Lesher 1834–1921, wife of photographer John C. Lesher 1829-1902, born in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. They married in 1855. They worked together in both Shippensburg and Carlisle. She is also seen listed as Mary A. Holler Lesher and Mrs. John C. Lesher. Their studio was once known as The "Carlisle Palace Of Art", in Zug's Building, opposite the Marker House. Note: We have found CDV backmarks clearly marked R.F. Snoddy of Shippensburg, known to be R.F. Snoddy or Robert Fleming Snoddy 1803-1878, who is listed as an "ambrotypist" in Shippensburg in the 1860 census, and also still in business in 1868-1869 there, according to Reilly's Pennsylvania Business Directory. His daughter Ada or Adaline Lucinda Fleming, born 1833, is also listed as an "ambrotypist artist" with him. It appears he sold his business and became a postmaster, age 66. We do not know why the backmark reads "formerly occupied by B.F. Snoddy", unless he possibly went by the forename Bob. It could also possibly be a misprint) CDV Photo, see here.

Little, RJM: R.J.M. Little, No. 103 Locust St., Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. (this is known photographer Rolandus Little 1836-1890, who was a Civil war veteran and also known as Rolandus JM Little, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, buried in Mount Bethel Cemetery in Columbia, Pennsylvania, Lancaster County) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Lochman, Benjamin: Benjamin Lochman, No. 9, West Hamilton St., Allentown, PA, Allegheny and Lehigh County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Lothrop, D: Lothrop, 41 1/2 North Eight St, Near Filbert., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (known to be Photographer David Lothrop) Tintype Photo. See his work here.

MacCollin E & A: MacCollin, S.E. Corner of Third & Pine Streets, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Lycoming County. (known to be Williamsport photographers Edmond Neville MacCollin 1847-1913 (also seen as Edmond N. MacCollin, Edmund MacCollin, Edmond Edwin N MacCollin) and his brother Andrew Washington Fleming MacCollin 1846-1923 known as A.W.F. MacCollin, who left Williamsport in 1890 for opera and acting in Brooklyn, New York City. Their parents were Allen McCollin born 1810, and Margaret McGinley MacCollin, born 1815, also seen as Mac Collin and McCollin) CDV Photo. See their work here and possibly here. Also see the New York Photographic Art Studio listing below, also thought to be theirs.

Macintire: Macintire, 2014 Columbia Ave. (known to be James A. MacIntire, James Macintire), Photographer in the 1903 Philly City Directory, in Montgomery, Philadelphia and Delaware County. 1890's Dry Mount Photo. See his work here.

Miller, SL: S.L. Miller, Lykenstown, PA. (known to be Samuel L. Miller, Samuel Miller) Note: This town is now called Lykens, and is in Dauphin County, northeast of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. See his work here.

Montgomery, HB: Montgomery, at Tunnell & Pottsville Streets, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. (Thought to be photographer H.B. Montgomery, possibly Henry B. Montgomery. Any info on him is appreciated, email Debra here) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Mortimer, WR: W.R. Mortimer, Pottsville, Pennsylvania. (known to be William R. Mortimer, William Mortimer) CDV Photo. See his work here

New York Photographic Art Studio3rd and Pine Street, (handwritten change to 3rd and Market Street) Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. (thought to be photographers Edmond Neville MacCollin 1847-1913 and his brother Andrew Washington Fleming MacCollin 1846-1923 known as A.W.F. MacCollin, see MacCollin listing above. 1889 dated Cabinet Card Photo. See their work here and here

Nice, JF: John F. Nice, N.E. corner of Third & Market Square, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. He also worked in Lewisburg, Union County, Pennsylvania.  (photographer John Nice 1837-1924 started his studio in the Civil war era. In 1867, he bought out the Jacob Mussina photography studio, which he worked until 1883. After his retirement, his brother Robert Young Nice 1848-1929 continued the photography business in Williamsport PA into the the 1920's. CDV Photos, see his Williamsport CDV work here. See his Lewisburg CDV work here.

Nichols, SA: S.A. Nichols., Waterford, Erie County, Pennsylvania. (known to be daguerreotype daguerreian artist Stephen Abel Nichols 1815-1876, who is also seen in census records as Abel Stephens Nichols. He was born in Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts. His wife was Tryphena Snow Nichols 1822-1898. Their children were Forrest Ralph Nichols 1845–1923 and Dorinda E. Nichols Bassett 1849–1903, known as "Dora" who married Francis John Bassett 1845–1933. In the 1850's SA Nichols can be found in Conneautville, 40 miles from Waterford. His studio was in the Empire Block on Center Street in Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. His young nephew Edmond or Edmund Nichols was also photographer in his early years, born 1856 and taught by his uncle. His parents were Stephen's brother, Frederick Altmount Nichols 1828–1913 and Tryphosa Snow 1828–1862, sister to Stephen's wife Tryphena. He can be found in 1880 Census working in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania) CDV Photo, see here.

