When CEOs and senior executives at Fortune 100 companies have to tackle tough communications issues, they rely upon Sonya Hamlin. Known for her wit, and filled with surprising techniques for audience involvement, she is much in demand as a speaker and television contributor.

Drawing on her background in dance, music, theater, television, filmmaking and writing, she is a major creative force in the world of business communication. She conducts seminars and consults privately with CEOs and senior executives in many major corporations, as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the U.S. Govt.

Sonya Hamlin is a nationally recognized expert in many phases of communication and author of five books. Sonyas’ best selling books, the latest one being How to Talk so People Listen: Connecting in Today’s Workplace (HarperCollins), are also published in Russia, China, Poland, Turkey, the U.K., Canada, Brazil, India & Indonesia.

TELEVISION: Sonya Hamlin is a two-time Emmy Award winner for her TV hosting and documentary films. She has been elected to the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Her groundbreaking daily talk show in Boston aired for eleven years. Her many awards include the Japan Prize for International Educational Television, representing the U.S.; the Ohio State TV award and a declaration of Sonya Hamlin Day by the Mayor of Boston. Her works are being collected and archived by Boston Univ. Library.
As a communications expert, she has appeared regularly on network television and radio, analyzing communication issues in business, politics, current trials and media trends.

BUSINESS: She conducts seminars and consults privately with CEOs and senior executives in many corporations, among them American Express, Bayer Corp, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Citigroup, CIGNA, DuPont, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, Monsanto, MTV, Nickelodeon, Sony, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the U.S. Government.

TRIAL ADVOCACY: Sonya is an acclaimed pioneer in the field of courtroom communication, having created the first such course at the Harvard Law School. She lectures worldwide and works on cases with law firms, consulting on juror attitudes and prejudices, on advocacy skills, preparing witnesses, developing strategies and creating visual presentations of evidence. She teaches advocacy skills – both oral and visual- across the U.S. and abroad. Her landmark book, What Makes Juries Listen completed ten printings; What Makes Juries Listen Today is now a classic, and Now What Makes Juries Listen (ThomsonWest Publishing 2008) her latest book, is now on Kindle.

LECTURER: Sonya has taught communication skills at Harvard’s Law School, Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Ed.; Boston University’s Medical School and School of Communication; the Wharton School; Sloan School of Mgmt. MIT; University of Texas and NYU’s Law Schools; Brandeis International Business School as well as at Oxford and Cambridge in the U.K.

Sonya tweets from @SonyaHamlin.



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