South Slavic

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South Slavic

A subdivision of the Slavic languages that includes Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, and the extinct Old Church Slavonic.
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South′ Slav′ic

the branch of Slavic that includes Slovene, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian, and Bulgarian.
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The importance of this document is reflected in the fact that it is the oldest secular monument in the South Slavic region written in the Bosnian variant of the Cyrillic script - 'Bosancica' and it is also the oldest legal document in the South Slavic area written in the vernacular.
And secondly, that the language of our neighbors, recognized at a UN conference in 1977, as defined in the agreement, belongs to the group of South Slavic languages," Tsipras said.
The official and most widely spoken language is Macedonian, which belongs to the eastern branch of the South Slavic language group.
Egoistic bureaucrats do not need civil Bosnia or peace among South Slavic "tribes", because what would they do then and how they deal with their problems.
'To understand Zagori, you should ask, what were these privileges?' ponders Thede Kahl, Director of the Institute of Slavic Studies and Caucasus Studies, and Professor for South Slavic Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany.
Nine months after the CPC resolution appeared, the Toronto newspaper Borba (The Struggle) was launched for South Slavic immigrant workers in Canada.
These 21st-century recollections of South Slavic Socialism are accompanied by innumerable relics of the era's trash culture.
The Balkan Sprachbund languages that belong to the eastern group of South Slavic languages, with the sole exception of Bulgarian and Macedonian, fully developed only the definite article.
Language Varieties Between Norms and Attitudes: South Slavic Perspectives; proceedings
The Serbian language has been studied in a natural speech analysis as a part of the South Slavic language group [1].
In succinct chapters--mostly only one to three pages in length, with the significant historical dates as titles--Ferk reports on events and protagonists from the Austrian, Serbian, and South Slavic points of view.
He mentor, Samuil Borisovich Bernstein, made the entry on the Macedonian language as a separate South Slavic language in the 37th volume of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia as early as 1938.

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