Patton GW: G.W. Patton Photograph Gallery Cor. of 7th & Penn. Streets, Reading, Pennsylvania. (known to be GW Patton, George W. Patton, George Patton 1819-1890) CDV Photo. See below, and his work here.

Patton & Dietrich: Patton & Dietrich's Photograph Gallery, County. (known to be G.W. Patton or George W. Patton 1819-1890 and William Dietrich or William H. Dietrich 1841-1912) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Rehn, I:  Rehn & Sons, New and Commodius Ground Floor Galleries, 510 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. A wonderful graphic mystical advertising backmark, this is known to be famous famous spiritualist and photographer Isaac Rehn 1815-1883 and his 2 sons John Z. Rehn and William J. Rehn, also artists and photographers. CDV Photo, see here.

Saylor, CA: Saylor Art Studio & New York Gallery, 411 N. Sixth Street, Reading, Berks or Somerset County, Pennsylvania. (known to be photographer Charles Alexander Saylor or Charles A. Saylor 1838-1921, the son of Rev. Joseph Saylor. A prolific photographer, he was known for his Civil War photos) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Smith, HW: H.W. Smith, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Chester County. (known to be Harry Smith, Harry W. Smith, Photographer, Odd Fellows' Hall, Coatesville PA 1896-1897. See work here.

Strunk, JD: Strunk, 750 Penn St., Reading State: Pennsylvania, Berks County. (known to be photographer John Strunk, John D Strunk or John Dehart Strunk 1856-1930) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Trask & Bacon:  Trask & Bacon, 40 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County PA (known to be A.K.P. Trask & W.F. Bacon: Albion Keith Parris Trask 1831-1900 or Albion K.P. Trask and W.F. Bacon or William Frank Bacon 1846-1900, who worked together from 1870-1875. (Also see below) CDV Photo, see here

Trask, AKP: Trask, 159 N. 8th. St., below Race, Philadelphia PA. (known to be Pioneer Philly Photographer Albion Keith Parris Trask 1831-1900 or Albion K.P. Trask) CDV & Tintype Photos. See listing above and see his alone work here and here.

Williams, BS: B.S. Williams, Artist in Photography, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania County (known to be Butler S. Williams, Butler Williams, born 1853 in Tunkhannock to Eliza Williams & Sinton Williams. He also lived in Manson, Calhoun County Iowa, and Oklahoma City, OK) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wood, GH: Geo. H. Wood, Towanda PA Bradford County, Pennsylvania. (George H. Wood, George Wood) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Alden AE:  A.E. Alden, Providence, Rhode Island, in Providence, Bristol County. (known to be Augustus Ephraim Alden, Augustus E. Alden or Augustus Alden) CDV Photo. See his full info above under Massachusetts heading. Tintype Photos, CDV Photos. See his work here and here, and here, and here.

Black, JW: J.W. Black,163 & 173 Washington St. Boston and another gallery at So. Truro St. opposite the Naval Academy, in Newport, Rhode Island, Suffolk, Middlesex, Newport County. (known to be James Wallace Black, James W. Black, James Black) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Brown, SB: S.B. Brown, 101 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island, Providence County. (Silas B. Brown, Silas Brown)  CDV Photo. See his work here.

Dunshee: Edward Sidney Dunshee 1823-1907 and Cornelius Dunshee 1829-1833 were photographer brothers born in Bristol, Addison County, Vermont and working initially in Fall River MA. Edward is famous for taking 2 ambrotypes of Henry David Thoreau, now in the Concord Museum. He eventually opened studios in Rochester NY, Trenton NJ, Philadelphia PA. Cornelius sold his gallery in Providence and moved to Rochester to work with Edward in 1865. The Rochester studio there first became "Dunshee Brothers". They opened galleries at 14 State St. and Atkinson St, Rochester. Cornelius Dunshee remained in Rochester as his brother removed to Boston to open galleries with his son Edward Byron Dunshee, born 1851. There are some Boston photos backmarked Eddie B Dunshee, apprentice photographer. Cornelius E. Dunshee was also known as a daguerreotype aritist early on. He is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. CDV Photo. See their Civil War era CDV work here. Also see his brother Edward Sidney Dunshee 1823-1907 above under Massachusetts Photographers.

Jones: Jones, 357 Westminster St, Providence, Rhode Island, Providence County. (known to be Benjamin F. Jones, Benjamin Jones) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Manchester Bros: Manchester Brothers (4 Brothers: Henry Manchester, Edwin Manchester, George Manchester, Walter Manchester) No. 329 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island RI, Providence. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Morton, HQ: H.Q. Morton, 171 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island. (known the be Hosea Q. Morton, Hosea Morton) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Pearce, HG: H.G. Pearce, 87 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island. (known to be Henry G. Pearce who is listed as a daguerreian, daguerreotypist in census records) 1865 Civil War CDV Photo, see here.

