If you’re trying to save money on airfare, you’ve got to familiarize yourself with the Southwest Low Fare Calendar

The Southwest Low Fare Calendar identifies some of the cheapest fares that you can find online.

This article is going to show you how to save money when booking airfare by using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar.

What Is The Low Care Calendar On Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is known for cheap fares, so it makes sense that they would have a low fare calendar on their website.

This tool shows you a month-by-month grid that identifies where the cheapest fares are. 

To get the best results out of the low fare calendar, you can’t be set on a specific date. You’ll save more if you have flexible travel plans.

Here is a screenshot of the Southwest Low Care Calendar for 2020.

How to find cheapest fares with Southwest Low Fare Calendar

How To Use The Southwest Low Fare Calendar 

To use the Southwest Low Fare Calendar, go to the page and follow these 6 steps:

  1. Fill in the Depart box
  2. Fill in the Depart Month
  3. Fill in the Arrive box
  4. Fill in the Arrive Month
  5. Fill in the number of passengers
  6. Click Search

Once you fill in your dates, you will see all the dates of the month and their fares. 

For example, we put in Atlanta airfare to Los Angeles (LAX). This is what it showed:

How to get cheapest fares with Southwest Low Fare Calendar

From there, you just select the cheapest fare that works for your travel plans. Once your dates are selected, you have to choose between three class fares:

  • Business Select
  • Anytime
  • Wanna Get Away

Once your class fare is selected, you have to select a time of the day.


There are some restrictions with Southwest fares that you need to know about. Here are some of the major ones.

  • Until purchased, all fares are subject to change.
  • The fares don’t apply to multiple persons (there may be only one flight left at a particular price).
  • “Unavailable” indicates the corresponding fare is unavailable for the selected dates.
  • “Sold Out” indicates that Southwest has no more seats in the particular fare type.
  • “Invalid w/ Depart or Return Dates” indicates that Southwest can’t return a valid itinerary option(s) with the search criteria submitted. 
The best date and time to buy a Southwest flight varies, but according to FareCompare.com, it is generally believed that Tuesday at 3 p.m. is the sweet spot.
But there’s more to finding the cheapest fare than selecting the right date and time. Make sure you purchase when sales are ongoing.

Final Thoughts

Cheap fares can be found online, and Southwest is a great place to start.

The airline’s Low Fare Calendar is the type of basic tool that should be a starting point for a price-conscious traveler.


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