Ahsoka Tano made her Star Wars debut in the animated series The Clone Wars and quickly became a firm favorite among fans. Throughout her time on the series, and her appearances in Rebels and The Mandalorian, she conquered a lot and had some great moments along the way.

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However, through all that she accomplished came a great deal of heartbreak for her character. Ahsoka, from a young age, witnessed many upsetting events and went through many hardships that changed the course of her life irrevocably.

7 She Had A Tumultuous Childhood

Ahsoka Tano as a child in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Like many young Jedi, Ahsoka was taken from her homeworld when she was a child to join the Jedi Order. While joining the Jedi was necessary for her to become better and develop the skills Ahsoka had with the Force, it is explored in the canon Ahsoka novel by E. K. Johnston that the reality she left behind was shrouded in sadness as the village she lived in had turned against her. While she was rescued from this, the damage of her childhood remained and was only rectified through her training to be a Jedi - which she would also eventually leave behind.

6 She Was Exiled From The Jedi Order

Ahsoka Jedi Order Trial in Clone Wars

The narrative arc following the events of Ahsoka being wrongly exiled from the Jedi Order starting in "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" was hard for fans to watch. As just a young Padawan herself, Ahsoka was forced to flee from the council after being accused of an attack that was executed by none other than her friend Barriss Offee.

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Ahsoka then has to try and prove her innocence while on the run, with the Jedi Council debating what her punishment should be. Watching Ahsoka's world fall apart for something she didn't do was heartbreaking, especially the realization that the people she trusted the most, didn't trust her. Even though she had proven her loyalty time and again in battle, it didn't matter when there was the slightest indication she could be a traitor. The "guilty by association" stigma would stick with Ahsoka throughout her time with the Jedi.

5 She Never Gave Up On Anakin

Ahsoka and Anakin in Clone Wars Season 7

Anakin and Ahsoka's relationship was adored by Star Wars fans, from the student and mentor bond they shared, to the fully-fledged friendship they formed over their years together. One thing that Ahsoka could not accept was that her friend could ever be tempted to turn to the dark side, even as she senses his fall in the episode "Shattered".

One of Ahsoka's best traits is that she always strives to see the good in people, and that much was true for Anakin. Up until their fateful confrontation in Rebels, Ahsoka still fought to see the light in him, despite the bitter truth she was faced with. That's why it's so heartbreaking when she finally has to face the truth and admit the friend she had fought with was now an enemy she had to defeat.

4 She Had To Fight Vader, And Lost

Ahsoka vs Vader in Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka's appearances as the mysterious "Fulcrum" in the Star Wars Rebels series were a treat for fans, as they could see what Ahsoka's life was like in the era of the Galactic Empire. More importantly, the audience can bear witness to how much Ahsoka had transformed in the years in between. However, this didn't mean that her story got any lighter.

In the final episode of the second season entitled "Twilight Of The Apprentice," Ahsoka is forced to confront Darth Vader in order to help the Rebels escape. It's the first (and only) time Ahsoka sees Anakin as the infamous Vader, and the reunion is bitter to watch as Ahsoka has to fight her former Master and friend as an enemy, and is left for dead in the process. It's a physical and mental defeat that Ahsoka never quite recovers from.

3 She Left The Jedi Council

After all the torment of having to run from the Jedi Council - who Ahsoka saw as her chosen family - she never gets an admission of their guilt in not believing her or a proper apology for expelling her from the Order. Instead, at the conclusion of "The Wrong Jedi," they all applaud her for her strength, and for proving herself as a true Jedi.

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When confronted with the Council, Ahsoka realizes where she stands and makes the devastating decision to turn her back on the Order. The realization that the Council wasn't all she thought it was is sad enough, but the decision to leave because of this is truly despairing for her character. Her rejection of the Order leaves Ahsoka without any family, real or found, and makes her feel the loneliest she has ever felt in the series.

2 She Had To Fight Her Friends

Ahsoka Anakin And Ki-Adi Mundi fight alongside clones during the Battle of Geonosis in The Clone Wars

Throughout The Clone Wars series, Ahsoka and the Clones made meaningful friendships and helped each other a lot. Therefore, watching Ahsoka having to defend herself against them as Order 66 was given was truly devastating to watch.

In the episode "Shattered", Ahsoka has removed Rex's chip to stop him from following through with the order to kill her and has to try and get them to safety. While Ahsoka vowed to not actually kill any of the Clones, in the series finale, she is forced to fight them alongside Rex as they try to make sense of what is happening. Given all of what Ahsoka and the Clones have been through together made for an emotional watch as she deals with her friends turning against her.

1 She Witnessed The Aftermath Of Order 66

Ahsoka Tano Order 66

"Victory And Death" is a heartbreaking watch, from seeing Anakin's transformation into Vader to watching many beloved Jedi die. The saddest part, however, is the episode's ending, which sees Ahsoka and Rex having escaped the ship that has now crash-landed and killed the Clones.

With a solemn resignation, Ahsoka buries her friends, all of whom still bear their makeshift marking of Ahsoka's species on their helmets that once signified their friendship to her. With one last look, Ahsoka drops her lightsaber and turns her back on the tragedy that has befallen them all.

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