Sweet: Geo A. Sweet, 47 Westminster St, Providence, Rhode Island, Providence County. (George A. Sweet, George Sweet) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Thurston, JB: J.B. Thurston, Westminster Fine Art Gallery, No. 91 & 94 Westminster Street, Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island (known to be photographer John B. Thurston or John Thurston 1829-1881, son of John Samuel Thurston 1799–1879 and Hannah Barker Lawton Thurston 1797-1887, died age 89. His name may be John Barker Thurston. He was born in Rhode Island as well as both of his parents. His wife was Addy or Adelaide Almy Wilbur Thurston 1841-1883, died age 43. Their living child was Albert G. Thurston, born in 1867, and two who died as infants: Samuel Thurston 1864-1864 and Marietta Wilbur Thurston 1865-1866, both in Providence) CDV Photos, see his work here and here.

Munson, J: Jno. M. Munson, Artist, Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, D.T. Dakota Territory. known to be photographer John M. Munson or John Munson, born 1849 in Ohio. His parents were both born in Connecticut. He married Ada Munson in Sioux City in 1882. He is first seen in partnership as Hudson & Munson in 1878 in Sioux falls; which then sold to Munson as sole proprietor in 1879. Note: This photography business partner may have been Everett Hudson. John also lived and worked in Madison, Lake County, South Dakota. 
CDV Photo. See his work here.

Brothers, WH: W.H. Brothers & Co, 49 and 51 Beal St, Memphis, Tennessee. CDV Photo. (known to be Memphis photographers William H. Brothers, James M. Shaw and Charles Gebhardt) See their work here

Giers, CC: C.C. Giers National Portrait Gallery 42 and 44 Union St. Nashville, Tennessee, Davidson County. (known to be prolific Nashville photographer Carl Giers, Carl C. Giers or Carl Casper Giers 1828-1877. Giers emigrated from Prussia in 1845, settled in Nashville TN and opened his photography studio there in 1855. He married Pauline Lissette Stotz Giers 1825-1895 in St. Louis, Missouri in 1846, also born in Germany. Their 2 adopted children were Otto Burchartz Giers 1858-1940, known as Otto Giers, who also became a well known photographer, and Katie Burchartz Giers Shaw 1864-1919. Carl's brother was J.J. Giers, a reporter with the Washington Post) CDV Photo, see here.

Baker: Baker, No. 7 1/2 Center Street, Rutland, Vermont, Rutland County. (known to be Gardner M. Baker, Gardner Baker) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Baldwin, AA: A.A. Baldwin, Photographer, Rooms over Post Office, Ludlow, Windsor County, Vermont. (known to be photographer Ara Baldwin, Ara A. Baldwin or Ara Abiah Baldwin 1844–1931, son of Jefferson Baldwin 1812–1892 and Calista Rice Baldwin 1805–1891. He attended the Black River Academy in Ludlow, Vermont and married Libbie Russell Baldwin 1852-1941) CDV Photo, see here.

Blake, FJ: Bellows Falls, Vermont, Windham County. Photographer F. J. Blake, Frederick J. Blake, Frederick Blake. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Bracy, CF: C.F. Bracy Photographer: Charles Bracy, Charles F. Bracy: He is known to have also worked in Meredith, Warren, and Woodsville, New Hampshire as well as Fairlee, Vermont and Ocala, Florida. He was in partnership with C.H. Colby, Charles Colby or Charles H. Colby 1850-1895, a Musician and photographer as "Bracy & Colby" in Meredith & Ashland NH. He also worked with photographers Amos F. Clough (Amos Franklin Clough 1833-1872) and A.L. Adams (Aldrick Lovell Adams 1863-1940, also known as Aldrich L. Adams) Charles Bracy was in business from the 1870's into 1910-20's. In addition, he ran an art store in Woodsville NH in the town of Haverhill, Grafton County New Hampshire in the 1890's. Cabinet Card Photos, see his work here.

Clark, AF: AF Clark, Barre, Washington County, Vermont (known to be photographer Alex Clark, Alexander Clark or Alexander F. Clark 1844-1910, who emigrated to America in 1883. As per Barre VT directories, he was first an employee of photographer S.W. Corse or Seth W. Corse 1860-1943 before opening his own Barre studio) Cabinet Card Photo, see here.

