Now that Spider-Man exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new set of rules and standards will be brought to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel Studios has made a habit of training their fans to do and expect certain things from their films. Almost every one movie some overlap with the larger universe, such as the inclusion of cameos by other heroes. They also continue to not only tell a self-enclosed story, but also hint what else is to come by laying these seeds along the way, most of which are topped off after the credits begin to roll.

In the case of Homecoming, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is set to have what appears to be a rather large role opposite of Tom Holland's Spidey - though the newest Homecoming trailer also reveals a cameo by Captain America. As for what the future holds for the Peter Parker character, a sequel is already in the works and his presence in Avengers: Infinity War has been confirmed as well. Both of these future appearances could be in play for the credits scene.

In part of a larger interview with Fandango where director Jon Watts teased a new version of Stark and more, he also confirmed that his film will adapt the Marvel formula and feature at least one credits scene. It is unclear if this will be a mid or post credit scene (or both), but as for now the director urges everyone to stay seated after the finale:

Of course! Absolutely. How disappointing would it be if there was just nothing? Like if this was the one movie where we said, nope, no after-credits scene! [laughs]

Peter Parker saves the ferry in Spider-Man Homecoming

Watts was also asked about his future with Marvel post-Homecoming. While he could not say whether or not he'll be back for the sequel, he did confirm that he's involved with Infinity War on some level:

Yeah, everyone is aware of what’s happening on all the other movies. So if one thing shifts, you make sure it doesn’t have dramatic repercussions for your movie. But yeah, that’s all on the Russos right now.

Even though Watts may not yet be confirmed for the sequel, if Homecoming does as well as everyone expects it to, it would be surprising for him to not return. This could be proven to be the case if his involvement in Infinity War is to know where Spidey's arc is going so he can prepare for the Homecoming followup in 2019. However, it also could very well just be so Watts can guarantee that the web-slinger will be in the perfect place to make the jump to an Avengers movie.

Peter rejoining the Avengers may be teased in the Homecoming credits scene(s), or Sony and Marvel could begin to hint at their plans for a sequel. The particulars of what this scene will contain are difficult to project as no one knows how the movie leaves the heroes and villains, but fans shouldn't expect it to tease Venom or the Silver Sable & Black Cat movie. Either way, this is only the beginning of Spidey's role in the MCU, and potentially Watts' as well.

Source: Fandango

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