Corse, SW: Corse, Montpelier, Vermont, Washington County. (known to be Seth W. Corse, Seth Corse 1860-1943, died in Palacios, Matagorda County, Texas) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Crosier: F. Crosier, Readsboro, Vermont, Bennington County. (known to be Frank Crosier) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Emery & Wyatt: Emery & Wyatt, Union Block, Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont (known to be Arthur Damon Wyatt & George H. Emery) Also see Wyatt listing below. CDV Photo, see their work here

Gage: Ebonytype, Gage's Portrait Studio, St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Caledonia County. (Known to be well known Daguerreian Daguerreotype Photographer Franklin Benjamin Gage, Franklin Gage, Franklin B. Gage 1824-1874) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Harlow: Harlow of Montpelier, Vermont, Washington County. (known to be Alonzo Harlow, born about 1848) See his work here.

Howe, CL: C.L. Howe, Union Block, Brattleboro, Vermont, Windham County. (known to be Caleb Lysander Howe, Caleb L. Howe, Caleb Howe) CDV Photo. See his work herehere and here

Jackman, LE: L.E. Jackman, Springfield, Windsor County, Vermont VT. (known to be VT photographer Lewis E. Jackman or Lewis Edson Jackman 1838-1884, son of Joseph Jackman, born 1795 and Permelia Strong Jackman 1794-1863. He was born in Lincoln, Addison County, VT and died in Springfield VT. He arrived in Springfield during the Civil War in 1862. He married Ellen Harriet Marcy Jackman 1836–1892 and their children were: Abner Jackman 1820–1878, Mary Ann Jackman Swan Smith 1822–1886, Luthera Jackman Brown 1824–1913, John Quincy Adams Jackman 1826–1899, Joseph Jackman 1829–1854, Asa A Jackman 1835–1899. He died in 1884, at age 46) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Perkins, AD: Perkins, 33 Center Street, Rutland, Vermont, Rutland County, CDV Photo. (known to be Alvin D. Perkins 1851-1903) For more historical info on Alvin, also see his listing above under Massachusetts photographers as A.D. Perkins, 306 Main Street, Fitchburg, Worcester County, Mass. His work is here and here.

Perrin, GB: G.B. Perrin, Springfield, Vermont, Windsor County. (George B. Perrin, George Perrin) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Sparhawk, L:  L.T. Sparhawk Photographer, West Randolph, Vermont VT, Orange County. (known to be Luther Tucker Sparhawk 1831-1818, born in Rochester, Windsor County, Vermont and died at aged 87 in Randolph, Orange County, Vermont. His parents were Samuel Sparhawk 1802–1869
and Laura Fitts Sparhawk 1805–1899. He married Josephine Bean Sparhawk 1837–1915 and had 2 children, George and Willis Sparhawk. He is buried at South View Cemetery in Randolph VT) 
CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Wyatt, AD: Wyatt, 61 Main Street, Brattleboro, Vermont, Windham County (known to be photographer A.D. Wyatt, Arthur Wyatt or Arthur Damon Wyatt 1859-1921, the son of Ammi Wyatt & Helen Ware Hadley Wyatt. He was also in partnership with Willis Herbert Phillips 1855-1925, an apprentice of Caleb Lysander Howe in the Wyatt & Phillips Photography studio, as well as Emery & Wyatt, in the Union Block in Brattleboro with photographer George H. Emery) See also Emery & Wyatt listing above. CDV Photo, see here and  here.


Anderson, DH: Anderson, Richmond, Virginia (known to be photographer David H. Anderson or D.H. Anderson 1827-1905, who first started as a Daguerreian artist working in total from 1855-1905. He was born to Nathan Anderson 1790–1875 of Croton-on-Hudson, Westchester, New York and Charlotte Golding Anderson 1793–1845 also of that area of NY. He first started photography in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky, then moved to Richmond VA, where he had many successful years as a photographer. He sold his Richmond studio in the late 1870's to George Cook of Charleston, then headed to NYC. To the surprise of the established NY elite, he purchased Mathew Brady’s original studio at 785 Broadway and flourished there for years. He worked in that studio up until his 1905 death, at age 78) CDV Photo, see here.

Holsinger, R: Holsinger at University Studio, Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia (known to be Rufus W. Holsinger or Rufus Holsinger 1866–1930, thousands of his original photographs and plates are held at the University of Virginia) Dry mount photo, see his work here.

Plecker, AH: Stamped Plecker & Maury, Lynchburg, Virginia, Campbell County. (known to be Adam Plecker, Adam Hamilton Plecker, A.H. Plecker and also Thomas Maury, Charles Maury, and/or sister Sallie Maury, all photographers related to AH Plecker. Bio Note: Adam H. Plecker (1840-1929) was a well known and prolific Lynchburg photographer. He was best known for his photo of Robert E. Lee on his horse "Traveler", which was made into a famous penny postcard. AH helped raise his niece and nephews after their father John Kelly Maury, Co. D, 11th VA was killed in the 1862 in the Civil War. (John's wife Elizabeth Backensto Simpson Maury died in 1874, and was the sister of Adam Plecker's wife Maggie Belle Backensto Plecker (1844-1909)) The Maury children learned the photography trade from their uncle and had studios in Roanoke, Salem and Lynchburg VA. They were Charles Lewis Maury (1855-1929), Thomas Godwin Maury (1859-1926), and Sallie C. Maury (1861-1928). There was another son, Edward Lightfoot Maury (1857-1926) who became a piano tuner in Salem, VA. Sallie took the Salem VA High School Yearbook Photos in 1915. Adam Plecker was a corporal in Co. H, Virginia 28th, and the Virginia Botetourt Light Artillery Battery in the Civil War. He died in a Richmond soldiers home in 1929 and was listed as Daguerreian Artist. RPPC Photo. See their work here.

Ulke, Julius: Julius Ulke Photographer, 1109 & 1111 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC District of Columbia.  Note: Washington Civil War era Photographer Julius Ulke 1833-1910 was a boarder at the house where Lincoln died, and took a famous photograph of the room shortly after the President’s body was removed. CDV Photo. See his work here and here.

Rice Bros: M.P. Rice & A.I. Rice, 1217-1219 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. (known to be Moses Rice, or Moses Parker Rice 1840-1925 and his brother Amos Rice or Amos Ingraham Rice 1850-1912, both born in Canada) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Gravely & Moore:
Gravely & Moore (known to be famous Gravely tractor inventor Benjamin Franklin Gravely 1876-1953 and a female family member photographer Marguerite Alice Moore) RPPC Real Postcard Photo. See their work here.

Arey or Ary, K:
Kate Arey or Ary was a Victorian 19th c. woman, women or female photographer, born 1839 in Massachusetts, who worked with Wisconsin  photographer ES Kellogg or Edgar Sackett Kellogg 1831-1902 in the Dodge or Jefferson Counties, see his listing below.

Broich, H: Hugo Broich 1831-1905 was a German immigrant who came to Milwaukee as a lithographer, photographer, and painter of portraits. He started his work in daguerreotypes. His studio was at 3rd and Chestnut streets there from 1858 to 1870, then moving to 116 and 118 Spring Street in 1870. (Note: Spring Street was changed to Grand Avenue in 1876 then to Wisconsin Avenue in 1926) He retired in 1896 and died in 1905. See his work here.

Burpee, CL:
Burpee's Fine Art Gallery, Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin. (known to be Charles L. Burpee, Charles Burpee) 
CDV Photos. See his work here.

Curtis, ER: E.R. Curtis, Madison, Dane County WI (known to be Edward Curtis, Edward R. Curtis) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Jones, NP: Jones, Mills' Block, Main Street, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin WI (known to be photographer N.P. Jones, Nathaniel P. Jones, Nathaniel Jones) CDV Photo. See his work here

Kellogg, ES:  E.S. Kellogg's Rooms, Beaver Dam, Dodge County, Wisconsin County. (known to be photographer Edgar Sackett Kellogg 1831-1902, born in Steuben County, New York, son of Miles Lewis Kellogg 1801–1886 and Lavinia Maria Sackett Hill Kellogg 1804–1847. His wife was Helen Jane Risdon Kellogg 1833-1911, who was born in Pawlet, Rutland County, Vermont. He and his wife died in Hamlin County, South Dakota, she about 9 years after him. Their children were Henry Josiah Kellogg 1856–1937, married Elizabeth Meffert 1859–1920; Wade Kellogg 1858–1858, died as an infant; Charles Wade Kellogg 1861–1932, Arthur Kellogg 1863–1902, Nellie Kellogg born 1875; Helen B Kellogg 1876–1905. The 1910 census has a sheet out of order and incorrectly shows 3 young Conway children living with Edgar and Helen when they were in their 70's. They are listed as Leslie or Lislie Conway born 1900, son; Lusile Conway born 1903, daughter, and Austin Conway born 1905, son in the 1910 census. These children are actually James Leslie Conway 1899–1987 Sarah Lucille Conway Vance 1902–2002 (wife of Russell W. Vance 1893–1982) and Austin John Conway 1904–1986 whose parents were Daniel Conway 1859–1936 and Johanna D. Wallace Conway 1864–1925. There is a missing page in census records which appears as if they are incorrectly living in the Kellogg household. CDV Photo, see his work here. (Interesting Historical Photographical Note: ES Kellogg is listed as working with a woman photographer named Kate Arey, born 1839 in Massachusetts, first listed as his and his wife Helen's "domestic servant" in Dodge and Jefferson County, Wisconsin in the 1870 census. Later her occupation is listed as a photographer living in ES Kellogg's household in the 1880 census, age 40. Her name is also seen as Kate Ary. We could not find her whereabouts after 1880. There was a high German-English population in that area, and her suname may have been Ari, Arey or AryCDV Photo, see his work here.

Lee, EK: E.K. Lee, Marshall, Dane County, WI (Note: It appears as if the photographer's name was spelled "SEE" the the "S" scratched off, Marshall, Dane County, WI. We have others clearly marked E.K. Lee, was it a misprint?) CDV Photos. See work here. Please contact us if you have more info on this photographer, see EK See below.

Lloyd, RJ: R.J. Lloyd, Artist, Cambria, Columbia County, Wisconsin. (known to be photographer Robert J. Lloyd ) 2 CDV Photos. See his work here.

See, EK: Marshall, Dane County, WI. CDV Photos. (see E.K. Lee above)

Stein, SL: S.L Stein, Corner of State and Third Streets, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County Wisconsin. (known to be well known photographer Simon L. Stein, 1854-1922, born in Germany and died in Milwaukee) See his work here.

Taylor, AE: A.E. Taylor, Clinton, Rock County, Wisconsin WI. (known to be photographer Arthur Eugene Taylor 1850–1905 born in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and died in Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin. His father was Thomas Ward Taylor 1814–1882, son of Daniel Taylor 1787–1828 and Abigail Elizabeth Elderkin Taylor 1790–1863 of Clinton, Middlesex County, Connecticut. His mother was Sophia Schwartz Taylor 1825–1852, born in Germany and married Thomas in 1847, possibly meeting in Wisconsin. His brother was Walter Taylor born 1848. He married Hattie Lovina Dow Taylor 1854–1938 and had 2 children: Eugene Ward Taylor 1878–1951 and Herman J Taylor 1880–1957. He also is known to have worked in Walworth County, Wisconsin) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Whiting, TH: T.H. Whiting, Photographer, Beloit, Rock County. Wisconsin. (thought to be Dr. Thomas Henry Whiting 1838-1911, an inventor holding various US Patents) CDV Photos. See his work here.

Wilkins, OE: Wilkins Gallery, Red Brick Front, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, Fond Du Lac County. (known to be O.E. Wilkins, Orsell E. Wilkins) BIO: Orsell E. Wilkins (1837-1879), Daguerreotypist active in Fond du Lac, 1860-1866, 1876-1877. Also a stereo photographer. O.E. Wilkins appears to have been in business with other people during the years 1859-1879, as in Wilkins & Chandler Studio in Oshkosh, 1860. He worked at 489 Main-A in Fond du lac, as well as his wife, who was a hair dresser/hair goods sales person by trade. O.E. Wilkins over 489 Main St. "sold out to Chadbourne" 1875-76. He then had a business called Wilkins & Hooker at the corner of Main & Forest in 1876. He moved to Denver Colorado and ran his business there. He died at age 42 and is  buried at Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Colorado. He was a widower upon his death. CDV Photo. See his work here


"GZ" with a crown, printed in green. We have not been able to locate any information on this backmark. CDV photo, found in UK. Any help appreciated. See here.

Angerer, L.: 
Famous Austrian Photographer Ludwig Angerer 1827-1879 founded the first photo studio in Vienna and was appointed k.k. court photographer by Emperor Franz Joseph I. He is also well known for taking some of the earliest known photographs of Bucharest, Hungary. See his work here.


Weber, HW: (known to be successful Cornwall photographer HW Weber or Henry William Weber 1843–1893, born in New York City, New York, and died in Stormont County, Ontario, Canada. H.W. Weber was a US Civil war veteran in the 16th Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry. He married Alice Amelia Moore Weber 1846–1927 of Ingraham, Clinton County near Plattsburgh, New York. She was the daughter of Amos Moore 1810–1891 of Pontarouch (Patchoque), Suffolk County, Long Island, and his wife Sally Moore 1787–1862, also born in NY. They had 3 children: Martha Augusta Weber born 1869, Minnie Hanna Weber 1869–1943 and Henry F. Weber born 1872) CDV Photo, See his work here and here.

Snider, KW:
Snider, King & McNab Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. (known to be photographer Korah Snider, Korah Winfred Snider or Korah W. Snider 1867-1907 who worked as a photographer in Ontario then to Calgary, Alberta in 1893, where he was a partner with his nephew, Edward Blake Curlette, known as E.B. Curlette. Korah was born in Ontario to parents Lovina and Jeremiah Snider. His wife was Clara Badgley Snider 1867–1957) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lagriffe, C: Photographer Clement Lagriffe, 203, Rue St Honore, Pres St Roch, Paris, France. Cdv Photo. See His Work Here.

Focke, W: William Focke, Buckeburg, Germany. CDV Photo, see his work here.

Frank, Julius: Julius Frank of Lilienthal, Germany, which borders Bremen, and belongs to the district of Osterholz, Lower Saxony, Germany. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Tietz, Herman: TietzMunchen, Bahnhofplatz. We found Hermann Tietz in searches, as a photographer in Munich. Karstadt München Bahnhofplatz is located in Maxvorstadt, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. See his work here.

Moraites, P: P. Moraites & Co. Photographes, De le Famille Royale, 82, Rue d Eole, Athens, Greece. (known to be Greek photographer and painter Petros Moraites 1835–1905, who was born on the island of Tinos. He was active in Athens from 1859-1880's. In the early days of his studio, he was in partnership with his mentor, photographer Athanasios Kalfas. He was a photographer to the Royal family) CDV Photo, see here.

Nielsen, H:
Printed H. Nielsen. (known to be photographer Harald Nielsen 1831-1881, a Norwegian actor and photographer born in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway. He was also the husband of famous actress and early women's activist Fredrikke Nielsen. She was also known as Fredrikke Louise Nielsen, and was born as Fredrikke Louise Jensen 1837-1912. She was famously directed by both Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, and is also the great grandmother of artist Gunnar Haugland. Her photographer husband Harald Nielsen also had a photography studio in Bergen and Throndhjem, Norway) CDV Photo, see here.

Balls, F: F. Balls, 65 South Matthew's Street, Ipswich, Suffolk County, England (known to be photographer Frederick Balls) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Baker & Hudson: 118 Gooch St. Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. (Known to be William R. Hudson, whose father William Hudson, was also a photographer and Edmund S. Baker and/or Walter Baker, 2 Baker family photographers who are known to have worked in B'ham at the time) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Blake & Edgar: 32 Midland Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England. (known to be Bedford Photographers William Blake & Ernest Edgar) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Bradnee, W: W. Bradnee, 8, Fleet Street, Torquay & Calabria, Newton Abbot, Devon, England, United Kingdom UK. (known to be well known and prolific photographer Walter Downes Bradnee 1817-1898, who was living in Calabria, Newton Abbott in 1881) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Brimmell: Lauceston, England, Cornwall County. (Known to be John Brimmell, a 19th century printer, photographer and newspaper reporter in Launceston) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Britton, W: Britton & Sons, 40 High St., Barnstaple, Devon County, Devonshire, England. (photographer William Britton and his 2 sons, John Britton and William Britton Jr.) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Castle, EG: Eric G. Castle, 15 Rolle St, Exmouth, Devon, England. (Devon photographer Eric Castle 1896-1951) RPPC Photo, see here.

Clark, W: William Clark, 27 Park Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire. William Clark 1834-1903 also taught his son Arthur Bennett Clark the photography business. Known as Bennett Clark 1863-1937, he moved to Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England in 1888, and set up a studio which was in business for over 60 years. CDV Photo of British explorer Francis Fox Tuckett, see William Clark's work here.

Collis, C: C. Collis, Torquay, Devon, England. (known to be Charles Collis 1837-1896, also worked in London) Cabinet card Photo. See his work here.

Cornish, H: H. Cornish, 40 High Street, Crediton, Devonshire. (known to be Henry Cornish) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Death, Henry: Henry Death, 5 Addington Place, Camberwell, London, England. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Elliott & Fry: Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, Portman Square, London, England, UK. (known to be famous Victorian era London photographers Joseph John Elliott 1835-1903 and Clarence Edmund Fry 1840-1897) Founded in 1863, the firm was in business until 1919. CDV photo, see their work here.

Elmes, S: Artist, Photographer & Miniature Portrait Painter Sidney W. Elmes, 39 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, England, Two minutes walk from Sloane Square Underground Railway Station, West London. (known to be London photographer Sidney Elmes, Sidney Walter Elmes) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Fall, T: Thomas Fall, Chief photographer to Elliott & Fry, 9 Baker Street, Portman Square, West London. (Thomas Fall 1833-1900 of London & Hampstead, worked at 9-10 Baker Street in census records) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Gillman & Masslin: Gillman & Masslin Victoria Photographic Studio, 9 Magdalen Street, Oxford, England. (known to be photographer Charles Gillman and George William Masslin, their partnership ran from 1875 to 1889) Oxford, Oxfordshire, near Univ of Oxford, England. CDV Photo. See their work here.

Foote, H: H. Foote, 8 Broad Street, Bath, England, United Kingdom, Somerset County. (Known to be Henry Foote) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Heaton: P. Heaton or F. Heaton, illegible first letter, Manchester Rd., Burnley, Lancashire County, England. (Unable to find any info on this photographer in any records) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Holburn, A: Arthur Holburn Photographer, Graphic House, 25, Stokes Croft, Bristol, England.  Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Inns, JG: James G. Inns, 44 Commercial Road, Hereford, Herefordshire County (English photographer James Inns) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Katterns, J: J. Katterns, 14 Marefair and late of 7 Gold St., Northampton, England UK. (known to be prolific English photographer James Katterns 1823-1890, listed as a "Photographer & Tobacconist" in business records for 1876. He was born in Cambridgeshire, England, married Oct 1843 to Louisa Fisher Katterns 1825–1894 and died 26 Jul 1890 in Northamptonshire, England) CDV Photo, see his work here

Kelley, E:  E. Kelley, 26 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, England. (known to be photographer Edwin Kelley) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Lambert, EJ: E.J. Lambert, from Elliott and Fry, 56 High St., Camden Town, North West, London, England. (Note: The Elliott & Fry photography studio is known to have employed a number of prominent photographers in the 19th and early 20th century. We do not know the actual identity of EJ Lambert, although they are known to have employed photographer Herbert Lambert in the 1920's. Sadly, during World War II the studio was bombed and all early negatives are lost in time. The National Portrait Gallery holds all surviving negatives.) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Mitchell, WC: W.C. Mitchell, late photographer to H.M. Government, High Street, Honiton, Devon County, England, United Kingdom. (known to be photographer William Coverly Mitchell, also known as William de Coverly Mitchell) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Mudford, W: Walter Mudford, Fore Street, Tiverton, Devon Devonshire County. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Nole, C: Charles Nole, 105 New St., Birmingham, Warwickshire County, England. CDV Photo, see here.

Original North of England Photographic Co: Opposite Great Northern Railway Warehouse, Dewsbury, England. (Dewsbury is in Kirklees, West Yorkshire County, England) Photographer unknown. CDV Photo. See their work here. Any more info or help appreciated, email Debra here.

Pittuck, J: John Pittuck, Art Photographer, The Royal Studio, 63 Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon, England. Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Redfern, H. Jasper: H. Jasper Redfern, Electric Light Studio, Sheffield, South Yorkshire County, England, United Kingdom. (known to be Henry Jasper Redfern 1871-1928, also known as Jasper Redfern. He was also a scientist and filmmaker. Cabinet card Photo. See his work here.

Robinson, FW: Robinson, Photographer, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire County, England. (known as Frederick William Robinson, listed in Wainfleet directories as a photographer, but also a sign painter, house decorator, and coach builder, and coach painter artist) CDV photo, see his work here.

Sanderson: James S. Sanderson, Galashiels. Scotland. CDV Photo. (James Sanderson) See his work here.

Sketch Photo Co: The Sketch Photo Co., 17, Union St, Plymouth, Devon, England. Any help with the owners of this company is appreciated, email Debra here. RPPC Real Photo Postcard. See their work here.

Sims, Sam: Royal Park Photographic Studio, Glenton House, Greenwich S.E., County Kent, England. Photographer Samuel Sims 1827-1891 worked here from 1869-1874. Photographer of the Royal Naval College. English Sims Victorian photographers in this family were: Edward Sims, Frances Sims, Richard Lang Sims, Thomas Sims, Thomas Bond Sims, William Arthur Sims, and Thomas & Edward Sims) CDV Photo, see his work here.

Speakman, DH: D.H. Speakman, late Stortz, Artist & Photographer, 6 1/2 Upper Parade, Leamington. (Philip Christian Stortz's photographer business was bought by D.H. Speakman, believed to be Daniel H. Speakman) Any help or correction appreciated, email Debra here. CDV Photo. See his work here.

Stacey, W: Stacey Photo of Dunmow. (known to be photographer William Stacey, also a nurseryman in the 1870's English census) Great Dunmow is in the Uttlesford district of Essex, England. (The family of photographers were William Stacey, Elizabeth Stacey, and Reginald Stacey) CDV Photo. See their work here.

Stovell, E: E. Stovell, Chemist and Photographer, Wye, England, County of Kent. (known to be Edwin Stovell) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Straiton, D: D. Straiton, 8 Hamilton Street, Greenlock, Renfrewshire County, Scotland. (known to be David Straiton) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Thurston: Fred K. Thurston, 1 Hastings St, Luton, Bedfordshire, England, Great Britain United Kingdom, UK. (Fred Thurston, Frederick Thurston) CDV Photo. See his work here.

Wallace, AB: A.B. Wallace, Photographer, Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland. CDV Photo. See work here.

Wing, CF: By Royal Patronage, Chas F. Wing, The Grosvenor Photographic Galleries, Exeter, Devonshire, England. (UK photographer Charles F. Wing, Charles Wing) Cabinet Card Photo. See his work here.

Winsor, T: T. Winsor, Photographer, Paignton. (known to be Thomas Winsor, born in 1824, his occupation is listed as a "Watchmaker and Photographer" in census records in Paignton, Devonshire, Devon County, England. He was working in the 1860-70's era, married to Jane Winsor originally of Marystow, Tavistock, Devon. They had 5 children. Jane Winsor is a widow in the 1881 English census. Her maiden name was Jane Doidge) CDV Photo, see his work here.

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